Dec 1st, 2012

The Wii U has launched across Europe, and we’ve got the first official photos of the UK launch in London that took place on November 30. Be sure to check out the videos of the UK launch as well, where hundreds of gamers lined up to get a Wii U console. The only territory left to get the Wii U is Japan, where the new Nintendo console launches on December 7, a week from now.

Photos by David Parry/Press Association

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  • Shroomforce

    just got mine today, AMAZING!!!

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Wiiu’s have been selling out in the game store I go to and so has all the good software.
    I think the wiiu’s gunna be huge.
    Look at the size of that launch que lol. There was a similar one in Manchester so I hear.
    And probably other big places.

    I don’t get all this media talk eg: ”is the wiiu a true next gen blah blah” . ABSOLOUTLY FUKING YES IT IS!!!!!

    Nintendo Land looks amazing , and has all sorts of new ways to play. Amongst many examples.
    to me anyway , the wiiu is making my ps3 and xbox feel like ancient an PoS.

    The wiiu feels like a HUGE leap in gaming from last gen consoles. Not just the graphics (which are awesome) but the whole package. 

    • Jonathan Hickson

      can’t wait till they release the demo for ninty land! I got stuck with a white wii u so i’m gonna get a 32 gig hard drive too.  Also hey I don’t have much access to internet so if you see another demo PLEASE tell me! Thx.

      • Mickey Mouse

        Don’t you mean 32GB SD card, cause if your getting a hard drive you wont get one with that little amount of capacity.

        • Linskarmo

          And I’ve heard that SD cards can’t be used to store games on the Wii U. My spare won’t see much use if so. :/

    • prettypinkpanacea

      Nintendward-3DS-WiiU … is that your mii name? I would like to add you 🙂

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        Hey bro! My  NN ID is –  xNintedwardx 

  • Marioravestozelda

    I was ment to get it friday but I can’t get till tuesday as the waiting list in uk is massive.Am getting nintendo land pack as zombie u pack is completely sold out in uk.Roll on tuesday !

  • Genesect4ssb4


    IM ssb43dsFC 3007 8585 6950

  • Linskarmo

    I hope the Wii U is a success as good or greater than the launch has been! (What great photos, by the way!)

  • TheLast

    There’s a petition for GTAV on that needs 1,800 signatures in order to get it on Wii U, and by comparison the PC version has 10,000+.

    • Please support this petition. It is just a couple click away. I did already. I really wish to have this on Wii U. Lots of potential like maps on gamepad, sniper/gun shooting, panoramic view while driving, etc.

      • Nah, that pad would not add to GTA V.  Besides, the Wii U just came out so I doubt they would put it on that even if it could run it.

    • I thought that GTA was violent and a silly game that Sony and MS could keep?  Now you want it for the Wii U to make it legit?  Hypocrites!  I doubt that GTA V could run smoothly on the Wii U.

  • Lewis

    Miiverse is amazing (nnid boxmonkey)

    • megadebt

      miiverse is amazing? suprisingly i thought it was lacking, but i guess i’m just used to ps ‘home’, and the ps way of doing things. i love everything else about my new wii u, though.

  • Test for testing

  • Bleh went to Istanbul for a wedding this whole weekend, but I haven’t seen a single wiiu in stores there (during sightseeing) I heard that in my local game store in Holland they ordered like 100 wiiu’s to deal with the 150+ preorders but they only got 40 or so, they where taken out in like 30 mins hehe. No wiiu for me anytime soon I fear completely sold out in the first day as well in Holland.