The Wonderful 101 is a Wii U action game developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo. It was formerly known “Project P-100”, but now has an official title. Wonderful 101 is a strategy-based action game that resembles a lot of Pikmin 3, another Nintendo title. The Wonderful 101 Wii U version will be a “launch window” title, to be released sometime in late 2012.

Wonderful 101 Wii U features

Wonderful 101 boss battle
Wonderful 101 is a strategy action title where the player controls 100 small and unique super heroes. The player is the 101st member (hence the title), and the object is to control all the unique super heroes and defend Earth from an invading alien species. Each super hero has his own distinct super power, and it’s up to the player to best combine teams that have the best chance of taking out the enemy. The heroes can also combine their powers against bosses and large enemies. Most of the environment in the game is fully destructible as well.

Players will use the GamePad tablet controller to arrange units, draw tactics on a map, control different groups, etc. The gameplay was inspired by Pikmin 3, and relies a lot on strategy and tactics. The player can use the Gamepad to combine the small heroes into large weapons, such as giant fist to knock the opponent away.

The Wonderful 101 Wii U screenshots

Wonderful 101 Wii U trailer

  • 16der

    I’m gonna pick up this game, looks super fun.

  • BananaPwnz

    Really looking forward to this game

    • Skyward Sword

      It seems like Nintendo is building a friendship with Platinum games. We should watch for future Platinum games on future Nintendo consoles.

      • Sazza

        I think that Platinum games is only making games for Nintendo because Platinum was going out of business (I’m not sure if thats true) and Nintendo saved them (with money) and they now only make games for Nintendo. Hence, why Wonderful 101 and Bayoneta 2 are Wii U exclusive.

        • Daniel Stevenson

           Business is business if someone gives you 30 million dollars you better dam well take it

        • FreyjaJoro

          Wait what? Platinum Games is not going out of business. If anything making a game exclusive to a new console that hasn’t been proven to be quite popular is a serious gamble. So I doubt that they have very little money. Ubisoft is adopting the Wii U as well. Platinum Games is building up to be one of the greats.

          • I dunno if this applies to “The Wonderful 101” or not, but Bayonetta 2 wasn’t supposed to be brought to light because Platinum Games had trouble with finances for it.  I can’t remember if they had trouble getting a publisher for it or if the studio in general couldn’t afford it.  Either way, Nintendo stepped in and offered to pay for publishing and such, as long as it was a Wii U exclusive title.  So it Platinum had to make the choice of making Bayonetta 2 a Wii U exclusive or not make it at all.  Personally, I’m glad they did.