Jun 18th, 2014


The official Wii U virtual console page by Nintendo has an interesting new tip for users, in the form of advertising N64 games on the Wii U virtual console soon. Here’s a look at what it says:

Tip: Check back regularly for the latest releases, including the future addition of titles from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 systems.

We’ve already gotten Gameboy Advance games on the system, announced in the Nintendo Direct before the huge E3 presentation. Nothing was mentioned about Nintendo 64 games, so it’s nice to see Nintendo is planning on bringing those to the Wii U virtual console. We expect there will be some sort of Nintendo Direct announcement for the feature, perhaps this summer.

There’s still no mention of GameCube games being brought to the virtual console, however.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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  • DK745

    I’m pretty sure it has said that since last year. Don’t think this is anything new. I would love N64 games on Wii U though.

  • MerryBlind .

    Yayy finally! I’m actually eager to see how N64 games will look with HDMI output. Every time I plug my N64 to my HDTV it looks sooooo blurry. Hopefully they’ll even add some kind of graphical improvements like the Screen Smoothing option we have with GBA games.

    Plus, one of the two N64 controllers I have is giving me a bit of trouble with the loose joystick, and I’d prefer buying more Pro controllers or GameCube controllers rather than N64 ones to play Smash Bros.

  • Corey Watford

    POKEMON SNAP and SUPER MARIO 64 in 1080p, Im literally throwing my money at the screen

    • Ducked

      There not going to be in 1080p, its not a remake.

      • Anthony Ochs

        Should be upscaled, it won’t look better, but it should have a slightly smoother look to it. That’s how the other virtual games are.

      • Zach Ryan Hurrle

        They don’t need to be remade to up the rendering resolution. The Wii Virtual Console already bumped 240p N64 games up to 480p. Bumping them up to 720p or 1080p on Wii U would be trivial.

        • Ducked

          And there still look exactly the same :p

          • MysteryT

            But it will be clearer.
            When I play N64/GC games on an emulator, they look so much smoother and clearer than on their regular console.

            So upping the resolution would certainly help a lot.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      It would probably be at 720p or at least 480p.

  • Sdudyoy

    This really should have been here from the beginning of the Wii U virtual console, the Wii had N64 games, but I’m really excited to play N64 games on the gamepad!

  • Sam

    Yeah, this has been on there for a long time. We can only hope that it happens very soon.

  • Guest

    Actually mine says something a bit different…

  • Corey Watford

    My page is a little different though…

    • I am Error.

      Virtual Boy titles should totally come to the 3DS, though. That should be a no-brainer. Then again, when Nintendo looked at its classic library and decided which oldies to remaster in 3D they chose ‘Urban Champion’ over ‘Rad Racer’… which was an actual 3D title back in the day. So who knows.

    • Modified the HTML code with Firebug or something like that.

  • zlk

    Mine still says N64. Weird, maybe this is region gated somehow? I’m in California.

  • Ultrasyd

    I would like to get those game with HD resolution (GameCube, N64), you know, just like a PC emulator does. Just a better resolution, it doesn’t sound too impossible ? That would be rad !

    • MerryBlind .

      Yeah that would be amazing.

  • I need either Ocarina of Time VC or Majora’s Mask. NOW!

  • Helbert Pina

    I skipped the N64 when it was out (I was going through a PC-only phase, don’t judge me, I was a teenager…), the only Nintendo console I never owned. Funny enough, my wife DID have an N64, though we only met in 2002, so it was already a “last-gen” console. I love how VC games run on the Wii U, with customizable controls and “save-states”. I just hope they keep their standards high! 🙂

  • Ducked

    If they are that’s all good, but why didn’t they give news at E3

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I hope they’re out soon. Speaking of which, Gamecube games on VC, that’s another thing absent from E3 🙁 come on the sooner the better.

  • Jesus Eduardo Lara Ortiz

    It appears in my screen 0.o
    Virtual Boy seems neat thou, but mine appears as Nintendo 64

  • Hipster Victor

    Soon, there will be Gamecube games

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    About time.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    They better put Donkey Kong 64 on the virtual console! That’s my favorite game for that console, and it was the first game I ever played. It’d be nice to see it again. 🙂

    Other N64 games they should put on the virtual console:
    – Pokemon Snap
    – Super Smash Bros.
    – Kirby 64 the Crystal Shards
    – Zelda OOT and MM
    – Banjo Kazooie please? (Okay, no. ; _ 😉
    – Mario Kart 64
    – Maybe all the Mario Parties
    – Super Mario 64
    – Yoshi’s Story
    – Paper Mario
    – Harvest Moon 64
    – Superman 64 (lol, no)
    And whatever other games you folks think Nintendo should put on the virtual console.

    • Jason

      Sadly, Microsoft owns the Donkey Kong games made by Rare, so we won’t get that.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Donkey Kong is Nintendo’s game though. Sure, Rare did help make it, but Donkey Kong 64 is all Nintendo’s. I think all Nintendo would have to do is take out anything Rare contributed to. They had the original Donkey Kong Country games on the Wii’s virtual console. Why can’t they do it with DK 64? Also, Microsoft would be in major trouble if they released Donkey Kong 64 on their console. Since Rare doesn’t own Donkey Kong, Microsoft can’t resell it (Microsoft can resell Banjo Kazooie, because that’s Rare’s IP).

        Maybe Nintendo can do what they did with Donkey Kong Country and kind of….make Donkey Kong 64 just…not exactly the same? Honestly, I’d prefer a sequel, or “remake”, anyway.

        • Jason

          The Donkey Kong Country games were taken off the Virtual Console as of November 2012. The reason why they were on it before, is because M$ allowed them to put it on there before, but now they won’t let them.

          • Zach Ryan Hurrle

            That’s 100% not true. It’s unknown why they were removed, but Rare themselves have confirmed that the reason has nothing to do with MS/Rare.

        • Denvy

          I’m not positive what caused the uproar and taking away of the SNES VC titles, but I’ve heard speculation that after MS got Rare there was an issue with the Kremlings and they had to stop offering the titles. Obviously Nintendo owns Donkey Kong, but it’s still odd that they are no where to be seen in the last two DK games. Sounds like it could have something to do with it. Who knows.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Yeah, I thought the Kremlings were thought up by Rare, which is why I thought that was the reason for Nintendo not putting them in any recent Donkey Kong game. But, the Kremlings are owned by Nintendo. Not Rare. You can find Kremlings in basically spinoff titles, like Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (a racing game) and Super Mario Sluggers. King k. Rool is playable! So, Nintendo DOES own the Kremlings. Nintendo just doesn’t want to put them in the real Donkey Kong games for some reason. I can’t tell you why, because I don’t work for Nintendo.

          • Denvy

            Keep in mind that Nintendo doesn’t own Solid Snake or Mega Man, but have/are appearing in Smash games. Obviously with permission. My question is (since I’m too lazy to look, haha) were those games you mentioned before or after Rare was taken in by MS?

          • 00EpicGamer00

            But Smash Bros. is a game with first party and third party characters. So it makes sense. But Donkey Kong Barrel Blast and Super Mario Sluggers are Nintendo franchises, with JUST Nintendo characters. For example, Super Mario Sluggers isn’t going to have Solid Snake, because for one he’s not a Mario character, and is not owned by Nintendo. Basically, the point I’m trying to make is Nintendo is not going to have a 3rd party character in any of their franchises (that’s not Smash Bros.).

            And just to answer your question, those games came out after Rare was purchased by Microsoft. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is for GameCube and Super Mario Sluggers is for Wii. Actually, even Tiny Kong (from DK 64) is in those game and is a playable character. Grant it, Nintendo really screwed Tiny up, but she is in there.

            Tiny Kong in DK 64

            Tiny Kong in Super Mario Sluggers and DK Jungle Beat

          • Denvy

            Actually, you’re right with the ownership issue. I war digging around and found an old interview of Chris Stamper of Rare just after the buyout. He says flat out the Donkey Kong and Starfox IPs went back to Nintendo after they parted. Strange about the VC regardless.

          • GamerWho

            King k. Room also looks a lot like Wart from SMB2.

      • Zach Ryan Hurrle

        Completely untrue. As owner of the DK IP and publisher of the Rare DK games Nintendo fully owns all rights to those games, their characters, and all distribution rights. The reason why Nintendo has been reluctant to release DK64 or why they removed the DKC games from the Wii VC is unknown, but Rare themselves confirmed it’s not them or Microsoft.

    • Colbster the Man

      I miss the first Paper Mario game *looks at n64 with game in it* I don’t feel like it anymore.

  • Can’t be excited about this considering the terrible roll-out of games for Wii U VC.

  • Richard Branches

    So what if they bring N64 games if I won’t be able to purchase any because Nintendo hasn’t release the eshop in southamerica because they don’t care about us, we are nothing to them.

    • Dominicruz

      use and emulator on wii mode or on your computer that’s it

  • greengecko007


  • Allvalve

    Lylatwars. In HD. Packaged with the new Starfox would be a great bonus.
    Possibly do the same with F-Zero, if they make another one (unlikely)

  • Lusunup


  • readypembroke

    This was announced around when the Wii U was released.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I’d love to finally be able to play Mario kart at full speed – instead of 80% speed – and waverace without those annoying black borders. Nintendo really screwed over the PAL region with N64 – with a £100 price reduction year after release, much more expensive games, 6 month delays over US versions and bad conversions.

  • Elvis Michael

    That little tip has been there for a while.
    In all likelihood, WiiUDaily copied the news from a source like NintendoLife, who brought up this old news by accident. Now it’s spreading like it’s new all over again.

  • Fred

    Is this a recent change or has it said this for a long time?

  • David Trail

    Majoras Mask!

  • Actually guys, mines says the same exact thing. SCREENSHOTTED just now. Hope they’re serious though.

  • Dominicruz

    I can’t people just buy from the wii mode all this games on wii u ?its the same thing I just don’t get it.

    • Zach Ryan Hurrle

      Because it’s a pain in the ass? You have to load up Wii Mode every time you want to access it, you can only store a very small amount of Wii mode software on the Wii U itself, loading from the SD card takes extra time, and suspending an N64 game with the home button takes forever to return from. Plus, only the Wii classic controller is supported, no GamePad or Wii U Pro, and the resolution is locked to 480p when the Wii U could easily bump that up much higher (the Wii already bumps up the many 240p N64 games to 480p, so odds are they’d increase the resolution on Wii U as well). Also, the N64 VC is missing features that the Wii U could support, such as save states and Miiverse integration. We also can’t forget the fact that there are still many N64 games that people want that never got VC releases on Wii, and with the Wii VC being dead now the only hope for getting them is the Wii U VC. And finally, whether it takes 2 months or 2 years Nintendo will have N64 games on the Wii U VC, meaning that if you buy on the Wii VC, eventually you’ll have to pay an upgrade fee to get Wii U features. Might as well wait rather than be forced to double dip.

    • Jon Cofer

      I hate playing old games with the wii-mote. I hate plugging classic controllers into my wii-mote. I hate burning AA batteries to use the wii-mote with a controller plugged in. I hate syncing my wii-mote to my Wii U since it’s typically synced to my old Wii so I can play gamecube games. Not to mention all the save progress on the Wii VC games will be lost/irrelevant once it IS released on the Wii U and I re-purchase it to get the new features.

  • ENDOT123

    i would care if i didn’t already own a n64 and use emulators.

  • Mike

    I noticed this a year ago…

  • Gytole

    My thing is… If we can emulate N64 games on Android in full 1080p upscaled graphics wby cant nintendo?

    • GamerWho

      Business priorities and/or licensing

    • tomtank91

      have you seen the quailty of those emulated games? They look horrible, they play horrible, they are very glitchy and Nintendo like there ports to work as good as they should do. It’s all about compatibility.

  • WiiUisgaming

    Majoras Mask please

  • firedragonsage88

    Club Nintendo already offers N64 titles for Wii U virtual console. Last week Mario Kart 64 was up. Mario Party 2 is up now. So… I thought N64 games were already on the eShop. I’m surprised they’re not.

    • socpens

      The codes Club Nintendo give out are Wii Shop codes. It explicitly states on the item pages that you will need to enter Wii Mode to play the games, and that you can upgrade to the Wii U version `when it becomes available`, so they have been hinting at a N64 VC on Wii U since launch.

      • firedragonsage88

        Oh. You are right. I hadn’t clicked it. I just saw “Wii/Wii U” along with other VC games that are on the Wii U eShop.

        My mistake.

  • Iflywright

    Said it once said it a billion times: Mario 64 HD.

  • Shootdatrupee!…

    Majora’s mask. It just has to happen.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Getting a little tired of N64 games to be honest, I wasn’t that fond of the system, it’s library is kinda shitty, at least in comparison to the Snes/GameCube/DS and Wii, much rather see more DS games that take advantage of the tv and gamepad screen and of course GameCube titles, other than Ocarina of time, sooner see the back of the N64 now.

  • tomtank91

    as long as we get the us versions of all N64 vc games I won’t be bothered.

  • Jon Cofer

    When will then be now?



    That’s nice but I already have a N64 with all the good games 🙂

  • Nintenjoe82

    I am pretty sure there is also a Wii U page claiming TVii will be in Europe one day 🙂

  • Brian Wise


  • Brian Wise

    The kremlings are in that smash attack on the 3ds smash bros people the reason they got taken off is because nintendo has to remove all the rare logos and other references like the killer institinct one rare did not win the rights to any part of the donkey kong series

  • Brian Wise

    The characters the levels the music the name all belongs to nintendo and as soon as they remove rares precence from thos game nintendo will bring them back

  • eb

    Now we wait for Gamecube.

  • devmiles

    Mario64 deserves a HD remake, we all know and agree on this. Use a good emulator and you will get something similar to this quality graphics… i just don’t understand why nintendo hasn’t done this yet. instead we get 1-1 copies of existing games. Ok, we got the windwaker HD which was brilliant.. just have a team ready to just pick up the N64 and gamecube gems and translate them to HD..i know it involves time but sales won’t lie. There is such a demand but no offer..it makes me want to go to nintendo HQ and kick their butts like what the hell are you thinking?