Oct 11th, 2012

Nintendo has yet to start advertising the Wii U console for the masses, but that’ll change very soon. UK tech magazine MCV reports that Nintendo will start the Wii U TV campaign in the UK on October 17. The first Wii U ad will air during the popular talent show The X Factor. According to Nintendo, the Wii U advertising budget will be the same as the Wii budget back in 2006. Which was pretty substantial.

Wii U TVNintendo has been criticized for not building enough hype around the Wii U, but that’s expected — they haven’t advertised it to the mainstream audience yet. Last week, a Wii U billboard was spotted in Japan, and on October 25, Nintendo will be kicking off a promotion with Burger King, where Kids Meals will include a Nintendo figurine.

Nintendo is expected to start advertising the Wii U for the general public in North America and the rest of the world at the end of October. The new console launches on November 18 in the US, November 30 in Europe, and December 8 in Japan.

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  • mc7791

    ok cool. Hope the ads are online. Now howabout some news about TV commercials in the states?

    • XBox 360

      Pfft what a bunch of noobs getting all gay over commercials.

      • Madmagican

        this foreshadows success. If you were a nintendo fan you would be just as excited as we are.

        • AKA-Link77

          Dont act like you would be any different with a Halo commercial.
          ( -)_( -)

      • Wii U at it’s best


        • ceramicsaturn


          It’s funny… because your usage of “noobs” and “gay” already show how incredibly immature you are. None the less the absurdity of your statement as a whole.

      • td,y,i,.

        Why r u on a site called wiiudaily

        • goginho

          Exactly what I asked myself ..what’s he doing here anyway??

          • revolution5268

            haling ass that’s whats this fool is doing.

      • PACMAN

        true it’s not important to those who already know about the wii u but those who don’t will know and at least consider seeing what it is and like the rest of us that’s how we found out about the wii u. Which means this will give many sales to nintendo. so for nintendo this is a big deal.

      • NoPUNintendo

        No commercials, no one knowing about the product means no sales. This is something to be gay about. (using gay as Happy not refering to the Homosexuals.. Really gay means happy deal with it.)

      • NesToWiiU

        Says the guy who did the same thing over Halo 4.

      • RedRocBoy

        Go jump off building. Thank You!

      • Trollkeeper

        Please, don’t feed the trolls.

      • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

        @XBox 360
        Holy CRAP!!! Another Troll, well Xbox Kinect sucks….. Microsoft is entering the crappy era while Nintendo is going to the OWNAGE ERA. I don’t buy Xbox 360 cause I hate paying to go online, Plus it cost you Microsoft Points just to change your name.

        • eli

          microsoft doesn’t suck they made windows :O but xbox does suck

        • immature

          Lol so you kiddos are that easily pitted against each other, huh? I have both Xbox 360 and Wii, and I preordered Wii U and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Xbox does not suck. Kinect is absolutely awesome. Having prejudge over your fanboy fares will make you miss a lot of good stuff.

      • Wii U at it’s best

        @Xbox360 well you got yourself 70 thumbs down huge fail i see now go back to microsoft in shame..bye bye

    • Asiancake

      I will be at Burger King just to get a toy

      • XBox 360

        You guys are all a bunch of noobs I bet your all under ten years old hoping to get this for Christmas pfft.

        • afro ninja

          Dude your probably like 11

        • Grodus

          I’m not under 10! I am 10! (Yes, I’m joking…) Now go play your user name.

        • Wildman

          I’m 22 kid. Who cares how old we are. We are all gamers that just happen to love Nintendo.


        • Ravyu

          Xbox 360 has more 10 year olds than the blinking eye my friend.

        • Krypto knight

          I am sixteen and infamy buying it at launch. At least I have a life outside of trolling!

          • Krypto Knight96

            I hate spell check! that shuold have been ‘I am’

    • bosmur

      hey i was just wondering, does NZ get the wii u on the 18th or the 30th?

      • RoboticLink

        @ Xbox 360

        First, your name says it all; your a raging fanboy.

        Secondly, why are you on a website specificly made only for nintendo fans and/or people interested in buying the wii u. Don’t you have anything better to do. Be creative, read a book, play outside (we all know you called us under 10 years old because you turned 11 yesterday), make a bucket list, watch TV, jump off a cliff, kiss yor mom I don’t care JUST GET OFF THIS SITE!!

        FINALLY… go to hell. Maybe you’ll be almost appreciated there.

        Hey everyone reading this low-lifed troll’s comment: Just ignore it, it might go away. My only advice. BTW I don’t care if I’m being a hypocrite.

      • Groose

        NZ gets the Wii u on November 30th.Only 49 days!

      • eli


        • eli

          *for NTSC-U

  • derty

    Can’t wait to see the American commercial 😀

  • Armani

    Gonna start feeding on those BK Kids meals pretty soon!! 😀 and right when winter starts! BEST WEATHER EVER!!:D

    • fnc73 fc: 4167-5780-8204

      F@#k yeah!!!!!!!

      • Armani

        Leather Jackets or what!?!?:D hjahaha

  • Tobbe

    Have been advertasing since “Project Cafe'”. I got half my job to order one

    • Game Master

      You get a thumbs up for that, I have ben doing the same thing to

      • Shane

        I don’t get what he means. Please don’t leave negative feedback, his comment didn’t make sense to me and everyone up voted him.

        • JohnnyChains

          The Wii U was originally called “Project Cafe” in the early days, when it was just a roumor, and he convinced half the peopled that work with him to buy one 🙂

          • elbossmx

            Thanks for the explanation / translation

          • Shane

            Yes THANK YOU. Even though I got downvoted to figure it out, and other people obviously didn’t know it either. It still doesn’t make sense the way he worded it, and I still kinda doubt your explannation, but whatever. I tell everyone about thw Wii U and how much better it is all the time, but I’m not good a t convincing people how good stuff is. Even when I say there’s nothing to lose in a situation, they still say no. Even though they regret it later sometimes…

  • nintendoododo

    can’t wait to see finnish commercial. I hate american commercials and whole america. Thumbs up if you agree

    • Ian

      Why you trollin?

    • WiiLikeU

      So you hate whole america? What did north, central, and south america do to you? :/

      • Mac

        lol we beat them in a war that declared our independence from them…well atleast U.S and Mexico did

        • Madmagican

          No, North and Central America got away from England, France, and Germany; Nintendoododo said he was Finnish… Finland has nothing to be mad about whatsoever

    • Armani

      You shouldnt of gone there, knowing that Most,and even the creators of the website live in America >.>

    • Nintedward

      Have you ever seen the episode of southpark where the whole world decides to blow up Finland XD ??????

      ”’ooooooo nooooooo , noot fiiinwaaand” *chinese accent*

    • Allon

      I see you only got 16 thumbs down!Fucking idiot!

    • Allon

      Oops!That be 17 with mines!Fucking douche!Tell your people to stop coming to live over here and free load off of our benefits and way off life!

    • Roedburn

      He’s just jealous because the US is the greatest country in the world!!!

      • Patrol Troll.

        the USA is for sure one of the most hated Nations in the world. Dead serious.

        • Roedburn

          They’re hated because they’re so great. When one becomes powerful, the others become jealous of that power and start hating. Dead serious.

          • Patrol Troll.

            pls stfu. you are blind as fuck. why i should be jealous lol. and trust me, china will be the next super nation after your so called greatest nation on earth. earlier then you think. politics propaganda is still working on fools like you i see.

          • Roedburn

            Lol. I’ll just keep enjoying college here while half the students in China can’t get in because of their communist government. I’ll just happily live my life doing whatever I want to do without a communist government telling me how to live my life. God bless the USA, and screw all the haters!

        • Hater Of Zer0

          America isn’t as hated as they used to be since around 2008-ish, but I agree that we are still considered one of the most hated. I have a handful on possible theories why the US is hated by other countries, but I don’t know what we could do so bad that would warrant the amount of hate we get. :/

          • metriod fan

            I blame George bush and his republicans for this hate

          • Colton S.

            you can’t just blame 1 president for all of that. It’s kinda been going on since the Revolutionary War. Besides, Obama was pretty bad too. (I’m Independent voter.)

          • Hater Of Zer0

            I don’t blame anyone in particular as things turn out to build overtime, but early on in Obama’s presidency the hostile started to lessen as he started to visit certain countries. (I’m Moderate; would vote for anyone who I believe is best for America)

      • Nintedward

        You forgot England and Japan 😛 .

        No , I love USA , I could write a 10 thousand word essay easily on why i love america . It recieves a lot of hate becuase it’s the most powerfull and commercial country in the world , which brings with it some ridiculous things and some glorious things .

        The way I see USA is a completely crazy version of UK . I’ve been to florida twice and New york city once , and Fell in love with the place 🙂

        • Patrol Troll.

          laughable….USA is hated for the things they did, do and will do. not cause of the power, what a blind argument. i dont hate it for the fat fucks, or the uber dumb people. this people are in every country. i hate it for their. i hope usa will fall in shame, cause they deserve it to be honest. no other country is as arrogant then the usa. and the funny thing is they laugh about canada. but canada is in every way but war technology a better nation.

          • Patrol Troll.

            *i hate it for their government

          • Roedburn

            What country are you from?

          • dojo

            i hate it for all the disrecpect from people the way they say they joke and then turn there backs and laugh thats when i stab i wanna move too italy beautiful place

          • Patrol Troll.


          • Damiao

            I’m from Toronto, Canada and I love my city/country. Though I must say, I’m in desperate need of a road trip to New York!

          • Derp

            I don’t laugh at Canada…

    • Ben

      Please, America is the only country Nintendo makes good comercials for. I hate those retarded badly dubed family’s acting like they have allot of fun.

      Even tough they should go back to the older comercial style, like the granny in the airport mariokart double dash comercials. If all comercials were like that i would pee when they are done.

    • Metroidslayer

      Irrational hatred is just pathetic.

    • JumpMan

      @nintendoododo well the feeling’s mutual, i guess. you hate America, i live in America. Finland sucks, you suck.

    • smallNdeadly

      Glad to see rasism is alive and well in the world…(double face palm and a smack across his/her face)

      • Hater Of Zer0

        I think that would be Xenophobia, but that would imply that the hatred sprouted from fear of another’s nationality.

    • Nintedward

      I need to add this aswell to your irrational hatred .

      The capital city of Finland is called ”HellStinky” ahahahahahahah XD

      Manchester >>>>> stinky hell .

    • Arsonist Monkey

      Well, it can’t be my country of residence, England, because that is full of zombis. GOD SAVE US ALL! !!!

    • Sethowar

      I’m Australian, and I think that stereotypical American is entertaining due to the blithering nationalism that streams from the mouthes. Statements like “The Middle-east is looking for a leader, The world is looking to America for a leader” just highlight their inability to recognise how the rest of the world pictures them.

      I would say that I hold the Americans in somewhat of a humours contempt. Many of their actions seem downright idiotic, such as the predominance of state power over the national and their stance on healthcare being two of many points that really make it seem like they are not all there.

      • Hater Of Zer0

        It seems like it always must be the morons who represent how a country truly feels about itself and others, as most stereotypes come from the way people tend to interact with foreigners. As it is, most regulars don’t represent the the stereotypes of their country; however, it becomes too late when it becomes ingrained into the minds of nations that are far from adjacent with the “imbecile” country in question.

        In short, I’m an American, I don’t speak ignorance against any country (assuming this has something to do with the constant ultra-nationalism of the US), the actions of the vocal do not represent mindset of the whole.

      • PACMAN

        stop being racist you butts!


        Ouch…I travel all over and enjoy everywhere i go. I live in America and love the other places as well…but so much hate against us…and what about the main topic? New tv commercials transformed into a nationalistic war. Lol, gotta love the media.

      • Roedburn

        With a country as big as the United States with 50 individual states, there are some things that need to be run on a state level. There is no way that one federal government can understand all the needs of the people. People in one state will have different needs than the people of another. So don’t call others’ beliefs idiotic when you know nothing about them.

        • Sethowar

          Just this statement in itself shows your america-centralism. I know that America is Large, but it is not that much bigger than Australia. We are the most bio-diverse nation on the earth with the largest range of living environments. Our national government controls more than yours does and In my opinion does a much better job of it than yours with Americans scoring much lower in the quality of life tests as well as having a higher level of unemployment. (and being in the lowest category on the corruption index, with america in the next category up)

          (To americans who do know things, I apologise for this upcoming statement)
          It is then your assertion Roed, which shows how you think you are better than everyone else. It is your belief that you are the supreme culture that turns people against you.

          Finally, your assumption that I know nothing about your beliefs indicates that you yourself know nothing of the Australian (or any other countries) government. What you don’t realise is that in most countries around the world they are focused on their place in the world, whereas Americans (on the whole) only care for how the world will work around them.

          I am not anti-American, I just find a lot of flaws in their culture and think that they could do with a good deal of humbling.

          • Roedburn

            When I said size I was also referring to population. The USA has a much bigger population divided into 50 unique states. There is no way that one federal government can pass a regulation that suits the needs of everybody, which is why there are some things, such as health care and education, that need to be run on the state level. I should have worded the last bit better. Don’t call my beliefs idiotic when you don’t know how I live.

    • ceramicsaturn


      Oh, go take your virgins or your crystal clear raisins, or whatever your god gives you when you act like a dick, and go away.

    • TheMaddMan

      You know, we could have a whole argument about what county is better and which ones suck and all that, but the reality is that it depends on your preferences. Each country is different in it’s own unique way. A country’s food, its culture, and even it’s daily schedule differ in various ways, and racism is the product of not being familiar with it. So each country is unique and that should be accepted.

      • RoboticLink

        Finally, someone who makes sense, each and every country has their ups and downs. Therefore making all nations equal. The thing is people only remember the bad things about everything.

        End of conversation.

    • Wildman

      Haters gon’ hate.

  • Jetty

    I would like to see a commercial, but I’d rather play it. Zing! All kidding aside, they really don’t have to advertise. Gamers are kept up to speed with E3 and internet. Hence the pre order sellout. Nintendo does no wrong besides that horrible 3DS launch and no RPG 2.

  • LogicalDude

    Yeeess…… that’s right. Your first ad is a billboard in a country where it is released last. Then your next ad is on TV in a region where it comes out twelve days after the North American release. Meanwhile, North America sees no advertisements, despite having the closest release date. Shit’s confusing, yo.

    Really, it is kinda back-asswards but I can’t wait for it to pop up on YouTube.

  • Purple3DSXL

    I’ll mark that on my calendar: “Remember to buy BK Kids meals on October 25. One for my neice, the other for me.” xD

  • kyuubikid213

    I’m going to have to find a way to buy BK Kid’s meals…unless they don’t mind a 17 year old purchasing one??

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      lol I’m 17 years old too and I will not care about that! I love Nintendo since I was born!

      • dojo

        nahahaha im 15 and idc either

    • xdlugia

      I’m still buying happy meals at McDonald’s this day, and I guess it’s not really a difference between McDonald’s and Burger King’s kids menu.

      • Damiao

        Lol I’m 24 and I order kids meals with pride!

        However, I’m also 4’11” and don’t look a day over 16.

  • Volcano

    Aw unless the ads will be posted online i have a very few chance of seeing it cuz i live in nigeria

    • Madmagican

      huh, so how would you plan on playing, or even getting, the Wii U? Sorry if that was kinda stereotypical, but 1st world countries generally view Africa as completely 3rd world

  • Ninjafish

    Looks like it’s time for a BK Kids Meal.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    now youre playing with power, U power!!!!

  • Lewis

    Cool can’t wait for the hype to build. I’m just glad my wii u will be ready for me collect day one! 

    • Just nin10do

      I trust you nintendo i know you support wii U a lot please making more games for wii U like:
      Star fox U
      Super mario galaxy 3
      Zack and wiki 2
      Zelda U
      Metroid U
      Kid icarus ( NeW)
      multi platform games:
      Rayman origins 2
      Gta 5
      Need for speed most wanted 2
      Grid 2
      A game like limbo
      4 crash games
      And ETC

      • Patrol Troll.

        wtf Legends is Origins 2 oO

        • Grodus

          He’s talking about games that SHOULD be made. So no, it is not Legends.

  • colin c

    I love XFACTOR. Can’t wait to see! 😛

  • Just nintendo

    My best news in this week is new super mario bros U run in 1080P its fantastic whoooooooooo hooooooo

  • qwerty

    people wanting to watch ads. never thought i would ever see that.

  • Just nin10do

    I want one open world game for my wii U like metal gear solid ground zeroes
    If it release for wii U i sell my computer.!!
    My real name is just Nin10do sorrrrrrrrrry!!!!!

  • jon

    At last uk gets something before US Xb, anyway going to watch x factor on Saturday

  • Neonridr

    The commercials are just for the regular gaming public. Us diehards don’t care about the commercials. We just want November 18th to hit so we can finally touch the fearless. lol

  • Timgil

    At first I was confused. I thought it was saying it was advertising Nintendo TVii in UK, which would make no sense, as it’s only coming to America.

  • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

    Please let the non-specific action figure come with the kids meal that would be boss. Mario, Zelda, etc toys would also be awesome 🙂

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Nice, finally some advertisement! Not on the hype for Brazilian commercials, tough, they’ll only dub the american one… ¬¬

  • Jonen

    Nintendo just made an official teardown of the Wii U at Iwata asks.

    • Wii u

      I’ll check it out

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man simon cowell is boss on the xfactor xD also i hope they have some plushies squirle mario plushie anyone 🙂

  • Ledreppe

    This might actually make it worth watching that God awful program just so I don’t miss the very first ad. I suppose it’ll be on YouTube eventually anyway.

  • Wii u


  • Reddsite

    We are gathering our users and are launching another attack specifically on Wii U, until they release full specs. As an organization against Clay Christenson’s “diruptive technology” theory; in which threatens the evolution of mankind. A theory which Nintendo is using to sale low-end hardware by corporate influence. This attack will be more agressive then before. As several of our members ware unsuccessful in ambition. We recently sent a message to Nintendo and to the press. We asked last year for Nintendo to comply and at least offer a variation. We are not going away. We know every employee, and IP address of fake fan drones and will be following comments online.

    • Princedavid

      There are grander causes in the world. And advancement is a good cause, but not nearly. And whatever one says to an ocean, is lost, random falling leaves pop their mouths in millions. Eternity will rise again and again. Life will be better day after day. I’m bowing out.

  • Reddsite

    disruptive*, than*

  • nathant16

    Reddsite just spent thousands of dollors to launch against the wii u, to facebook, myspace and twitter. And really, Nintendo couldn’t even compromise. Something really pissed them off again. Oh well round 3 I guess. Hey yall probly remember me. uhh sick this damn shit

  • Mr.JP

    Doesn’t X factor air on saturdays here in the UK? the 17th is a wednesday

  • Elite

    Have not eaten at burger king in years.

  • nintendofreak

    me something me dont get the wiiu comes later in uk (europe) but yet the commercials and stuff going to begin first in the place where it has more time to advertise……..since d wiiu coming to us dis november d 18 but not in europe till almost 2 weeks later……..me dont get dis strategy but ohh well just WEIRD

    • U Turn

      Are you rasta mouse?

  • podge79

    The facts on the date this advert will be shown are wrong. The xfactor in the uk is aired on a saturday night on itv1 with the results show on a sunday. The 17th is a wednesday so this info is false. The only way it cud be true is if the xfactor is repeated on a wednesday afternoon on itv2 which is the 2nd string channel to itv1. In any case not many people will be watching as everyone watches the live show on the saturday. Is the article writer here sure they have their facts straight.

    • Gigidy Gigidy

      I’m from the UK and I despise x-factor but I’ll be watching all the x-factors on the 17th and you probably will too.

    • Chris

      or UTV if you live in Northern Ireland.

  • Madmagican

    nice to know Nintendo will start advertising soon. I just hope that they do it early enough in the US to build up a solid amount of hype.

  • NoPUNintendo

    I hope the commercial says “This is how U play.”. Or, “How Will U play?”. you know, something to involve U

  • The Wolfen

    OMG that’s my birthday 😮 but anyways, I can’t wait to see it!

  • maxlazy10

    Great. Advertising. Now I’ll have less patience waiting for the Wii U.

  • Nintendork28

    October 17 is my birthday. the Wii U and I are destined to be together.

  • SteampunkJedi

    It will be nice to see a commercial that I’ll actually want to see for once. I don’t need any ads to decide to get a Wii U, but a lot more people will be informed of it when the ads pop up everywhere.

  • goginho

    Why does Japan get the console last though?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Cool, I cant wait for Wii U. I hope the games are given better adverts than Wii games were, sorry to complain but when TP came out, I wasn’t a Zelda fan and all the adverts made what would later become one of my favourite games look slow and bland, this is entirely down to the fact that the commercials were 80% looking at the guy on his sofa playing the game, swinging the remote rather than what they SHOULD HAVE DONE which is show a dramatic trailer showing the cool parts of the game with some great cutscene clips in there. In summary what’s a better representation of the game/more likely to get the attention you want for the game?
    This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhvQXKKfSVE
    Or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFBUeyRC33o
    – ignore the bad quality.

  • Gigidy Gigidy

    In from the uk but I hate X-factor, so I’m gonna suffer X-factor just to watch this advert.

  • TheFearless

    Damn.. I’m gonna have to watch xfactor to watch the ad.

  • Chris

    I just checked the X-Factor website and it said that it is only on during Saturdays and Sundays so this news report might just be one big fib

    • Chris


      Its official, Wii U daily has just sunken into a whole new form of low.
      I was just “watching”.. which was more like sleeping through the X-Factor program and guess what… NO WII U AD!

      Wii U Daily… did you just do that so you could get page views?… this will be the last time I’m on this site.

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