We have collected a bunch of Wii U wallpapers and desktop background for your pleasure. If you have a Wii U wallpaper that you would like to see added to this page, don’t hesitate sharing it in the comments section! All of the wallpapers are in HD or greater resolution, so they’ll fit most desktops. Enjoy!

Minimalistic Wii U wallpapers

Wii U wallpaper 5

Wii U wallpaper 6

Controller and console Wii U wallpaper

A few wallpapers showing the Wii U controllers and how they’re used.
Wii U wallpaper 4

Wii U wallpapers 2

Wii U game wallpapers

Zelda Wii U wallpaper. This game was showcased at E3 2011 and displayed the kind of visual power the Wii U was capable of.
Zelda Wii U wallpaper

New Super Mario Mii photo wallpaper. This was also showcased at E3, and is primarily a multiplayer title.
Wii U wallpapers

Darsiders 2 for the Wii U will be a launch title and we’ve got the first Wii U wallpaper of the game.

Killer Freaks From Outer Space is an exclusive title for the Wii U, and we have some wallpapers of the game as well.

For more detailed photos of the Wii U controller, the hardware, and photos of the console in action, check out the Wii U images page.

  • Adilson

    Wii U… I wanna one for me, it´s amazing to play Wii… guess about Wii U.

  • Thepokemonmaster

    The Wii U is gonna be awesome,
    Now I want a pokemon game on the wii u
    Maybe pokepark 3 or pokemon stadium for pokemon black and white 2

  • Kandee

    I got to buy this.

  • Castamere

    Does anyone remember the awesome GameCube wallpapers Nintendo released for the launch of the GameCube? Some of them had the system itself along with controllers and several Nintendo characters straight from Melee against a colorful background. I’d really like to see Nintendo release similar wallpapers for the Wii U.