Oct 24th, 2012

Wii U pink wiimoteWhile the Wii U will be compatible with previous Wii accessories and controllers, Nintendo will offer Wii U branded Wiimotes.

But Nintendo didn’t just take some old Wiimotes and slap a “Wii U” logo on them. The new motion controllers are actually improved in many ways.

Besides featuring built-in Motion Plus technology, the Wii U branded Wiimotes will have an external sync button. In the older controllers, players had to remove the battery cover in order to sync the controller with the console. The sync button is now conveniently located under the controller.

The Wii U console itself will feature an external sync button at the front of the console, to make everything easier for players.

Nintendo will launch the console with a slew of first party accessories, from Wiimotes and Nun-chuck controllers, to Pro controllers, console and controller stands, and even a screen protector for the GamePad.


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  • Naterman

    Yes finally. Thank u Nintendo for making the wii u as comfortable as possible. That’s why the wii u is superior to everything out now and everything out in the future. Btw this is my first time being the first post 🙂

    • Ikari-pt

      In what way this makes the wiiU more confortable or superior?

      • Naterman

        Because now u don’t have to open up the back to click the sync button. It’s exteriorized now. And it’s a next gen console so clearly it’s superior

        • Kav

          So, the little button that you need to press like… 3 times at year is now visible and maybe you can press it by accident? that is superior.

          • NintendoMan :D

            Congrats for being the first person to post a comment. Do you want a cookie?

          • Naterman

            Unless u have needle fingers, ull most likely NOT press it by accident. Besides, Haters gonna Hate

          • Chips

            You were suppose to hold both [sync] buttons down at the same time instead of mashing them like an idiot.

        • NavyBlueYoshi

          It would truly be far more superior if it was rechargeable, instead of
          Buying a third party rechargeable battery ._.

          • Captain Potato

            …so Rayovac and Duracell are third parties? Would LOVE to see a game by either! “The Charging Games” or “Charge Wars” come to mind! LOL!

          • Grodus

            @Captain_Potato It’s not Nintendo, or you. Hence, third party, Third parties aren’t just people who make games…

      • PACMAN


    • Wii U next gen

      Congrats man and yes i agree haters will always be around i say put them in a corner and keep going

    • Kahhhhyle

      Nothing is WRONG with the current wii motes but I do think we need a redesign, built in rechargeable batteries, an analogue stick on the remote and an upgraded nunchuck with rumble and a gyroscope in it. THAT would be superior. This is a nice addition but nothing to write home about

  • Ninjafish

    Nice! Too bad I own 6 wiimotes already -___- yay.

    • Tobbe

      Me too

    • Derpy

      “That seems a bit excessive”

      • Ninjafish

        2 came with games (Wii Play and Skyward Sword lol). So now I have 6 XD

        • Tobbe

          i have 2 that are cordeless between chuck and mote. Pretty good, coz i have been cut the cord in half of the chucks while boxing 🙁 and when i bought a second wii just to expriment on it i got one set of mote/chuck.
          But i will buy brand new when Wii U comes out. new and fresh. Here in sweden Wii u comes out 30 nov but i will be able to try it on the 4th november. i am exited

  • TheFearless

    Firs…… Nah its not worth it

    • Cugno the Swiss

      Dat nickname! NEIN!

      • lover

        Remember this i will always thumb down your comments and remember who you start problems with next time boy

  • Vaughn Chung

    Is this compatible with my Super Nintendo?

    • Fireheart

      Ha ha very funny my friend very funny. Long live the SNES for real.

      • Cubical_M

        SNES for LIFE!!!

        • Chris

          Is that why they aren’t making games for it anymore?

  • ceramicsaturn

    Not to be “that guy”, but my new wiimote I bought about three months ago with built in motion plus had the red sync button on the bottom of the remote (there’s a hole in the battery cover it pokes through).

    I doubt these are any different than the one I got before. And that was NOT marked with a Wii U branded box.

    • Goose

      Came here to say the same thing. I think the Wiiudaily just copied this story from mynintendonews.com

    • NintendoMan :D

      Its not these are just Wii U branded. Im guessing the Wii ones will be discontinued in 5 or 6 months.

      • Kahhhhyle

        Actually the box is the only thing that says wii u. The remote itself the same in every way

  • dubYA

    Stores where I live have had Wii Remotes with external sync buttons for several months.

    My friends have two of them, and when I bring over my old Wii Remote +, I always wish I didn’t have to take off the battery cover to play. when they come to my place, all they have to do is hit the button. I need to get up to date!

    • theorangefish

      You just have to press 1&2 simultaneously to connect with wii’s that aren’t yours.

    • EvanescentHero

      Yeah, there’s an option to temporarily connect Wii remotes that aren’t synced to your Wii in the menu that pops up when you hit the Home button. But to be fair, it’s not exactly obvious. I didn’t know about it for a while.

  • nintendofreak

    They should have made a new wii mote like motion plus advanced or something like dat……or cordless nunchucks or something…not dat i dont like the idea of a out side sync button but im not gonnna buy a new controller just cuz of dat as long as my legend of zelda wii mote works

    • Fireheart

      I would love to see a Wireless Nunchuck. It would be so much better than smacking myself with the wire as I get too into a game lol.

      • PenguinGames

        Wireless or cordless nunchucks would be so amazing! I played Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 when I was small and when I was told to bring the Wii Mote and Nunchuck apart I’d do it real hard so the wire flung in my face. Ouch.

    • Derpy

      We don’t need another Motion Plus variation. The Motion Plus/Wii Remote Plus works great. And we definitely do not need cordless nunchucks, lol, it’s just a bad idea. XD

      • nintendofreak

        its good cuz d wires just get in the way when ur boxing, and stuff and plus it would look cooler

        • Kirbymon123

          I still dont know what the sync button does

          • Kirbymon123

            Oops wrong place to comment

          • Kirbymon123

            What does the sync button eve do?!?!

    • Naterman

      Well yea but I’m a clumsy person that drops the nunchuk and the cord is always saving my fall lol. Cordless will be nice tho. And chargeable through the wiiu itself. And longer life with better Bluetooth connection cuz lately I’ve been playin ssbb and it randomly switches off so I have to take off the batteries and reconnect. All in all the wii u is looking to be flawless

  • NaX

    Um why can’t Nov 18 be today :'(

    • Finnishnintendofan

      Or nov 30th

      • Fireheart

        I totally agree man I am tired of waiting to play the Wii U. I can’t wait for Nov 18 not just because I get to pick up my Wii U at GameStop, but I get to be part of the Wii U launch party at the Walmart I work for. It’s going to be an awesome day for sure.

        • MyBodyIsReady

          same here but cant you try out the wii U in Best Buy?

  • Brandon K.

    Wow, I all ready have a Wiimote and Nunchuk and personally have no plans on buying more accessories unless I’m forced. Which won’t happen.

    • Derpy

      Wiimote Plus?

  • fan NINTENDO

    Just played it at my local Gamestop. BEST DAMN CONSOLE.IN THE UNIVERSE. WHY THE FUCK

  • D2K

    It’s just brilliant how Nintendo incorporated everything good about the Wii into the Wii U.

  • Billy

    I fucking hate bestbuy, none of the stores around me have the demo kiosks. My heart is breaking with each phone call I make.

    • EvanescentHero

      Check GameStops as well!

  • ddr5

    These changes are still lacking. What I really want to know is if they have an internal battery. I understand that the motion tech for the wii was really new and maybe even expensive but unless they add an internal battery to these new wiiu branded wii motes then they really should drop the price.

    • Serious Sam Stone

      I assume thats why it’s been moved otherwise Nintendo would just re brand current stock.

  • NintendoMan :D

    Do regular Wiimotes (the ones without motion plus) still work with the Wii U? I have 4 and i really hope I don’t have to buy new ones.

    • Wii U

      “Past accessories will work with the wii u. Backwards compatibility with the wii and accessories” so yes they will function. 🙂

    • anthony

      Some games on wii u need advanced motion control!! Nintendoland some of the mini games require it!! I read it somewhere!

    • mojojojo888

      You can just buy the motion plus dongle for your wiimotes if you want, you can find them pretty cheap, and then you don’t have to buy new controllers. I think you can find them pretty cheap at tmart.com, I think like 9 or 10 bucks.

  • Neonridr

    “But Nintendo didn’t just take some old Wiimotes and slap a “Wii U” logo on them. The new motion controllers are actually improved in many ways.”

    First off, aside from the box, do the actual wiimotes have a Wii U logo on them anywhere?

    And secondly, outside of the external sync button (which may be on the wiimotes with included motion plus already) what else changed on the remotes? They say many ways, but I can’t even count two things. Obviously they are an improved over the first generation wiimotes that had to have the external motion plus adapter hooked into them. But take the Zelda Skyward Sword Wiimote, what is the difference between these new remotes and that one?

    • NintendoYOU

      Agreed. News is slow on this site… Has been for a while

  • Wii U is next gen

    I can’t wait for the wii u to come out hurry wii u hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elite

    I am pretty sure this doesnt help most of us. The majority of us will not go out and spend $40 bucks on another wii mote when we already have 1-4 wii motes already… But its good that there is that change for anyone who doesn’t own a wii.

  • Nintendominant

    just wtf is a WiiU Wiimote? can’t they call it “WiiUmote”?

  • theorangefish

    There is NOTHING SUPERIOR to the Goldmote!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joesatmoes

    i hav owned a wii for 4 whole years. I took me until about 2 months ago 4 me to even KNOW ther was a sync butyon! ive
    had to go through the hassel of reconnecting
    both controllers evry time i used it with my bro. No longer shall i hav to worry about that

  • james braselton

    come down you have 24 days 12 hours left

  • Grodus

    Not to be that guy that, every time you see his comment, you dislike, then read, but, is that it? Nothing, like, WiiMotion++, or, Ruble Feature, or rechargeable batteries or anything? I mean, I don’t mean to be a downer, but, yippee, I don’t need to open the battery cover, that *doesn’t* need t be screwed out, one more time in my life? Plus, it sound like, from other comments, you’d have to use a needle anyway! it would be a lot more convenient just to open the case then! Gee, you really broke your backs with this, Nintendo. Good effort…

  • Br

    Nice idea but like many phones these days i also would have loved the ability to sync by nudging the console with the wiimote and skip the button fiddling

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I think I’ve used the sync button perhaps twice in the several years I’ve had the Wii. So that feature isn’t too groundbreaking for me. It’s nice though. But in my opinion, the best feature the new remotes have is the built-in Motion Plus.

  • Mils

    For what it’s worth – I picked up a WiiU branded Wiimote and the sync button is not external – it’s exactly the same as before, under the battery cover.

  • javier!

    hey. that isn’t much of a difference. anyways using my wii u internet browser! works amazing!