Oct 18th, 2012

Wii U voice chatNintendo has revealed that the upcoming Wii U console doesn’t have a universal, system-wide voice chat feature. Instead, developers will be tasked to provide voice chat for their games. Furthermore, Nintendo revealed that the built-in microphone in the GamePad controller will not be used for voice chat. Instead, players will have to purchase a third party headset in order to use voice communication.

Despite these rather disappointing news regarding voice chat, some games will have the feature. Games such as Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3 will have voice chat support. However, players will have to purchase a separate headset from one of the licensed third party Wii U accessory makers. Turtle Beach has already announced such a headset for the Wii U.

The Wii U Pro controller does not have a headphone/microphone jack, which means voice chat is limited to the GamePad. It’s disappointing that Nintendo doesn’t allow the on-board mic for use in voice chat, as this seems like the obvious thing to do. Another disappointment is that Nintendo doesn’t make a first party headset, like Microsoft and Sony does.

So far the only headsets that are licensed for use with the Wii U come from Turtle Beach and Mad Catz.


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  • HyperSonicN1

    So the built-in speaker is a decoration?

    • =(

      yup =(

      • dr. spank

        look on the bright side, less of annoying people screming into an awefull mic 🙂

        • ziggy

          i so agree with you now if the online system required you to input your birth date and i put you up against same age people or do a city search maybee chances would be greater you would not be playing up against assholes.

          i feel sorry for parents who”s kids indure bully”s online anyhow

          • Drew

            Nintendo knows that somewhere somehow someone is gonna be a bully so you are extremely correct.

          • AKA-Link77

            i kinda knew that this would happen but not a complete: “NO Chat”.
            i thought u would be able to plug headphones and use the mic freely cuz now that theres no sound interseptions u can speak into the mic like normal. Unless u live on a farm with a bunch of annoying animals . . . (kids)

          • AwesomeNES

            A useless mic?

            What’s the point? Isn’t going to be used for anything, if so, for what?

          • AwesomeNES

            If Nintendo aren’t making headsets, then how the hell are we supposed to talk to each other?

            Buying a turtle beach can be expensive…

            If it had Blue-Tooth, you’d get a lot of choice of headsets.

        • loko

          stupi baby

      • Alex

        I don’t think the built in microphone is just an decoration because why would Nintendo spend their time and money on putting a mic. in a Gamepad in a first place. Think about it.

        • Pretz3ls

          He didn’t mean that literally but really, there doesn’t seem like much you can do with a mic. All you do with the 3DS is blow on it and record. So really, it’s just for decoration and self enjoyment.

          • SteampunkJedi

            Video games are just for self enjoyment.

          • Alienfish

            Ha! It’s there so you have the option of blowing your system. Every Nintendo system needs lovin’.

        • Gabe Hoffman

          I think the gamepad mic is likely reserved for video chat

          • MujuraNoKamen

            Good point, video chat is a great feature of the gamepad but it is a little disheartening that, since the microphone can be used (video chat), it will be neglected in actual games. Since it seems so obvious that the Gamepad microphone could be used out of the box, you’d have they’d have allowed but alas, another another missed opportunity.

        • Derp

          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZvlpA7knsQ @ 2:34

          The Wii U Gamepad virtual tour states that the microphone is specificly going to be used in games and other applications.

          What probably happened is that Nintendo told the developers that they didn’t have to use the microphone on the pad simply because the developers already had their game designed on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Once games actually begin to be built from the Wii U, this should change.

      • Master Awesomeness

        NO! It will be used, for video chat. Not voice chat though, sadly. I sort of understand though.

    • Andrew Sheehan

      Did anyone actually believe that the microphone would be used during gameplay for voice chat? I mean, c’mon, with the game sound coming from the TV set and speakers on the gamepad, how would you expect clear sound to be transferred through the gamepad microphone?

      • Matthewmc685

        You do have a good point there with the two speakers in the game pad but it’s still a bit of a disappointment.

        • Mo

          Well at E3 2011, they did show people doing video chat. With that you can only assume that the mic was going to be on the gamepad.

          • AKA-Link77

            thats y i thought that if u insert headphones it will mute the sound from the g-pad and u will hear it from the headphones – – that way u can chat without itersepting sounds…

          • Andrew Sheehan

            This is Video chat, while you are not playing a game and there are no sounds coming from your console beside the other person talking.

          • TheBoldman67

            Actually Andrew, video chat is available to games that don’t require the gamepad screen to be used during gameplay, (say Mario Bros. U) Depending also if you’re playing online or off. I even know this is correct because I called Nintendo and that’s what they told me.

        • FunnyGuy

          How about the “A,B,X.Y” buttons, the D Pad, and the analog sticks and the buttons on the back? They would also make noise, so it’s pretty much of a good thing, no disappointment!

      • bigha6900

        They did have a trailer for G.R online when they where talking throw the game pad so what’s up
        with that

    • PACMAN

      too bad 3rd party is never as good as first.

      • 3rd.Disciple

        Mad Catz items never last long for Nintendo… N64 controllers… Yeah…

    • dubYA

      Speaker? You mean mic, don’t you?

    • DUKE

      It might be for when your streaming games or internet videos on to the game pad only for volume

    • link 5

      Not really u can use the speakers when u switch the game to controller and while ur using the Tv the controller can make sounds like the wiimote

    • jay

      but can u still video chat on miiverse ?

    • Nko Sekirei

      ok thats a relief i can still plug in my mic on the system it self to talk to other people on online games like cod and others as well

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      no its for video chat

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      no the built in mic is for video chat

    • TheBoldman67

      HEY GUYS, maybe we could all start a petition, and then when we have enough signatures, we could march it up to Nintendo and ask if they would give us universal chat. OR we could just go a year or two without it while we wait for the update.

    • BBToonz

      I’m sure big N will do a firmware update down the road. I mean at launch sony didn’t have a head set at all a year later they came out with one for tom clancy’s end game and it was a piece of shit bluetooth head set. My prediction is that there will be a wireless usb head set for the wii u in the future.

    • Trollolguy

      LMAO! No, it’s not for decoration, and it is used with the camera to chat with people and for other things too. One reason why the gamepad’s microphone is not going to be used in online multiplayer games is that it will be making noise while you talk pressing and moving all the analog sticks and buttons. You probably would understand if you think of it, or if you get one of your gaming controller and try pretending playing with it. It makes a lot of noise huh? and while the microphone is so close to the controls, it will be not so good.

  • jman4102

    this is most disapointing

    • Nintenlord

      It is not like you wont be able to talk to any1

  • wii u now

    A minor inconvenience ,wii u game on

  • Nintendude

    Doesn’t matter too much to me, but kinda disappointed.

    • Nintedward .

      No cross game chat ?? we can pause the game and use video chat!!!

      Suck on that :P!!!!!! Sure it’s not perfect but it does have a social network built into it with video chat and all the online focused games will support turtle beach voice chat .

      That’s good enough for me 🙂

      • NoPUNintendo

        Only thing that worries me about video chat, is some old guy trying to pretend he’s 12 to get to talk with some kids. Hopefully Nintendo has that figured out.

    • Nko Sekirei

      u can still plug in ur mic on the system it self to chat with other people on games like cod cause i thought they were talking about the system not the controller so i sigh a big relief they were only talking about the controller

  • Ninjafish

    This is rather disappointing news 🙁 I was hoping for the use of chat like “xbox parties” and such.

  • AcesHigh

    Before people start saying how “Stupid” this move is, think logically about it before posting… The engineers in charge of designing this hardware are pretty smart guys and know what they’re doing. This is actually good because they are trying to manage the quality of in-game chat.

    Very simply, the difference between holding a mic down by your lap and having a mic right by your mouth is exponentionally different in terms of sound quality. Not to mention all of the background noise that bleeds into the audio signal when you move the mic away from the principle sound source (your mouth). Just imagine a room of 6 or 12 kids all trash talking at each other, each on their own speaker phone. It’s irritating enough to listen to most chatter to begin with. But put them all on their own speaker phone and you have a recipe for chaos. Anf just because Nintendo isn’t making a 1st party headset is no bid deal either. Why should they? They are leaving it up to other manufacturers to do what they do best. Which is a big step for Nintendo actually.

    The unfortunate part, that I agree with however, is that the Pro controller doesn’t have a headphone jack.

    • Nintenlord

      Neather have the ps3 no is saying is disapinting they are third party working on bluethoot headsets

      • Nintedward .

        Good point!!! For now we can just plug our Wiiu turtle beach into the gamepad and use the pro controller , I don’t see why that is such a huge problem 🙂 .

    • Kahhhhyle

      Nintendo should definitely add universal voice chat in a future update. I don’t care about using the game pad mic but we should have an option for use in every game. And even if you disagree with me, think of it this way, why would you give anybody a reason to complain about something so simple. And just cause the ps3 has the same problem doesn’t mean Nintendo should repeat it

      • TheBoldman67

        I was wishing for it, but a future update with it would be fine. And I wouldn’t mind it with the gamepad mic, too. No big wire coming from the back of the console like there is with the Call of Duty headset.

        • Kahhhhyle

          The only issue with the game pad mic as previously stated is that that mic will pick up everything in the room, the tv, dogs, police sirens, siblings, kids so I don’t see that mic as a good solution. Just let us use standard blu tooth head sets and ill be a very happy camper

          • TheBoldman67

            Yeah, but that would also be the reason to use a turtle beach mic for universal chat. Good point there, Kahhhhyle.

          • Kahhhhyle

            The turtle beach is fine, but I already have a blu tooth headset I use for my ps3 so if I can avoid it I would love to not have to buy another mic… And I hate wires lol

      • dubYA

        Agreed. I love Nintendo, but It’s a little disappointing that there’s no universal chat system. I’ll be surprised if they don’t provide one in a future update, but it’s not a deal-breaker by any means. Heck, they might even release a new Pro Controller down the road (like they did for the Classic Controller) that has headset support among other things.

    • PACMAN

      I’d bet all my money that a lot of the 3rd party pro controllers would have a headphone jack. So if it means that much to you just buy a 3rd party pro controller. Out of like 10 announced the likeliness that none of them have a headphone jack is low.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      People can be so ignorant minded I mean look at where the gamepad mic is. Trying to chat with that would be awkward and from my experience I think built in mics are not that great for chatting. As for the pro controller I just know there will be third party controllers that do have a headphone jack. As for not having an official Nintendo headset face it Nintendo has never really made headsets before I think they are taking a leave it to the experts approach. And doesn’t Microsoft have a patent on cross game chat?

      • Kahhhhyle

        Nah everybody does it on pc… I just had an idea. Would it you could run apps in the background, then somebody could make an app to allow chat anywhere within they system. Cross game chat and all…

  • NintendoMan :D

    Does such a small thing like voice chat really matter? Its not like someone won’t buy a Wii U just cause it doesn’t have voice chat. If they did that, then they’re really picky…

    • NintendoMan :D

      Nevermind I take that back.

      • NintendoMan :D

        I am definitely buying these, not on launch day but close. The black ones to match my console.

      • Triforce1986

        You shouldn’t have done that…

    • jon

      may not buy the Wii u straight away will have to wait for some reviews ithink that a smarter choice.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Doesn’t stop me from getting a Wii U I never really cared for voice chat anyway

  • FeTM87

    I’m not to worried about any of this besides not being able to voice chat with others that are playing different games. I don’t see why they aren’t implementing this into the WiiU, it just seems lazy. But I’m sure if this gets a big enough outcry Nintendo can add this in on an update later in the consoles life.
    I assume that we will be able to connect bluetooth headsets to the WiiU though, wouldn’t make sense to not allow this. But seeing as I don’t mind a cord and am going to be playing with the gamepad almost all of the time I’m going to be picking up some of those turtle beach headsets anyways.

    • TheBoldman67

      Yes, no matter how FEARLESS this console is, this is a dumb move for Nintendo. Now I’ll have to buy Black Ops 2 AND a headset, just to talk to friends online.

  • Master Awesomeness


  • garblegarble

    What I got from this is that the news is disappointing?

  • Hydrowave99

    It is quite a disappointment that there won’t be a universal chat, but at least it would be available in games. My only complaint is that there isn’t a headset jack for the pro controller, but I think they could eventually add such a jack to the controller, like what Sony did to the rumble on their controllers. What I mean with my example with Sony is that originally, rumble was not in the PS3 controllers, but eventually they came out with controllers with rumble. I also suspect that this could be a possible update feature for the Wii U operating system. not the end of the world, but it is quite a disappointment in some ways.

    • Mac

      why do the pro controller need a headphone jack…..

      • Atticus

        Because when you’re playing COD for 6 hours straight, you probably want to use the Pro controller (the Gamepad’s battery can’t even last 6 hours…), and not being able to use voice chat through the Pro controller is really, really senseless. They should’ve added this ability and tacked on $5 to the cost of the controller. This is one of the first things that has made me disappointed about the Wii U launch, but it’s not the end of the world. Wii U will still reign supreme.

        • Mac

          oh ya see i didnt know that the pro had a built in mic cause i never read anywhere that it had one and i dont think daily ever posted it either

  • DeoxKato

    thats depressing….

    • Shane

      You’re depressing, for not knowing about this BEFORE the announcement.

  • Jesus

    Even thought this is dissapointing I’m gonna buy it to play games, not to hear Kids swearing online, But I hope nintendo will Bring an Update in the future for Universal Voice-Chat, and some love for the Wii U pro Controller, I mean I will most likely play games with the Gamepad, But what about my friends?

    • QTF

      Voice chat is especially important for team based games. What if my team is doing poorly, and I wanted to give them directions or tips? It’s necessary for the Gamepad to have a universal voice chat feature.

      • Zero

        @QTF You can still chat if you are in the same game.

        Anyways this is nothing to be sad about for me, but I do understand that some might have wanted this feature. Even so, I believe we still have chat (as in written chat) and miiverse.

      • Meh

        There’s nothing worse than that guy who tries to tell everybody what to do. Oh, except for the 6-year-olds, the whiners, the gloaters, the pot smokers, and just about everybody else who uses a headset outside of playing a team based game with close friends.
        Yeah… This news doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m not arrogant enough to assume strangers want to hear my voice while they’re trying to enjoy a video game.

  • Armani

    Well… Does this mean I can’t be talking to my friends while playing diffrent games? 🙁 what about New Super Mario Bros U? I’m sorry I’m so used to party’s on the Xbox 360. I hope Nintendo makes something similar to it. I love Nintendo! And ill love if they can add features like that, either way I can’t wait till it’s out!! 😀 Ill be waiting in line at BestBuy!! 😀

    • QTF

      I’m pretty sure this article isn’t talking about Cross Game Chat

  • poopoofa

    well thats disappointing. oh well, gotta make the best of it. Wii U is still boss anyway

  • Iceman404

    I don’t even know whY to say… Just who was responsible for such a decision?!

  • Sobari

    …Then what’s the point of the damn mic?

    • Lazyboy88

      i think the reason for the mic is that each other, didn’t we see that in that zombiU trailer with the none specific action figure?

    • 3rd.Disciple

      Video Chat was confirmed…

  • Vaughn Chung

    Come on Nintendo, voice chat has been around for over a decade now. Get with the program. I’m still keeping my Deluxe Wii U order, but not making this standard is ridiculous for the money that we spend on a NEXT GEN console.

  • NintendoWizard87

    Confusing really. Nintendo want to claim back the hardcore but haven’t included something, that once again, is considered standard across all platforms? There must be SOME reason for their choice here, but for me, it’s disappointing. Still totally picking up my wii u on launch day, as I am not really affected by lack of voice chat, but for some hardcore gamers, this could be a reason to hate on it. Come on Nintendo, show the competition who’s boss and bring us the standard features that all of us expect!!

    • Sobari

      I believe Microsoft has a patent on cross-game chat, and Nintendo is notorious for doing everything in their power to avoid having to go to court for any reason, so that’s probably why there’s no cross-game chat. Doesn’t excuse why the built-in mic is now essentially useless, though.

      • NintendoWizard87

        Fair comment, I didn’t realise that MS had a patent on something so generic lol! Typical I suppose :/ as far as I know the inbuilt microphone will be used for video chat, so that just makes it all the more confusing lol!

      • Smitty

        If thats true its bloody mental, how can you patent something like that when its been going on for years with the likes of teamspeak!?

        • Sobari

          Just look at Apple’s patents. You could probably patent oxygen and get away with it in this country.

          • NoPUNintendo

            Sorry, you are longer allowed to use the letters “A” “B” and “G”. Just patented those.

      • JP

        The PS Vita has Cross-Game Chat through Skype which is made by microsoft

  • That british guy

    come on nintendo really,now trying to convince my friends to switch from xbox 360 to wii is going to be fucking hard now

    • NintendoMan :D

      Just say you can play when someone else is watching TV but it is NOT a portable console. Thats what convinced my parents and Nintendo TVii.

      • Lazyboy88

        Don’t think it’ll work on his friend xD but you just have to buy a headset just like on the xbox..

  • Nintenlord

    Remember the article about the company that gave away the wiiu release date? Well they are working on a wiiu bluethoot head set , so what gives?

    • NintenBrony

      screw that we have that universal headset i already have and thats great and also turtle beach is already working on stuff for wii u but next year they will have better quality turtle beaches like the x500

  • Robert

    It’s a bit disappointing, but it won’t deter me from my pre-order purchase of the Wii u. Nintendo consoles weren’t equipped to have voice chat features in the first place since the Wii came out. Who knows, they might make voice chat feature down the road as an update to provide voice chat in the game especially for a game like Mario Kart or others.

  • QTF

    Fuck everything about this. Nintendo, how do you drop a ball like that?

    • wayatMason

      I agree lol

    • NoPUNintendo

      Stop complaining and enjoy the damn games. Would you rather enjoy a game by your self, or have to listen to little kids swearing over the game and telling their mothers to go make them sandwichs or they will quit playing after they level up etc. Besides, who really needs it? I understand some want it, but I for one don’t see it as something that’s neccesary.

  • The Detonator

    why. how is that a plus. what does nintedo benefit from this. bad move big n. i don’t care though because i dont have any friends XD ill enjoy my wii u but other people…i just don’t know…..

  • Bob

    I thought they created the Pro Controller for Black Ops 2 initially… And you won’t even be able to use the headset with it ? That’s not a very smart decision…

    Maybe it’s time to give us a real pro pad, with analogic triggers, a jack port for the headset and compatible with Wii software, don’t you think Nintendo ?

    • Lord Carlisle

      …It doesn’t have analog triggers?

      …Well, the gamepad, does, right?

  • =(

    what a let down… Nintendo. why have mic I thought I was going to be able to use that. heart broken =[

  • allon

    Yes it is! What the hell Nintendo??? So when people use the pro controller how the hell are we going to communicate? I guess it will be wireless mics being bought!

  • Enigma

    How bad would that small inbuilt mic’s quality be

    • NoPUNintendo

      It may not be to bad. Either way, no point in really debating about it until the Wii U is released.

  • AZHood

    Hasn’t the PDP Afterglow Universal Wireless Headset been confirmed to work with the Wii U? I have one, and it utilizes a USB transmitter that you just plug into the back of the console.

    Not exactly sure how to take this story…

    • Neonridr

      The PDP Afterglow 2.0 is confirmed to work via Bluetooth with the Wii U. The only problem is the MSRP is 89.99

      So you are asking everyone who bought the system to shell out another $90 to get a feature that Microsoft includes (albeit a crappy headset) with their system.

      It does beg the question what is the mic for? I mean they showed a skype type video where you can set the gamepad down and have a video chat with someone else. Is that feature not going to happen anymore?

      • Lazyboy88

        I still believe that, this skype type of thing IS! going to happen, cause it’s only the universal chat thats NOT! going to happen.. universal chat as i understand it is when you chat in game, and that skype thing is not in game, that’s just how i see it..

    • IVIatrix+

      OMG its AZHOOD123 from utube,

  • Trev

    What are you supposed to use the mic for then ? This is really dumb ! Although I disagree that voice chat can’t be done with oit the game pad, perhaps you can plug a headset in to the USB ports while using the pro controller, although you would have to have two different headsets .

  • safcalibur

    Take that sony and microsoft hahahah…….oh wait……DAMN!

    • NintendoMan :D

      Well Sony’s bankrupt and Microsoft has only Halo for first party games. A lot of their games are party games, so yeah im with you on this one. SONY AND MICROSOFT HAVE N-O C-H-A-N-C-E NO CHANCE AT ALL. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • QTF

        Nintendo fanboys complain about how you shouldn’t hate on Nintendo. Yet, they hate on M$ and Sony. Fuck every type of fanboy.

        • Red Dwarf X

          This is why I don’t read these comment sections anymore. If it’s not trolls or idiots that think they’re better than everyone else (take nintendoododo for example), then it’s Nintendo fanboys trying to make out that Nintendo is best, no matter the news.
          The fact that the Wii U doesn’t have universal voice chat is terrible news and can’t be taken as a positive in any way, yet the fanboys still find a way to try and put Sony and Microsoft down. Go on, thumb down my comment. You’ll only prove my point.

        • NintendoMan :D

          I never said I hated them, they’re great companies, I just don’t think they will do well against the Wii U. I owned a PS3 and it was great, definately better than the Wii i had, but it crashed after only 1 1/2 years. I guess i went a little too far in that last comment.

  • Gr8 Monst3r

    People don’t worry, nintendo will certainly change that with a firmware update in the future. 🙂

    • safcalibur

      And a firmware update will do what exactly? Magic a headphone jack on my pro controller…

      • The Random Man

        If we believe hard enough… :/

      • NoPUNintendo

        Yes, the update will transfer matter into your pro controller and rearrange the atoms to form plastic and metal in the perfect shape for your headphones. Should be update 2.5.

  • WALLEYE1199

    Time for a stupid question. I’m curious to know this, will the headbanger headset work on the WiiU? I’m pretty sure it won’t, but if it does I’d rather just use that then buy a new headset. Why buy one if you have one that works, right?

  • Synergy

    A third-party company needs to make a Pro controller with a headphone jack.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    That doesn’t make sense. Not using a feature that was specifically designed for this purpose?! Seriously?!

  • rick

    Look on the bright side at least u can video chat lol might only be one on one but still good

  • Monster

    Well tbh neither does ps3, xbox pwns on that part, but unless nintendo wants to be as stupid as sony I’m sure they’ll put it in a patch…. (btw I’m a bigger fan of ps3 than the 360, just saying.)

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    I know a lot people find this news disappointing, but somehow, I don’t care about Universal Voice Chat but trust me it sucks. My friend owns a new headset on his Xbox 360 and I try it and I can hear a BUZZING sound trying to talk to his Xbox Live Pals in one chat room while MW3 Wii mics is crystal clear even if it is wired which I like best. Don’t worry people Its the first stage of Wii U. Iam sure we,re getting wireless headset next year maybe. Beside voice chat is really irritating, and it’s hard to play with all that talking.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Just lost some faith in Nintendo. WHY… would they leave the headset jack out of the Pro controller? When it was designed specifically for games like COD where voice chat is the norm?!

  • Eric

    In the Promo Video they showed video chat, i’m supposing they are using video chat as a main means of communications. Then one gig of OS ram is designed to help tackle this load, so hopefully the issue is that they won’t fully support voice (only chat) for whatever reason. But if they screw us on the video chat, lawsuits anyone? (we saw the advertisement videos).

  • FishFan03

    I own a PS3 and don’t chat while I’m playing games like Call of Duty online…no biggy for me. However, we are in 2012 and Nintendo has gotta do something to fix this. I have the Wii U pre-ordered already and now I’m debating on wether or not I should just wait for the PS4 or next Xbox??? I own every Nintendo home console and wanted to stick to the Wii U for gaming only but Nintendo is making it so hard. C’mon Nintendo, step up and prove us wrong like you did with the original Wii. I trust you guys and I know that you shouldn’t be underestimated.

    • EvanescentHero

      Are you kidding me? They leave out a minor feature and you don’t want it anymore?

      …can I have yours, then?

  • nintendoododo

    i don’t chat with people anyway. I talk them with face to face. What have media done to us? You are using wii u gamepad to talk with people? Are you so fat.that you don’t visi…oh wait. You are americans….then forget what i said.

    -Finland rules!

    • Zero

      I’m not even from North America and I feel offended. What you said is pointless and adds no value to the discussion whatsoever.

    • RoboticLink

      You jackass, first let me confirm that I’m not American but Canadian. Second, stop being such a jerk towards Americans; what did they do to you. And their not all fat you stereotypical little brat. That’s just what low-life good-for-nothings like you say to make themselves feel like they almost have a purpose on this planet.


      Finland sucks.

    • Jewelarchon

      Haha, that’s cute…until you get to the point that you can fit dozens of Finlands in North America! Nice try, guy 🙂

    • Red Dwarf X

      It’s unsurprising that people don’t chat with you.
      If your country is so much better, then go to a Finnish website in your racist country and discuss how much America sucks there. Nobody cares about your opinion here.

    • NintendoMan :D

      Finland is small. America takes up half of North America. Thers a continent named after us!!! Finland doesn’t create 1/4 the worlds food and manufacturing.

      • joesatmoes

        i know ur trolling, ut the country is named after the continent. jusayin

    • joesatmoes

      dude, what the hell has America ever done to u? I mean i dont recall any wars between the two- ever. and yes, ther are many stupid, fat, american-football playing assholes in America, but c’mon! the way i look at things- never hate an entire race, an entire country, or an entire group of any sort. If there are certain people you know that are bad, I have no reason to tell you to like them. But if u call an entire country (which is btw, the third most populated country in the world) fat dumbasses, then u r a bigger dumbass than them. Now, to all those who think America is the best, that is also extremely ignorant, and u r proving this guy’s point. I have been all over the world, and i see many things the USA could improve in. There are many, MANY problems in the United States of America. That desn’t mean that the country sucks- it just means that America needs to improve. and btw, i live in da USA, so i know first-hand that there are problems with this country. (also, i do think these problems are caused by the govt- it is NOT any presidents fault- republican OR democrat).

      also, how the FUCK did this thread’s topic get so far from the Wii U?

    • Grem

      I’m from Finland and when I see comments like this, I sure don’t want to tell everyone where I’m from.

      Though I must say he has obviously managed to troll you guys, just ignore this, most of the Finns seem to have obsession to mention where they’re from, I only do so if someone keeps judging my grammar since English isn’t my native.

      • nintendoododo

        Mitähän vittua sä kusipää selität? Miten niin pakkomieli? En ole naurettavampaa kuullut sitten silloin, kun näin tämä lakanako vitsin. Sanoin muuten ihan tiedoksesi vain, että Suomi on paras enkä, että olen Suomesta kotoisin. Oletko vitun sokea?

  • JumpMan

    meh, i have an old cellphone headset (pre-Blue Tooth) that will plug into my Gamepad so no worries for me! most probably should do the same, as long as you don’t care about hearing the other things in the room with you. as for me, i don’t care. plus my mom gets mad when she’s had a whole conversation with me and then i take off my headphones and am like, “… um, wut?”

  • ao1jmm

    Doesnt the WiiU support Bluetooth?

  • Jaydog

    You have to be shitting me! It will be impossible talking any of my friends into switching over from a 360 or ps3. Nintendo is up to its old tricks again just let people assume it will have something and it does not.

    Reggie said online play is like the air we breath, in his case he farted and it smells hell.

    Will we even be able to play this stuff online. did you get rid of friend codes? nobody knows. You see that’s it, they want us to buy it and realize later that the the system does not have half the crap Sony or xbox has. WTF?

    I have a 2 preOrders and the problem is the more I find out about this console the more it scares the crap out of me that this is the wii all over again. I partially think they want the hardcore gamers to jump in to help kick start all the casual gamers, like create this artificial demand.

    This has causal market written all over it!

  • mojack

    I don’t so mind the fact that you need an external mic, that makes sense to reduce background noise. What I don’t understand is why the Pro Controller won’t support them. I’m talking purely from a business stand-point here but Nintendo is trying to rope in the more hard core gamers with the Wii U. Part of the appeal to those hardcore’s is that they won’t be restricted to using the GamePad if they just want a good ‘ol, say, Call of Duty experience with a normal controller for whatever reason that may be. But if that controller doesn’t have voice chat capabilities, a function that many LIVE and PSN members take advantage of, then the Pro controller loses a lot of that appeal. I’m still getting the Wii U, but I hope this doesn’t hurt it too badly, because you just know the haters are going to take this and blow it way out of proportion.

  • Propper big popper

    Hey everybody i just thought of this, who here is going to play on their wii u gamepad in the car anywhere they go as a passenger obviously? If need be that wii u needs to be hooked up to a tv for the gamepad to work, just by an electrical outlet adaptor for the car and put a very small tv in the car somewhere and leave the screen switched to the gamepad and wala! The best portable console by far!

    • Jaydog

      I am with you on the best portable console yet. I love the idea , but the other stuff that is coming out about the console reminds me of the ps3 in 2006. nintendos online strategy is not finished and they are taking the blueprints from Sony to catch up to Microsoft. The reason why I am so critical is that I do not want them to fail and they need a fire under them, I could see this possibly being nintendos last home console if it sales less tha. The game cube.

    • Dan

      Some games u dont need tv,, play entirely on gamepad so u dont have to hook up a portable screen,, very nice,,

  • Johny

    ok ok .. i understand… but still.. so no chat if you use the Pro controller ?.. that sounds kinda lazy to be true :/ im sure nintendo will do something about it.

    • JumpMan

      i think they might mean that you use the pro controller, but plug the headset into the Gamepad maybe… but probs not.

  • jcb411abuser

    what do they mean no “system – wide voice chat feature” will there be no party chat or private chat at the dashboard like with xbox?

  • PalmBeachFuture


  • TheHabeebster

    Anyone else think Nintendo might make headsets?

    I mean with such a unique console, Nintendo might make their own revolutionary headset to go with it. I doubt they would focus on hardcore gamers, give the gamepad a mic, and then not think about in-game chat.

    There has to be some sort of plan, I don’t want to buy weak Turtle Beach headsets.

    • JumpMan

      YES! Nintendo should manufacture some headphones to be like the new Apple earbuds but shaped to comfort everyones ears. i mean, it hurts my head alot when i’m playing something for over 20 min. and the headphones are crushing my head.

  • Wes

    Then what is Wii U Chat? On the Wii U box it says “Communicate with other Wii U owners with Wii U Chat. Maybe it is a text based service instead of voice chat? Maybe someone knows…

    • JumpMan

      could that be the name of the Miiverse Chat boards? maaaayyyybeee….

  • Wes

    I think a turtle beach universal headset through USB would still work with the Wii U. I mean it worked with the Wii (turtle beach px21 from personal experience)

  • Shankovich

    Why the hell is it called the pro controller if you can’t use a headset with it. How many pro gamers do you see playing online without a head set, geez. I’ll die a Nintendo fan, but they really get me upset when they make stupid choices like this.

    As for the “there’s no universal chat system”, meh, it’s nothing a software update can’t handle.

  • smallNdeadly

    Epic fail. If you ever played on a real team that truly works together then you need to be able to chat easyly (talking pro controller). I don’t want to have to use gamepad just to be able to chat with someone. And u better be able to mute the other people using headsets that insist they r gods gift to rap.



    • NintendoMan :D

      Really? What a waste of comment space.


      I was on vacation I went to finland to visit my good friend.

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    As a PS3 owner and future Wii U owner, It is STILL possible to voice chat with the pro controller. It can be done by the headset being plugged into one of the system’s USB ports. For example, I have a wired turtle beach headset, and I can talk by pluggin it in the USB port, and choose the option to chat with the headset. Personally, connecting thru the USB is a good idea, who wants to have a cord in the way of the controller through a jack while gaming .

    • EvanescentHero

      Thank you. Christ almighty, how can people not even think of that?

  • Evil Empire

    As long i can use my current $100 headset, then it dont matter to me.
    If you expect me to buy another headset and dont support my headset via plug-in or updates etc. then i’ll be a little upset.

    Guess i would be like many silent killers in Asassains Creed 3 at launch.

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    I forgot to mention from my previous comment, the Wii U has bluetooth, so that’s a plus too!

  • XxxNRag3Xxx

    Well canceling the pre order. I said if it didn’t have a good online system I would not be buying it. I am competitive I play league games. This console is worthless and severely not a technical leap of any kind. Very disappointing to say the least. Byr Nintendo

    • NintendoMan :D


    • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

      not buying a system because of some voice chat……. LMFAO!!! What complete ignorance to that whole comment, LOL this made my night! Thanks!

  • D2K

    I put this in the same category as the “anonymous sources” trash-bin.

    A ‘rep’ from Nintendo? That could be anyone from Iwata to the guy the sweep the floor at the Redmond, WA headquarters. I think people (as usual) are blowing this way out of proportion.

  • RoboticLink

    I’m disappointed. Not that you need headphones to play, but because

    1: you can’t skype On christmas day I wanted to rub in the fact that I got a Wii U.

    2: The pro controller has no headphone jack. Oh well I’ll just play CoD campaign mode with the pro and online with the gamepad.

  • Derp

    Dang it Nintendo. So what are they going to use the microphone for?

  • ConCity Soldier

    WTF!! I expect Nintendo to solve this issue soon after launch.

  • nano


  • Castamere

    But what about video chat? In some of their demonstration videos, Nintendo showed voice chat between two people using their GamePads.

  • Joesatmoes

    while im dissapointed by this, i am not so dissapointed that i will buy a headset- i can skype my frends instead.

  • Major Beauner

    You have to be shiting me, Nintendo!!!?? I don’t plan on using the Gamepad for COD Black Ops, or the Pro Controller, so how the bell am I going to chat, unless the headsets are Bluetooth, which is fine. But if there isn’t, this is a serious design flaw, the likes of which are appalling. I have been hyping for the last 5 months solid, and this is the first time I am gutted – Why? Because its showing me that my fantasy may not line up with reality.

    I am a huge Nintendo fanboy, massive! But this is totally crap!!! There had better be a Bluetooth style headset arrangement, or I will cancel my preorder with 6 games out of spite.

    Don’t f****n let me down, Nintendo!!!!

  • the urge

    we still have video chat. we can atleast use the gamepad mic for something..

  • bob

    Question. So if the game pad microphone isn’t used in games, what is it used for? I know in the E3 video, it showed some chump talking to his friend with the game pad functioning as a microphone and camera. So the microphone will only be used for stuff like this, and things outside games?

  • RSBzero

    Pro controller doesn’t need a headphone jack, just use any Bluetooth headset, wires are annoying as hell anyways

    • D2K

      I think that is the point that keep flying over people’s heads. If having a headset is that darn important to you, it CAN be done. Just like have massive storage on the Wii U is possible ‘IF’ that is what you want to do.

      Nintendo isn’t excluding these things. They just aren’t focusing on them. There are far more people whom can care less about such things then there are who do. Besides, a bluetooth headset wouldn’t cost you anymore than a 1st-party headset from Nintendo. In fact, it would probably cost you less.

      It’s hard for me to imagine that they want something like Miiverse to be a “killer-app” and would totally exclude cross-game chat and the like. People are just overreacting.

  • WiiU4Me (also tits)

    I am so glad true Nintendo fans are the most knowledgeable about hardware and it’s capabilities. Of course the on board mic will sound like crap. It’s tiny and weak and it’s only made for low quality, basic input commands in video games. It’s just another size of paint brush for developers to use when they paint these beautiful masterpieces on WiiU! Yeah.

  • logan7699

    This is Bad…no Cross Game chatting..this should been part of any system…pc do it..so why? and this dose not look good far as Nintendo taking on-line to heart….what else will they have the developers do?

    • Shane

      Listen, the Xbox and PS3 controllers don’t even have a mic you can use for anything at all. Niether does PC.

  • Boblishnakik

    Me, and my friends always bring up the skype app on our phones, and chat while playing. Its worked fine for me, and its more personalized then having to deal with the insane stupidity in voice chat over game rooms. I’ve only used the game chat once on Xbox live. Ill never use it again.

    I prefer my skype method.


    I don’t really see this as to big of a drawback. Obviously any game that involves communication will be made with voice chat Capability. And eventhough some would prefer the Pro controller the gamepad really should suffice. It’s not like it isnt comfortable to use anyway. Besides if you got a wiiU just to use a pro controller all the time..then u probably shouldve gotten CoD and AC for the ps3 or 360 anyway.

    And when it comes to playing with another person in the room well…I’m not sure how many people do, but it seems kinda dumb to be talking in voice chat when you have someone to talk to right next to you anyway eventhough one of you COULD be talking in voice chat while the other does their own thing. CoD and AC split screen are games you play when you feel like complaining to your best friend about who killed who and how the game glitched up on you or something…you know..best bud stuff

  • Sharlo Galmo

    Why do you all believes this? it com from a nintendo representative person, week a go a nintendo representative person says that the wii u is 19 times more powerfull then the twin console’s do you all believes that???? no one believes that, because it is not negative!!

    i believe it only when nintendo self say so, and look at the trailer of ghost recon they talk with eachother withhout headsets!

  • Kenneth Mann

    I’ts over..

  • Amherst

    On the comment about the Wii U Pro Controller, that’ll be fine if we can just plug in a USB headset and use that. Here’s to hoping that’ll be the case – already have more than a few lying around.

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    this is dissapointing but as long as i can voice chat in team based games and smash bros 4, ill be ok

  • kingtendo

    that’s 1 scratch for the fearless….. ouch

    • Shane

      Scratches are weak and don’t hurt.

  • Elite

    That is actually Stupid on Nintendos part. You want to reach hardcore. Then make sure to hav the features we like. I for one like to vent it up on my consoles while watching Netflix from my tv

    • Shane

      Really? Then your a hardcore Netflix watcher, not gamer. Why the hell would you chat in a party while your watching a movie?

      At least your idea would make sense if you were watching Netflix on your game pad where it’s closer to your face, but still. True hardcore gamers that had systems before 2000 never complained about voice chat(I wonder why), and apaprently now there’s more to complain about.

      Dude just don’t buy it when it comes out, and wait for a better solution than what’s already there(Turtle Beach, Madcats, probably any other headset)

  • Arsonist Monkey

    I never use chat anyway. It’s not like i’m gonna be blazing “Trololo” out loud to P off COD players.

  • Das Segl

    Unfortunately I hate to see the negative publicity this is causing on a variety of gaming websites. Allows the M$ and Sony Fanboys more ammunition.

  • Xander

    It’s quite simple guys, For example, you invite people to a Party INGAME on Xbox COD right? Then you dont hear the Lobby people. The only “Disadvantage” is that you cant talk to people who are playing other games. But most people play “Together” so I dont see a huge deal. Plus the Miiverse will help you know what friends are playing. You can simply send them a PM and join up. Agian, its not that big of a deal of not having Universal party support. If you want to talk to someone Video chat them, or use your PHONE! If pm’s are not good enough for you stay with Xbox 😛 This console is going to rock! Have faith!

  • kirbymon123

    so.. the voice chat is only useable with the headset but there is no headset hole on the controller? how does that work?

  • Nintendomus Prime

    This is scandalous BS

    Nintendo haven’t made a headset because they will utilise the controller mic for online, probably in a friendly nintendoish way. They probably don’t want their controller to be associated with bad language from FPS gamers!

  • joesatmoes

    wait- in that Ghost Rcon Online video, didnt they use the mic for voice chat? I think the mic will be used in the future- i think Ninty just means games for the launch window will require the headset for voicechat. until then, u can always use skype

  • EvanescentHero

    Come on, people. I guarantee you can plug in a gaming headset via USB, even a wireless one, since the U supports Bluetooth. Just because the controller doesn’t have a headset jack doesn’t mean you can’t use a headset. Besides, the quality on such a small mic as the one on the GamePad would be complete shit for actual voice chat in most games where you’d need to talk to people, because in addition to the mic being so far from your mouth, there’d be lots happening in the actual game. It’d work fine for one-on-one video chat because that’s in a quieter, less hectic environment.

    Everyone calm down.

  • Xander

    Well I simply see Nintendo thinking that most people are going to use the gamepad when they play by themselves online. The gamepad has everything + more that the Pro controller has. Plus if it gets under your skin that much Im positive that there will be bluetooth/wireless headsets or wired to the console headsets released down the road.

  • wellsberg


  • Hi8us

    it doesn’t make sense that the upad would have a headset jack but the pro controllers doesn’t. who messed up that idea. nintendo should have known from the beginning, if they were gonna try to steal some sony and xbox fanboys they’d need a comparable control to compete and lacking a headset jack on the pro controller will be a deal breaker for many of those players on the fence about getting a wii u.

  • Evil Empire

    Who the hell wants a wired headset into a controller? what a dumb idea…

    Bluetooth is your friend. Wireless is the now and the future. Cut the cord.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I won’t be using video chat, but I understand that using the GamePad mic for video chat probably wouldn’t work too well, unless you put it right up to your face. So a headset seems logical to me.

  • Fuzunga

    If there’s one thing the Xbox got right, it’s voice chat.

  • Freakingleakingbull

    I cant believe how many people are taking this article on other sites, and using it to say that Nintendo’s online will be a fail, and that the Wii U is dead. The pure hate from these people are so hilarious. Hating a VIDEO GAME console? No wonder this world is turning into liquid shit. People are worried more about stupid mundane shit like this, and trying to use it to hate on the Wii U, and saying Nintendo is doomed. Instead of doing something productive.

    I find it sad that we send peope to different countries to give their lives for freedom. Just so these dumb asses can set at home on the internet, and complain about Nintendo.

    • Grem

      Yeah I know what you mean, just visiting Eurogamer already shows perfect example of this, good Nintendo news get no attention but when there is something that can be slightly negative it’s always the best headline for people over there.

      I personally don’t mind, I don’t talk much while I play, I focus on the game itself and I always hate people who mess around in online games, “we’re just trying to have fun so stop killing us you ass”, well I’m also trying to have fun by killing you, FPS is probably best example of this -_-

  • What are u talking about

    the wiiu game pad does have a head phone jack just go to youtube and click the video that showes off the gamepad so yes it does have a head phone jack im not sure about a micro phone jack though but doesnt a head set just plug in the head phone jack anyways so ya i think it will have great comunication and micro phone and headphone jacks are pretty much the same

  • Dan

    I play online all the time and i dont use voice chat, its fine although teamwork is null 🙂

  • NinFINLAND-do

    My nintendo level dropped under 9000… But hey i have real friends …and my wii didint have anykind of internet connection. I prefer local .mp. So get bo2 for my pc 😀

  • Shane

    I’m not surprised, disappointed, and don’t care much about talking to random people online. It’s nice once in a while if something funny is happening, or someones making you mad or whatever. For the most part, who cares? People would have just complained about how bad it is anyways. I mean, I’m not saying the mic sucks(i haven’t even seen a Wii U yet, much less the Game pad), but like a few other people said, it’s not for in game chat, and a more controlled environment where your holding it up to your face and all that. Even so, a TRUE hardcore gamer would be buying a headgear soundchat for $200 w/ 7.1 and bluetooth. They’ll make a mic for the game pad I’m sure. They made one for DS and that won’t even support it as well, and I DO hope Wii Speak makes a “dedicated” fan comeback. I have one(bought w/ AC:CF for $70!), and with Wii U, it would be like having a face time on the game pad. There’s so much they can do right now, it costs money to make money(make people happy), research is happening in lines of whats most effective, and Nintendo knows that they gonna need a headset.

    I don;t get why so many people went haywire over this announcement. It was so obvious it wasn’t going to be used like that. Like I said, it will be used for the sound app(maybe), Miiverse, video/song search(maybe). The point is, is that it’s for the utilities I guess is what I’m tryin to say.

  • The_Lump

    Just because it doesnt work right now, doesnt mean it won’t Theres no hardware reason for is not to, its likely just a problem with the SDKs which they are still ironing out and probably isnt top of their to-do list atm.

    The Gamepad mic can be used for video chat through MiiVerse, so theres no reason to beleive that it wont be used in game too. Thats just silly.

    Also, just becuase there are no wireless headsets available yet, doesnt mean there wont be.

  • Shane

    Plus, they could EASILY use the headphone jack for this, and wireless is always an option for anything. Even the freaking iPod/iPhone Touch uses a headphone jack mic, and there’s tons of bluetooth headphone jack recievers for bluetooth headsets. Just because Nintendo says stuff when they want to other companies, doesn’t mean they aren’t talking to themselves as a company. Just relax you clowns. haha

  • Dan

    As always the ‘hardcore’ knows what to buy if products does made for wii u,,, nintendo like to make peripherals but not support it after,,, since the old days,,, they care about selling games,,, thats it,,,

  • Mass Effect fan

    HAHAHAHAHA super WII U not have voice chat very smart Nintendo very smart WII U the best next generation console only that not gonna have voice chat and maybe multiplayer

  • Nintendomus Prime

    True, nintendo love making one hit wonder peripherals. How they never made 1080 for the balance board is bordering on criminal.

    I love how this news has got everyone up in arms and it’s mainly upset the people that would be more annoyed if you were forced to use the controller mic!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Thank god now I don’t have to hear little kids whine and cry about getting owned 🙂

  • DerikGotro64

    I honestly don’t care about voice chat in most games. Why would I want to talk with someone over a headset while also hear what’s goin on at their house too (people talkin loud or kids cryin and shoutin: I don’t wanna hear that).
    I don’t really find this to be a major issue unlike some hardcore gamers.

  • WarioForever

    Why Nintendo, why???
    Everything is perfect with Wii U and now, there is no voice chat???
    So that means that first trailer of Wii U with the video calls is… FAKE!!!

  • Lazara the Last

    Why’s everyone so upset? If the Mic wasn’t there, nobody would be complaining… Nintendo probably got their reasons

  • Daniel

    Nintendo wants to be able to sell headsets and cash in….SIMPLE! There is no great mystery to it people. Geeez. Sometimes I just want to glove-slap Nintnedo for how greedy they have become. It’s launching with online capabilities, yet I have heard no mention that Nintendoland & Mario will be able to be played online. Pikmin definately has no online which is strange, because it has been in development for 7 years. Longer than any Zelda game, yet they couldn’t get it to run higher than 720p. All launching Nintendo franchise games are at 720p. They have created this image that they have online with 1080p graphics, but they don’t support it with their own software. It’s disapointing that 3rd party developers are getting behind this and Nintendo isn’t. Just think about how much more life a mini-game package like wii-sports or Nintnendoland would have with online multiplayer. I hope they don’t miss the boat again.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    oh heh heh its funny cause last I checked the ps3 and 360 controllers don’t have a headphone jack nor does the system itself yet their controllers can use voice chat. But don’t mind me…lol

  • JayPea

    They do have wireless headsets, PDP comfirms that they work with the usb on the front of the WiiU


  • olo

    No voice chat? Xbox is 7 years old and have it . Bad idea

    • NintendoMan :D

      There is voice chat, just on certain games (ex.COD, Assassins Creed III)

  • Ifonly

    Does this mean i can’t talk in-game to friends whilst playing my fav games without having to purchase a cheap-ass/ dirty looking headset from turtlebeach (nothing personal against turtlebeach, but their nintendo headsets look like sh@@) or madcatz? And those only work for the gamepad? not pro pad? am i missing something here? I have pre-ordered the black WiiU with ZombieU + pro controller, but if this imfomation is correct, i’m cancling it, as this is pretty much essential for my online gaming. Correct me if i’m wrong please, because this has upset me quite a lot as i was soooooo looking forward to group (involves chatting ofc) gaming with my friends/family on my WiiU. i sense another wasted opportunity here ;/

    • Shane

      Go cancel your pre-order then. Someone who actually wants one without complaints would LOVE to have your pre-order.

  • DarkMaster

    This is what the the Nintendo Rep said: “Wii U will have in-game chat functionality for select games, including, but not limited to, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assassin’s Creed III and Mass Effect 3. This feature will be supported by licensed stereo headsets that plug directly into the headphone port of the Game Pad. Licensed headsets are available from Turtle Beach and TRITTON.” That doesn’t confirm or deny the Gamepad mic usage, non-licensed headsets, party chat or any of the other things people have been screaming about. So yeah, please just publish the official news, and don’t report speculations.

  • peter

    I honestly dont believe this, I tend no to trust a Representative of a company.
    I will only be convince if Nintendo themselves made an official announcement.
    Maybe another NIntendo Direct should solve all our doubts, but at the same time I am bit worried. =( Only time will tell now.

    • Grodus

      I sound like a jerk, I know, but reread the first sentence of the article. If I’m wrong about this, and they mention a representative, dislike away…

  • BlackHeartSergeant

    Majorrrrrrrrrrrrrr let down

  • Grodus

    *Facepalm* I’m out of AMMO! (I’ll give you a cookie if you can tell me where that’s from. ‘Cus I can’t remember.) What I mean is, I’m in the process of trying to convince one of my friends that the Wii U doesn’t suck just because it’s not portable. This argument came to whether or not Nintendo is being a complete idiot with this console or not. You see, I am out of ammo, in this argument.

    • Gustaf

      i have never seen portable “home consoles” excuse my ignorance if there any out there S:

  • FunnyGuy

    For those of you who don’t understand. There will be cross chat in video games, not just in the gamepad microphone, meaning you need to buy a headphone from third party companies to use cross videogame chat. the reason is that there will be noisy speakers on the gamepad next to the microphone and the analog sticks and buttons will make noise on the gamepad so, don’t have to argue because it’s actually good news, but for some people, it’s not.

    • Gustaf

      i have never seen portable “home consoles” excuse my ignorance if there any out there

      • Gustaf

        oh sorry wrong, comment

  • 0_0

    Wait can’t you just plug a headset into one of the four usb ports on the wii u, like a turtle beach except with a usb receiver either wired or wireless. They did that with the wii as the wii mote or classic controllers neither had places to plug in mics.

  • Gustaf

    i wonder if anyone who says “then why there is a microphone?!” have you ever played with a nintendo DS there are a lot of uses for the microphone apart from “chat” geez

  • GANO

    I just had a go at the Wii U at the Armageddon convention and happy to notice that the microphone jack is just a standard 3.5mm jack so I think you could use any old mic/headset combo like say an iPod touch/iPhone mic/headset.
    So don’t think it is a big deal that you need a headset.

    • GANO

      Ok changed my mind just read the following on the Examiner,
      “Third-party peripheral makers can create headsets that plug into the USB port of the Wii U (wirelessly or wired) but developers have to specifically program game and chat audio through the USB.”

      This is stupid the 3.5mm jack does not support mic in!!??
      So voice chat is pretty much pointless to attempt on Wii U.
      Now I no longer believe any of the pr coming from Nintendo about fixing the problems with the Wii!!?? NINTENDO don’t make me have to buy another manufacturers hardware again!! I really don’t want to!!

      • Gano

        Ok another site I just read indicates that the 3.5mm jack can be used for Mic in. So my first comment stands and the second should be partially disregarded as I think I just got caught out by all the miss leading information on the mic support.
        Still bit bummed if no proper system-wide audio chat as the only way I used online chat on my 360 was to chat with my friends who were more often than not playing completely different games and so that I could leave the headset plugged in but sitting unused next to me so I didn’t have to quickly mute all the other players at the start of every game when playing Modern Warfare.
        Haha!! the lack of system wide chat support is starting to sound like a great feature the more I think about it:)
        (no haters for having a 360 please, lets not get side-tracked)

  • Smurfman256

    To understand why you can’t use the Wii U Gamepad’s microphone to do voice chat in games, turn on your 3DS, go to system Settings, test the mic and start pressing buttons. Watch the monitor for the mic pickup.

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