Jun 21st, 2013


One of the sticking points for many people when it comes to the Wii U virtual console is how expensive games are. Currently, only NES and SNES games are being released on the virtual console, for a price of $4.99-$5.99 and $7.99-$8.99 respectively. This is in line with what was being charged on the Wii for the virtual console, but for people who already own the Wii version of the games, you can buy the Wii U virtual console version for $1.00 – $1.50.

How do you feel about these prices? Nintendo is currently experimenting with a .30 cent promotion that sees certain titles released for a limited period for just .30 cents. It’s a great deal, but not one likely to be repeated after the initial run unless Nintendo wants to do weekly virtual console sales. So tell us, how do you feel about current virtual console prices and what would you like to see from Nintendo in regards to the future? If you have other ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Joe Fraley

    I most feel like the SNES titles should be a dollar or two cheaper. $8.00 just seems like a lot for a game I’ve already bought twice before. I’m pretty happy to pay $5.00 for an NES classic though.

  • My only complaint is the cost. I know there are costs involved in upgrading and supporting these games but $5 for an NES 8bit game is a little steep. $2.99 – $3.50 seems more reasonable. Then SNES $4.99 to $5.99.

  • I personally feel that SNES games are a bit expensive. My ideal pricing for the entirety of the virtual console would be:

    NES/SNES – $5.00
    N64 – $7.00
    Gamecube – $10.00

    • I think NES games should be $3 though.

      • DereX

        I paid $0.30 for Kirby and I don’t even feel like that was worth it…. $3 or less sounds fair for people that are into that old crap…. $4 is daylight robbery.

        • Elem187

          Crap? These games were so good that 30 year franchises were born from it…. kids have no respect for the classics.

          • Jon

            agreed, they think that anything with not “good” graphics should be sold for $1

          • Wasbodee

            I know right?

          • Johny

            SO sad what all these “app” marketplaces with .99 cent super cheap fun did to today’s generation. they dont have a perspective of a game with VALUE.
            “oh hey.. ill play this game now for 99 cents.” get bored of it in 15 minutes… but the next one the next day -.-

        • Norfair20X5

          My only problem with Kirby’s Adventure on VC is playing it on the gamepad. The buttons are squishy and because of the NES sprite limit slowdowns it becomes harder than it was on the NES to get through that game.

          • oJustus

            i think that pricing of the games should be based on content not it being a classic an nes game should cost less the a snes game and that should cost less then a n64 game and also i think that nintendo should reduce the prices of some of these games 7 and 8 dollars is a bit much for some of these games when some of the newer games from the indie developers are going at the same price or even lower

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Silence when grownups speak! Go and have an ice cream!

        • i believe the term is highway robbery.

    • jcnba28

      I dunno about $10 for Gamecube titles, I mean if you go on ebay a lot of Nintendo made Gamecube games go for $40+ in bids.

      • Robknoxious1

        That’s because or the rarity for a select few games. With digital releases that will be a different story.

      • sdmac200600

        I seen super mario sunshine on ebay for 120 bucks

        • Madmagican

          Same thing with Wind Waker

      • thedeciderU

        for a collector that makes sense, and i do collect some game franchises and want the original release copy (no greatest hits/nintendo selects etc.). people pay good money to have it in their collection, and to them it’s worth it. let them, but digital rereleases should be another story.

    • Alvaro Castañeda

      I totally feel the same!! They are expensive!! If these are the prices, when they want to release gamecube games they will be totally expensive!! Perhaps n64 at 10 and gamecube at 15-20 still will be reasonable

      • Adrian

        No it wouldn’t, I have almost never spent more than $20 on a single game in my life, and that includes all my PS3 games.

        • Baum 「ツリー」

          Yeah, but just because you want to wait for games to become cheaper doesn’t mean that everyone else’s doing this.
          I really have to admit, that the patience of that kind of gamers impresses me, but I want to get my hands on my games as soon as possible and in that case 15$’s a very good price 😀

          • Adrian

            Even just buying the cheaper games, I’m still backlogged and have about 10 games that I need to get through before I buy any more.

    • Norfair20X5

      I can agree with that. It is funny though about the N64 games. Most of the decent games you can get used is about $10 while a cart for Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and others of that caliber run around $25. So even $10 for those first party games on VC would be nice. $7 would be a steal. Sadly I don’t see them charging $10 for Gamecube. I would expect something around $15.

    • Ony

      Virtual Games should be at an acceptable range between an affordable price and an acceptable reward for the effort of rework.

      I think the actual prices are not fair enought. They need to be a little bit lowered, but I’m not qualified to give a proper pricing :]

    • Magnus Eriksson

      NES: 2.50-3.00$
      SNES: 4.50-5.00$
      N64: 7.50-8.00$
      GCN: 10.00-12.00$

      • Dacoda Spalla

        I agree with this.

      • Johny

        totally approve this. very good pricing

      • Ice Climbers

        What about the GBA games?

        • SilverDrake20

          GBA games should be on the 3ds if anything.

          • Ice Climbers


    • HypocritesRROD

      My ideal pricing for microsoft:

      XDone Console – $100.00
      XB Live Subscription – Free
      XDone Games – $13.00

      Fair enough.

      • SilverDrake20

        This article isn’t about MS, second you’re obviously 13 or something and know nothing about business if you think that makes any sense for any game company (Sony, Nintendo or MS). Nintendo has free online but look what that gets you.

        • HypocritesRROD

          You’re obviosly an xbot . And you’re obviously butthurt to the point that you are now assuming about my age. That number is way off… RROD.

    • Johny

      YEA! EXACTLY … thats very nice prices you got there.
      i only think Nes/snes games should be like a dollar cheaper.
      like… Nes 3 or 4 $ and SNES 4 or 5

    • val berger

      totally agree on that pricing. the actual one is always just so expensive so you may buy games where you already know the value because you played them. but it’s too expensive to discover new content.

    • grandlx2

      Considering that the entire NES/SNES/N64/GC games are now available through roms.. And millions of people have downloaded them for completely free. NES/SNES should be 1-1.50, N65 no more than $5, and GC about 7-8.

      • wampdog29

        But, there are added features to these games on Wii U. That costs money to develop.

  • Justin Carlson

    Here is what I think is reasonable and would drive more sales:
    NES: $2.99
    SNES: $4.99
    N64: $6.99
    Gamecube: $9.99

    I do think the current $1/$1.50 to convert a Wii VC game to Wii U is good. The added features are worth it in my mind.

    • DereX

      That sounds legit…. PS1 games go for as low as 5.99 on PSN and they are practically the same age as N64 games…. Honestly, Snes and Nes games should be free or something because people play them everyday illegally online with emulators…..

      • Adrian

        Pretty sure N64 is well above PS1.

        • Chris Hamilton

          and I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, they are both from the same generation.if you like N64 better then that’s just personal preference.

          • Adrian

            No…I don’t have a personal preference between the two actually.
            SNES was a 16bit system released in 1990.
            PS1 was a 32bit system released in 1994.
            N64 was a 64bit system released in 1996.
            So…why do you think PS1 and N64 are equivilant?

          • Adrian

            I prefer PS1 for 1 player games, and N64 for multiplayer games actually. But overall I acknowledge the N64 as the more powerful system.

          • Luna Moonfang

            Release date does not stand for the generations. The same will happen with Wii U and Ps4/ X-One. PS1 and the N64 are equivalent because they simply are from the same generation.
            (sorry, i quite don’t know how to explain it properly typing, but that’s about it).

          • Chris Hamilton

            because they belong to the same generation.
            by your logic ps3 games should cost more than 360 games because the ps3 had a better cpu and was released 1 year after the 360
            or better yet wiiu games should be cheaper than ps4/xb1 for the same reasoning

          • Adrian

            Same generation does not equal the same hardware power. But either way, the price of games generally isn’t associated with how sophisticated or graphically enhanced it is. I was just contesting the notion that PS1 and N64 were the same (which I see now that isn’t exactly what he said, but oh well).

    • Joey

      Current $1/$1.50 to convert a Wii VC game is worth it because they have to make it to play on gamepad (not on TV screen) , have features such as save states (Create Restore Point/Load Restore Point) , and controller settings…

      • wampdog29

        And Miiverse functionality

  • Robknoxious1

    99 cents is too cheap really. 2.99 NES, 4.99 SNES and all 16 bit consoles, 7.99 N64, 9.99 GCN, 7.99 GBA.

  • Vazaha

    I wish it were more depending on the game. Some NES games are worth 25 cents. Others are worth 5$. I camped out to buy the wii originally, and I mistakenly bought Mario Bros when it came on the VC. Super Mario Bros in my mind was worth 5$, but Mario Bros to me wasn’t worth 1$.

    • everyone

      Agree 100%.

    • Fred

      I disagree I’d pay $1 for Mario Bros, but you’re right I’ll never buy it at the current $5 price that’s crazy

  • DemonRoach

    Costs way too much WAAAAAAAAAy too much. These are 20 year old games bro, and 99% do not hold the test of time.

    • Laud

      But you’re a troll, you don’t even own a Wii U?

      • Actually I might be mistaken but I believe DemonRoach said somewhere before that he in fact DOES have a WiiU, but is very dissapointed in it, unless there are like 2 DemonRoach on WiiU daily (which would not surprise me tbh :P)

  • everyone

    Some games should be more expensive than others. Shorter NES games shouldn’t be over $3 but a game like Kirbys Adventure is a good steal at $5. I go to some used games stores that sell old NES and SNES games and some of the better games you can’t buy used for under $20. I mean, when Earthbound finally comes out for NA for $8, its going to be a bargain compared to collectors pricing on cartridges.

    • Desend

      But that mainly pertains to rarity. It’s hard to decide on quality and length of the game considering each person playing it will likely have a different opinion on how it is.

      • everyone

        I can see that to a point. There are some obvious short games along the lines of Donkey Kong, DK Jr and Wrecking Crew. These games would be hard to push at $5 when there are games like MegaMan 1-4 and Kirbys Adventure for the same price.

        You do have a good point though.

    • Fred

      That’s right it’s like I will buy Super Mario Bros for $5 when it comes out, but I would never pay more than $1 for Mario Bros

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Here is what I think is right:
    NES: $0.99
    SNES: $1.99
    N64: $3.99
    GCN: $5.99
    iOS and smartphone devices has set a expectancy of really low prices for download games. For example you can get Angry Birds on iPhone/iPod Touch for $0.99 ea and the 3DS for $19.99.
    Another things is that you can not sell or trade downloads, so I’m very cautious about downloading software. In my iPhone I usually don’t pay more than $2 on a game unless I already play it and know that I love the game.

  • Mark Thom

    nintendo made a lot money off of nes & snes games…….. $2 should be the price 4 nes or snes

  • Desend

    I believe they are a bit too expensive. Perhaps a 25% cut wouldn’t be a bad deal. I think porting from Wii should be free though considering they were all the same price on that console. You were still paying 800 points for a SNES game which worked out to be $8.

  • Jack5221

    The only game I paid full price for was Super Mario World. I got Mario Bros 2 for 2.50 because of the promotion and I’ve also gotten all the 0.30 games. So Im happy with what I’ve got.

  • Fred

    I have NO PROBLEM with the prices for converting games from Wii to Wii U and I’ll probably convert all my Wii games.
    As for NES and SNES prices as the prices sit now I’ll buy a few (I bought Super Mario World for $8, and almost bought some of the others, but they were all to high for me).
    They can price them wherever they want, but I’ve purchased every single 30 cent game including the ones I don’t like and I’ve only bought 1 at full price so far (although it will get higher, but I’ll only get the ones I really want) the lower they set the prices the more games I’ll buy they just have to figure that out. at $1 I’d probably buy hundreds of games over the lifespan of the console, but at $5/$8/whatever wii was charging for N64 I’ll probably snag 20 or so during the life of the console

    Another example Mario Bros came out yesterday for $5. I’d never buy that game for more than $1 however when Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 come out I’ll gladly pay $5 each!

  • mike

    3rd party publishers should be able to name the prices for their games, just like Apple lets other companies do on their platform. But seriously if a PS2 game is $5 on an iphone or $10 on a PS3 Nintendo really needs to rethink how they’re selling games that are decades old and that I could just buy on ebay for $.99. It would make more sense for them to do a subscription service or allow us to rent games at a discounted price.

  • Jon

    I don’t know, I find the prices are fine the way they are. You cannot really get the games for less than $5:00 unless it is just a very bad game. My Girlfriend and I are working on expanding our NES library and we are finding that the cartridge version of these games range from $5.00-$20.00 and some… even more. The only time I find them cheaper would be at a yard sale. most used game stores will sell their games starting at $5.00 and some games just even more. A good example was a copy of Mario 3, it was priced at $35.00 when on the VC, you get it for $5.00. The Same is with the SNES though most games I see for there are around $10.00+ unless it is a sports game then you may see it for less. Super Mario world was $25.00 when I saw it and on the VC, you get it for $8.00. So I honestly don’t know why people are complaining about these prices when they would end up spending even more when trying to get them in the physical form. It just seems to me that people are just cheaping out and not really thinking on how much it would really cost them to get these games without the VC. So really, I think people should actually start looking at how much these games would actually cost to get them and then think. To me, these prices are fine.

  • mike

    I think each game of nintendo’s should be priced indivisually, a game like Ice Climbers is worth more like maybe 1.99, but I’ll have no problem paying $10 for O.o.T. But I do think they should limit the prices for certain platforms like this:

    NES- Up to $5
    SNES-Up to $8
    N64- Up to $10
    GCN- Up to $12
    Virtual Boy- Up to $5
    Wii- Up to $25

    I don’t think every game should be priced at the maximum but only a few really good games and others are priced at a llower price based on their quality. I also think nintendo really needs to add more systems, basically every past system of theirs even handheld platforms would work on the wiiu gamepad. Finally I REALLY believe that nintendo needs to set up a unified account system so people can transfer all of the games they have downloaded on one system over to the other, I mean why else put GBA on wiiu instead of the 3DS?

  • discuss

    99 cents simply because they are old games.

    • It doesn’t matter if they’re old games. Some old games can be better than new ones.These games can contain many things about your past games. I suggest trying these games out before you say anything bad about them.

      • Kut Dan Go

        I got Super Metroid for the 30 cents. I had more fun with that then most of the games I have on WiiU

      • discuss

        I just said they are old, I never said they are bad. Nintendo already made it’s profit on those games, they shouldn’t start milking and act like EA.

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    It’s really funny to see you people in the US bitching about the prices, when we in Europe (and I think also in Australia) pay at least 1-2$ more than you.

    But I’m still ok with the pricing, although I have to say, that there are some NES games like Yoshi (wich normally costs 5$) aren’t worth the same like for example Mario Land 2 :/

    • Australian minimum wage is around $16 an hour. The US federal minimum wage is $7.25. There’s a massive difference in salary there. I can understand EU complaints though, especially from Eastern Europe such as Poland.

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        Ah’kay. Didn’t know that, but thanks for the info, Ashley 😉

      • Bob Charlie

        The difference in salaries isn’t as big of a gap as it seems. Prices for goods in AUS are outrageously high compared to the cost of goods in the U.S.
        The Wii U Deluxe w/ Nintendo Land costs $430 in Australia, and $78 for Pikmin 3. I’m curious to see how much a VC games goes for there.

      • dgallo911

        U r probably right about the minimum wage but u cant use that as a reason when the population of australia would only match 1 of the small Us states so the minimum wage may be different but there would be a hell of alot more ppl in america making over 16 bucks than there are in Australia

    • dgallo911

      Us aussies get screwed over to mate so your not the only ones lol out of curiosity, how much does luigi dlc cost ya? Its a cool 29.95 here lol

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        The download version is 19,99€.And the disc version will be 29,99€

  • iceazeama

    yeah ill say the price should be cheaper by like 3 dollars each. like it matters nintendo doesnt even support it, the last 3 years was non existent. thats bullshit.

  • Richard

    They should definitely be cheaper. At the current price point there are only a
    handful of titles that I am willing to pay for. If they were to cut the price in half I would probably pick up the majority of titles released from the SNES era.

    I compare it to the Steam sale effect. I have over 400 titles on Steam that I have
    purchased mostly as part of sales for less than $5. Of those I have probably only downloaded about half. And I’ve probably only played half of those for more than an hour or two.

  • Adrian

    I think the price should be associated with the “value” (using popularity/demand to measure average value to consumers).

    Unpopular games should be 99 cents max because it’s the only way anybody is going to give them a try. Popular and historically groundbreaking games (Super Mario World, SM RPG, the final fantasies, etc) have the right to be priced higher, in the $5-$9 range. Average games should be below $5 always, regardless of the platform (NES, SNES, 64).

    They should just start all games at $9 and decrease the price over time based off of what tier of popularity it settles into.

  • ATherohatch

    it really puzzles me why people would spend £49.99 on a digital game say ‘New Super Mario Bros’ when they could buy it online for £30-£35.00? Nintendo or whoever sorts out the pricing needs pull there finger out and drop prices to at least £40 same as the prices to buy a physical copy. Or maybe even cheaper since they don’t have to pay for packaging.

    • Adrian

      I think you are in the wrong thread.

  • JB

    I think the prices are reasonable for the work, overhead and eshop maintenance that goes into each title. Also, it’s not like they don’t and won’t continue to have sales or 2-fors or anything of the such.

    It would be a dangerous slope to have pricing on a sliding scale, as value of a game could mean something totally different to someone else. While one might think Mario Bros is worth a dollar, someone might think it’s worth three. Others might think it’s worth five. In that same regard, that could mean Nintendo/Square could say “well hey, we think Chrono Trigger is worth $25, so that’s how much we’ll charge”

    In my eyes, it was an excellent game but I’m content paying $8… or just hook up my SNES. 🙂 if there’s a game that I don’t think is worth the current structure, I just won’t buy it.

  • Agent721

    Over 1,000 NES games alone were released on that system… yet how many do we have to download after 6-7 months? A paltry handful… the problem is not the pricing, but the selection. If N was smart, they’d have a catalogue of games unmatched on any console to download. Lack of selection, no matter what the excuse, is a negative for the consumer.

  • I think 25% cheaper is fair, and when one has the games already on the Wii (which should be noticed when transfering data from Wii to WiiU) Games you have bought allready before should be made available again for free on WiiU virtual Consoles, now some people pay 3 times for a game, let’s say Super Metroid, many bought it back then for $59,99? (back then we used the Florint and so for use it would cost Fl. 129,- as the Florint was like 0,40-0,45 dollar) Then they might have bought it on the Wii for 7,99-9,99? and now again for 7,99 (or 0,30 on the special offer)-

  • Sdudyoy

    I think 10$ – 15$ for a gamecube game is reasonable, Although I still have my huge gamecube collection so I’m fine for now, although I want GBA games to come to Wii u soon.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    GC VC will most likely be $15. im fine with the NES $5, but the SNEs should should be $7 instead of $8.

  • Keli Just

    That’s a tough one. On one hand I would love to see the games be cheaper and therefore allow me to purchase and amass almost everyone released, however, considering the price of buying many of these titles used from a game trader or online, the pricing is pretty decent IMO. Plus you get a (hopefully) glitch free, save state enabled, Wii U Gamepad compatible, version of the game for a similar price. I do think pricing them too low would make them “seem” less valuable overall though, considering my and others I know mentality when it comes to iOS games. Most $0.99 games on iOS end up being throw away experiences and I wouldn’t want that for Nintendo games. I do like @overlordror:disqus ‘s pricing though, now all we need is N64 and Gamecube games on the VC.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    why pay big bucks when you can get them for free online, or some1 like me just needs to plug in their old system and play them

    what they should have done is put all nes,snes,n64,gc, games in the eshop and have the flavor of the week in each system have a game on discount

    • Adrian

      Getting them illegally is not the same as getting them for free.

      • sdmac200600

        Its only illegal if you don’t have the original cartridge or you never purchased the original cartridge.

        • wiimenonowiiu

          The problem is you can get them online for free so why pay 5.00 bucks for a game or per game when you can get them all for free if they were. 99 cents a game that would be great they hold no value only to the system they should not be more then. 99cents its not like u can resell the game to a friend or on ebay

          • ItzameyaToad

            Why pay $5.00? Because that helps the developer of the game. Look I am all for them lowering the price on older games but for people who want to support the original devs/don’t have or want an old system they will never go online only to play a game for free when they can help the Devs.

          • Adrian

            Do you not understand what software piracy is?

        • Adrian

          No, it’s illegal if you download a ROM for free unless the creator of the original software has explicitly given you permission to do so.

          What you said would be like, “Well I bought this game for PS3, so really I should get the PC, and XBOX versions for free as well.”

          • sdmac200600

            No man. If you can prove that you have purchased said disk or cartridge for said game, it’s illegal.

            Your analogy is flawed to what I said. I didn’t say if you purchased 1 original copy, you can just download that game for every console it’s available. Whatever console you purchased is the console rom you can only download so long you have proof you own the game on said console.

          • Adrian

            I’ve never seen Nintendo say it was OK to download ROMs of their older games for free online (if you can prove ownership of the game). If they have said this at some point and I just missed it, feel free to enlighten me. If they have never said it, then it is piracy to download ROMs of old nintendo games for free.

          • sdmac200600

            Never said Nintendo said it was legal. In fact, Nintendo is against it


            What I said doesn’t apply to Nintendo games but jst because it doesn’t apply to Nintendo games doesn’t mean it applies to every 3rd party game and Sony and Microsoft games.

          • Adrian

            It doesn’t apply to any organization that creates games unless they explicitly say that is part of their policy.

          • Gothamknight

            Wrong again. Firstly, when you buy any game, any software in fact, you’re actually buying a license to use that software. You don’t actually own the game, despite having a physical disc/cartridge.

            That license does not extend to any other copy of that software other than the one on the disc/cartridge unless the policy says it does. It usually doesn’t.

            Ergo, you may not duplicate a game nor play a rom of a game regardless of your reasoning.

            What is so hard to understand?

          • sdmac200600

            I stopped commenting on the matter so I clearly understand…..

          • No you can’t. You have to make the duplicate yourself from the cartridge or disc. Proving ownership and then downloading separately is not the same and IS illegal.

        • Correction, it is illegal unless you made the ROM yourself from the Original Cartridge that you own. Downloading it because you own the cartridge is still illegal. That is fair use copy right. It is like duplicating an Audio CD or DVD/BluRay movie you own or ripping those to MP3 or video files from the original disc you own. Downloading it separately because you do not have the means or knowledge to make the duplicate or transfer to a different format is still illegal.

          For example, I have the “Dolphin” Emulator and using a another piece of software I took the 47 GameCube games that I own on disc and still have the discs for and did a game dump and made them playable in the emulator.

  • ACE

    snes 9 dollars! too expensive
    in steam I paid 9 dollars for the witcher 2

    • Adrian

      Haha I just joined steam a week ago and the weekend sale was Witcher 1 and 2 for 66 % off. I got them both for $10 total :D.

  • ItzameyaToad

    I can understand $4.99 for NES and SNES games but anything higher is a bit too much. I could understand a N64 game(if they ever come to Eshop) going for $10 though. I would really love to see more $0.30 games in the future or $0.99 games but the pricing isn’t extremely bad they just need to work on constantly dropping prices for a set amount of time/creating deals etc. and I think alot of people would be happy.

  • thedeciderU

    if nintendo gets the pricing right i’ll buy most anything, my point being that, while so many classics have value, the current price points are above what most are willing to pay.

    in my opinion, if nintendo finds the right pricing, they will make way more money in the long run, which will lead to more vc releases, which will again, make them more money in the long run.

    they need way more sales/deals/bundles to entice buyers, and to also fix the eshop set up. it’s starting to look like a mess mixing any and all games in together. for someone new to the system or gaming, i think it’d be confusing.

    • HappyCamper

      I agree. I wouldn’t pay 5$ for a game like that. Why? Because its simply wrong to charge that much. On every other system you can buy similar games for much less and get 20 games in a package for much less money. I would like to buy 20 games in a package for 20$ and paying 100$ or more to buy them individually is just too tooo much. And please don’t compare physical copy with digital. Physical copy of a 20 year old game is a collectors item that’s why its worth 100+ $. At this price range i don’t think they earn much. But pricing something in a must buy price like 1$ will earn them ~2 or 3 million $ as almost every wii u owner will buy it. Earning 2 million for a 20 year old game is allot. Tha’ts why you often see bundles on PC that sell 2 or more million bundles as they still earn alot from that and for the consumer its a great deal. Thats how you do business. I like most Nintendo policies but for this one i call them greedy. Some of you guys just fanboyishly defend Nintendo. We all love them but lets not forget its a company and they are not perfect.

  • AtomicAvocado

    Look. Mario Bros. arcade is 5.00. Disgaea 1 is 10$ on PS3. One of those will consume my hours being counting. I’m all for the .30c campaign, but NES games at the very most be $3

  • Adrian

    New poll:
    Who wants ALL the past HANDHELD POKEMON GAMES to come to the WiiU Virtual Console for GAMEPAD play?
    Personally, I’d pay for THAT,

    • dgallo911

      Get a ouya and u can play all the pokemon u want on the bigscreen

      • Adrian

        Get out of here with your advertising. That statement isn’t even true. I just checked out Ouya, and it only has 155 games on it. Doesn’t look like it has Gameboy games though.

        • dgallo911

          Its got a gba emulator and a ds one just like every android devise has…u keep dreaming about playing pokemon on the bigscreen while I already can. Also u might call Iit advertising but I would call it educating felow gamers who think $10 for a snes game is unreasonable.

          • Vazaha

            Well, most of the people BUYING vc games, want to do so legally. How easy is it to get an emulator? Really really easy. You don’t need a Ouya to play games on the big screen, most laptops come with an HDMI out.

          • dgallo911

            True, but I dont know of to many laptops that can fit in ya pocket. If nintendo priced it accordingly then emulators etc wouldnt ve an issue

          • Vazaha

            Too true, it’s like when everyone was stealing music. There just wasn’t a good way to buy it.

  • Petri

    Theyre putting pretty steep price for nostalgia.
    I wont be buying anywhere near as many VC games with current pricing.

    They should make some of the VC games free to play.
    Or maybe offer them with retail games.
    I know America has VC games for Nintendo Club rewards, I wish that was for Europe too.

  • A SNES Day Off

    The problem isn’t with putting a price on the original technology, but how you actually value a particular game in the first place. There have been plenty of good/bad, extensive/basic, hi-tech/low-tech games for ALL of Nintendo’s consoles. All the current pricing model does is try to make it look fair, but it’s hard to swallow when ‘Donkey Kong Jnr.’ is supposedly worth the same price as Super Mario Bros 2.

    I’d happily pay £3.49 for Super Mario Bros because that’s a title that I’ve never tired of, and has amazing replay value. But would I pay that for Pac Man? Or Ice Breaker? Nope.

    A consolation however would be… DEMOS. It’s all very well seeing a 30-second video or screenshots, but if I’m discovering new games then I want to know whether they’re worth my £3.50-£5.50. These titles are only about 30mb in size, so a 5 play limit for a demo seems very reasonable.

  • Jared Garcia

    its still cheaper than the physical copies. super metroid is like $40-$45 on amazon. so dont complain.

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    Games like Wrecking Crew or Mario Bros are tooooooo expensive

    • A SNES Day Off

      Definitely. But like I said myself in an earlier post, how does one judge the ‘value’ of a game? Everyone is going to have a different opinion and so it becomes subjective.

      On the other hand, although the current pricing strategy suggests that more modern games (SNES) are somehow worth more money than older ones (NES), it doesn’t help that Nintendo have somehow created a tier of pricing just because the game was released on a different system. It’s 2013 – there is no need to price a 16-bit game almost twice as much!

      But this is the monopoly that Nintendo have created, because with these titles being in a digital format, they want to re-create the feeling of added value based purely on the I.P. It’s their way of almost giving a sense of tangibility to the games, as ridiculous as it sounds.

      In an ideal world, each VC game released would have a 50% discount for its first day in the store, and then normal pricing after. This gives the die-hard fans a loyalty bonus for waiting patiently and the casual fans who wait an incentive to check the shop out more promptly.

  • NintendoNoob

    We need a N64 game

  • Orange Lada

    50% cheaper is about right, given that Nintendo has original content, but more than $3.99 for an SNES game is a complete rip off. NES Games should be (AT MOST) $1.99

    The only games I’ve gotten and am currently likely to get are the $0.30 games.

  • ilovegoogleglass


  • dgallo911

    Unless your in australia u should stop complaining. Our nes titles are 6.50 and super nes is $10!!!! Hell even the new luigi game here is $29.95…. I cant do much about luigi but my ouya is becoming my nintendo virtual console as not only is it free buf ive got n64 and nds games runnung on it. If nintendo sell them at a dollar each ill buy a heap and “support” nintendo but until then im boycotting the whole virtual console

    • Orange Lada

      Don’t buy them, send a message.

      The reality is that it costs “very little” to produce these on the VIrtual Console, so the whole amount is profit. Isn’t like the price can’t drop.

  • Guest

    It seems all the .30 cent games mean nothing around here.

  • Andrew Toner

    i don’t know about pricing all i know is i want MELEE

  • weselp

    In Europe prices are

    NES 5€ ($6.50)
    SNES 8€ ($10.50)

    I think is too expensive and I prefer to spend my money in new games than in games I’ve played a lot and I can play in my old systems or with PC. The only think I lose is the oportunity to play them in the gamepad.

    Anyway, I have bought all the 0.30 VC games, and I would buy more if they were not as expensive

    Fair price

    NES 1€
    SNES 2€
    N64 5€

    • theblackfrog


  • bradtastic2

    Charging 25% less is pretty fair but paying to buy the wii u VC version of a game you already own is criminal though.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I think the current pricing, along with occasional promotions, is great.

  • zdog

    Haha, “Do you think games should be cheaper?!!!” I think that is kinda obvious.

  • ZeldaFan83

    Their asking too much. This would be a good and affordable price range:

    NES $2.99
    SNES $4.99
    N64 $7.99
    GCN $9.99
    GB $.2.99
    GBC $3.99
    GBA $4.99

    Pricing them like this would also increase sales.

  • Poseidon

    I work in a used game store, not gamestop thank god or id shoot myself. the virtual console prices are identical to the actual original cartridges. I don’t feel comfortable paying the same price for a digital copy as i could for the actual cart. they should be at least 25-50% cheaper. maybe not mobile app price, i think that’s too much for us consumers to ask, its just not going to happen. but they should definitely be cheaper than market price for the original games.

  • beerkin

    I bought Bayonetta for 20 bucks on PSN, Tomb Raider for 30… Megaman X for 8 dollars is too much. The VC has been a failure so far. If I buy Megaman 3 on my 3ds I should be able to upgrade to Wii U for a dollar not pay full price. The release schedule has been a comedy show. To celebrate 30 years since famicom they release Yoshi……This past week Mario bros and Wrecking Crew….HAHAH. What in the world. I could give us a list a mile high w games that need to be on the VC. I don’t have the time but they are missing the mark terribly w the Wii U VC.

  • John Raybell

    Fair? Lets see, buy a game first on the nes or snes what ever, buy it again years later, buy it again but a bit cheaper.

    Milk milk milk

    How about freee this time around 🙂 that would bring in some wiiu sales 🙂

    • Orange Lada

      Does $0.30 work? 😉

  • Amz Strange

    Prices should be:

    NES: 2.49
    SNES: 4.99
    N64 / GBA: 7.49
    GCN: 9.99

    That would represent real value for money! Seems like everyone else thinks the same, too. The prices right now are just a bit too high, which has put me off impulse buying many times on the Wii.

    With the recent rise of some pretty decent free to play & 0.99 games, Nintendo’s Virtual Console prices seem quite steep in comparison. Methinks sales would increase with a 25% drop. I’m not holding my breath for that though…

  • Ice Climbers

    I’d be ok with the current prices if Nintendo put the games on sale more often.

  • Logan Waltz

    i would buy 8 and 16 bit games for $2.50. 64 bits@ $5.00 and 128bit@ $10. honestly, if they were cheaper, they would sell more, and nintendo only has to make enough sales to pay for the work that goes into each game. honestly, i need some fucking genesis titles.

  • Magiphart

    Ir I were to buy a SNES cartridge it’d cost from 40- 200 dollars. 8 dollars is a great deal!

    • A SNES Day Off

      The difference with cartridges is their scarcity; just because it’s hard to get hold of doesn’t mean that the game has more play value than another. I used to go to car-boot sales years ago and you would see people selling NES games for 20p/50p.

  • wampdog29

    I think people are forgetting that these games aren’t just straight ported ROMS running on Wii U. They also have features developed for them. 5 features added to ALL VC games: 1] Miiverse functionality and communities, 2] off-TV play on Gamepad, 3] fully customizable controls, 4] true save-state functionality, and 5] a digital manual. So, these features have to be taken into account when thinking about th epricing of games.

  • Hfire

    Considering these were priceyer back in the day this is a good deal!

  • Kaihaku

    I’m not…but then I keep on buying them anyway. If Nintendo wants to charge a premium they need to add more features…but maybe I’m wrong since I keep on paying this price.

    First on the list of features that I want is online multiplayer with integrated Wii U Chat – I would gladly pay double the current prices for virtual console titles with this feature. I would love to play Secret of Mana again with old College friends spread out across the country, even more so to be able to hear them and glance down at the gamepad to see the expressions on their faces.