Aug 30th, 2013


When The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD releases on October 4th, it’ll only cost $49.99 at retail outlets and the Nintendo eShop. However, if you want to up your investment by $10, for $59.99 you can get this crazy nice Ganondorf figure. It’s a 5″ collectible figurine of Ganondorf as he is seen in the game.

Which version will you be getting? Let us know!

[via Siliconera]

Thanks Franky!

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  • Ducked

    Looks awesome, I’ve seen it on GameStop.

    But is there a “I’m buying the LoZ WW Bundle for the poll?”

    • Bugger, you’re right. I forgot to add it in.

      • jay

        Add it now before its too late!! It’s probably the one I’ll get.

      • Ducked


    • hikkerd

      and a there is no gamestop where i live so now i will cry untill i die one?

      • Ducked

        You could purchase off of

        • hikkerd

          will i still get the european version then?
          and will the manual and box be in my language?

          • Ducked

            Oh, it depends on what country you live in. The UK site hasn’t put the limited edition game up yet. If you live in Europe then you’re have to wait until GameStop UK puts it up, which should be soon. Here’s the link to the site below.

          • hikkerd

            if i order on the previous site you mentioned, i can select belgium as a country tough very tricky gamestop

          • Ducked

            yeah ikr. I guess I’d try that

  • CMB

    This looks pretty cool. I would like a link action figure to go with my gannon one though.

    • jay

      Yeah I was hoping they had more figures to choose from such as Link, Zelda or even Aryll.

      • I have a Link figurine that I got somehow years ago as a reward or came with a past Zelda game. I cannot remember but I believe it is the same size scale so having both would be awesome.

        • CMB


        • jay

          Strange I don’t remember a Link figurine reward of any kind.

          Sure it wasn’t a birthday present? :p

          • I will see if I can dig it out my storage box and post a picture when I get home

  • jay

    Gamestop Exclusive? Nevermind.

    • sdmac200600


  • I am changing my pre-order to Gamestop for this. I already have a Link Character from one of my past Zelda Purchases or a reward of some kind so this will go perfect with that.

  • swic11

    already bought it!

  • Big-B

    I’m not the biggest fan of Gamestop, but I’ll put my grudge against them aside for this gem.

    • Pretty much how I feel..

    • Agent721

      Why the hate for Gamestop?? They do us all a favor by buying back our games that would otherwise collect dust! I have preordered & fully paid for the GTAV special collectors bundle in game trades alone! Before gamestop, trying to resell your games was a task, beleive me, I did it and it sucked. Once that option is gone, we will all miss the days when we can finance new game purchases via old game trade ins. They can have some douchey clerks, but I dont know too many other stores that will take in an old product towards a new one and do it quick & easy. I got nearly $20 when I traded in zombie U…thats a great value for me, who hated that terrible game. Without them, it been headed to a closet and forgotten about for years.

      • jay

        Ummm you can SELL games to other PEOPLE for twice as much without an elitist clerk.

        • Clel

          But it’s very easy with gamestop, you just show up with the games and it’s simple. Also, some people don’t have friends who own any videogame systems, so it can be VERY useful for people who own some videogames that they don’t want anymore and want to get rid of, without a big fuss about putting it up on e-bay or something.

        • Agent721

          Yeah, and go ahead and see how easy it is to do. You pay a price for convenience. It’s no different than trading in a car to the dealership vs. selling it to a private party. You’ll get much less at the dealership, AS THEY HAVE TO RESELL IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. Gamestop is the exact same.

          • Michael DeVore

            However, that should tell you why they are so hated. At one point in time Used Car Salesmen were one of the most trusted professions. Now they are one of the least trusted professions. You’re right that GameStop provides a valuable service by serving as a central hub to sell games. Finding a buyer on eBay isn’t always possible, and the same goes for finding games on eBay unless you stay with Triple A mass market titles. However, the profit of selling the used games has corrupted GameStop in a way, and I’d rather use a Mom and Pop game store whenever possible, but that’s not always possible anymore.

      • Ernie Sanguyo

        it’s because gamestop buy our game so cheap and they sell it over price.

      • blindtiger

        gamestop is great… it has an important function in the market, otherwise it would not exist.
        the problem is that theyve done so well that theyve edged out the competition. they are “too big” and are starting to take advantage of that fact. (xenoblade rumor?)

        its a problem not only for gamestop but for many big businesses. the bigger they get the more jobs they create. the more jobs created the more paychecks you have to cut. the more money goin out the more money you need coming in. in order to get more money you have to cut costs and spend money to market your products. the cycle continues until you grow enough to buy out or push out the competition. once the competition is out of the way you can start bending the rules… and once you start bending most people cant stop bending, until it breaks and your whole business crumbles.

      • Luis Hernández

        ”They do us all a favor by buying back our games that would otherwise collect dust!”

        The problem there is that, yes, they buy our games, but really cheap. You could probably sell Mario 3D Land to them, but they pay you no more than 10 dollars, and when they sell that same used game, they sell it for double the price.

      • Tobias Naustdal

        but, they gave you 20 and they will most likely sell it for 50. that is a 150% proffitt! i say it’s a sham…

    • jay

      Until you walk in and they hand you the disc only version. Arrrgh happened to me before!!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    “it’ll only cost $49.99 at retail outlets and the Nintendo eShop. ”

    Only? I think thats quite expensive for a remake of a that old game. 29.99 or 39.99 would be “only”, 49.99 is not.

    • The_fuzz_buzz

      That is about how much most remakes go for…

      • jay

        Except most remakes are just up-rezed slop.

    • Metroid 33slayer

      Try to be a bit more original.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        What do this have to do with originality to do?

        • Metroid 33slayer

          You’re whining about the price like almost every other person. Nintendo can set whatever price they like, if you’re so butthurt or poor then don’t buy it and stop the moaning.

          • asdfg

            Why are you guys so rude to people that have different opinions than you? It’s like Nintendo is some kind of god and criticizing them is a sin. I love Nintendo but come on, they aren’t perfect.

            Sorry about the rant.

    • X3Charlie

      Not really. They rebuilt the game from the ground up, being a remake it is $49.99 rather than $59.99. Also, for people like me who never played the original it’s basically a new game.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Yeah… thats about 5-10% of the work. But its actually an exaggeration to say that they built it up from scratch. Thats simply not true. They modified it.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Still not “only”.

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Ten bucks more? For this?!? What a GREAT deal! Figurines like this usually cost like, $150+ I will be getting this if it’s just ten dollars more!

  • mralloverit

    I pre-ordered this morning along with the collectors edition hardcover guide. My plan is to leave them both sealed and just buy the digital edition on the E-shop at launch. My wallet will strain somewhat, but if this is anything like the Skyward Sword bundle, collector prices are gonna be insane in a few years.

  • It’s. So. Beautiful.

  • sdmac200600

    I’m not giving them my money. As much as I want it, I cannot support a company that screws over consumers

    Edit: I’m talking about gamestop guys…

    • jay

      I think he’s talking about Gamestop.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    That is awesome!!!!!

  • Castamere

    Wasn’t the MSRP of the statue bundle announced as being $54.99?

    • BL4CKWAT3R

      yeah you’re right. I still don’t get why it says 59.99.

  • aldo2410

    Why, why Nintendo, why you give it to GameStop, they don´t respect you, they don’t respect us your customers, they call us kiddy games gamers, and if you bough ZombiU they ask for wich console.

    • jay

      haha they act like kids in there!

      I remember I asked an employee why Elite Beat Agents was only $4. I was shocked at the price and asked why he said “Probably because the game sucks”. I looked at him in the eye and said “Did you know this is a highly rated game on Metacritic?”

      He looks at me like I’m stupid.

      • aldo2410

        Yes, for them if the game isn’t EA or a shooter they don´t care about it

      • Agent721

        Its $4 due to supply & demand, same reason the Xenoblade Chronicles is $90. All that counts is how many people demand the game vs. the amount supplied, the Metacritic score has nothing to do with it. They can be douchey at Gamestop, but who cares? Theyre retail clerks! Let them act like fools, the jokes on them. Luckily, my gamestop is pretty good & very respectful…and I once met Miyamoto their doing a promo for Mariokart.

    • Clel

      The people at my last GameStop were really nice and knew their stuff. I think it depends on where you live.

      • aldo2410

        You where blessed with a good customer service at GameStop

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    $59.99? I’ll pass. Too much imo. The figurine I guess is a nice reward for a die hard Zelda fan.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Ill get the 49.99 because I never played the game, however I wonder if those who played it will do the same at this price. Nintendo takes risks here. How many percentages of the Wii U install base had a GCN with this game? My guess is quite many… If only half of them bothers to buy it again Ninty might not do very good…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I doubt those who played it will all buy it. So, as for it not being a big seller, you’re most likely right. I think people will save their money for the big Zelda game.

      • Mizzah Tee

        I still have my original on Gamecube but I’ll be getting this limited edition bundle for my Wii U. Not sure if I’m a “die hard” Zelda fan but WW HD looks beautiful and it was an amazing game that I’ll now get to share with others on Miiverse. It’s been long enough since I played the original that I think I’ll enjoy this version just as much.

  • Tannealle Merryman

    So let me get this straight if we just reorder from game stop we get this?
    I hope I understand this right.

  • Sdudyoy

    I wasn’t planning on getting this game at launch but now I’m not sure! darn you Ganon darn you Nintendo.

  • David1996

    in Italy the standard edition costs 59€… stupid GS…

  • Erik

    I already preordered the game at their stores.. is it possible to upgrade the preorder from the standard to the game WITH the figurine??

  • JB

    I’m actually getting the eShop version and the special edition. I don’t plan on breaking the seal on that puppy. I know what you’re thinking… “such a waste of money” But what can I say? I’m a collector. Lol

  • Javy G

    Only thing is why not Link also?! I wouldn’t mind coughing up a few extra with Link in the deal.

  • Tecpedz94

    Nintendo is smart they put the game for 50 dollars, cheaper than regular wiiu games because its a remastered version of the original and add another version with a Ganondorf figurine which is worth like 50 cents but adds 10$ to the overall item returning it to regular price of a game lol. While its a cool figure ill be getting the standard game or the bundle but its a bummer that the bundle is a digital version.

    • Guest

      Hey genius, the game is already $50.

      • Tecpedz94

        Lol you didn’t understand anything…

  • Re4wii2008

    Well I gotta say you would be crazy to pass up on the figurine bundle just for 10 dollars more unless those aren’t into those things! I walked up all the way to my local Gamestop yesterday and changed my reserved copy of The Wind Waker to the Bundle edition and it was great the only person at the counter was a Nintendo fan too!

  • Zuxs13

    Already pre-ordered mine,

  • LopsidedPasta

    I switched my pre-order from standard to special edition today!

    • NkoSekirei

      wen i preorder mine i payed $59.99 for it

      • LopsidedPasta

        You can still switch to the LE version. I didn’t have to pay anything that I hadn’t already put down.

  • andrewjcole

    I hope I can get enough for this! Never played it on GameCube.

  • Archiq09

    I like figures~ :3

  • Mr. Big

    My only issue from Gamestop is the clerks are anti-Nintendo (at least the ones I go to). I have to admit, since the WiiU has gotten all these preorder DLC and bonuses, this is my 6th WiiU preorder since launch. More preorders than I have ever done with any other system combined.

  • MrBuney

    $10 extra for an action figure? Id rather save $10 on eshop (DDP + No Tax for me)

    • Castamere

      Yeah, I can’t really justify paying an extra $13 and getting the game a little later (via GameStop’s shipping) just for a small figurine.

  • PlayboyPacquiao

    Is this just a pre-order bonus or can you buy it separately? I hope GS includes this in their promotions so I can get it.

  • Petri

    I want this.

  • Super Buu

    I’m poor

  • Andy

    This game should sell for 29.99$ I can’t believe they are asking more than that?

  • Nathan DeFalco

    I just called my local Gamestop and talked to the clerk and as she’s looking it up for me (wanted to see if it was available for pre-order yet) and she asked, “Is this for PS3?”

    I actually laughed at her in disbelief. Then I said, “Nevermind.” and hung up.

    • mralloverit

      I had a really good laugh at this. You have to wonder where Gamestop finds some of the people who work for them.

    • EhenTi LaNero

      where they do that at… hell nawh woman is zelda !!! Nintenduhhhh….

  • Sam

    That’s $10 for the figurine…When I can just make it myself. Not exactly the same, but awesome nonetheless.

  • Liam Dowen-Gould

    So we don’t get this Limited Edition in the UK?

  • therealruben1

    im keeping the box!

  • bakedapplepie

    Where’s the option for both the Wind Waker bundle and the Ganondorf version? Got to have that figure and physical copy.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I think the Ganondorf version comes with the game. It says “$59.99 Wind Waker HD bundle.”

      • bakedapplepie

        Yes, I know. I meant Wii U/ Wind Waker Bundle only comes with a digital copy. I want it all, the Wii U system and the figure/physical copy.

  • YayGs

    Getting this and the Bundle. Going to give my bro the new console and download code but I’m going to keep the gamepad since I’m a bigger Zelda fan. Going to pass it as an early Christmas present.

  • Mochlum

    Really torn between early digital WWHD or later, more expensive WWHD with Ganondorf figure.

    • Castamere

      You’ll be stuck with the version you buy forever. What is waiting a mere two weeks for something so awesome and tangible?

      • Mochlum

        I don’t really care for the Ganondorf figure, but it may end up being a collector’s item sometime in the future. I think I may download it alongside Ducktales, so I can use the DDP to download Earthbound for free.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    I can’t wait to get this! WOW!….. i don’t believe it

  • WaHydraxon

    I’d like this but I live in hungary 🙁

  • GTMacc

    so want this but GAME in the UK is charging a fortune for this compared to the US 🙁

  • helpo

    just preorder it from game stop for like $5 😛 for the limited edition to get the ganondorf fig 🙂 if you got the standard you can always just switch over the preorder :3

  • DennisJKA

    I’ll be getting the Limited Edition with the Ganondorf figurine.
    Fortunately the Limited Edition is not GameStop exclusive here in Europe =D

  • Link

    Merp after this i will never got to gamestop again… unless they do a bundle like this again

  • Gabrielsen

    Buy the Ganondorf edition, don’t open it, wait 30 years, make a fortune 🙂

    • MysticDude97

      Realizes the kids opened it 29 and a half years ago. They thought it was a Skylander.

      • Gabrielsen

        NOooooooOoo! Put it in the bank!

        • MysticDude97

          Bank burns down.

          • Gabrielsen

            I don’t know what to say anymore 🙁

  • Trevor Tiegs

    For the price of a standard game, to get Wind Waker HD, and the sweet figurine, hell yeah I’ll spend 60$ for the delux edition.

  • Castamere

    I’m not seeing the Ganondorf bundle on GameStop’s site. It must be Europe only.