Jun 13th, 2013

windwaker hd 2In a recent interview, Eiji Aonuma put our uncertainties to rest. He said that there will not be a ‘hard mode’ in Zelda Wind Waker HD on the Wii U, nor will we see the dungeon that was cut before the original game’s release.

Having said that, the Wii U remake does feature several small changes, including faster boat travel, an updated interface, superior visuals, and the Tingle Bottle. The Tingle Bottle replaces the Tingle Tuner, and lets players put messages or screenshots into bottles to send them to Miiverse. Bottles will wash up in other players’ games, containing these messages. Naturally, the Pictograph will have a larger storage capacity.

Finally, Aonuma also said that the Triforce Quest will be improved, which is great news for anyone who found this portion of the original game rather tedious.

For me, a new Wind Waker HD dungeon or mode would have been icing on the cake, but the cake looks great as it is. What about you? Do you think these changes are enough to warrant a second purchase?

We’ll keep you updated on any new findings.

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  • Jack5221

    I never played Windwaker on the Gamecube, so getting to play it for the first time ever on my Wii U will be fun.

    • incoherent1

      Agreed. Gamecube was the one Nintendo console I never owned, so it’ll be entirely new for me.

      • Kinky Keath

        you both are in for a treat.

        • so am I!

          • Nintedward

            Windwaker is probably the funnest Zelda game , but not the best or most epic imo. 9.8/10 πŸ˜‰

            (no spoilers- it does definitely have those epic , goosebump moments. But overall compared to say Ocarina , TP or SS it’s more of a Fun tone than an Epic tone…)

          • Sidney Majurie

            Dat ending.

            I have to admit I got goosebumps and teary eyed. I do believe you have to have played and beaten Ocarina of Time to really appreciate the ending in Wind Waker. I can’t wait to play it again and man does this version look even more BEAUTIFUL…

          • Nintedward

            Agreed! * Whispers* – the part where they’re all suspended in time was probably the most awe inspiring moment ever in a game , and then you had to kick the crap out of ALL of them πŸ˜‰

            Yeah I have the Gamecube version right here , but it’s a day 1 purchase on Wiiu. Same with Ocarina 3D , and I definitely did not regret that !

      • Stuart Thomas

        Same here owned everything but that and the original ds. Never played wind waker.

      • Edward

        I haven’t played it either but am looking forward to playing it.

      • Jack5221

        I still have a gamecube, with TONS of great games for it. This was never one of them for some reason… I kept telling myself I’d get it but never happened. I was extremely into Mario Kart Double Dash and Smash Bros Mele.

        • val berger

          it’s nice if you keep waiting until you even get a refurbished version of a game. it was the same story with super metroid with me πŸ˜‰

      • ItzameyaToad

        Same here I was too little to really notice the GC plus parent’s would never have payed for another console. Glad some of us who missed the game can finally play it!

      • Einar

        I only played it at my friend’s house and finished it on the Dolphin Emulator XD I really hope we will be able to play it with the pro controller though. Does anyone know anything about this?

    • Leo Wright

      I was one of those guys that hated the art style and refused to play it. Now I’m ready to give it a try

      • Jack5221

        Lol. The art never bothered me. I can’t think of reason why I never bought this game…

      • ICHI

        I wasn’t keen on the way it looked when it was released until I got to see it moving, remembering that videos online were always bad quality back then. Wind Waker is one of the best! you are all in for a great time πŸ™‚

      • Joey Perez

        I was the same at first but once I was an hour into I was in hog heaven its an amazing story

      • RockGod

        HaHa! People everywhere screaming for Remakes like Zelda Wind Waker and Mario Sunshine!! When these games first released on Gamecube, People wouldn’t stop bitching about how much they DIDN’T want it. The world was gonna end… and now their dying to play them. sounds familiar.. 10 years from now Mario 3D World will be a timeless classic as well..

        • Elem187

          I politely disagree. SM3DW will be a timeless classic not more than a few hours after purchase.. peoples worries about this game are completely unfounded.

          Nintendo made a pretty big mistake on the reveal by showing only one camera style. Because of the zoomed out birds eye view, people think its going to be like Super Mario 3D Land.. the developer already confirmed you can play it 3D traditional Mario style.

          The game will be amazing.

          • RockGod

            Actually I agree that will probably be the case. I just found it a bit ironic that these titles are NOW anticipated by gamers, but back when they were first announced for GCN there was a lot of hate directed at these titles… that’s all really. I think this game will be amazing, just like the others were.

    • luigiman2z

      Neither have I. I got to play the “Island Stroll” part of the Best Buy demo and it felt pretty nice. My favorite new feature is being able to tap on an item and drag and assign it to the button you want!

    • Ken Seymour

      I did play it, but weirdly enough, as soon as I got the master sword I stopped playing. So this will still feel like my first time playing it because I don’t remember any of it.
      Also, did I miss it or did Nintendo not mention a single thing about being able to use 2 wii u gamepads anytime soon?

  • Antar RodrΓ­guez

    never played wind waker, its a win win for me

  • As disappointing as this may seem it is not like you can add dungeons or levels to a game like this without affecting the story and continuity off the game. It is not like adding the deleted scenes back into a movie when it is released to DVD.

    Even though I played this game on GameCube originally I will most likely get it again as it is a very good game. If you have not played this addition in the Zelda series I highly recommend it.

    • ICHI

      Err it is actually, at least one character referenced the dungeon and there was a big gap in the action where it should have been. It was noticeable but then I’m hoping they have at least tidied that up, otherwise they should have just finished the dungeon and included it.

      • Assassinated23

        Who referenced it and in what way?

        • ICHI

          You’re told to go to greatfish isle by prince kolimi for a trial for the final pearl, you hear Jabun is missing but safe, you find him and the game looks like you’re going in Jabun, OOT Style. Then the king of red lions buts in and you’re just given the bloody pearl, which is a big let down as you’ve quested to get to a dungeon that doesnt occur?! There should have been one there even if it wasnt in the whale, thats where the pacing goes off a little. That dungeon woud have completed the main pearl dungeon triforce shape on the map too.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            You also have the fire and ice islands where you get the iron boots and heavy gauntlets. These two mini dungeons could have easily been made into full dungeons without altering the story at all, since you have to go there anyways.

          • ICHI

            Yeah boyeee! Although thinking about it the island Jabun was at is sunken and he has a lantern on his head I think? Probably would have given you a lift to the now sunken entrance to the temple?

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Right. Outset Island is roughly in the same place as Lake Hylia in Ocarina of Time, which is where the Water Temple is.

          • ICHI

            Nice πŸ™‚ well referenced that man. Our childhood was well spent πŸ˜‰

    • Aaron Barton

      Disagree 100%. How did Nintendo work in an extra dungeon into Link’s Awakening DX? The dungeon took advantage of the new color capability of the GBC. Just make a new dungeon as an optional side-quest that you’re rewarded for if you choose to tackle it, and integrate a new item only possible using the new Gamepad to do it.

      It’s not difficult at all, it’s just a question of whether they want bother with the time and effort. Since this is just to give U owners a Zelda to play until the new one is done, they don’t care. Period.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    well, then i have no incentive to buy it…it was boring on Gamecube and painful to finish..i would have bought it when the price came down if they included the missing dungeons and quests

    • Well this is rare… This game is often revered as one of the best in the series by those that played it. You seem to be in the minority when it comes to this game because most think it was great.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        i always thought it was too long and tedious…i can deal with those issues if the story is cool, but it was “meh” to me

        • Oh I meant no offense… Everyone has their tastes… It is just rare to hear someone that didn’t enjoy the game. Usually I hear from people that never played it and just make comments about the art style and call it a kiddie game.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            none taken, just elaborating on why i feel this way about the game

      • Arthur Jarret

        I played them all… and in my opinion this one has the most boring, tedious fetch quests of any Zelda game.

        The dungeon and character design is one of the best in the series – the gameplay mechanics and tools are varied and original. The overworld exploration is very fun despite water, water everywhere. This still makes it one of the best zelda games – despite being the most boring one too…

  • RARE

    This is my favorite game of all time so I’d buy it again even if it were a virtual console port.

  • IV

    letting me replay the game of my childhood with improved graphics and gameplay? I’ll devour that cake

  • Linskarmo

    I don’t mind. I’m sure it’ll be awesome anyway.

  • $41809923


    • howling_wolf1334:[

      Impressive, with all the side quests???

      • $41809923


  • Immallama22

    Still worth it πŸ˜€

  • Saleh Sbeiti


  • Frankie

    I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but I’m going to be realistic. There is no reason for either of those things to not be in the game. I love Nintendo and will always support them, but people need to give them criticism when they deserve it. This is a poor move and not fair to the fans.

    • Kinky Keath

      its only not fair to the fans if they price it at $60 but i doubt it will.

      • Frankie

        Why wouldn’t it be $60? I think $40 is reasonable, but still too much for a remake.

        • Wind Waker is going from $30 – $80 used for the original gamecube version if you can find it. But yes a full $60 is a bit much. $40 would be reasonable. Of course many stores have the price listed at $59.99 for the pre-order.

          Hopefully some pricing details will be available soon.

    • Clel

      As Bob Wilkerson stated in an earlier comment:

      “As disappointing as this may seem it is not like you can add dungeons or levels to a game like this without affecting the story and continuity off the game. It is not like adding the deleted scenes back into a movie when it is released to DVD.”

      • Pikachief

        It is like adding deleted scenes back into a movie if they added the deleted dungeons that were once going to be in the game.

        • From the information I read the dungeons were not simply deleted the story was was altered and those dungeons could feel out of place.

      • val berger

        I’m sure Nintendo is smart enough to figure out how to put cut content back into the game πŸ˜‰

      • Metal_Man_v2

        There are several areas of the game that require you to do a menial task, like breaking down the door to Jabun, or going to fire island and ice island that could have been made into full dungeons.

        Nobody wanted random dungeons added in the overworld, but the developers of the gamecube game admitted that the original game had dungeons cut, and it is obvious while playing it.


        Wind Waker only has 5 dungeons, and while I love Wind Waker to death, that is a very small number compared to other Zelda games.

  • blindtiger

    extremely disappointed… but gonna buy it anyway because i have a problem

  • zerooooo

    I never played this game on the GC, Im actually looking forward to play this I heard its a good game and the interface thing looks fun.

  • Edward

    I am going to be so broke this fall.

  • Renegade_Wolf

    idc so much about extra dungeons but i will admit that a master quest or hero mode(skyward sword) would’ve been great. Still, anything that is legend of zelda I MUST HAVE.

  • Mr. J

    I’m so excited about this one because it is entirely new for me.
    I never owned a GameCube but I have been able to play a few games from that system such as, Mario sunshine, Mariokart double dash, smash bros, and star fox adventures.

  • Scott Duperree

    I will definitely be picking this one up when I get the chance.

  • ChariotMan7

    It Doesn’t Matter, People don’t care about that. People is just happy to see this Masterpiece come back out in full HD. I know I am.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    After playing the demo, I am totally getting this game day one. First Zelda game I will ever play, too.

    • ChariotMan7

      Oh Foreal Man. You Messed Out on alot Man.

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        Well, come October, I’ll be in the loop!

        • ChariotMan7

          Get this Game Man. It’s the Shit. People Slept on this game because of the Cartoons Style, But Man this game is Epic back in the Day. And I know it will be now!

        • Madmagican

          Well you can get Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess too since they’re wii titles and Wii U is backwards compatible
          two more zelda games crossed off the long list

    • Renegade_Wolf

      good for you man. it’s a great series and you’ll love just about all the games.

    • Nintendude

      Get this game.

      Actually, get ALL the Zelda games. They’re great.

      • Clel

        Except maybe that other one that was bad.

        Oh wait. None of them are bad. OOPS

        • Arthur Jarret

          Zelda’s adventure (CDi)

          But even the original CDi games (wand of gamelon and faces of evil) were solid games – and quite remarkable for the time. (Especially considering the limited budget Philips gave the developers of Animation Magic)

          I’m not even kidding – look at the reviews: All bad reviews are written post-mortem, when these games actually released they got 9+ scores across the board.

          The animations and story get a lot of slack – but do realize these were based on the (terrible) saturday morning cartoon show.

          • QuizmasterBos

            Don’t you dare ever mentioning those games again! It still hurts.

          • Arthur Jarret

            But… they’re not even bad games! Try them before you knock them!

            Edit: except the third – never ever attempt to play zelda’s adventure unless you are prepared to lose your sanity – like I have… Wobble!

      • Nintedward

        I have every single Zelda game (except CDI) in one form or another. For example TLOZ Collectors edition on Gamecube has TLOZ , TLOZ2 , Majora’s mask and Ocarina !

        • Arthur Jarret

          If you don’t have tingle’s rosy rupee land and link’s crossbow training… I’m gonna grouse out on ya!

          As I said – gameplay-wise the first 2 cdi games are pretty good too – very comparable to legend of zelda II and the best games available on cdi.

          I own faces of evil, so the only zelda game I’m missing is wand of gamelon… I own the originals of all the zeldas – and all non-digital re-releases (like the collectors disc that came in the windwaker bundle and the better disc that came in the mariokart bundle)

          I used to wait until a zelda game was released to get a system – up to DS… since then I just bought each nintendo system straight away to play the eventual zelda game ^_^

    • I have a nephew who is 10 that is the same. His first Zelda game was Twilight Princess but thanks to me he has experienced just about every Zelda game since the original and even kept playing some to complete them. I gifted him A Link to the Past to download to his Wii via virtual console and gave him my copy of the Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition for GameCube so he can play the original, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s mask. He even rubbed it in how he completed Skyward Sword before I did.

  • Shamoyal ‘Jose’ Urfan ˚͜˚

    Icing on the cake? This is the worst cake ever. Been a long time nintendo fan but all i found out from e3 was ‘dont buy a wiiu and dont sell your 3ds’. This game is pure bull, nothing new for the people that have already played it. Whats the point? Wiiu flopped harder than xbox one at e3 and i didnt think that was possible. Until an actual zelda wiou game comes out i wont even think of wasting my money on this disgrace of a console. Donkey kong country? Also on 3ds. Mario kart? Also on 3ds. Super smash? Also on 3ds. Add luigis mansion, pokemon, mario and luigi dream team and you’ve got a great handheld device that entices you more than the home console.

    • Chris Heskin

      Are you trolling? No way did WiiU do worse than xbone, Microsoft’s new console won’t even sell. Sounds like Bayonetta envy to me.

      • Shamoyal ‘Jose’ Urfan ˚͜˚

        Nope. Honestly. Im a massive nintendo fan and bought this game on realease back in the day. Waited in line til argos opened at midnight in the uk. Good game but i wanted something new. A change in the feel of the game. Revamped dungeons and the like. Is that too much to ask? I was watching nintendos e3 all the way throughout and im impressed with the 3ds but very disappointed with the wiiu. Never played bayonetta so i dont care about that. I play zelda/mario/dk/smash and fifa. Everything else doesnt mean anything to me

        • Clel

          The game was not MADE so that you should play it again. It was made for severals reasons (that I can think of for now):

          1. Something to keep people going and not lose interest in Zelda, since the one for the Wii U is going to take a long time to come out

          2. It’s a great game, and they felt they needed to glorify it a bit and put it in HD

          3. For those who missed it, they would have to play it since it’s so good

          4. For those who would like to play it again

          Also, it makes no sense what you’re saying about Mario Kart being on 3DS and Wii U. You might as well say, “Why get Mario Kart: Double Dash? I have Mario Kart 64 already”. Donkey Kong Country is a series, not a game… well, it is also ONE game in the series.

          You’re saying that you already have a certain game because you have one of the prequels. That’s flawed logic.


          • Shamoyal ‘Jose’ Urfan ˚͜˚

            Master quest. Nuff said. Same game. Improved graphics. Different dungeons. Harder.
            Wind waker HD. Same game. Brighter sun. Faster boat.

            Also, with the example i gave with all the games. What i meant was if ps4 had the same games as ps3 with no exclusives who would buy a ps4. Im happy with my 3ds so i will buy all the upcoming games. Not happy with the wiiu. Not gona buy it.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Actually, it was made to make Nintendo money, because they know that the current install base is desperate for any sort of first party game, and will buy literally anything from Nintendo.

            All of the reasons you listed above could have been fulfilled by simply adding the gamecube Wind Waker to the virtual console.

      • Shamoyal ‘Jose’ Urfan ˚͜˚

        Btw this isnt a top 5 zelda gane anyway. Why buy it twice. Its a great game but all the zeldas are. Top 5 zelda games. Ocarina of time, twilight princess, majoras mask, link to the past, skyward sword.

        • Akatosh

          You’re right, it’s number 1 Zelda game in many people’s minds.

    • ChariotMan7

      You Must be Serious Right?

    • Arthur Jarret

      I do agree with you…

      However, you’re forgetting that Mario Kart is an entire new game – and so is DKC.

      If you don’t count them as sequels – you shouldn’t have gotten a 3DS either:

      DKC: Also for Wii
      Mario kart? On wii and DS
      Luigis mansion: Also for gamecube (playable on Wii)
      Pokemon? DS
      Mario and luigi? DS

      Ah well… I’m most exited for X and bayonetta 2 now… even though I’ll get ALL nintendo 1st & 2nd party games too (just like I did for previous platforms)

  • TheImaj

    Not disappointed in any way.. Day one purchase. Hmm…maybe day two.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo


    Still buying it

  • Gabe Hoffman

    At least they are going to fix the Triforce quest

  • Nintendude

    I’m glad the Triforce Quest is improved. I hated that part of the game…

  • JB

    Still a day one buy for me! I get to revist one of my favorites in HD… Sign me up πŸ™‚ I’m kind of bummed that I don’t get to see the nixed dungeon and quests, but I can live without then. Besides, who knows. Wii U games are patchable. Who’s to say they won’t add anything in the future? Like what they did with NSMBU.

  • HΓ©ctor I. Rivera NegrΓ³n

    I didn’t played windwaker and I have regret it all this time. I now have a second chance so I’ll take it.

    • ItzameyaToad

      Same here I was little and only really knew about PS2, I mean I knew about GC but it wasn’t something I was interested in at the time. Plus parents would have never shelled out another $100-200 for a new game console when I already had one so I had to miss out on it. Glad its coming out again! Only hope they do the same for other classic GC games some of us missed out on.

      • Rick van der Linde

        Or you could get a NGC for about $25 now and still play the classics with the best controller ever πŸ™‚

        • ItzameyaToad

          Or just use my original Wii and play them ;).

    • Elem187

      Same here.. I was in my 20’s when the Gamecube was out and as a PC Gamer I was calling it a kiddie purple lunch box and wrote the whole system off.

      Wasn’t until the Wii came out that I got back into Nintendo franchises… My body is ready for tingle tuners.

  • Mr. Big

    For those that did not have a Game Cube, you missed it. Windwaker, Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime, Sanities Requiem, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigis Mansion. Delicious.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    for me, reading this is a bummer I was hoping for a master quest type deal, now it will feel like I’m playing the same game again but with less filler, but as much as i feel like i’m wasting money I know i’m going to buy it anyway…the life of the nintendo loyal -_-

  • Clel

    “For me, a new Wind Waker HD dungeon or mode would have been icing on the cake, but the cake looks great as it is.”
    I love this sentence.

    • Silent

      ”Zelda doesnt need icing on it”

      • Clel

        That’s what I thought that sentence meant?

  • I’m sorry with that out from the developers for me just a HD remake and minor changes does not justify a second purchase, I might as well play it again on either my GC or my Wii. I feared for this, and it’s confirmed now, so very dissapointed and therefore won’t be bothered to get this game again.

  • ICHI

    I had no issue with the game as it was, I would have just liked the new dungeon.

  • schwanbeckvw

    I think my wii u is great I’m just dissapointed that nintendo puts emphasis on remakes while a new zelda waits. A new zelda day one would have launched wii u sky high.

  • val berger

    back in the day i truly noticed that there’s something missing at the end, I later found out about the two dungeons. so, this is really disappointing and it’s gonna be the reasion i’ll be skipping this one

  • Ace J

    whelp iam not getting this then. I was waiting for news like this to decide if i want to get it or not

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      It’s unfortunate to hear that,but for me, it’s been a while since I played WW and I no longer have a GC so I’ll just rebuy it, though I totally understand your decision.

      • Ace J

        yeah i can understand if you never played WW or you dont have a gamecube or wii. the visual look great but i still have my gamecube copy and my wii. so thats not enough for me to re buy the same game with very little change. and thanks for not bashing me lol

        • Adam Porter

          well you have a very good point, why would we bash you. imo Nintendo would have gotten away with just upscaling the original and releasing it on the virtual console, i’m going to buy it just because I want to play Zelda on my wiiU asap πŸ˜€

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    I’m not going to lie, I’m just a tad bit disappointed with the new features as I would have loved a new dungeon/bosses or even new locales/music but either way that won’t turn me away from buying this game. I loved WW back on GC and I loved the art style so I will be getting this on the U and not just because I don’t have a GC anymore.

  • Shelim Uddin

    Re-deads in HD now thats the icing on the cake

  • Shelim Uddin

    I still own a gc and have an original copy of WW. I am still going to buy this game with the wii u.

  • Arthur Jarret

    That’s a real shame – I won’t re-buy a game just for a graphical update (especially seeing how minor it feels due to the cell shading): Great for the people who haven’t played it yet or for the crowd which also buy bluray discs of movies they already own on DVD…

    For collection purposes, I’ll get it once it’s on sale – though…

    • Akatosh

      Or maybe it’s nice for people who like to travel faster then 1 mph in the boat sections.

      • Arthur Jarret

        The music makes it worth it…
        I also jumped a lot out of boredom…

        I’m afraid to go fast… it’s why i never get to finish my sonic games…

  • Jon

    I’m a little disappointed, They have/had the time to put in the new dungeons it would have been great for this remake. I feel that there isn’t really much new into this game, pretty much just the graphical update that is still cartoony and putting the dungeons in there would have been perfect, new content that was removed and would have given us the consumers even more reason to buy the game.

  • person

    I’m disappointed, but I never played the original so I’m still getting it. Also as long as they’ve improved this triforce quest thing that I’ve heard so much negativity about, that the main thing.

    • Adam Porter

      the triforce quest wasn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be, it just maybe slowed the pace of the game down a little too much.

  • AndyArmani

    I feel so betrayed by Nintendo again and again. I would absolutely LOVE this game if they made a FRESH version with added content and more challenges. What do we get? A plain HD-upscaled version. Nintendo are LAZY. And what about the other “in house” Wii-U titles? Super Lugigi U, New Super Mario 47 where the only difference from the 46 previous games is that Mario’s mustache is another color? I used to love Nintendo, I really did.

  • No topping or icing,but still yummy!

  • Pikachief

    I sold this game for some reason because the thought of playing through the triforce quest drove me away every time I tried playing it. But I’ve missed it so, and I’ll be happy to play it again! And with an improved version of the triforce quest! πŸ˜€

  • Shane β™“

    I’m not really surprised. Going back and altering levels in an outdated game would be more work taking away from the time they have for new titles. This was one of my favourite Zelda games and definitely warrants being picked up again.

  • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

    But there WAS Hero’s mode in the original game. so no “harder mode” isn’t really something bad. And that the one dungeon, that was not in the GC game is not included does not mean, that we won’t get anything small for the improved Triforce quest πŸ˜‰

    • Metal_Man_v2

      The only other mode in the original Wind Waker was that after beating the game, you could start over and play through again with Link’s original outset island clothes, start out already having the colored pictograph, and you could understand Hylian. It didn’t affect the dungeons, difficultly, or gameplay at all, so it was largely pointless.

  • CrabSpy

    Can’t wait to play this game again. I’m glad they improved on the Triforce Quest portion of the game because that part was a PAIN in the asparagus to complete.

  • Denvy

    Eh, I was excited about this. It’s one of my favorites. It’s going to be really hard for me to justify another 50 bucks for virtually the same game, just in HD. A shame really.

  • Adam Porter

    a new dungeon would have been nice, tbh if they weren’t going to make any significant changes i’d rather that they changed nothing at all. keep the original feel with better sharper graphics, but whatevs I will still buy it, it is Zelda after all.

  • Johny

    never got a chance to got deeper into original WW, since my optical drive died on my wii.. so while it would be better to have an extra dungeon and/or hard mode, it doesnt change the fact that im REALLY looking forward to it!

  • Metal_Man_v2

    That’s a damn shame Nintendo. Why bother even making this then? It would have been cheaper for developers just to port the original game to the Wii U and add it to the virtual console. Faster boat travel, a tingle bottle, and a pictograph do not make a new experience. Or at least not one worth $60.

    • QuizmasterBos

      Actually, the ability to make pictographs (even colored ones) aren’t new to WW HD either. But the ability to send a pictograph along with a message into a bottle IS. But you are completely right, WW should have some more good stuff in it, I already played the game before and was hoping that Nintendo would change it up a bit more. They didn’t.

      What I also noticed is how Nintendo put so much focus on this during E3! I mean, it’s practically the same game, just in HD now with a few minor changes and they treat it like it’s a brand-new game? I felt Nintendo let down this E3, way more than last year’s, which I thought was actually pretty good. But everyone else just hated on it for some reason.

  • Guest

    I hope this doesn’t mean they are keeping that tedious triforce shard trawl in the game. At best, just confine it to the already existing dungeons like Dragon Roost, Forbidden Woods and Tower Of The Gods.

  • greengecko007

    I love the fanboys still justifying this game as a purchase, especially the ones that already have it. Nintendo fans are content with playing the same game over and over again it seems, as long as the controls are different.

    • Agent721

      I think this game is a classic, so why wouldnt I be happy to play it again in HD & on the Wii U tablet? Were God of War fans idiots for replaying God of War I & II in HD? Ratchet & Clank HD? How about the Hitman Collection in HD? Your stupid comment can be applied to a ton of games & fans.

      • greengecko007

        “Were God of War fans idiots for replaying God of War I & II in HD? Ratchet & Clank HD?”

        If they already had the game, yes. I can think of countless better ways to blow my money, rather than paying for something I already have.

        I’d also like to point out that the PS3’s game library was much more established before they starting doing HD remakes and game collections. Wind Waker HD will be enjoyed greatly by the people who have never played it before, but like a couple people already said, they could just have easily put the original on the eshop.

        • Agent721

          Now were arguing about opinion. I still have have a gamecube, and WW, and I still plan on getting this anyways as this is one of my favorite games of all time. To me, its reliving a game I love in glorious HD. But you do have some points, however, Sony remaking God of War when the PS3 first came out woudlve been weird as it had just come out on the PS2. WW came out on the Gamecube, TWO GENERATIONS ago as it relates to the Wii U. Thats a key difference. Regardless, Ill enjoy it whether anyone else does as to me, it is the best Zelda out there.

    • Adam Porter

      tbh that will tell you more about just how good the game is rather than the people playing it. Zelda games for me are just that damn good.

  • Akatosh

    Forget it. The faster boat made the original game UNBEARABLE for me. It was the only LoZ game I couldn’t 100% because I simply couldn’t STAND the boat speed. But now the boat is faster. So long GC version. I don’t need you anymore.

    • Silent

      You mean the slow boat. I dont like that you have to play the WW to change the wind direction.

  • Jecko

    Nintendo at E3……rehash after rehash after rehash!!!

    • Agent721

      Please. Given BF4, COD 7, FIFA this and NBA 2k whatever, everyone in the industry does the same thing . Except this is an HD remake of a classic game, no different than Sony redoing God of War in HD. Who wouldnt want to replay this classic Zelda in HD & on the wii u pad? I am SOLD!!

      • Silent

        Im going to be honest to you: I stopped trying to reply to them a long time ago. When the Wii U becomes like the 3ds sales wise, they will go away. Notice how there isnt a lot of trolling about the 3ds.

        • Agent721

          Yeah, youre right. With the stupidity so often displayed, I just cant help myself.

          • NkoSekirei

            just downvote them and ignore them they got no life

  • Γ“lafur

    Aw, I really would have wanted to see the cut dungeon.

    I would have also LOVED to see the Tingle Tuner return, but it works with the 3DS.

    Although the new content sounds fun.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      tingle tuner is on the gamepad now

  • companyoflosers

    not really upset about the loss of a whole new dungeon. would have been nice but oh well. as long as they fix the triforce quest like they say they are doing. the game had so much momentum story-wise and then it just stopped because you had to keep farming rupees to get every map deciphered when even the biggest wallet doesn’t hold the total amount needed do do it all at once, THEN hunt down each shard of the triforce around random islands. like they said in the article, very tedious and it changed my entire judgement of the game from good to okay. it also had another strike from me because of the art style. i personally like a twilight princess art style better. im not condemning he cell shaded look but it just didnt do the game justice in my opinion.

    • greengecko007

      Rupees weren’t a problem if you got a map and then immediately took it to be deciphered. Most of the locations offered ways of getting lots of rupees, notably the outset dungeon and the cabana sewers.

      • companyoflosers

        who wants to just go back and forth over and over though. thats so annoying and still tedious. that would be like getting a map, go get it deciphered, go get the next map while collecting rupees, go back to get it deciphered, rinse and repeat several times over THEN hunt down each shard just laying at random spots in the bottom of the ocean.

        • greengecko007

          It is far less tedious to get a triforce map, whip out your Wind Waker for 10 seconds, and warp to Tingle Island, than it is to gather all the maps, and have to spend hours farming 2000+ rupees.

          Getting and deciphering the maps one at a time only takes about an hour.

  • david jarman

    My gamecube just shed a tear for joy.

  • Sol Ridgeway

    I hope this a big success. I want them to do this with some of their best games, like Mario 64.

  • gamesplayswill

    Hey guys, I’m just getting in to the LOZ series so could you let me know about the pros and cons about this game?

    • Agent721

      Pros- Great story, tons of exploring, very varied characters, and superb gameplay. The sword fighting in Zelda is top notch and the overall fighting is a lot of fun.

      Cons- The games can take forever to beat. Im 36 & work full time and it takes me about six months to beat a Zelda. But despite this, I keep going back to the well for more.

      • gamesplayswill

        Ok, cheers I just wanted to know as I’m thinking of purchasing this.

    • greengecko007

      Pros – great story, obvious connections to previous titles in the series, lots of optional exploration, such as treasure hunting, good dungeon/level design overall, and music that will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

      Cons – easily one of the shortest in the series, controls are very responsive, but fighting is mostly mashing the B button to effortlessly execute sword combos that you have little control over.

  • Graham Gillman

    Ah well. Can’t win em all.

  • Chris Woods

    i just wanna know the price

  • DemonRoach

    Price should fall down to 29.99.

    • Agent721

      I agree, it should be discounted the same way the God of War Collection was.

  • Agent721

    The fact that the cut dungeons were not added in is lame. Ill still get it, but that is a big disappointment for the long time fans.

  • Noel Canales

    Sounds like NINTENDO cutting corners and saying, “here is a game we created”, when all the did is hit a switch to vamp up the graphics to HD. Cost: not much, but they will selling it like new game and reap the benefits in profit. The original Tunner was better, but the message in the bottle thing is cool, time to send nudy pics.

  • theblackfrog

    disappointed…they should have added some new cool dungeons or a hardcore mode

  • Stugorna

    I already played it on the gamecube so why would I care about a remake that doesnt contain anything new? The game was not as amazing as Ocarina of time, a link to the past, Twilight princess or Links awakening anyway.

    And why would i care about a Mario game that is very similar to the one I played on my 3DS except it has multiplayer and transparent pipes?? Wouldnt you expect something a bit more grandiose??

    I dont know what happened to the Nintendo I used to love. It looks like the PS4 will be the only console I will by this generation. Unless Monolithsoft manage to floor me with their next game.

    • Agent721

      Honetly, more is coming the Wii Us way, but Nintendo just is way behind in development, so theyre feeding us remakes that are quick & easy to put out until the real new stuff comes out. At least theyre trying. I picked up a 360 six months after it originally came out and I was playing as many OGXbox games as 360 games for about six months onward, as there was a dirth of 360 games. Ill guarantee the PS4 & One will unfortunatly suffer the same fate. Infamous 3, for example, is now for early 2014…lets see if it doesnt get bumped yet again.

      • Stugorna

        Actually I think Second son looks rather bland. What I am super exited about is both Watchdogs and Killzone: shadow fall being launch titels for the ps4. Those games look incredibly good.

        • Agent721

          I agree…ive never played Killzone though…Ill give it a shot. Watchdogs does sound cool, but Ill see if Ubi does anything good with the tablet on the wii u.

    • Castamere

      Wait, have you played through Mario 3D World and Wind Waker HD? Is this how you know that neither contain anything new, amazing, or dissimilar? If so, that’s amazing, because so far only the developers know about everything in the game. You should wait until the games are out before you pass judgment on them.

  • Michael Keller

    i played the original liked it, but this will make it all better.

  • Windwaker was one of my least favorite Zelda games. Kind of sad that they chose this one to remake. Not that many changes besides the graphics (which to me are third on my list of importance behind story and game play)….I think I’ll pass πŸ™

  • diqus sucks

    the removal of the tuner is so stupid! now they actually have EVERYSONE to play as tingle since they have a bigger gameboy advance called the gamepad. so sad. that 2 screen gameplay on the GC version is way better than a built in miiverse

  • Tecpedz94

    Just came back from the Zelda symphony. Wow it was amazing they played all the best songs including windwaker, spoke about the new upcoming games got teased by the host stating how he was at e3 and tried it LOL. Anyways it was a great show recommended for everyone to try it at least once!!

  • Austin Buffin

    cake without icing aint very good cake i liked playing 2 player with a little brother as tingle no thank you

  • Mochlum

    I started getting interested in Zelda the moment Gamecube games stopped being sold at stores. I have ones like Skyward Sword and OOT3D, so I’m really excited to try out this for the first time. I’ve played it before and loved it, so I’m extremely excited. October and September are gonna drain my wallet.

  • Eric

    The only part about Wind Waker I did not care for was the Triforce quest. If that has really been improved, Wind Waker HD will have a home next to my Gamecube copy.

    • smashbrolink

      They haven’t likely removed it, it’s more likely that they’ve sped up the rate at which you acquire the pieces by either making the pieces you find bigger, or finding more pieces per chest, or maybe just not having as many pieces to gather period.
      That and being able to sail faster is going to make that part of the game far less annoying.

  • wiiuoncraigslist


  • LonDonE247

    i just hope wind waker hd wont be a full price retail release, with hardly anything changed, apart from minor updates visually and a faster boat travel time, its hardly worth full price! if its like Β£25.99 or Β£29 at max then it should sell well, then again since wii u owners are starved from games, maybe it will sell like hot cakes, i on the other hand prefer to play the original, its just not worth the full asking price of a retail release, a great game, but no where near good as ocarina of time, or twilight princess.

    Any of those two with a hd remake i would defo buy! its a sad state of affairs, the wii u first year of its life, and all we get from nintendo is a 2d new super mario bros wii clone,a donkey kong country returns clone, a super mario 3d land clone, and pikmin, all which are lazy asset recycled rehashes, where are the game pad proof of concept games? where are the ground breaking hd nintendo 1st party classics? i am not saying all the games i mentioned wont be great games, far from it, but they are not what the wii u needs right now!

    They are basically cash cows, and lazy! a wii game and 3ds game in hd with minor improvements, and so i ask myself just what the hell has nintendo been doing the last few years? super mario 3d land dont even have online co op? wtf? it baffles me what nintendo is thinking, and the drones just lap it up and cant take any criticisms!