Nov 2nd, 2012

Wii U browserThe Wii U console will offer full web browsing functionality on its GamePad controller, and while it won’t support Flash, it has full support for HTML 5, the latest standard in web technologies. In a recent HTML 5 browser test, the Wii U scored very high, out gunning the new Internet Explorer 10, the Nintendo 3DS browser, and the PlayStation Vita’s browser as well.

The Wii U scored 323 points, more than the 3DS, which got only 109. Internet Explorer 9 on the Xbox 360 got just 120 points. In fact, the Wii U got the highest mark of any home or portable console device. You can find the full list here.

Nintendo is embracing HTML 5 with the Wii U, as many Miiverse features will be powered by HTML 5, such as chat and the Twitter-like service where players can post news of what they’re playing, share screenshots, and more. You can find more information about the Wii U browser, and even a video of it in action.

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  • 3Ds Sux


    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      How is this scored, and what is the maximum score possible?

      • Madmagican

        I’m just gonna go out on a limb and guess that the max score is somewhere around 500. I have absolutely no idea how it would be scored except for speed and simplicity of web browsing

        • theorangefish

          The score of the wii u is not very good. If people say nobody needs flash they are in denial because HTML5 is pretty much nonexistent compared to flash. I mean flash is almost everywhere and besides if it will be possible to usa a pc keyboard for typing we wiuld have the possibility to play online flash games. And by the way the Wii had a Flash 9 Plugin and HTML5 is not very new.

          • Wildman

            You were most likely using an HTML5 based web browser as you typed that paragraph.

            Nonexistent my ass.

          • TheUNation

            You’re definitely a troll, theyellowcoward. U mad because the Wii U web browser has the highest score according to a said site and already shutted out X360, PS3, 3DS, and PSVitanic altogether.

            Get N or haveaseat.

          • dr scoobie

            you mean we dont have

            oh noes! i guess we wont be able to play
            those awesome flash banner ads
            or watch those amazing flash ads!.

        • theorangefish

          The score of the wii u is bad! 323 is not good no matter if it is better than any console. And by the way HTML5 is not new.

          • Marioravesto3d

            What are you on about Thats good score .Flash is going out,HTML5 iis the new thing.

          • SH*TBLOCK

            First, that being said, true or not the on-line games on the Wii play just fine no matter what it has a plug-in or doesn’t have Flash. So I am sure the U’s will be just fine.

            Secondly, this website link looks pretty cheesy and almost fake. I don’t even know how to find how the test is real, or really matters no matter what. Good news is good news but we don’t need good “Filler” news…

          • Alex

            323 is not good? The xbox browser scored a 120 and Internet Explorer scored a 326. id say this is very good

          • AM

            HTML 5 is not one feature but a combination of standards that are not yet complete. Nintendo did not build in incomplete standards like microdata because they are constantly changing as more is being added to the standard. A score of 323 is very good, espeically considering the fact that most of the stable elements of HTML 5 are supported (things like video elements).

          • bristev

            Please, stop making a fool of yourself. Even a basic-programmer knows that all you’re saying is wrong. HTML 5 is one of the most complex and advanced protocols around. In the only thing that I agree with you is the fact that not having Flash is not a very good move, but having HTML 5 is okay for a device that is made for gaming, not for web browsing. If you really want a good web browsing device get a Galaxy S III or turn on your PC…

        • ocsibrm

          Total is 500.

      • Lati

        They score it by having a checklist, and if it fills the requirement it gains points. For instance,

        21 points
        video element » Yes ✔
        Subtitle support » No ✘
        Poster image support » Yes ✔
        MPEG-4 support » Yes ✔
        H.264 support » Yes ✔
        Ogg Theora support » No ✘
        WebM support » No ✘

        • Lati

          Also, internet explorer 10 scored 3 points less.
          Wiiu 323
          Internetexplorer10 320
          Firefox16 372
          ChromeCanary 453

          • 0soul

            Damn looks like not having flash isn’t a big deal otherwise it wouldn’t have such a good score.

          • nucima

            totally worthless.

            -WiiU 323
            -I-Explorer 10 320
            -Firefox 372
            -Chrome 453
            -Opera 383

            So why Firefox/Chrome still got so much marketshare?
            Because it doesn’t matter. Even if the big ones don’t follow the standards, they set them and everyone have to follow those….

            E.g. Opera always had the best scores (untill Chrome started being great). Anyway there where more sites having problems with Opera because they optimized for Firefox/I-Explorer.

          • dr scoobie

            looks like im getting chrome

        • Wildman

          MPEG-4 support—>
          = HD internet videos?
          H.264 support——>

          • NintendoMan :D

            You guys are worrying so much about internet when this is a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE not a computer. They have different uses. I am impressed though.

      • Linskarmo

        IGN says the maximum score is 515 points.

    • revolution5268

      now you are playing with power

    • charlie

      Why oh why no flash support?

    • PACMAN

      crappy browsers are a thing of the past now for nintendo.





    • DerikGotro64

      Do you get laid?

      • WiiUFan

        *Sigh* Once again, a normal comment gets a bunch of thumbs downs. People on this site LOVE holding grudges

        • KINGTENDO

          it’s like i said,it’s the ”bonobo effect” MONKEY SEE,MONKEY DO


        • revolution5268

          im not surprise

          • FireRed

            Congrats, you’re now the new Yoda

    • theBALLANCEDopinion


      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        Once a goomba stomper ALWAYS a goomba stomper.

      • Nko Sekirei

        no u stfu u troll

    • NoPUNintendo

      I’m purchasing a PS3 super slim this Christmas to go beside my Wii U. No problem there.

    • FireRed

      once again, cool story bro

  • Linskarmo

    This is great! I hate how slow console browsers can be. Hopefully this means the Wii U browser will be fast!

  • Wii U


  • Treebeard

    barrum, in my day all features were powered by java, not HTML5! I look forward to the future.

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      I know its kinda hopeless, but I’m still waiting for flash to be available. Most game sites run games with either flash, java, or rarely, html. I guess one of the three is a start.

      • wighead

        “Most game sites run games with either flash, java, or rarely, html.”

        That’s the reason why they don’t want flash on their console. It’s a useless competition coming from flash games and free game sites with no quality control nor royalties…

  • Aenifer

    A good news that makes me hope Nintendo will improve also the 3DS browser if possible.

  • TheImaj

    Good news is good news! Just about 1.3 million seconds to go! Let’s count em down guys!!

    • NintendoMan :D

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…… I’d rather not do that.

      • TheImaj

        Ok. About 22,064 minutes. Is that better?

        • NintendoMan :D

          How about 367 hours.

          • TheImaj

            Ok. Let’s stick with hours. As of this post:

  • NintendoMan :D

    IT BEAT INTERNET EXPLORER 10?!?!?!?!?!?!? THATS INSANELY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Lati

      internet explorer always sucks, so not really. It also goes off html5 support not flash

      • NintendoMan :D

        No, it doesn’t. I proudly use internet explorer. It really doesn’t matter though when you measure speeds now days since almost every internet browser takes the same amount of time *cough except for macs cough*.

      • Elite

        Ya i am sure most would agree. I prefer chrome these days. But maybe soon something better will come out.

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    Once again Nintendo SLAPS Dykrosoft and Phony in THE FACE and shows them JUST HOW POWERFUL THIS WII U IS. The 3ds scoring only 11 points lower than the 360? THAT SHOWS U HOW POWERFUL THE 3DS IS!

    • Cugno the Swiss


    • revolution5268

      …ok i understand the wii u part but 3ds….come on be real we are talking about browsers not power.

  • ThisGuy

    I am web designer and I tell you that flash is dying and html 5 is the next big thing

    • Tobbe

      Sry to be unpolite but isnt that fact a long time ago? Sry again

      • WiiUFan

        True, I haven’t heard much talk about Java for web browsing these days ._.

        • Nintenlord

          But i hear of java for brewing,thats hilarius

          • Elite

            The hacking tool…..

    • fedster

      i dont c y. i absolutely hate html5. idk if i just dont like web designing in general, but i very much enjoy java and c++ more than html

    • Marioravesto3d

      Yer spot on I work on technology department for uk company were told same thing.Best job in the world by the way selling tvs,can’t wait for wii u to come in.

  • Tobbe

    Yet another golden news

  • Hydrowave99

    this is unexpected good news cause I would never expect a good browser from Nintendo. Well done!

    • [000]

      I expected a great one. This is their 4th browser, and they’ve been improving by a lot with each one, so why not this one? But yeah, scoring above Internet Explorer 10 wasn’t something I expected. I’m using IE9 right now.

    • WiiUFan

      Actually, Sony and Microsoft’s web browsers aren’t too impressive either… Many people don’t rely on consoles when they think of web browsing, that should change with the Wii U

  • Josh

    This is just music to my ears. Nintendo does it again!

  • [000]

    Who needs a tablet for browsing when you have a Wii U Gamepad that receives signals from a system, that receives wifi signals? That would basically be doubling the range of someone’s wifi. I wonder if the console would really need a tv in the first place though. For Asymmentric or other dual screen gameplay it would, but for more simple stuff, you could go without one without any problem. To be able to plug in your Wii U anywhere and play on the gamepad from a 24ft range from even there, even if you don’t have a tv to connect it to, would be more convenient than what any other console has to offer.

  • Armani

    WoW!! Hopefully they will update one day to include Flash 🙂 because we need Flash to watch Youtube right? but hey it beat the Xbox… What else can we ask for? 😀

    • Guest

      You don’t need flash to watch youtube on Wii U, since Nintendo is working with Google to have youtube work.

      Also the most likely reason why there’s no support for flash is that you could play free online games then (there are still very few html5 based browser games). Anyway flash has been and still is slowly dying.

      • Armani

        alright! seems good to me, either way I was still planning to buy one 😛

      • revolution5268

        whats wrong with playing free games?

    • Hangman

      You can watch you tube on apple portables and they don’t do flash

      • Rafael

        That’s because mobile youtube uses html 5, not flash

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Apparently, you’ll be be able to play Youtube videos even without support for Flash Player (just like the Wii does, maybe it has it’s own version of Flash Player), but you won’t be able to have the same uses as for playing Flash games, for example.

      Either way, it has already been confirmed that you’ll be able to watch Youtube videos but won’t have Flash Player support!

    • AM

      Youtube videos can be displayed using HTML 5 video elements standard, which the Wii U supports. No need for flash here.

  • DJ

    The lack of contenteditable support is not cool. Opera mini is the only current gen major web browser that does not support it. I realize the other console’s don’t have it either. But all our desktops do, and so do our smartphones. 🙁

    • Tobbe

      Smartphones are running away from flash, didnt u know

      • DJ

        contenteditable isn’t flash, it’s the html attribute that allows wysiwyg editors to work better and more consistant in modern browsers. It means that Kyo might not be able to post these blog posts from the Wii U browser in a full blown editor. Or you won’t be able to use more advanced commenting systems on the web on your Wii U.

  • CRT_hater777

    Do I still get youtube?!?

    • revolution5268

      yeah nintendo said it on e3 2012 that it support facebook, youtube, twitter, hulu, and netflix.

  • ProWiiU

    Does anyone know if you can play Wii games with the Wii U controller. How would you point? or play Skyward Sword?(lol) it would be way awkward.

    • Wii U

      The wii games are compatible with the wii u controllwr **if certain conditions are met** The button layout will have to feature NO motion movement on the selected game. Either that, or you can just use the original wii controller. I hope this helped. 🙂

    • Tobbe

      U cant

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Every Wii accessories and games will be playable on Wii U. Just like you can play Game Cube games on Wii, you’ll be able to play Wii games on Wii U, provided you have a Wii Remote and the game.

      • ProWiiU

        I asked if you could play them with the gamepad, not whether it was possible or not. I already new the Wii U was capable of that. =_=

    • zonda777

      Let me answer your question, with a question: Was it possible to play Gamecube games through Wii’s backwards compatibility using a Wii remote?

    • mediocrechicken

      I don’t know if you can play skyward sword, but the black thing on the front of the gamepad functions in the same way as the one on the wiimote… methinks… not sure if it is motion+ or not…

  • 3dsguy

    Keep the good news coming its the final countdown now

  • link 5

    It kind of Sucks it doesn’t have flash but ok

    • Lazara The Last

      They have a good reason: Games on the internet uses flash, and if we can play them, why should we buy Wii U games? I know, it sounds stupid, but that’s one of the reasons…

      • revolution5268

        i still don’t get it, how is these cheap games made by what it looks like made by kids a bad thing?
        what games are you guys talking about?

    • revolution5268

      why do you need Flash for anyway?

  • nintendoododo

    meh. who cares web on wii u?

    • NintendoMan :D

      Everybody, so you shoud too.

    • Marioravesto3d

      I care as I use the ps3 for that now it looks like wii u is going to quick which ps3 is not.I would also like to know output as the picture quality.Does anyone have the answer for that ?

      • NintendoMan :D

        I’m guessing the screen will be 1080p to since the Wii U makes the image at 1080p to. Just a guess.

  • 0soul

    This is really good news. That means that a simple update on miiverse can easily bring cross chats.

    • Armani

      lets hope for that! We need chats on Nintendo Games more than ever! haha

      • 0soul

        Lol yeah and lets hope for a headphone capability on that pro controller or at least Bluetooth.

        • marioravesto3d

          It as bluetooth you can get headset of uk amazon.Cost 80 pound am getting it for sure.

  • Count me in

    I’m glad nintendo realizes we use our web browsers. a silverlight plug in would be nice for streaming video.

  • nice

    and why didn´t they test the ps3? to fast to be shown? 😉

  • WiiUhyper

    Woah…thats AWESOME!

  • Volcano

    All right! i will start using my brand new wii u to browse! kudos to nintendo!!!

  • jeremy

    as long as i can watch anime on every single site i know

  • shadowfan2z


  • xamy

    excellent,outstanding,superb,ha-ha-ha,nintendo wins flawlass victory!

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Now i can watch Reggie telling how ready his body was on my new console!

  • Prid

    I’d love to see awesome flash games being programmed in HTML5 -.-*

  • Wiiu fan

    I wish that flash will work on the wii u browser because flash is really important to watch videos in some websites.

  • DCSkate

    A little odd that the PS3 Browser is not listed.

    • mediocrechicken

      Wii U still better than beta Vita

  • mediocrechicken

    Will the Wii U use NetFront like the 3ds?