Aug 26th, 2013


The latest project from Level 5 is a title called Wonder Flick, which is designed to provide a compelling RPG experience in a short amount of time. The game project is being designed by Akihiko Hino, with an artist and composer from the Final Fantasy series on board. The way the game is described makes it seem like it’s a better fit for mobile projects, but that isn’t stopping the team from releasing on Wii U. Here are a few more details about the game:

  • F2P with microtransactions
  • Character creation and equipment customisation
  • You flick medals (which represent commands) onto the enemies during battles to attack them.
  • It’s designed for quick play sessions so you can enjoy the exciting feel of a RPG in 3 minutes while on the go.
  • iOS and Android in Japan this November, the other platforms in 2014.

Each system that the game is being developed for will have an exclusive dungeon, which is an interesting concept considering the game is currently in development for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, and Wii U.

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  • Ony

    Meh, mobile games…

  • Rugmouse

    Read Level 5 – got super excited (Ni No Kuni – best Kuni?)

    Read F2P with microtransactions and got really sad.

    • I had the same reaction. Ni No Kuni is probably my favorite JRPG released to date.

      • Rugmouse

        Without question, YES! I love how Mr. Drippy would just bag on you the whole time – Midna, anyone?

        • *poofs in out of nowhere*

          did somebody say Midna?

      • Christopher Acuna

        Ni No Kuni is the pokemon game Consoles have been dreaming of! My entire playthrough of that game I couldn’t stop thinking “This is mother effin Pokemon!!!! WTF Nintendo! Why have you done this yet!” lol. With the help of Studio Gibli doing the cinematics, Ni No Kuni is definitely in my top 10 for this Console gen.

    • David Tims

      Same πŸ™

    • Zombie Boy

      I’m having bad memories of that recent Final Fantasy mobile fiasco!

    • Elitepwnsface


    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      Agreed, on all accounts :). I can finish the game whenever, but am trying for the plat :).

  • Sounds interesting. and free to play means there’s no worry of buying something you dont like, so thats a nice bonus

  • Justis Bistawros

    Interesting piece of work,It’s coming to the wii u will there be gamepad support?

  • RockieOllie

    I am interested in seeing it in action, but:

    “You flick medals (which represent commands) onto the enemies during battles to attack them.”

    Well this is how we’ll be playing this game on high levels:

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      “Someone should get a glass of water for that guy!”

  • Zombie Boy

    Completely unrelated, but I managed to get my hands on a new XBox One today…

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      Just look at that beatiful toilet base *__*
      This’ll look amazing in our livingrooms :3

      • Rugmouse

        Darn – and I thought the Wii U was the only home console that could be used in the Bathroom =(

        Don’t judge me.

        • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

          In the bathroom? I thought you put the whole Thing in front of your TV? D:

          • Rugmouse

            oh, the actual console is indeed by the TV, but I’ve found the off-screen mode via the gamepad can come in handy…haha

          • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

            lol I think you missunderstood my sarcasm πŸ˜›

            I meant the XBox mock on the toilet ^^

          • Rugmouse

            ah that’s my bad. Monday morning coffee hasn’t activated yet I guess.

      • Zombie Boy

        I took it into the bathroom because I wanted to show Microsoft, via Kinect, what I really thought of them…

        • sd

          The only thing with this is that you are doing the same to X-1 fans as many did to Wii U fans. How many Wii U fans were annoyed by these reactions. My Wii U is amazing. Pikmin 3 one of the best games of all time and W101 is amazing. But at the same time I have pre-ordered an X-1 and I also think the PS4 will be great.

          I am not having a go at you, but all I am saying is that I have seen comments where you get frustrated with people criticising your game/console choice. If you post this sort of image then you cant really get annoyed with criticism from others about your game and hardware choice because you are doing the same to them.

          • Zombie Boy

            But this is a NINTENDO site. You have to expect some friendly competition and a few pokes. It’s no different to the ‘Sega does what Nintendon’t’ jokes back in the day. Just a friendly jibe. I could see your point if I posted this on an XBox One site, but I haven’t. It’s just a joke.

          • sd

            Yeah i know, it was just a comment. Feel free to ignore it. I think my brain is getting fried. Spending time on Wii U sites with all the negativity over the last year and now again on the X-1 site kind of frustrates me. I would rather more focus were on the games and news. Genuine questions and posts around this are muc better . But this is just my opinion, nothing personal against you, which probably sounds strange from my comment.

          • Zombie Boy

            I totally get where you’re coming from. But like I say, having a friendly jibe on a site that focuses on your own console is different to going to another company’s site and attacking them on their own ground.

            I fully expect to go to a Microsoft site and see people joking about the Wii U. I’d be kinda disappointed if they didn’t! I remember the Sega vs Nintendo wars back in the day, and this kind of thing happened all the time in the rival magazines. It was fun, but that’s all.

            It’s when you go to another site and start attacking everyone there’s favourite console that you cross the line, because that’s putting your opinion in everyone’s face with the intention of upsetting people, and they can’t avoid it (unless they choose to stop getting news about their console). Obviously XBox owners don’t come here to see XBox stuff, so they can easily avoid it if they don’t want to get upset, and that has no effect on them being able to follow their own console.

            Anyway, I’m rambling, but my point is that I never meant to genuinely upset anyone, and I’m sorry if my post had that affect. It was just meant as a friendly poke at the ‘opposition’.

          • sd

            Dont worry about it. It was just my rant. I go to the xbox site and rave about the X-1, I then often drop in little comments like ” I cant wait for Dead Rising 3, but I am playing W101 at the moment, have you tried it its awesome”.

          • Zombie Boy

            That’s a good way to go. Secretly I wish I had time for the other consoles, but even with my PC and Wii U, I find myself stretched and not able to give games the attention they deserve

          • sd

            I am actually really fussy with my gaming. I get bored easily and games need to be great to get my attention. Owning more than one console gives me the choice I need. Also that’s why I like Nintendo, they have more high quality unique games than anyone else.

          • Zombie Boy

            I’ve been a PC gamer for as long as I can remember and love the wide choice of games and that I can still play the classics, such as Resident Evil 2 and the like, as well as most modern games that also come out on the XBox and Playstation. I bought a Wii U for the Nintendo exclusives. You just can’t get them, or anything like them, anywhere else (and emulating them doesn’t give the same experience).

    • starwars360

      Hahahaha funny. I can’t wait for Xbox One and PS4 this Christmas with many Wii U games around the corner. So I will option turn off for Kinect. πŸ™‚

      • Elem187

        It has to be plugged in at all times. do you really trust microsoft?
        If it can be turned off, then why can’t we unplug it??? I’m not foolish enough to believe Microsoft’s lies.

        • starwars360

          Lol doesn’t matter if unplug or option off as long as option is off there so it is good and I not worry or sick for unplug Kinect. I don’t care and I will not using it anyway. Don’t worry about Kinect so when launch Xbox One console and setting it off in system setting. Simply so Kinect will sleep forever inside Xbox One monster machine. Hehehe

  • Deadpool U

    Has anyone seen the the trailer for this? It’s pretty good though I think only mobile gameplay was shown.

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      I hope so. It looks pretty boring :/

  • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

    I really love Ni No Kuni. I love Level5 games. Free2Play is not necessarily bad!

    White Knight Chronicles sucked :/

  • Guest

    “F2P with microtransactions” nothingtodohere.jpeg

  • Jon Turner

    Interesting. I always believed Level 5 would get on board the WiiU train. It’s GREAT for WiiU to have a game like this.

  • Klashin

    always wanted to play white knight chronicles

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    A real game like Ni No Kuni on Wii U would make me very happy.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    A download game… Bah… But it’s ok.
    Wait… F2P with micro transactions? TOTAL SKIP

  • Madmagican

    *sigh* Level 5 what are you doing? Microtransactions aren’t a good thing and they make rich people even snobbier

  • bakedapplepie

    Ni No Kuni is such a great game. Wish the sequel too that would come to the Wii U. Don’t know how I feel about this game, “a compelling RPG experience in a short amount of time” dosen’t sound appealing to me.

  • Jon

    “F2P with microtransactions” = no for me. I pretty much stopped reading from there. Judge me if you all want but I don’t want a game where it costs a lot of money to get the full content of the game.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I think it’s very odd that we’re on a Nintendo-themed site, and in the article it mentions level 5 being known for two games that weren’t released on Nintendo platforms…

    All while their most well known series (that’s exclusively on the nintendo portables) isn’t mentioned at all…

    Also, the ‘exciting feel of an RPG’ is usually an epic, lengthy story – combined with a deep ‘just one more sidequest’ strategic game system.

    Although ‘half-minute hero’ was pretty good…

    I’ll try it – but as I hope free to play will wither, die and rot… I’ll likely avoid paying for it.