May 10th, 2013


According to rumors reported by VG247, the April system update for the Wii U may have increased the console’s GPU and CPU speed. The rumor originated on the TV Tropes website, from a poster who says that clock speeds have increased, but no evidence has been given to support this. According to this poster, the CPU clocked at 1.24GHz before the update, but at 3.24GHz afterward. The GPU is said to have clocked at 550MHz before the update and 880MHz afterwards.

Since no evidence for this has been provided by the original poster, the claims should be taken with a grain of salt until it can be proved. Still, there’s no denying that the Wii U is certainly speedier after the update. Games start much quicker, the Wii U interface is speedier, and loading times for games have been improved.

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  • Justin Carlson

    Really??? 1.24GHz to 3.24GHz. Why on earth would any console manufacture purposely cripple their hardware by over half? I would need to see some proof on this one.

    • Blah

      The consoles at E3 last year also ran at half of what the WiiU did since release…maybe they’re trying to tickle the last bit out of the WiiU step by step

      • Zombie Boy

        It can be quite dangerous to do stuff like this as it can overheat the CPU (it’s what caused the RROD on the XBox360), so maybe Nintendo wanted to test it fully before implementing it, but didn’t have time before the Wii U’s release.

        • jay

          Well Microsoft is no Nintendo that’s for sure.

          • Fred

            Holy crap, I LOVE that picture. The only case where this concept doesn’t hold true is the analog sticks on the N64

          • Jedi Russ

            Well the 1.24ghz of the wii u was in wii mode so we dont know the proper wii u cpu speed. And the gpu we know was underclocked to 550mhz so maybe its possible also mabe the os was just choking the cpu and 1.24ghz was what we were left with and the update sorted it.

          • tronic307

            Nope, Wii mode is 729MHz just like the Wii.

          • Cesar Barroso

            true up to some extend, but most of the people pull the sticks instead of pushing them in the direction needed.

          • Fred

            Wait, you lost me, can you elaborate?

          • Steven Mahl

            Well that’s mainly because the Nintendo system has no moving parts, which is why any of the cartridge based systems will far outlast any system with a HDD, Disc Drive, etc. However, also mainly, because Nintendo is the shiv

          • Fred

            I was referring to the fact that my N64 analog sticks quit springing back after about a year and I never had that problem with Gamecube, PS3, or Wii. Other than that I’ve never had a Nintendo system fail on me (Gameboy, SNES, N64, GBA, Game Cube, Wii, 3DS) I guess I have a small problem with my Wii U in that one of the USB ports in the back doesn’t work, but Nintendo is going to fix that for free (as soon as I’m willing to give up using it for a week so that I can send it to them)

          • Cesar Barroso

            it is a little hard for me to explain it but i’ll try.

            The right way to use the sticks is to place the fingertips over the stick, not on the edge of the tick. By placing it on the edge of the stick you apply a resultant force that has a component on the z-axis, x-axis and y-axis, pushing the stick on the needed direction but at the same time pulling it out of its base.

            The right resultant force will have components only on the x-axis and y-axis.

          • Fred

            Luckily for both of us, I’m a mechanical engineer so that made perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, when i was in Jr. High I didn’t understand any of that and I killed way to many of these things
            However, is it just as easy to play that way? I’m trying to imagine, but I’m going to have to go try it.

          • Linskarmo

            Won’t you be pushing down if you push either on the edge or the middle? (I think down is a direction of the z-axis.) The only problem I’ve had with analog sticks is my PS2 ones leaking grease (or turning very oily somehow.)

          • LonDonE247

            i have never had any n64 analogue sticks go dead, my 4 n64 controllers work flawless to this day, as does all my Nintendo consoles, and controllers, ps3 dual shock on the other hand, i have owned 4 since launch, the damn right analogue stick and once the left, after being clicked allot, end up loosing the resistance, an so the stick wont spring back to center,and its annoying, and when u consider a dual shock is around Β£30, it can be expensive replacing them, and thats why i am nervous about the wii-u game pad, constantly clicking the sticks may make them go dead after a year or two, and i would hate to have to replace it, at Β£100 or more,that’s b.s, its why i mostly use my pro controller, an only use the game pad when touch is required, shame really! either way, i love Nintendo and Sony hardware, i have owned every Sony and Nintendo console launched and all work flawlessly, but after owning 7 Xbox 360s due to red ring of death, Microsoft lost me as a customer forever!

          • Fred

            Wait, that never happened to your N64 controllers? It not only happened to me, but it happened to the controllers of ALL my buddys back in Jr. High.

            What about everyone else? N64 controller Analog Stick problems?

          • Nope… I just pulled mine out of storage not too long ago and played GoldenEye on it with my brother. Even after years in my parents basement in a box still worked like a charm.

          • Fred

            It’s not “time” that killed them it was hours of use that ground them away see the white powder on the right picture

          • Well every moving part has a lifespan before it wears away… Nintendo still makes the most reliable hardware in gaming history.

          • Jon

            i only had one N64 controller problem and that was due to playing mario party one on the games like the river game and you had to rotate the analog stick a lot, after that, I kind of avoided that game but the other mario party games never did that so I never had a problem on my other 3 controllers.

          • thedeciderU

            wow, you gave them 7 chances to get it right? and they still fucked it up? man, you’re a lot more forgiving than i’d be! haha i’m on my first 360 but i got it for christmas πŸ™‚ so far so good.

            also, all my nintendo hardware works to this day dating to the 80s, as well as my snes and genesis hardware (and games). never had any problems with them.

            as for sony, i’ve owned ps1, ps2, and ps3. the ps2 stopped reading certain kinds of discs (blue were a problem). controllers have never been an issue.

          • Arthur Jarret

            And the 3DS top screen…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Never happened me. Did you chew on it or something?

          • William Cole

            I got one heck of a good laugh out of this.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            nice πŸ˜€

          • MetroidZero


          • Alex

            Not to mention the NES is now 30 years old and still working.

          • Adecentboy777

            Microshit was not even testing their console in the beginning. They wanted to sell and sell as most as possible as long as SONY didn’t enter the market.

          • The only difference between them is that the NES is as powerful and system-complicated as a toaster.

          • Ultranist

            yeah, but the 360 slim is much better build

          • Stuart Thomas

            One step further

          • Guest

            I agree with jay 100%

          • Comparing weak powered systems to a high powered one? Come one. I noticed the Wii U was not on there…

          • steinhauershawn

            But the grey and white systemon the right is full of Kiddy games like Mario and Kirby and watered down sports games like Blade of Steel.

        • True, but Nintendo have a habit of underclocking their hardware to preserve energy (Nintendo keeps the electric bills down for you!)… but for all we know, it could be possible that the CPU and GPU are capable of higher clock speeds… we’ll see if someone OTHER than Marcan and his mates can shed some light on this.

          BTW, I don’t trust Marcan, he isn’t a reliable source… all he’s done is talk shit about the Wii U since he “analysed” it.

          • Zombie Boy

            If this is true, I’m sure that Nintendo will confirm the rumour soon. Surely they’d not want to keep this a secret? “Our system is better than everyone thought, but we aren’t going to tell you that”… I guess time will tell.

    • Wayne Beck

      Very Skeptical myself, but Nintendo does have a habit of Crippling their Processors to preserve Power. In this case though, they would have had to willfully halved the median clock speed at launch to be able to push it this high.

    • Justin Jefferson

      Not why, but how

      • Mason742

        well underclocking is always possible.. I dont know what you mean by how.

        • FlyingBoat

          if these rumours are true, i really hope they did underclock it at launch, because im not a fan of a massively overclocked wii u

          • Zombie Boy

            People need to remember that the 1.24GHz speed is, in itself, a rumour. Nintendo have never released their specs, so it could have been running at a higher speed all along (just not fully utilized). That would explain Nintendo’s claims that the Wii U isn’t as underpowered as people think.

          • Tobias Naustdal

            just feel your wii u has a part of your lesser self… does it feel hot between your fingers? is it making loud noises, or do you feel it’s having trouble?…call the wii u whisperer and we might fix it for you… the payment to us is the wellbeing of your wii u

            love, the wii u whispere xoxo

    • Fred

      How would someone go about proving this true or false?

      • Wayne Beck

        Hack the Console in Wii U Mode and Meter it.

      • bman

        Open the console… use an oscilloscope to measure the signal, it’s what they were designed to do. I would say a 3Ghz digital signal would need a about a 6-15Ghz oscilloscope, as to account for harmonics and properly analyze it.

        What do you know… I just happen to have a 33Ghz Bandwidth oscilloscope at my desk. if someone wants to lend me their Wii U, i’ll hack open and measure all the signals coming out of it now…

      • Gauru Shiro

        a good way to measure would to check power consumption before and after the update, ocing increases power consumption

        • Stuart Thomas

          power consumption is the way to go. Just need one non updated wii u and one updated one then put them to the test.

    • Michael DeVore

      It’s probably just the power save feature that most CPUs come with. Most CPUs have an Idle setting. For my PC it’s 800mhz, but it will throttle up to 3ghz when it’s needed. If the updated changed anything it probably removed a conservative setting and made the CPU run in performance mode which means 100% all the time. If the OS is functioning properly or the games are made right this shouldn’t have been an issue. If it ever was.


      If this rumor is true then it means Nintendo can ‘uncripple’ it!

      …. If you get what I mean?

    • Jorge Almeida

      Can be true Nintendo already made it with the 3DS, where with the Update 2 or 3, not sure anymore, they unlocked more 25 % of power to developers, maybe for the launch they haven’t managed to make the architeture work for that and now they know Even sony made it with the PSP overclocking it with firmware updates

    • Pangolin_user

      I Think Its possible, and Now its seem Nintendo strategy make sense. I don’t believe the 3.24 Ghz figure although its possible but range 2-2.6 Ghz . modern CPU arcitecture could manage its own frequency by changing its multiplier (like intel speed step technology) or overclock itselt when the tdp allowed. so we can see a cpu range it self from 800 Mhz to 3.2 Ghz depend on the task.

      Then you have to take into account that wii u consume half the power of xbox 360 last edition (i don’t know what its named) and PS3 super slim. so there room for heating problem.

      Third the difference between watching movies and playing game is very low (29 watt compared to 33 watt under load). Its Even lower than standard CPU for notebook alone (35 watt), not counting gpu ram screen motherboard etc. this evidence that the CPU itself maxed or there’s no variable multiplier or nintendo lock WiiU CPU frequency at the lowest acceptable performance.

      Then The Question Is Why?

      if we follow wiiu Closely, I think wii U launch bit rushed, because unpredictable wii low sale. then the nintendo inability to make a good OS for wii U that make the OS very slow and bigger memory print then expected and bug that make the CPU will run at its peak frequency all time. By the time the firmware matured than thats the time nintendo would unlock the multiplier.

      The first time i Hear abaut Wii U (and that its fan bigger than Wii) I
      thought first generation off Wii U would be in the range 90 Watt (45 nm) second
      generation 60 watt (28 nm) and third generation 35 watt (20 nm) when the
      manufacturing process maturing and affordable.

      Then wii U lounch, the power consumption figured and how bad press reaction abaut the power of wiiu. my reaction just “WTF Nintendo” Why you make power efficiency so much priority. i don’t mind if wii u consume little bit over PS3 super slim for the sake of better power, or if nintendo that concerned about power consumption, make the wii u consume as much as PS3 super slim (FYI : PS3 Fat : 220-180 watt, PS3 slim : 105 watt, PS3 super Slim 66 Watt).

      So with this news I believe the power consumption will go up to 66 Watt under Load, and when the new (better node) manufacturing process (28 nm) become affordable we will se wii U power consumption back to 35 watt ever 20-25 watt if utilize 20 nm process at the later stage of wii U.

    • wiiucompl

      I think that rather increased the number of cores … Every five months will unlock additional cores … Nonsense.

      Increasing the frequency of the CPU would have to increase the temperature, it would have to increase the fan speed … etc.

      Update is simply a better optimized Wii U OS code.

    • SirDjss

      Easy question to answer, it would be to make microsoft and sony beleve that the cpu in wii u is at a clockspeed xxx instead of a clockspeed of xxx. so they would put in a weaker cpu just like the wii u. so after they would have released their consoles the wii u would “pang” clock it up. and it would be to late for sony and microsoft to switch out their cpu LOL

    • bizzy gie

      This could be why they never revealed the specs themselves. They also assured that the hardware was not as weak as everybody thought.

    • Bob Singh

      To hide the real specs from Microsoft and Sony. SInce it’s too late for Sony ans Microsoft to change them now.

    • KingNation

      I read a report that the WiiU was under-powered on purpose, the clock speed of the CPU Is Flexible, it can be pushed to 3.24 with no problems, IF TRUE, this shows us that the Nintendo is not a dumb company and the WiiU is more powerful then we all thought and its ready 4 war! PS4, XBOX 720, Bring It On!!!

  • Zuxs13

    Not that a clock speed increase isn’t possible, but one on this magnitude would be a huge stretch even if the CPU was way under-clocked. The other factor is this would now KILL the power consumption of the WiiU and would now make their advertised Wattage statements false (which could cause problems of its own) and would go against Nintendo’s current trend of low power devices.

    • Wayne Beck

      For Starters, I am very skeptical about this.

      To your Point though, the Power Consumption could easily be regulated by pushing the speed way down when it was not necessary and pushing it way up when the power was needed. This is pretty standard with Intel Processors on PCs. Just because they unlocked the processor, doesn’t mean it is always running at Maximum Clock Speed.

      • That is true both AMD and Intel do this now as my CPU is at 800Mhz idle but jumps to 3.4GHz under load… I see no reason why the CPU in a console cannot do the same but the jump in speed seems fishy because they are rating maximum speeds. Even the new processors from AMD and Intel with speedboost technology that bursts some extra juice only give a 200 – 800Mhz boost on average.

        • Zuxs13

          I remember reading that Nintendo purposely under-clocked the CPU in the WiiU. So couldn’t it be under-clocked a lot then brought back to a ‘middle” ground or over-clocked past that point? I doubt by this much but i guess it depends on what the chip was capable of.

          • Maybe Nintendo will shed some light on the subject. Of course they are very secretive of their specs because to them specs are not the primary thing that makes a console great

      • Zuxs13

        yeah i know this would be max speeds. but Nintendo states how much energy the system uses while idle and while playing a game so im curious how much has changed.

    • garf02

      its possible if wiiU was release with a limiter at 30% of full potential, ..IF..

  • Guest

    Mine is still far too slow.

  • It was rubbished about 20 minutes ago by marcan, one of fail0verflows devs….

    • Wayne Beck

      Source? I really want to see some evidence on this Claim, but I don’t know how we would get any.

        • Wayne Beck

          Yeah, thats not going to be good enough for me.

          From the Die Image Breakdown – “Espresso is a tri core custom PowerPC design manufactured on IBM’s 45nm SOI process.”

          POWER7 has these specifications:

          45 nm SOI process, 567 mm2

          1.2 billion transistors

          3.0 – 4.25 GHz clock speed

          To simply say that the PLL Multiplier on the Wii U CPU can’t go that High without any evidence is not proof.

          Especially when they couldn’t even get the thing in Wii U Mode.

        • I agree with @google-d60d26d283c8bbf19386d3db2010b7ba:disqus .. Their disproof of the claim is just unbelievable as the claim itself. I think it is entirely possible to get that CPU/GPU that fast but the questions are did it actually happen and what would that jump do to the console in terms of heat displacement.

    • 150Db

      Just because one programmer/engineer claimed it’s false on his twitter feed, doesn’t make it false. Unless he’s a Nintendo employee, this rumour has not been debunked.

      • Seriously the sheep on this board are the most stupid i have ever come across πŸ™

  • Nintedward

    I definitely noticed some performance boosts in certain games. AC3 and Batman was pretty noticeable… But these figures seem absurd. I’ll wait for hard facts.

    • D.M.T

      Even Lego City runs better now but remember that there’s a second update coming in the Summer. Maybe it’s in the summer where Nintendo will truly increase the speed of the CPU and GPU

      • Fred

        How much has the load time in Lego City improved? Maybe this is the “REAL REASON” all Nintendo’s 1st party games keep getting pushed back maybe they don’t want anymore bad press like Lego City got for Load Times?

        • D.M.T

          Satoru Iwata did say that they are focused on improving Wii U’s performance which explains Wii U games getting delayedand stuff. They are making sure Wii U is better for when they release their big games. Lego City is a few seconds faster now

      • Nintedward

        Yeh , I just noticed Lego city is a bit smoother for sure !

    • garf02

      that will be a long wait, Nintendo never release numbers specs given that they put software over hardware

      • Nintedward

        I never believed the Wiiu CPU could be 1.2GHZ. There is no real logical explanation as to why it can Run Mass effect 3 better than the PS3 can and need for speed , etc etc at the same or better level than PS3 and 360.

        Honestly I think that ”hacker” got his shit wrong….

        • tronic307

          This CPU’s pipeline has only 4 stages, which means high instructions per clock. You can have high clocks with low IPC, or low clocks with high IPC; you can’t have both.
          If you look at PC CPUs, in recent times; the clocks have been stagnant for years, but the performance has risen dramatically due to increases in IPC.

          • Nintedward

            That helps…

            But there is one way you can think about it.

            It’s really impressive that the Wiiu cpu is clocked at 1.2GHZ and delivers the same performance maybe even better than the PS3 and 360 CPU. I know it has a lot of Cache memory (almost as much as PS4) .

            But it’s cool I guess πŸ™‚

          • tronic307

            I’m loving the improvement so far, but better performance could be chalked up to a more efficient OS with better drivers.
            The Wii U is technically a computer.
            BTW does your drive sound like it’s spinning a bit faster?

          • Nintedward

            yeh…. And the ”grinding” has gotten 10 times quieter if you play CoD. You know the laser going back and forward hyper actively. I’ve noticed many many subtle changes since the update , but I notice them cus I play it quite a lot.

  • uPadWatcher

    I’m gonna go to the store and buy a box of salt. However, this report sounds 30-70% reliable.

  • Super Buu

    Wait, how’s that possible?

    • garf02

      release WiiU CPU GPU purposely handicapped to save power. those limiters are software wise so a patch can increase or remove em.

      • Super Buu


  • Wow, a 2GHz clock speed increase??? Something is not right about this. I can see maybe if it went from 1.24 to 1.6 or 2.0ghz but not that. If it did I would like to see a confirmed report and proof.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Haha, good joke. Why the hell would they have limited speed so much when it was released ?

    • Zuxs13

      they lowered the clock speed in-order to conserve energy.

    • garf02

      no one wants their machines running at full power, consumes more energy and reduce life spam.. or you get a RRoD scenario depending on the manufacturing and design

  • Fred

    Mine goes back to the Menu MUCH faster, but it doesn’t bring games up any faster (I think Netflix actually loads slower)
    Anyone else seeing similar results to what I’m seeing?

    • Kevin Kerbleski

      Yes, same here. I don’t really see THAT much improvement with the update.

    • Cesar Barroso

      it does brings game up faster, almost half the time. I noticed because the music when you start up a game gets cut at the middle of what it did before the update.

    • Kyle Berger

      I even noticed that the loading screen in black ops 2 was faster. for me, everything loaded pretty fast even before the update.

      • thedeciderU

        i agree about blops II. way faster loading screens. but everything to me seems faster, though there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

        awaiting textures…

        • Kyle Berger

          I think we should at least get 3D support I don’t care that much about DLC.

    • D.M.T

      Every game runs faster on my Wii U, even Lego City.

      • Fred

        I’m not talking running speed or loading time. Now when I hit the icon it just sits there on the menu screen for 20 seconds (appears to be frozen) then suddenly the screen changes and things are good. Is that not the case with everyone else?

        • D.M.T

          You mean like clicking it to start the game? I don’t really get what you’re saying. Everything is just faster now on my Wii U

          • Fred

            I mean if you’re sitting on the Wii U menu and you touch Netflix or NSMB U it does nothing for about 20 seconds (like it’s frozen) a few times I almost unplugged it cause I thought it was frozen on the Wii U menu then all of a sudden either the Red Netflix screen or the NSMBU load screen appears and then everything is great.

            Going back to the menu is way faster though

          • D.M.T

            it’s because you need to touch it twice for it to start immediately. I touch it once and then again to start. I guess it’s because the first time we do a soft touch and you’re supposed to touch harder or maybe it’s because you’re supposed to touch it again to confirm that what you want to do is watch Netflix for example. I don’t know but try. Touch it again after touching it the first time, it will start in less than 5 seconds. Do it and let me know if it worked for you.

          • Fred

            I always touch it twice. I bought this thing at launch so I’m already familiar with how it works. I’m glad it’s only 5 seconds for all of you though cause I want this thing to be successful. HAving to wait 15-20 seconds to play a game won’t stop me from buying and playing games I just wish it was only 5 like it is for most of you.

        • Wayne Beck

          Not for me. My Games Load the Game Much Faster and the Individual Parts of the Games, like fast travel in AC3 and Starting a Match in Injustice, are much faster than before.

        • I think it’s just Netflix, it’s the only one I’ve seen with that issue.

        • thecoolmana777

          My Lego city game loads in six seconds from when I press the button until the load screen ends πŸ™‚

          • Fred

            What about the load times within the game, have they improved too? I hope so that was one of the reasons I didn’t buy it is all the reviews complained about long load times after you’re already in and playing the game

        • tronic307

          You mean when you try to launch a game, there is a pause now? Occasionally, but it seems more like 5 seconds to me. The first time I noticed it, I thought the system had frozen, but then I noticed that the Mii Plaza environment was still animated, even though the characters had stopped moving.
          The optical drive also sounds like it’s spinning faster to me.

          • Fred

            I don’t hear the optical drive when I do it because I’ve been downloading even full retail games onto an external hard drive, but I haven’t looked up at the tv to see if the Mii Plaza still has animation just noticed that the gamepad screen looks frozen, but yes I am seeing more than 5 seconds before the loading screen pulls up. Although it sounds like I’m the only one that’s experiencing this.

  • DemonRoach

    lol. I call bull shit.

  • A SNES Day Off

    It’s highly unlikely that Nintendo would do this, because it would therefore make existing dev-kits slower than the retail product. Not only this, but to push the clock speed over twice its original value could have the potential side-effects of over heating and instability. Nintendo have designed some of the best hardware in the video games industry, and this rumour goes against the years of development for a console.


      Even though I don’t think this is rumor is that close with their claims, I don’t think they are far off either. This would have no bearing on the Dev-kits that developers have if the WiiU is still capable of running the same games with say 20-30% less horse-power. Take the firmware underclocked PSP, it didn’t stop the system from getting certain games. But when Sony did release the extra power, those games ran that much better on the hardware than before.

    • Wayne Beck

      Dev-Kits Recieve Firmware Updates too. If it were possible to do this on retail it would be much easier on Dev.


        Yes I understand that Dev-kits receive firmware updates as well, but Im sure developers have access toggle back and forth between underclocked mode or not when testing games to see how it will run on both. Us consumers don’t have that option on the fly! Not to mention that Dev-kits have more Ram as well

    • Orange Lada

      Dev kits being slower has never been a problem.

      Now if they were faster than the product on the street, that would be a disaster.

      • John Raybell

        lol no dude you have that backwards, dev kits have always i repeat “always” been more powerful then public consoles, they have to be to give programmers short cuts and room to work with, lets think pc, when they make a pc only game the pc they use to make the game smokes pretty much any gaming pc we gamers have in our hands today, if a dev wanted to make a game for my $1600 pc he would use a couple few thousand dollar PC to make it on, i say this because its true and happens every single day a game is being made on. dev kits are always more powerful always always always always always. and the update nitendo put out was to optimize the console not to overclock is, and just like wayne beck said dev kits receive firmware updates too. but yeah if consoles were more powerful then dev kits then that would be a disaster lol would be freaking horrible, think your games lag now, lol would be a mess if our consoles had more power then the dev kits yikes that would suck lol

    • John Raybell

      yeah these last two years have been horrible as far as rumors go, its as if everyone is getting dumber and actually buy this crap now days. YIKES what is going on with peoples minds lol

  • I was thinking about that days ago… “what if Nintendo underclocked the CPU on purpose, to unleash all its power at a later moment?” well… LOL

    • Nintendofreak


    • DavEd

      That should be possible, itΒ΄s known that nintendo is capable of fuck off our brains at any moment with just an update

    • John Raybell

      I have never thought of that, most likely because that is the dumbest thing one could ever think, “lets release an underclocked console so we get bad press and low sales, yeah I dont think so lol. they dont need to make stupid choices like that, you know they dont try to get bad press right? if they did try to get bad press on purpose and want to fail as a company then sure id say yeah they could have underclocked it, but since that would be an idiots move im pretty sure there was no underclocking that took place. and no overclocking took place neither πŸ™‚

  • Quicksilver88

    I can believe this may have some truth but likely exagerated. Every PC gamer knows AMD GPU are very overclockable. In one of my PCs with a default 600mhz Gpu clock I have it running at 800hmz with stock cooling….others have pushed it to 960mhz so AMD gpus can easily be stepped up. The cpu specs are either bogus or maybe not. Modern CPUs do use speed throttling and stepping and maybe after testing Nintendo decided it was safe to unthrottle is and run it full speed all the time. Remember PSP was underclocked by 1/3 but first hackers and later $ony opened it up to run at 333hmz which it did with ease…..look at some of the later gen PSP stuff and it looked and ran far smoother… lets hope there is some truth in this and it does seem interesting at least in light of Iwatas recent claims that Wii-U was not underpowered as people were claiming.

    • John Raybell

      um what ever, in any case True pc gamers know this is like a driver update and nothing like an overclock lol. its optimization, not overclocking. and why hope it was overclocked, i hope it wasn’t, its speed was never the issue the optimization was, overclock is pointless, optimization at this point would do much much more for us then overclocking something that isn’t optimized to begin with.

      • Quicksilver88

        I have to agree with you in that who cares….if they are getting performance be it thru hardware tweaking or OS optimization then what difference does it make. The movement between apps, especially when exiting is much quicker and the summer update is supposed to bring further improvement. What I think would really improve the system is some new content to play! I was really bummed that Dues EX didn’t make it out in May, not sure I am willing to pay full price for Sniper V2 when it can be had on the other consoles for $20 now.

  • PlanesAreABless

    LMAO moderators deleted my post. Truth hurts ??

  • Henk

    Someone needs to investigate this!

    • John Raybell

      why,lol its bull!!!!!! no overclock took place, if people owned more PCs and took the time to learn them and how things worked, all these posts here would say this is a load of crap, because well in short it is πŸ™‚

  • There’s one easy and possible way of, at least, of confirming the truth: and that’s testing the temperature of the heat coming out of the rear fan on the Wii U BEFORE and AFTER the update…

    It’s easier and safer than opening it up, at least.

  • Knguro

    Looks like all this is in fact bogus…. this guy from NeoGaf AzaK measure the power consumption of the Wii U; if the cpu and gpu were overclocked, then the energy consumed by the console will be greater, but in fact is a bit lower. Check his measurments here:
    and compare with this:

    I personally believe that this (overclock) can be done in order to get a greater performance in games. Let see if Nintendo is saving that card…

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Sounds legit

    • John Raybell

      lol no it doesn’t, not in this world, this is BULL. OPTIMIZATION IS NOT OVERCLOCKING PEOPLE!!! lol

  • William Cole

    Keep in mind that this is Nintendo’s first HD console. I guess they didn’t even know the true potential of their own creation.

    • thecoolmana777

      hahaha this reminded me of a Wii U Frankenstein with Iwata staning over it screaming ‘its alive!’ and Miyamoto standing behind him laughing manically

  • Potemkin

    So remote overclocking…
    Didn’t Nintendo say that the WiiU had power enough for games and apps?

    • JamesJose

      really? are you complaining for having more? oh gosh, haters are loosing their touch…

      • Potemkin

        Nope, not at all. Just saying that if the WiiU had enough power it wouldn’t need overclocking so early in it’s lifecycle. Do not imply I have said things when I clearly haven’t.

        • JamesJose

          ok, it was the way I saw it

          • Potemkin

            Cool beans, I just wrote it how it came to my head and I know it might cause some misunderstandings.

          • JamesJose

            I’m glad

  • DragonSilths

    Its entirely possible that it got a boost to 2Ghz but 3…thats pushing the believeability.


    Someone was calculating just how much of the systems potential is untapped, by itemizing what the system is working with. If the disc drive and its internal components +4-usb ports claim 15-20w on their own(under max load-minusGPU&CPU) and current games are only ranked at using 35w in its current state(my guess is they weren’t using all usb ports when this was done). There’s a possible 30w of power that is unaccounted for with this system, if we factor 10w for the 4usb ports on top of what current games are rated at! Which if this update and the one in summer are restoring WiiU back to full spec, could see gains of 40% increase in performance overall… I don’t know if Nintendo would ever willingly underclock a system by 40%, but the 3ds is the closest that comes to mind of them underclocking of 30%+

  • Smurfman256

    I was the one who found this an put it on NeoGAF. I thought to myself “this is too ridiculous to be true. I better put it on the GAF to see other people’s opinions.” We all have agreed that it would be impossible for multiple reasons including

    *The system would run too hot

    *Nintendo would have to change the voltage of the PSU

    *It would suck up WAAAAAY too much power

    *The CPU has too short of a pipeline to support that clockspeed.

    In short, ’tis a load of bollocks.

  • Guys, we might be onto something…

    The AC Adapter has a maximum wattage of 75W. The Wii U itself however, runs at 30W to 35W… maybe Nintendo remotely boosted the clock speed, but not overclocked, if you understand what I mean.

    And some Wii U users after the update have noticed some performance upgrades when playing games that have had frame rate issues such as CoD: BO2 and Batman: ACAE.

    • Yeah, I’m thinking they either introduced a firmware update that allowed overclocking or maybe it had four cores instead of three and they now allow the use of it.

    • John Raybell

      its called optimization not overclocking, no voltagewattage change happened and no overclocking took place but optimization did take place, which explains what you see with games. think PC and driver packs and updates, same thing, no overclock needed to see performance increase only optimization is needed πŸ™‚ which is what this update was, no overclock took place

  • david jarman

    Mine is fast both loading and leaving games.

  • juancamiloarq

    This kind of articles is why i’m loving this news blog! πŸ˜€

  • garf02

    no to be a dick but, is fun how both this and dev kits articles, are both rumors, without any real source, yet one is good for nintendo, the other is bad, one is almost presented as a fact while the other constantly repeat to take the word with care as it is just a rumor,

    try to guess which fits which

  • Mc Robins

    I can believe it. Have the Wii U release with a safety net and game ports that run at current gen speeds. Then when the other two companies come out with their systems unleash your beast of a console with 1st party games that look amazing and have a killer E3 by not only “pulling out” of a normal conference but distracting with directs. Wishful thinking on my part that Nintendo was this clever, but only time will tell.

  • Cerus98

    It’s definitely possible but without proof I won’t hold my breath. A power consumption before and after would go a long way to prove it. Any modern PC can be throttled back to whatever % you like. No reason why they WiiU couldn’t have been limited in the same way. Either to play it safe til they knew it would be stable or so they could release “updates” to improve it in order to satisfy the masses.

  • Zizo47

    That’s one fat grain of salt

  • Nintendofreak

    ok le me just say that the 1.24 ghz is just a rumor as this for all that we know n its also uncomfirmed, the dev kits were undercloked as some developers stated, the scoot moffitt n plus miyamoto and iwata have said that the wii u being underpowered is just a misconception (or however u spell it) n last but not least the fucking wiiu heat sink is like 3 times bigger than what would be needed for 1.24ghz………….so wat im basically saying is that for all we now the wii might be almost on part with 720/ps4

    • Nintendofreak

      the other pic…..

    • Remember, that heat sink takes care of the GPU too.

      • John Raybell

        ummmmmm so what lol, what are you getting at lol, you insisting that they will upgrade the heat sink lol, because yeah thats pretty much what your implying lol. This just in nintendo releases update that overclocks the wiiu this just in millions of people around the world have to send there wii u to nintendo to upgrade heat sinks and minor hardware upgrades lol. there wont be underclocking nor overclocking taking place in the console world, only way would be a factory overclock, not one from an update and dont even bring up the heat sinks again lol

      • Nintendofreak

        true forgot dat

    • John Raybell

      lol no just no, only crap, dev kits were more powerful then the wii u that we have, this is fact, and no no nooooooooooooo there wont be overclocking taking place here, lol I wish more people were PC users so they could understand more about these things. the wiiu update was pretty much a firmware driver update and nothing more. not an overclock, and dev kits were never underclocked, in fact thats the most silly thing i have heard in a long time holy hell lol

  • JosΓ© Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    But, I read somewhere that the O.S. uses an ARM processor independent of the processor of the games, and the update was for the O.S. (I dont know if this is true anyway)

  • DragonSilths

    Why do my comments keep dissappearing everytime I make a post? I see it gets posted then I check back later to see if anyone replied and my post is gone…wtf.

    • Nintendofreak

      its that post get classified by popularity n newest if ur post doest get like it will go all the way to the bottom unless u press the tab thing next to community ( to the left to be exact) n look for it

  • tronic307

    That kind of overclock would melt the system, if the power supply didn’t explode first. Even a mild overclock can break game compatibility.
    The Wii U CPU has a 4-stage pipeline; its 20th century architecture was originally designed to reach 1GHz max; 1.24 GHz is pushing it already. The process size would have to be reduced from 45nm to 22nm to crack 2GHz, let alone 3GHz..

  • Holyfire

    If that rumour happens to be true, we’d be seeing the result of that in the games. They’d run smoother. Namely Lego City would be a good bench. If I heard of this rumour before hand I would have tried to take notice of the in-game performance. Alas. Either way, it was a good update, and there’s still one more OS boosting update to come yet
    If it was a clock alteration, it wouldn’t be remotely that much, or at least only temporary clocks when under lesser loads. That would be a huge boost, nearly doubling overall performance

  • $39063977

    overclocked already? unlikely, but u never know with Nintendo

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Here is my son who like his father is a nintendo gamer. Can’t beat having a son who is a gamer like his old man

    • Zizo47

      You done good πŸ™‚

    • discuss

      Hey! That’s my kid!

    • Michael Jurado

      πŸ™‚ does my heart good to see not every single one of these new gen kids are brainwashed by graphics and story telling

  • supersmashbros

    WiiUdaily looks cool im new here i just got the wii u so what good games does anyone suggest

    • RyuNoHadouken

      ZombiU is a must play…scariest game ive EVER played…and ive played all survival horror games!

      • supersmashbros

        Cool and how is monster hunter i hear it’s a good game

        • RyuNoHadouken

          never played it…i guess its cool if you like extremely long, RPG grinders, but I just dont have the time to dedicate to a 500 hour plus game

          • supersmashbros

            I just picked up zombi u and darksiders 2

          • RyuNoHadouken

            nice…let me know what you think of ZombiU in about a week

    • John Raybell

      what out with zombie U its an ok game but yeah its not worth the price.

      We have NSMB if you like classic mario but with a friend its a pretty good game, also have lego city which is pretty good i also dislike all other lego games, this one is just done right.

      Injustice is awesome,black ops 2 is decent being able to play two player one on tv and one on gamepad screen is pretty cool doesnt have DLC yet which is the downer.

      Trine 2 is pretty fun and very pretty game

      Just noticed you got zombie u hope you enjoy it, left a bad taste in my mouth, if it was $29 i could except it, but not at the full price we payed back when.

      In anycase there are a few others, not very many, but dont worry they are soon to come, so dont bail the the wiiu just yet, the 3ds was the same way, and now is rocking the games and sells. things will pick up in the next 6 months or so, just hang in there it will be worth it.

      That sonic racing is pretty good for that kind of game, best port of it too.

      Batman is worth getting too, and mass effect 3.

      There are enough games to get you by till more come out, oh grab the rayman challenge app, its a blast, and its free, do this as soon as you know about it. forever replay value due to new levels for daily and weekly, pretty awesome stuff, be a some what decent demo to the full game which comes out in September

      Avoid nintendo land, forsure read reviews and watch gameplay, its boring as all hell and lacks things todo, should have been a wii store download for under $20 or its great for the younger kids or maybe the girl friend or mother lol

      • supersmashbros

        My wii u came with nintendoland and it was ok but mass effect sounds cool and yes i downloade the rayman app and it looks cool

      • Stuart Thomas

        i just couldn’t enjoy zombie u. Yes i got it on release day and picked it up 3 times. Waste of money. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed, was stuck in that console for almost a month straight, that’s the difference in a good game, it has to be enjoyable and frustrating, not just frustrating.

    • Silent

      Please, watch out for the trolling.

      • supersmashbros


        • Silent

          jerry and others. Magnus Eriksson and knowledeiswhatsup hate nintendo but they dont spam.

          • supersmashbros

            Oh well i have no problem with anyone i just like to game..I own all the consoles but i have enjoyed the wii u so far and the rayman app is cool

          • Don’t listen to this guy, HE is the troll. He can’t handle the truth so he is paid to lie.

  • anthx

    wii u is new generation, is a console that is not heated and reaches 30 watt. also need another update, where the machine will be much faster still, if not an wii u realize this capada. everyone who bought wii u will not regret it never once nintendo porqur consus Begin sagas, not ever stop. one after another. besides. develop wii u is much easier than ps4 and xbxo720. wii u have a very complete operating system agile and fast. As the next consoles will last. if nosaben how to balance the voltages at full power. on wii u is well to Manor watt lower power consumption, and says there is a new generation. are all wrong. this is a system of the future, to the most powerful pc heats, and wii u run the CryEngine 3 beautiful and not heated, dissipation see the point of this console, which is phenomenal. there is nowhere in the industry something like wii u, therefore it is a device of the future. until the cell is heated and wii u no .. ehh shit before checking wii u study, and develop yourselves who said q1ue wii u dont have power are wrong, need another update. way it is, is going great just need the software and see. plus everything we complain that the frotbite 3 that matter this engine, engine missing fox, Panta Rhei, tech 5 vari

  • Kenshin0011

    Definitely noticed a better frame rate in AC3

    • thedeciderU

      i’ll have to give it a go this weekend. it was really rough before…

      • John Raybell

        yeah the console version was horrible frame rate wise, never played the wii u version, it was even a little shotty on the pc, but still a pretty good game, I think most people when they see lag they think its hardware issue, when its reality its how lazy it was programmed and how unoptimized it was or how crappy of a port job it was or how optimized the software was for the hardware it was being used on, also updates making games run better doesn’t mean the hardware had to increase, just like on PCs with our driver packs our video cards down get a mhz upgrade but code is optimized better so there for can use the video card more efficiently. this would be what is going on with the wiiu, why someone would think this update actually increased clock rates is beyond me, this was a softwarefirmware upgrade, not a hardware upgrade, does it run faster yes, do games load and play faster yes, its all part of optimizing hardware with software, which happen without increasing clock rates, this update wasn’t an overclock if that’s what wiiudaily is thinking lol

  • Marc Duarte

    I’ve always regarded those unofficial numbers as inconclusive based on the fact that we still don’t know whether less power is actually being utilized while the console is running in Wii mode to play the older games. How do we know that the CPU isn’t actually downclocking itself like my Core i3 does when not doing anything processor intensive? We don’t, but sadly, very few bothered to ask these important questions and instead jumped on the bandwagon to bash the Wii U for being underpowered. Perhaps they’ll all be proven to be fools in the end if this hypothesis turns out to be true. I’d love to see that so we can rub it in their stupid, ignorant faces and shut them up for good.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    i would like to point out that in the beginning devs said the oringinal kits were more powerful than the retail model…

    • John Raybell

      yeah that all dev kits dude, more power to allow the dev to program and take short cuts, either way the final wii u is more powerful then 360ps3 and can output better graphics with better frame rates πŸ™‚ the dev kit at this point other then making games on doesnt play a role, just like the xbox360 dev kit is better then the xbox360 and the ps3 dev kit is better then the ps3 and so on and so on.

      I guess what im getting at is Whats your point lol?

      • The Wii U is NOT more powerful than the 360/PS3 – it just has a newer GPU with newer effects which comes easier on it since it is newer! Those two systems are too strong for the Wii U and it’s reported specs to be more powerful than those. We clearly have not seen more or even equal power in the games…

        • John Raybell

          um yes it is, the wii u can also do more with better frame rates, we have seen ports, and some ports were actually better on the wii u then ps360 :).

          Need for speed did things with the wii u that xbox and ps couldn’t do, in fact it was pretty close to the PC version.

          Look at it this way launch titles are matching and beating games that are coming out at the end of the life cycle, when the wii u is at the end of its life cycle we will see games that blow anything on the ps3 and xbox360 away, fact. compare xbox360 launch game graphics to wii u launch game graphics, smokes them. this is all before anybody is used to deving on the wii u. fact is wii u can and will and has done more then the xbox360 and ps3 :). don’t cry because your ignorant

          • NFS has always been a boring game series. I expect, like anyone, for the Wii U to have a better graphic PRESENTATION, than the almost ten year old systems, but we have not yet seen ANYTHING that makes a person visually say that the Wii U is better than the current systems.

          • John Raybell

            NFS was a port from xbox and ps, it had better lighting, framerates,higher res textures. that game in all areas are better then what the other consoles got, and there have been others, and the wiiu just came out and its up and past the quality of the xbox and ps, what does that tell you? hell some wii titles graphicly compare with xbox360 AAA titles. mario galaxy 2, play that on an sd or crt tv, and that’s a very weak console. the wii u has and will keep out doing the xbox and ps its entire life cycle.

            In any case Devs have stated its more powerful and can do more. So yeah, and i have seen that being an owner of both xbox360 and wiiu there are titles that look better and run better on the wii u and its very very early in its life cycle, meaning tons more power for devs to get out of it. anyways go do some research READ WHAT DEVS SAY ABOUT THE HARDWARE, THE DEVS THAT HAVE MADE BETTER VERSION ON THE WII U. they all state it has more power and is more capable. start with need for speed and trine 2 devs and also black ops two devs, they all state that wii u is more powerful πŸ™‚

          • What it tells me is that the Wii U has a newer GPU with newer effects! No Wii title compares to a 360 title Mario games have primary colors and shading is the main feature used – practically any system can do that. In Mario Galaxy 2 were on the 360 – it would blow away the Wii! If it were on the Wii U, it should blow away the 360 because it has better shaders.

            Developers have been saying the Wii U is weak and leaving it in droves. Stop it.

          • John Raybell

            actually those have been false rumors, and devs have taken what they said back, devs now days talk about how the hardware is better, so you fucking stop it you fucking dumb ass, like you said its a newer GPU and it can do more because of that and handle what the other GPUs better then what they can, so shut the fuck up the wii u is better, devs have stated this over and over and over so shut the fuck up you blind fucking retarded fuck πŸ™‚ and yes some wii titles do compare to 360 titles and some wii u titles already look better then xbox and ps versions, and no fucking shit galaxy was on the xbox360 it would look better and blow it away its a better fucking console you dumb fuck, just like the wii u is a better and more powerful then xbox360, if you took games from the xbox and built them ground up on the wii u they would blow the 360 version away. anyways fuck off already you thick headed ignorant stubborn dumb uneducated fuck. instead of being a fuck head go do some research if you used all the time you used to post to research what the fuck you were actually talking about you would know you are being a fucking idiot no brain retard.

          • To think that you accused ME of being 13!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            No reason to stoop to his level. However, I agree with most of what you say. Wii U has more under its hood than most realize. Best way to find these things out is wait it out and not jump the gun and discredit it like Mr. Knowledge has been doing. He makes some good points in Nintendo’s business model, but he’s also a bit too harsh on them as well.

  • anthx

    there is nothing for their sagas. is only a few months. that day forget about all the shit you throw at wii u. because rebirth system will not ever stop. and all the trolls be quiet, the consoles unique designs caliber is nintendo games, no shotter, but if it creates ase creatively shotter for Playing craquΓ©e the brain. everyone forgets who is the father of the gameplay, nintendo will always be. these guys create fun games aburrren not.

  • Kris

    This is good, if people are seeing a difference then it must be faster. I am interested in getting a next gen console but there is nothing announced I am interested in. I want Fallout, I want Elderscrolls, I want games like that from companies who make killer games like that. I want Nintendo to succeed but they have to start listening to what WE want and not just do whatever the heck they please. Unfortunately it looks like Sony and Microsoft may wipe the floor with them this time and we will be stuck only playing Nintendo made games (which is nice but it only goes so far) and a few second rate ports if they don’t get their crap together.

    • audi lover

      What you wana play dosent mean other people wana play, why did you even buy nintendo if you just wana play stuff that traditionally only comes out on those systems anyway?

      • Kris

        I like some Nintendo games but I am sorry to tell you…they need to attract gamers from all sides if they want to keep existing. People are not going to be buying 3, 4, 5 or more consoles in the future.

        • John Raybell

          and people dont need to, just one console a wii u, and build a pc, bam every game you want and a pc to do other stuff on top of all the awesome games in full quality, console third party games remind me of Shareware lmao, so first party games nintendo wiiu and full version third party games on your PC πŸ™‚ a good pc will last a few gens, wii u will last a gen, so yeah that not 3 or 4 or 5 consoles, lol you silly head with your silly exaggerated excuses πŸ™‚

    • John Raybell

      build a PC for third party games, and get a wii u for nintendo first party, that takes care of all the games you will ever need, or get a new xbox or ps and play the same games and have the same experiences you have for the last 20+ years of your life lol for sure 8 years lol

      • You are a poor salesman. No one who plays games on a PC would settle for a Wii U, but they may be jealous of the PS4/Xbox. If you had to rely on the Wii U for games, then you would be kept waiting…

        • John Raybell

          um i have a $1600 pc, played the hell out of my xbox360s, yes two because hardware was crap, and moved on to wii u, and was glad, console wise and exclusive wise wii u is the better choice, PC so you dont miss out on third party games and first party pc titles. I didnt settle on the wii u I gave up my xbox360 for a wiiu :). wii u,3ds and pc is the way to go. and im not trying to be a salesman, i have played all the consoles, skipped playstation, but every other one, played hundreds of games, and over all i would rather miss out on xbox360 and ps3 exclusives then give up mario and zelda and smash bros among a bunch more titles that are only on nintendos consoles and for the most part are some of the best games every made, well they are, not for the most part, nintendo has always made the best games ever made. ps3 and xbox360 are pretty much down graded pcs with pretty much all the same games as the PC and the PC plays those games much better then those consoles. and mario and zelda aren’t on ps360 last time i checked, so those consoles just for a few games just aren’t worth it. ps360 are third party game consoles low grade at that…..barf

          • I have my 360 and my PC. Nintendo is not a factor when it’s time to play REAL games that work a system.

          • John Raybell

            you must not be a real gamer, because nintendos first party titles smoke xbox and ps first party titles. You must be one of those 13 year old new age xbox gamers that have no understanding of shit. Have fun at school tomorrow :).your fav games must be gears,halo,call of duty, madden,barbie land,my little pony lol last two were a joke, just like your self πŸ™‚

          • I am real because I know that Nintendo is a thing of the past – my childhood past. Unlike some people and Nintendo, I continuously move on when something better comes along. I don’t dwell on past successes and wonder why it is not happening now.

          • John Raybell

            mario and zelda are as successful as ever and the wii alone out sold the xbox360 and ps3 so it was a better success then those two consoles, and also broke world sales records, the xbox360 it self was fucked for the first two years and bam, same with the 3ds, now the 3ds is out selling every console and handheld, if nintendo was a thing of the past why are there games till better then most and why do there products still out sell everyone’s elses, fucking strange how stupid you are lol. wii in less time outsold the xbox360 and ps3 and still to this day is outselling the xbox360 and ps3 and that is a last gen out dated as hell console, want to talk about things of the past lets talk about the consoles that never change, that would be things from the past, nintendo stays new and fresh while the xbox and ps do the same crap over and over gameplay and games and hardware same old same old, those are things of the past. wii u will out sell the ps4 and the new xbox just like every other nintendo console out sells every other console.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Good for you. Not everyone follows your path nor shares your views on Nintendo and past gaming. I’ve been there when the NES released and I’m still here now. Most of my gaming has been on the pc of late, but I know for sure I’ll get a Wii U later on when there are better games for it.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yes, because they won’t do what “you” want them to do. Oh well, deal with it. Perhaps you had too much wishful thinking there to think they were actually gonna start developing hardcore games. I myself, never expected them to do so. Most of us knew we would see Mario, Zelda and company again. I’m fine with it.

            If I wanna play third party titles, I have my pc for that. No big loss to me.

          • I was expecting them to do what THEY said they would do, but they lied again.

  • Michael Jurado

    who the hell cares??? talk about games god damn it!!!

  • Ryan House

    I wonder why more websites haven’t mentioned this.

  • Glen Bradford

    Some of the CPU is for the 2nd screen, maybe this extra CPU will be for games without the 2nd screen, maybe for a new system sold with a pro pad after E3

  • Cadrion

    Funny thing about this is that only make a minor difference: Wii U is Sweet vs Wii U is Fast Sweet. I really like this little bundle of joy. I’ve had a lot of fun that I haven’t in a long time with some of the games.

  • Merham Limba

    This rumor is a bait to spur nintendo fans.

  • No way in hell you can OC a 1.24Ghz CPU to 3.24Ghz – especially on a lower powered system like the Wii U. Anyone with video card experience knows damned well that you cannot OC a GPU that much over stock.

    • Kris

      Unless they crippled it good, before release thinking they could “surprise us later” with a faster system.

      • I used to think that would be a good trick for a system after other showed their cards, but this is Nintendo man. Even if this were true, they would have to have games that looked a lot better then. Regardless, the other two will have 8 cores.

        • ICHI

          I used think this would be a good trick too but most techy websites strip machines down as soon as they’re available and publish the results online anyway. So unless you we’re launching on the same day as you’re competitors it would be insane to gimp the system, all you’d do would be to create distrust in your customer base. As much as I’d love this to be true it would mean Nintendo were actually able to do real magic………. that or my Wii U is about to set my house on fire πŸ™‚

        • Ah spec boy… If it is true that the reason MS and Sony went to an X86 Processor was to make it easier for games from the PC world run on the consoles then you would know very few games even take advantage of quad core processor efficiently.. Unless the game or application is written to take advantage of those extra cores or threads then it makes a nominal difference which is why most games are GPU driven.

          Now it entirely possible that they could compile the game specifically for the console processors but that would be a contradiction to the whole x86 making it that much easier to some degree. Besides the 8 core AMD Jaguar based processor is WEAK!! Compared to an Intel Atom or AMD E series processor. Low power consumption and low performance. 8 weak cores..

          I thought you said you had some knowledge of how computers work?

          • I talk 8 cores, you talk Jaguar. 8 weak cores beats 3 weak cores. 8 weak cores with a high powered GPU still makes a strong system. Besides, we need to wait for specs – something we cannot get from Nintendo.

            I don’t understand the move to x86 as that should have been laid to rest years ago. We will see if it does anything good or if it is just a slick move to make gaming console ‘do it all’ home entertainment systems, or a PC in disguise. There are quite a few games on PC that take advantage of multiple cores. They do make a hell of a difference. The day the GPU trumps the CPU is when we see GPUs as alternative offerings against Intel or AMD.

          • I talk jaguar as the core of the processor makes a difference which is why there are different processor classes.

            Oh and GPUs currently trump CPUs in terms of raw computing power which is why companies like AMD and Intel are both looking into leveraging the GPU to do more calculations besides graphics.

            I thought you said you had some tech knowledge?? As I suspected you do not.


    I seriously doubt this is true. For starters, TV Tropes is an unreliable source. Then there are the logistics of the situation.

    Doubling a CPU’s clock and increasing the GPU clock speed 330 MHz is extremely unlikely. It would not make sense if it was underclocked either because if it seriously had this power hidden away, why hide it?

    Not to mention, increasing clock speeds brings about questions pertaining to dissipating heat.

  • BL4CKSH33P

    That would be insane.

  • Petri

    Honestly, I doubt it.
    But there would be room for a little “overclocking”, if they considered this beforehand.

  • Adecentboy777

    That would be great, at least something. Well, it’s not good enough to win the battle again PS4 and Shitbox, but a little improvement is better, than nothing.

  • discuss

    The hardware won’t change so don’t expect anything beyond “minor”.

  • val berger

    worst thing about the wiiu is, that we just keep reading rumors of some supercool posibilities, hardware and software speaking. dream on and start delivering facts. that’s just torture.

  • You don’t posess very extensive technical knowledge if you read this article and don’t instantly realize its bullshit.

    Just like PC’s the WiiU posseses systems that regulate the core speeds of the gpu and cpu should they not be heavily used (like in the system menu).

    What someone obviously did is take speed measurements of the gpu and cpu while in the system menu, before the update, and after the update probably did those measurements whilst playing a game or shortly after.

    Assassins Creed 3 is a current generation game running a relatively complex physics engine and A.I. (atleast for console standards). No matter how modern the CPU, it would never run on 1.24 ghz nor on a 550 mhz GPU. After all its pretty much a direct port of the PS3/X360 versions without any dumbing down. And they have similar specs.

    So this article is misleading. The WiiU always had a GPU running at 880 mhz and a CPU running at 3.24 ghz.

    • DemonRoach

      lol bull shit.

    • Mhz or GHz is just a frequency… If your logic was true than the past 3.8GHz P4 processors would not be smoked by today’s modern processors operating in the 2-2.5Ghz range.

      Same with GPUs… Past GPUs had the same frequency as some modern GPUs but the newer generations outperform them considerably. There is more than Mhz and Ghz to measure when it comes to performance.

      Of course your last statement of the GPU or CPU could hold some merit that it was inaccurately measured at idle and then now under load. Other than that your logic is flawed and not so sure you possess any extensive technical knowledge.

    • Marc Duarte

      I believe I read in an article on IGN that the first actual test was conducted while the Wii U was running in Wii mode. If the numbers from this second test are indeed genuine, then this would seem to suggest that the Wii U CPU can actually down-clock itself when not doing anything processor intensive, similar to how my Core i3 does when idle or only running simple tasks. Also, that would explain where these conflicting 1.24Ghz and 3.24Ghz numbers are coming from; they most likely aren’t due to an overclock as everyone automatically assumes, but from the possibility that the two tests were conducted under completely different conditions – the first while the console was running in Wii mode, the second while it was running in Wii U mode – which would end up skewing the data if my above hypothesis holds true. At least some people here are smart enough to question the validity of these unofficial, half-baked numbers that were recorded by some amateur who doesn’t even work for Nintendo, and thus knows very little about the actual working hardware, so I applaud you for asking some tough questions instead of allowing your emotions to cloud your judgment by jumping on Wii U-is-underpowered bandwagon. The fact is, Nintendo has yet to release a detailed sheet with the complete Wii U specs, so there’s still so much about the hardware that we’re currently in the dark about. Therefore, it’s impossible at this time to come to any meaningful conclusion on this subject regarding the power of the console, when we still don’t have all the pertinent information necessary to form one.

  • Midna Midna

    False, if they do this they’ll be sued for selling underpowered hardware, what if someone without an internet connection can’t update and buys some cpu heavy game? it won’t run like it should, so I don’t think this is true.

    • Petri

      doubt there would be need for legal action, pretty sure Nintendo would fix those at their expense.
      But still, doubt this is true.

      And update could be delivered on disc too, like sony did with psp and ps3.
      Their DRM was pretty firmware heavy, and newer games didnt work on older firmware.

    • garf02

      any game that could need that extra push can easily have the update with in case of those without internet

    • Rumpelstiltskin

      That game would most likely come with the update if necessary. A lot of games comes with the latest update. But this rumor is probably fake.

  • iAMunderDOg

    It seems Wii U CPU is a Power6 based and not Power7xx series… I look at TVtropers and Power6 was mentioned and it was also mentioned that Nintendo licensed Power6 from IBM. Power6 is for servers mainly and has 2-8 or more cores and can be clocked up to 4 to 6ghz.

  • Regardless of if this is misleading, or incorrect any good news that is
    the least bit positive for Nintendo is great! Just keep the good news
    rollin’ and let’s hope some of it reaches the public, false or not.

    • John Raybell

      lol i would rather see no news then fake good news, lets not have April fools everyday lol

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    As much as I wish this was true, there’s no way in hell it is. You can’t just tripple the clock rate like that without running into problems like heat development, higher power consumption, loss of stability etc.

    I don’t doubt that the clock rates were increased with the update. After all, it feels quicker. But this much of an increase is next to impossible. Getting past 2 Ghz even sounds impossible.

    I don’t even get why people care so much. Don’t you care more about the games? Specs are nothing more but numbers Γ  la e-penis

    • Mark Thom

      anything is possible with an update lol

  • RonnieMexico

    dis shit iz sooo false…

    • John Raybell

      lol yeah getting tired of sites like this posting rumors, and rumors as false and obviously as false as this one.

  • Mark Thom


  • Shreckle

    Who cares? Nintendo games are about fun not cpu speed

    • Nintendo is old-school fun, not new school fun.

      • John Raybell

        they are both, new fun because of new ways to play that haven’t been done before, so new school and old school fun. your name should be “KnowledgeiswhatIlack”

        idiot troll

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Your idea of fun isn’t the same as everyone here. Personally speaking, I think all games on ps3, 360, Wii and pc have been fun in their own right. Plus I still play the old school games. Never really gets old.

  • Sabrina MΓΌller

    there are several reasons pro and contra.
    – overclocking is very easy, if it was limited at launch
    – nintendoland and mario bros are not that hardware-hungry
    – operating system is crap.and very strange. (own arm processor, 1 gb ram??? for what?) that could be a reason
    – backward compability with wii

    – quite underpowered

    – nintendos hardware is not often finished at startup (3ds cycle pad, wii motion plus)

    – 3,24 Ghz is a lot. exspecially for a g3
    – i see no reason to make a secret of that, exspecially when everybody thinks the wii u is underpowered
    – it would be too nice to belive
    – cpu is quite problematic with threading …

  • Hobo

    What I find hard to believe is a console coming out in 2012 with a cpu that’s less powerful than a 2005’s console. And I bought that 2005 console for 130$. Less than half the Wii U price. I think that unless nintendo has turned completely crazy they should have made their new console at least that powerful.

  • Dollow Rlance

    TV Tropes really?

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Anyone who believes this is an idiot. Yes it’s very possible Nintendo underclocked their hardware, but probably for good reasons, it was probably to prevent any kind of overheating problems.

    If there is ANY merit to this idiotic dumbass rumor the clock for the CPU will read 1.48/1.5Ghz instead of 1.24 and GPU will read 600MHz instead of 550. Still requires voltage changes that could make the platform less stable and overheat. Idiotic

  • Stuart Thomas

    Can someone take a non updated wii u and check the wii u power consumption while in game, then do the same for an updated one. Then we’ll have an idea if this is bull spit or not. I would love to be living in wonderland and it be true, but i highly doubt it.

  • Stuart Thomas

    It was all a ploy to see which developers would still work with Nintendo and who would shun them. Then they’ll blast every console out of the water and all the little bitches who will come running back and we’ll say f**k you. Unlikely… but it would be bad ass.

  • Any techies out there? So if all of this is true what does it mean for the system? What can it make the system do better than before? Because nothing else changed besides those two, the ram is the same. Does this mean better graphics? Better interface? Better multitasking? Can someone break it down to us less game console techies?

    • John Raybell

      Optimization can and will improve load times and can effect frame rates of games, an overclock wouldnt and didnt happen, i posted reasons above, I am a techie of sorts, again posted above, trying to help people understand, that this was more like updating drivers on a pc, and nothing close to an overclock.

      Just so I dont have to repeat my self, please just read my above post, its a long one

    • ICHI

      Like John said it would take years off your system if it was overclocked, that or melt your wiiU.

  • Guest

    Actually, Nintendo said that the Wii U will support 2 gamepads, so the console will have to have a powerful CPU, and I guess a CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz isn’t enough. And we gotta remember that another update is coming this Summer.

  • Peter Parker

    Actually, Nintendo said that the Wii U will support 2 gamepads, so the console will have to have a powerful CPU, and I guess a CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz isn’t enough. And we gotta remember that another update is coming this Summer.So if this update haven’t increased CPU speed ( and if it was really clocked at 1.2 GHz) , probably the next update will do so.

  • i5Master

    My Intel i5 2300 (Sandy bridge) Is idle at 1.5 ghz and is at 3.2 ghz not idle so to say the Wii U Isn’t capable of doing this is utter nonsense. The Wii U Should easily be able to do this on 45 nm tech as is my sandy bridge.

    • John Raybell

      that isnt an overclock, an overclock would be taking your 3.2 and upping it any amount, say 4.6ghz from your 3.2 would be a decent overclock. the wii u didn’t get overclocked it got optimized huge difference. you wont see overclocking happening in consoles anytime soon if EVER! and saying the wii u is capable or was overclocked that is what is utter nonsense. lol. overclocking means increased voltage,more heat, more stress on hardware, less lifespan, nintendo would NEVER DO ANY OF THAT, nor would Microsoft nor would Sony nor would users for Christ sake, would you want an overclocked console knowing it will take years off the life span of the console, this isnt a pc where you can open it up and upgrade cooling to some fancy liquid cooling, and im sure the CPU and GPU is fully locked, more then likely its impossible that they could overclock it unless they upgraded and used different hardwarecpugpu entirely. overclocking is always at your own risk, this would never ever in a thousands years be forced in an update, the idea of that is pure retardedness. Intel,ATI,nvidia all warn against overclocking and almost always voids warranties. overclocked console by manufacture is living in lala land, this news is plain bogus and retarded. It wont happen. People need to get educated, hell take a class on this stuff, or do Research on your own, get in to overclocking your self, build a pc, do full overclocks to GPU and CPU. if people did this they would understand we will never see this happen on a console. Its a hardware killer and again major risks. I would sue or at least want to if i was forced to overclock my hardware. would be fucking pissed off knowing that my console wouldn’t last near as long.

      p.s I have been building and overclocking computers for years, I built computers for my high school while I was going, taken all my A+ cert. I have built over 50 computers from scratch including my own gaming rig, have hundreds of hours in overclocking on all brand names, and have learned from some of the best overclockers from various forums, when you overclock your hardware you HAVE to have a very good understanding of what you are doing and what is being done and what changes are being made, it can take hours, if not done right you can brick hardware pretty easy, you can even have 5000 of the same CPUs and GPUS and everyone will slightly overclock differently, some will allow for slightly higher clocks some will have slightly lower clocks, every console would have to be overclocked and fine tuned for hours to insure a safe overclock was made and ensure your hardware didn’t brick, this would have to be done to every single console by themselves as all hardware in all consoles very from each one. There is just to many things to go wrong and to many things that one must double check step by step. Its just never going to happen though updates, just like it doesn’t happen to hardware on a pc when you update drivers etc. an overclock is up to the user and the user only.

      • i5Master

        WOW WOW you still don’t understand what I am saying Is the Wii U At (IDLE) no load is at 1.24ghz then when their is a LOAD ON THE SYSTEM IT RAISES THE CLOCK SPEED TO 3.24 ghz which is called SPEED STEP TECHNOLOGY or something similar this has been used since Core 2 models The cpus are designed this way Ive been building since AMD K6 I know what the hell im talking about just look this up my god man.

        • John Raybell

          um ok dude, but again what does that have todo with overclocking, lol.

          And isnt speed step tech an intel thing? In any case, no idea what you are trying to get at with that, I understand speed stepping and that its not taking place on the wiiu lol, im just failing to see why you are bringing speed step up, when all that happened was the wii u was optimized and soon they are doing some more optimization, not speed step tech nor overclocks, just a simple optimization update and nothing more. so why is everyone talking about all this other crap, all this it could be this it could be that, when its obvious that none of that took place just simple optimization, whats funny is when all the other consoles got updates that did similar things you didn’t see all this talk or overclocks and speed step, so what happened in the last 3 plus years, did everyone get really stupid or what?

      • i5Master

        Wii U (IDLE) 1.24ghz WII U (FULL LOAD) 3.24ghz this is called Speed Step Technology or something similar which has been used since Core 2 models designed by IBM and Intel and with 45 nm tech even with a stock cooler the temps should be well within range 30-40c which is not hot at all and wont burn up overclocking is not as bad as what it use to be DUH I have been overclocking cpu’s since AMD k6 generation… Overclocking use to be done by rasing the FSB (Front Side Bus) Which is what use to kill their is no more bus but an interconnect and it overclocks just by rasing the Interconnect.. so My i5 at idle is at x16 and in full load is at x30 . I hope I don’t need to explain anymore

        • John Raybell

          you dont need to, I fully understand all this stuff, I just fail to see why you are bring this up, this has nothing todo with an overclock, which is what this is talking about, in any case that last update didn’t change shit other then load times, haven’t even seen frame rate improvements, mostly os load times and game load times, thats all, we can talk about speed stepping and overclocking all day but fact is fact this last update didn’t make the console do either or, if it did speed stepping it was before that update came out, so why did you even bring this up lol. in any case holy fuck the console was optimized and nothing more, its not running faster cpu or gpu clocks what so ever, its the same, the hardware is running the the same GHZ as the ones at launch, the console didnt get in upgrade, it got optimized to handle loading better. getting tired of all these wiiudaily idiots lately to even remotely think and overclock happened or hardware changes happened or GHZ speed increased happened all makes these people dumb asses. clock speeds never changed PERIOD!!!!!! When you install drivers on your pc and notice a game has been improved you do know why right, because its been optimized for your hardware, meaning can use more of what already was there, but hardware is self doesn’t change, your clock rates dont change. crysis 3 is a good example, the first release had some issues at times would only use 30% of the video card and the game would lag, then driver updates and game updates came out, now at those times the game is better optimized to use 90% of your graphics card and not 30% like it was. So what does this mean? it means your framer ates now might be 60fps in the 305fps areas now, but not because your card is running “FASTER THEN STOCK” but only because the game can actually use more of what was already there? got it. And all speed step does is make your CPU run slower when not being used, this wouldn’t explain load times being faster or slight FPS improvements with “some” games, so why the hell did you bring it up, and being a pc user and bringing this crap up, holy crap dude. speed step is pretty much a power saver, not a speed booster of any kind at all

  • i5Master

    Consider this Core i3-2100 is faster then Core i7-860, -920, -930, -940, -950
    Core i5-3220T, -750, -760, -2405S, -2400S
    Core 2 Extreme QX9775, QX9770, QX9650
    Core 2 Quad Q9650 and any previous cpu consumer generation

  • T-X

    My Wii U was….HIBERNATING?!?!

  • Cadrion

    I gotta say that I hope this was true…I also have to say that a lotta people are wondering how this is possible and talking how it couldn’t be over clocked so much…well, being that I’m also a pc fan, I know that any cpu can be easily underclocked…just because it may have come out as a 1.2ghz doesn’t mean that it’s overclocked to possible 3.2- they may have just let it run full speed. The funny thing about all this is that most games these days are gpgpu dependent not so much on the cpu- true that the cpu makes a difference but the gpgpu is the most impacting. Nevertheless, I am so impressed with the wii U…it may not be the big corporate tool to make truck loads of money for companies like EA, but for everyone else (that I care about) it’s just fine and an awesome piece of hardware. I really respect Nintendo for holding on to their ideas and continuing to push the innovation envelope. Seeing what can be done with the game pad and 4 wiimotes on NSMBU is just a simple glimpse into what can be done…I hope the indie community takes hold on the U really strong so we get awesome content and not just another dumb ass COD or Battlefield.

    • John Raybell

      and NO it depends on the CPU if it can be over clocked and by how much it can be overclocked. There are locked cpus,partially locked cpus, and unlocked cpus. and its not “easy” as you say to over clock cpus, if you were talking about an ATI video card sure i would agree, but cpu being easy, no, a fully stable overclock can take hours, lots of testing to be done, stress tests ect, on top of how much you overclock will also depend on what kind of cooling, as overclocking increases CPU and RAM voltages, which increases heat and decreases life span on top of motherboard heat will also increase, IF there was an overclock on the wiiu we would hear that its fans are louder because they would have to increase fan speed to make up for extra heat, and either way no overclock will be forced ever, as overclocks are harmful to hardware unless you have made proper upgrades to your consolepc, which no body from nintendo came over to my house and installed a new cooling system. and again no overclock will be forced through an update EVER!!!

      • Cadrion

        I got a feeling you missed my point. I was intending to convey that assuming it did get clocked up to 3.2ghz, perhaps it was simply being clocked to its full potential and the original 1.2ghz was an underclock. BTW, OC’ing isn’t all that hard- my current pc has been running oc’ed at almost 1ghz over for years now and no prob. True thought, the heat would increase.

  • Name

    I think everyone at the third parties need to not forget the Wii-U is also rendering two totally diffent screens and im sure that put more load on the CPU….And i don’t think EA
    knows what to do with it so they just say is slow hardware and nintendo

  • Eliot

    If this were true:

    1) Wouldn’t Nintendo be shouting about it in the face of all the criticism levelled at the Wii U for being ‘underpowered’?

    2) Why would Nintendo have released the system with lower clock speeds in the first place? Surely they wouldn’t have spent money on components and not utilised them to the fullest, they could’ve fitted cheaper components instead!

    This rumour simply doesn’t’ make sense and is, I would suggest, merely the product of wishful thinking.

    • Cadrion

      re first point- I don’t think it’s been Nintendo’s way of doing things to boast and spit in the competitions’ face, so quietly makes sense and also makes huge sense as far as pr goes. People would be upset if they knew their U was running underclocked. Re second point- I can think of a lot of reasons…a few being stability, predictability, incomplete software, public relations. I do agree though that it would be strange that it would be so far underclocked and you’re probably right that it’s all nonsense, but it’s fun to think there might be more to it that some asshole hacker’s bit of insight into the console. Good companies keep things quite for good reasons.

  • Guest

    I wonder if Valve will support Wii u…