Nov 4th, 2016

Welcome to NintendoToday!

Our loyal readers and fans have been with us since Day 1 (well before the Nintendo Wii U was made official), but with the console’s demise, you’ve been wondering what will happen to the site. Rather than “Switch” to cover the next console – the Nintendo Switch – we decided to breathe eternal life into the site by renaming it Nintendo Today and covering your favorite gaming company each and every day.



You’ll find the same DISQUS comments at the bottom of each article and our homepage now shows a list of top commenters, giving our most active members some well-deserved love.

NOTE: We are moving your billions of comments from WUD to NT as we speak… they will be gradually restored over the next 24 hours. Your patience is appreciated!

Better Content!

We also plan on refining our process, bringing you more of the content you love. So… what do you love? Let us know in the comments, thumbs-up the ideas you agree with, and our team will work hard to make it happen.


We’ll be holding some holiday contests with awesome giveaways… stay tuned! Hint: for the best chance to win, you may want to follow our social media accounts now.

Memes and more!

We’ll be doing a lot more fun stuff with our social accounts, so make sure you follow the NEW accounts here:

What do you think?

I’d ask you to share your thoughts in the comments, but I know you will whether I like it or not!