Apr 25th, 2013

Stop what you’re doing, boot up your Nintendo Wii U, and snag yourself the latest Wii U firmware update. That’s right… it’s officially live as reported by gobs of members on Wii U Forums!

If you’re not receiving any notification, simply enter system settings and search for it manually. Others are having luck by triggering the notification on entrance of the eShop. We’ll warn you now though: as more and more people notice it’s live and start their downloads, estimated download times have been climbing. And we know what happens when you stop your download midway so if it’s taking a long time… leave it be!

We’ll provide a more thorough report of updates, changes, and improvements that we see from this update, but preliminary results are showing that it makes your Wii U super fast. Loading times on the Wii U have been a huge complaint, this will be a hugely pleasant surprise for current owners and give potential new Wii U gamers one less reason to keep the money in their wallet.


Head on over to Wii U Forums to see how others are faring through the update!

Update video from a Wii U Daily reader (Thanks, Brian)!

Other improvements we’re noting as they roll in:

  • You can change the TV Ratio
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  • Gabe Hoffman

    Yeah It was at like 2 hours last I checked. I recommend plugging the gamepad into the charger and setting it to power off when download is finished.

    • AkaLink77

      LOL its still not as fast as Sonic.

      • ABEzilla116

        This far into the game and Nintendo still don’t have Blast Processing. SEGA, does what Nintendon’t.

        • Jizz Beard thePirate

          Mehh fuck that… Mode 7 is the way to go!!!!

          The Summer update is what will bring Mode 7 to the wiiU

    • Cap9

      It only took me about a half hour?? Wow! I guess I caught it at a good time!

  • mine only took about a half hour 🙂 its installing now

  • SethLaw

    It to like 15 to 20 minutes for me 🙂

  • ronaldco91

    For some reason, it always shows an error at 30%. .

    • jayrydah

      It happened to me at 80% too but aftetwards restarted itself where it keft off n completed the update. .keep tryin..mine took 30mins

  • SoulSilverZero

    I’m downloading the update now, so I’m going to leave it overnight.

    P.S What is up with the formating in this article?

    • Justin

      I literally laughed out loud at your post. “P.S What is up with the formating in this article?”

    • brian murphy

      lol its not that long of an update like the day one update lol just a few minutes depending on your download speed

  • Elem187

    I don’t know about “super fast” but helps make it tolerable.

    If they cut the return time from games by half, I hope the summer update is even better

    • Alienfish

      It’s actually faster than PS3 now at opening and closing games so I wouldn’t be too hasty in expecting more.

  • uPadWatcher

    I truly love the improvement after downloading the Spring update.

    • DemonRoach

      Not much change.

      • uPadWatcher

        Most of it have changed. Took me less than 10 seconds to go back to the home menu after exiting the game or app… Half of the loading time in the original.

        • JumpMan

          i’m a little OCD so i noticed that the switch screens button is different. anyone else? and it shows your NNID at the User Selection Screen! YAY! OCD 4 LYFE!

          • Anyone else’s console sound like it go’s into overdrive on the Wii u menus screen?

          • Alienfish

            You don’t have to be OCD to notice those things, just observant. Now if it bothers you because things seem out of place or you have to keep checking to make sure they actually did change, then you might be OCD.

          • JumpMan

            i guess i’d rather be observant than have a disorder… yeah, lets go with observant.

      • Silent

        Oh so you DO have a Wii U? Lol What a failed troll LOL!

      • Silent

        So you DO own a Wii U….LOL

        • DemonRoach

          Yep. And I’m quite disappointing at this update that doesn’t really resolve the slowness of the OS.

          • Silent

            You will stop noticing the slowness. The console’s OS is 43% faster now. And with the summer update, Its going to be even faster. The console is going the same way the 3ds went.

          • DemonRoach

            I call bullshit.


            I call a PS3 fanboy who’s lying about owning a Wii U and is butt hurt his generic console powerhouse got slammed into the curb by a underpowered one!

  • jlsniper

    I updated my Wii U, it’s faster. But, video’s on the internet browser won’t work anymore for me. 🙁

    • Cerus98

      YouTube videos in the browser work fine for me. What videos are you tryin to watch?

      • jlsniper

        Was trying to watch naruto. But than I tried youtube and that didn’t work. So, I the closed browser for like 5min. and it started working again. Not as good as it was though.

        • dubYA

          Weird… Videos load much quicker for me after the update. Now, I can even jump to a video in another tab without having to refresh the page to get it to play.

          The faster load times are great, but I’ve noticed other improvements too. For instance, Miiverse can now be navigated with the Pro Controller or Wii Remote.

          This update is awesome! 😀

  • Jason Setley

    Awesome, and rayman also today. Rejoice Nintendo fans

  • Cerus98

    Can’t say I agree with the super speed part. It did make exiting Wii U games by disc faster, 12.2 seconds (none digital to test) to fully loaded menu. However exiting from settings and other apps such as Netflix are still super slooooooow. Settings startup timed at 9.0 seconds and exiting at 25-33.2 seconds.

    My biggest disappointment is the Wii mode shortcut. Original way takes 58.7 seconds to be Wii menu. Shortcut takes 45.5 seconds – a 13.2 difference. Convenient yes, a LITTLE faster yes but not super. It still partially boots into the Wii U menu, not sure if that can be prevented at all. I really hope the summer update improves things much further as this is the first negative thing I’ve ever had to say about a Nintendo console….makes me sad to write it.

    • ZeldaFan83

      That’s strange, I clocked mine and using the Wii Menu app on the Wii U main menu it took 18.2 seconds to load. I’m not sure how you timed the Wii Menu shortcut but starting from when I pressed the power button it took 38.4 seconds or starting from when the screen says: “going to Wii Menu” took 22 seconds.

      Settings startup for me was 9 seconds and exiting was 16.2 seconds. I do think there are still some areas where they can improve the speeds of the OS and I hope they do in the next update this summer which is supposed to increase the speed of the system even further but I am greatly impressed so far.

      • Cerus98

        Both Wii menu loads were timed from the moment I pressed the power button. It sounds like you timed loading it the original way starting at the launch of the app from the U menu? I did it my way to see how much time the shortcut shaved off from the total time required to launch the Wii menu.

        My settings exit varied a lot as well. I didn’t time any more than a couple but I know sometimes it only takes a few seconds to close. So I’m confident that’s purely software related and can be improved with further updates. It’s definitely a good step in the right direction and I give them props for spending resources on improving speed.

        • ZeldaFan83

          I timed mine three ways: from launching Wii Menu on the main menu, from when I pressed the power button and also from when I held down the B button and the screen says “Loading up Wii Menu”.

          I believe the loading times will be further improved with the summer update which is awesome!!

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    how can i vote up the writter?
    Rob you are cool 😀 thanks fro the update! ill download it now

    • robjackson81

      Thanks! You can vote me up by continuing to follow us 🙂

      • Game Master

        I an never leaving this site, U guys are awlsome.

      • Silent

        So is J. Kinsley gone?

        • Matt Cameron

          I had been wondering that as well, but then on April 20th he posted an article on the top 10 Wii U for E3…

    • Laud

      I’m not so lucky it seems…

      My update download has an estimated time remaining of 52 minutes. = anyone know how big the update is?

      • Ace J

        damn took me about 25 minutes

      • Dumbpants

        Mine is 47.

        • JumpMan

          mine took about an hour 15 min… my internet sucks :'(

          • bob

            still waiting -_-

        • Link Slayer

          took me 3 hours

          • Chris Hamilton

            mine took about 5 minutes, but twice as long to install

      • uPadWatcher

        The update took me 19 minutes.

      • Giovanni Di Frisco

        My update took 12 minutes

        • tronic307

          You must have a fiber connection.

      • Jon

        took me about 40 minutes to download and then like 15-20 to install.

      • Gregory Edcius

        I read somewhere 700mb’s

      • Only about 700MB

    • Bob Brochee

      You may want to thank Nintendo for the update. This guy has nothing to do with anything and should be thanked for nothing…

      • Silent

        Can you not?

      • Mickey Mouse

        I think he was thanking him for the headsup on the update, not for writing the update itself! Anyway, it’s going to take 24 minutes to download for me. Never got a notification, found out on Official Nintendo Mag’s twitter feed, and then had to force an update manually!

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    Mine shows 19 mins to finish download…yay…now 17

  • Silent

    Wait, so whats the next summer update going to be about?

    • Dumbpants

      From what I heard, it should make things even faster, possibly adding new features as well.

  • John Andalora

    To be honest, “It runs fast” isn’t really a selling point for the Wii U. It’s good for those who have one, but those without a Wii U probably won’t care.
    (Although I must say that the speed of the Wii u now is impressive to someone so used to waiting for it).

    • Dumbpants

      Yes, but then faster loading times allows for the new adopters of the wii u not to gripe about loading times.

      • John Andalora

        I think I must be the only guy who didn’t care about the loading times. I was more concerned, like every other person who complains about their Wii U, about the lack of games. I couldn’t care less about waiting for a couple seconds more, as long as there are good games to substantiate. But, right now, the loading time problem was more of the “icing on the cake,” problem for newcomers than an actual problem.
        Like every other system that has ever existed, loading times are just a minor insult, while lack of games is the big slap to the face.

  • Kalai3

    Sooo…where’s Panorama? There’s a picture of it in the eShop on the “Recent Releases” button, but it’s not in there.

    • uPadWatcher

      One word– tomorrow.

      • Kalai3


  • RedChu

    Took a little over an hour to download + install this update. The update size is approximately 700MB.

    Much, much faster than it was before (at least the things I tried were faster). Miiverse boots up a lot quicker, as do games. Closing games and getting back to the Wii U menu takes maybe around 10 seconds, which is a lot faster than it used to be. This is how the Wii U should’ve been when it was released, but the slowness never really bothered me too much to begin with.

  • Nintyfan
    • Mark Thom


  • Zuxs13

    Not all that impressed. Sometimes its great you close a game or an app and its right on the home screen other times its over 10 sec to do that. Plus the loading of the apps is still painfully slow. Maybe the June -July update will help this aspect.

    • Laud

      They said they’d update the speed in two different big updates so I’m sure the next one will cover that aspect.

      • Zuxs13

        one can hope. I like the speed boost for closing apps but as far as loading them its still terrible. (although some of that has to do with my current modem speeds as well or some apps).

  • John Madsen

    yes and no it’s sometimes two fast let me update you on this

    Just dance 4 will cause the wii u menu to crash if you go from just dance 4 back to the wii u dash by clicking close software this only happens one time after you cold power down your console and reboot the problem seems to go away and dang this puppys fast my little inferno took 5 min before the update it now takes 20 secs to load

  • Ryan House

    I downloaded the update it was fast. No way its 5GB. took less then 20 minutes to download

  • Alienfish

    Are we really at cheetah speeds, or is the next step like jet, and then spaceship, and then maybe photon. Anything beyond that and the game would finish itself before you picked up the controller.

    • If this is cheatah speed then idk it still seems slow but little more unstable too and sadly pushes the console or least the console sounds like it

      • Alienfish

        I’ve gotten the chance to try it out now and I’m pretty surprised at how fast it actually is. It’s faster than PS3 now for sure as Black Ops 2 starts up 30 seconds faster on Wii U than it does on PS3 and only takes 10 seconds to close as opposed to PS3’s 17 seconds. Even some of the games run better now. Lego City still has the most horrendous load screens I have ever encountered, but Runner 2 is basically free of load screens now with that screen asking if you would like to play online only taking a second now. This is definitely cheetah speed and honestly I have a hard time believing it can get much better after looking at the comparisons between consoles.

  • Guys, the Wii U doesn’t get bricked from shutting down during the downloads, it’s during the installation of the update. That only takes a few minutes.

    • Dumbpants

      It only got bricked from the original update, it doesn’t do that anymore. As far as I know, at least. Can’t say I’ve tried it.

      • I have no intention of trying it out. I have to say, I like the small features they added such as overscan correction and booting directly to Wii mode. I have a bit of a backlog.

  • heavenshitman1

    WiiU is growing from its infancy to a young and aspiring soldier… Or something like that

    One hurdle at a time being dealt with. By the time competition launches it’ll be ready for battle. And it will have plenty going for it by then. More games, bettet quality games, better OS n services. Bigger community, user base and far lower cost. That’s not to be ignored

  • Antar Rodríguez

    fianally the so expected update

  • morbo

    The update includes an update for the gamepad and i’m having trouble with that part of the installation, anyone alse having the same problem?

  • Game Master

    I’m going to wait until 2am to download the update. If my Wii U crashes, I have $350 + tax to buy another one right away.

    • ABEzilla116

      Um, why not just have Nintendo repair it? Its free…

      • DragonSilths

        FALSE I sent my Wii U in cost me $194.25 to get it fixed. Blue Light Of Death.

        • Stephen

          Not FALSE it’s called a ‘warranty’ I’ve never been charged to send a product back to Nintendo, you either used a 3rd party or damaged the console yourself.

  • $41809923

    thank-you nintendo

  • ggg

    I didnt have much time to fiddle with the update.
    Sure some things seemed faster, but some little things seemed slower.

  • Super Buu

    It may take long but in the end, it’s all worth it.

  • Ice Climbers

    I turned my Wii U on almost exactly when the update went live by coincidence, so it only took a few minutes to download.

  • ZeldaFan83

    The guy who made this video about the update doesn’t realize that when you are using any of the Wii U Menu apps like Internet Browser, Miiverse, Nintendo eShop, etc. and you press the Home button it automatically closes those apps. So when he did that and pressed Wii U Menu and it looked like it was instant going back to the main menu it really wasn’t because the app was already closed and he was already back to the Wii U Menu.

    Well anyway the speed of the OS and the Wii U in general has greatly increased and I am very satisfied with it so far. It’s a huge improvement from how slow it was just doing simple tasks before. Also there is another Big Update coming this summer that will supposedly also help increase the speed of the console as well as improve other areas and features as well.

    • JumpMan

      hopefully by “Summer” they mean “the first day of Summer” 😀 i can dream, can’t i?

  • DemonRoach

    Stop lying. The OS is still slow as shit.. Just because you’re lying out your ass doesn’t mean people are going to buy it.

    • Bonez Grenz

      nope, very fast, dont tell me your gonna make me upload a video to disprove your comment

      • Pikachief

        I also think its really slow. I can’t really tell any improvement actually. i mean I’m sure there is… but not big enough to make any difference to me. /

    • heavenshitman1

      WiiUs OD will still be improving beyond even this. More credit goes to WiiU. Its an almost brand new OS. As for being slow, by comparison, it takes me about 20 minutes in some cases to do a single online post with my smartphone because Androids hardware/software has so many weaknesses/glitches and faults.

      • heavenshitman1

        “WiiUs OS will…..” dodgey Android phone, can’t even type correctly on it, the keys are so non-functional and impractical

  • Bonez Grenz

    yea, just dl’d update, very fast, major improvement

  • be careful i had to restart me wii u five times! for the update

  • I wonder if this will also decrease loading times in Lego City Undercover?

    • Lazara the Last

      No, I don’t think so. Only start-up for the game, but not the game’s loading times.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    This is a terrible video the update actually makes the loading screens WAAAAY faster than in the video. It’s a really great update

    • Pikachief

      Way faster? I don’t understand? This is after the update. How else do you think he was supposed to take the video? This is how fast my Wii U goes after the update too. It’s not that fast. It almost feels the same to me actually. :/

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        Mine is way faster even faster than this video. I was surprised because this is only half of the update to stabilize the Wiiu. But my WiiU is now actually faster than the one in this video

  • Andrew Forza

    mine gets to 0:03 left then says could not connect to server. 🙁

  • CCM

    Speeds up load times between apps, loading/closing games etc but not as much as what some are reporting. Still it is an improvement. I like how I can navigate Miiverse with the Pro controller now as well. Even little things that should’ve been there all along like forward and back arrows when checking out screenshots of a game in the eShop instead of having to close each pic and open the next one. Also, it’s finally nice to be able to adjust the screen to fit my TV screen as the edges were a bit cut off due to the fact the GamePad’s aspect ratio is slightly wider than my widescreen TV’s aspect ratio.

  • I really like this writer! Hope you write more news, Rob

  • Pikachief

    Maybe different cases are different? I’m not really seeing any improvements other than a slight improvement on starting up discs and closing apps / returning to the menu. I’m really hoping the Summer update speeds things up more, because I’m personally not really seeing a difference for the most part.

  • Peter Rogers

    I done mine between 2 and 3 in the morning in the uk. I gotta say i love that download screens music. Even wen it had finished i kept humming it. Then i went to bed and it was stuck in my head so i didnt get to sleep till about 6am. Its now 8.44am and ive just woke up to builders outside my house…… Ah well. Fuck it. Im getting out of bed for some rayman challenges…see u all there!

  • DragonSilths

    Gotta wait till tomorrow at best to get my Wii U back.

  • Graham Wallace

    I wonder if in the next update, they could tell if you turned the Wii U on with a WiiMote and go automatically into Wii Mode, that would be great

    • Dariuvahush

      Well, if so then plesae make it optional. I don’t use the Wii mode, but sometimes start my U with a WiiMote in order to play VC games with it.

    • Alienfish

      I’ll use Wii mode as soon as I can play Gamecube games and plug in Gamecube controllers into my Wii U. Not gonna happen so not gonna happen.

  • SOMETHING ADDED: There is now an Undo button when drawing in Miiverse.
    (I haven’t read all 88 comments so I apologize if this has been mentioned) Just trying to help! 🙂

  • discuss

    The only thing that’s a lot faster is going back to the menu. The rest is still slow. However I didn’t expect anything huge as the hardware is still the same.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Launching games is faster too. You can tell by how little the music and artwork play compared to before.

  • liamdawe

    Is it me or does that video still make the console look slow? The E-Shop was pretty damn slow to load still (Downloading update now for mine).

    • discuss

      What you see is what you get.

  • Johny

    i love REALLY MUCH improved times for when you’re closing a game and returning to the menu.

  • It’s very fast. I didn’t realize it could be faster!

    • Peter Rogers

      are u takin the piss?

  • Agent X

    Update mine this morning and i was scared shitless because power goes out in my country…. longest 1hr and half in my life!! sigh!!

  • Noel Canales

    3.0.0.U is a Godsend!

  • val berger

    hm, I wouldn’t say that the update made my WiiU superfast. Not sure, maybe a bit faster? but still, things are loading too long. It feels strange, when my 2,5 yrs old smartphone loads a webbrowser 5times faster than my new console. But OK, I don’t wanna start complaining, haven’t used the WiiU that long since updating and gotta check it out a bit more and in general, I already got used to the WiiUs loading times anyway, so more important would be that the system’s more stable now which I’m gonna find out soon enough.

    The best thing about the Update is that it’s an update. Don’t know what you guys think, but after those past few months, it’s a relieve to see Nintendo is actually polishing their system and taking care about their customer’s complaints. It’s a good thing to see they are moving on and trying to make things better. So now we are waiting for the summer-update to come 🙂

    • DemonRoach

      It’s still slow as shit… I hope it’s just poor coding and not the crap CPU in the system.

      • Rob Lucci

        I bet you have a real nice social life.

        • DemonRoach

          not really.

  • Zelda6478

    update is fantastic! Finally the lag is fixed!

  • Phantom201

    Rob you’re an awesome guy especially since I just found out you’re from Phandroid which is my favorite Android site. Nice seeing you here.

  • Jay

    Gosh my estimated time is 17 hours wat

  • wiiucompl

    Downloaded. It’s much better now.

    During installation I only had one issue:

    After about 80% of update instalation Error stoped it.
    Error Code: 199-9999
    Wii U GamePad update failed.
    The console will now restart. If the problem persist , please contact (…..)

    But after 30 seconds and auto-reboot of console restart GamePad update instalation from 80%. And in the end everything was ok. The most important is patience.


    Good update, though the error code at 90% did put the s**ts up me!

  • AAAkabob

    They added a reallykool feaure to the browser where you can scroll by holding ZR & ZL and using motion controls. It actually works really well!

    • Kenshin0011

      They had that from the beginning…

  • Noel Canales


  • dubYA

    Virtual Console has launched on the eShop! You just have to search the game you want and it’ll be there for purchase!

    Vote this comment to the top so everyone knows! 😀

  • William

    This update is amazing, quite fast…..and the virtual console is now available too, so bad that super mario world is $7.99 i won’t pay so much for that old games… Maybe for N64

  • Noel Canales


  • Christopher Bass

    I wouldn’t say the update is “super fast”. However, its a big lift, especially when closing software. Thanks N, just next time try to do this in the beginning

  • My Wii u sounds like its going to over heat on the menus screen, it sounds like the ps3 lol. I’m afraid to play a game if it works that hard on the menus screen 🙁


    I just downloaded it and updated it and it takes like half the time! Nice work Nintendo! This is a good update, now we don’t half to wait long for things to load.

  • MetroidZero

    GREAT update!

  • MetroidZero

    The upcoming, panorama view:

    This is a demo.


  • Ben Kapferer

    My Wii U is updating right now!

  • discuss

    I did some further testing.

    – The browser and the E-shop are still horribly slow.
    – Kirby still lags a lot just like it did before.
    – Going back to the dashboard is a lot faster.

  • RonnieMexico

    smh niggaz putoz

  • The update was nice and it is a little faster. However, it is still not fast enough compared to my Xbox360 or even a PS3. Still takes a decent amount of time to boot into Super Mario World. It is a step into the right direction.