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Zelda's LinkAccording to our source in Japan, Nintendo is betting big on the next Zelda game, set for release in 2014 on the Wii U. This comes from the same source that accurately predicted Wii U achievements in the past, and broke the news Nintendo was working on a Wii U social network, which turned out to be Miiverse. So we’re quite confident in this information. The source is from within Nintendo and has seen the new Zelda game in action. He’s impressed, to say the least.

The first bit of information concerns the visual style of the game. Many Zelda fans are hoping for a darker, Twilight Princes-like Zelda on the Wii U, but it looks like Nintendo is sticking to most recent Zelda art style, found in Skyward Sword. “Nintendo is sticking to the core values of Zelda, while trying to appeal to a wide range of gamers, casual and hardcore”, our source told us, adding, “They feel they’ve found the sweet spot with Skyward Sword, and they’re continuing this approach with the Wii U Zelda game”.

Wii U Zelda has the biggest development team ever

Nintendo has assembled the biggest team ever to work on a game at Nintendo EAD 3 in Japan. “They got hundreds of people working on the new Wii U Zelda game”, which still hasn’t Zelda forestgot an official subtitle. The development is once again led by Eiji Aonuma, who has been working on the game with his team since late 2010.

“It’s a 4-year development cycle with a new console, new technology, new engine etc. It’ll end up being the most expensive game they’ve made to date. It’s a huge investment for them [Nintendo] in money and manpower, this is Rockstar/GTA territory”. Nintendo originally planned to release the game in Fall 2013 to strengthen the Wii U against the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but apparently that didn’t turn out to be realistic. “They targeted a 2013 release, but quickly abandoned that goal. This is the biggest project they’ve [Nintendo] ever done, no way is it gonna be ready for Q3 2013. At least from where I see it”.

Biggest, most ambitious Zelda game to date.

The new Wii U Zelda will feature “about the same amount of dungeons as previous Zelda games, but these will be vastly bigger in scope and will be totally different from each other. Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”. The Wii U Zelda game will also “have mini-games and side quests, but these are still on the drawing board”. Finally, the game’s composers are creating a brand new orchestral soundtrack with “hours of music”. No word on whether any characters will speak in the game. Regarding the story, he said “I really can’t comment on that [the story] because I have no idea what it is. I dunno where it’s set in the Zelda timeline. I’ve seen a grown up Link who looks like a much higher detailed Link from Skyward Sword. I haven’t see any cut scenes or boss fights either at this point. I’m not sure they’ve made any of that yet”.

“Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”One of the dungeons is said to be an entire forest. “The first test dungeon they made was a giant forest running on early and buggy Wii U hardware — the dungeon was bigger than the Hyrule field in Ocarina, and the whole thing is one dungeon. You use the gamepad to navigate, avoid traps, follow clues etc. It’s dark, lush, with a ton of trees, foliage, some which you have to cut your way through. Its scope and details are unlike anything you’ve seen in a Zelda game”. He added that the Wii U Zelda game is so big, it wouldn’t be possible without the 25 GB Blu-ray based storage that the console uses.

“It’s a huge investment for them [Nintendo] in money and manpower, this is Rockstar/GTA territory”

No online multiplayer, but will have online features

Zelda fans looking for online multiplayer will be somewhat disappointed, according to our source. “Online multiplayer was never on the drawing board, they’re sticking with the tried and tested Zelda formula. It’ll have some online features like Miiverse and some sort of system where players can leave hints and help each other in the dungeons. That’s about it”.

The online component is still very much on the drawing board, according to our insider. “As far as I know, none of this [online] stuff has begun development as of Summer 2012. It’s still on paper only and will probably be one of the last things they’ll add. It’s not a big priority for them. Unless they got some separate team elsewhere working on it”.

HD graphics, same visual style as Skyward Sword

Nintendo are said to be very pleased with the art direction and visual style of Skyward Sword, and are continuing this look. Of course, it’ll be in full HD with much improved quality compared to what we saw on the Wii. Wii U Zelda“They’re using a new, state of the art engine that’s being built from ground up in parallel with the game. It’s got the most advanced visual features Nintendo has ever made, and includes a lot of third party tech like Havok for physics and rendering middleware from Umbra (which was recently confirmed for the Wii U)”.

He added, “The Wii U Zelda stuff you saw at E3 2011 was just a tech demo, nothing else. I’ve seen none of that in the real game. The tech demo was even made by an entirely different team with an older engine”.

“Most innovative game ever”

The next Zelda won’t just use the GamePad, it’ll take it to a new level with never before seen features, showing just what’s possible. In fact, the game is said to have been influential to the design of the controller to begin with. “At least one of the hardware features added to the GamePad were solely implemented because the Zelda team figured out they could do something cool with it”. “Each dungeon will offer a different gameplay experience with the tablet controller” The Zelda game was designed from ground up with the tablet controller in mind, “Zelda designers started sketching out concepts as soon as Nintendo decided to include a screen with the new console”, he said, adding, “everything in the game is built around the controller and its unique abilities. Every single feature in the controller is used to its full potential. Some of this stuff is still in early stages of development, but they’ve already implemented enough to show just what’s possible with the new controller. They showed some of this stuff to key third party devs behind closed doors last year to get them to realize the possibilities of the new tech.”

Wii U Zelda feature

The Wii U Zelda game will redefine gaming with its features and innovation, and will offer things that only the Wii U can do. “It’ll have some revolutionizing gameplay. It has stuff that would never be possible on any other console, and it’s not just one cool feature, it’s one cool feature after another. Each dungeon will offer a different gameplay experience with the tablet controller. It’ll be the most innovative game ever, they got stuff that will be copied by others for years.”

So far, it looks like an epic Zelda game. Future Wii U owners definitely have something very special to look forward to. Even if we have to wait another two years for a chance to play it.

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  • nintedward

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you god , jesus .

    this is the greatest news story i have ever read . BY FAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    now what were those xbox and ps trolls saying about the wiiu ????

    whats this a huge open zelda game ??? yeh thats what i thought.

    and the graphics will look like the tech demo they showed off , Obviously.
    which is much nicer graphics than the 360 and ps3.

    • Smitty

      if you read the article it says they will not look like the tech demo graphics…

      • nintedward

        i know , it says that , that was an old engine. so my point is this zelda game will look like the e32011 tech demo , even better in game .
        which is just awesome .

        • Dat Guy

          What are you talking about? They said it will look like the Skyward Sword graphics, not the E3 tech demo…

          • ikechukwu

            They said the art style not the graphics. Try to understand the difference… if you read well they said the art style of skyward. Sword in (glorious) HD

          • nintedward

            first of all skyward sword is the prettiest looking game nintendo has ever made. better looking than twilight princess by miles.

            second of all , what i am try to say is IT WILL LOOK LIKE THE E3 2011 TECH DEMO in terms of lighting , detail , quality etc.

            its quite possible (almost 100%) that the final build of this game will look a lot more impressive than that demo , even if the syle has been changed.

            they wouldnt show that demo off then give us games that dont have the same quality.

            my overall point is the graphics of this zelda game will exceed the current generation by miles , like the tech demo did also .

          • nintedward

            there is every chance this game will look better than the old e3 2011 tech demo .
            why is that so hard to understand for you noobs ????
            your all jumping to the conclusion that this game will look worse than the old zelda tech demo. BS!!!!!!! i bet you £1M this game will look better than the demo .

          • Melk

            Guys, come on -_-U he’s not saying the art style for the final product will be the same as E3 Tech Demo’s art style, he’s saying the game will look even better than that tech demo…that’s simple to figure…

          • Okami


            The article says it will have graphics in the same style as Skyward Sword, not the same graphics. Vast difference there.

            So if this is true, it will have the same graphical fidelity as the Tech demo, but with watercolor textures like skyward. And those would be in higher resolution. So the polycount and texture resolution will be much higher than Skyward Swords. And so will the scope of the game.

            And even if this article is untrue, it will still have a polycount and texture resolution much higher than Skyward Swords.

          • Dat Guy

            To ikechukwu: And today I learned that art style and graphics are different things. You learn something everyday, right?

          • Craig E

            Yeah, art style is the visual presentation, such as; bright colours/dark colours/vivid colours, toon style/realism/hand-painted textures. The graphics are the character and setting models, lighting effects, particle effects and so on. You could re-texture twilight princess with Skyward Sword textures to give it the same art style, also including the watercolour filter in the background and all with the right coding.

          • josh

            Um, to that nintendo guy. you said why would they show us a demo of a game and not give us something the same or better… Have you been dead the past 10 or so years? lol, nintendo is known for this. go way back to when the gamecube and wii came out and look at the zelda demos from there. All those demos are; are to show what the system can do, which they seem to never do for actually games.

          • Mystery miguel

            they say the ANIMATION design is going to be like skyward sword. Which means it’s not going to be as dark, but i do think the graphics will show of how great the game is. Can’t wait for the game, getting on day 1!

          • gaber

            they said the same art style but better graphics than the e3 2011 tech demo.

          • gamemaster

            i would still prefer the tech demo artsyle over the skyward sword style.
            i did realy not like that art style, the ww looked a lot better than the ss style

        • PACMAN

          that’s cool as long as they’re done with annoying helpers. Navi, the blue person in skyward sword, and the list just goes on.

          • PACMAN

            Do you guys like Navi?!!

          • Cugno the Swiss

            Actually, I don’t think this is that cool. Now, before somebody tells me “neeh there is a huge difference between graphics and artstyle durrrgh”, I know that. The new Zelda will have the same artstyle, what does it means? Cute enemies, Pixar-like bosses, bright happy areas. Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule field music theme was a happy one, and Hyrule itself was a bright and enjoyable place, while the ice cave is dark and gloomy, the OOT world was dynamic and variegated. What about Skyward Sword? A bright forest full of cute scrotum shaped birds, a bright volcano with friendly moles, a desert with cute little robots, a sand sea with more sweet robots, a chilling lake with jellyfish puppies… Now, I’m not saying that it was a bad game, except for the lack of exploration (due to the lack of an overworld and the obsession to insert gameplay even in the lanayru desert, with was a labyrinth, not a desert), I liked Skyward Sword, it’s a good game, but as much as I liked the graphics in the forest and in the volcano, the characters and the enemies were awful. There was no city, no place for a population, enemies look like kindergarten drawings.
            I hope the enemy design is a little more variegated in this new one, and I wish that the sentence “areas will be very different, a place can change dramatically even in a few meters” was right. We need some of that Zelda exploration feeling back.

          • T

            “HEY!” “LISTEN!”

        • bomahker

          WOW! One hundred percent losers sitting around not being slim.

      • D2K

        That may be true, but it is also true that the E3 2011 tech demo was only 3 wekks worth of work. Not only that, Epic Games stated the UE3 could make it look even better. Since we know the Wii U can easily support CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine 4, it’s not a stretch to say that the game would actually like BETTER than the tech demo last year.

        I’m not one to ASSUME things, but I would assume that Nintendo would be smart enough not to pull another SpaceWorld 2000 where they show us a super-cool hi-res real time video and then the first Zelda game is a complete differentiation of that.

        Zelda games take a LONG TIME to create so if this game is slated for 2014 either that means they have been working on in for awhile already, or they have not and the 2014 game will not necessarily be in the art style shown as E3 last year, which would be a shame. I’d be willing to wait a few more years if they put an extra amount of stank on it.

        • Tank

          The article says they started in 2010, and that these things are 4 year projects. The original target date was fall 2013, but they decided that wasn’t enough time and pushed it back a year.

        • Drake

          Just a heads up, in the article, the writer thought that they started development in late 2010. And it was said that they were using a Skyward Sword-esque style in the story. Now all I wonder is where the heck is a NEW 3DS Zelda??

          • Awesomeshadow11

            Probably somewhere after the release of the Wii U Zelda.

          • PACMAN

            majoras mask should probably come soon. At least that is what seems likely for a 3ds zelda close in the future. Lets cross our fingers

          • Anna

            @Drake; They said one remake, and a completely original 3DS Zelda.

        • Ty

          We all know that when it comes to Nintendo, no one can take advantage of their hardware, like they can, even high voltage software with conduit 2, didnt even use the full potential of the wii, it could still push out more, So i dont have a shadow of a doubt that Nintendo will make an engine better than anyone else engine, which they always do. We’ll just wait and see to be honest but.. dont underestimate Nintendo, and if that tech demo was only 3 weeks of work, im very impressed with Nintendo

        • alex

          nope the wii u cant run unreal 4 it can run a downgrade version is like unreaunreal 3.9

          • alex

            but this are grate news i want the wii u not becuse the grsphics but for the games and the gamepad

          • nintedward

            put it this way . the wiiu’s graphics are ‘unreal’ .

          • Sojiro

            A scaled back version of Unreal Engine 4 is still running it, which still allows developers the capability of porting games to the Wii U if they’re using it. If you think MS or Sony won’t be running downgraded versions of UE4 you’re delusional, although i’m sure they will most likely run it slightly better.

          • shadowfan2z

            NOPE! The Wii U is capable of running Unreal Engine 4, it’s just that they won’t do it.

        • Steven C

          no, the console cannot support UE4, it does not support DX11, so that means it may support something along UE3.5…

          • Brian L.

            Well, actually, there’s no confirmation on whether Wii U can support DirectX11 or not.

            Also, we can’t base our assumptions of such the sketchy details of its GPU architecture–even though we know the Wii U has an architecture based on a Radeon GPU architecture that did not feature DirectX 11, one must remember that:

            – console GPUs are always modified from the architecture they are based on
            – GPUs are utilized differently in consoles than as with graphics cards with PCs (for starters, there’s no taxing operating system graphics to support)
            – with the older architecture (older compared to a PC graphics card) already being cheaper to modify, it would be no stretch if Nintendo would use a GPU customized to support DirectX11.

            But even so, it takes more than just DirectX 11 to support Unreal Engine 4, and even with DX11, I doubt the Wii U will feature enough to run it without straining. Though, considering that even a hypothetical PS4 or a new Xbox most likely wouldn’t even get the most out of the new Unreal Engine 4, considering that it took a newer high-end PC graphics card to effectively run Epic Games’ “Samaritan” demo in real-time, which was created using an optimized Unreal Engine 3 (think something like UE 3.5 as you mentioned already).

            So really, we probably won’t even need Unreal Engine 4 for most next-gen games of this upcoming eighth generation of consoles–at least not for several years, I think.

          • Matthewmc685

            The old DEV Kit was DX10.1, we are now hearing DX11 (don’t hold me to this) and we know it can support UE4 because thay said it was very scalable so it may even work on the Wii. (not useing it full power of couse) I’m not saying thay would put the time in to makeing it run on such old software but thay confirmed Wii U support!

          • The_Lump

            Thats completely false. DX11 has nothing to do with being able to run UE4 or not. If that was the case then PS4 wont run UE4 either since Direct X is a Microsoft API.

            UE4 will run on everything from iPhones to High end PCs. Its scalable to the extreme, toher wise its wouldnt be any use going into the next gen. Epic aren’t stupid.

            This was basically confirmed a few days ago on NeoGaf by a very well respected source (and then re-confirmed by another)

          • Daemonrunner

            DirectX has no merit when dealing with consoles – at least non-Microsoft consoles.

          • zuxs

            It can run a scaled version of unreal engine 4 which is still unreal engine 4. DX11 is solely a Microsoft thing for windows based gaming… this isn’t windows based.

          • EvanescentHero

            Yeah, except Epic have confirmed that the Wii U can run it…a slightly scaled-down version, admittedly, but it can still run UE4 games.

          • Bill Cosby

            What about good ol’ OpenGL 5.0? It has the same feature set as DX11, but it’s not owned by Microsoft.

        • Craig E

          The demo at E3 wasn’t meant to be specifically for Zelda though… It wasn’t to show off or give any hints to a future Zelda game. It was purely just something they could use to show what graphics, textures and effects the Wii U can produce for a game – they reproduced Twilight Princess’s art style to show what it can do for those who don’t think Nintendo can pull that kind of thing off. For anyone who actually thought it was giving any hints to Zelda, really need to use their brains and realise it was just a guinea pig for showing off the console.

      • fu

        i love you smitty

      • dill pickle

        the game probably hasn’t even started development and haven’t you heard retro is taking over this zelda design meaning epic graphics probably BETTER!! then those

      • PACMAN

        Does anyone else hate the joystick on the wiis nunchuk? Because for me the hexagonal edges makes it hard to play skyward sword and other 3d platformers. The wiiu version must fix that.

        • TheBigN10320

          It doesn’t bother me but if I remember right they’re making circular edges for the controller.

      • HOBO

        A new Zelda game! The controls for Skyward Sword were awesome, so I bet they will make new and improved controls.

      • Bilbo

        Yeah but it also said that it will have all full HD grapics with much improved quality and it will be on a new hardware engine so it will still look amazing, i dont know about you but im still stoked.

    • AKA-Link77

      This is so OWSM!! 😀
      I love Zelda games! (as u may tell from my name)
      This just another reason for me to buy a Wii U and i can feel the antisipation building inside me already!!

      • 3rd.Disciple

        I’ll take 3…

    • AKA-Link77

      Did anyone else get a Boner while reading this?

      • cheesekiller


      • o0o

        ummmm wth no.

      • Bigdog

        Still have it. I think I should go to the ER if it doesn’t go away soon.

        • nintedward

          there is websites much more effective than ER for your problem.

      • CyberCarbon

        yeah…and it won’t go away

      • EnYgMaOmEgA


      • Wii U Lover

        Nope. I’m a fast reader 🙂

      • Bill Cosby

        I just zip zopped in my zobbity bop!

        • Ben2

          One word: gay.

      • gaber

        thats just wrong

    • Cry


      • NinTobias

        There’s no way it will look like Skyward Sword-it may have the same polygons and the same art team actually working on it, but the textures will be awesome. And as I’ve said many a time before, if i was craving for an insanely pretty hd picture, i’d go outside. HD is obviously an awesome and necessary inclusion but it should never take over gameplay itself-which is what I think Nintendo are really pushing at here

        • WiiUFantard

          Whats the big deal? I mean, I understand photo-realisticness is highly pretty. But so is Skyward Swords watercolor style. Its just graphics after all.
          All I care about is if that sword doesn’t look like a triangle.

        • 1down

          It should have a lot more polygons than skyward sword. If it had the same amount it would still most likely look wii level (not a bad thing but the wiiu should be able to do better).

      • silentbates

        Skyward sword was B-E-A-Utiful!!!! I hope they stay with it for only a couple of games like wind waker, and an hd version of it?! Thats just gonna be even better! I Feel like this game will go down in VG history as one of the best games ever made. then again im getting a little overdramatic because no one has seen any gameplay. Im just keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

        • Igor

          I don’t like the blur effect on skyward sword. I think the game is graphically nice for what the wii can do, but I’d still would go for graphics based on the tech demo from E3. I’m really tired of all this bullshit: play it for fun, not for the visual. I want to play it for fun AND have a nice visual display. And man, I want it to have HUUUGE maps, dungeons, etc etc. Something big enough to make Skyrim a walk in the park.

      • The_Lump

        All the “source” said was that it may have a similar artistic style to SS (which is basically a more stylised version of TP, with a kind of water colouring effect on the backgrounds)

        Has nothing to do with “realism” etc.

      • Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeee, Princess

        Hey man, every game has a different art style. Did you know that?

        • roughnek86

          Your tag just brought me to tears with laughter. That old Zelda show was so terrible it made it great.

      • NintendoGamer

        Poor reading skills at its finest. Here is a medal.

    • bearmon2010

      I can’t wait but umm.. Jesus is a God ? I thought Jesus looked up in the sky and prayed to his Father, God. Jesus isn’t God but God’s son. I hope that you are aware of that. 🙂

      Anyway, can’t wait!

      • Smurfman256

        We can’t prove that there is a god, let alone that Jesus was his son.

        • bearmon2010

          How do you know that there is wind in the air ? You feel it ? Right! Same thing.. John 14:6, 7 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” See ? THINK! 🙂

          Back to the topic. I am sure that this zelda will be greater hd graphic ever than Skyward Sword.. Much better and maybe much better than demo version from E3. Wait and see when it is out for WiiU. I enjoyed all Zelda games alot. 🙂

          • Gavin

            You can’t prove someone exists just by quoting what they said.. To put that in perspective, Kidgerian of Planet Nuberia said “Hello” therefore he exists! -.-

            On topic: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! 😀

          • Ben2

            Amen brother, I’m Baptist also. I wish I could add something on to what you said but you pretty much said it all.

      • Andrew

        Well actually Jesus and God, along with the Holy Spirit, are all members of the Trinity, which is like they are 3 in 1 kind of thing. They are three seperate beings while at the same time being 1. Its kinda confusing, but we don’t have to get into it since this article IS about the new Zelda game 😀

        • Romulus

          for you Gamers that aren’t exactly… christian, you could compare the Trinity to the Tri-force… except it’s real.

          • AO1JMM

            LMAO @ Real

        • bearmon2010


          John says: “No man has seen God at any time.” (John 1:18). But men have seen Jesus. Therefore, the expression “God” refers exclusively to God the Father. Jesus never refers to himself as God; he reserves that terminology solely for the Father. When someone called him “Good Teacher,” Jesus replied: “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.” (Matthew 19: 17).

          Jesus never says God is a Trinity. Instead, he reveals God is a family. The head of this family is the Father. God’s household include Jesus; God’s sons and servants; and angels. That is more than a trinity. The man-made concept of the Trinity makes God an exclusive triumvirate, limited to “the Godhead. ”

          If you read it carefully: The Catholic Encyclopedia admit that the trinity is not directly taught in the Bible. Surprise ? Indeed! Beware! 🙂

          We better hush up and this article is all about the new zelda game. Let’s enjoying discuss about it for now. Cheers! 😀

          • Andrew

            I know people are gonna hate me, but…
            The angels and servants are not a part of God. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God are all the same, yet different, hence the Trinity. Also, The Catholic Encyclopedia cannot be considered truth, as it was written by men, not by God.

            Now all thats left is for me to brace myself for rage comments…

          • wiiufanatic

            why so many dislikes? doesnt jesus also add “Lord, why have you forsaken me?” when he was crusified

          • wiiufanatic

            @bearmon2012 that other comment was to you

          • 007 1/2

            Nobody cares this is Zelda not church

      • FreakyOtaku

        I don’t mean this in a bad way, but you’re obviously not a Christian. The Father (commonly known as God), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit are all different forms of the same God, hence therm ”Holy Trinity”.

        • nintedward

          will you guys please stop talking about me . im jesus *ghost voice * = oooooooooooohhhhhhh , WoooooooooooooooooHHH i’m floating , woooooooooooooo

        • mojojojo888

          You’re all wrong…’Jesus’, or more correctly, Yahushua, and ‘God’, or more correctly, Yahweh(which is actually YHWH), and the ‘holy spirit’ are all one. Just as someone named ‘Joshua’ would be called ‘Josh’ for short, so you can see the same in God’s name. Yahweh and Yahushua both have the short form of ‘Yah’, which is His name. Think about it: “baptize them in the NAME of the father, son, and holy spirit. If they are all separate, what are their names? Their names are not ‘father, son, and holy spirit’…those are titles, not names. Yah is the name of the invisible God, Yah is the name of the physical manifestation of the same God, and seeing as God is ‘holy’, and God is a ‘spirit’, that would make Him a ‘Holy Spirit’ by proxy. Thus His very being and character is the holy spirit. There is one and only one.

          • Arsonist Monkey


          • jesus


          • FIGHTMEBRO

            I’m sorry but Jesus Christ and God are not the same beings. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are one in purpose, not literally. God sent his Son, not himself. The Holy Ghost is in fact a Spirit that manifests God’s message to prophets and is not a literal part of God. Only in purpose are these three one.

          • Drubie87

            Jesus also referred to himself and his disciples as being “one” using the same Hebrew word that was used to say he and the Father were one. Few will say that means his disciples were thus united life form both joined and separate from Jesus.

            So maybe when it says ‘God and Jesus were one’ it doesn’t mean they are literally one person but had the same goals an purposes?

          • Ben2

            Amen brother.

      • Albinopig

        You just HAD to start one of these arguments. Might aswell throw my hate into the pile. My oppinion? I’m an Athiest. Now please do not reply to me about me being wrong or right!

        • BluChuChu

          Sorry, but I had to say it. You are right for stating your opinion clearly, but without bashing anyone else’s opinion. Props to you. 😉

          • Albinopig

            Thank you, also that wasn’t supposed to say ‘hate into the pile’ it was supposed to say ‘hat in to the pile’.

      • dimoskid

        Why the F*ck are we talking about religion!

        • BluChuChu

          Exactly, it always ends up with someone stepping on someone else’s toes. Best to leave your personal beliefs, well, personal.

      • Guhtere

        I am a Christian and I believe in God and that Jesus is God’s son, but this isn’t really the place to be posting that comment

        • Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeee, Princess

          I’m not, and I still have guts and courage, like Link, for example!

      • Bill Cosby

        Why did you bring this up? Look at the chaos you have caused on the interwebs!!

        • Ben2

          Hey Mr. Cosby can I have your autograph please.

      • herp

        yfw people back then only had one name
        yfw christ is a title given to those who has participated in the baptism of fire
        yfw you can be jewsus too

    • fedster

      today just became better than christmas for me

      • someone

        yep best day ever untill the day it is released

    • venomjamaica

      This is day one purchase for me and all my Jamaican niggas!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn am soooo excited that am now white!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna go in a deep sleep and wake up when this game is out. I am DYING of anticipation.

      All trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GET N OR GET THE F*** OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • nintedward

        i just lit one up for you man .

    • MrFranklin

      Nintentard, they said in the article that it doesn’t look like the tech demo mate. Probably has a more simplistic oil painting art style in line with Skyward Sword.

      I’ve got to admit though, a lot of this source sounds exaggerated. Like I really can’t see Nintendo spending like 100 million dollars on a Zelda game.

      • nintedward

        MrFranktard. so you think its going to look worse than the e3 2011 tech demo ????? that was an onld engine running on the first wiiu demo models.

        its almost 100% guaranteed the final result of this game will look even more impresive than that demo.
        imagine a super 1080p version of skyward sword with much much much much better graphics and a huge world.

        get the picture ????
        basically everyone like you hating on the sjyward sword atrstyle choice are idiots. there is every chance this style will look miles better than realism . thats probably why nintendo have chosen it hartard.

        • Nintendonoob

          I can think it this way for Wii U Zelda… If I can fly through Skyward Sword in a week… Think how long its gonna take me to finish that forest dungeon… *pulls collar* ugh its gonna take me a week to finish the first dungeon… 8 weeks to finish the game… 3 years to get everything you possibly can get in the game… Zelda Wii U. You better be ready because when im done with you you wont have any: Easter Eggs, Craftable items, Pieces of Heart, secret rupees, boss weakness etc up your sleeve… Hell when I am done with you my Wii U will probably catch on fire for playin you 30 hours straight… My Body is ready… How about yours Zelda Wii U? XD

          • nintedward

            this made me laugh. there is something about the way you type which suggest you are hilarious .

          • SUperMetroid1234

            Who thumbed him down

      • theaquacharger

        I can only see Nintendo spending that much money if they use to engine for all games instead of how they currently do it with different engines per team. Nintendo needs to get a unified engine for their inhouse studios. Their out of house 1st party studios should have access to it and choose to use it if they wish.

        • Matthewmc685

          I see what you are getting at but a single engine has its problems to. If all games this gen used say cry engine 3 than a lot of it would be wasted because smaller games would not use it fully just filling up disk space and big games may have to be limited. (E.G. skyrim memory bugs) I for one would like a game engine built to run the game I make over one where I have to compromise to; even a good engine like Unreal 4.

          • theaquacharger

            Er. Not really. The engine doesn’t waste much space. I’ve seen people use Cryengine 3 to make 2D platformers under 100 MB and it wouldn’t really affect big games either. It’s not like they’re buying an engine. They’re building one. It even states they are adding utilities as needed. If they’re working on say the next Super Mario game and they need a certain thing added I’m sure Nintendo will still have their EAD enging developers on staff to add it, or the Super Mario team could add it in themsselves. It’s not that hard.

          • theaquacharger

            Also building a engine for each game is a complete waste of time and resources.

    • Nathan

      Actually, if they say its gonna be like the skyward sword, it may NOT be better than the xbox or ps3 graphics. Now i’m not saying it will suck, but it just isn’t gonna have the same feeling as the old zelda games….

      • Lazara The Last

        The artstyle has nthing to do with the graphics. It’s like SS in HD. TP and tWW has the same graphics, but different artstyles, you see ?

        • Lazara The Last


      • nintedward

        why does everyone keep thinking like this ????

        although it will have the same art style that , that doesnt mean anything.

        it could have the best graphics ever with a skyward sword art style.

        that is just as possible as the realism style displayed in the demo.

        idiots keep saying ” it has a skyward sword artsyle , this means its going to look like an N64 game”

        BS!!!!!!!!! = this game will look amazing , just AS impressive as the demo.

      • nintedward

        why does everyone keep thinking like this ????

        although it will have the same art style that , that doesnt mean anything.

        it could have the best graphics ever with a skyward sword art style.

        that is just as possible as the realism style displayed in the demo.

        idiots keep saying ” it has a skyward sword artsyle , this means its going to look like an N64 game”

        BS!!!!!!!!! = this game will look amazing , just AS impressive as the demo.

        • Patcher

          The game will have lower BS graphic resolutions so don’t expect too much of it or else your eyes will get fried.

      • TheBigN10320

        The Wii U is twice as powerful as the 360 and PS3.

    • somebody

      Pachter criticizing in front of this?

      • somebody


    • miageekid3

      ”It’s got the most advanced visual features Nintendo has ever made”… ”The tech demo was even made by an entirely different team with an older engine”. Wow this is gonna look very impressive, even better! A dungeon that’s a whole forest my imagination is running wild. Gotta love the Zelda hype

      • roedburn

        kind of reminds me of the Skull Woods on ALttP.

    • itsme


      You will need to walks miles and miles to get an stupid item and shit like that. It will be like rage or other shit.

      • Herox95

        Actually, you may have some sort of transport, like Eponda, or a train.

    • true gamer

      Zelda and anything that isnt a fps suck just wait till cod park opps comes out you can feed the ducks play on swings even meet people and scream noob at each other all in rl looking graphix

      • True Gamer aren’t so true.

        Hurr, derpa herp.

      • TheBigN10320

        You want a rise out of me and I won’t give that to you. Nope.

    • EntendoiscoolbutPCmasterrace

      “now what were those xbox and ps trolls saying about the wiiu ????”

      PC troll is here to inform you that the hardware(GFX card and possibly processor) for wiiu is more likely to be less powerful than the new xbox’s and ps’s.

      PC>Nintendo>the rest of the consoles>Macs

      • nintedward

        i was merely highlighting the fact that the wiiu is going to be awesome.

        why the eff are you talking about GFX cards and sh%t in the 720 and ps4 what i dont care about ?

    • Macarony64


    • theorangefish


      ” Many Zelda fans are hoping for a darker, Twilight Princes-like Zelda on the Wii U, but it looks like Nintendo is sticking to most recent Zelda art style, found in Skyward Sword. ”

      Nintendo said there will be no kore game with the skyward sword or wind waker style

      ” Nintendo are said to be very pleased with the art direction and visual style of Skyward Sword, and are continuing this look. Of course, it’ll be in full HD with much improved quality compared to what we saw on the Wii.”

      Nintendo said they go for 720p o all their games not only launch tiles ALL.

      “They’re using a new, state of the art engine that’s being built from ground up in parallel with the game. It’s got the most advanced visual features Nintendo has ever made, and includes a lot of third party tech like Havok for physics and rendering middleware from Umbra”

      Nah the next Metroid game visuals will destroy this!

      “The Zelda game was designed from ground up with the tablet controller in mind”

      Fuck the gamepad I want the sword controls. The wii u gamepad is nice but it is not better than the Wii mote+ and the nuchuck or a wii u pro controller, also tue wii u gamepad is a “play not longer than some minutes or your arm will fall of controller!”

      My conclusion is most of the things sound good but I don’t believe ANYTHING until I see official things. Also all the fans should take this with a “HUUUGGGEEE grain of salt” ! If the game won’t be like this it will b the biggest disappointment in your life (yes even bigger than the mario 128 topic!) !

      Getting flamed and millions of thumbs down in 3…….2…….1……..

      • person

        This isn’t a launch title. AT ALL. The launch window ends in march 2013, looser

    • Thepokemonmaster

      Excited aren’t you this looks impressive ^_^

    • isabella coca

      I thought this was supposed to be a launch title. Waiting until sometime in 2014 for the game to come out is pure torture. The game is my only reason for getting a WiiU. Forget mario, I’m so sick of him. Give me Zelda! I just hope this 2014 launch title rumor is just that. A rumor.

    • Melk

      Actually, the graphics of the tech demo come from an older dev kit…which means…the graphics of the upcoming zelda game will be much better.

    • ;)))))))))

      Ikr. People need to just shut up about the Wii U. It’s not going to be that terrible, considering it’s just an HD Wii, but with a slightly diffrent controller with way better features, and its about the same price as the Wii was when IT was first released. The only think I have to complain about is that Nintendo promoed the Wii U WAAAAY to early, without a release date in mind, give there competition exactly what they needed to do to beat them.

    • Lucifer

      Wow clam down buddy your going to hve a stroke lol. Remember its only speculation at the moment. Im doubtful becuase it isnt nintendo style to do things say microsoft does like open world gaming. But I kinda believe its true since they said theyll make it using the cartoon graphics which is more nintendo style. I dont care about graphics im a gamer lasg time zelda had graphics=twilight it sold bad and had mix reaction. Im wondering how theyll implement the ipad for this possible game. Maybe they should do like sonys skyrim that game was epic and sold repectfully more than skyward so if they can copy that style im sold

    • Lulu

      I can’t stand skyward sword! WAAY too easy and the characters and story line are dripping with cheese. Please go back to the awesome, mysterious Zelda that actually requires some thought. PLEASSEE!

    • jason

      please let this game be the same timeline as twilight princess, link being an adult (20) or the same age as twilight princess, not a different link the same one, a sequel of the twilight princess or something… and let link kiss/marry zelda, what the guy those for zelda he deserves a kiss

    • jason

      please let the timeline be the same as the twilight princess, the same link from the twilight princess, link being an adult (20) or the same age in twilight princess… and let link kiss and then marry zelda, what the guy those for her he deserve a kiss

  • Laud

    For some reason as I was reading this I daydreamed about getting a Wii U and walking outside to get to my car and all of a sudden getting jumped, I pulled out my knife and defended it like if it was my daughter.

    Then I snapped out of it and read the rest of the article, neat.

    • Nintendonoob

      Maybe you should do what im gonna do… Wait until 2014 get the Limited Edition Wii U Zelda console with a… Zelda Gamepad, Zelda Wii U console, Collectors Edition Zelda Wii U Game, And a Zelda Shirt, Hat, Pants… Damn I will be wearing those clothes everyday of my flippin life… Just Hope if Nintendo does make a Limited Edition Zelda Wii U Console it will look like the Zelda 3ds… Damn the Zelda 3ds looked beautiful.

    • Mechadestroyah

      For some reason as I was reading this I daydreamed about getting a Wii U and walking outside to get to my car and all of a sudden getting jumped, I pulled out my knife and defended it like if it was my daughter.

      Then I snapped out of it and read the rest of the comment, neat.

  • Link

    I can’t picture a game like skyward sword in he on wii u. I’ll have to see it to believe it

    • Gamechemist8

      Ocarina of Time blew me away, Skyward Sword was just fantastic, and Zelda U just stole $60 from me

  • Link

    Ask him about 3ds Zelda too!

    • nintedward

      i can see it now (hopefully) , at e3 2013 a 3ds zelda is completely unveiled. and a teaser trailer for wiiu zelda .

      a link to the past with ocarina 3d graphics remade . or majoras mask please.

      now that sounds like the perfect way to completely blow the world away and make up for e3 2012 😀 !!!!!!

      • fedster

        yea and thank god for grezzo, or it would b impossible to get both those gams done by this schedule

      • Drake

        I just really hope that there is a NEW 3DS Zelda game. Why do they keep doing remakes? Remakes are great and all but WHY?? They’re just rehashed games. I know it sounds like I don’t like the older Zelda games, I’m just saying, why are they focusing so much on remakes when they could be making an entirely new game all together? Gah!

        • nintedward

          if they remade alttp on a 3d engine , like ocarina 3d.
          that would classify as a new exclusive zelda game for the 3ds.

          i would rather have alttp remade awesomely than anything else in the world right now.

          • roedburn


        • o0o

          i agree :p

      • Ben

        No teaser, they should wait til the E3 in the release year. That way the hype will be huge, and if the game gets delayed they didn’t let you wait for 2 more years sins the game was announced.

  • Manu Gineta

    Mmmmmmm… 2014 or 2013??? I guess 2014…hahahah when I share this on facebook it still points to 2013 :S

    • Shock

      Same for Google+

  • nintedward

    so the best game ever is coming to wiiu ????? whats that , yes ???

    WIIU is going to be the best console of all time.
    nintendo throwing everything they have into it .
    just calnt w8. i am looking forward to pikmin 3 etc etc , but this .
    this is why i am alive. for a zelda game running on the HD engine seen at e32011 with a scale to match GTA .

    • nintedward

      *edit* a zelda game running on an engine better than the e3 2011 demo and a scale which exceed’s gta 4 and 5 .

      • LyingTuna

        Of course, with Skyward Sword style graphics that won’t look as good as they could. Of course, I hope that means that the game is too big and awsome to have room for memory-hogging graphics. I’d be down with that. Oh, and where’s my voice acting Nintendo!?!?!?!? MAH BOI!!!!! This game is what all true game devs strive for!

        • Romulus

          if they announce voice acting i will literally die of the freaking largest excitement bubble in the history of the universe. it will kill everyone around me at the time… be prepared Georgia!

          • BluChuChu

            Zelda will NEVER have voice acting. The developers have said they are against it because they believe that giving Link a voice would remove the personal connection between the player and Link. Also, they have said that it would be weird for everyone else to have voice acting except Link. I don’t really agree though, as lots of good games have npc voice acting only (Skyrim).

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Correct we don’t want another Faces of Evil do we? “shudders”

          • LogicalDude

            “Well excuuuuuse meeee, princess”

            Lest we forget….

          • Cugno the Swiss

            NO VOICE ACTING!
            Everyone can read, just let the wonderful musics talk for the characters’ feelings!

        • nintedward

          dont presume things like that.
          same ‘style’ as skyward sword. that doesnt mean they are going to look like skyward sword lol.

          they could look like some of the best graphics ever for all we know.

          if you think about it , they are almost guaranteed to look a lot better than the e3 2011 tech demo. nintendo wouldnt show us that and release something that looked worse.

          it will be the greatest looking game of all time.
          skyward sword is one of the most beatifull looking games ever made imo , artistically speaking .

  • Shane

    Awesome. I also hope I never die.

    • GotABonerFromReading

      You´re quite a bummer

  • theBALLANCEDopinion


    • Opticine

      Your comment went off my screen o_o

    • nintedward

      your comment has just reached Australia .

      • aussie kid

        i dont see it… no wait, there it is

        • nintedward

          ”its over there , by the wallabe near the tree house”

          • GotABonerFromReading

            That could be anywhere in Australia

        • Master Awesomeness

          I can see it too, in melbourne?! Holy shit, it’s heading for New Zealand?!

    • Ben2

      Go home you’ve been drinking to much rye.

  • iLikeWeYOU

    One word: Sweet

    • Madara

      Technically, that’s 3, but if you had just said “Sweet”, then you would have received a few thumbs down. Smart thinking.

      On topic: I recently finished the main quest of Ocarina of Time 3D, and my roommate is letting me borrow his GCN Twilight Princess! I’m a freshman college student, so 2014 shouldn’t be that long a wait.

      • nintedward

        ocarina 3d master quest is where it’s at.

        its a LOT more chalengeing than normal mode. its like new game with totaly different puzzles and world layout .

        • EvanescentHero

          There was no reason to flip the world though…I do like the twice as much damage thing over the original Master Quest, but mirroring the world just felt pointless.

          • nintedward

            agreed . cool , but pointless. the redeisgned dungeons are amazing though 🙂

      • HOBO

        I can’t beleive the first dungeon they tested was as big as the Hyrule Field in Ocarina Of Time.

  • alexdodoll

    I want it now ! %D

  • Death

    Holy sh*t!
    This is awesome news!
    The forest is bigger than Hyrule Field?
    YES. Yes yes yes!

    This is by far the best news posted by you guys (no offense) but Really!

    Best news Ever!

    • Jc

      Is that you daniel bryan? YES YES YES!

    • nintedward

      its possibly the most exciting news i have ever read on any website.
      the only thing which can come close to this is
      A = F zero wiiu
      B = metroid wiiu
      C = starfox wiiu
      D = zelda 3ds , TWEWY 2 3ds .

      • fedster

        plus any mario 64 sequel wii U

      • NinTobias

        Plus Mario Kart Wii U?

        • nintedward

          indeed. although mario kart 7 refuses to become old and boring and gets better everytime you play online.

          • Ibiexplorer4

            Wow. A POSITIVE remark about Mario Kart 7? That’s a first.

      • Kirbymon123

        Where’s the love for Kirby D:

        • Kirbymon123

          9 thumbs up, that’s something

      • xdlugia

        For me it is:

        A = F-Zero Wii U
        B = Metroid Prime 4
        C = Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remake 3DS
        D = Alan Wake 2

        • nintedward

          good list .

          i didnt care for alan wake tho . sorry man . other wise your list is great . how could i forget pokemon 3ds of any sort ??? probably because black and white 2 is almost upon us .

      • DURPAdurpa

        You forgot a fully emersive 3d pokemon RPG game that has been mentioned in other comments on this site

    • GotABonerFromReading

      Am i the only one who isn´t just pleased by that way of putting it? You could quickly get from one end of the Hyrule Field to the other. it wasn´t that hugem eventhough it took you over a day and a night to pass.

      • Death

        I think the one in twilight was a bit bigger, but it takes QUITE a bit of time to walk across Hyrule field.
        Riding epona is a different story.

  • Platinum

    Amazing! can’t wait to see it in action!

    • Just nintendo

      Nintendo is best because it has zelda’and mario if it has them it will sell 60 million just fot them.nintendo>sony>microsoft
      Nintendo will sell sell wii U in 5month:d

      • Just nintendo

        Nintendo will sell more than xbox 720&ps4 in 5 years of them in 5month
        Just i can say it:3dsVSwii U because i know wii U will sell 45 million more than x720&ps4 And it can just versus with 3ds and 3ds will sell 70!!million more than vita
        Wii U is god of consoles

        • link 5

          I wouldn’t say its the God of counsels because there could be a chance that the gay box 720 will have a few better specs and gimmicks like kinect 2.0

          • nintedward

            who cares about what you just said ???? kinect 2 sounds really awful and regardless of specs it wont have any (as much) good exclusives as the wiiu will , will it ? .

            exactly . the wiiu is where it is at and ps4. forget about 720 America has absoloutly no clue how to make a console. never have never will .

        • Revolution

          Retard. Grammar, spelling. Damn.

        • TheBigN10320

          The Vita is a pile of waste. The PS4 and 720 will robably block used games so they’ll die too. ALL HAIL THE BIG N!

  • chiapet

    Interesting info, thanks Kyo. I don’t mind the Skyward Sword art style, as long as it doesn’t have those Silent Realm trials. Ugh…

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Those scared me more than most horror movies

      • ridley vs. samus

        will someone please tell me this…

        the one pearl on top of the ridge that goes around the edge of the naryru (probably spelling that wrong) desert silent realm trial: HOW DO YOU GET THAT ONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW, I ASK YOU?! PLEASE! SOMEONE TELL ME!

        • ridley vs. samus

          LANAYRU desert. finally remembered the name

        • o0o

          The one stuck in the tree? You have to roll into the tree to knock it off. You have to hold A and shake the nunchuck to roll.

          • ridley vs. samus

            uuuuummm… its not in a tree. as far as i know, there are only bombs on top of the trees in lanayru desert.

          • o0o

            NOT THAT TREE. there’s a tree at the very corner of lanayru desert. :B

        • nintedward

          i would answer , if you could furtherly specify which pearl.
          there is a few pearls ‘on the edge’ in lanayru desert after all XD .

          • ridley vs. samus

            you know when you first come to lanayru desert, and there’s the place where you first walk into the huge central area (where the dungeon appears and where the trial will eventually be)? i’m talking about the pearl that is not lying right in front of that entrance, but on the ridge that borders the area and is very near that entrance. if you were walking out of that door and into the central area, the pearl is on the right and a little ways along the ridge.

          • ridley vs. samus


          • ridley vs. samus

            and i’v also been meaning to say “tears” all this time.

        • BluChuChu

          Not trying to be mean or blunt, but honestly, you clearly have internet. Why not look up a walkthrough on Youtube?

      • Acid

        lol Agreed %100

  • xdlugia

    I… I don’t know what to say…
    I don’t have words for this game… AARRRRGHH!!! THE HYPE!!!

    But what I can say is that it looks like they’re going the Skyward Sword route with “the whole game based on the controller”. But I wonder how the swordplay will be on it…
    I recently played through Twilight Princess again, and the controllers feel awkward now. I just hope they manage to make a good scheme for swordplay.

    • eyesac

      Twilight Princess was never meant to be a wii game it was ported to boost sales. So for the controls feeling bad thats really not a concern. Also its 6 years old now so it is a bit dated.

  • icanseeu

    My sources state that they’ll be a Mario Kart game a Metroid game and possibly a game starring a fat italian plumber sometime in the next few years. Thanks for stating the obvious!

    • nintedward

      this isnt generic news like them . this is a brand new HD zelda game with the biggest development cost ever in Nintendo EAD .

      in other words , this is the best news ever since ocarina of time was unveiled on the N64 .

      • brawl

        Correction, best news since Twilight Princess was unveiled. 🙂

    • omar

      This article does a lot more than just confirm a Zelda game.

    • nintedward

      also i calnt w8 for mario kart , 3d mario and metroid on wiiu !!!
      better than ps4 and 720 games XD

      • Ben2

        The WII U is not 3d. Do more research.

    • Herox95

      You don’t say?

    • Ben2

      The thing I find alot of people miss about Mario is who said he was Italian? But I do believe he is Italian.

  • Nintentionally

    I just blew my load and it made a perfect triforce shape

    I think we all knew Zelda U will be the nuts. It’s just nice to know it’s out there.

  • acl

    In my opinion… twilight princess is far better game than the skyward sword. I mean, its more realistic. The skyward sword game is more like a cartoon and that totally sucks. It still is a good game (Zelda games are always gonna be great) but i wish this coming game is more like a Twiliight princess game.

    • nintedward

      nah man !! skyward sword is better than TP , THROUGH AND THROUGH.

      TP – 9.4/10 – masterpiece with tedious wolf sections . wii controls not fully realized
      skyward sword – pushes wii its absolout bursting limit . with perfectly executed control’s and a beautifully told zelda origin story.
      for one the open world aproach is replaced my metroid prime 3 re-exploration. which is refreshing.
      10/10 .

    • Mythic

      I don’t see it as a cartoon at all. Not to mention thats like stating the older games sucked because they didn’t have as amazing graphics as we do today.
      Its just simply more colorful than Twilight Princess was, which in some cases is all the better because it allows you to see what you’re doing.
      It allows you to forget about the hidden dangers that the world is currently expeariencing when you’re flying around Skyloft while keeping that dark undertone when roaming around dungeons and fighting bosses.
      For lack of better words, its just a more Japanese art style they used and liked.
      Who knows, maybe they secretly did it on purpose so when something dark happens, you feel out of place becuase the world isn’t as bright as it normally is.
      I for one am happy they’re sticking with the art direction they’ve gone in.

    • Starfoxguy

      Graphics don’t make a game dude. Plus, the gameplay is way better than Twilight Princess.

    • BluChuChu

      Absolutely incorrect. A dark color pallete and dark themes does not make it “realistic”. Both games had basically the same character models and textures, with Skyward Sword being the improved version. I understand that some players don’t like the “colorful” impressionist art style of Skyward Sword, but calling TP realism is a VERY big stretch. All zelda characters are anime style.

    • tronic307

      Skyward Sword’s controls beat Twilight Princess’ controls by a mile, at least for the Wii version. After Skyward Sword, I can only play the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess.

    • GotABonerFromReading

      What do you mean by realistic? People transform into animals or huge warthogs, you travel through portals into other realms, ghost rats jump you and only slow you down unless you´re smart enough to shake them all off, etc.
      Both are fantasy worlds but maybe you refer to a darker tone in art style because Skyward Sword was more like a mix between Wind Waker and Twlight Princess and as we all know, WW already pushed many zelda fans to the test.

  • Rob

    This right here… sets not only my 100% guarantee on getting a Wii U, but a milestone in Nintendo history for years to come… no scratch that, in all of videogame history. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes; I skipped out on skyward sword because my Wii broke, but I will not let The Legend of Zelda Wii U slip by me!

    • NinTobias

      And when you get the Wii U, you can catch up with Skyward Sword too because of backward compatibility…

      • Rob

        I completely forgot about that! Well, you learn something new everyday I guess… or at least remember.

      • Awesomeshadow11

        Why the dots? You make backward compatability sound like a bad thing.

    • EvanescentHero

      You HAVE to play Skyward Sword.

      Like, you will be sorry you missed it. Do yourself a favor and buy it new so you also get the orchestrated Zelda CD.

      • Herox95

        Oh yeah, I pre-order Skyward Sword Limited Edition with the Golden Hylian WiiRemote and the CD.

      • The Legend

        They don’t sell that anymore you know :/
        When my mom called gamestop (and other stores, wallmart, target etc.) to see if they had the Skyward sword bundle, the worker guy said no, he also that they were sold out on the first day, and didn’t recieve anymore.
        Nintendo only made a few. He also said that the only possible way to get one is to go on ebay and buy a used one.

  • Charmander

    One word…. Awesome. Words can’t describe it so I’m just gonna say awesome.

    • Herox95

      Actually, there’s a better word: Zeldatastic!

  • Jannie Wildeman

    Pleaseee…If 10% of this story is true, ill buy a Wii U. Its almost to good to be true. I hope this game get a quick release in Europe, the Netherlands.

  • nintendofreak

    oh my self i feel like crying dudes……. i feel like if d game was a coming kid or something… i feel like kissing somebody dam thank u god of videogames thank u nintendo thank u kunfu panda n d thank u god of badassness….i have played n owned at one point almos all de legend of zelda games to date well de nintendo ones not d cd something shit damn i feel like i just won d lottery

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Only game ever worth preordering 2 years in advance. GONNA BE AWSOME. This makes me wonder what the mario team is up to now

    • gearchin

      i hope it’s a sequel to Super mario sunshine, best underrated mario EVER!

      • LyingTuna

        Uh… really? I agree, Sunshine is a good game, but its got a lot of problems. I do enjoy it, really, but I would rather see something completely origional.

    • Anon1994

      GTA 5 is also worth preordering 2 years ahead. I’m excited for both.

  • Kamon

    OH. MY. GOD. I loved Skyward Sword’s art style. So this game is going to look gorgeous in on the Wii U.

    We must protect the world and Nintendo from any sort of catastrophic event until this game comes out!!

    • link 5

      The article said it will have more details so it will look even better so hyper! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! °o°

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    I love this, but come on, skyward art style. You just used that one. At least do one different art style between each Zelda game. Switch between skyward and the dark realism the demo had. It was so beautiful I almost cried. Skyward was great, but just didn’t quite fully do it for me.

  • nintendofreak

    im crying in d middle of a mcds pathetic but yet im happy

    • nintedward

      such an amusing thought to picture. thanks :).

      thats a true nintendo fan right there .

  • shroomforce

    Man, I’ve waited for this and now it’s there…
    I can’t believe it, better than SS- WAAAAAH =Þ

  • Dawnofmorning

    This takes the cake for me. Can’t wait to play a gigantic Zelda game!

  • PSWii60

    This is great news indeed.

    As for the artstyle similar to Skyward Sword, that is more than fine with me. I really loved the artstyle of Skyward Sword, it really fits the Zelda games. Just remember, even though they using the artstyle choice of Skyward Sword, doesn’t mean it will look identical to Skyward Sword (there can still be more detail and such thrown in and keep the same style 😛 )

    If the soundtrack for the game sounds anything like the Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert…. words cant describe how happy I’ll be 🙂

    Also, I am VERY VERY glad they are not pushing this just to compete with XBox 720 / PS4. As great as it would have been to get the game a bit earlier, I would rather they spend more time on perfecting the game instead of rushing it to compete with other consoles.

  • Daemonrunner

    I hope this insider information is true.

    This would be a great thing for Nintendo to confirm during their September 13th presentation. Even just confirming the details of this article and showing off the test dungeon will be all the marketing they need to tip the scales in their favor.

    I will be waiting patiently for more details. Besides, it’s dangerous to go alone….

  • AwesomeP

    I’m afraid until I here an official source and announcement from Nintendo I’m going to take this article with a huge heap of salt. Be neat if it turns out to be true though.

  • richman

    That is awsome man Nintendo is about to revolutionize the gaming industry with this zelda game its going to be super epic.

  • Braulio500

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am speechless…
    This is the most fantastic thing I’ve read in my whole life =’3

  • Mike

    I really really hope this rumor is true. Even if it isn’t I’m sure Nintendo is working on a AAA Zelda title even as we speak.

    • josh with the truth


      Zelda title

      • Guhtere

        Another comment that is so long it can cross the planet twice.

  • Castle



  • LordiMcKill

    Wait a sec: since when was the Wii U using Blu Ray based disc storage?

    I thought it was gonna be Nintendo’s own optical disc’s technology?

    • changus

      Look at wikipedia.

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      It’s called iDensity, if I’m not mistaken, and it has the same capacity as the Blu Ray based discs (25 GB and 50 GB for a dual layer disc).

  • A Link to the Future

    I don’t think my body is ready for such pure epicness!?

  • Meelow100

    Didn’t Nintendo say they aren’t interested to make a Zelda game that has Skyward Sword art style for a while?.

    Anyway these rumors hype me so much IF this is true!

    • DragonChi

      Those were my thoughts too. I vividly recall them saying that they wanted to do something else for art style. Mostly to keep things fresh. It’s unusual for them to all of sudden go back on that. Providing its even true.

      That being said, if they feel they can seriously do this again with Epic spit and polish with a new engine and textures..etc etc. I’m game. I’m sure it will look absolutely gorgeous.

      I got the SERIOUS case of the AWESOME goosebumps after reading this. I want all of this to be true. I just don’t want any more Silent Realms. Those really pissed me off. There were too many of them any really annoying.

  • Anhell

    That was exactly what I wanna hear!!!! YESSS!!!

  • RonaldCoLtd

    Holy Mother of Video Gaming. .

  • Josh

    I am in awe. I can’t move a muscle. *faints*

  • Purple3DSXL

    After reading that entire article, I’m seriously looking forward to spending hours on the next Zelda game. Can’t wait!

  • Carlos Hugo

    …I’m speechless… what can a man say about a news like this without sound like a fanboy or a annoying troll?

  • Dframe

    OMFG WANT!!!

    If this is real it would be a reason to buy 3 wii U’s never mind 1 😛
    I.m a bit worried if it is real though because if development started in 2010 then they would still be a year away from the release of skyward sword, AKA SS would still be in development (and so would wii U) yet the main producer says he was working on it from then… if so he would be working on two (possibly 3 with the 3ds one) zeldas at once – isnt that a reason to doubt this rumour? Finally releasing in 2014 would give it a 4 year development time, shorter than SS but a much bigger and better game, surely thats being very optimistic. Despite all this if it was true I will go and buy a Wii U now 😀

    (Also why no TP artstyle? D:)

    • Draco Breach

      With a four year cycle, gamers typically see a three to three-and-a-half year gap between games. You also notice a lot of development time is spent in the conceptualizing phase. The creation of a video game follows a lot of the same processes as writing a book or movie – and really can be applied to just about any project.

      Because assets free up as development winds down through phases, you either lay off or shift assets. It’s better to shift assets. During debugging, creative assets are no longer necessary. Sit them into another project – like brainstorming and pitching the next game. Once a game is pitched, they need to storyboard and start visualizing.

      It’s very easy to imagine Nintendo finalizing Skyward Sword while Zelda Wii U entered early conceptualization. What else can creative assets do while a game is debugging, in submission for rating, or sent to stamp? It’s quite smart not to waste any time.

      • EvanescentHero

        Besides, Majora’s Mask only took, what, a year? Now admittedly they took most of the models in that game from Ocarina of Time, but still. And that game was fantastic.

        If they are indeed sticking with a Skyward Sword-esque style–albeit updated to full HD (even though Skyward Sword is one of the prettiest games I have ever seen in my life, even without HD)–then they just have to update some of the models, mainly Link’s and some of the monsters’, maybe Zelda’s, and perhaps some unused or unimportant ones from SS, before creating any new ones they need. Plus that means they don’t have to establish the framework of a whole new art style and can just keep using the same one they’ve been working with for a while.

        The thing I’ve always appreciated about Zelda’s graphics is that they fit the story. Twilight Princess was one of the darkest Zelda games, so its graphics were dark. Wind Waker was a much more cheerful game, so it was bright and colorful. Skyward Sword’s story was somewhere in between. Poignant yet uplifting. Emotionally diverse. And so the whimsical, painting-like style of its visuals fit perfectly. Hell, even Link’s Awakening had a sort of dreamlike quality about its graphics. My point here is that if they’re using an art style like Skyward Sword’s again, it’s because that’s what the story will be like.

        Zelda’s graphics have always been hit-and-miss among gamers, but I have personally liked each and every style, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this game’s as well.

  • donicx

    sweet cant wait to hear more so does that mean e3 2013 we will find out a bit more about it

    • Draco Breach

      If it is, E3 2013 might be a white-knuckle ride…

      I see some interesting things gearing up for next year.

  • SheepBause

    Guys…….. I feel great things to come with this new game…….. I think Nintendo has just planed the successor to ocarina of time………. This could possibly become THE GREATEST game ever made. The franchise certainly has the potential and Zelda has been known to take full advantage. Just saying.

  • Zero

    If you know a friend or a loved one that might be having suicidal thoughts, report this news immediately to them.

  • Kev

    Thanks for the update, but I don’t believe this rumour. Zelda WiiU is still in the R&D phase which means a lot of things can and will change from now until it’s release date. For Skyward Sword, the idea of using Wii MotionPlus was shot down in the beginning until Myamoto interfered pretty much at the last minute. (ie after the story and design had already been conceived). I think they used the right art style for that game and system. In my opinion the art style for ZeldaU will reflect the game’s tone & storyline in the best way possible, whatever that is.

  • D2K

    I didn’t care for the Skyward Sword art-style very much. Actually I didn’t really care for the game either. So I am disappointed we won’t get the more realitic art-style. Since it takes a long time to make a Zelda game that chances Twlight Princess art-style Zelda game probably won’t happen this gen.

    Oh well. It’s not a big deal. Just disappointing. Not as excited. I hope they make it up with a more realistic looking StarFox game.

    • nintedward

      skyward’s sword most beautifull feature is its stunning art style . LOL .

      its different and refreshing. due to the wiiu’s specs and tech it wont resemble skyward sword much at all. it will be a hyper detailed version of it which looks incredible and perfect .

      skyward sword >>>>> TP

      • D2K

        It’s a matter of personal preference. To me it looks like Twilght Princess the art-style in water colors rather than rendered-graphics. Some people like it, others like me don’t.

        One art-style is’t better than the other, they are just different. The world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same thing. It just irrtates me that people feel that just because you don’t like what they like, something is wrong with you, hence all the thumbs down on my previous comment.



  • Grodus

    Good to know. Gooood tooo know.



  • Mr MC ClapYoHands

    now imagine what Nintendo is doing for Super Mario Sunshine 2 for Wii U (they already said no Galaxy 3, but wanted a Sunshine sequel)

    • BONZAI BILL 23

      COMPLETELY AWESOME as far as Zelda goes. On kind of a side note, when/where did Nintendo say they wanted to do a Super Mario Sunshine Sequel? I thought the new controller would be perfect for that sort of gameplay style, but hadn’t heard that yet.

  • XayWhat

    We should get a taste of this at next year’s E3. This is going to be the most epic Zelda yet and in glorious HD. Man waiting SUCKS!!!

  • Gabe Hoffman

    A Zelda with the size and scope of GTA. This shows Nintendo isn’t fucking around this time. It could likely be on a scale that makes Twilight Princess look tiny!

  • Novum Magus

    All I can really say is… If this is true, it sounds awesome 😀

  • NOO

    WHY Nintendo why? Why do you hate me? WHY SKYWARD SWORD LOOK I WANT THE e3 DEMO VISUALS 🙁

    • brawl

      I feel you, i also wouldnt mind a windwaker art style, but i kinda h8 the TWP and WW art style mixed. Hopefully that bit of the rumor isnt true!

      • ridley vs. samus

        YES! HA! I’M NOT INSANE! for so long i thought i was the only one out there who wanted wind waker art style in a 3d zelda game again! it doesn’t seem to me like this game would be the best fit for it, but i am THRILLED to learn that there is another human being on this earth that will not start rioting if they announce a 3d zelda with wind waker art style!

    • Smitty

      They did the same with the GC Zelda tech demo following with Windwaker, whilst I will not deny the game was fantastic… I just can’t understand why it would make any sense to do the same with this iteration having seen that tech demo.

      There can only be two reasons for it surely (in my opinion)… either the console isn’t capable of reaching that level of aesthetics in a “real time game play scenario”, or simply the production costs to produce a game as big as a zelda title with that level of polish are simply too high.

      I do hope whatever they have is just as impressive as the tech demo or you can consider me one VERY dissapointed Nintendo fan! 🙁

      • PSWii60

        Or there is a chance that they just like the Skyward Sword artstyle too.

        • Smitty

          Possibly, but I always saw that artstyle as being a result of the wii’s limitations (even though it did work and still looked respectable on my full HD tv). Now we have a more capable console I would have liked them to have made a Zelda… well like the tech demo they showed.

      • D2K

        Yeah, I know what you mean. It could be those reasons or that the time it would take to make a game on the scale that they are claiming in those E3 2012 graphics would simply take too long. That is understandable. I understand that things like this are complex and can’t just be whipped together (nor would I want them to do so).

        Like I said before, there are plenty of other franchises left over where Nintendo can go in the more rendered-style. Hopefully Metroid or StarFox will have that style. If I can get at least one of those I’ll be straight.

        And before someone blurts-out “Zelda and StarFox didn’t have realistic graphics” uh……wrong. All of the Metroid Prime series had that style and StarFox: Assault also have that style. I hope Retro does both games. I know Team Ninja wants to do another Metroid, but I’m not sure about that one. They have lost their nitch a little bit.

  • iHATEpachter

    at last, now Wii are talking about EPIC!!!!!

  • link 5

    Sounds amazing looking forward to it hopefully they show a demo at e3 2013

  • Acid

    I just Jizzed.. O_O’.

    • nintedward

      awwwww , did jimmy make glue ?????

  • bob

    I like a lot of what I’ve read, but I’m kind of disappointed with them using Skyward Sword’s art style. I was hoping for the art style to be more like Twilight Princess and the game’s tone to be more like Majora’s Mask.

  • Nintyfan


    NINTENDO BRINGS BACK THE GOLDEN AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gleepot

      Except the game isn’t coming out in 2012.

    • The One Who Wrote This

      You know that this game isn’t until 2014, right?

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Did you even read the article?

      • Kronecker

        It’s definitely 2014. It seems like every Zelda game gets pushed back a year from the release date (skyward sword, twilight princess)

  • Dmonkeyman

    The games will look like updated and more advanced skyward sword style graphics in other words not like the e3 demo

  • Madmagican

    Okay, seriously, I got so happy reading this article that I actually CRIED
    Like, taking up 25 GB? that’s gigantic! it’s like taking two or three wii games and putting them together just to equal the amount of space!!! If this stuff’s true, I think it’ll be an unstoppable purchase for everyone… I NEED THIS GAME!!! like, NOW!!… course we’re all gonna have to wait a few years on this though…*huff* *huff* huff* I think I might be hyperventilating O.e… nope I got it back *phew* I’m getting some serious nostalgia and heavy hype someone calm me down somehow o.o

    • nintedward

      * plays song of healing from majoras mask with ocarina * .

      you should be calm now .

      • Madmagican

        thanks, that should hold me off for a bit 🙂

  • Tristan

    Sounds awesome.

  • Hermii

    I dont belive this rumor one second for a lot of reasons. Its just some evil guy who wants to generate fake hype. If agains all odds this is true that would be beyond awesome, but dont get too hyped people-

  • ScientificFlood

    This being true wouldnt surprise me. Nintendo wants to show people they understand the mondern gaming world. Making an epic scale game.

    For one im glad they’re going for an advanced Skyward Sword art style. In a world littered with bland “photo realism”. Its nice to see some game developers still have imagination, and are willing to create something that can truly be called an art style. Instead of the bland “Oh hey lets just make this look like it does in real life” cop out route.

    Im not the biggest Zelda fan, but if this stuff is true. Itll be a day one buy.

  • Fernando Mattos


  • Link4Life

    How many have read this more than twice? I am trying my best to remain calm and patient. ;P

  • Someone

    So there is no Majora’s Mask remake? The game will have a completely different story, like Skyward Sword?
    At least tell me Link and Zelda are going to kiss, use the HD graphics as an excuse!! The only game where Link is not a complete fool with no girlfriend is Twilight Princess, as far as I know, but still his girlfriend is not Zelda and there is no scene where he kisses her!!
    I almost had a heart atcak when Link tried to avoid Zelda on the beginning of Skyward Sword, during the scene he got closest to a kiss…

  • NoPUNintendo

    Holy crap.

    While I’m all for the most real looking Zelda game possible. I mean,I’ve been wanting more realistc Zelda games since 2001. But I’m glad they are taking the form of art they are. Keeps them more original. Newer types of style of gameplay, and graphics, is what makes Zelda.

  • Chato


    • The One Who Wrote This

      Sucks for you, then. 🙂

  • derty

    Wow… This is by far the best article I’ve ever read about wiiu and only one of its games. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up like there’s a fukin ghost behind me or something lol
    Good work WiiU daily Team 😀

  • Mida

    Please do twighlight princess style!!!!!!!! It will be the ultimate ultimate Zelda game with those visuals.

  • Bugman


  • brk

    please let this be true.
    and I hope for a reveal of this (and whatever game that retro has been working on) at e3 2013…

  • AMSterdammit

    Guys, don’t get your hopes up. If we go back to E3 2012, Shigeru Miyamoto stated in an interview that the Wii U Zelda game was still in the planning/Research and development stage of the cycle. I’m pretty sure Shigs knows what he’s talking about.

    • ScientificFlood

      Just like how Reggie said there were no plans for a new console, and the Wii had a long life ahead of it. Almost right before Wii U was announced. They’ve did this quite a few times. Id say they do it so they can focus on the actual product they want. Instead of worrying about interviewers asking “Generic Question #741”.

  • jcb411abuser

    a reason to live for another 2 years, thank you nintendo T_T i love you so much

  • Hi8us

    Now, if we can only get some news about F-zero, Earthbound, Metroid and Starfox games then I will feel confident in the Wii U’s ability to dominate the next console gen.

  • ThatBoingGuy

    God let this be true! This just sounds amazing best news of Zelda we could have hope for after not hearing anything since the Zelda HD tech demo.

  • Ninty1

    this could be like a slap to call of doody

  • Ninty1

    this could be like a slap in the face to call of doody*

  • Justin

    Ugh why zleda that series is like seriously too awful and weird why not say super innovative mario game or kirby or pikmin whyyyyy zelda ughh seriously unnnnghhhh -_-

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      you unnnnghhhh have unnnnghhhh no unnnnghhhh taste or basic language skills…………………………unnnnghhhh.

    • Your Mom

      Say anything like that again and I’m gonna, just don’t Zelda is better than Mario and Kirby combined!

    • Kev

      Zelda is the lifeblood of Nintendo.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      People like Zelda. Besides, didn’t they already announce mario and Pikmin games?

      • josh with the truth

        mario=Nintendo’s brain
        zelda=Nintendo’s heart and blood 😛
        metroid=Nintendo’s rest of the organs
        kirby=Nintendo’s face
        starfox=Nintendo’s limbs

        ok i’m out of ideas please put more ideas of the body of Nintendo 😛

        • The Detonator

          reggie= the part that makes the whole body ready….

        • Ben2

          Pikmin=Nintendo’s hair

  • TheUNation

    This is gonna be more than HUGE!!!!!! Nintendo releasing a new Zelda title for the Wii U in 2014…? This is truly the most talked about story that’s gonna trend more than 200 comments.

    So far, there are possibilities that a new Zelda title will be powered by two engines– Havok (physics) and Umbra (rendering). If the Big N adds CryEngine 3, I’m gonna faint.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      If they make a Zelda that runs on CryEngine3 or better yet UE4 then Sony and Microsoft are pretty much screwed!

  • jon

    the only thing that could beat this zelda game is a hd metriod prime wii u game wit online and awsome gamplay =]

    • Your Mom

      NO! Zelda is better even though other m is one of my favorite games and Im stuck on prime 3

  • ssb4

    Skywards dungeons were easy. A whole dungeon split into 3! Awesome! Also huge! And gh irahim needs to be in this one. Link needsa second sword or a long lost brother that helps him fight against the bokoblins and lizalfos.

  • IW

    Quite a bit disappointed about the Skyward Sword art style. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s very disappointing. That being said, ‘Dungeons the size of Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time’, and ‘most innovative game ideas yadda yadda’ sounds very intriguing. I’m hoping for the best.

    Also, I’m glad they at least tried for 2013. But 2014 is yet another long wait. Especially since the NEVER release Zelda games anymore without delays. I’m very disheartened with the whole ‘Once every half decade release’ attitude. But yeah, again, I’m hoping for the best.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      The more time they take with this game, the better. Just as long as it isn’t too long.

    • Mythic

      Ah, but that is the joy of such long waits for Zelda games, don’t ya think? If Nintendo pumped out a LoZ game every two or so years, people would probably get bored with them – not to mention that /could/ cost Nintendo a lot of money to keep chugging out games.
      This way, with the longer the wait between each game, with only little tid-bits of information at a time, everyone gets excited. So when the day finally arrives, it is like getting a birthday gift. Not to mention when they do release said information, screenshots, trailers, etc, the comments explode like it has here.
      So I would think that (and this is just my opinion) that the longer a gaming company as big as Nintendo waited to release a huge name like Zelda, the better.
      Sooo….quality over quanity?

  • Err…

    Casual and Hardcore-Gamer? Both?

    So we will get simple Dungeons and puzzles, very long and annoying tutorials and Phai 2? No, thanks 🙁

    Also, I don’t like SS Graphics, they should stay with the E3 2011 Tech Demo.

    • donicx

      wow really So we will get simple Dungeons and puzzles were the hell did you get that from did you even read the thing each dungeon will be different and unique and who said anything about long tutorials and you even spell phi name wrong there is no phi 2 what makes you say that and they should stay with the E3 2011 Tech Demo fuck that from what i have read that was on an old engine since they have a new one it will look tons better than what we saw at e3 2011 people like you make me sick being all negative and such we don’t even know that much about and already someone is saying crap.

      • Err…

        “They feel they’ve found the sweet spot with Skyward Sword, and they’re continuing this approach with the Wii U Zelda game”.

        HD graphics, same visual style as Skyward Sword

        “Nintendo is sticking to the core values of Zelda, while trying to appeal to a wide range of gamers, casual and hardcore”

        Casual= Long tutorials, simple dungeons. See Skyward Sword. -_-

        • Ibiexplorer4

          Funny you mentioned Skyward Sword since that game had neither long tutorials nor simple dungeons.

          • Err…

            Phi is a long tutorial itself, lol. The dungeon were not simple? Are you serious? You go from door to door with a key sometimes or you go a preset way. Compare the water temple from OOT/TP with the Ancient Cistern from SS. Than you’ll know what I mean… or not if you blinded.

        • jcb411abuser

          a game where the dungeon is the size of hyrule field, and some have to be split into parts taking hours to complete, yea sounds like they are far too simple, it actually sounds to me like they might be a little too long as i like getting out in the open, exploring and doing side quests, though i might like it and welcome the change for one game.

  • Starfoxguy

    I know for a fact that this is gonna be good. The longer the wait, the better the game.

  • nod786

    Just great… just when the wait was almost over for the Wii U information now Nintendo give us a upper cut to the chin.. I’m guessing if this is true we wont hear any details until late 2013 or E3 in 2013. 🙂

    In a way I’m glad they haven’t jumped on the band wagon and tired to fit in multiplayer as I wouldn’t know how they would fit that in or what kind of game modes (apart from playing mini games) but I think having a full on multiplayer mode would take something away from Zelda.

    A game where multiplayer would work great is SSB, Metroid, Star Fox & not forgetting Mario Kart.

    Can I just say OMFG I cant wait & even better only 9 more days left until the news..

  • CyberCarbon

    *pulls down shades*
    Mother of god

  • wii shall see

    only thing is the zelda lead guy said he was sticking with wiimote and nunchcuck for zelda and that was like a year ago not 2010 he said there sticking with wm plus for zelda HHHHHHHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmmm….

    • alienlifeufo7

      I’m sorry, but whenever the lead developer for Zelda said this, even if he did, the Wii U would have probably still been closely under-wraps. When Reggie Fils-Aime was still saying they were not going to release a console for quite some time, and the Wii had a long life ahead of it. They plan their publicity carefully.

      Also, if they’re only sticking with the Wiimote and Nunchuck, according to you….

      How come I have TLZ:OOT on my 3DS?

      • alienlifeufo7

        Pardon me, I meant to say ”and the Wii had a long life ahead of it, that was not very long before the Wii U was announced.”

  • The One Who Wrote This

    Man, I hope this rumor is true!! It’d be amazing to play it! I mean, a forest dungeon BIGGER than OoT’s Hyrule field?!? That’s BIG!

  • Gamer

    He added, “The Wii U Zelda stuff you saw at E3 2011 was just a tech demo, nothing else. I’ve seen none of that in the real game. The tech demo was even made by an entirely different team with an older engine”.

    That is enough to make anyone buy a Wii U.

    • Death

      Ikr? That demo had one of the most beautiful visuals I’d ever seen, and now you’re telling me that was an old engine? Mind = Blown.
      Imagine what the ACTUAL zelda team can do with a brand new engine.

      Awesome 😀

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    It’s true that I want a Twilight Princess-like visual, but just for being a Zelda game I want it so bad! I can’t imagine what they’re making on the Wii U, but I’m so sure to buy it!!

  • mr. noodle


  • Brandon

    Now lets all hope that we dont all die this year 🙁 cus that would suck not being able to see the next biggest and what sounds like the most best of the zelda games before t would be released

  • Your Mom

    NO matter what if this will be at e3 2013 I am going and if it has art style like skyward sword hd graphics and more I will be at launch for this!

  • BananaPwnz

    aw HELL YEAH!

  • know your gaming

    Usually, when I hear rumors about a zelda game or smash, I inmediately feel they are unlikely and a little bit stupid… but this seems so damn plausible! I don´t want to be disappointed.
    I hope people understand how beautiful the skyward sword style was when they see it in HD.
    Realistic graphics age with time.

    • D2K

      EVERYTHING ages with time. A masterpiece is a masterpiece no matter art-style it is done in. If a game is a 10 in 1995 its still a 10 in 2005. If age mattered on a game’s art -style there would be no XBLA, PSN, or Virtual Console.

      If you look at a game like PaRappa the Rapper and compare it to Windwaker the graphical difference is night and day, but both are done in the same Shrinky Dinks art-style. People that have both still play both because they were excellent games.

      The obvious reason they choose the Skyward Sword style instead of the TP art-style was to save time and money. While I cannot confirm this, I’m pretty sure they are using some of the models already created for Skyward Sword for the Wii U game. It would be stupid not to. They can take those models and use the power of the Wii U to add more effects that they could not with the Wii. We may get to see what they actually wanted to do with Skyward Sword but were limited due to the Wii’s power-level. Making a game on the scale they want to make it in the E3 2011 art-style would probably take at least 5 years to make, maybe longer.

      So please people (and this is a general statement). Stop making excuses, rationalizing, and claiming one art-style to be better than another. Someone brought up a good point about the overall sales of Zelda games and which games did better others. That is true, but all of the Zelda games have done well except a couple of exceptions. There really isn’t any we can validly criticize Nintendo in this instance except for pulling the same BS they did in Spaceworld 2000. I mean it took YEARS for people to forgive Nintendo for doing that and some people still haven’t.

      Nintendo has well over 100 franchises under their banner and they could have used any one of them to show off the graphical prowess of the Wii U. Why Zelda? They know THAT is the Zelda game people have dreamed of for decades in THOSE type of graphics. Foolishness like this is NOT how to attract the hardcore. I know this a pro-Nintendo site and everything, but you’ve to call out the facts too. Showing that demo last year knowing full well they weren’t going to give us that game was a rotten thing to do. If they have been working on this Wii U game since 2010, they already knew they were using the Skyward Sword art-style. I just hope this doesn’t come back to haunt them.

      • Gijgoria

        Put down the controller, and back away from the keyboard! You are getting so work up over an art style that you sound insane. Go outside, and get a life. Stop typing comments the size of novels you crazy hypocrite.

        • Ibiexplorer4

          You have to admit. He does have a point.

      • Ibiexplorer4

        Look on the bright side. At least this was told to us now instead of when they showed us actual footage of the game like last time.

      • Draco Breach

        Not entirely true. Necessary at least.

        Nintendo is notoriously tight-lipped, even between its own teams. If they gave the tech demo to separate team, there is a very real chance the tech demo team did not know what the Zelda Wii U team knew.

        I’m not making excuses. I won’t even pretend that I wasn’t disappointed seeing Windwaker after the NGC tech demo. I forgave Nintendo pretty quickly when I played the game. It was awesome.

        At the same time, a lot can change in two [or more] years. We don’t know what they’ve rendered, and we can’t say for certain that scenery and textures can’t [or won’t] be changed.

        Really, this feels like one of those ‘feelers’ moves Nintendo sometimes pulls. I may be right; I may be wrong. It just has a ‘test the waters’ kinda thing to it.

        My general consensus reading the comments:

        1) ZELDA!
        2) I prefer more realistic, darker art style.
        3) Why won’t Nintendo take my money now?
        4) I prefer more stylistic, lighter art style.
        5) I am cautiously optimistic.

        I personally would prefer Nintendo keep their cycle going. The cel-shading has worked well since Windwaker – seen its way into Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. I don’t much mind that. It’s a cartoonish twist that I’ve grown quite fond of. However, I like the dark/light cycle. It reminds me of A Link to the Past, and a few assorted, repeating themes from the Legend of Zelda series.

      • Timgil

        I would say that some games absolutely do age better than others, especially graphically.Games from the N64, Playstation era typically age the worst graphically, with their simple polygons. Also typically cell-shaded graphics age better than those games that go for more realistic graphics. Compare games like Okami, or Wind Waker to games like Resident Evil 4, or Metal Gear Solid 2. While the first two look great even today, the others look quite dated. I’m sure that ease or timing had nothing to do with the decision to go with Skyward Sword style, over Twilight Princess style. If that tech demo was made in three weeks, the idea that using those graphics would be so much more difficult or taxing seems laughable. While I’m not necessarily saying that they took graphical aging into account with their decision, it is undeniable that not all games age gracefully. Also, not everyone preferred Twilight Princess’ style over Skyward Sword’s. Personally, I didn’t like the way Link looked in the tech demo, so I’m glad they’re changing at least that aspect of it.

  • PKUltima

    If this rumor is true (which I really hope it is) then I’m already dreading the Water Temple.

  • chevalamour

    They want to use the SS artwork style for the wii U?? Really? That stuff should be left in art instead of zelda games. Skyward sword was a nice game and all, but the art style for it was really weird. The new game would look so much better with TP graphics, especially since this is a fantasy game and it would look so cool if fantasy was real.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      But if fantasy was real, then it wouldn’t be “fantasy” now would it?

      With all seriousness, I would have liked Twilight princess graphics too, but I’m fine with the art style of Skyward Sword. It brought the best of both wind waker and Twilight Princess. Besides, there’s no guarantee that the graphics will be exactly like Skyward Sword.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      This all sounds interesting, but I’ll wait till an announcement comes before I get fully excited.

  • Bruno

    I’m a big GnR fan, and I told my friends that this wait is gonna be even worse than the Chinese Democracy wait. And it took Axl around 14 years to release that, lol. Fuck, I never thought I’d be waiting so impaciently for something coming out in 2 years. That’s not fair, damnit. Someone said that they can wait a few more years if that meant cool new features being added. I can’t. Nintendo doesn’t owe me a thing, but whatever, they can’t make us fans wait that long, haha. In fact they’re smart enough not to release another Zelda much later because Zelda brings a lot of attention to Nintendo.
    They know that Zelda Wii U could be their biggest game ever and that’s why this is their biggest bet yet. While they release about 3 or 4 Mario games, there’s only one Zelda. Because “Every game has a story. Only one is a legend.”


    DAMN It biggest zelda title and i can’t play in forever because i bought a 3ds

    • nintedward

      you could always buy a wiiu.

    • nintedward

      you could always buy a wiiu.

  • HeroOfTime

    This totally made my day!! Everything about it sounds amazing, i have no problems at all with it. I can’t wait! I really hope to see Fierce deity in it though!

  • Happy Mask Man

    As exciting as this rumor is, it’s precisely that until Nintendo confirm it. The lack of first party games at E3 2012, and the sources track record does give this some credence. If you look at Zelda game sales, Only Ocarina and Twilight break the 7 million barrier. Both these games favour the gritty, darker graphics, and a game of this (alleged) scale will need to shift significant numbers to warrant the development cost, casting some doubt on the Skyward art style.

    • D2K

      That’s a good point.

    • EvanescentHero

      And how many people do you think pirated a download of Skyward Sword or played it on an emulator? Sales figures don’t always reflect reality. The Wii is unbelievably easy to hack, so playing pirated games on it is no challenge whatsoever. Why buy a game when you could download it for free?

      …well, because it’s a Zelda game and I want the complete, original experience–and also to give Nintendo money. But I can understand pirating it. My point remains that sales figures won’t necessarily mean a thing.

      • Happy mask man

        your logic makes no sense. i gave you solid sales figures. How many copies of Skyward Sword were pirated? Deliver those figures so that we can compare business plans.

        • EvanescentHero

          My logic makes perfect sense. We live in a world where pirating is the norm. Want an episode of TV or a movie? Pirate it. Want a song? Pirate it. Want a Wii game? The Wii is easy to hack and easy to emulate. Why buy it?

          I can’t tell you how many people pirated a copy. There are no figures on that. But say SS sold, I dunno, three million copies. It’s a new Zelda game. Do you really think only three million people played it? And it’s not just pirating. None of my friends but me bought the game; they all just borrowed it from me. I can’t give you precise figures because figures like that don’t exist. Perhaps Skyward Sword didn’t sell well, but that doesn’t NECESSARILY mean it wasn’t widely-played. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and very few people pirated it. But I doubt that’s the case, on a console like the Wii.

  • Carlous Rex

    Erm, people gotta realize the difference between “ART STYLE” and “GRAPHICS”. The article said it would have an art style close to that of Skyward Sword, but of course in way better GRAPHICS. It will look a thousand times better than Skyward Sword obviously (which I thought had a great art style for a Zelda game, so going back to that isn’t a bad thing)

    • o0o


    • Happy mask man

      I totally agree, but new console, a need to shift units and software? I think Nintendo will go down the tried and tested route of what sells. Their pattern of “Play it safe” seems to work for them and the figures don’t lie. I get the Graphics/Art style comment, but Dollar, Dollar, Dollar…

    • josh with the truth


  • Dytonics

    Oh no… I hope they don’t stick with the designs from skyward sword… It makes me less interested… Anyways I hope its a lot darker because, Twighlight princess brought out the awesomeness in Nintendo.

  • Lugo

    Who else thinks this game is going to sh!t all over Halo 4?

    • Xblade13

      Actually, if this is true and Zelda comes in 2014, then it would probably be competing against Halo 5.

      But yeah, it will destroy ANYTHING against it. Unless Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out then…

  • Gijgoria

    Its so funny to read the comments. Most of them whining about the graphics. That they havent seen yet. While some idiots are assuming it will look exactly like SS. When he clearly said its similar, but enhanced from a “brand new state of the art” engine.

    I used to remember Nintendo fans always saying gameplay before graphics. Now theyre whining “Graphics” before they’ve even seen them. Oh the hypocrisy. Welcome to acting just like Sony Drones, and XBots you little Wiitards you!

    • D2K

      Either you do not understand there is a huge difference between graphics and art-style, or you are deliberately ignore their is a difference for the sake of making a point that doesn’t need to be made. I haven’t seen anyone saying the graphics would be ‘bad’. I have heard many people say they don’t care for the art style. Whether an art-style is in 480p or 1080p it doesn’t matter. If I don’t like it I don’t like it.

      When South Park first started they literally were sliding pieces of construction paper around. Now they use high-powered graphic software. It still looks the same, but better quality. If someone never liked the art-style of South Park to start with it isn’t going ti get any better just quality of the image and presentation is much better. That is the point.

      • Gijgoria

        Aaaawe! Look at the poor little butt hurt Wiitard! Cant admit hes a little hypocrite. No gameplay for you!

        • Collected

          Can you admit that you don’t know what your talking about and are just trying to be a troll. Wow, someone has a different opinion and can back it up with reason. You can’t and try to ridicule him/her. Its both pathetic and sad when certain gamers act like they’re above it all. Here’s a wake up call, go study up on the different terms of “graphics” and “art-style”, read through the comments again and make a less derogatory and insulting message that won’t get you branded as a moron the moment it is put up. Otherwise just shut up

      • ScientificFlood

        Hey man. Ive enjoyed some of your comments on this site, but id have to concur with some of the points that your making. No disrespect. You seem to be getting a little worked up by this. While this art style doesnt appeal to you. It appeals to a lot of others. At the end of the day its all about the gameplay, and if the art style bothers you to the degree you seem to be expressing. Dont get the game.

        First off ive seen you mention the sales of TP, and OT. Is it possible that maybe these games sold as well as they did because of the timing? These games were both the first of the franchise released on their respective platforms. While also being released when the platform was well…..popular. So anticipation for the games would be relatively high. While SS was realesed when the platform was significantly less popular.

        Secondly your comment related to using South Park as an example. As an art major. There are some other points to be made. I do happen to like the Impressionist style, but every style can also be related to its form of presentation, and media.

        Now for instance lets take my favorite painting by Van Gogh “Starry Night”. Presentation, and media used are key. While using the same art style. One could draw Starry Night with colored pencil. While another could paint it with oil paints. These two pictures would look significantly different. The rendition done in colored pencil would look very dull, and very 2 dimensional. While with oil paints. It would have textures, the colors would be more vibrant, and the atmosphere created by the oil paints would look very 3 dimensional.

        While using the same art style. There are ways to present a certain style to make it well…..pop. I think the Wii would be the equivalent to the colored pencil drawing. While the Wii U has the chance to be the oil painting. As now they have more resources to create their art.

        • D2K

          I think you missed the point. You went into a whole dissertation as to why it is okay to like the SS art-style when in none of my posts did I EVER said it was wrong to do so or that there was anything wrong with it. Then you say,

          “While this art style doesnt appeal to you. It appeals to a lot of others. At the end of the day its all about the gameplay, and if the art style bothers you to the degree you seem to be expressing. Dont get the game.”

          ..which was a very immature comment to make. First of all, I don’t need to to tell me what to buy or not to buy. Second of all, I BOUGHT Skyward Sword because even though I did not care for the art-style I love Zelda games. Ignoring that, after playing it for awhile I found that the game itself wasn’t appealing to me so I took it back.

          It seems like you are trying to justify why YOUR point of view on the matter is paramount. I’ve said repeated that just because “I” don’t like it doesn’t mean the SS art-style is wrong. Maybe what bothers you as that I gave tangible reasons why I think this may not be a good idea by Nintendo, and why Nintendo may have chosen this path rather than just random bashing without and rhyme or reason.

          Since you either missed or ignored what I said earlier, I will repeat it one last time.

          It’s Nintendo’s franchise and they can do with it what they wish. Some people care for the SS art-style. Others care for the more realistic-rendered style. Neither is better or worse. Just different. I understand the reasons why Nintendo may have chosen to go with this style. It’s not a big deal, just disappointing. I did not care for Shrinky-Dinks Zelda (WindWaker) but I bought it. I did not care for water-color Zelda (Skyward Sword) but I bought it. I at least give the game a chance.

          I acknowledge that people love it when Nintendo breaks off and does Zelda in different art style. That is perfectly fine. What YOU need to realize is that great many of us do NOT like that. That is also perfectly fine.

          I acknowledged that in the very first post I did in this thread. My point was congruent to that in stating there

  • ScientificFlood

    When playing Zelda. Ive always liked it to be bright, and vibrant. Its like a world full of wonder, and magic left for you to explore.

    If you want a dark, gritty, semi-realistic, puzzle solving game. Zelda isnt your game. I would recommend you play Metroid instead. Its more in tune with those aspects.


    OMG!!!!! I CANT WAIT

  • Skyel

    Awesome. I think ssb4 and zelda will both be out by 2014.

  • Alienfish

    Alright, exciting article, but if it’s two years away I’m going to have to put this into forget I ever heard about it mode so I don’t get over anxious.

  • Ljink

    209 comments already…

    I cannot wait for this game. My heart began racing every second in reading the article. Hour long dungeons… multi-part dungeons…(mouth watering…) HD… SEND ME TO THE ER! I will buy this game, and from what I saw, this game is gonna be HUGE! The biggest development team, built specifically for the pad, see that’s why I like the big N, they come up with new ideas instead of the same old system but with better graphics. I can’t go to sleep tonight.

  • Platinum

    It’s crazy that this zelda is going to be huge!!! I wonder if it’s going to be big or bigger as Skyrim? (I mean by land & sea in the game) If that were true…..Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but then…….how big well Super Smash Bros. Wii U well be? since the article said that Zelda can’t do without 25gb.

  • Doctor Strange: Not Complaining

    Hold your horses. I like exploring the wildernes that is the near-open-world approach developers are taking with The Legend Of Zelda franchise as much as the other guy but; the things that really drag me to the game is the: 1. Story Line 2. Boss fights ( Gannon incarnations etc.) and 3. Side quests ( including sub-Bosses and senseless collecting of insects [ Tp reference ] really boosts the games replay value.

  • Kyron

    For some reason, I’m not buying that phony comment about the next Zelda Wii U being identical to Skyward Sword in terms of art direction. I mean, even though development started in 2010, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t change their mind about what art style they want in the game.

    Skyward Sword was best for the Wii. Now that we’re about to own an HD Nintendo console, something just tells me that the Twilight Princess theme (or something very similar in nature) will see a return. Twilight Princess and that Zelda demo at E3 2011 are both best suited for HD, and it would be foolish for Nintendo to unwilling benefit from a clear advantage like that.

    Either way, this is earth-shattering news. All gamers rejoice.

    • D2K

      Actually it does. They are too far along to scrap things and go in a different direction now. Might as well finish what they started.

    • Dustin

      Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and the 2011 demo all have the same basic character design. The difference between these pieces of software is that TP is muddy, SS is toon shaded, and the 2011 demo is glossy and it features reflective (fourth dimensional) surfaces.

      I want either a realistic style of character design or a true cartoon style like Wind Waker.

    • Draco Breach

      They didn’t say identical. They said similar.

      The difference is subtle, but it is there 😉

      Either way. You are right. Gamers rejoice!

  • eyesac

    Well, its got me excited. While I want so bad for this to be real I feel as if I were dreaming. Not gonna get my hopes too high yet. Damn this article I want so bad for an epically huge zelda one that I can sink my teeth into and be distracted for weeks. As for the graphical style, if it fits the story and tone of the game, I’m good. That’s always been one of he nicer things about zelda. While core gameplay is always the same, they have been able to bring us such a diverse variety in artistic ways. I have loved the visuals for each game. Windwaker scared me at first but the more I saw, and when I actual played I fell inlove wit it the way everything lookmed….that game truly has an ageless style to its graphics. Then TP the realism they brought to us was great. Frankly I have no worri in nintendos ability to bring us a visually stimulating zelda title. I would love to see a new take on some dungeon lay outa and puzzles while I love the classics. Ove the years they have come so naturally to me I have found the difficulty to diminish. Till I watch my wife attempt to play lol. Sorry for any typos or grammatical issues I used my phone and it won’t even display my typing area.

    • eyesac

      Wowza a few typos in there. Sorry bout that folks.



  • snæk

    I hate to break it to you guys, but Miyamoto himself specifically said at one point that the Wii U Zelda game WON’T have the same art style as Skyward Sword… Which is fine with me, I’d much prefer that they went with a new, realistic style, but what it means is that this rumor can’t be right, if the “source” so boldly claims that they’re using the SS graphics – when Nintendo themselves said they weren’t.

    • Me

      He was wrong about the 3ds xl.

    • Me

      He was wrong about the 3ds xl.

      • me

        Hands off my name bub.

        Hopefully it’s on par of the size of Skyrim, that would be amazing.

        • The incredible sandwich

          sorry i already changed my name

  • Miguel


  • LinkYas.K

    I Cant Wait. Never mind An XBox I Want This Instead!!!!! <3<3<3
    This is on the top of my list for sure!!!!!!
    Some day they should connect all the popular Zelda games and make one whole one, like A story from Ocarina of Time Leading To Majoras Mask then to Twillight Princess and then to Skyward Sword. Of Course then continue.
    By The Way, How Many Rupees Does It Cost?

    • EvanescentHero

      Skyward Sword is on the wrong place in that timeline. Currently it’s the very first game in Hyrule’s history.

      Other than that, yes.

  • rafael

    I almost cried of joy reading this…

    What if nintendo shows some of it at their event in september!?

    This is nintendo’s answer to 300 hundred uncreative hours of Skyrim…


  • iHATEpachter

    My body is “U”rs

  • Dustin

    In the words of Darth Vader, “Nooooooo!”

    Didn’t they learn anything from the mistakes of TP and SS? They need to be making the simplest Zelda since the original– free of tutorials and emphasis on dungeons.

    “Dungeon… forest… bigger than Hyrule field”

    Why can’t we just have an open world instead of a segmented forest dungeon? Why can’t we have miles and miles of forests that are free roam instead of macro dungeons?!

    “They feel they’ve found the sweet spot with Skyward Sword, and they’re continuing this approach with the Wii U Zelda game”.

    Worst Zelda game that Nintendo ever made, including part 2. Skyward Sword should be viewed as the blueprint of how to alienate and enrage old school (adult) Zelda gamers.

    “Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”.

    This sounds awful to me. I want fewer dungeons. I’m sick of slogging through their tired temple designs with gimmicky items that are useless to the actual combat/gameplay– give me overworld. Give me land, lots of land under starry skies above. Don’t fence me in!

    “everything in the game is built around the controller and its unique abilities.”

    A step backward from motion tracking sword controls when they need to be taking a new step forward with a next generation dual wielding 1:1 motion controller.

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Its not for everyone. But these are the ingredients to a Zelda game, and i think i speak for most when i say that i LOVE it. The large dungeons, the multitude of items…I mean, everything your asking for is in Skyrim. So why don’t you just go play that instead and leave the Zelda titles for those of who actually appreciate them.

      PS: i think (“They feel they’ve found the sweet spot with Skyward Sword, and they’re continuing this approach with the Wii U Zelda game”.) is referring to the art direction only.

      • Dustin

        What I’m describing is how the original Zelda and LTTP were (though 2D). Zelda was once free roam; didn’t feature five hours of mind-melting tutorials; and was fairly simple (considering the first game had two action buttons).

        • Ibiexplorer4

          While I can see where you’re coming from, I do have one question: what do you mean by “five hours of mind-melting tutorials” As far as I know, no Zelda game I’ve played has tutorials that long.

        • Ibiexplorer4

          By the way, the games were simple back then because there were only a few buttons to work with.

    • The Detonator

      dude that is the genre of the game. dungeon crawler. if you don’t like it don’t get it. simple

  • Luke


  • Eric wii u


  • ConCity Soldier

    I hate Skyward Sword’s art style. 🙁

    • The Detonator

      ok good for you. alot of people do like it. everyone can’t win. btw they also said that about windwaker…look at it now..,…

  • Here’s Why


  • Dustin

    If they made a Zelda with an open (free roam) world and fewer dungeons; they would have the game finished next fall. Building an overworld is fairly easy with today’s tools.

    You can render miles of forests, fields, mountains, and valleys quickly with middleware. They could make a huge world easily if they would stop trying to build the world as a big dungeon.

    • EvanescentHero

      I’m sorry you don’t like the Zelda formula. It sounds like you don’t really want to be playing a Zelda game if you want something free of dungeons. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but seriously, the dungeons mixed with the overworld are a necessary and integral part of Zelda, and have been since the very first game. So…you should probably stop playing Zelda games if you don’t like, well, Zelda games.

    • The Detonator

      i bad game stays bad,but a game in devolpment eventually gets good-miyamoto. if you want it out next fall you dont get a good game. be patent and you get a miyamoto fantastic game!

  • Here’s Why

    In my honest opinion, this all sounds fake. The “source” from Nintendo sounds like he was doing some hard speculating. I’m not getting into detail, but I’ll say one reason on why this is fake.

    The person said that Zelda U will include massive dungeons, and that Nintendo is pushing HD really far for this game. – That sounds fake. If Nintendo were to make a dungeon or place bigger than Hyrule, and using HD graphics to its fullest, the game’s FPS will drop….a lot! Look at OoT 3D. If OoT 3D was just the N64 version, Nintendo could easily make it 60 fps. But, since they uped the graphics to 3DS standards, the game only went up 10 fps. The same thing will happen with Zelda U, if this is true. I’m sure Nintendo wants to make this game somewhere around 50-60 fps, but with BIG open places and awesome HD graphics, I’m afraid it won’t be possible. And no, saying the Wii U is more powerful than current gen doesn’t make a difference, because I’m saying that Nintendo is pushing Zelda U to its graphical limits, and big places, so it’ll be impossible for this game to have an fps of around 50-60 fps.

    Please don’t downvote. Instead, reply to me on why you think I’m wrong, or why this article has some legit stuff. Thanks, and please do not look at my post in a negative way, I’m only being skeptical right now – thank you! 🙂

    • Ibiexplorer4

      We’ll just have to wait and see..

    • HeWhoKnows

      You are comparing an apple with in egg.
      Well first, the nintendo handheld has such a different hardware from the wii u which makes them really not compareable in what kind of thing would work on each other.
      Second, the new Zelda game has a different engine which will work very different on thing like how everythings renders.
      There are a lot of optimization/tricks/methods to do big outdoor areas with 60FPS.

      I don’t want to be rude, but unless you have a deeper understanding how game engines work and how it works together with the hardware.

      If a graphics programmer says he wants to push graphics to its limit, then he means normally that it still runs at 60 FPS (or at least 30 FPS as we see on some recent PS3/Xbox titles.)

  • Joesatmoes

    though i never got into the console Zelda games (i never had Skyward Sword or any home console for the Wii) so im not THE BIGGEST FAN EVER of the series, but i loved the toon link DS games. I’ll probably get this game, though not on day uno. But I hate the hate (lol) that the Wii U gets from Xbox and PS fans. No, we will probably not have the most powerful console, but it will NOT be that much less so that the its next-gen competitors that they will crush it. I dont evn dislike those consoles- they r good, powerful consoles. I dont like their users(at least the ones that hate the Wii U). The big N needs big titles like this, Mario, Metroid as well as the same 3rd Party support as it has at this moment(if not more) to steal the thunder from those competitors. That way the Xbox and PS fans cab shut the FLYING FUCK UP!!!

  • Mike

    Ladies and Gentleman please calm down. Like I said this is at the moment just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed. Though I am certain that Nintendo is working on a big Zelda title for the Wii-u as we speak. What I’m saying is brace yourself for dissapointment just in case it’s just someone trolling.

  • lusunup

    I dont know if i would play this depending on the monsters because in SS I always had the feeling i fought the same monster but just different colors hopefully they make the monster dark but still be colorful and so many different one like in TP if you get what i mean.

  • Desi

    I´d buy WiiU anyway but now I remember again the reasons why: Nintendo makes the best games, that´s why! Please oh please let there be a Xenoblade sequel on the WiiU!!!!!

  • pikapower0000

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!! WANT!!

  • Jazukai

    Leave it to Nintendo to disregard what kind of graphics the fans want.
    TP graphics were decent but lacked the heart of OOT and MM.

    The Tech Demo graphics are pretty good, but if they’re doing something totally different while stating they’re sticking to SS, the game will probably not be the best Zelda game ever.

    • The_Lump

      Cos the particular art style is what makes a game, right?

      Right. smh

    • o0o

      No, you don’t speak for everyone. A lot of people LOVED the ART STYLE in Skyward Sword. And Nintendo can do whatever they want. The fans don’t have to boss them around.

  • Golden Fox

    I’m throwing my money at the screen, but nothing is happening.. 🙁

  • IW

    If they go Skyward Sword visual style to have a more casual feel rather than hard realism, they should at least lean more toward the demo style than leaning straight on the Wii version. If we don’t get detail then what does it matter that the game is in HD?

    This isn’t New Super Mario Bros. We can go along with that game lacking in detail. But Zelda at one time was the trend setter when it came to open worlds, detail, side quests, etc. I don’t expect them to try and make an Elder Scrolls game, but getting back to what really got people going on this series a decade or so ago I do expect.

    • The_Lump

      The SS art style didnt lack in detail at all. It was just a stylised version of the TP visuals (made to look a little like water colours in the background, environments/plants looked a lot likt ALttP but in 3D). In fact it was more faithful to the original art direction of the ealrier Zelda games than any other game and it has much more ‘detail’ than TP.

      A game can be detailed aswell as being stylised.

    • o0o

      Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask were cartoony. WELP I GUESS THOSE GAMES MUST BE CASUAL LOLZ HERP DERP.

      • BowsersEvilPlot

        Ocarina of time and Majoras mask wern’t toony, they were beautiful realistic artstyles, where are you getting your info at? Wikipedia?

  • Ravyu

    So e3 2013 will be the best in the past 6 years eh?

  • Mystery miguel

    beast news ever. since this is coming out in 2014 does this mean smash bros
    will come out next year

  • Orionsangel

    No more Jaggies and simple colors. No more 480p. No more looking like slightly advanced Gamecube games.

    No…This will be a true next-gen Zelda game! I can’t wait!

    • shame be yo name

      nintendo simple colors by the way its colours and nintendo is by far the best wityh colour in games bar non FACT skyward sward has rich deep colours what on earth are you talking about

      • Max Payne

        Colours and colors is right depending on where you live, and by the way it’s with not wityh and it’s sword not sward.

        Yes Nintendo has always had great colours in their games, but that is always limited by how much detail Nintendo put in their games. A HD better graphics Zelda game = A more detailed game design = More detailed richer colours.

        That is what he’s talking about.

  • Draco Breach

    The article was posted while I was a rare and mystical place called work. I got quite excited and hoped I would get home before the comment section got out of hand.

    I have a strange and euphoric disappointment and exhilaration.

    I could not makde a post before the article was too involved. It had almost two hundred and fifty comments in what must be record time.


    This is what sells consoles and scares the ever-living daylights out of the competition.

    The single most cloned game of all time is just whispered about, and fans clamor and jump into discussions like its going out of style. Nintendo could make a mint off the publicity alone.

    That very well may be the point, and I certainly don’t blame ’em for it. It generates buzz and interest. People buy up any Zelda games they come across – if they don’t own ’em already.

    I won’t comment on how much of the rumor I think is true. I won’t even comment on all the features I certainly hope to see, but I know what the Legend of Zelda IP is to Nintendo. There is one important point I most certainly do believe.

    If the Legend of Zelda team told the higher ups at Nintendo that they wanted a certain feature, Nintendo would makes sure the Legend of Zelda team had that feature.

  • link 5

    I was takeing a crap when I read this but when I read the first paragraph my ass exploded with exitement

    • super man

      Didn’t need to know

  • SteampunkJedi

    I loved Skyward Sword’s overall art style, but I would like a Twilight Princess-style Link (like the tech demo) more than the SS one. And I would think a more realistic graphic style would fit better graphics. But I know it will be awesome either way.
    Hyrule Field in Ocarina wasn’t really too big, but that could be a very complex dungeon at that size.
    I am positively STOKED for this game!!!!!!!! 😀
    …But two years?!? That’s expectable for a game in this series, but now that freezing idea doesn’t sound so bad after all. 😉

  • Zeta

    This article is so horrible, a bunch of BS, you mean to tell me an MEGA AWESOME Zelda is coming…. in 2 YEARS????

    That’s just trolling there, they better have some great games to hold me over til then and even if they do i’ll keep counting down the time most likely.

    • TheUNation

      Why the hell do you think Nintendo is trolling, huh? Just because Wii U Daily have posted an EXCLUSIVE doesn’t mean a single freaking that Nintendo is trolling us Zelda fans and Nintendo supporters.

      Your project is already exposed, Zeta. Goodbye…

    • Zeta

      lol, seems everyone misunderstanded, it was mainly sarcasm, was just saying its unfair that (if this is real) we get such awesome news so early then have to wait

  • Dan

    2014 happens to be the launch of both Xbox720 and PS4,,, good strategy for Nintendo,,, also a WiiU should be 199 by then,,,,, what a deal

    • LolWatTurtles

      Ok, two things about your comment.

      1) The Xbox720 and PS4 aren’t gonna be out in 2014. It’s 2013 that they’ll be out.

      2) If the Wii U does end up being $299 the lowest I can see it dropping to by 2014 will be $250 because it will have only been out for a year and a half.

      • D2K

        I still can’t see how the 720 and PS4 will be released next year. That is really unorthodox to release a console the same year you officially announce it. If they do release their consoles next year I really can’t see them being any more powerful than the Wii U.

  • Terra

    They better make this next zelda to have an open world feel. None of that skyward sword hub bullspit.


    I don’t care what it looks like really, it will be in HD and I bet it will be sweet. Truly my imagination was just going and going while reading this. I can’t wait to see and play this game…I’m giving Nintendo a standing ovation on this game already…

  • Cococrash11

    I hope they show a Left Handed Link in Wii U. A new The Legend of Zelda game at 2014 sounds awesome.

  • Disciplelicious

    SUPER Excited! This will be the best game ever. Hands down.

  • Lazara The Last

    Wow. Just wow. This is GREAT news. Not only are they great, but they came so unexpected! Can wait til 2014!

  • Dan

    @watturtles,,, if the new xbox or ps4 are coming out next year, they should shown it at this years E3,,, new console usually anounced 2 years prior to launch,, no way it will launch next year with no info watsoever,,,, As for wii u price drop, the latest news is WiiU launching at 249,,, 199 in Nov. 2014 is VERY possible(2yrs old WiiU)

  • The_Beeshnu

    *Wipes tears from eyes*
    That was the first time i have cried in years

  • jazzynation

    omg i just had the best idea ever for a zelda game! You know how theres a split timeline right? Well they could make a game where two different links from different timelines could somehow travel between their worlds… one looking like skyward sword and one like twilight princess! its perfect! its great to be a zelda fan

    • EvanescentHero

      That, sadly, won’t happen. Zelda isn’t Doctor Who. =P


    I hope they bring out some videos soon to show us how awesome the game is going to be graphic wise.

  • Lord Carlisle

    God, this page has more comments than a Patcher-page.

  • Mike

    Biggest game ever you say? Say that to the Zelda of the next next next next Nintendo console, or even the next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next next console.

  • TheBoldman67

    I think if they just get textures and shading done right, it could do well with the Skyward Sword art style. Which reminds me, didn’t Skyward Sword’s engine seem alot like the engine in Mario Galaxy 1 and 2?

    • Smitty

      from an uninformed point of view I didn’t see anything really similar in the way the game looked and hiw the physics played out. The only thing they did similar to the mario galaxy games was have on the while small 3d enviroments(islands), which is less straining on the wii as it has less geo to render.

  • Xblade13

    IF this is true, i just want to see how the gamepad will be used “in unique, unseen ways”.
    I wouldn’t care less if the art style was Twilight Princess’ semi-oil painting style (that is what it actually looks like, especially in the Twilight Realm), Wind Waker’s Cel Shading, or Skyward Sword’s Impressionistic style. I just want my Zelda questing and story.
    Plotwise, I believe that, if they ARE using Skyward Sword’s art style, it would be a direct sequel to it. On the Timeline, it says after SS there was an era of chaos where people fought over the triforce, including the Interlopers mentioned in TP. After they are sealed away in the Mirror, Rauru rebuilds the Sealed Temple into the Temple of Time to prevent another Triforce war. Then the Triforce is forgotten, and the War of the Bound chest occurs. Then the next game is Minish Cap.

    • Roedburn

      That would be a pretty neat plot for a Zelda game.

  • NintendoGamer


  • MujuraNoKamen

    OK this sounds epic! I’m surprised they’re sticking to SS’s art style (according this at least) I thought it was a one-off art style specifically for SS and the 25th anniversary but you never know, they said they had no intentions of a new 3DS model but a few weeks after that comment the XL was announced. Personally I prefer the realistic TP/tech demo art-style (however, I’d prefer it to be more colorful than TP which could be a little bland, maybe an SS/TP hybrid is on the way) At first I didn’t like SS’s graphics – I blame that on the underwhelming release trailer for SS (sorry to complain but it didn’t show of any action, cut-scenes or new features -we saw 2 seconds of the Beetle and a glimpse of a sword fight- it didn’t really show off the art-style that well since the best locations like Skyview and Eldin weren’t shown) but in the months running up to its release it grew on me, and now, I cant complain that they may be using it again.
    Now onto the main topic, what’ll the gameplay be like? There was talk of the game giving you the option of gamepad or motion-plus, I had my doubts about this – considering there want even a left handed option in the Wii Zeldas. So about the gamepad, I’m guessing the controls will be much like WW (in controlling Link)

    but hear out my suggestion if you will:

    The gyroscope can be used to fly the Beetle (if it’s in this one) or even the Boomerang (if it’s in this one) as well as aiming the sling shot or bow, the control sticks can also be used for the Bow and Slingshot (in the same way as in OoT 3D, when we could use either) If we have an instrument in this game, we can blow/speak into the microphone to play it and use buttons or virtual buttons (like OoT 3D) to play the instrument. this way they can add in a feature seen in twilight princess when you needed to play/howl the notes for the right amount of time rather than in other games when just pressing the buttons in order would play the song, sadly in TP only 3 notes could be played but if they use an OoT 3D style instrument then we could have 6 or me – like in OoT or ST. But how about if the instrument isn’t based on voice? and the microphone wasn’t needed? how about if SS’s Harp returns? well if that’s the case the Harp could be shown on the gamepad and you simply needed to tap the correct strings to play a song (The strings on the gamepad could be colour coded or have a symbol or number allocated to them so you’d have a way to see which note needed to be played rather than having to learn by ear which would be a little trial and error (although that would add to the difficulty if you fancy a challenge)
    I’m a big fan of the DS Zelda titles (particularly Phantom Hourglass) the main reason for this being the way the incorporated all of the DS’s features into the gameplay, (Simple touch screen controls, microphone, and in the Crayk battle, use of 2 screens) many of which are features on the Wii U so how damn awesome would it be to have boss battles that make use of the 2 screens like the Crayk battle in PH or the Eox battle form PH. And if you cast your mind back to Skyward Sword, you may remember the blue locks on doors in Sandship and Ancient Cistern, if they return they could be shown on the gamepad – since this wont have precise motion controls like SS – then you use the touchscreen to control Link’s word and hit the lock at the correct angles. While I’m on the topic of doors and Phantom Hourglass, you can use the touchscreen on Wii U to draw symbols on doors to open them like in PH. Also he same can be said for goddess walls (SS), they’re shown on the gamepad and then you use you finger/stylus to draw symbols.

    That’s about it from me, but before I go I’d like to say: LET US PLAY AS ZELDA AGAIN!!!! after all it is the “legend of ZELDA” not LINK no more of those background roles like in TP where [although she was important] she only showed up on occasion, at least in SS she played a very important role and was there often from the beginning.

    Sorry for another one of my long rants, but I hope I’ve raised a few good suggestions, let me know yours 🙂

    • Xblade13

      I don’t know how good it would be, but I was wondering if we could see the return of the Mirror Shield. It could be controlled with a stick, or the gamepad’s gyroscope. Heck, they could return to button mashing with the sword, and 1:1 motion the shield. It would continue the strategic combat of Skyward Sword, but by its very nature enemies would be harder. You would be more on the defensive.
      If button mashing the sword doesn’t work, they could always use the right stick ala Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. That way, they could keep the specific-swing combat, but use the gamepad as well. The touchscreen could be used as your inventory and map, removing clutter from the main screen.

      Also, your harp idea is pretty good. It would certainly be funner to use and less annoying then it was on Skyward Sword (it was one of my least favorite parts about the game.)

  • josh with the truth

    IT WILL ONLY HAVE SKYWARD SWORD ARTSTYLE NOT ITS GRAPHICS so its not going to look like skyward sword it will have alot better graphics but its art will be bright and clear like skyward sword

    • BowsersEvilPlot

      So basically it will look like TP just with more color?

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    I have an idea for the greatest legend of Zelda game ever. I only got the basic story line so far but here it goes:
    Gannon had sired a son before he was killed in TP and this son has spent all the years since then secretly planning a full blown civil war within the kingdom of Hyrule with the ultimate goal of learning the location of the triforce and using it to rule the new kingdom. He literally has about half of the citizens of Hyrule on his side. They are all angry that the royal family guards the triforce away from them. Link has since passed and so has Illia but their son and his little sister is still alive and he is now the chief in Ordon even though he is very young (no older than his father in TP). He was named after his father. He has dreams and nightmares of a great destiny that awaits him and when he asks one of the village elders (probably Collin) what his dreams mean, he tells him the whole story of how his father was the chosen hero. And he takes him to a hidden location deep in Farron woods, to the sacred grove where from a chest he is given his father’s green tunic and hat. The master sword is not there as it has been placed in the newly built temple of time within the boundaries of Castle Town ( much like oot). Well anyways you can kinda guess this part, much like oot, he goes to castle town, sneaks into the castle and meets princess zelda, the daughter of TP Zelda and some unknown royal suitor. The king is old but he is still alive. Anyway, princess zelda, whom he falls head over heels for, informs him that even though she believes his story, in order to gain access to the master sword as well as several other relics/weapons of his father’s, he must prove himself at the annual tournament of the hero.( a knight tournament). well long story short. after he wins the tournament, he gets to partake in a ceremony in the temple of time with the princess and the king where the winner pretends to lift the master sword from the pedistle ( no one has ever lifted it) but not only does he lift it, the triforce of courage suddenly appears on the back of his hand and the king realizes that he is the chosen hero. The king tells him of all of the trouble brewing in hyrule and how he fears that a new war for the triforce is inevitable. he tells link of a prophecy yadayadayadayada you know the drill. Link will lead the kings army against the evil rebellion and save hyrule. but gannon jr’s power is so great, and his army is so massive(not just dissidents but also monsters) that in order to defeat them he must travel through time and recruit all the other heroes before him (only the ones of this timeline of course) including his own father who he never even met for some mysterious reason that might be revealed later on. Only problem is that the Ocarina of Time, a sacred relic thought to have been lost ages ago has actually been kept safe by the royal family but is sealed within the temple of time. So the first half of the game is link retrieving the keys to this sealed off location (this might be kinda like the first half of Oot) and convincing the sub-human tribes (Goron, Zorra) to join their fight. It’s good old fashioned zelda. Temples, dungeons, and things like that. Second half of the game is searching for ancient ruins of locations from past zelda games (old kakariko, the sealed temple, for example) and learning songs on the occarina in order to travel to these different times and meeting his ancestors. of course it will be most heartwarming and special when he meets his father. Anyways, the ending of the game is an actual battle between the two armies. The massive evil army, and the much outnumbered army of a few hundred hyrule knights, gorrons, zorras, and about five links. but of couse the hero of our story has his fight with Gannon Jr. With regards to the map, everything that is on the the TP map should be exactly where it was unless there have been changes for example, ordon village has been expanded deeper into the country side because more people live there now) but all of the previously inaccessible areas on the map are now accessible and filled with game content. It would be verry interesting and possitively make me nerdgasm if somehow all the aforementioned ruins that are locations from old games actually are accurately placed on the newly expanded map, as iff many zelda maps were overlapping. Well anyways that is my idea, what do you think?

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      at the end of the game link says his farewells to his ancestors and plays his ocarina returning them all to their own times. oh and by the way, for the first time in zelda history, this link actually gets somewhere with princess zelda and becomes KING.

      • Xblade13

        That is a good idea. My idea was that Link misses Midna so much after Twilight Princess that he leaves to search for a way to reforge the Mirro of Twilight. When it is completed, though, it opens to a different reality than the Twilight Realm, and the Shadow Tribe is released. Link then has to correct his mistake and reseal them in the Dark Mirror. It would set up perfectly for Four Swords Adventures a couple centuries later, which is apparently the next game after TP according to Hyrule Historia.

        I like the Time-travelling Links idea, though. Maybe it could be on another timeline?

        • Ben2

          You have Hyrule Historia? It’s not supposed to come out with in another 2 months! How did you get it?

    • josh with the truth

      instead of ganon jr. its demise just seriously weaker and is trying to build the civil war so he can become ruler and in slave the world but before he dies he uses the last power he has to revive GANON and the story kick off again ;D

  • Smitty

    How has this site not got anything up about the wii u price, bundle and date leak recently?

    • TheUNation

      Relax, Smitty. There’s more news to come including next Thursday’s Wii U announcement from NYC. Stay tuned…

      • Smitty

        I am, and I know… just surprised nothing was posted about the recent leaks thats all.

    • BowsersEvilPlot

      well if you want to know those 3 things then I do know them, 1. The wii U is going to be priced at $299. 2. The wii U box, 1 Wii U gamepad, and I believe it will come with the game Nintendoland. 3. (im not exactly positive about this but) There was a rumor saying that the wii U will be released at November 18th or something like that.

      • BowsersEvilPlot

        Sorry about my old comment, I got all the wii U information now 🙂
        1. The Wii u is going to be released November 18th
        2. There’s going to be 2 different versions, one is the Wii U basic set (colored white) which just comes with the system and a controller (has 8GB), the second one is the Wii U deluxe set (colored black), this will come with the system, the controller AND Nintendo land (has 32GB).
        3. The price for the basic set is $299.99,($300) the price for the deluxe set is $349.99 ($350)
        4.The Wii U has 50 games set for launch(some will not be released on launch day, but either a few days before or after).

        And I think that’s it, for now anyways so thank you all and have a marvelous day.

  • Vidya w/ Ben

    I’m disappointed that they aren’t going with the art style we saw at E3. Link fighting that spider looked amazing.

    • SteampunkJedi

      Hopefully there will be similar effects, just with SS art style. I would like the more realistic style, too, but if this rumor is true then the SS style is fixed.

    • Ben2

      Me with you?!?!?!?! Umm… your gay.

  • Jaasiel Flores

    Really a shame again from Nintendo…its amazing reading all these fanatic comments. i’ve been a big fan of Zelda all my life but 3 years ago i left nintendo completely behind.

    Again these guys take a lifetime to create a game. Majora’s Mask was a great game….”abandoned by nintendo”. Twilight Princess was a superb game….”abandoned by Nintendo and Link is gay cause he let the girl go away” fu**ing 5 years later they gave us Skyward Sword….a bad joke trying to explain the Zelda Series Origin.

    and now they’re releasing the Wii U without Zelda….by God’s sake how is that possible?.

    I was excited about Zelda for Wii U but now with these so sad news i’m really dissapointed.

    you guys should try to demand more from Nintendo.

    • eyesac

      …..You confused me sonny, I don’t recall nintendo ever abandoning those games. Why should they have zelda at launch? We just got SS a short while ago. I don’t think Link has ever been gay? He seems to enjoy the ladies. If 4-5 years to create a game is a lifetime you would be dead. They remake Zelda everytime, for the most part. All new engines, graphical art styles, play style…. That takes time, its not COD where they add a few things upgrade the engine, I have nothing against COD, they are making their money and enjoying it. I don’t understand anything you said, sorry.

      • LeonTheUnprofessional

        YES!!! What the heck is wrong with nintendo could have at least gave us a Metroid or something, what the heck, im pissed off. I feel like trolling throughout this entire website but I wont.

    • Madmagican

      Honestly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they remastered a previous LoZ game to hold back the hefty weight of all the fans within a year or so, but I’m prefectly fine with waiting as long as I have good quality Wii U games to hold me over until the Wii U exclusive LoZ happens

  • dan

    FOX ENGINE just poop all other Engine to date…. bwahaha,,,,

    • leo

      I would be really pleased if metal gear ground zeros was on wii u. Kojima Make it happen!

  • shadriczo

    *Ding Ding Ding!!*

    Remember- E3 ’13 is another 9 months away. So you guys either wait to stand up by Reggie’s side to see the 17th Zelda Game Trailer/ Play that the world has ever seen in over 26 years.

    So for your advice people……….

    START FRICKING SAVING YOUR CASH FROM NOW ON FOR THIS…. Mind-boggling, Great-tasting, Nostalgia-memorizing, Sword-slashing, Heart-stopping, Epic-winning, Boss-Dominating, game that will blow….your…..fricking….mind…into the depths of space!!!

    -Random Moment-

    Thought in a gaming magazine 2013: “People are calling the next zelda experience: “Unbelievably amazing to the others games we’ve seen over the years on both the 3DS and Wii.” “HD just blows you away..” “Similarities to Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword with just a hint of Ocarina of Time in the mix.” Raters are giving it: -4.9 Star out of 5- -96%= On intense gameplay- -99% on beautiful scenery and graphics- -NintendoPower: “This game deserves a worthy 10/10, due to fact that Nintendo would pull off such a huge stunt like this in years-.”

  • leo

    My guess there not going to have exactly SS graphics but, a nice mixture of SS style and the one there coming up with(i hope more realism than cartoon that’s just me). Still in the end we ALL know this zelda game is going to be freaking amazing.

    • Coffee4life

      I liked T.P.’s graphics better- I wish they’d use that style and put more detail and try mixing another style into it.

  • Wii U Zelda 2014!

    This game will prop explain the reason of the Great Flood, the Great Hyrulian War or after what happens in Twilight Princess. But if the graphics are similar but better to the Tech Demo, I’m game! (Btw, what the heck does that mean??)
    I would also like to let everybody know that there IS in fact a Zelda game for the 3DS. Possibly a port of the 2014 Zelda game, or a “after”/”before” game.

  • Tome_of_Arms

    Mini-dungeons and side quests? MAKE THEM ACTUAL SIDE QUESTS PLEASE LIKE IN FALLOUT! And also make any mini dungeons as big as an enemy lair in Fallout as well. I don’t want to do anymore Link’s Awakening trade-offs anymore or that crap. Zelda has been the pinnacle of gaming and the Master Sword has been dulled by things like motion control swinging that’s not always on target, so button mashing and actual time-consuming side quests please Nintendo!

  • Coffe4life


    • Zelda fan#1

      Well the wii u gamepad is going to be used so he will be left handed most likely

  • MujuraNoKamen

    OK this sounds epic! I’m surprised they’re sticking to SS’s art style (according this at least) I thought it was a one-off art style specifically for SS and the 25th anniversary but you never know, they said they had no intentions of a new 3DS model but a few weeks after that comment the XL was announced. Personally I prefer the realistic TP/tech demo art-style (however, I’d prefer it to be more colorful than TP which could be a little bland, maybe an SS/TP hybrid is on the way) At first I didn’t like SS’s graphics – I blame that on the underwhelming release trailer for SS (sorry to complain but it didn’t show of any action, cut-scenes or new features -we saw 2 seconds of the Beetle and a glimpse of a sword fight- it didn’t really show off the art-style that well since the best locations like Skyview and Eldin weren’t shown) but in the months running up to its release it grew on me, and now, I cant complain that they may be using it again.
    Now onto the main topic, what’ll the gameplay be like? There was talk of the game giving you the option of gamepad or motion-plus, I had my doubts about this – considering there want even a left handed option in the Wii Zeldas. So about the gamepad, I’m guessing the controls will be much like WW (in controlling Link) but the gamepad and its many features will be used heavily.

    hear out my suggestion if you will:

    The gyroscope can be used to fly the Beetle (if it’s in this one) or even the Boomerang (if it’s in this one) as well as aiming the sling shot or bow, the control sticks can also be used for the Bow and Slingshot (in the same way as in OoT 3D, when we could use either) If we have an instrument in this game, we can blow/speak into the microphone to play it and use buttons or virtual buttons (like OoT 3D) to play the instrument. This way they can add in a feature seen in twilight princess when you needed to play/howl the notes for the right amount of time rather than in other games when just pressing the buttons in order would play the song, sadly in TP only 3 notes could be played but if they use an OoT 3D style instrument then we could have 6 or more – like in OoT or ST. But how about if the instrument isn’t based on voice? and the microphone wasn’t needed? how about if SS’s Harp returns? well if that’s the case the Harp could be shown on the gamepad and you simply needed to tap the correct strings to play a song (The strings on the gamepad could be colour coded or have a symbol or number allocated to them so you’d have a way to see which note needed to be played rather than having to learn by ear which would be a little trial and error (although that would add to the difficulty if you fancy a challenge)
    I’m a big fan of the DS Zelda titles (particularly Phantom Hourglass) the main reason for this being the way they incorporated all of the DS’s features into the gameplay, (Simple touch screen controls, microphone, and in the Crayk battle, use of 2 screens) many of which are features on the Wii U so how damn awesome would it be to have boss battles that make use of the 2 screens like the Crayk battle in PH or the Eox battle from PH. And if you cast your mind back to Skyward Sword, you may remember the blue locks on doors in Sandship and Ancient Cistern, if they return they could be shown on the gamepad then you use the touchscreen to control Link’s word and hit the lock at the correct angles – since this wont have precise motion controls like SS. While I’m on the topic of doors and Phantom Hourglass, you could use the touchscreen on Wii U to draw symbols on doors to open them like in PH. Also the same can be said for goddess walls (from SS), they can be shown on the gamepad and then you use you finger/stylus to draw symbols.

    That’s about it from me, but before I go I’d like to say: LET US PLAY AS ZELDA AGAIN!!!! after all it is the “legend of ZELDA” not LINK! No more of those background roles like in TP where [although she was important] she only showed up on occasion, at least in SS she played a very important role and was there often from the beginning.

    Sorry for my long rant (again) but I hope I’ve raised a few good ideas about this game. Let me know your thoughts too.

  • I always h8ed Twilight Princess.

    To me…Majora’s mask was the darkest LoZ game. Instead of people living and all….The moon crushes them. The game scared me.

    • Xblade13

      The moon was scary, yes, but the game turns out with everyone okay at the end. It was a dark game, but with a pretty happy ending, all things considered.

      For me, Link’s Awakening was the darkest. Sure it was a happy game overall, set up like A Link to the Past, but it had a pretty dark ending. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T PLAYED IT.

      In Majora’s Mask, you must save a corrupted world. In Link’s Awakening, you must destroy a paradise. By awakening the Wind Fish, you destroy Koholint Island and murder every one of its peaceful inhabitants, including Marin. Sure it was only a dream, but surely that is worse, because then it was like Link destroying part of himself. The final boss isn’t even really evil. It’s just the island trying to protect itself. Dethl’s dying words were about the island being gone forever.
      Marin’s death was sort of traumatizing to those who really understood what was going on. She was a sort of representative of Malon from Ocarina of Time. The Spirit of the Hero within Link used the Hero of Time’s memories to make her appear in the Hero of the Wind Fish’s dreams. At least we got an after credit scene (if you never die) which implies Marin was turned into a seagull, but that’s the only ray of light in this otherwise dark ending :'(

    • Lazara The Last

      The only real reason i disliked your comment, was your username… But i agree, MM was a very dark game 🙂

  • RonaldRaygun

    Twilight Princess Link would without a doubt beat the shit out of Skyward Sword Link.

    • Zelda fan#1

      I agree with ya 🙂 (i mean it’s kind obvious isn’t it?) and people that “disliked” your comment don’t respect TP, they all think that SS is the “best” Zelda game ever created all because of motion control, they don’t pay attention to the actual story line which TP had the best because it emotionally grabbed you (which is hard to do in a game) when you saw that last cutscene in TP and saw that Midna broke the mirror and we were to never see her again you couldn’t help but feel sad as well, maby some even cried. And you could not get that feeling with SS.

  • Xblade13

    An idea just struck me.

    If it is supposed to have Skyward Sword’s art style but with better graphics (ie, Better shading, detail, resolution, hat no longer sticking through shield), then wouldn’t that mean it would look like that cg trailer they had for Skyward Sword? (Sorry, I don’t have a link to it, but it was shown at E3 2011 or something.)

    If so, then awesome! Seperate blades of grass, real leaves, wind affecting Link’s clothing, awesome cloudscape, and it’s in the same art style. I imagine that’s how they wanted Skyward Sword to look like, but were limited by the Wii’s specs.

    I’m pretty sure the Wii U can do it. If this rumor turns out to be true, then it will be a day one buy for me:D (Of course, I’ll buy whatever Zelda they DO make anyways;)
    Not to mention that trailer could be proof that they HAVE been working on this game since 2010. I mean, if that was similar to the Engine they’re using…

    • The Legend

      but that trailer was made in 2010 with an older engine, so with the Wii U engine (whatever it has inside) it should look even better than that cg trailer 😀

  • Majin

    They better include fishing.

    The reason I didn’t buy Skyward Sword (Though I did give it a shot after downloading a copy. Got bored after two hours.) was because it had no fishing.

    I spent 50 hours in zat lake in TP :3

  • frank

    Is it jst me, or do you think that this should go into the spotlight section on the front page, seeing how it hasn’t changed for a few months? Over 400 cpmments is spotlight to me.

    • frank

      Sorry I am bad at typing fast

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only a little disapointed by this? Not to say that I didn’t enjoy Skyward Sword, or Wind Waker. But its been 6 almost 7 years since we had a Zelda game that didn’t look cartoony. I was hoping the New Zelda would be similar to Twilight Princess’s art style. And the game ships 2014, wich means if they ever do make a realistic Zelda it will ship around 2018. And by then I’ll be in my mid or early 20s. And thats IF they make a realistic Zelda. From the looks of it Nintendo NEVER WILL EVER, Make a Zelda in the style of Twilight Princess (or similar) again. I find this dissapointing, I geuss this is where the series is heading. I don’t mind cartoony art style in Zelda, but I didn’t want it to take over the series.

    • Zelda fan#1

      your not the only one pal, this girl right here loved the TP artstyle :D, and it’s sad that for some reason they DO NOT wanna use it, seems suspicious if you ask me ¬_¬
      And besides this is suppose to be “the biggest Zelda game of all time” and about ever Zelda game was huge, they had a realistic/dark artstyle like Ocarina of time, Majoras mask, Twilight princess. They all had huge worlds to explore (Hyrule field was huge in each, especially twilight princess) So they might change there mind about the artstyle.

      • Zelda fan#1

        pardon my grammer, I ment to say And about EVERY (not ever) Zelda game was huge had a dark/realistic artstyle.

    • Nes

      And i will be in my mid 30s… :'(

  • Anonymous

    Zelda is supposed to be a Medieval Fantasy. I hope this Zelda Wii U game is Medieval. I don’t hate the cartoony art style some Zelda games have, but for me a core part of Zelda is the setting. Even though Minish Cap was cartoony it still had a castle, and some knights, and was medieval the way Zelda should be. I loved skyward sword, but something about it felt wrong. It wasn’t the cartoony artstyle, it was the setting. It wasn’t medieval. And the dragons in the game did not look anything the way dragons are supposed to be depicted in that era, they looked oriental (no racisim intended) and did not look enough like a reptile. I hope this new Wii U Zelda goes back to the medieval roots, the way Zelda is supposed to be. Good examples of this are: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and A Link to the Past. the Zelda series is a Medieval Fantasy,The whole series is supposed to be about a princess (that’s medieval) named Zelda, she lives in a kingdom (that’s medieval) called Hyrule, in the center of the kingdom lies Hyrule Castle (castles are medieval) the hero named Link is a Hylian (an Elf type race), there are creatures such as Bulbins (Orc like creatures), Also there are armored knights(that’s medieval) such as the Castle Gaurds and the Darknuts. Even the weaponry is medieval, such as swords, the ball and chain, the bow and arrow, these are all Zelda weapons. The recent Zelda games have been loosing Zelda’s medieval vibe. And frankly I hate the new direction the series is going in. Zelda is a Medieval Fantasy, Nintendo is keeping the fantasy aspect of Zelda wich is good, but they are starting to drop the medieval aspect. Zelda is supposed to be like Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, or Skyrim. Now it’s becoming somthing like Dragon Ball Z, or Naruto. If this is the direction Nintendo is taking Zelda, than I’m out.

    • Zelda fan#1

      yeah Zelda SS didin’t impress me much either, to me it didn’t feel like Zelda, I realize that they were trying to provide a different place to go to besides Hyrule, but it didn’t work to well -_- The overworld was very useless, you only do 1 thing to progress through the main story in skyloft. to participate in that stupid wing ceremony :/
      And I hate how your loftwing doesn’t have a MAJOR role in the story 🙁 he’s only used to “select” different worlds, I loved riding on my bird, it was epic! 😀
      But I just wish he had a bigger part you know?
      And about the artstye SS had…well lets just say it didn’t impress me, the artstyle is fine and all i just wish it had a bit more detail in it ¬_¬
      And was I the only 1 that thought Link wasn’t exactly designed very well :/ there was something wrong with his face, actually while I was playing it my sister was watching and when she saw Link she was like, “it looks like he’s wearing lipstick” and I was laughing and saying it does xD
      No offense to Link or anything,I absolutly love him but they kinda over shot it in SS -__-

      • Xblade13

        I have to agree, I kind of wanted the Crimson Loftwing to be more important. It just got relegated to a beginning-of-game-tutorial part of the story and a random form of transportation, although a pretty fun one. If it was more important, and there was more sky combat, it would have been awesome.

        Its just sad that Groose was more important than Link’s lifetime partner. The way that Zelda and Gaepora talked about Loftwings, it seemed that they should have been treated more like fairys and the Kokiri, rather than the Spirit Train.

        Although, now that I think about it, Epona was a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL sidequest in Ocarina of Time, she gained no real story importance until Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, yet people still love her more than the Loftwing. I say give it another game to become more important (and maybe even remove motion. It was fun but unnecessary, and it would allow you to still swing your sword during flight – imagine how cool that would look.)

        • BowsersEvilPlot

          yeah I agree, if you could fight enemies in the air, that’d be cool, but with that motion plus it’d be impossible :/
          They could of at least let you ride your loftwing through the worlds (not the dungeons, just the worlds) or they could of dedicated at least 1 level for your loftwing 😀

        • Zelda fan#1

          yeah I agree, if you could fight enemies in the air, that’d be cool, but with that motion plus it’d be impossible :/
          They could of at least let you ride your loftwing through the worlds (not the dungeons, just the worlds) or they could of dedicated at least 1 level for your loftwing 😀

          (sorry about the post below me, accidently had the wrong name)

          • Zelda fan#1

            *Post above me

          • 1985

            I’ve read all your comments Zelda fan #1 and I love you.

    • WarioForever

      I agree with you. Skyward Sword is losing the Medieval & Zelda atmposphere.
      This is gonna be epic, BUT IT MUST BE MEDIEVAL!!!

      • Zelda fan#1

        Thanks warioforever and 1985, you 2 rock!

      • BowsersEvilPlot

        im only confused on why someone disliked your comment :/

        • Zelda fan#1

          Sorry wrong name again.

          To WarioForever:
          Im only confused on why your comment got a dislike.

      • Roedburn

        SS was a prequel to the other games. An official kingdom hadn’t been set up yet, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t have a medieval setting.

        • Zelda fan#1

          That is true, but still

      • Ben2

        If you want something medieval and want a Zelda atmosphere try Castlevania for a change.

        • Zelda fan#1

          sounds boring :/

  • gary

    could it be ura zelda???

  • Xblade13

    Anyone else think that the 3DS Zelda is gonna be a Four Sword game?
    I would rather it be a huge quest with the style of Ocarina of Time 3D, but I guess it’s possible:/

    Any thoughts?

  • sb

    Godsarnit! I let my guard down and now I’m pumped about this game that is at least 2 years away…THIS IS GONNA BE PAINFUL…

  • ssb4

    this is gonna be awesome!

  • Zelda fan#1

    Personally I think they should of kept the TP artstyle from that tech demo, BUT if what people are saying is true that the artstyle/graphics for Zelda wii U will be MUCH MUCH better than the wii SS, then maby I can understand this, but what I don’t understand is Nintendo had an opportunity to provide a HD, 1080 Zelda game, you would of thought they would of chosen the TP artstyle. to show what power and beauty a Zelda game could possess. But if this so called “skyward sword themed artstyle” is to look 100 times better than the Wii SS then i’ll probably like this so much more 😀
    but aside all that im really truly excited that a brand new HD Zelda game is coming. We just gotta hope that the graphics/artstyle is really good 🙂

  • NightmareWolf

    I don’t care if the graphics look like A Link to the Past. Don’t care if it’s as hard as Link’s Awakening. And I don’t care if it’s as run-in-huge-as-circles like Majora’s Mask.

    New Zelda game. I am perfectly happy.

  • Quayzar

    Ridiculous amount of comments on this damn page.

  • Xblade13

    Is someone going through and putting random dislikes on every post? I could have have sworn there were more 0s on here last time I checked…

    But I digress. We can theorize and prepare all we want, but until Myamoto and Aonuma confirm it this is just a rumor. I’m not getting my hopes up.

    I wonder if they will reveal a new 3DS Zelda at TGS. They could go Kingdom Hearts with the title: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: DEMISE’S DARK DESIRE.
    They did say that it was a game where “3D actually means something”.
    In it, Demise would actually be revived, and finally get the Triforce. He wishes for the Timelines to deseperate, merging the Downfall, Shadow, and Flood together. The 3 current Links from each alternate world must then unite to stop him from destroying everything. At the end, a new form of Ganondorf kills Demise to get the Triforce, only to destroyed at last. With no more lingering Hatred of Demise, he will no longer be reborn, and peace can at last come to the now single Hyrule.
    Then they can focus on new, more original villains for the series, as well as a combined version of the 3 Timelines’ gameplay. Art style, I’m not so sure about.

    • Xblade13

      EDIT: Actually, this kind of story would be better for a home console Wii U Zelda. I was just trying to use the number 3 as a 3DS in-game joke. 3 pieces of Triforce, 3 Timelines, 3 Links, 3 types of play.
      Actually, on Wii U it could work like this: One Link is controlled with gamepad and viewed on touchscreen to save TV space (Shadow Timeline Link), one with Wii remote Plus and nunchuk (Flood Timeline Link [I thought it would have been fun to use the Wiimote for Wind Waker]), and one with the Pro Controller (Downfall Timeline Link- classic controls:) You could then play 3 player. if you want to play 4 player, kid picks up Wiimote and stands in as random sidekick with gimmicky purpose so as not to need it on 1 player:p (in which you would switch characters ala Spirit Tracks but with better AI).

      3DS you would just switch characters or play wirelessly.

  • herooftime

    all of you shut up. if you wanna know for sure what graphics there going to use why don’t you go down to nintendo in japan and ask them or just wait for 2 years

  • pokemonsbiggestfan

    – I love the Loz series as well and I think they should make an exclusive of the remake of majoras mask like the video on YouTube

    • visitor

      i totally agree majoras mask was my fave <3

    • JumpMan

      exclusive? um… Zelda games are exclusive…

  • Alex

    I cannot wait when this comes out

  • Anon

    …Are you fucking serious? Skyword Sword had the worst graphics. Ugh. Now I have to wait like ten more years for a HOPEFULLY decent Zelda game, graphic wise.
    “Many Zelda fans are hoping for a darker, Twilight Princes-like Zelda on the Wii U…”. Then give them what they want, because you’re losing fans.

    Okay, end of rant. xD

    • Shulololol

      excuuuuuuse me princess. but after all the years wind waker looks still great. and i bet skyward sword will do also after couple of years……so cant wait for the wii u zeldA

      • Anon

        I don’t know, the style looked right on WindWaker. It was cartoony/chibi. Skyward Sword… Not so much. I just disliked Skyward Sword as a whole. It wasn’t as magnificent as everyone made it out to be. It was repetitive, unattractive to the eye, and the controls took forever to get a hold of… Ghirahim was neat, however. It was fun getting to know the characters around Skyloft as well. Impa’s design was beautiful.

        But because I’m a Zelda veteran, and I’ve played all the major games to the series, I’ll have no choice but to play the Wii U one. I hope they bring Ganondorf back, or some of the older characters. Midna would be cool, too. Or even Navi… Or the kid/adult concept. Something a little more than just flying a dopey bird around such a limited amount of space. And PLEASE give us good bosses.

        As a side note, I’d like to see something similar to the Shadow Temple…

        • Ben2

          No Navi. Just…no Navi.

    • Zelda fan#1

      Dude it’s only rumor, it hasn’t been proven true or false, remember an older article on this site that said that the game was suppose to look like TP/have a dark artstyle?
      To refresh your memory (or show you if you haven’t seen it) read this article and now this article says it will have SS artstyle, so right now im utterly confused, so right now I believe that this info is false until nintendo proves it I wont believe it.

  • ryan

    i really hope this will revamp the series….

  • Bosmur

    I can’t believe there is 500 comments on this article! Legend of Zelda rules!

  • kurt

    I think anyone who doesn’t want the new zelda to be hd is on drugs and not good ones. Your telling me that you want the graphics to be pretty much the same on zelda three systems in a row? Then why keep making new systems, just keep making new controllers and attachments for it. The only reason i bought a wii is because i have to play and beat every zelda game that comes out im a diehard fan and so is my woman. Im 30 years old ive been playing this franchise since day one and i want the new zelda to look so good and be so epic that i shart in my pants on the first boss battle. I think if nintendo goes hd and not so cartoony with a lot of their franchises they will reclaim the throne which is rightfully theirs. Gaming is not just for little kids anymore, the end!

  • ron

    if they make is cel shaded again… i WILL NOT BUY THE GAME

    • Zelda fan#1

      Me either…I didn’t like skyward sword, not for the artstyle particularly, it was more of the gameplay and story line, I liked the wii remote thing where wherever your wii remote moves Link’s sword would move the same way but…just the whole plot wasn’t that great, and just some parts of gameplay was not good :/
      and it was way too easy (Phi, enough said)

      • joshua mowinski

        If you’re not going to buy it, then I don’t think you really deserve that title…


    Looking forard to this

  • weegeeFTW

    People, dark colour tones dont mean realism. Look at the uncharted series. The games look very realistic, and yet the colours are vibrant, rather like many of nintendos games, in terms of colourfulness. Get this in your heads, dark colout palette whores

    • weegeeFTW

      Who disliked this? Its true!

    • WarioForever

      So Skyward Sword is realistic?
      No, darker IS reakistic but not THAT much.

  • Eric wii u


  • weegeeFTW

    If the new zelda will be as big as they say, while running at 1080p, then theres a good chance that the wii u will be able to support quad layer discs, and heres why. First of all, uncharted 3 requires a dual layer blu ray disc and runs at 720p. And since the new zelda will be massive and runs at 1080p,which requires even more memory than 720p, i wont be suprised if the new zelda game requires around 100-150 gig (between 4-6 layers). So how far do you guys agree with this theory?

  • Fuck



  • Saria sage of the forest

    Finally I well make my return in the lost woods and I will be waiting for you guys

  • Anonymous

    The game obviously sucks, zelda skyward sword is much better, i got a sneak peak of the game.

    • Zelda fan#1

      where did you see this “sneak peek”

      • Ben2

        The “sneak peek” was a demo at E3 2011. It probubly sucked because they just announced the Wii U and hadn’t put much thought into it.

    • JumpMan

      hmm… that’s odd, since they havent even finished any part of it that they’re telling anyone…

  • Peter

    Hyper-powered Skyward Sword visuals?!? YES!!

    Though I do think Wind Waker looked better than Skyward Sword, Skyward Sword done to perfection could be the best looking anything ever.

    I’m a bit skeptical what concerns actual game quality, though, as the design methodology has seemed a little sketchy over the last 3-4 games, and the products haven’t seemed as tight as used to be the case.

    I’m not sure making the team bigger and the dungeons bigger and graphics bigger will fix this.

  • VideoGameFreako

    I WANT THIS GAME REAL BAD!!!!!!!!!! >:C

  • Neo

    Why are people disappointed that it probably won’t have multiplayer? Its a Zelda game, what did you expect!

  • Wiiu’r

    Like twilight princess, my favorite game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Casey

      OH MY GOD YES!

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      waggle waggle rage rage

  • /

    I think Skyward Sword looks terrible and unlike Wind Waker, cannot stand the test of time. While Wind Waker’s artstyle was beautiful and still has yet to age, Skyward Sword was a bright mess with terrible character models and has already aged.

  • NintenBro

    I think the problem people have with Skyward link is the detail. It’s a good design. It’s just the wii wasn’t powerful enough to display the fine details. If you really pay attention to the HD tec demo everyone is in love with, it’s pretty much SS Link with HD capabilities. Windwaker was the perfect style because a cell shaded character does not need HD to show all the details. Another reason why this style is loved. Nothing was left out so it felt complete. Where as SS link felt un complete. I think Nintendo has it right by picking the SS style. Not too kiddie yet not too mature, keeping the integrity of a character the older generation grew up and the newer generation of fans. Some older players disliked WW link cause they felt the design was way left from the link they knew, while some liked the change. Again preference. SS link is right down the middle. Add HD and all will be happy.

    • Zelda fan#1

      Actually the Link in the tech demo is not skyward sword Link, it’s twilight princess Link, the tech demo was just showing what twilight princess would look like on the wii U in 1080 HD
      (that was when the hardware was old, but now the wii u has brand new hardware inside sooo, IF Nintendo goes with the style of the tech demo it’d look more better)

  • Marla

    Well…it’s practically set in stone for me, now. I am sold, Nintendo. I have no choice now but to get my Wii U off reserve and into my entertainment stand. I’m looking forward to this Zelda game. I truly hope the 2-year wait is worth it. It really appears to be.

  • Kirbymon123

    😛 500+ comments. I think thats enough. Most of them are just flames or “I like Zelda. I am buying Zelda wii U”. Unless of course we’re trying to set a record. In that case keep going.

    • Kirbymon123

      That is not what I thought “:P” Would look like….. 😛

  • Danman

    What kind of dink would want online multiplayer in zelda? online multiplayer needing to be in every game is killing gaming i think.

  • Pikmaster

    Wasn’t this a fake rumor started by some LoZ Moron?
    PS Danman, online Zelda sound like it would be cool on a 4swords-style game

  • Gary Moscheles

    my god. EVERYTHING about this news article is exciting. Nintendo really outdid themselves with Skyward Sword, so this sounds impressive.

  • Detkanin

    Am really sad, that they are all ready saying, this next Zelda will be build like Skyward Sword.
    SS was the most boring linear A->B gameplay ever. They had some cool things like motion controls and upgrade systems, but the non-exsisting and uninspiring gameworld killed it.

    GTA has a free roaming world. The very first Legend of Zelda on the NES had a Free roaming game world – The player choose which dungeons/temple to do when, even choose rather he/she wanted to pick up the sword or not. The player had to go out and discover hidden places all by themselves. No hint system, no obvious scripted gameplay mechanics. Just freedom to play the game however you like.

    If the new Zelda game does not fix any of these things, they can put in as many fancy graphics and huge gameworld as the like – it will still be boring. Hell. TP had “the biggest Zelda gameworld ever made”, but it was all empty space with no threats or secrets to find…. Majora’s Mask was the last great Zelda game.

    … oh, and you could actually die in the first Zelda game. I don’t recall dying in a fight in SS…

    • The Detonator

      they are talking about art style.if you read the article instead of trolling you would have realized that

      • The Detonator

        dont hate cuz im right

        • Zelda fan#1

          you do realize it’s only a rumor right? It hasn’t been proven by nintendo that there using SS artstyle, honestly I believe there not going to because they’ve used the same artstyle for the past 6 years (2 Zelda games, ww & SS) And since Nintendo will be using the wii u gamepad for Zelda wii u then they probably will use a different (dark) artstyle…..I mean that’d make the most sense.

          • The Detonator

            i know it is a roumor. the point was that is what the article was about.HUR DUR. and you keep complaing about it yet…….you say it wont happen.

          • mega smash bro

            Okay I don’t care about this. In my opinion the skyward sword art style was the absolute best. Although in my opinion they should make a 3DS version and neither game is beatable without the other. Like Oracle of ages and seasons

        • Zelda fan#1

          Umm Detonator…I didn’t mean that comment toward you -__-
          It was meant for Detkanin -__-

  • Pikmaster

    oh Majora’s Mask.
    God i wish they’d make a 3DS one like OoT3D.

    • Zelda fan#1

      They are ._.

  • marioU

    Wow, this is the most incredible video game news article ever! The biggest Zelda game of all time in FULL HD! seriously, if Nintendo had shown a demo of this game, based on the article, Wii U systems would be flying off the shelves. This look like it will be THE killer game for Wii U and be what Skyward Sword was for motion controls to asymmetric console gaming. I will definitely be in line to buy this.

  • ladylink

    It would be Nintendos biggest mistake to make zelda a run of the mill generic multi player online game however, an online version of four sword might be kind of cool, i enjoyed the art style of skyward sword a lot more than twilight princess and i am looking forward tp this game looks great!

  • WarioForever

    Who gives the s*** about casual gamers, I WANT OCARINA OF TIME AND TWILIGHT PRINCESS ART STYLE AND GRAPHICS!!!

    • Master Awesomeness

      U r 120% correct! (excluding the first 7 words).

  • toddblend

    Funny how my comment didn’t go through after I point fake in this article. Why would your source call it ”tablet” when its game pad. Nintendo is trying to get people who think its a i-pad that it is not so under what was writing under ”“Most innovative game ever” there is the word tablet. So all this news is made up. We will only know about Zelda when Nintendo themselfs are ready to tell us.

    • Zelda fan#1

      and another reason why it’s fake is that they say what the “artstyle/grahpics” will be, but I thought nintendo comes up with the gameplay first, after that then they finish the little details, and Nintendo themselves hasn’t said anything about this game yet, so I have a very hard time believing all this is true, I guess I can understand the dungeons being gigantic but still that’s overdoing it don’t you think? And also I highly doubt that there going with SS artstyle, in fact at one point Aonuma himself (in an article) said that there not going with SS artstyle or something like that, I have a high feeling that it’ll resemble the tech demo, it probably wont be exact but that’s probably the artstyle they’ll go with.

  • ron ryan

    graphics are good but zelda has never failed in game play which is the most important

  • WarioForever

    Can’t wait for this game.
    I’m most excited about the size of the game (1 dungeon bigger than OoT field!!!).

  • Wolfcloud100

    OMGOMGOGMOGM!!!!! IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BREATH THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFFE TOO DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK

    • Ben2

      Dude you’ve been drinking.

  • I1Beat1Skywardsword1on1day1one1of1release


  • WarioForever

    For me, the combat is better in Twilight Princess than Skywad Sword cause Twilight Princess has some hidden great skills.

    • Zelda fan#1

      The “Zelda needs to be more mid-evil” comment, I don’t understand why you got a dislike.

      • mega smash bro

        Yes thank you for once someone understands I mean I was fine with a sail boat in wind waker but a steamship and train are way over the top. Even Majora’s Mask was a little over the top because zora link plays a guitar.

        • Zelda fan#1

          Look at the bright side…at least Zelda hasn’t gotten to the point where there’s curtains XD

  • I hope it will be dark, like Majoras Mask or Twilight Princess. And PLEASE this is a game for hardcore gamers. Don’t casualize it like Skyward Sword with Phi and simple dungeons

    • Zelda fan#1

      I hated Phi -__- especially when she warned you that your batteries were running low, it’s like Phi, you breaking the fourth wall there?

      • WarioForever

        I totaly agree with you 2 guys 😀
        Zelda is hardcore, it needs darker graphics, medieval theme and art style and great sidekick.
        I hate Fi too, example: I was fighting Demise, then sudenly Fi cames out and
        says “Master, your health is low…”, REALLY? (sarcazam) I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING ANNOYING!!!

        • Zelda fan#1

          Lol XD
          And also the fact that you glow red when your health is low, and the music XD Then they just have to add another thing if you didn’t see Link flashing red or hear the music, nope they had to have Fi come and interrupt your fun XD

          • Zelda fan#1

            And I knew it that Fi’s name was spelled with an F and i, it’s just lot’s of people for some reason spell it Phi, when in the game it’s spelled Fi -__-
            I wonder where they got Phi from?

  • Annonymus

    I’m getting a wii u just for this.

  • Zorakid

    I think there is a difference between graphic/art style and artistic theme. Take for example, OoT and Majora’s mask had the same graphics, but very different flavors because the theme and design were different.

    So just because the new Zelda is gonna have the same water-color textures of SS doesn’t mean it can’t be used convey some darker and more flavorful artistic themes. So hopefully the next Zelda will have some more flavor from MM and TP.

    I also expect them to give the character designs more detail. I don’t think detailed designs is necessarily in conflict with water colors. I hope the blurriness of SS was due to system limitations and not artistic choice. I love the complex designs in TP, and I hope they will be presented along with the water color textures.

    All of that being said, I have no doubt I will greatly enjoy the next Zelda. WW taught me that Nintendo knows what its doing, and I shouldn’t worry about the art style, because the game play will always be so solid that whatever style will work.

    The question is, will the new Zelda revolutionize gaming like Oot once did?

  • Moose

    I just really hope they put voice acting in the games. It will make it SO much better.

    • Zelda fan#1

      IF they do that then only in the cutscenes, NOT in actual gameplay, cause I do kinda hate how if there’s a serious cutscene your getting all into it but then the text ruins it (example would be when Midna is about to die)

  • Finnishnintendofan

    That looks amazing, but i’m afraid of that people are too hyped about game and then it’s disappointment. But I thrust you Nintendo.

  • Zelda fan#1

    OH everybody listen up! This is very good information I just found out. I was on youtube the other day and watched this video and the person said that the Zelda Wii U is NOT going to use motion control, it will be using the Wii U gamepad
    Here’s the video
    Now please note that during the first half of the video, he talks about sonic generations rumor or something, and then goes to Zelda Wii U.

  • Nintendomus Prime

    This is article went round the world and was quoted by almost every game site but in reality all it says is that the next Zelda is gonna be bigger and better.

    Not trying to stir things up, but the information here is like saying ‘Mario Kart U will be the most advanced and expensive Mario Kart yet!’ The bare minimum I would expect from Zelda U is the most advanced and innovative Zelda yet.

    I guess there are a few hints about what to expect that we may otherwise not have known but all anyone really wants to know is if it will have wiimote controls. I have a feeling that it will be built around wiimote and nunchuk with coop on the gamepad as well as using the gamepad as an adventurer’s backpack, scanning mask type thing etc…

    I can’t go back to pressing an attack button to wield a sword.

  • Dru Taylor

    I have been a massive Zelda fan since the Snes, and the Ocarina of time, is by far the best Zelda I have ever play, the size of the game is immense, the number of dungeons is great and it is a game I always want to play again and again due to the awesome bosses. I have play the other Zelda’s on game cube and wii and have felt let down by them, the twilight princess was alight but the parts where you had to collect the 20 glowing things between each dungeon was frankly stupid. as for skyward sword the only good thing about it was the use of the motion-plus with the sword. some of the bosses were OK but they are the only things I liked about it. PLEASE NINTENDO remember how good O.O.T was and keep Zelda like that. Not the recent outings of Zelda.

  • mega smash bro

    Yes I remember and my first game was OoT when I was 3 But in my opinion Skyward was by far the best. I mean in OoT it is so easy to get lost like one time I spent an hour trying to get to a certain big poe because I couldn’t remember how to get there. But in Skyward Sword it is a little more linear which I prefer.

    • JumpMan

      that might have been because you were 3…

    • Zelda fan#1

      Funny how your name is “MEGA” smash bro when you can’t even handle a mega game like Zelda.

  • FabulousKing

    “Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”

    Water Temple…

    -Oh God Why-

    • made my day

    • JaiGuru

       Oh jesus christ, I never even thought of that. We’re all screwed!

    • HAHAH YEAH 😀 I love confusing dungeons!

      • Pearson

        Me too. Dungeons are made to confuse prisoners, or else it won’t be called a dungeon.

        • Yeah, of course. There was a BIG lack of confusing dungeons in skyward sword, just laughable!

          • Except Sky Keep.  That was moderately confusing.

      • Yeah, same here bro I love amazing hours long dungeons that go around in continuous circles like the Water Temple, which made me never want to get a drink the rest of that whole day. That temple was just……. ugh. Took forever, and sooo much water, and soo many rooms. WHYYY.

        • perfectlyreasonabletoo

          I finished it in about an hour.

          • Sam Johson

            I finished it in about a month

        • iron boots on, iron boots off, water level up to lvl 2 down to b1 up to lvl9. OMG JUST END IT ALREADY!!!

    • Devonte C

      when I reached the water temple, I avoided my game for a while…true story

      • Maybe you’re a casual gamer 😉

      • that cuz u people just cant play zelda 🙂 cant wiat for this game hope it will have as many dungeons as OOT had! and water temple wasn’t that hard..

        • wish i could afford this kind of stuff 🙁 i did beat the water temple in OoT in less than one day so i am not as shaken up by the water temple

        • Cjlrm

          lies any true zelda fan hates the water temple!!!

      • Sam Johson

        I did the water temple in like a month…….

        what I was five…

    • zerothis baud

      The Water Temple was too easy. I hope they can through me something harder this time.

      • Sam Johson

        Oh hell no I ain’t playing something harder than the water temple!

    • Guro Øyahals

      i like the water temple :C all of the water temples :C

    • w mitbrodt

      Water Temple wasn’t even very difficult…

      you’re a Noob.


    600 comments? Is this a new record? Zelda has to be the greatest game to provocate this!!!!!

  • WarioForever

    Hope this is Twilight Princess sequel…

  • TheTruth

    On one hand, you could argue for Nintendo’s approach and say that it is possible to create games that cater to all audiences. Mario would be a good example. Or, you could say that “casual” and “hardcore” experiences are like black and white, with no grey areas in between, and should be left that way. I believe that yes, there are games you can take Nintendo’s approach with. But not Zelda. That’s holy ground. Trying to sell it to everyone just doesn’t work. It’s interesting, because Zelda seems to sell the best and attract the most crowds when it doesn’t try to. Look at Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. Nintendo focused on making a genuine Zelda experiences, and everyone ended up loving them, casual and hardcore alike. Then, you have Skyward Sword, which tried to cater to as many possible audiences as it could. Yes, it had nearly just as much acclaim from reviewers, but it sold less than half of what TP and OoT did. Nintendo just needs to get that through their heads and stop trying so hard to make everyone happy.

  • LoZ Fan Nr.1#

    This is INSANE I`m writing comment nr.604!!!!!

    There is one thing everyone should think about (cuz almost every comment is about the graphics) and that is the story line.
    Just think about Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess!
    In Ocarina of Time you feel ekstreamly sad when Zelda is playing the ocarina to send you back to the future, and in Twilight Princess you cry when Midna destroys the mirror and you never get the chance to see her again. (at least i did and after that i drew her with Link, with Zelda, by the mirror and only Midna in over a month)

    But if there is something everyone (exept for 2 guys) will agree in it is the fact that you would do ANYTHING to get hold of the (finished version of) LoZ game for Wii U today. I can`t belive I have to wait 2 years!!!!
    I am never going to stopp playing The Legend of Zelda no matter what happens!

    • Zelda fan#1

      You do have a point, I did get really emotional in twilight princess when Midna broke the mirror, i was like “Midna! nooooooooo”

      • WarioForever

        Maybe Nintendo wanted that to show us that there IS story for the Twilight Princess sequel. Remeber the end of Twilight Princess, Link goes somewhere with Epona. Again, TP will have sequel cause it is 3rd best selling Zelda game and almost every Zelda game (except ALttP and SS) has sequel.
        So do not give up!

        • Zelda fan#1

          Also what made me emotional was when your fighting ganondorf, that cutscene where Midna transports you outside, then you see the castle blow up, and ganondrof is on his horse…when the camera zoomed in on midnas mask my jaw dropped, and when he brok her mask, I wanted to punch my tv

          I do hope your right thought, I do have a slight feeling that this Zelda Wii U is gonna be a sequel to TP…I mean what else can they really do right now? After the TP sequel then they'll probably come up with an awesome new story :3

        • maybe there is another mirror somewhere??? hint hint

  • Hero Of Time

    My Idea For A Story:

    Link is just a lumberjack, cutting down trees in a forest while he walks forward, unknowingly, to the Master Sword’s Pedestal. Then the forest around him thickens and he has to fight his way out. The story continues after he defeats the guardians and gets out of the woods. Zelda is then captured and a fairy tells you the news who becomes your lock on item. Then what happens in a regular Zelda Game.

    Bosses: Ganon, Guardians of The Master Sword, Volvagia, Wyrmgohma, Bobombgo, and Shadow Link (Recurring)

    New Items: Wood Axe, sword customization, Octorok Slingshot, Goron Caps, Spellbook, and Sacred Realm Shield

  • Abaldkj

    “they wouldnt show that demo off then give us games that dont have the same quality.”
    Wind Waker.
    Nuff’ said.

  • v1n3x

    NOOOO damn you nintendo how many times do you people have to be told that ocarina of time was a great zelda game not because it was cartoonish and happy and wind waker looked good as fuck because of the cartoon engine/ combining the two isn’t a good idea just make a cartoonish zelda or a dark beyond fuck zelda and this may be taste but skyward sword sucked it felt like a childs game and tiny compared to any previous zelda and wind waker looks better on my wii by like a generation. Just make zelda 64 please

    • Link

      How about you be patient and happy that all this work is being put in a new zelda game and their the ones who make the game they know whats best for the franchise

    • Anonymous

      I’m trying to understand what you said, but the grammar was so terrible it kinda fried my mind.

  • Wario is my Hero

    I personally think they should take Zelda to a whole new level of realism instead of the characters looking like cartoons make them look like actual people (he can keep the ears of course) That would be crazy awesome! Either way this game is gonna be so amazing!!

    • WarioForever

      Dude, I agree with every word you say.
      By the way, Wario is my hero too! 😀

      • Wario is my Hero

        YES he is the best!! 😀

  • Casey

    There will be no words to express my hate if Zelda goes on the Wii U system. We need to have the real life experience like Skyward Sword but the graphics and dark, eerie effect like Twilight Princess. I am all for Zelda on the Wii but only if I can actually get up and fight like a hero!! If this whole Wii U system is what I think it is, it is not right for Zelda games. My love for Zelda games is eternal, but if they go on the Wii U, then you have just lost a customer, which I can’t even believe I am writing!

    • Zelda fan#1

      Your stupid

      • Michael Workman


        • Zelda fan#1

          My earlier comment wasn’t for you, it was for that other person -__-

    • Zelda fan#1

      If you hate Zelda games that “My god you can’t flick your hand, this is gonna be a fail!” Then how on earth did you stand ocarina of time, majoras mask, and twilight princess?

    • Michael Workman

      why would they not put zelda on wii u? “Hey, guys. Let’s pour tons of money into making this new console and then let’s take the one game franchise that even ps and xbox fanboys buy into and let’s put the next game back on wii.” Get ready to be angry a lot if you think Nintendo won’t try to move forward with their best franchise.

  • NO!

    If Zelda goes on this Wii U thing, i will be so mad! I am literally in tears about this. Its dramatic, i know, but its true. I don’t want to be sitting while playing Zelda with my eyes glued to a stupid game pad. Plus with the price of the wii u around 300 dollars and the game around 60 its not smart at all! I am so so so so so mad!

    • Zelda fan#1

      If you think 300 dollars is outrageous for a console then you’ll die when you hera this, when the PS3 first came out it was 600 DOLLARS! you could buy like 3-4 wiis for that price alone.

  • The90sGuy


    Hero Of Time, you talk items like an axe, an octorok slingshot, a spellbook, but how about the RAFT, an item we haven’t seen since the first 2 Zelda games on the Nes. Now just think, there could be some sort of ongoing mission to collect say 100 deku sticks, but the twist is they are very rare deku sticks in which you can only acquire from very unique deku babas that dwell throughout the land, forests, whatever. The wood is more durable and suitable to craft a raft. So once you’ve collected all 100 deku sticks, Link then assembles the raft, but you as the player do this on the gamepad controller, using your finger in some configuration to bring together the deku sticks, and on the TV screen, we get to see Link actually kneeling down in the forest beside a stream, handcrafting the raft, weaving together the deku sticks. Now we can cross streams, rivers, maybe even oceans so Link can travel to dungeons in far off reaches. And how about the LENS OF TRUTH from OOT?, one of the most original items in the franchise. By holding up the gamepad controller to the TV screen, we can now see through invisible walls. Essentially the gamepad becomes the lens of truth and we feel more active using it unlike in OOT in which we simply press a button to make the magnifying glass appear on screen. You see what I mean? Imagine being lost in a large room with many walls and no way to advance, we now take the initiative and use the gamepad controller AS the lenth of truth in order to find a way out. Seeing through fog, mist, and things like that would work well too. How about seeing through actual fire in the fire temple? Maybe we can upgrage to a more powerful lense! How about the SHADOW SABER, a sword that can vanish in the palm of your hands. No need for a SLINGSHOT, we’ve had it in the last 3 Zelda games and in my opinion Link only needs one long-range weapon and that’s the BOW. Nintendo needs bring back the MAGIC METER, and a SPELLBOOK would work wonders. Holding the gamepad vertical, we swipe our finger from right to left to flip through the pages, and on the TV screen we see Link standing in an HD sanctuary holding the book and studying the spells. The possibilities are endless!

    • Ben2

      Actually the last time we saw a raft was in minish cap. It’s called a lillypad.

  • Anonymous

    All this sounds like is Nintendo with a gigantic ego-penis.

    “Wii U Zelda has the biggest development team ever”
    -Oh, so just because you have a big team that the game will automatically be good? Yeahno.

    “Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”
    -And you think this is a good idea…. WHY? I don’t WANT to go through a dungeon that’ll take f**king forever to complete. There’s nothing wrong with large dungeons, but that is freaking ridiculous. I don’t know what bonehead thought that was a good idea, but it’s not.

    “Most innovative game ever”
    -AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Yeah now you’re just making me laugh, Nintendo. Most innovative game ever? I extremely doubt that.

    Get off your high horse, Nintendo. I know you’ve not announced much about it but you certainly don’t have my vote of confidence by trying to make it out like your game is going to be the best thing since cheese. You’re setting yourselves up for disappointment.
    If they want to have this ego-penis the size of Neptune, then they better deliver. But I kinda doubt they will. Not on the level they’re claiming.

    • Zelda fan#1

      actually the saying is “best thing since sliced bread” -___-

    • Ben2

      Statement 1: What is an ego-penis?

      Statement 2: They never said that a big development team is great.

      Statement 3: It all ready does take hours to complete a Zelda temple.

      Statement 4: What’s so funny about an innovative game?

      Statement 5: When you say “I extremely doubt that.” are you calling Nintendo a liar?

      Statement 6: What is a high horse?

      Statement 7: Do you love cheese?

      Statement 8: How are they setting themselves up for disappointment?

      Statement 9: I seriously doubt that a penis is the size of Neptune.

      Statement 10: Never underestimate nintendo.


      • Zelda fan#1

        I love you man XD

      • you win best comment of the day, congratulations.

  • Zelda fan#2

    Crazy that this article, based on rumors about the next zelda has more comments/interest than solid information about the next mario.

  • Carmen

    I cannot wait, I ♥ LOZ, and I’m actually a little glad that it’s confusing that’s what makes the game even better!

  • Carmen


    • Zelda fan#1

      Why? The wii will be dead soon, so it’d be pointless to put a new Zelda game on the wii a HUR DUR.
      Skyward sword was basically ending the wii off with a huge bang.
      (or so they hoped)

  • Hopeful Critic

    I am totally hyped for this game. I was disappointed to find out it’s not coming out until next year, but am still super excited. I’m a little dismayed that we have to buy a new controller (WiiU) as well as the game. That irritates me. C’mon Nintendo, don’t act like Microsoft.
    But anyway, I have loved every Zelda game I’ve played and can’t wait for the newest one. I’m hoping the art isn’t too similar to Skyward Sword. Don’t get me wrong, I adored it, but I have to say I prefer the more realistic, darker graphics of Twilight Princess over the cartoonier style from Skyward Sword.
    I’m unsure of exactly how the WiiU will be used. I saw a demo, but to me it seems more like a leisure kind of gaming controller, and that’s not really what I look for in Zelda games.
    But no matter if the controller sucks, or the graphics aren’t pretty, or it’s expensive, or the gameplay isn’t satisfying, I will still play it because of my unhealthy Zelda addiction.
    Here’s to a (hopefully) fabulous new Zelda game.

    • Zelda fan#1

      Umm the Wii U is not a controller…it’s a brand new console -__-
      I hope you wernt serious .\_/.

  • Toon Link

    I’m really excited and thankful to the Lord for this new exciting game.. And with how this author is describing it to be the most “expensive” and most “up to date” and “online features” and “Most Innovative game yet”. Although this makes me get ants in my happy pants, I still feel sort of “ehh” about it.. I was hoping for a more darker game, and though Skyward sword was really nice, I was hoping they’d stick to Twilight Princess, art style-wise, because I really didn’t like Link’s character appearance in Skyward Sword 😐 Everyone else was fine, but I would have preferred his face to have more Twilight Princess perfection and maybe his hair to not be so dark. I also totally flipped out the first time I saw those horribly baggy trousers.. Me and my cousin both yelled in the trailer “HIS PANTS OMG NOOOO” LOL.

    The other thing that kinda ticks me is the lack of appeasing the Child-Link fans. Yes, they’ve made many ToonLink games, but:
    1. The games are SO rushed and undeveloped for handheld games.
    2. I love ToonLink with all my heart, but when are they going to make a realistic child Link like in Skyward Sword?
    3. They’ve already made enough Adult Link games..

    If this is going to be the most “innovative, expensive, long, huge scenery” Zelda game they’ve made yet, I would love it if they did something similar to Ocarina of Time, with both Child Link and Adult Link involved..

    And with the high teck graphics, heck, it would be really nice!
    Last thing: Ganondorf REALLY needs an appearance this time.. They can either make a sequel to Twilight Princess, a sequel to Majora’s Mask, whatever they do, I know most of us have really been waiting for a traditional, epic, Ganondorf proof zelda game involving the triforce, a princess Zelda, (or surprize plot twist?) etc.

    And if/or also, I would be delighted if they add Midna to it. (Or Navi)
    would be nice. I’ll be anticipating this game with high expectations.
    So we’re counting on you, Nintendo.

    • Zelda fan#1

      Allot of people (really just me and Warioforever) think it’s going to be a sequel to Twilight princess, cause in Twilight princess they sort of leave slight “clues” that they could make a #2.
      1 clue would be at one point in the credits they show Link riding Epona leaving Ordan.
      All the other clues are found at where Link, Zelda, and Midna are at the mirror of twilight, saying goodbye to Midna. If you actually pay attention to some of the things they say, it sort of gives slight “hints” that there COULD be a sequel.

      • Zelda fan#2

        The first “clue” is wrong. When the credits show link riding epona, he’s actually riding home TO ordon.

        • Zelda fan#1

          @ Zelda fan#2
          No he isn’t, he’s riding away from ordon, you can tell because of the direction he’s going, and if you look at where he comes out, it’s from the bridge, he’s heading toward faron woods -__-

    • Navi


  • Jonny

    Im the last to comment,but this news about zelda is the biggest news in wiiudaily period,I kept reading this every single time over and over again;it brings tears to my eyes :,)

  • Thelink

    twilight princess timeline, same age or 2-3 years older, link gets marry with zelda, nuff said

  • arukea

    ghjgk THANK GOD :3 I WANT TO PLAY IT SOOO BAD!!!!!!!! GAH….*passes out* i will get this game no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^

  • MrTokyoFun

    Nintendo is notorious for giving us final products that are totally different games than the betas and hardware they present. They did it with Zelda64 and so many other N64 titles. Remember Space World 2000 with the demonstration of the game cube hardware? None of what was shown was made to an actual game except for Luigi’s Mansion, and that underwent many changes. So it’s very likely that what we were shown with the Wii-U will never actually even be given to us. Now, that doesn’t mean its going to be bad, but most likely we will never be able to hold and control that E3 demonstration.

  • Kim

    Sorry, but I contacted someone at Nintendo, and this is not true!

    • Michael Workman

      What do you mean you contacted someone at Nintendo? Do you know somebody working on the project? Or is there not a project? Or did you just contact headquarters and ask some random person who’s not supposed to say anything? I guess what I’m saying is, wii u daily acknowledges that this whole article is just a rumor and is unconfirmed, so what makes you so sure your source is correct?

  • DarkLink

    This is truly exciting, but I am disappointed for the choice of Skyward Sword’s style. I mean, if they wanted to make Link look girly, they could just make him a girl. Game after game, he appears to look more feminine than before. Aside from that, the style of Skyward Sword looks like they smashed Toon Link and Twighlight Princess Link into one style.

    I’m really hoping for a child link, not a Toon Link, but they’ve made a lot of adult links, I want the originality back.

    Nintendo is not considering tough battles, it seems as if they’re more interested in puzzles than a good fight. I can’t even remember the last time I died in a battle, although it was most likely in Majora’s Mask.

    But still, opinions are opinions, I’m very excited for a new game.

    • Zelda fan#1

      Yes! im not the only one who thought Link looked like a girl in skyward sword. I mean come on! Even girls don’t have lips that huge…it just really annoys me >.<

  • Itasamezelda

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Increasing the scale of the overworld means nothing if they simply populate it with the same boring puzzles, back tracking and linearity, as was the case with skyward sword. Given nintendos apprehension for straying too far from formula, this is most likely what we’re going to get.

    This is a shame because we live in an age of games that are truly open and alive and organic. GTA, skyrim, WOW and the like. Zelda doesn’t need to be at the same scale as these games, it just needs to be open, it needs a world that feels alive. I’d love to walk around Hyrule, gazing upon death mountain and know that I can traverse the valleys, the forests and rivers to get there, with no loading screens, in a world that doesn’t feel like a level from a video game, despite the fact. I want to be emersed in hyrule as I can be in the aforementioned games.

    Nintendo can do this and if you believe the hype, they are, but that means breaking formula which they don’t do. Get ready for twilight princess/skyward sword 2.0. Bigger, longer but same shitty linear levels and same, archaic, game structure, and possibly more shitty hand holding.

    • yeah i HATED the damn hand holding. and my biggest complaint from SS is the monotony of the puzzels. how monotonous? THEY REPEATED THE SAME! DAMN! CHALLENGE! LIKE 4 TIMES! OR 5! i dunno anymore it felt like an eternity. they weren’t fun, they were stressful! i’m speaking of course of the STUPID TEAR COLLECTING! GODS i hated that!!! (hehe gods.) HATED IT! AND it came from TP!!! i’ll be especially pisst if they make me collect those stupid damn things for the third console game in a row. NOT FUN!


    Well, you kind of didn’t accurately predict a Wii U achievement system because there isn’t a Wii U achievement system at all. Nintendo have basically asked developers to make their own achievement systems so they can implement them into miiverse which no developer has appeared to have bothered with as yet because none of the launch titles even have such a feature by the looks of it.

  • Jojo

    F-ck the Skyward Sword art style. Give me realistic HD Zelda! I’m sick of this Windwaker, appeal to the kiddies crap.

    • Garry Andrew Grainger

      Well you’re gonna just have to accept that there’s kids in the world. It doesn’t all revolve around you and what you want. And yes, it could have been more serious (like TP) but I would hate for it to be “HD” and look properly real. It would ruin the magical fee that Zelda brings.

  • Zelda fan#1

    EVERYONE THE WII U IS OUT!!!!!! (came out yesterday)

  • Racer

    I don’t know about Zelda going to the big budget route. The ambition and the scale is undoubtedly worth hyping up for but I don’t think it’s a wise move.
    Zelda should only be about innovation, not about production values.
    I really don’t want to see any more big budgeted video games. They’re expensive enough as they are now. I wish to see some good low budget games in the future.

  • Magoo

    Well, I have bought every Zelda game so far (except Windwaker). I have to say very disappointed that they are sticking with this cartoony crap graphics (ala Windwaker and Skyward Sword). I WONT be buying this one I guarantee you that and I know alot of other people who won’t. All I want is another story in the, “Twilight Princess / Ocarina of Time” style and I’d fork out my money for it too. The only other way to improve Zelda would be online co-op. Until that happens they won’t be getting any more of my money.

    • Zelda fan#1

      Nintendo never said it’d have cartoon graphics! -__-
      This is just a rumor that Wiiudaily “claims” on being true…which it’s not for obvious reasons.

    • thombro911

      The game obviously isn’t made for little kids though. Since when did bright colors and vibrant images translate into them being kids or “G- rated”? I mean, your statement was valid in the aspect of many people wanting another ocarina of time type of game I guess but there are less people who want a new Twilight Princess (Twilight Princess is one of the most hated Zelda’s games ever by it’s fans) than any other type of Zelda. Then you go on and say, online co-op. No, just no. If you honestly think a new Zelda game should have co-op then you should please stop playing Zelda games because that shit would ruin Zelda completely, unless it’s a handheld four swords type of game otherwise, no.

    • devin jameson

      I want that story line to something to explain what happens after Midna blows up the mirror

  • Ben2

    Navi!!!! Not Navi!!!! I Hate Navi!!!! Can I Take A Sling Shot And Kill Her?!?!?!


      come….ON…she’s way less annoying then Fi.

      • Well, depends on one hand you got the one HEY LISTEN HEY HEY LISTEN LISTEN HEY, then you have the computer or some Vulcan off of Star Trek listing everything in percents and probabilities.

  • David

    Yes…yes you can.

    • Ben2


  • nathan


    • thombro911

      You do realize that twilight princess is one of the most hated Zelda games to come out period, right? I mean, I enjoyed it greatly but the majority of fans hated it’s art style cause it wasn’t the same Zelda feel. Skyward Sword had a better artstyle than twilight princess simply because twilight princess had just all dark under toned graphics, which most games are today and no bright graphics. Skyward Sword won multiple awards for it’s graphics and art style Twilight Princess won none. 

      • Rene Elias

        Eh, I’m going to have to kind of agree with Nathan here. I duno if you went out and interviewed every Zelda fan out there, but Twiligiht Princess was pretty great in my opinion. I don’t hate the cel shaded styles of Wind Waker (it was awesome there) and Skyward, but I’d definitely prefer it if they switched back and forth between the two styles, realistic and more cartoony. As much as I really appreciate the lighter feel of the cel shaded titles, it’s also nice to visit a grittier, more realistic version of Zelda. I feel like it would be immensely immersive.

        • thombro911

          It’s not like I didn’t enjoy Twilight Princess, cause I truly did but I can recall more moments in Wind Waker and Skyward Sword then I can with Twilight Princess. If you go and look around on internet of the opinion fans had on Twilight Princess well more than half of the people say it was blend and forgetful  The only thing I remember from Twilight Princess was the Ice Dungeon/house they had, everything else I couldn’t recall at all. You’re probably one of the few fans who enjoyed Twilight Princess and still praised the graphics of Wind Waker and Skyward Sword, it just annoys me when people say I want a realer version of Zelda cause the other ones are too “kiddy” just cause they have color. I’m good either way as long as I get to play throughout a new Zelda, I honesty don’t care much for graphics, but I like when you look at Zelda games and you know right away that its Zelda and not just another game with alot of brown and black.

          • Rene Elias

            Yeah, well I can definitely appreciate everything they have done for the Zelda series thus far, but I also do appreciate some variation. Like I said, I loved Wind Waker’s style and Skyward Sword was beautiful as well, but if they are going to go with both styles, I’d appreciate them hopping back and forth between games. Skyward Sword’s style served the previous gen really well   because it inherently required less details and the smoother colors made jaggies less apparent, though they were still there. Now I don’t believe graphics are everything in a game, but it is obviously included in the whole package of being an immersive game that has a believable world. I for one can still distinguish Zelda with the “blander, more realistic graphics,” and I wouldn’t blame blander graphics solely on the more realistic style, it’s just a lack of creative vision. Metroid Prime 3 took that style, but I thought it was gorgeous. As a long time fan of the series, I’m just waiting for the day that I can see a Zelda that makes me say, “wow, that’s what it would look like if I stepped into the world.” That is all I want.

          • Rene Elias

            Btw, at least according to metacritic, Twilight Princess has both a higher Critic and User score 😉

          • Jayme Sanches Filho

            In fact, the only game that was better in sales and praise than Twilight Princess was Ocarina of Time.

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            Must be the Gamecube version.  I’m currently playing the Wii version for the first time… I don’t know if I’m going to have the mental strength to force my way through this mess.  Waggle everywhere.  Controls imprecise as hell.  That completely 100% useless “fairy” thing that only exists to constantly remind me I bought the wrong version of the game…

          •  Really? I played the GC version first and I actually prefer the Wii version. What’s such a big deal about it? Flick the remote and you swing your sword. Point at the screen to shoot arrows. Easy peasy. It wasn’t based around using the controls which probably toned them down a lot more than they would have been otherwise

          • David Williams

            **That awkward moment when you didn’t realize you can turn the fairy pointer off..**

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            And then pointing to aim your bow/slingshot/etc doesn’t work anymore but you still have to waggle to do any attacks.

            Might as well just play the GC version.

          • Emma Butson

                     I can partially agree here. However i must say i enjoyed twilight princess much more than the other games, the character design itself felt more Zelda to me than the games now and i really appreciated that it was unique and the graphics to me brought zelda further to life. The whole environment really drew me in. Skyward sword was definitely a huge step up from wind waker, and i would feel relieved if they did take it in that direction with a lot less influence from wind waker.
                           I would really like to see it stand on its own two feet, and maybe even pull from older character designs such as the ones from the oracle games. And to bring back the other characters like the goron’s and zora’s, i am continually disappointed with the new creatures they replace them with. I would really like to see some variation in the environments as well. not all mono-colourful-kiddy. i agree that the colours do feel zelda however it can destroy the feel of the environment you are playing in. Ocarina of time did the best job at varying the landscapes and dungeons, so that the mood changed in each location. 
                           I always preferred the more dusky natural environments like kokiri forest, and maybe that’s why i appreciated twilight princess so much. But you do not need a game that is 100% the same tone. This destroyed my interest in WW and SS because to me zelda has always been about exploring and free roam, and you don’t get the same satisfaction knowing that no matter who you meet or come across it wont be altered all that much from the last place you went to. Not to mention SS lack of side quests, rich variety of characters and a very A-B-C story line. Zelda is unique for its versatility,
                   This new game can not be restrained to one landscape, one mood or one character type. it allows for a lot more creativity than other game franchises and i hope that the game designers realize this with this new game. Ocarina was able to do this more than any other games. And Zelda needs to go back to that and change things up from its current trend, it has the capacity to go from goofy, to scary. from playful to dark. that i think could really satisfy everyone and make them appreciate the different ideas put into the game. And for god sake drop the wind wakers crap already, it really wasn’t that good of a game, the new ones need to stand on their own. Because lets face it, there are fans of both the kiddy side and the darker side of the franchise. Why cut one out? Its stupid, all the good games were a blend of both.

          • Jake E

            I totally agree with you Emma, Ocarina of time, was without doubt, THE best Zelda game made yet. It seems the games have lost something important along the way. I remember the first time I saw the Hylian shield with the master sword behind (The logo), fade in with Link and Epona riding across. JUST the title screen of ocarina bewitched me into playing it over 60 times, I could play it right now and still have the enjoyment it gave me like 20 years ago, and I would still have to let the title screen play through till it got to the point at which Kotake and Koume are casting the Dark Knuckle spell on Nabooru.
            The more recent games like Windwaker I played through like 3 times then got bored, it seems the Zelda team have got there hands crammed full when it comes to besting the ocarina of time. If its even possible to best it ;).

          • Sam Johson

            Holy crap you actually read that whole post?!

          • Tim


          • Angela Soto

            You know what I can recall?  The big ‘ol ugly wack flyings birds.  The wasnt just ugly .. they was fuugly:b

          • Sam Johson


            whatever you’re smoking, please share

          • Ok let me get this strait. As long as the game has to do with hyrule and Ganondorf i will be satisfied. Of course the grafics are very important in making a submersive gameplay but to me i need to have the original story. Thats the only reason i didnt like skyward sword. It was just too, out there if you know what i mean. Twilight princess had such a great storyline that the graphics had to be dark and gritty to make it work. I think thats how a zelda game should be. Its not ” uh oh, the bad guy took the royal princess i have to save her ladi ladi dah…” It should be more of, “the entire world is falling into the darkness under the threaght of dark lord ganondorf and the only way to save the worlds is to take a breath taking journey across hyrule and surpass the evil in your way.” I think that it needs the TP graphics to make it a more submersive game that will really get you going.

          • Sean Reihani

            Oh yeah, I love unoriginal stories too.

          • Sam Johson

            I would like a game bridging the hyrule games to the toon link (wind waker) games…

          • SunnieDee12

            idiot this game had more depth and storyline than all the zelda games to date. its story gave birth to the idea of skyward sword and it costs more to buy because people are still buying it i had a friend who didnt want to play it because everyone was throwing a fit about the new darker tone when i lent it to him he agreed that it was probably the best zelda game to date. by the way ganon and the fishing rod most memorable moment

        • I don’t think this will be exactly like Skyward Sword’s art style… It will most likely be hand-painted textures and all but perhaps painted in a more realistic way. Imagine TP meets Skyward Sword and the tone of A Link to the Past – that’s how I want it to be. Also, Skyward Sword’s textures looked a little off because of the filter put in but sometimes it rendered it too close to the character. I don’t want all dark colours but I also don’t want it to be as light and airy as Skyward Sword. The right balance would be perfect.

        • Jon Popp

           I think it would be interesting if they had different art styles for the 3 different legs of the timeline. Something to help keep where it fits in with the rest of the eventual story.

        • Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask have the true Zelda-feel. And that’s not because of their smooth styles. 

          With Wind Waker they managed to pull of a whole new Zelda-feel that still felt just right. 

          To me, Twilight Princess went back to the more serious and dark feelings I felt when jumping through Southern Swamp or riding in Gerudo Valley. The rough edges and morose colors were very welcome.

          Skyward Sword was beautiful, but the art style didn’t move me in my Zelda bones. It left me disappointed in many other ways, which I won’t bring up here.

          When I first heard the news that SS’s art style was going to be kind of a mixture between TP and WW I was thrilled. But looking back I realize I also would prefer that they switch back and forth instead. Wasn’t that part of what made both WW and TP so exciting?

          I love both TP and WW but sadly SS was just a long “eh” to me. Even though I could fly I never felt free in that special Zelda kind of way.

          So I too really hope for a realistic gritty version of Zelda. And in the meantime, Wind Waker HD!

      • TP was the most hated Zelda Game? God, no. It’s obviously Skyward Sword.

        • Justin bohm

          i honestly can’t even finish skyward sword. i’m actually replaying TP right now. 
          SS changed everything i loved about zelda. no zoras, dekus, epona, or large fields. the “land” was more of a series of dungeons with the main dungeons inside them. i felt like travelling was one big puzzle, while in TP you just rode off into the sunset in a HUGE field (eldin province, ahem).
          NOT TO MENTION HOW UGLY THEY MADE ZELDA! i mean i understand how she was supposed to be link’s friend but COME ON! i think we can all agree that zelda in TP was perfect! 
          yes, i agree the gave was darker than games’ past, but that’s what i liked about it. the story was based off shadow and twilight, and thus those themes were reflected on the mood of the game. but they included things to conteract that mood (Lake hylia, castle town, etc.) 
          in my opinion, TP was the best zelda game, only second to OOT. SS was the worst, even beating spirit tracks…

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            Having just finished Skyward Sword and OOT, and now 5 hours into Twilight Princess, it is the worst Zelda game I’ve ever played. Granted, about 95% of that is due to waggle control.

            Skyward Sword has the waggle too but at least it’s not so pointless.

            How far into it are you? It’s around 70 hours in total and has a lot of great original ideas throughout.

          • Sam Johson

            Well shit…

          • Sean Reihani

            wth. It’s a god damn origin story. And it did have a couple of Gorons. Riding into the sunset? Do you realize how practically empty the land in TP was? There were only really 2 towns, 3 if you count castle town. The enemies were ridiculously easy, especially the bosses. SS Zelda ugly? Well, that’s partially subjective, but she is slim, and has a nice body. The gameplay was amazing and challenging. And Zora’s domain is tiny! I mean, I was in no way compelled to return unless required by the story. Skyward Sword’s story was touching, and no more A-B-C than TP. The only majorish problem I see is the relatively empty sky.

          • David Williams

            **That awkward moment when you tell a video-game girl she has a nice body..**

          • Wow, I purchased Skyward Sword and I’m doing the same exact thing…I replayed TP like 3 times! I love the Desert temple place! Amazing! I also love how dramatic Zant was on his boss battle fight, I also loved the Mansion in the Icy Mountains.

          • Sean Reihani

            Zant was not dramatic…
            He was annoying and a creepy cry baby

          • Sam Johson

            Zant’s boss fight was weird…
            That’s what happens when you do meth, everybody

          • David Williams

            **That awkward moment when your joke wasn’t good..**

          • Armend

            I kinda agree with you but i think zelda should have a few more outcasts for enemies. they should mess with your mind and stuff like that… say ghirahim kept threatning link and was giving very Graphic descriptions e.g. “i will make your ears bleed with the sound of your own screams” which freaked me out a little and he was definitely a creepy fellow from them on in my eyes but i think thats how enemies should be. weird.
            they should have a n intriging past swell whic tells us why they became evil.

          • I hate to say this, but Twilight Princess is my Zelda obsession and y’all just HAVE to stop short handing it… It sounds like “I love toilet paper!! 8D”… Hahaha I am laughing so hard right now… XD

          • Sam Johson

            Yeah me too 8=D

          •  Dude. It’s an origin story, you have to understand Nintendo. They tried to make a more story telling game and it was in the past. And btw Spirit Tracks is the worst. Majora’s Mask is the best Zelda yet. No wonder why you say it’s the worst and you haven’t even completed the game? Dude It’s really good and satisfying game. It was in the past. It wasn’t the casual Zelda that they always make it was actually the PREQUEL of the entire series so that’s why they aimed something different. She wasn’t a princess in this game. TP was awesome but it tried too hard to be dark. Majora’s Mask is the real deal.

          • why do all you people hate Spirit Tracks? i have a friend who thinks its great, i have never played it but a lot of people say it’s great.

        • Dominic Coradazzi

          choosing between zelda games is like choosing between your kids; a good parent loves them all and finds themselves troubled to find a favorite but a lesser parent will pick and choose favorites like an idiot with heavy opinions. However on the note of worst Zelda game

          • that just hit me. TP hangs right above the CD-i games. just trying to escape the clutches of crappyness that the cdi games are trying to rip it apart with.

      • Benjiman Raiche

        what they should do is make a zelda game with tp ish style art but more colorful

      • Angela Soto

        Um Skyward sword more like “Skyward
        sucks” was the first Zelda game that I quit at the first dungeon and took it to gamestop unlike Twilight which was I actualy held on to for a couple of years :b

        • Sean Reihani

          Quitter. It’s better than the first dungeon in TP. God, that dungeon SUCKED!!!

        • Sam Johson


        •  Wow you quit? What a casual gamer

      •  What are you talking about? TONS of people loved the Twilight Princess style. People have been wishing for that style to come back for years. You’re talking out of your ass

      • Sam Johson

        But the TP graphics were better though…
        SS looked like a f*cking anime.

        • anime? HAHAHAHAHAH XD OMG!!!! no zelda game to date looks like anime. it’s because nintendo knows how to make great games that aren’t anime. although Pokemon was OK…. why am i talking about Pokemon?

      • yeah remember how dark the forest temple was? thats why im working to restore the color in Twilight Princess using Dolphin Emulator 🙂 don’t think i got an emulator just cuz i dont have a GC or a wii, i have both and a nice library of games to go with them. i just use emulators for other purposes than actually playing the game.

    • Sean Reihani

      Idk, i like the way the objects and people looked in twilight princess, but the color scheme was unrealistically dark.

    • Nintendude

      NO! Don’t say that, it’s suicide!

    • well Shigiru Miamoto stated that Skyward Sword’s graphics are a mix of Twilight Princess’s Hires Graphics and Wind Waker’s Cel Shaded Graphics. plus twilight princess was too dark and had less color than previos Zelda games.

  • Fierce Deity

    I agree with Detkanin and Zorakid. I’ve been a Zelda fan all my life, I own and re-play every Zelda there is periodically (except the handhelds after MC. Nothing against PH and ST, I just didn’t care for the controls). But the truth is, for me, Majora’s Mask was really the last capital-G Great Zelda game.

    Don’t get me wrong; I loved Wind Waker. Twilight Princess is gripping and epic. Skyward Sword was a blast to play and Ghirahim and Demise were freaking hardcore. They all have a place in my heart.

    But none of them had what made the early games so awe-inspiring.

    It’s been nice to hear people actually compliment Wind Waker’s graphics for once. Because honestly, that’s one of the game’s biggest strengths. It’s graphics were stunning to me when it first came out. And the music score is to die for. I loved the story of Wind Waker, especially with all of the nods to OoT. The game really shines in all of those areas. The game definitely doesn’t have TP’s dark emotion, but while I didn’t cry at the end, still I felt wistful, nostalgic, hopeful, and refreshed and at the same; which is pretty impressive emotional reaction to a videogame. But let’s be honest. Wind Waker will never be remembered for it’s compelling gameplay. The wind control aspect was unique and fun at first, but sailing the Great Ocean becomes so tedious that by the end I desperately wish for just more LAND to walk on. The game is pretty much exactly the same from beginning to end with precious little to interrupt the monotony of sailing to a new island, complete the dungeon/task there and move on. Wind Waker is a fun, awesome game, but it’s no work of art.

    Twilight Princess was amazing in it’s graphics and I absolutely LOVED that it was set in classic Hyrule. I mean, it was so cool to explore TP’s world and compare it to OoT’s. I got giddy when I recognized places from OoT and the number one highlight of the game was the picture of the fishing dude from OoT at the fishing pond. 🙂 Twilight Princess allowed us to clearly see how the world had developed and added so much depth and scope to the franchise. It was almost like it made Hyrule a real place. Then there was the story, which was so adult and dark and dealt with real human emotions as well as saving the world that everyone was just blown away. But here again, there were crucial components to the game that just fell short. The entire thing felt kind of… disconnected to me. Like there was no in-game development. I’m not talking about story or character, but nothing to make all of the separate adventures connect. The items were vastly disappointing to me. With the exception of the standards like the Bow and the Hookshot, you never really used an item outside the dungeon you got it in (the biggest perpetrators of this being the Spinner and the Dominion Rod). It seemed like a bunch of what happened was kind of unrelated and didn’t fit in quite right with the main story – the events didn’t necessarily build on each other to make the situation more and more dire. It’s almost like the bad guys really weren’t even doing anything, except at major moments in the game.. Then there was the disappointment of exploring the world itself. Yes, Twilight Princess was huge, but it was also empty. And I’m not talking about people or sidequests or treasure. I’m talking about secrets. Pretty much everything there is to do in TP is right there in front of you. The thing I loved most about OoT and MM was the random stumbling around, trying random items, playing random songs – and finding some awesome secret that has nothing to do with the game and had no signs to it at all! Practically the only way you COULD find it was by accident, which adds an element of real world serendipity and chance to the games that makes it so much better. Twilight Princess was utterly lacking in that.

    Skyward Sword I enjoyed so much I played straight through in a little more than a day and then again and again for a straight two weeks. The gameplay was so EPIC. I loved flying, I loved fighting, I loved using all of the items, I loved the upgrades, I loved it all. And the character development was the best Nintendo has ever done, especially with Groose, Impa, and Ghirahim. Those characters felt so real, it was amazing. I LOVED Skyward Sword. But, as several have already pointed out, it was ridiculously easy. Fi held your hand the whole way, and as if that wasn’t enough, there was the freaking Sheikah Stone in Skyloft that gave you explicit directions on how to pass every single puzzle in the game – including the sidequests! If TP was lacking in the random secrets, Skyward had a road map to your entire existence.

    All of which is my incredibly long rant about two things: 1. Graphics. Don’t. Make. A Game. Not ever. and (this one might seem a little contradictory) 2. Gameplay doesn’t necessarily make a game, either. My honest opinion of favorite Zelda games? ALttP is the best. Then MM. Then OoT. Everyone flaunts OoT, saying that it is the best Zelda and possibly best videogame period of all time, but I disagree. Everything OoT had that made it a work of freaking art, ALttP had. The difference? OoT was the first to do it in 3D. For which I applaud it, but ALttP just had it all for me. The perfect blend of open ended experience and linear storytelling. The sidequests, the exploration, the optional items, the little things ON TOP OF the main components of the game that made me feel like Nintendo really put some effort in to making that game. OoT was the same way (okay, I confess that maybe the reason I like ALttP best is seniority. OoT and ALttP are pretty evenly matched.) and so was MM, LoZ, and even LA and the Oracle games, to a lesser extent. Every Zelda afterwards felt like an interactive movie, really, more than a story that I helped to shape with my actions. Sure the ending doesn’t actually change depending on what I do, but in those earlier games, man, it was so satisfying to explore and hunt down every last patch of hidden earth. In the later games, that feeling of involvement is gone. The story will roll forward, sometimes too fast for you to properly appreciate the world of Hyrule and the magic it contains. In fact, the story even seems to detract from the world; so much effort is put into the overarching plot that the rest of the world is painfully limited outside the scope of how it adds to the story. There is nothing to make you believe that even though there is a terrible threat to the world, life keeps going on. Somehow, there is more depth to the homeless man under the bridge who gives you a bottle for the heck of it in ALttP than in all of the characters in WW and TP combined.

    *sigh* I don’t know. I guess I’m contradicting myself a bit. But the fact remains that you can shove the best graphics you want into a game and it can suck or you can have the crappiest graphics ever and make an incredibly engaging game. Just look at Castle of the Winds, for those of you who remember that. And good gameplay is essential to quality, but that’s a given! The gameplay must be interesting and fun in ANY game, or it’s not worth your time, but even the best gameplay will not make a game truly great. I mean, come on, the Zelda formula is as good as it gets, but we are tired of it. What is lacking in the newer Zelda’s is not graphics – like Zorakid pointed out, theme has way more to do with the mood and setting than graphics. The gritty realism of Twilight Princess is totally possible in Skyward Sword style. And it isn’t gameplay, although changes here and there are certainly refreshing and keep the game from getting too stagnant.

    It’s player involvement in the story. Skyward Sword just points you at the bad guys and you hack away at them. It requires very little creativity on your part. In a way, Zelda has become just like Tetris or Pac-man. You have a goal, and that goal requires a certain degree of mental involvement and effort, but no true exertion of imagination.

    That’s the word. Zelda no longer makes us imagine. It just gives us everything we need, albeit in a gorgeous way. And so, it has become like every other video game. Top-class, but no longer in a league of its own.

    • victoria hribernik

      I can see clearly now the rain is gone!!!

    • devin jameson

      I find Majora’s mask to be amazing in the simple fact you can replay it many times just to talk to everyone after making a different choice to say stop romani from being kidnapped by aliens. I wish the newer games would go into that detail.

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      Holy shit, Castle of the Winds!?  I thought I was the only person who ever played that!

  • Batman&Link

    I kinda liked TP’s art style and SS too they’re both great games though TP is better on the lines of the storyline. because the game gave you legitimate reasons to go into dungeons even if it leads to disappointment once but SS did it too much you weren’t trying to find Zelda you had to chase her down. but both games made you not want to give up. they both had the Big Boss’s assistant TP had Zant and SS had Giraham both of them easy after the first time you beat them. but you grow to hate Giraham more than Zant even though they’re both the reason you go on the journey anyway. and in TP almost every thing had a use except the rod you really had no purpose to have it. Why did they get rid of the different tunics in SS I know they didn’t have the Zora for the Zora tunic but what about the Gorons there was like 5 of them and no tunic instead we got heat resistant earrings and a fish fin. How lazy is that? and I still like the boomerang more than the beetle. The boomerang was a Zelda classic there from day one.

  • Chris Eldridge

    I would like now to point out how wonderful life is and that we should all go celebrate we’re alive.

  • Dee

    I can’t believe they are keeping the same graphics style as SS. Then why the fuck would you make the demo trailer look so fucking sweet if you’re just going to continue using SS art style. Fuck the cartoony graphics ok? For me, this isn’t reaching out to the true Zelda demographic which grew up with OoT, MM, and all the classics. Twilight princess had some SWEET graphics. Honestly, I just don’t know if I will ever buy another fucking Zelda game if all it has turned to is cartoony shit. I want some god damn breath taking graphics! EVERY OTHER GAME CAN DO IT! CMON NINTENDO. Bring us another game like Majora’s Mask or Ocarina of Time. Like where has all the magic gone? I constantly replay these hoping that someday, your developers will give me a reason to own a Wii-U. I loved my wii, for the fact that I could play the top Zelda games on Virtual Console, but I HAVE NO OTHER USE FOR MY WII (except mario cart..)! Please, ditch these cartoon graphics. I don’t know in what world someone told you that majority enjoyed Skyward Sword or Windwaker style of graphics more than TP. Please, please, PLEASE Nintendo. Wake up.

    • KOALO

      Yep, I agree.  Although Skyward Sword was good, it wasn’t as good as everyone makes it out to be.  Also, the graphics were just silly and made me not take the game that seriously.  I love the darker Zelda games, but it seems now that Nintentdo is trying to reach out to little kids instead of the long time fans. 

      AND WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP WITH THE MONSTERS.  God, that made me so angry in SS.  I couldn’t take the game seriously.

      • perfectlyreasonabletoo

        I know right, the game’s supposed to look like COD or else it’s for children.

        • Dominic Coradazzi

          I like your sarcasm

          • Townsen Poissant

            I like how you like his sarcasm.

          • David Williams

            I like how you like his sarcasm.

        • yeah but COD sucks

      • after reading all these messages i just have to say: HOW ABOUT WE ALL GO PLAY OCARINA OF TIME FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES SO WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT NEW ZELDA GAMES!!!!

    • I believe Skyward Sword brought back the way OoT looked. The colors look very similar when compared side by side. Unfortunately, I fear you have grown up. These games are marketed mainly to younger children. You calling yourself the “true” demographic is very selfish. Nostalgia has blinded you to what Nintendo is trying to make. Money. Lots and lots of money.

      • Emma Butson

        Yes but the fans that HAVE money.. are the ones that are older and have always followed the games, maybe its time to allow the games to grow up with their fans? and maybe draw a newer crowd in, and lets face it, there are 8 year old’s playing call of duty… they don’t require cartoony graphics.

        • They shouldn’t just stick to one type of artstyle, but rather switch each game. I’ve enjoyed all artstyles of LoZ so far, but I wouldn’t want a new SS-looking game already. There’s also been a lot of Wind Waker-looking games recently with the DS-games, so I really feel like it’s the TP-artstyle’s turn now, especially after that sweet techdemo

          • kaden Little

             the games art style is made to reflect the story of the game ex. MM had darker graphics because….. they are all dying so that means this game is in brighter graphics because the story line is less dark then TP don’t get me wrong i loved both of those games and would love to see more like them its just hard for zelda games to be put in a darker feel

          • i lafs in da face of da moon haha

        • perfectlyreasonabletoo

          Hey.  You there.  It’s been 30 years and for the first time we just had a LoZ game where there’s an acknowledged romantic relationship between the two main characters.

          I’m trying to think now if there’s ever been a single Nintendo-developed game from ANY franchise (SS excluded) where the main character has a romantic relationship… I’m coming up empty.  Heck, most of their games don’t even have voice acting.

          With that in mind, what basis do you have for expecting Nintendo to suddenly start producing mature-oriented games?  They make games that appeal to all ages.  There doesn’t need to be blood, sex, and swearing in order for a game to be good.

          Nintendo is one of a handful of game companies in the world that’s still trying to make games “fun” rather than “cinematic” – ie, an hour of cutscenes for every hour of gameplay.  I hope they never change.

      • perfectlyreasonabletoo

        “Money. Lots and lots of money.”

        And they accomplish this by developing some of the best games ever made.  For many people, myself included, the main reason to buy a Nintendo console is to play Nintendo games.

        I calculated how much it would cost to buy a Wii U and a single game to go with it: in my local currency, it works out to almost $500 USD, or basically an entire month of my non-essential income.  And you know what?  Even though it’s a ton of money, when the next LoZ comes out, I’ll pay that without hesitation.

        Hopefully there’ll be new Pikmin, Metroid, and Smash games.  Maybe there’ll even be some kind of miracle and a couple 3rd-party games worth buying will come out.  But if not, I’m still buying it… just not before LoZ comes out.

        My point here is, when you say they’re only in it to make money, it seems a bit callous. Yeah, they’re a business, the whole point is to make money, but they’re not pumping out the same shit year after year like EA or Activision, they actually take pride in their work.

    • Jonathan Sampson

       if you play Zelda for the graphics, then you are playing for the wrong reasons..

    • Enough with the language we all know that Zelda can get enraging because of the graphics and someitmes awkward parts of the storyline, but now it almost seems like you are raging and hating on the games. I mean seriously. And by the way, I’ve never recall a Zelda with initials (SS). From my Zelda career, I don’t remember a Zelda game SS, someone enlighten me on that.

      • Brad the Espeon

         Skyward Sword.

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      You remind me of the ones who shat themselves when they saw Wind Waker except you haven’t even seen it but you’ve already started complaining. Cry some more.

    • it pains me to say this but, even Sonic 06 took great advantage of the X-Box 360 graphics

  • Ben2

    I here that the graphics are not going to be Twilight Princess style but Ocarina of Time style. But either way, this is going to be a good game. Everybody is saying that Skyward Sword graphics sucked, but if you do your research Twilight Princess did not win one award for graphics, while Skyward Sword got up to twenty awards. I think Skyward Sword graphics were excellent. Like this comment if you thought the most recent Zelda game (Skyward Sword) was fine and you would like another game tho have this kind of graphics.

    • Rene Elias

      I agree, Skyward Sword graphics were great, but I would like to see a change of pace. I like the idea of switching back and forth between styles. Skyward Sword was especially good for older tech. The cel-shaded style takes away a lot of the harshness on edges and details that might otherwise be overwhelming, but we’re working with much more powerful stuff now. I just feel like it’s time to make every die-hard Zelda fan’s dream come true and give us a realistic, HD view at the world of Zelda. I would cry of its beauty.

  • Zelda fan#1

    Everyone I just got an idea for a Zelda game :O
    Alright so the name of it would be Legend of Zelda The Missing Link, and like what the title says Link would be missing.
    Now picture this.
    There’s a ferocious thunderstorm, lighting blazing, thunder crackling, and the rain crashing down onto the land. The camera then zooms in on Hyrule castle then fading into the inside of the castle where we’d see Zelda sitting on her thrown, then a few seconds later a guard comes running in, basically out of breath (and soaked to the bone). The princess then would ask, “so can he come”? showing that Zelda sent a guard to Link’s house to tell him to come to the castle. But the guard would slowly shake his head telling the princess that Link is nowhere to be found. Of course this would alert her very much, so then she’d would ask “Are you sure that you looked everywhere that Link might be”? The guard then would respond saying something like “yes I have searched everywhere, he was nowhere to be found” Zelda then would suddenly stand up and head towards the door, but the guard stops her and says “princess, I know your intention but please do not leave, it is very dangerous out there without proper…weapons and skills. Zelda would respond saying “I realize I put my own life at risk by doing this, but what if Link got lost or is hurt and can’t make it back home…I need to save him, he’d do the same for me” The guard then would slowly lower his head and stand aside “I understand that you have made up your mind princess…but…just please be careful, if we were to lose you, all of Hyrule would be nothing but chaos.” “Yes, I understand, I will be very careful, but remember too that it is more important that Link is to be alive…I must make sure he is alive…” And with that Zelda would get her supplies ready, jump up on her horse and ride out to find Link in the blazing thunderstorm.

    So that’s how the game would sort of start out, and yes you’d first start out the game by playing as…wait for it….ZELDA!!!! For the first time ever you’d play as Zelda. During the game you’d switch from Zelda’s point of view to Link’s point of view, yes you can play as Link too. Basically the story is YOU must find out why Link left and where he is going.
    To help you understand this concept of switching back and fourth between Zelda and Link. An example that’d be simple to understand is Twilight princess, when your collecting the tears of light. To put this in perspective let’s just say…wolf Link is Zelda and human Link is Link. Wolf Link (Zelda) must collect the tears of light in order to be human Link again. This would sort of be the same concept with my idea (just not collecting objects to control the other person).
    This is how the game would play out, you first play as Zelda, you do whatever, then play as Link, then when you go back to playing as Zelda, whatever Link did, Zelda would see what he’d done and get closer and closer to finding you. (once again there’d be a storyline so don’t think as Link your just walking around doing nothing, Link knows where he’s going, it’s YOU that must figure out where he’s going and why he’s going there.)

    And the first thought that probably in everyone’s mind right now is “will it be like how Zelda usually is? “you know, an adventure, an open world?” the answer is yes, of course it’d be like past Zelda games, you’d have a huge open world with countless things you can do. There’d be many side quests, mini games, and just plain goofing around.

    • Rene Elias

      Being able to control Zelda reminds me of Star Fox Adventures for some reason. I guess it’s the idea of being able to do something completely different than you ever did before.

      • an idea i had when i thought of creating a zelda game. controling zelda for the first part of the game.

    • Daisy Wells

      That’s a brilliant idea, I’d play it!

    • Austin Henderson

      they need a MM and OoT mix game where you need stuff from each dimension( or whatever it was that happened to you) to finish your quest. like you have to go over to MM area to do something in Oot area and vice versa. just improve the graphics and change up the landscapes like by making them more explore able add new things because he was a kid at the time now he is an adult but maybe this time he has to become a child to do certain things or change stuff that he should have done differently. you could easily make a good plot with those base story lines. just bring the 2 big bosses together and they make a plot of revenge on like and the areas they are in. to me this would be awesome because you get to see the old places you have been to from to me the 2 best Zelda games ever created.. maybe because those where the ones that came out when I was a kid but they were amazing games..

    • when i first started reading here, i immediately got a feel back at luigi’s first (ok maby not first, i dont really remember if it was the first or not, but thats not the point) main role game which still was hyper focused on mario… yes i’m talking about mario is missing… 😛

    • jrockjesse

      this is a bit off topic but i also have an idea…but its Mario, Super Mario Universe, so basically Mario is running around mushroom kingdom minding his own biz when the sky darkens, and out from the sky come bowser and yes ganon (and a few other Nintendo villains) bowser informs Mario that he ganon and countless other villains have used there power of evil to turn the light of planets into darkness, Mario watches as his friends are turned into dark evil versions of themselves, and right before they turn Mario rosalina puts a barrier over Mario and transports him away, she then informs mario that the planets cores of light ( stars) have been turned into dark, she then tell mario he must save the planets of light, ”Mario there is much evil in this universe and when that evil works together damage can be done, but you hold kindness and bravery in you’re heart, but you are not the only one” she then show Mario the many planets that have been transformed into shadows of themselves, these planets include, hyrule, donkey kong island, dreamland, planet of the pikmin, pokemon world, dinosaur planet from star fox .etc she then tells him ”in each one of these planets lies a guardian to that planet as you are a guardian to yours” you must gather each guardian and only then will you be able to fully restore peace to the universe” the combat in the game would be the similar to the combat in smash bros. when getting companions you choose your party members to go with you to a planet much like in kingdom hearts series, there would be side quests to take and a very large open world in each planet, the game would feature 4 player online co-op multiplayer, and also include a large array of nintendo characters and story lines, and would be the largest and most immersive mario game to date.

      • Sean Reihani

        that should be the story mode for the new smash bros. 
        It should also have voice acting. That would be hilarious for Mario!

        • Dominic Coradazzi

          I wouldn’t recommend voice acting but I agree that it could definitely become a storyline for the next Smash Bros

      • hmm great title. maybe when i find the software i’ll make that oversized meatball of a game. ( i bet you dont know what i’m refrencing )

    • Diego Ruiz

      as long as you have a good story to go with it, and you make sure the gameplay isn’t all like super mario brows, i’d play happily

    • interesting concept, i think yo should develop it a little more, and than submit the idea

    • that is awesome…i have no other words to describe it

    • Tyler Lucas

      Your idea is bad and you should feel bad. Also. The first game that you play as Zelda in? Somebody doesn’t know their Zelda history…as dark and terrible some of it may be.

      But seriously. Your game idea just sounds like a really terrible fan fiction.

      “I can’t wait to bomb some Dodongos.” – Unholy CD-i Link

      • 00EpicGamer00

        @Tyler Lucas                                                                                                 You don’t get it do you? It wouldn’t be anything like the CGI games, The CGI games weren’t even made by Nintendo in the first place. So i’m sure if Nintendo were to try, they’d come up something MUCH better.                                     And you need to stop living in the past, those games were made years ago, that no one cares about anymore!

  • Neal

    I feel like ocarina of time was the best game so far. Twilight Princess was my favorite hands down for 2 reasons. 1 because it closely resembled Ocarina. 2 I liked the mature, dark feel of it. Skyward Sword was good in terms of game play, graphics, and innovative ideas but I absolutely hated the Disney-like, G-Rated cut scenes. It seemed like this game was made for little kids. I think this new one will be better but I just hope they start to get back to their ocarina of time roots

  • Majora

    I cant wait for this game. anyone who reads this post must share the same soft spot for link’s adventures as i do. If anyone from Nintendo reads this please read carefully…. People love zelda. people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. there is money to be made thru zelda because of all the hard work everyone puts into it. please continue Link’s saga of beastliness. P.S. yall should make the final boss battles a little more harder or complex and epic. Skyward sword’s battle at the end was simply to easy and a tad bit bland for my taste. I mean common, in the Ocarina Ganondorf completley transformed into giant beast mode ganon. no hard feelings but common guys, a little more epic please?

  • BEbe

    Yeah!!! Zelda rocks!!! of course i wish it would come out sooner, but cant wait till it is! It sounds so freaking awesome!!

  • Some guy who likes Zelda

    hey, how about just make a GOD DAMN SEQUEL(art style) GAME from the series of N64??

    • Emma Butson

      Damn Straight.

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo

      That was Skyward Sword.  Most of its art style closely resembles OoT.

    • meaning use the art style of oot?I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! but i prefer the art style of Majora’s Mask. MM is a little darker than oot but just barely.

  • Bardock-SSJ2

    I can’t for Zelda Wii U XD

  • Sweet spot? with Skyward Sword? please.
    Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were much better games.

    • perfectlyreasonabletoo


  • Truls Karlsen

    Stop caring about the craphics, arent you glad it comes out a new ZELDA game!? i mean, what if nintendo stops making zelda games. you should be glad. i love all zelda games i love twilight princess just as much as skyward sword not because of the graphics but, because of the gameplay and  the story 🙂

  • I honestly wouldn’t mind another toon styled Zelda game.  I really loved WindWaker, the style was adorable and very fun.  I think my favorite hand held Zelda game that I’ve played would have to be Phantom Hourglass… I’ve just recently started to get into Zelda since a couple of months ago when i got a wii and started playing Twilight Princess… I went on to playing Wind Waker and then Skyward Sword.. I just bought Four Swords Adventures, so looking forward to it!  In my honest opinion, though, I’m not too worried about the graphics.  I just want a game with memorable characters that grow on you, great character designs, and a good solid plot and gameplay.  All in all im freaking hyped!  I have faith in Nintendo.
    I haven’t beat any of my LoZ games yet, though… I should get on that.  

  • Ryan White

    I’m SO excited for this! I have nothing to complain about…I am an avid lover of zelda lol. This is gonna be legit!

  • Gecchi Kun

    4 me Zelda is one of the best gaming titles ever don by man

  • Gecchi Kun

    4 me Zelda is one of the best gaming titles ever don by man

  • The big question: Are they gonna make Link a lefty again like they should have in the last 2 (3 if you count master quest OoT3DS)?  Link shouldn’t be a right hander.  Their excuse with “most people are right handed” is now moot because of the game paddle.  Bring back our lefty.

    • i think they should have an option in the beginning of the game or on the settings screen to choose if your a righty or a lefty

    • Lucas Chen

      I am always confused if Link is a lefty or righty. Only if he’s holding it the wrong way, or he just learned how to be a righty…Oh well.

  • Coming from someone who only buys the next nintendo console just to play the new Zelda games, I am extremely excited and seriously hope the world doesn’t end this year just so I can play this game.

  • After looking at the comments and seeing what they have planned for the graphics I think that they should take the improved graphics they used for the remake of Ocarina of Time and go from there, applying a more realistic tone to the characters, while still keeping the same Zelda essence that make OoT so popular to begin with.  The darker tones of Twilight Princess made the game a little more difficult to play to me, although the story was great and did call for the darker tones.  However, the graphics in Windwaker were almost unbearable and too cartoony for my tastes, the only thing that kept me going throughout that was the story.  I think Nintendo has found a happy medium in Skyward Sword, which was a game that I thouroughly enjoyed, although I felt that it ended too quickly and should’ve had more of a storyline, or at least more sidequests.  Overall, I think that they know what they are doing, and I am really excited for this new game.  My only request, please no more cartoony graphics like Windwaker, lets leave that to the kiddos. 

  • The forest dungeon sounds cool but the part saying it can take hours to complete sounds horrible
    I hope in this Zelda game everybody or at least the important people speak its 2012 dammit Link cant be mute forever

    • IKR, I don’t want to sit there in the same dungeon for hours! -.-” I want to get on with the Story, they just need the same Hyrule size field in Twilight except with more things to do and more historical landmarks from the previous Zelda games to Link things, you know…to me…it makes me excited to watch a seen or something that has to do with linking “History of the other Zelda games”. So they can actually link. It’ll make it easier to fill in The Legend of Zelda Historia and easier to let Nintendo tell the entire story or parts of it without answering themselves and keeping ideas in their heads without them seeing… Just saying. 

  • SRussman

    I love the varying graphics throughout the series, and for the most part believe that the graphics ‘fit’ the story. Twilight Princess was a darker story with the whole twilight realm, therefore a darker color palette made sense. Windwaker/Skyward Sword were more ‘lighthearted’ adventures so a broader color spectrum with more bright and vivid hues made both more fitting. Personally though, the thing that killed Skyward Sword for me was motion controls. I loved Windwaker, I loved Twilight Princess (GameCube) but I just cannot love motion controls on the Wii. If Nintendo decides to include motion controls, please for the love of god, include standard control alternatives.

    • IKR, that made the game challenging, but the Wii Motion Plus freaks out sometimes and does crazy stuff, or it just sits there with no response. I also agree that since Twilight Princess was supposed to be a daker story than Skyward or Wind Waker, you would assume that the world is more dark. I think what Nintendo should have done is add more light in the areas that you remove the darkness from. A realistic world needs color too. My personal perspective.

      TLOZ:TP is my Favorite Zelda game. 

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Isn’t it weird that (I don’t know if you played it but) The Zelda battle quest minigame thing on Nintendo land for the wii U, the motion plus repsonds better in that game than in skyward sword

        • Wow, I don’t have a Wii U but I did play that when I was invited to the Wii U Experience for the area I live in.  Yes, the motion control for the Wii remote with Wii motion plus was more responsive and accurate. Way better! D: I don’t know why they did that. 

  • kaden Little

    the games art style is made to reflect the story of the game ex. MM had
    darker graphics because….. they are all dying so that means this game
    is in brighter graphics because the story line is less dark then TP
    don’t get me wrong i loved both of those games and would love to see
    more like them its just hard for zelda games to be put in a darker feel

  •    I prefer the Twilight Princess art design better. The game Twilight Princess I believe could be upscaled and be more sharper with better graphics, but Nintendo’s hardware limited them. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is supposed to have a realism in its art but since the Wii only supports 480i and 480p, you won’t get the best pixels from every object on the game, actually you’ll get more pixels and broken looking images if you try more sharper looks on the Wii.Yeah Skyward Sword had awards and such, but Nintendo used an art style the would best fit their limited hardware….the Wii. The Wii U would be amazing to play Twilight Princess on because everything isn’t so pix-elated.  Twilight is supposed to have that punch of the dark because in its name is “Twilight” and its meaning is similar to dusk, gloaming, and dark, So when you play Twilight, you play what you ask for. I agree on with some of the comments that people made that Twilight wasn’t bright enough, but simply it had a wonderful art style, very excellent, but some parts didn’t look right because the Wii had its limits.
       I liked the realism in the Twilight version, but Skyward Sword did seem to have a sharpness in graphics than Twilight. If you actually think about it, I would want Nintendo to make a Twilight art style, but add more colors. I think when people say Twilight, they mean the characters design and stuff also. To be truthful, I was not pleased with any of the two’s character designs and their face visuals for the Minor Characters or whatever you call them. 
    1. Skyward Sword – 
       Goose from Skyward, his face disturbed me because it tried to meet their “Skyward Sword” look, but they made him look too deformed. Link has the same issue, his face is kind of weird looking. 

    2. Twilight Princess – 
       Rusl from Twilight Princess, his face disturbs me utterly, I think Nintendo wanted to make a realistic man face, but it didn’t turn out like that. His face looks boxy with no realism to it. 
    (Just an example of some of the Characters that I didn’t like their art style with their faces.)

       When it comes to graphics, yeah Skyward Sword’s graphics were more pieced together, but twilight had a more realism in everything. Skyward Sword had the toon-like look which made the game feel too kiddy believe it or not. Wind Waker for me is supposed to be a Zelda game with a toon look, I didn’t like the toon look much at all, but it pulled it off for me and the entire game with it’s visual art was amazing, even though it was toon.

       I would love to see the new Legend of Zelda for Wii U to have a Twilight Princess look, with Skyward Sword bright colors, but according to what was said above, it doesn’t seem like Twilight will happen. I don’t like the toon parts of objects that Skyward had, it wasn’t real, but I loved their Idea in color and liveliness. Nintendo excelled in make Skyward Sword beautiful in colors and brightness, but making the game more realistic wouldn’t hurt. We also have to think about the timing when Twilight Princess was released and Skyward Sword was meant to be a Twilight look blended with a Toon-link look. If it was all “Toonish” look like people said, they would’ve placed a Toon Link looking older character in Skward Sword which I don’t think happened, I think Skyward Sword Link looks like a mix of both. 

       Overall I do prefer the Twilight art style for the main characters, objects, and land features, but for the new Legend of Zelda, they should have Twilight, but make it more welcoming with bright colors too, not all gloomy and dark like Twilight Princess, although it’s supposed to have things to do with the dark, but after you banish evil in a place, there should be color. So that’s my personal opinion on the new Legend of Zelda and how it should look. :l 

  • Come on people, learn this! We don’t need to depend on Skyward Sword’s look, that was just so their Legend of Zelda for Wii can actually look good and less blocky because the Wii doesn’t support the quality. Nintendo has improved their game and it’s pointless to have their Skyward Sword “safe art style” anymore. The Wii U can show better quality than the Wii, meaning realistic games like Twilight Princess will turn out better than before, with all the pixels just because realism needs so many different pixels on a person, you see them and they look like a block with different colors. Nintendo isn’t limited anymore, they can make realistic games now. 

       If they use the Skyward look….I won’t be as jumpy with it, the Skyward Sword art looks awkward, even on Link. I got my Club Nintendo Platinum Award status and chose the Skyward Sword, Luigi’s Mansion, and Kid Icarus posters. Link kind of looks ridiculous on his poster…his face…My goodness. -.-” Nintendo will get more “likes” and awards with an HD Zelda game with Twilight art. Just saying. :L


    Hoping for a Twilight Wii U HD remake! 😀

  • Dawn Hyatt

    Personally I would like to see OoT taken to the +++++ level with this game, I liked the feel of OoT, the atmosphere, how magical it was. If they could apply that atmosphere to this new game I could dig it, though naturally I’m looking for something massive and smooth. I confess I’m really not looking forward to investing in a Wii-U, but my love for Zelda has meant buying every Nintendo console ever made just to play Zelda.

    • You deserve a million likes! I would do the same for a Zelda game!!! I will go insane…even if I have no money left! >:D! (Not really….that wouldn’t be wise…but you get my drift)

  • munira owens

    I remember playing Skyrim and wishing it was Zelda

  • DemonRoach

    me want wii mote support

  • Mucksony

     I was thinking about getting the Wii U until I saw the G4 review of it
    on Attack of the Show 2.5 out of 5 and they just smashed it all around
    from hardware to software to apps to games to the controllers.

  • Devonte C

    I am definitely looking forward to those large dungeons. I hate the not long enough story line. I also hope I don’t have to go through the aggravating silent realm again. its the only thing keeping me from re-playing my skyward sword

  • Kristian Johnsen

    Skyward sword was great and i cant w8 for this to come out, looks great!!!

  • Actually Derp, I take that back, dunno what I was thinking. I know what SS is I was playing recently, and still am playing it through the Hero Mode. I hate derp moments. :/

  • please have a master mode please please please and id like to play it from the get go so you know us experienced players can have at it and be frustrated and feel accomplished when we beat a dungeon 

  • Oh! Aren’t Dungeons just The greatest (◣_◢)

  • Stan the deadpool fan

    Why do they change te graphics!?
    WTF is nintendo doing..

    • Lol! I want Twilight Princess graphics! D:<

  • Noah Mazzola

    I honestly don’t even know how many of you call yourselves Zelda fans. SS was not the worst. TP was not the worst. In fact, if any game should hold that title its WW. That game was a mockery. There is zero argument there. Secondly, when they say ‘art style’ that doesn’t mean graphics. Slap yourselves for thinking that. They’re just saying that how they drew out the characters and environments is what they like a lot. They’ll just take that and make HD advanced texture filled awesome looking visuals. Seriously, some LoZ fans should be slapped.

    • I see your point, but….they didn’t say they were going for WW’s art, but SS. That’s why everyone is making commotion (Including myself) about why Nintendo needs to move on from the safe art style and go to a realistic art style that they’ve wanted to achieve all along. According to above, they’ll be continuing with the SS art style. 

         Wind Waker wasn’t the best and in my personal opinion, hated it. I did not like the characters faces, and I felt as if I wasn’t playing a real sequel to the TLOZ sequels/games. I did not feel the connection unlike SS, TP, OoT, even MM! Majora’s mask didn’t even have anything to do with effecting the regular Hyrule world, yet I felt connected because of its art. 

         I completely understand your point, but the point of Wind Waker wasn’t even in the there. Nice point though! When I mean “Art styles” I mean how link looks, the terrain, the items, the building and stuff. it could use more realism like TP, but TP failed because Wii couldn’t handle such textures to make the game as realistic that they wanted it to look.

  • Navi789

    So upset… fans don’t want more cartoony crap like skyward sword… they want a darker themed hd zelda more of the style of twilight princess and still staying true to the best zelda games like Ocarina of Time. 

  • FYI, the page’s title says 2013, but the header line and article all say 2014.

  • Sarah Jewell

    I’m SO EXCITED!! BUT there are some things I would like to see in this new game:

    I want Ganondorf; I want Dekus; I want Zoras; I want Gorons; I want Epona back; Gerudos would be nice; and I would like some recognizable characters (like from OoT – the postman etc.). I would LOVE the Twilight graphics, but as long as they stick to the Zelda feel with an amazing storyline (like OoT), the Skyward Sword graphics aren’t the worst thing. But let’s face it, no matter what, we’ll all still be Zelda fans – and anything we can get we’ll take!
    AND NO Fi!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been how long since OoT? Why do we need this thing telling us how to figure stuff out – I’m pretty sure we’re masters by now!!!! And if not, the whole point of an adventure game is to figure it out for ourselves!!! Navi is fine because…well, it’s Navi. 🙂

    P.S. And please NO TIME TRIALS (tear collecting from Skyward Sword). Those damn guardians scared me so much I refuse to play the game again – just because I do not want to have to go through that again!!

    OH…and put Zelda back in her traditional clothes – none of this school girl stuff. She needs to be the mysterious Zelda we all know and love. Twilight Princess nailed it!

    I would just love that magic I felt in OoT again…Everything about it was perfect…

  • devin jameson

    I hope there is a lot to explore out of the dungeons. More like Wind Waker, everyone talks about sailing but I loved that part and the feeling that you could go anywhere. Skyward sword I felt limited to the three areas.

  • WarioForever

    Wow, 800 comments on this topic… LET’S GO TO THE 1000!!!  😀

  • dex1lsp

    I’m sure it will be an incredible game, but I am a bit wary about this whole ginormous dungeon thing. If they’re gonna be that huge, they better be sufficiently varied. The variety factor is a big thing that makes Zelda and other adventure games so fun and interesting and appealing. The mark of a great adventure game is when you’re constantly excited to see what’s next. So I think it would be a major detriment if these massive dungeons make you feel like you’ve been stuck doing the same old things in the same old place for many playing sessions on end. It does seem like they’re being conscious of this by breaking some dungeons up into a few parts, but of course we don’t know nearly enough yet to have a clear sense of what that actually means. But this series never fails to be truly amazing in my opinion, so I definitely trust these guys. Stay tuned . . .

  • Diego Ruiz

    as a fan that’s played TP, WW, OOT and SS, and has bought every consol JUST to play zelda, i gotta say: i don’t particularly care for the graphics, i’m a fan cause of the story, and to a lesser degree cause of the gameplay, the only things i’d wish they’d change is:

    more side quests and make sure there’s a good story, (SS was dissapointing)

    make sure ALL the map is discoverable (SS was a kick in between your legs: you can’t fly at night so you can’t see what earth is like at night either and because you couldn’t go from one section of area to another without first going to your birdie you ended up with the feeling that you were missing out, and it was mostly just a puzzle to get through, it wasn’t really a discoverable map like every other game)

    don’t make us get items if we’re not gonna use them ever again

    when we finally beat the whole game, DON’T make use save game right before the final battle, i wanna know how we changed the world!!!!


    i respect the fact that the suit has become an icon of the game, however what makes zelda (generally speaking) a great game are the items, the story, the huge world you get to walk in, the people you talk to and the favors you do them, the way you always seem to skip to a different timeline or dimension in most games; THAT’S what made us Zelda fans, that’s why when we hear the name Zelda we look up; and apparently it doesn’t bother so many people, but i wish they’d, at least, get rid of the hat.

  • Comment deleted!

  • I was incredibly disappointed when I read that the art style will be like SS, I didn’t care for the art style, story or gameplay. As for the new one, I was truly hoping for something along the lines of what you saw in the tech demo. Mix that with the feel of Majoras Mask and it would be the perfect Zelda for me.

  • Diego Ruiz

    stupid worry (i hope to god) but if the new zelda will use the wii u gamepad does that take out the “swordsmanship” of SS out of the game? cause frankly, even though SS had a lot to improve the gameplay was perfect

    please answer soon, i’m worried

    • Muhammed Akbaba

      i hope they will let us poaly the game iwth the gamepad. i hate the controls of wii zelda games 🙁

  • Jeremiah Straub

    i gotta have this … i mean I NEED TO HAVE THIS !!!!!! I JUST CANT DESCRIBE HOW BAD I NEED THIS!!!!!!

  • Amanda Reed

    I really wish they would go with Twilight Princess style graphics, because they were gorgeous. Twilight Princess is my most favorite game of all time, and while the graphics of Skyward Sword  were okay, they just don’t do it for me.

  • Maartje Vijgenboom

    If the demo was just made with a different team and an older engine, I think the new game must become really gorgeous. c:

  • LonDonE247

    I prefer the wiiU Zelda to be made with the so called older engine, i honestly do not want a skyward sword style zelda in hd,an by the sounds of it the design will be like ss too, this is not good, i did not enjoy the linear style of zelda ss, i LOVED zelda twilight princess, an its a ocarina of time, an zelda tp style game we need on wiiU, i want it to wow me an blow me away, an i want it to be challenging, like ocarina, zelda ss felt so casual an dumb downed,i want them to go crazy.

    I so wish shigeru miyamoto still was more involved in the games production like he used to be, HURRY UP NINTENDO!! an release a 3D mario, a metroid prime or zelda!! i just stare at my wiiU at the moment, an no way am paying £49 for 3rd party ports which i can play on my ps3 an 360 for half the amount an mostly they are the superior versions!
    I miss the days when gunpie yokoi an hiroshi yamauchi an shigeru miyamoto done all the work, iwata is a fail, oh nintendo, i love u an i hate u at the moment! an they should have included the wii u pro controller in every console bundle,an made EVERY GAME work with it, i hate how they force people to use the wiimote an gamepad. i actually typed this with my wii U gamepad, man the browser is awesome!

  • devmiles

    i believe this game will be truely epic, a must have and forever cherished game already!
    but also means that the majority of gamers can wait with buying a wii-u since there, especially right now is not so much epicness to play.. aside from some nice games, not epic

  • Tyler Lucas

    “Hey everybody! Lets overreact over rumors about the graphical style that may or may not be true!” – Everybody posting on this story

    Seriously everyone. This is all just pure speculation at this point. I’m sure that Nintendo will create a unique graphical style for this game that takes full advantage of the Wii U’s graphical capabilities  So please. Quite your bitching.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    adding voice acting to the Zelda franchise other than yell, laughs, gasps, and Navi would be the death it look at the demon-spawn CD-i games

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    One does not play Zelda games to fish but the whip later on probably would’ve satisfied your strange fishing needs

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    You buy Zelda games for the fishing!?
    Damn, you’re missing a shit ton of awesome games/gameplay

  • On the topic of colors and graphics OoT kind of went with the whole switching back and forth with the lighter and darker schemes, if I remeber correctly the game starts out fairly colorful and light then slowly getting darker but still keeping a lot of the bright colors. It was colorful as young Link and ominous, gloomy, and dark as adult Link. Lets say they make the dungeons in the new game have a darker grittier feel while the outside world bright but slowly getting darker with the growing evil. Find a happy medium between dark realistic graphics of TP and the bright child like graphics of SS and you’ve got a happy sort of a real life dark cartoony feel, a tetradic color scheme if you will. Put that together with an immersive story, complex dungeons, a healthy mix of old and new creatures, and hopefully some hair pulling difficult bosses, and you’ll have a game that could grab just about every kind of Zelda gamer hardcore, casual, realistic, or cartoonish.

  • I like that it’ll have Skyward Sword Graphics. It had a nice painted feel to it. But they could still make it slightly more realistic. I dunno, maybe it’s just me. I loved the design of Twilight Princess but I feel it was too hard to look at. Now maybe if they gave it a softer look to it, it would’ve been better.

  • I don’t care about where it fits in the story, what the art style is like, which Zelda’s best. I just want a new Zelda game already!!

  • We are all fans of the Zelda franchise, so why do you guys complain, you’re buying the game anyways.

  • James Robison

    I have something important to say, Skyward Sword was HORRIBLE the art style was like a cross between cartoon and realistic Link, the dungeons were WAAAAAAAAAY too easy there was NO challenge in them, and Zelda WASN’T EVEN A PRINCESS she looked horrible, and what were they thinking making Ghirahim he was a gay stripper, but the worst part was that the FINAL BOSS WASN’T GANANDORF!!!

  • James Robison

    Didn’t mean to post this.

  • James Robison

    Comment on this if you agree with me.

  • 2014 are you fucking kidding me


  • I’m a little disappointed that they’re going with the skyward sword art style. Other then that, It seems like it’ll be AMAZING!

  • Oh. My. God. Okay, this gives me an excuse to actually buy the WiiU console. Been looking for one 😀

    This promises to be EPIC. Let’s see if they can actually make a dungeon that keeps you occupied for hours, without frustrating people, that’s the only thing I can see as a real problem. Personally, I love it when the dungeons are long and difficult, makes beating them all the more satisfying, but for some people, getting bored or frustrated could be an issue.

    Guess we’ll just have to see

  • will they make it for other systems besides the wii u?

  • i hope that game get more intense and more dungeons it longer then the other one i cant wait i love zelda grow up on zelda my how life.

  • Jacob French

    Shadow Temple. and added with more scary feeling and scary music that will make young player afraid to complete that dungeon if that was broken down to 3 parts. also they could add that timeline before Skyward Sword. like before Hylia sacrifice her goddess ability’s to seal Demise.

  • Diego Ruiz

    i think they should base their graphics on barroc light-dark style. (the picture is for a reference), basically a damn good contrast between the two sides with coloring, with a realistic artstyle to be filled in.

    on another note i hope they make a continuation of windwaker, i wanna know how it turns out now that they’ve left Hyrule for good.


    please reply if you agree with the last note

  • Sam Johson

    Hope they add an ability to save wherever and it goes where you saved like most games… and not back to the start of the dungeon…

  • Guest

    How can i know that this is real, or if wii u daily is fake and making this up or something like that?

  • im so excited I peed a little

  • omg i just cant wait

  • Torbjørn skjåk

    I hope they make link and zelda look like the characters from twilight princess  :c

  • Rafid Dewan

    I CAN DO THIS I AM THE BEST ZELDA GAMER!!!! (In my world atleast -_-)

  • Rafid Dewan

    They should also release a walkthrough one year later after the release 😛 That will make noob gamers work hard!!!

  • Rafid Dewan

    I doubt that Wind Waker is one of the worst LoZ games Are you really judging a game by it’s cover? Wind Waker is on of the best LoZ games. So what if it’s cartoony? Does that change ANYTHING? Look, if LoZ gamers turns into C.O.D gamers going all and all on the graphics and stuff. Wind Waker was a pleasant if you have played it and was a beautiful story, awesome levels, and incredible sidequests and the largest field map in LoZ history. Face it, SS was a failure compared to most LoZ games because the field map wasn’t big and there was no islands and such. The bosses were too easy and it glitches up. Name me on other thing other than the graphics and the difficulty that Wind Waker was bad at?

  • Torbjørn skjåk

    no ganondorf in the new upcoming zelda game? :c

  • “I wont be buying the new zelda game. I know there’s tonnes of innovations and this is going to be the biggest game ever, but blah blah i’m nostalgic and dont like “kiddie graphics”

    Are you all stupid.

  • I wonder about the new title for 3DS that’s keeping us away from Majora’s Mask 3D.

  • HugoZwirman

    I wish they would go back into zelda old style like in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, because these are truly zelda epic games. The sequences are great two but it’s not the same felling of gameplay and creativity… Imagine a new Zelda game with the dungeons of Ocarina of Time and the super quests of Majora’s Mask?? that’s the true spirit of playing Zelda they realy should come back with…

  • cant wait for this new zelda to come out hopefully it will be this year sounds epic cant wait … but please dont make it like skyward swords it wasnt hard or challenging enough and completely lacked the zelda stamp (ie what makes zelda zelda lol) hopefully its more liike twilight princess for the wii has to be one of the best zelda games along with ocarina of time…soo excited hurry up  makers we cant wait for 2 years : )

  • Guest

    Hello everybody, I’m sure everyone knows by now but apparently Nintendo is re-releasing Wind Waker for the Wii U (Now with that said, Wind Waker isn’t the new Zelda game coming out in 2014, the Wind Waker game is just to keep us busy while we wait)
    The game is going to be released in the fall of 2013 (kind of a long ways huh?) The awesome thing about it is it’s getting a complete graphics overhaul!!! If you people look up “Zelda Wind Waker Wii U” It looks amazing…and those are just early pictures, there’s no telling what it’ll look like by fall :O

  • gaminggrandinformed

    go for broke nintendo ill be there to buy this day one

  • I WANT EPONA!!!!!!!! >.<

  • Fate scaper

    Zelda Wii u-
    1. consists of 1st player using wii remote & nunchuck
    2.gamepad is used by 2nd player (yes theres optional multiplayer)
    ( the 2nd player will play as the role of link’s companion) ex. Navi,Midna,Fi. world, you can do the dungeons in which ever order you want!
    4. Twilight princess art style, Nintendo wouldn’t release 2 Zelda games with the same art style, if so the chances are slim. the colors will be Vibrant & Beutiful. but with twilight art style.

    These rumors seem legit.
    & Nintendo is re-releasing Wind waker in HD with new ways to play. (meant to keep us pacified until the NEW Zelda)

  • Justin Shelton

    i am hoping for something with the mood of twilight princess and some elements of skyward sword, link to the past, oot, and 4sword adventure thrown in.

  • Jest a big fan of the zelda games saying if they are going to make the temples this big that means the hyrule fild will be massive so if any one asked me id say they should make this into a huge RPG unlike an other zelda game ever made im talking more weapon, armor choices side quest, choose your allies and save hyrule your way, let yourself  make your own hero and not have the quest lined out for you!!

  • please say it is going to be on THE WII 

  • well i guess i need a wii u

  • JimSk Hansen

    lol water temple was kind of easy

  • Armend

    I’d really love to see this: i think they should carry on from where they left off with Twilight Princess. although it was not the best game in the series, i want answers. i want ot know what happened after midna went through the twilight mirror, i want to know more of the history of the area (Hyrule) or maybe even make a direct sequel to majora’s mask which could be set in Termina.

    Genuinely, i do not give a flying f*** about the HD graphics, the physics or the art-style…

    if they don’t make a good story then i think, as a nintendo and zelda fan, that truthfully i think that no-one will spend 40-50 pounds on a game that was rushed in someway.

    ALSO, i think that all zelda fans would agree with me when i say that the dungeons shouldn’t be too long or complicated like the water temple in OoT (Or the arbiter’s ground’s, i found it difficult) because no-one wants to play for 5 hours non-stop without having a break or pressing the save button or something…

    I think that they made a good decision with the art-style (Skyward Sword) but it was like the art department in Nintendo had some sort of obsession with water colour. it did look nice on paper but in the game itself, it didn’t make sense. they need to make it a bit darker and use more saturated colours.

    i think they should have some sort of magic or alchemy in the game…

    but i would like more gameplay when you have to like run away from the enemy in a forest or something with others, I’m saying (In some parts only) that it shouldn’t just be link on his own and that’s it, he should venture with others.

    but i have to agree with some other fans, i did enjoy TP more than the other games just because of that darkness that makes it unique but i can’t change nintendo’s decision.

    about the online thingy majig.. it dissapoints me that nintendo are not using online multiplayer, they could of made a short multiplayer campaign and it could sweeten the deal for some.

    All in all, i look foward the 2014 zelda and it’s future editions, although nintendo has made compromises, i’m sure they’ll make a game woth playing in the end.