Jan 23rd, 2013

Today during the Nintendo Direct conference, Satoru Iwata confirmed that the GameCube game The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker will be making its way to the Wii U as an HD release. The game is being prepared for users as an offering to hold fast while a brand new Zelda Wii U title is being worked on. It is confirmed that a new Zelda title in on the way, but that development is taking a long time because Nintendo wants to “rethink the conventions of Zelda”.

As you can see from the above video, the new hi-definition graphics do the island justice. The game will also be available for off-tv play, so users can enjoy playing the game directly from their gamepad. No release date was given for the title, but expect it from Nintendo soon.

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  • nice! i love nintendo for that one ūüėÄ

  • The New Zelda game will suck if its art/ visuals is in¬† the wind waker style¬†

    • Tim Catcher

       Anything less than Twilight Princess style in 1080 would be a shame.

    • It won’t be, they are smart enough to know that would¬†disappoint too¬†many people, especially after what we saw at E3 with the Zelda HD Demo

    • dillontm

      its not going to be. the new art style is going to be completly different from everything else they’ve done they said.

    • it seems to me they are just buying time to the real new HD zelda

    • You do know that Wind Waker HD is just a glorified tech demo that people can play whilst waiting for the REAL Zelda game.¬†

      You have to admit though, they did a far better job than most developers who make HD remakes. 

      • Elem187

        Its Nintendo. They always weave some kind of Nostaglic magic into their games… I have never been disappointed by Nintendo games.

    • DragonSilths

      It will look like the HD Zelda Tech Demo most likely.

    • Nintendo just said “to play in the meantime”

    • Gary Moscheles

      ¬†that’s a pretty stupid reason to think it will be bad.

    • Takarashi282

      I disagree. ¬†The quality of a game does not depend on the graphics engine, as long as it isn’t static. ¬†Sure, the graphics style makes it look better and more worth a buy, but it doesn’t make the entire game suck. ¬†Personally, I think the cel-shaded graphics look pretty amazing. ¬†But the Wii U Zelda game will be good no matter the art style.

      • I thought that i was about gameplay, not graphics Nintendo freaks?

  • Andrew Longo

    absolutely made my day. the wait for it is going to kill me

  • kikkelipissi

    wowwieiiien wuuuuuuu tsagagsagsahkm yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadriczo

    I’m gonna cry now, with tears of joy!!!!!¬†

  • YoG99

    My LCD computer screen is tired of receiving thrown money ūüôā

    • AkaLink77

      yah everyone was saying a majoras mask or link to the past remake but Nin didnt go to eiether. But i guess this is ok…tho id prefere a majras mask remake for wii u and link to the past for 3ds.

      • Silver Lugia

        Improve your grammar. 

      • Andrew

        ¬†i hear some people were asking for this. i personally can’t wait¬† for this one.

  • Immallama22

    Best news in the direct… Wait… It was all fantastic!!!

  • Nintenjoe82

    I hope they add a significant amount of new content because this is a game that would probably still look good on the gamepad or emulated at 1080p anyway.

    Still excited about where my money is going this year!

    • Focal1

      Lucky me, havent played Wind Waker yet! OMFG happy!

      • Nintenjoe82

        I never finished it because my 3rd party memory card lost my save file and I couldn’t face all the sailing again.

      • Elem187

        I haven’t played it either… The only Zelda games I missed were the ones on SNES and Gamecube… I have had all the other NIntendo consoles.

        • EvanescentHero

          You’re telling me you haven’t played Wind Waker…

          OR A Link to the Past?

          Welp, if you have a Wii U, you have no excuse for either of those, seeing as ALttP will be available on the U’s VC, and currently is available on the Wii’s. =)

        • srsly? ¬† Link to the Past is arguably the best one. ¬† I grew up with that one….not the crappy gba version ¬†But yea Lttp and Links Awakening are must play Zelda games besides OoT. ¬†Minish Cap is ok too

  • Shawn Spitler

    I’ve never played a Zelda game. I’m more than happy for Wind Waker U to be my first.

    • Anthony Sibilla

      Play Ocarina of Time first. It’s a must for any Zelda newcomer.

      • Shadriczo

        I Think you mean the 3DS one.

        • Nope. The N64 one is the true classic.

          • Tobias Naustdal

            ¬†you can get it on the wii shop channel ūüėÄ

          • Andrew W Garttmeyer

             WRONG.  A Link to the Past is the true classic :).

          • Nintendude

            Oh god… it happened again…

          • Michael Wakeman

            technically the original zelda is the classic, but tp or ss would be a good starting point

    • Do skyward sword too. Dont just go for classics. SS will blow you away

  • thanos1984

    It starts getting annoying playing SOOO safe all these years in terms of software.I can’t believe in a company famous for being innovative none can come up with an original project…

    • Chris Ojinaka

      They are still releasing a new Zelda for Wii U as well as this Wind Waker remake.

    • Elem187

      LOL so said the Sony fanboi…. Sony has never had an original idea. Everything they ever done has copied someone else…. What do you expect from a multi-billion conglomerate.

      Nintendo on the other hand is a tiny company that only does video games and are able to be nimble and push things forward….. Motion controls was extremely ambitious, in a market full of button mashing thats been around for 30 years… 2 screens? Unheard of, the DS was born…. it was so successful, why can’t it work on a console? 5 local multiplayer? unheard of.

      What has Sony “innovated” ?¬† Move? not only a flop but,¬†lol that was Nintendo’s idea… “Eye” fail…. Vita? Fail.

      I’ll stick with gameplay moving forward in Nintendo’s camp over Sony’s flops.

      • thanos1984

        I cannot understand why you think i’m a sony fanboy but you certainly seem to be a sony hater and that’s sad because you deny your self some great videogaming experiences.Now on my comment above i might seem a little harsh to nintendo but that’s because i hold them in great esteem and i feel that by not taking risks (in starting a completely new franchise) they¬†don’t exploit¬†their creative potential.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd


  • Adam Porter

    what’s this about changing the conventions of zelda, i don’t like this, i like zelda the way it is, what’s wrong with linear games the abundance of side quests and little easter eggs that give you that nostalgic feeling are what make a zelda game, i like the familiarity between each game. i especially don’t like the way they particularly mentioned changing it from being just a single player experience, it’s a single player game…………it’s not super mario bros. ūüôĀ

    • Marcell Wade

      Calm down, their going to change up the series conventions like they did in Skyward, and it will be multiplayer through the Miiverse, gameing alone but not being alone because of Miiverse lol.

    • Chris Ojinaka

      I think they were¬†referring¬†to the original idea for what Zelda was to be. They¬†aren’t¬†going to change the next game in a way that would make it¬†unrecognisable as a Zelda title.¬†

    • DragonSilths

      If its just changes like going to any temple in any order then thats fine by me.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    im about to throw my Wii U at the wall!!!! Wind Waker sucks ass!! ugh!!!!

    • Marcell Wade

      You obviously, just don’t know a good game, if you think that Wind Waker sucks.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        i beat Wind Waker when I was 24(34 now)…it was mediocre for the time and i only bought it to satisfy my Zelda cravings…its a game they should have never resurrected…and im just plain old tired of remakes…has creativity hit a stand still? movies and music are killing me with remakes too…the end is nigh

        • OhBoy

          Don’t worry, it’s just to keep players busy while they wait for the new Zelda U game. It’s taking time to even make the new game so no need to get all “IRRATIONAL RAGE” mode.
          This is the appetizer, if you don’t like hot wings before your steak; then fuck you for not liking hot wings you picky bastard.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            i’d rather have a caesar salad personally

          • Elem187

            This isn’t the HD Zelda for Wii U… its only a remake of Wind Waker in HD to keep us busy while they finish the epic HD Zelda they are working on.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            i know

        • Marcell Wade

          I get what your saying about remakes in general, but I just don’t get how you think Wind Waker is mediocre, the games metric score is nearly a perfect 10, come on, it’s also has the lagest open world of the 3D Zeldas, even if alot of it is water, & because of it’s art style, it has aged very well and still looks better than most games today.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            i suffered to get through it back in the day…it just wasnt that interesting to me

      • RyuNoHadouken

        cause you love little fairies and flutes, dont you? fun boy

        • Adam Porter

          well if you don’t like zelda games then why bother coming here in the first place, it’s pretty obvious you’re just a troll.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            i NEVER said I didnt like Zelda games…I love them…ive beaten every console version and a couple of handheld versions..im just saying that ALTTP would have been a much better choice than Wind Waker…WW is poo

        • Marcell Wade

          No, it’s just obvious that you just don’t know what your talking about, Wind Waker was & is epic, & Wind Waker HD will be a small but awesome flexing, of some of Wii U’s power and potential as great system.

    • Even though you could have.. NOT commented at all and just had a look at the other games¬†


      All I got from that was…”I’M A GAY HOMO FAG!, I SUCK ASS!…Why would you say that about yourself?

  • Penguin_101

    I was all comfortable untill Nintendo dropped da’ bomb….Now all I can think is they should bring¬†the¬†Ocarina 3D remake over, do a MM HD and Twilight Princess HD and have a Zelda HD collection

    Also the announcement that the ZeldaU will be multi-player and non-linear is amazing news. One step closer to a Zelda MMO

    • Elem187

      I don’t think they are going that route, although as cool as it sounds, can you imagine thousands of Link’s running around Hyrule… I think it would kill the franchise sadly.

      I would be interested in a stand alone game where you sword fight/shield other people in deathmatch using the mechanics/control of Skyward Sword (has to have voice chat so you can trash talk while stabbing your foe)

      • Penguin_101

        I think if it was an MMO you’d not play link, and it wouldn’t be set in Hyrule, it’d be set alongside the kingdom Hyrule, and use customisable heros. With your own quests. My ideal would have it set at the same time as Ocarina when Ganondorf rules and things that Link does happen as the game progresses. Like you hear about Link etc.

  • George Kelly

    Wow. Just wow. :-}

  • Marcell Wade

    Nintendo has already stated, that their going to use Skywards art style for the Wii U Zelda, it will be in HD, and that’s fine with me, because it’s a mix of Twilight Princess & Wind Wakers art styles.

    • dillontm

      Nintendo said today the visuals will be unlike anything we’ve seen in a zelda game. They arnt using the same art style as any other title in the series, it will be completly new.

    • Elem187

      I think that was all rumors when they were batting around ideas….. Sounds like they want the next Zelda to be more memorable than OOT… its going to be hard to top.

      • Genesect4ssb4

        Skyward Sword will always be memorable. It almost saved the Wii U from being released early.

    • Silver Lugia

      I actually didn’t enjoy SS that much :/

      • It’s not about the graphics, it’s about the gameplay and the control – right?

        • Silver Lugia

          Did I say it was? I actually have begun to appreciate it a lot. I played the game over and I love it now ūüėÄ

  • I think… I think I just wet myself ._.¬†


    • Elem187

      Thats why I wrote off Sony fanbois and other critics that say Nintendo is dead after Sony/Microsoft release their systems.

      1. Were talking about Nintendo here, whether or not thousands of shovelware titles arrive, Nintendo 1st party games makes the system worth it
      2. The jump from PS3 to PS4 isn’t going to be as mindblowing as moving from ps1 to ps2, or ps2 to ps3 because of the resolution limitations at 1080p… textures will be a higher resolution, the frames per second will go up, but the leap from ps3 to ps4 will look like the difference between ps3 and PC is today…. sure its better graphics, but the jump is going to be marginal at best

      Radeon 7000 series GPU that is going to be in both¬†M$/Sony boxes, is only 20% faster than the Radeon 6000 series found in the Wii U…. And¬†if Sony has a repeat of the PS3 in terms of sales, it will be its last hurrah into the console market. The gaming division of Sony bled the company at a whole. The president of Sony gaming might think its fun to hemorrhaging money, but I’m sure the board of directors don’t think its cute.

      Besides, how many flops can 1 company have in a 10 year span. “Eye”, “Move” and Vita? good grief.. Sony is the new Sega.

      • Well, SOny and MS will have 4K resolution options plus 3D. ¬†If they add the long awaited DEEP COLOR to games – Nintendo’s ass is done!

        • Elem187

          4k resolution does jack for a TV that can only support 1080p.

          I don’t know if you noticed this, but having the fastest console doesn’t win the console sales. Innovation sells systems and its something Sony hasn’t had since the PS2.

          The PS3 was the fastest of all three systems last gen, yet sold the worst…. in fact Sony never even made a dime, not from the console, and not from licensing fee’s they sold to publishers… If the PS4 is as big as a flop as the PS3 was profit wise, it will be Sony’s last console, say hello to the new Sega.

          When Nintendo released the gamecube it was 2x faster than the PS2, yet the PS2 out sold it by almost double. The console with the most sales sees the most shovelware, and the PS2 was terrible in the department, even worse so than the Wii was.

          In the Obama economic¬†depression, not many people will be willing to shell out $600+ for a console system that has¬†a Radeon 7000 series GPU that is only 20% faster than the Wii U’s Radeon 6000… the graphics detail is going to be negligible.

          I love how fanbois think the next Sony system will surpass today’s computers as far as graphics go. Its only going to be 3x as fast as the PS3. Even the president of Sony video games division started tamping down expectations to not expect any kind of massive leap like the PS2 to PS3 jump was or the PS1 to PS2 jump.

          If you are thinking, which it sounds like you are, that the next¬†consoles from Sony and Microsoft will leap frog my 8 month old PC gaming rig, you are going to be vastly disappointed… Console systems ALWAYS have inferior graphics to a somewhat decent PC. Nintendo innovates gameplay and pushes forward with how we interact and control games, which make their systems worth purchasing…. Sony on the other hand,¬†just upgrades the processing power, slaps it into a box and sells it at double the price of all their competitors (no wonder they can’t seem to make a profit… The Eye, the Move, PS3, VIta, how many flops in a 10 year period is the board of directors at Sony going to tolerate to let the president of the gaming division keep hemorrhaging money before the pull the plug? with their TV business cratering, not much longer than I imagine)

          There is absolutely no reason to ever buy a Sony or Microsoft console, when a PC can do everything better, higher detail, higher resolutions and a faster frame rate, for a cheaper price. Only die hard fanbois will be dumb enough to part with their money for a cheap, slow inferior console that does nothing to innovate gameplay.

          You are one of those gamers that only cares about graphics. But if you really truly cared about graphics as opposed to being a blind fanboi, you would already ignored all the consoles and been a full time PC gamer.

          • ¬†Duh – 4K is for 4K displays.¬† Do you have any more revolutionary¬† remarks?

            The PS3 still sold and sold more than it should have at the price that it was.¬† However, the PS3’s main goal was not video games, it was to push Blu-Ray into living rooms and that worked.¬† You forget that when the PS3 came out, BD players started at $1,000.¬† The PS3 was seen as the cheaper alternative and for a few years, the best BD player.¬† That’s all it was about.

            Which system do you Nintendo nuts want to put down? You complain about both companies as if you are on the board.¬† You need to worry about Nintendo going out of business instead!¬† I don’t own a PS3, only a 360.¬† If MS were not coming out with a new console, the PS3 could have an extended life with it’s BD storage.

          • Dan

            Why would Nintendo go out of business, the Wii has sold close to 25 million more consoles than the Xbox or the PS3, and there handheld which is still under 3 years old has sold 1/3 of the amount Xbox or PS did in a roughly 9 year span.

          • Dan

            Just have to mention it has already been stated the next Gen Xbox and PS is in another league compared to the Wii U, that is just how it is, but if you are buying a Wii U to have a console that competes with the Xbox and PS you bought a Wii U for the wrong reason, that was never the intent when I bought mine, I bought mine for Nintendo games. 

      • Dan

        The power¬†behind¬†the system has nothing to do with the sales only the support they will get from 3rd party developers. It has been the case for the past 2 generations. What makes the sales is the 1st party games that come out of Nintendo. Ya some people will be put off by a lack of 3rd party support with Nintendo but most don’t purchase a Wii U to get those games, they get it to play Zelda, Mario, and other fantastic Nintendo games.¬†

  • indirect76

    Wind Waker turns ten years old in 2013 too.

    • OhBoy

      I feel so old, I got that game when it first released.

      • indirect76

        Me too. I took a few days off work the day it came out.

        • Marius Valasinas

          Now that’s the spirit !

  • DemonRoach

    So much good news, it hurts my brain.

  • 2Chay

    Believe it or not but i’ve actually never played Wind Waker. And i consider myself a true Zelda fan.

    I got Ocarina Of Time when i was around the age of five, but i never compleated. Then when OOT3D came i had a chance at finally experiencing the wonderful game. This is like that event
    Now i can finally play WindWaker for my first time.
    Thank You Nintendo ! You seem to be back on the right track !

    • ….have you played A Link to the Past? ¬†SNES version? ¬† Or Links Awakening? ¬†both great Zelda games…lttp possibly the best


      What do you mean “back on the right track”? They have never gone off track.

  • blizabeth

    anyone who DOESN’T appreciate the kid-like look, feel, excitement, & triumph of windwaker is missing out on the zelda spirit. it’s not for everyone, sure, but neither is the more adult / darker style of twilight princess, etc. i am SO excited by this announcement… may link always sail the open seas of a sunny, watery hyrule!¬†

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I knew it was an HD remake but THAT looks like something completely different and awesome.  Looking forward to it.

  • tronic307

    Wind Waker HD: We knew it hadda happen!

  • JumpMan

    oh my god. so, lemme get this straight. 3D Mario, Wind Waker HD (the only Zelda game i’ve never played), Wii U Party, AND i’m old enough to get a job now so i can get them first day? GOD IS REAL, AND HE LOVE ME SO!

    • Genesect4ssb4

      God loves all of us, even some of the jobless ones like myself (but im 2 young 4 a job anyway)

    • That’s what I keep tellin people!

  • Marius Valasinas

    When I first¬†read about HD remake of this game, I didn’t realy imagine that it’ll¬†¬†have completely restored graphics. But now I can see how awesome it looks.¬†I hope it’ll be available on CD as well as download. I so can’t wait for this.

  • Sami Rautio

    I just want something from ocarina of time & twilight princess mix sad dark and amazing adventure not the skyward sword style ugh only liked the awesome motion controls nintendo LISTEN ūüėÄ make the game look like the tech demo and we fans will be happy and u can swim on my Euros :] + mariokaart we also need that

  • Destructonator 101

    This means the new Zelda is very far away because its so awesome and therefore, I can wait a long while to experience awesomeness.

  • Sami Rautio

    nevr played windwakeer maybe will give it a try best zelda game is still ocarina of time …twilight princess ganondorf u could beat with the fishingrod + sword ūüėÄ but twilight princess was like ocarina of time it was great ūüôā

  • Hugh Quinn




    • The Wii U’s future is already one of doom. ¬†It won’t last through 2013…

      • Dan

        Seeing that it has had better reception than the Xbox 360 or PS3 had on launch I doubt that it wont last through 2013, not to mention it will always be a huge seller with it’s quality 1st party games. Really don’t know what is up with your negativity about Nintendo.¬†

  • When I first saw this game on the GC I was so madly dissapointed, I just couldn’t stand the cellshaded graphics after OoT and MM. Local store keeper¬†was telling me to try it atleast, so I did, not only because he said so but mostly because I played every Zelda game before this one. Started the game and after 1 day I putted it away, I really hated the graphics so much…

    After a few weeks I picked it up again, played¬†it from¬†beginning to end, and I fell in love with it, not the graphics (still not much of a fan of cellshaded graphics) but it was the story and the subtle references to Ocarina of Time which made me fall in love with this game, would I buy a HD version on the WiiU? I don’t think so personaly, but if you have not played this game, and you have a WiiU I say to you go get it, it’s worth it.

    • Dan

      Putted it away? English mother fucker learn it. 

  • Fap Fap Fap FAPPPPP

  • Rafid Dewan


  • Rafid Dewan


  • Guilliman

    It was the best Nintendo Direct yet, everything announced was genuinely exciting.

    Really looking forward to the Wind Waker remake, even though I completed it more than once back in the day.

    …although, it just occurred to me that I might have to see HD Tingle, and that I’m not keen on.¬† He’s the Zelda Jar Jar Binks.¬† Hopefully he’ll be replaced by literally anything.¬†

    • EvanescentHero

      ¬†You’d prefer to rescue a steaming pile of poo from the Outset jail? Oh, it’d be the same thing. =P

  • Bennett Petersen

    I am so excited for the new title I can’t¬† even explain.

  • Alex Damman


  • Linskarmo

    Awesome! I haven’t played Wind Waker, so I hope they come out with this as soon as possible! And I can’t wait for info on the brand new game!

  • Andrew Vale

    Me Either I’ve Never Played a Zelda Game This Looks Pretty Amazing So My First Zelda Game is going to be this One¬†

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    Zelda is not a game… It’s a legend. And it’s only on Nintendo Wii U. Tell this to Mr. “Epic Fail” Patcher…

  • SirDjss

    i hope they wont destroy the zelda games with their whole ‚Äúrethink the conventions of Zelda‚ÄĚ i like it as it is kinda :/

  • No surprises here. Nintendo does nothing but rehash, remake and regurgitate old games on new systems. ¬†It is no wonder the Wii U has flopped due to consumer confusion alone! ¬†Nintendo has not made it clear to the people that the Wii U is a new platform! ¬†Instead, they just give you SNES graphics (Mario) or older system games and then you don’t know what is supposed to be what! ¬†If they were not ready for the launch, they should not have tried to beat the real systems launches! ¬†Hell, after GTA V drops, even Zelda fans won’t be concerned with Zelda.

    Zelda was fresh way back when it came out and “fresh” was the common slang term, but after 50 million Zeldas, Marios, Kongs, Metroids, Pokemons and nothing else new from them – who really cares? ¬†Nintendo is a company that lives in it’s past the same way the Philly does! ¬†They live in the past because they offer nothing good for the present-day. ¬†Nintendo is done and I cannot wait for them to close up shop!

  • Well, I`m a die-hard fan of anything Zelda… but to pull the same thing that they did with Ocarina of Time 3D? Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion about this. However: Wind Waker HD? How about Wind Waker`s Textures HD? Of course they know they are releasing this really bland title -Wind Waker is great, but not if they are trying to re sell it to me when I can play it perfectly fine on the gamecube- to suddenly come up with a really great Zelda title and have us all even more impressed. Well, I`m just waiting for the all new one ūüôā

  • But why not do the same with Majora¬īs Mask? That truly deserved a revamping, even if it was just the visuals ūüôĀ