Wii U Ware
Wii U Ware is expected to be one of the Wii U channels where developers can release smaller, downloadable video games for the Wii U console. Wii U Ware will likely work much the same way the old WiiWare functioned, where independent game developers create and release games for the console. However, unlike the original system, where Nintendo required developers to sell 6,000 copies of games before getting a payout, the new Wii U Ware system is expected to abolish that rule. According to reports, developers will be free to set any price on their games on the new store. The Wii U Ware channel is different from the rumored Wii U Apps section, where developers will be able to release all sorts of software apps for the Wii U. Also unlike the old system, Nintendo is expected to remove the arbitrary 40 MB limit for games, allowing for a greater variety of titles to be published.

Wii U Ware features

Wii U Ware will retain many of the same features as the old WiiWare system. According to a report from Japan, Nintendo will offer tools for developers to easily port their Wii games to the Wii U and release them on the new service.

  • Tools and software for developers to make games
  • Tools to port WiiWare games to the new Wii U Ware
  • Many of the old games are rumored to return to the new service, including Bejeeweled , MDK2, Mega Man 10, and others.
  • No more 40 MB game size limit.
  • Downloaded games are tied to the users Wii U and Nintendo Network account.

Developers are rumored to get a free Wii U Ware SDK and tools to develop games for the system. This is a big improvement over the previous  SKD, which cost developers $2,000, and where they had to go through a lengthy certification process in order create games for the system.

Wii U Ware will be part of the Wii U eShop channel. Note that Wii U Ware is not to be confused with Wii U Virtual Console, which is the portal for games from older Nintendo systems, like Nintendo 64, GameCube, and others.