Wii U Zelda
Nintendo is working on a Wii U Zelda game that is likely to be a Wii U launch title. The Zelda game still doesn’t have an official title, but the game will be a Wii U exclusive and is unlikely to be released on any other Nintendo systems.

Wii U Zelda features

The Wii U Zelda game will feature high definition graphics — a first for a Nintendo and a Zelda game as well. Visually, the new Zelda title will bare a lot of resemblance to previous games like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, where the art design is darker, and more realistic than other Zelda titles like Wind Waker. In addition, Zelda for the WIi U will make use of the brand new Wii U controller, with advanced motion and touchscreen controls, integrated with the game. For instance, players will be able to use the second screen for item load-out, a mini map, and much more. The game is also expected to utilize the Wii U NFC chip in some way, as it’s a new technology that Nintendo is looking to showcase.

Regarding the Wii U Zelda storyline, little is know besides the tech demo we saw at E3 2011, where a boss fight was showcased with HD visuals (see the image above). The new Wii U Zelda game is expected to bring some sort of multiplayer or co-op gameplay feature, most likely through the new Nintendo Network service. It could also be the first Zelda game to have DLC.

Be sure to check out some Zelda wallpapers on our Wii U wallpapers page.

  • Adambomb8

    This particular Link has his shield equipped in his left hand, which means…


  • Bethany

    Soooooo there will never be motion plus again? Did they totally throw away that idea? I thought skyward sword was greatly done but how will Link use his sword and shield? Someone explain. Is this gonna be like a 3DS or something? I don’t like it.

    • Mike

      Bethany, you see, Nintendo does new things for all of the new Zelda games. Haven’t you played the old Zelda titles, like Ocarina of Time on the N64, or even the Zelda games on the NES and SNES.
      Also, it seems that this Link is holding his sword in the right hand, and the Wii U can operate with a Wii controler, I think you know what I mean.

      • Dat

        I was wonderinf. Does all wii u game such as Zelda can play on wii u controller right? The reason I ask is I have a disability and I cant use the Nunchuk and wiimote.

        • Mike

          Maybe, we’ll have to see.

        • Konner

          I’m pretty sure this is a known fact, but Wii U games do not require the sensor bar, so there for it won’t be used with the janky motion controls. Thank god. I want nintendo to let the original Wii die off.

      • Master Swordsman

        what it mean

        • Master Swordsman


    • DudeSean


      • dreamwalker

        exactly, has no one else heard nintendo’s announcement that this is just a tech demo? unless i’m missing something . …. which would be nice if i was, i’d love to see a zelda title on wii u sooner than later…

        • Mike

          You are missing something, they used the tech demo as a starting point, to make a new Zelda game.

          • Ugslick

            LOL maybe they did, they definately havent workedon it enough for it to bea launch title. they just finished with Skyward Sword recently andeven if they started work on the new one right away (Which we know they didnt) it would take at least 1-3 years for a fully fledged Zelda game to roll out. this so called confirmed news is nothing but speculation and unfounded one at that.

          • WoodenSaucer

            No they didn’t. They said that they remade part of a boss fight from Twilight Princess in HD. This is not a new game or even the start of a new game. They’re still in R&D for the new one.

    • Euan T-F

      Yeah good point Skyward Sword is epic with motion plus – it was so much better but it might be hard to do the movement thing (swic11). Its probably gonna be compatible with original wiimote too for a sword… good idea tho…

    • Jeremy Piwang

      If they’ve left out the motion plus, GREAT! I don’t have a Wii(looking into buying a secondhand one for Christmas this year) but I detest the premise of waving a piece of plastic around. I don’t care about being part of the action, I prefer the old way; action being confined to using buttons. In my mind, using a Wii Remote(Seriously, Nintendo, did you bother to give a thought to the guys who DON’T want to be part of the game when you made the Wii) is like flipping through channels on a TV. Sorry If I sound ignorant and old-fashioned, but I hate, Hate, HATE the thought of using Motion plus to play games.

      • Dave w

        So you hate the idea of waving a piece of plastic around so much, you’re going to buy a wii for Christmas? OK.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    so another new zelda game with a new graphical design and another new controller layout. Sweet. Everyone gets a zelda game that best fits his or her own preference. Plus it’s in HD. The sheer joy of having this game may just kill me 😀

    • SamG

      I have tto agree on that point but how are they going to do the sword? ’cause they said somewhere that they would use the rouchscreen for items etc.

    • owlgirl

      what is HD?

      • Swagmaster


  • C

    How can anyone say they don’t like something that no one has any details about? This game Looks rad. Can’t wait!

  • swic11

    I want a strap that holds the tablet on my left arm to act as a shield, but allows me to still access the interface of the controller, and the wii mote plus in my right hand to to be my sword, and to act as the other weapons as well. I think this would be awesome, only bad thing is I dont know how movement would work lol

    • Joaquim

      I had the same idea as you.
      The controller may have a support to a thing like that as the wii remote and that locks your arm and you use it like a shield.
      Very nice!
      And if it have multiplayer one could be the red other the blue other the green and the fourth the dark link that appears in Ocarina of Time.

  • Kray

    they should make left/right handed mode for it so everyone can play and they should give link a sidekick (a playable sidekick)

    • Mike

      Ugh, no sidekicks. It would be nice to have a copy of Link, just colored red, blue, etc. But they should rather leave that out of singleplayer.

      • SamG

        I like the idea of multiplayer but it would be interesting to see how they would do it.

    • Zac

      Here’s a laugh………..first Zelda game with……….multiplayer hahah. NOOO

      • sheila

        Four Swords was multiplayer.

        • Ninty fan

          I love 4Swords, it is fun on the 3DS!
          I play w/ my sister all the time.!

  • Pokemon

    The tech demo was only a better looking twilight princess if you look at the controller it had the gale boomerang, spinner and the boss was that spider boss from temple of time.

    • SamG

      I thought I recognised the sides of the room!

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    I have a feeling that the next Zelda will be playable with either the wiimote or the Utablet. Specific controls may not matter as much as with skyward sword, so that the game can focus on the new tablet abilities. Anything specific can be controlled with the motion Plus or drawing abilities of the tablet. A nice new feature could be riding epona and having the tv show where you’re going and the second screen aim the bow or whatever. I am curious about the NFC abilities though. I want to change my enemies to be pikachu. Haha, take that pokemon. Better than brawl. I’m not sure how I feel about DLC for Zelda though. Maybe if they build a truely in depth storyline, something around that, but as Zelda is, I don’t really see how DLC could work with the game, since the whole game you play as a single character and you end with killing the bad guy. Maybe a harder difficulty version or some side quest dungeon to find a friend or unlock fairy fountains like the twilight princess 50 level dungeon. But it’ll be awesome to see what they do. I’ll honestly be happy to get this before 2015, considering skyward sword came out less than a year ago. Haha, that game got brushed away by the hd demo before it even came out. Poor underappreciated skyward sword, you were still a great game

    • coma

      that sounds amazing but on the other hand it wouldn’t be the same since Link has been himself since the 1970’s and that’s saying something.

      • Nintendo Defender #1

        nope the 80’s

    • owlgirl

      i loved skyward sword so much! but I liked twilight princess more, i loved the whole wolf thing!

  • Pokemon

    I think they should have a customizable Link, picking hair colour, tunic, maybe even race/gender or make it you can pick who you are out of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf so there is different storylines and adventures so you could be a male zora Zelda with black hair or a female Deku Link with green hair and Pink hat. I would still be happy even if you couldn’t pick race or person, just as long as Link is the player. They should make him a Mii.^_^

    • Joaquim

      This ideas sounds good.
      They could also create a game where the story is to co-op with Ganondorf to stop someone that is attacking Hyrule.
      Link have to save the world and Ganondorf wants to be the main villain again for a question of honor.
      The final boss must be Ganondorf that is in the power again after you have destroyed the guy that is attacking Hyrule.
      That guy must fell in love with Zelda and locks her in his castle( other reason to defeat that guy).
      What you think?

      • ZeroSuitSamus

        Ganondorf is an epic evil boss and he should stay this way. I can’t imagine Ganondorf, after epic lines such “CURSE YOU ZELDA… CURSE YOU SAGES… CURSE YOU LINK! Someday when this seal is broken, that is when I will exterminate your descendants.”, being Link or Zelda friend, or even working for the good of people.

    • ZeroSuitSamus

      If you want to change even the character’s race/gender, then you don’t want this character, you want an entirely new one! Link is Link, if you want a different gender or race, you want a different character man.

      • owlgirl

        i agree with you, but sometimes i wish link was a girl, but that would ruin the game. it would be cool if you had to play part of the game as link the part of it with zelda.

    • ZeroSuitSamus

      If you want to change even the character’s race/gender, then you don’t want this character, you want an entirely new one! Link is Link, if you want a different gender or race, you want a different character man.

  • BowsersEvilPlot

    well at least we know that Nintendo is making a Zelda game for the Wii, and their is a high posibility that the graphics/artstyle used in the demo will be in the actuall game (they even said it up at the top)

    (found at top of page under Wii U zelda features)
    The Wii U Zelda game will feature high definition graphics — a first for a Nintendo and a Zelda game as well. Visually, the new Zelda title will bare a lot of resemblance to previous games like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, where the art design is darker, and more realistic than other Zelda titles like Wind Waker.

    yeah go Nintendo!

  • Miks

    Dear God, please make it that you can use the Wiimote to play, much like in Skyward Sword. You can see that he is a right-handed Link.

    • Jarred

      They will Miks, in fact I’ll be surprised at any first party game that Nintendo makes for Wii U that doesn’t have Wiimote access.

  • Hafid

    I m gonna …
    Great !!! Please Nintendo !!! Dont say its just a demo !!!
    PLEASE !!! Or ill stop playing vidéo games …

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      This was a tech demo, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t making another new Zelda. The new Zelda will probably be based on this one, in terms of graphics. Any way around, a new Zelda will be here…in a few years. Don’t forget skyward sword came out less than a year ago. They won’t be coming out with this for a few more years. Maybe a demo will be playable at E3 2013. Nintendo’s way of stealing the show from the new Xbox and ps. Zelda+Super Mario, unless they do Mario this year. We’ll see soon enough 🙂

  • Gamecube FOREVER

    TWILIGHT PRINCES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE NINTENDO!

    • Nintendo Defender #1

      you cant have a game like that in the zelda series, maybe a sequel but title like that, maybe Twilight Princess: The Return of Vance

      • hunter santana

        well making a sequel to twilight princess will be confusing considering after twilight princess gannon was reincarnated into 4 swords and then after that the great sea era (wind waker) happened so unless the water is lifted somehow or its taken to another universe or it happened on a new contenent theres no way

        • hunter santana

          im sorry there two different unniverses but the twilight era ended and then turned to the shadow era

  • coma

    The Legend of Zelda: The Real Legend
    Sound like a good title name? I mean after all, the real legend here is Link.

    • Zelda fan#1

      I never understood why they named it the legend of ZELDA when she never does anything, they should of called it the legend of LINK 😀

  • Ben

    how bout a wiimote for sword and the tablet as the shield

    • ZeroSuitSamus

      And how exactly would you hold the tablet?! Only if you could attach it to your arm…

  • Michon

    As someone who is terrified of spiders, can I ask that Zelda makers stop using spiders in their games. I love Zelda but the spiders, make it hard for me.

    • owlgirl

      thats part of the game, deal with it

  • Nintendo Defender #1

    well i love zelda and i want to see it evolve

  • Wii U Know It All

    THIS IS NOT AN ANNOUNCED NEW GAME! This was only a demo of the hardware in the Wii U. They have said that it is not a new game, that when they do release a Zelda game for Wii U, it may not have the same realistic graphics, much like how a Zelda tech demo was shown on GameCube with realistic graphics, and then Wind Waker was released on GameCube. Also, as Skyward Sword was just released, they have only just begun work on a Zelda title for Wii U, and with Zelda titles’ development times taking sometimes 6 years, it is highly unlikely that a new Zelda game for Wii U will be released at launch.

    • BowsersEvilPlot

      Actually Nintendo has announced that this will be a new Zelda game but there just not sure if they will use the same artstyle, although they just said that the artstyle will be dark like Twilight princess and Ocarina of time.

  • listen

    when your talking to someone they should have voice acting and it should be like the walking dead game when you choose the answers to questions and make important decisions that effect what happens in the game later on, and when you choose answers it will change links personality and the way other characters in the game see him

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Might be a bit too mass effect-y. I’m not saying that wouldn’t be interesting, but innovation and uniqueness is where Nintendo tries to gain its appeal.

  • Alex

    NOOOOO!!! without the wii remote link you can go back to being a lefty you were one of the few heros who was

    • Anonymous

      Are you friggin’ blind?

      In the picture his SHIELD is in his LEFT hand.

      So he is right handed. -.-

      Some people…

      • Zelda fan#1

        That’s what Alex was saying smarty pants 😛

  • Alex

    Cant wait to use the Wii u controller as the lens of truth

  • ACE

    A few nintindo rules and thoughts. 1 these were the fail zelda games that probably none of you know about Fail 1 it wasn’t zelda it was link: face of evil stiff controls and link had a voice.

  • Chris

    This better be closer to Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess than some of Nintendos more recent Zeldas.

    I’d love to see them pick up where Twilight Princess left off, or even better, continue the Ocarina of time Trillogy that Myamoto started back in 1998. Remeber? In Oot link stops Ganon with help of Navi with Ganondorf swearing he’d return, but at the end Navi goes missing. So I Majoras Mask we see him setting off to find Navi, but he gets lost and destacted by the events of that game. But when you finish it he ventures off into the the Lost Woods to finish his search for Navi. Well? What happened Nintendo? Didnt those two games sell well enough? Arent they still considered two of ‘the best games ever made’? You know Zelda fans what that final installment, and are getting sick of uneven interpritations of the series.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      I think that Link was supposed to have gotten lost in the Lost Woods and turned into the skeleton swordsman that taught us the special moves in Twilight Princess. That’s what I’ve heard. And Miyamoto tends not to do Zelda’s in threes, just twos. So we’re more likely to see a direct sequel to Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword or maybe even Wind Waker (unless one of the handheld Zelda’s was one. I wasn’t able to play through the GBA and DS Zelda games yet)

      • Chris

        Intresting theory…I’m definately going to think on this one.

        • Anonymous

          Most likely going to be a sequel to twilight princess.

          At the end, Midna goes missing, but you never find out what happens, so I’d like to see what happens after that.

          And there is already a sequel to wind waker, phantom hourglass.

          Then the sequel to THAT is spirit tracks.

          As said before, the Ocarina of Time sequel is Majoras Mask.

          It’s either THAT, or they make a skyward sword sequel, but I think, because of the picture, it will be a twilight princess sequel.

          The Link in that picture looks almost exactly like the Link from Twilight Princess, the boss in the picture looks, again, almost exactly like the 6th boss from Twilight Princess.

          So my bet is it’s a sequel to Twilight Princess, and hopefully, Link can turn into some other crazy beast (In Twilight Princess he has the ability to turn into a wolf), I’m thinking a dragon, hopefully.

          • owlgirl

            a dragon would be awesome!

          • Zelda fan#1

            A dragon would be epic, he’s still have blond hair in dragon form 😉

  • PurpleLoftwing

    I wold love it if you could use epona and a loftwing in the next game and let the loftwings fly at night. It would also be nice if you could customize your loftwings color and and other things about your loftwings.

  • jamin

    customization has never been a part of any Zelda game, and probably never will. don’t get your hopes up, buddy.

  • nintendon’t

    Maybe have 2 seperate sides to the story… one where you play as Link, and the other as Ganandorf. It should also have some easter eggs… I’ve always wanted to ride a Yoshi in a Zelde game. 🙂

    • ZeroSuitSamus

      hummm… NO.

      • Zelda fan#1

        Ride a yoshi lol xD
        that yoshi would have to be pretty big to carry Link, especially ganondorf O_O

  • w-dog

    I see the point in the multiplayer but it would be stupid with the main storyline i think if anything they would put a whole different thing for multiplayer like setting up a bunch of temples and the first one to beat the temple wins if u think its a crappy idea dont start a bunch of crap but its just a guess it would be cheap if u started playing 2 peaple on the normal mode

    • nintendon’t

      I think it’s a good idea… kinda like a race to the finish type thing. It could also include time trials so you could race a ghost (ya know, like in Mariokart)

      • Anonymous

        True, very true.

        And you’re right, it would f*** up the main storyline if there were two players, because one could be running around getting attacked by lizards while the other could be fighting Ganondorf.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    I think that they should make the multiplayer kinda like kid Icarus Uprising.

    • SamG

      What about doing it like the third spyro game, have them work together but each have special abilities so they also rely on each other

  • lynx24

    yes i love the idea of another seaqual to oot and majoras mask but it is true that they dont make thirds just look at oracle o ages and seasons where yo use codes to cannect the games when they first made the idea of this nintendo wanted to make 3 games that cannect but said it was to mutch to mutch not 4 a zelda game or fane to mutch zelda doesnt exzist in my book so please do make another zelda where it let of on majoras mask where link goes back to ind his long lost friend even tho she was anoying sometimes whit here listen i miss here to lol

  • David Brent

    Please throw away the motion controls completely for this one (or make it optional)!

  • TheBoldman67

    It’s a TECH DEMO not a full ZELDA GAME. But we probably will be hearing of a new one in a few years.

  • Cococrash11

    If Wii U is using a different controller than the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck than what’s the point for this Wii U Link to be Right Handed when he can be Left Handed? Or are they saying Wii U can still use the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck? Either way they should Left Handed Link in future The Legend of Zelda games.

  • Danny Murphy

    I think the Zelda game for the Wii U should take place underground. It should be right after twilight princess, but take place before wind waker. The gameplay should play out similar to skyward sword in the beginning, then you should be aloud to explore Hyrule field. Like bird statues in skyward sword, there should be some statue that allows you to skydive back into the world below and their should also be statues that are underground that that shoot air, thus making you go to the surface. I allready came up with a whole story for the game. Just an idea.

    • Lazara The Last

      tWW and TP is not on the same timeline, lol ^^

  • Density

    Well i dont know about the timeline for the game but they should make the legend of zelda hd have a depth story line like ss but combined with the action of tp and they should scrap out any multiplayer idea if you ask me if they wanna do multiplayer make an entire new game for that which fits in the idea properly for multiplayer i feel this one does not need multiplayer at all.

  • owlgirl

    i think multiplayer is a terrible idea, i love just playing alone. it would ruin the game

  • Chris

    if Nintendo starts to go with the DLC method, it will ruin them. DLC is the most selfish and cheap thing that a game company can do, and Nintendo has always cared about their fans and customers. If the put DLC in this game, it will ruin the experience and will be a huge slap in the face to its loyal consumers

  • dbomb

    I really hope they don’t do things like how they did in skyward sword. They made it so easy. They gave you all the answers, no room to explore, it was just go to the dungeon, beat it, go to the next dungeon, etc. its not the same as ocarina or majoras. New technology, awesome, but it’s nothing if the technology is the only thing they are trying to enhance so they make the game easier and easier, maybe longer, but easier. Even though being stuck on a part can be frustrating, but once you pass that point, you feel like a million bucks, instead of going to the gossip stone in skyward for all the answers.

    • stanley

      true true but i wish they would make a second wind waker with the same graphics but different story line

  • Zelda fan#1

    wait im confused, that info on that other page that says that it will have SS artstyle and on this says it will have a dark artstyle…which is correct?

  • i know one thing if it forces you to use that dumb motion controlfrom skyward sword i will not be buying the game and i love legend of zelda, but after that last one i can not go through that again so annoying.

  • Mustache Man

    lol WIi U

  • I’m mostly just hoping that it will be single player and not multiplayer.  *crosses fingers that it will be single player* Or a choice, like it is on Nintendoland with single or multi-player.   

  • FreyjaJoro

    I hope there is no multiplayer… and I wished that companions would be more of a… doorway to hyrule opposed to someone holding your hand during the experience. Midna was good because of that.

    Multiplayer sounds stupid. I hope they don’t go all motion controls again. I also hope they go for more realistic graphics, not that I hate Cell-Shaded. I love it. But I just want to see Twilight Princess graphics in HD. Maybe a bit brighter but not much more…

    I would love a sequel to TP. Perhaps they can bring back some masks as well? They don’t need to transform Link. I just loved to play around with them. There are so many other things I can go on about :P.