Jun 14th, 2012

Wii U analog stickIt’s no secret that it costs Nintendo quite a lot to make and ship a Wii U GamePad tablet controller compared to other controllers. In fact, The Wii U price was such a big concern for Nintendo that they almost canceled the entire Wii U project, according to Satoru Iwata.

“We almost gave up on the idea of the additional screen,” Iwata told UK’s Telegraph, “This was due to our concern over the expected high cost, it may not have been feasible to create this and sell it at a reasonable price point for the consumers”. Despite this concern, Nintendo kept working on the Wii U console and eventually managed to find a solution. Yesterday, we reported that the Wii U hardware is not too powerful for exactly that reason: price. All of this means there’s a big chance that the Wii U price will be very attractive to gamers, and it seems that price is something Nintendo takes very seriously this time around.

Iwata also revealed that he believes the competitors at Sony and Microsoft were quicker this time to copy Nintendo. Microsoft announced SmartGlass for the Xbox 360, and Sony the Vita cross-play for the PS3. Both of which Iwata believes were copied from Nintendo. “After our showing of [Wii ]motion control, it took three years for other companies to follow suit”, Iwata said, “But this time it’s just one year after our proposal, even before we’ve released the actual product. I think that proves the great potential of what we showed last year.”

As everyone knows, it easy to make a powerful console and just cram it with state of the art hardware. It’s much harder to actually innovate and create something new, the way Nintendo did with the Wii, and soon, with the Wii U. Make sure to check out the full interview at Telegraph, where Iwata touches up on a lot of things, including the power of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles, and what it will mean to developers and gamers.

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  • Hafid

    I Will be honored to buy it !
    Nintendo thinking about the fans 🙂
    Great Company ! Thanks Sir Iwata …

  • Non-specific Action Figure

    (O ____ O) ()__
    \ \__/ / ( (_) < Thumbs up

  • Non-specific Action Figure

    :D< simplified better *thumbs up*

  • Richnj

    I’m glad it wasn’t. I don’t want next gen to be a high polygoned version of this gen.

    I buy all the consoles every generation, and with the PS3 and 360 being so similar with content and graphics, it meant I spent most of my time on one console. N atleast give me reason to pay attention.

    • CedrictheDragon

      Agreed, every sequal Nintendo makes is fresh, where as, most on other consoles are the same with better graphics.

      • Richnj

        I got an e-mail today. Sites were now taking pre-orders.

        I put down my deposit and pre-ordered. They didn’t even tell me how much the Wii U will be at launch (because obviously no-one knows yet) but I didn’t care, I’m positive it will be worth it.

  • Maptillio

    Reading that article kind of dismayed all my fears with the Wii U. Which to be honest I only had one. That once the other two systems came out. They would be packed with power, and hence the Wii U would be left behind by third party developers. Then the system would miss out on all the blockbuster titles like say a new Elder Scrolls years down the line. Graphics, and power aren’t important to me, but they are a part of what system gets what games. With that said I’m defiantly getting Wii U. For a president to take a 50% salary cut, and take responsibility is highly admirable, and it gives me a lot of respect for him. So I can easily say I’ll support Nintendo.

  • MYCO


  • Chupachu

    The fact that MS and Sony already copied their idea just shows that there is definitely some value to having 2 screens.

    The big question is execution, which N has a great track record of.

  • CedrictheDragon

    Honestly since I bought a playstation 3 I hardly touch my X-box 360. As it does blu-ray, I prefer the comfort of the Dual shock, and I am happy with the graphics. But because I want something new I purchased the PS move, which is rather good. I am applauding Nintendo for bringing something new to the industry. I am bored of the same old games and want something exciting. I don’t doubt the next generation consoles will be good, but if graphics were my major concern, I would buy a high end PC.

  • The Baconater

    You know, they can pull this not too powerful thing off if they sell extra hardware items to improve gameplay later on… but then again it may not need it. Now only if Black ops 2 will be a forsure thing for wii u.

    • Chupachu

      How would that even work?

  • Majin

    Shaders are what we need.

  • 3ds guy

    If want something different from ps3 get a 3ds with kid icarus and res revaluations also jus got mario tennis which is fun.Nintendo r soon to be making profit off 3ds go big N. wii u seems so close yet so far away

  • JC

    It doesn’t mean that the wii u is less powerful than current consoles. Go big N!!!

  • Matt

    I too worry that the console won’t compete with the other two graphically and therefore won’t get the multiplatform games. I’m kind of expecting this to be $250-300, but I almost want it to be $350 just so I know there’s a decent chance of decent hardware. I hope some developer can come out and say what the GPU is based on now that the E3 non-disclosure agreements are over. It really all depends on how big Sony and Microsoft wanna go. Sony initially said it wouldn’t be a powerhouse, but who knows. If Nintendo could lock up Unreal Engine 4, then they’d be solid. If not, then we may have some problems getting 3rd party games again..

    • CedrictheDragon

      I believe it will run a modified Unreal 4 but who knows maybe we need to wait and see. I believe it will be powerful but not as powerful as the PS4 but I don’t care, I get Nintendo for fun and innovation and PS4 for raw power.

    • Chupa-chup

      You are making the assumption that U4 will be able to run on the PS4 and Xbox “720.”

      Epic has gone on record and said that they are going to “drag this industry into the next generation” and that they need to “to motivate Sony and Microsoft not to phone in what these next consoles are going to be. It needs to be a quantum leap.” This suggests that the competition might not even be able to run Unreal engine 4.

      So I am confident in the Wii U’s future.

  • Your mom

    Great now were back to the whole $600 theory (-_-) hugggh

    • sam

      hell naw niggah 600…more like 500 🙂

      • Your mom


  • Paul

    if they sell higher than £400 i cannot see many people buying it

    • CedrictheDragon

      Got to be under £300 in the UK, I am hoping for £250 but wishful thinking perhaps, I remember the gamecube only cost me £79 and at that time the playstation 2 was £200 so we will see what happens.

  • boogie

    It’ll be $349.99 and games will be $59.99 or less. Due to retailer and third parties being allowed to price non Non first party software themselves.

  • Isaac_TRiplex

    F sony, and F microsoft, i used to be a fan of microsoft but after the stunt they pulled with smart glass really ticked me off. Ive had all nintendos consoles since SNES and I will forever stay loyal.
    Wii u ..my body is ready!

  • Paul

    gotta be somewere between £200 and £300 including a game or two and pro controller as you have to remember theres no hard drive

  • Chris

    Completely off topic but there is a trend that’s really starting to irk me in journalism. At no point whatsoever in this article does anyone from Nintendo say that the WiiU was almost cancelled. Iwata just said that they thought of tossing the idea of the 2nd screen. The assumption the author of this article makes that this equals the possibility of cancelling the WiiU all together (as the title of this article suggests) is absurd. Who knows what other form the WiiU might have taken without the 2nd screen? Maybe more horsepower? Maybe not. Maybe something else? But assuming the WiiU would be cancelled is just bad journalism. Maybe it would have had a different name? maybe not. But no one said it was almost cancelled.

    In an age where the quality of your articles is judged by the number of views it gets, I hope this trend doesn’t get worse. Let’s be professional guys and print the news with some integrity.

  • sam

    yea that lost alot of money, but it is they’re fault in the fist place for making the first nintendo wii so weak causing lots of good game not to come out for it…so we all sold our weak wii for a different console not supporting it… its not going to happen again since the wii u is at least HD graphic now.

  • Dustin

    Something I havn’t thought about that could help Nintendo out a bit with the Wii U is if Microsoft or Sony weigh down their console with a tablet of their own and drive up the cost of their hardware beyond $400.

    I think Sony is going to wait until at least five years from now before packing a display in with their console at launch, and at that point we will see the first HMD based console. Nintendo is breaking ground on broadcasting HD signals to wireless screens, but it’s only a stepping stone back to the dream of virtual reality.

    I think Microsoft could be missing the whole point of the handheld display being used for camera control in games. Microsoft just sees the device as a trojan horse for Windows or selling a full blown tablet of their own (and Windows). I could see them showing off a tablet controller that features no gyro or accelerometers, but instead features multi-touch and 720.

    If Microsoft knew what was good for their games division; they would dump Kinect and focus on graphical bandwidth (read RAM), an inexpensive interface, and LIVE.

  • vote

    thumbs up if wi-u will be a sucess
    thumbs down if it’s a fail
    i hope getting at least 70 up and not more than 5 downs
    i’m a hater
    beacause I hate haters
    I only hate who’s hating nintendo. please don’t be an ennemy!

    • david beckham

      STFU dickhead!