Dec 22nd, 2012

Nintendo has a good piece of advice for those who are giving a Wii U as a Christmas present to someone: open the Wii U and run a system update before you give it as a gift to the lucky person. This will make it “good to go” as soon as it’s opened, according to Nintendo.

Nintendo Tweeted the “pro tip”, which you can read below:

It’s a great idea. If you were lucky to find a Wii U at a point when the console is almost sold out everywhere, go the extra step and run the system update (which can take a while) before wrapping it up. And you should do it soon, because Christmas is only a few days away.

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  • Chris C

    The system is not almost sold out everywhere.  There are countless Wii U’s just sitting on the shelves. 

    Second that’s a joke piece of advice for Nintendo to give.  I have some advice for Nintendo: Update the system yourself before you put it in the box.

    • As much as I hate to admit it, this guy has a point. It’s not sold out in most places only during the release day did it sell out. There are currently a crap ton of Wii Us out there in stock, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not selling, it’s just that Nintendo is learning from their mistakes and restocks more often. Also I hate to waste my already small internal memory for what should have been already installed to the Wii U.

      • Wayne Beck

        You do realize that Nintendo installing it for you would not have magically made the Software require no HDD space right?

        Also, best I can tell, the Wii U is selling out everywhere, but Nintendo has been restocking stores every three or so days.

      • Chris C

        Wii U Sales week ending 12/15
        US = 164,000
        Europe = 69,739
        Japan = 130,928
        Total = 395,016

        The Wii U is meeting launch expectations in the U.S. and Japan, but is failing badly in Europe.  Overall Wii U sales are disappointing, as Nintendo now has zero chance to reach their stated 3.5 million units sold by December 31, and a very difficult time reaching their 5.5 million by March 31st goal.

        • Josh Deutscher

           While I agree the Wii U’s sales are lower than expected, and they won’t likely reach 3.5 mil by Dec 31st, they still have a fair chance to make 5.5 mil by March 31st.

          Total Global Sales Since 12/15: 1,817,166
          Average Sales Per Week: 454,291.5

          In order to reach 3.5 mil by Dec 31st, Nintendo needs to have doubled their average sales per week this past week, (12/16 – 12/22) and this following week. Just about impossible.

          However, there are still 13 unaccounted weeks of sales left until March 31st. Even if the Average sales per week drops by a third for that time period, they will still make the 5.5 mil mark.

          454,291.5   x  (2/3)   =   302,861
          302,861   x   13   =   5.75 mil

          Of course it’s also very possible that after the holidays, the Wii U’s sales will drop much more. Reaching 5.5 mil by March 31st is very possible, but just as unlikely.

          • Chris C

            Thanks for crunching those numbers, it changed my opinion on their chances for 5.5m.  Definitely more of a chance than I gave them, but still – a very difficult task.  Especially if the U.S. goes over this looming Fiscal Cliff.

          • gaminggrandinformed

            the sales will pick up as ppl get tax returns here in the us most us working stiffs can afford one when we get back our hard earned money from uncle sam i was lucky enough to get one for chrismas and only compliant i whish more games were out for it

        • Disagree on one part but I’ll explain in some rattling, bear with me…

          European Gamers still see Nintendo as Kiddy/family, been so for the past decade they prefer PS3/Xbox360 over Nintendo consoles. The minority want a Nintendo Console (WiiU), the majority does NOT, and the commercials aren’t helping either for WiiU trying to make it attractive to “hardcore” gamers. Then there is the download restriction thanks to Nintendo Europe being set in Germany (Which is NO OFFENSE the MOST strict country as it comes to Violence in games in Europe)

          “If” I did not like nintendo before, I would definily see WiiU as a kiddy/family console because of the shitty commercials for it, I haven’t seen any commercial in the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey or in cinemas for Mass Effect 3, Batman, Assasin’s Creed 3 or Darksiders II, all I have seen is Nintendo Land, New Super mario bros U and a very short spot less then 5 secs for ZombiU (most of that commercial exists out of Nintendio Land 25+ seconds), and let’s face it no matter how much fun Nintendo land is, it’s just not appealing at all to “hardcore” gamers. So they see the adds for WiiU and they think one thing: argh forget it, yet again Nintendo is a Kiddy/family console and always will be, why bother looking up info and gamers for it, these adds say enough.

          The only commercials I do see still a LOT every day are Assasins Creed 3 and Black ops II BOTH for PS3 and/or Xbox360, NOT ONCE for WiiU, in fact it isn’t even displayed at the end, all it displays is the game cases for PS3, Xbox360 and PC for both above titles, they ARE on WiiU but they are NOT shown on these commercials, nor there are any separate commercials for the WiiU of these titles. So I can understand why hardcore gamers still do NOT get turned on for WiiU.

          Luckily I know better then that, but again the majority in Europe does not. Other then that supplies in Europe are still VERY low and the ever increasing costs within the European Union (Blame the Crisis, Brussels or whatever) make it VERY hard for people to spent €350-400,- ($400-480,-) on a new console as they simply don’t have the money for it, the majority of the people who want a WiiU that is, (as said before that group in general is the minority of the gamers in Europe).

          Sadly I too fall under the Minority group who wants one, and yet also under the Majority of the group who can’t afford one yet. Maybe, just maybe I might be able to get one end January or end February, but at this time things do NOT look good.

          The one thing Nintendo still does have the upper hand in in europe are the Handhelds, GB, GBA, DS, and now 3DS is still increasingly populair among hardcore, families and casual gamers, and it beats the PSP and PSvita combined as well as any other handheld. For handheld gaming Nintendo wins the platinum award in Europe, sadly for consoles since the Gamecube nintendo in Europe has very little value.

          That is my first hand experience as I live in Europe. Agree or disagree as you like, but this to long story for which I apologize is a fact in Europe about Nintendo.

          • BJaq

            Weird. Here in the states, I see ACIII with 360, PC, PS3 and Wii U logos…

          • Jonas

            I agree with you on the commercials, but in europe the people dont pick ps3 or xbox over nintendo, they pick pc over consoles. There are way more pcgamers than consolegamers here.

        • Rye Rugovac

          They actually sold over a million, not to be mean, but get your facts straight.

          • Chris C

            The figures are for the week of Dec 8 – 15 only.  And that’s what my first post said. My facts are straight.  Get your comprehension straight. Not to be mean. Taken from

    •  Agreed 100%.

    • ConCity Soldier

      This is what the current consoles in the market sold after 4 weeks of it’s launch release.

      WiiU: 1,817,166
      Wii: 2,071,242
      PS3: 524,687
      X360: 948,162

      • Chris C

        Those are some compelling numbers.  In that context, the launch is definitely going well despite poor European sales.

      • like Sara explained I’m shocked that any one can make $9086 in one month on the network.

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    • Captain Falcon

      Nintendo themselves have said Wii Us sold around Spring time will have the 1GB update preinstalled.

    • TheLast

      Not everywhere, but it is definitely sold out in most densely populated areas (in USA). I didn’t believe it was sold out a couple weeks ago as well, but then I went checking around after my bro said he saw some (he didn’t look at the box properly, but he knows), and all there were was a bunch of black family edition Wiis…

    • The reason that the Nintendo Wii U was not updated before hitting the shelves was because they sent some out to reviewers, etc….Nintendo didn’t want the reviewers to spoil ALL the aspects of the Wii U so some could be kept as a surprise…..

      • John Heide

        I’ m fine with getting a feature spoiled if it means I don’t have to wait through an update.

  • Seth Callahan

    Done did it. That was my excuse to play for two weeks after the kids were in bed 🙂

  • Th3PANO

    global the wii u sold 601,712 units last week. plus 73 % the week before. even more then ps 3. the 3ds outsold every system last week. nintendo doesn’t fail guys. just calm down.

    • Chris C

      No, they sold 395,016.

      It’s right there on the front home page of

      • Th3PANO

        dude, go on my link, right side there are weekley sales of this week. check it out man. your link is the week before. true story bro

        • Chris C

          I see what you’re saying, but that was for the week before last, the chart on your link is for Dec 1 – 8…so last week, week ending the 15th, it actually declined in weekly sales globally by 200k units.

          But, I overreacted when I saw those Europe numbers for the week of Dec 8 – 15.  

          Given the Wii U is almost matching the Wii launch figures globally, I have to change my opinion that the launch is going well.



    • ConCity Soldier

      Yeah, you can…  It’ll be here before you know it, and it’s just a few more days now.

  • ByteManNeo

    It’s not a bad idea. Should’ve had the update already pre-installed, but I know they had a reason to do what they did.

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    • Chris C

      And that reason was to get sales.  Given they’ve sold upwards of 1.8 million Wii U’s to date, it appears their strategy has paid off.  I’m surprised to say it, because before I thought they should have waited to release it until it was ready.  But despite all the bad hype, it hasn’t truly hurt sales.

  • audie bowler

    makes sense if its a child or retard like my brother 38 and still couldnt do it,so i had to for him i thought he had bricked it

  • MetroidZero

    Wii U is going to win big. Nintendo just has to get a few ducks in a row.

  • just a dumb idea, and play it and make their account while you have it out. so stupid for nintendo to say. it should be updated with this from the get go.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    I’m sorry but I find this “pro-tip” ridiculous. Unboxing is very important to me – I’d better take one hour to make the update by myself and have the pleasure to unbox it from A to Z, rather than receiving a box with a mess inside and finger prints everywhere on the console 😀
    Anyway my wife offered me one last week and and for several reasons it wasn’t possible to wait for christmas, so I’m not concerned. But just to give my opinion, this tip just sounds like a bad joke. I opened someone else’s gift once in my life : The N64 of my brother in the 90’s. Of course it was evident that the box had already been opened when he received it. He was upset and I’ll never do that again hehe.

  • Ping Zero

    OK Reggie, I do as you say.. this is the result…. you Nintendo… why don’t they just release the FW on Disk, its a day before Xmas and my sons Wii U looks to be bricked !!!Thanks for ruining Xmas for my 8yo son.

    • Chris C

      See this is what Nintendo gets for their greed.  Greed – because they chose to trade extra console sales for selling a completely ready to go out of the box system.

      The big joke about their dumb advice to open a gift, update it, then try to repackage it as if it were still brand new…is that it shows they’re really unprepared to handle all of the Christmas day Firmware updates, it shows a weakness in their servers, and they know – they just know there will be a rash of Bricked Wii U’s on Christmas Day, ruining many a kids Christmas.

      But that’s what Nintendo gets for its greed.  Hey I love Nintendo and the Wii U…but this whole Day 1 Download is a giant fiasco, and Nintendo should be called on it.

  • leafsfan73

    Updated it last night. Took about 50 minutes. It’s going back in the box now for the kids on Christmas. Must say, it’s a sweet little system.  

  • Destiny64

    fatti inculare nintendo.   te lo dice un europeo.

  • Linskarmo

    My parents aren’t exactly very tech savvy, so if I get a Wii U I’ll have to update it myself, which is fine. Also, it would already be wrapped. I think Nintendo should have had a little hole for the power plug and a button to update on the box! Even though that’s preposterous.

  • I am getting a Wii U for Christmas, its already wrapped and under the tree……is the update mandatory just to play a game?  I thought about playing it during the day and then before I go to bed, hook it up to the internet and doing the update

  • Will

    Not being funny but this is a really shoddy idea. When you get a console there’s always that nice feeling of opening it up and unpacking all the new-ness. If I opened up my console on Christmas Day and it had clearly already been opened and everything was visibly tampered it would piss me off a lot.

    If you’ve got broadband and the servers aren’t being pummelled, it shouldn’t be long to update. Plus, the update’s conclusion is a really awesome one.

  • Angry Cucoo

    To be honest the update only took like 30 minutes for me.

  • FrenchmanII

    It worked fine with the game it came from, but required that nasty update once I tried a new game. Unfortunately, the gamepad ran out of pwer during the update and the update failed, which corrupted the Wii U (I discovered this warning on their ite later). Now I have to return it to the store for a new one. I am opting for a full refund. I am very dissatisfied that Nintendo would sell something that is not ready to use and so fragile as to corrupt during an interrupted software update. No thanks Nintendo…thats the last product I buy from you