Aug 25th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 30th, 2012, 5:58 pm

In the latest episode of Michael Pachter’s weekly show Pach Attack — yes, that Michael Pachter — he mentioned that fast food chain Burger King will be offering Wii U toys on October 25th, a possible hint for a release date. Now, Pachter isn’t the source for this rumor, it’s simply a question from a Burger King employee who mentions that on Oct 25th, they’ll receive Wii U toys. The reader wonders if this is an indication of a launch date. And Pachter’s reply is simply that he’s getting tired of the Wii U price and launch rumors and won’t comment further until Nintendo decides to announce these things. He doesn’t believe that keeping the price and launch date secret helps the consumer. Nintendo is expected to unveil the final details on the new console at a special Wii U event in New York on September 13.

This wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo and Burger King teamed up. Nintendo did exactly the same kind of promotional deal for the original Wii – there was even a TV commercial for it, offering Nintendo toys such as figurines in kid’s meals.

Check out the full Pach Attack espiode below, which also touches up on things like how currency fluctuations affects video game publishers, how it affects ports of Japanese video games to the Western market, and finally, on console exclusive map packs.

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  • Ali

    Can’t wait for those FIRSTy toys!

    • Pachter Jr

      If there’s one thing Nintendo does well is market to kids. I imagine they plan on selling some NFC figurines via kids meal which would be ingenious in terms of promotion and advertisement. Good for them.

      • RichxGlov

        Huh. Never thought of that. 🙂

        • u mad bro

          tsk tsk tsk…Pachter Jr are you the trolling Pachter Jr or ur messin with us?

          • Pachter Jr

            Silly fanbro, I don’t troll i’m a realist. That includes admitting when i think Nintendo got something right and venting when they screw up. I share because I care.

      • Macarony64

        to little kids? heck even i want those and i am 29

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Good way to show off the NFC capability too

        • James

          Ya but it also kind of shows that it’s a gimmick, if the toys are coming from McDonalds…

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah. on MyNintendoNews it says that they ARE nfc toys!! Kinda OWSM!! 😀 🙂

      • josh s

        non-specific action figure!

    • Alienfish

      I cringed a little bit when I read your comment.

    • PEmuscTU

      FIRSTy you say?
      *blue shell

      • Ekayode7

        i think he was Harsh and mean about the whole release date issue

        some ppl are getting really happy about it

        its September that far

        they will show release date

    • luke

      I dont trust michael pachter,
      hes always wrong.

      Still i would like a bowser toy,
      sadly it probably won’t breath fire.

      • revolution5268

        people should learn that by now but the trolls support him.

    • NintendoGamer

      Do this one more time and I am calling the Noob Force on you.

  • Mac

    naaaaah i dont want to watch this guy he’s irrelevant to my life

    • liberalagenda

      IF this guys say is that keeping details under wrap is a bad idea, then it is actually the right thing to do for Nintendo to do.

      I find some value in his comments because the exact opposite is usually true.

      • Ibiexplorer4

        He has been right before. Some of his first predictions actually came true. The problems came when he started to guess wrong.

        He should have just quit while he was ahead….

  • Thepokemonmaster

    I like the toys, I DON’T like patcher. as I said before “Patcher fans are so stupid they would buy a piece of cardboard with “patcher” on it”

    • t_vo

      Wish you would have spelled pachter right. Gives a little to the pachter fans for a comeback.

  • Nintedward

    will one of you americans please send me some wiiu toys to Manchester England please ??? what is this like a little gamepad keychain or some shi-t ??? please send me one !!! oh man i hope the wiiu is released on october 25th!!!!! this does sound true. i dont mind waiting till november in europe , so long as i can check out the american reviews and feedback on sites like this and ign . SO HYPED ABOUT WIIU !!!!!!!

    • Nintedward

      for once i dont want to punch patcher in the face !!!!

    • AKA-Link77

      Gosh. . . somesones an “Eager-Justin-Beaver” XD

      • Nintedward

        eager ??? i would sell my house for a wiiu right now!!!
        calnt w8 for this amazing console.
        and please never associate me with justin bieber ever again .
        skrillex + bieber + cod = the devil . i hate the devil .

        • AKA-Link77

          lol take it e-z it was a joke. Even tho i hate him too. 😀

          • Nintedward

            i know bro. i am just pulling yor leg.

        • Kyron

          lol. I agree 100% with your comment. And October 25th, how awesome would that be?

        • PEmuscTU

          Hey now, COD was good at one point. COD4 is the best; MW3 is what ruined the series imo

          • fedster

            phht no mw2 ruined it

          • Grodus

            Sure, you can think whatever you want.

        • Dan

          How would u play the wii u then if u have no house???

    • Macarony64

      i wiil send them to you if you reunite the spice girls

      • Nintedward

        ewwwwww i hate spice girls XD.
        come on man , the UK has a lot more to offer than the shitty spice girls.
        did you see the olympics closing ceremony ???

        • theaquacharger

          Well since you declined the Spice Girls. If you reunite The Beatles I’ll send some your way.

          • Nintedward

            come on man !!!! , led zeplin , ACDC , queen , muse , oasis , stone roses , etc etc etc etc. 🙂 . spice girls were the scorn of mankind.

        • iHATEpachter

          Love David Bowie and Pet Shop Boys… Also, thanks to England for Blur and Oasis and tons of millions great bands

          • Nintedward

            indeed . England is Almost as good as USA for music . you have jimmy hendrix we have jimmy page 🙂 .
            USA and UK music FTW .

    • trainerblk

      I’ll send a few to you. my fellow gamer friend 🙂

  • AKA-Link77

    Makes me wanna “Kid’s Meal” XD
    And its kinda wierd not to hear this guy trolling for once.

    • Macarony64

      he just got to his sences that nintendo is here to stay and whos dosnt want a nintedo collectable? i do want

  • JeffGoldbloom

    Who cares what Pachter says? With holding price doesnt help the consumer? Really? I didnt think it made a difference. With holding the price is a business decision. So that competitors cant try to out do them. Remember making money is whats important in business, because it allows you to survive. As for being protective over the details of your product due to the competition. Isnt that common sense? As for these toys. Its great promotion, but I think its obvious it will be released in November. I think if it launched earlier it wouldnt gain as much momentum. Yet with November you have black friday, the christmas shopping season which spans into December.

    • Grodus

      Well, youd still have them both, you just have early cusumers too. 🙂

  • AKA-Link77

    BK guy: Hello welcome to Burger King where u can have it your way but DONT GET CRAZY!
    Me: Hi, can i have a kids meal plz?
    BK Guy: Sorry but the kids meal is for kids. . . u look 20.
    Me: -__-”
    *looks around* . . . Hey kid! *whispers* go get me a kids meal and ill give u this shiny new nothing. 😀
    Kid: uh. . . okay. 0-e
    Me: Yay! i got my kids–i mean Manly Meal. 😀 . . . now lets see wat i got! *looks* . . . AWW! . . . its a cheap Black Ops 2 mini gun! i wanted a little Game-Pad that sings: ♪”Wii will, Wii will rock U”! ò¬ó *throws it in trash*

    • RichxGlov

      Judging the COD community, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did sell fast food COD toys.

    • PEmuscTU

      Your joke is bad, and you should feel bad!

      • AKA-Link77

        it was probably the cod part. . .
        typical. XD

    • Nintedward

      i lol’d at this. i want a wiiu gamepad that sings this too. right on my keys!!!

    • XCubeStationCast

      You do realize you can just buy the toys from them, right?

      • theaquacharger

        For the cost of the kids meal minus $.20. I know this because I bought a Sponge Bob toy for my nephew one day after work. I realised I should’ve just gotten a meal with it for .20 more.

    • Macarony64

      dont trow it i could have trade 4 1 of my zombieu zombie head keychain

    • Kahina

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  • rick

    Maybe the wii u Burger King toys will be used for the nfc to scan into gahmes like the ar readers for the 3ds hope so….

  • rick


  • joe

    That scary Red-Headed King from Burger King needs to stalk Patcher…..tht king is one scary dude.

    • Joesatmoes

      thats wendys u idiot. and this is comin from a mcdonalds fan who until now didnt giv a flying fuck about bk

      • PEmuscTU

        Terrible grammar and a McDonald’s fan?… must be American.

        • NoX

          Actually from what i heard french and Spanish really like McDonald’s i never been to either but people that i know that have were shocked about that. I really would this it was just in the states.

        • staeilis

          i’m american, and i don’t like mcdonalds you ass.

      • Macarony64

        actualy he is right the king is red headed and scay

      • joe

        Um, idiot? dude, how old are you? Maybe you dont remember because you are 2 yrs old, there is a “Burger King”, he’s a red headed plastic faced character. I am not referring to the Wendy’s chic….doesnt matter now, you pretty much ruined the orig post…

        • staeilis

          the king from bk dosen’t have red hair he has brown hair. But that guy was stupid for thinking you were talking about wendys.

      • Grodus

        Wait, your’e a fan of a fast food place? *endless laghter*

        • joe


          • Macarony64




  • PiionU

    In the kids meal eh? Another fact that they are going to aim at children.

    • deSSy2724

      They can aim at both kids like u and adults.. i must agree with you because its obivious with Burger King!

    • AKA-Link77

      Hey. . . It could’ve been worse; they could have went with Mc Donalds. • ¬•

    • t_vo

      I believe you can buy the toys seperately, if you like. Go nuts, add one on to your double whopper combo.

  • Sam

    No, people won’t be sent to stalk you. They’ll be sent to fucking assassinate you.

  • 3dsguy

    how about all who preorder get october and the rest november we are true fans after all, the wait is too much now.

  • Hardcore☆Nintendo Fan19

    The King even had his own game on original XBox a long time ago XD’ where u had to play as a 2D King and grab Burgers XD’ but can’t remember the name though 🙁 ‘ but it was an exclusive title for xbox maybe 6 or 7 years ago, the game looked fun! but never got to play it 🙁

  • Hardcore☆Nintendo Fan19

    but i can’t wait for these new Wii U Toy’s and im almost 20 XD.

    • Macarony64

      im 29 and i aprove this comment

    • Grodus

      I am 5 and also approve.

    • Nintedward

      i am 21 . i want them all . this nfc technology is way to complex for stupid snot nosed kidds XD

    • Xarret

      I’m 26 and i’ll probably be 27 at the time of the launch. The Wii U will be my birthday present from me to me.

  • nod786

    Not this guy again… I hope if their is a zombie apocalypse he is the first one to turn so we all can have a go of kicking his head in… anyway back to his comment on the release date and price not being a good thing to hide from customers. I for one don’t agree yes I would love to know, but look how much buzz it is creating for Nintendo fans as well as gamers so its free advertising in a way for Nintendo but more importantly you hide these ‘sensitive’ information for one reason and one reason only you don’t want to give your competition any high ground so for example if Nintendo say the wii u will cost let’s say £200 6 months before they release it this gives the likes of Microsoft and Sony 6 months to take the steam away from Nintendo …. please can some one explain him the 3 PPP in business and just hire me… just throwing it out there Nintendo or even Sony Microsoft or ign just a guy looking for a job here 😉 that has common sense unlike this guy

    • Mateus Palamecia

      Now that you mention it, they should model a zombie in ZombiU off of Pachter. That way, when we’re all playing it on our brand new Wii U’s, we can beat out his intestines and show him just how full of crap he is.

  • BananaPwnz

    Toys=:D Patcher=>:(

  • Joesatmoes

    i do think it is nfc but if it is it is gonaa b somerhing shitty like an extra item for miis. btw miis bettr be able to change their clothes like xbox avatars. maybe with every game u gat 1 item. i swear red pants r uckin stupid

    • Devin

      why the swearing

    • PEmuscTU

      You want Miis to be able to change clothes?
      I’m guessing you don’t own a 3DS?

      • Macarony64

        on 3ds they just change hats ill be cool if we could get the whole thing

      • theaquacharger

        I own a 3DS and want to be able to change the shirt up. Hats are nice but I want more. Also there are not enough facial features for the Miis.

  • Alienfish

    I’m amazed that Pachter said something that makes sense. He’s getting tired of the rumors and is simply waiting from Nintendo for the actual announcement. Strangely, for once, I agree with him.

  • EvanescentHero


    • revolution5268


    • dojo

      hahahahahahahaha YEAH tht guy and his action figure rocked!!!

  • Amtoj

    I had one of those Wii toys…Chain Chomp…Like all Burger King toys, its just a figurine made for promotion…Works well at that.

  • ThunderBlaze78

    The fact that toys are coming to Burger King on October 25 doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be launching on that date. It’s not a probability, it’s just some speculation.

  • Devin

    I ask if only one thing. I would appreciate it if u guys can make your games with extra cool features due to the new gametab to make the games more fun thanks. And keep up the good work.

    • Grodus

      Nintendo probobly doenst read these comments…

    • SteampunkJedi

      I believe that was the whole point of making the GamePad. As Grodus said, Nintendo probably doesn’t read these comments anyway, but I have faith that there will be a lot of cool features with the controller.



    • staeilis

      why are using the royal canterlot voice? relax i want a starfox wii u as much as the next guy but you need to stop screaming for no reason.

  • Kev

    Pachter is just insecure about his wii.

  • D2K

    Nintendo released the original NES in North America on October 18, 1985. So it is not beyond the realm of possibility for them to release the Wii U in October.

    With news of more companies saying they don’t have enough time to include all features in the Wii U versions of multi-platform games it does add fuel to the argument that the Wii U could be launching sooner rather than later. In the past few weeks Nintendo has really ramped up their promotion of the Wii U. As far as this article goes, it is kind of strange to be selling merchandise of a product that has not hit store shelves yet. Maybe Nintendo really wants to get the hype up as much as possible before the launch?

    I still think November 18 is the launch date, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it launches before then.

    • Grodus

      Im just making sure you got it, the toys will be sold starting october 25. If your’e saying you think it will be november in that sentence, then sorry.

      • D2K

        It has been widely assumed that the Wii U launch date will be Sunday November 18th, 2012 as Nintendo has twice before released consoles on Sundays and in November. That is why I brought it up.

        I was saying that even though it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if it is released on October 25th based on the fact that the NES was released in October as well, I still feel that it will probably be released on November 18th.

  • Nintendude

    How come whenever I come on an article that has Pachter’s face on it I always see hate comments? I also dislike him too, but he really didn’t say anything bad about Nintendo this time. Unless he is saying that the “Toys” they are giving out at Burger King are Wii U’s, then we have a problem…

  • ninjabake

    Promotion will be fairly decent

  • ThePowerGamePlayer

    Man, i’m going to go into Burger King and not buy any food product, i’m going to look into the guy’s eyes with a straight face and tell him “I want every type of Wii U toy you got.” I really hope “non-specific action figure” will be one of the toys.

    And as for Pachter. I’m not going to say anything about this guy. Cause every time i talk about him something bad comes out of my mouth. He makes Nintendo fans mad on purpose.
    Wii U Daily, i like to say thank you for the heads up about the rumor Burger King Wii U toys. But can you stop posting Pachter stuff. Cause it’s what he wants to happen, and i don’t like feeding trolls. Thank you.

    • Macarony64

      aww but some of us what to hear his stupidity

  • Neutral_Gamer

    I don’t understand what the “Wii U toys” could be. A plush version of the hard-drive-looking console? A cute plastic mini GamePad with cartoon eyes? Or just Nintendo characters with the WiiU logo somewhere?

    Oct 25th would be great.. ZombiU on Halloween! Although I highly doubt they’d only begin promoting it at the same time as it’s released.

    And yeah, at least Pachter is keeping Wii U on the radar, unlike most of the gaming media which is mainly ignoring it.

  • Edgar Robles

    My birthday is on 10/26 if so this is when the Wii U comes out, I’m going beg to for it so much, It’ll make Navi seem tolerable!

  • Gigagator

    ‘Pachter doesn’t believe that keeping the price and launch date secret helps the consumer.’

    That’s just about the only thing I agree with Michael Pachter about.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Would be awesome’ if we got a Mini plush of Squirle Mario from NSMBU, and a mini plush of yellow & blue toads.

    when i was a kid i always enjoyed the mini plushes from both Burger King & Mcdonalds.


    Hidden due to lowRated by other readers”>comment rating. Click here to see.
    i hate this guy

    • SteampunkJedi

      That’s just bizarre. And you forgot to underline the last sentence in the top line. 😉

  • Nintyfan

    and I still wonder why you guys even think thats Michael Patcher on this site.

    You talk so unprofessionally, ur probably just think ur cool by trolling Michael Patcher. Either way, I wouldn’t know….

  • Grodus

    Hope this means it’ll be released early-mid october ( Im thinking they’ll advertise it right after/before its released).

  • MujuraNoKamen

    He has his own show? oh god no!

  • NoPUNintendo

    Gotta collect them all! I’ll proudly go up to the register and spend as much money as possible to get them all.

  • Lord Carlisle

    To all those who complain about how we’re only feeding the ultimate troll… you may as well stop. Wii U Daily isn’t going to stop with the Patcher posts. It’s good for them!

    Have you ever noticed how the comments with Patcher-related articles are always bursting at the seams? If it’s got Patcher people will instantly read it. Although I have to admit that it’s working well for Patcher too. I wonder if I even spelled his name right. – checks – Nope. Ah well, I’m not editing that many Patchers.

  • Hi8us

    Nintendo is keeping price and release date close to their chest because if they tell us, they’re also telling M$ and Sony. I think the only reason Sony didn’t show the super slim PS3 at Gamescom was because they’re waiting to know the price and release date of Wii U. Nintendo is in the best position here. M$ and Sony have something to worry about. Oh, and Pachter is a douche.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I wish Pachter could just try to be an honest game analyst all the time. But then he wouldn’t get as much attention, of course.

  • Ibiexplorer4

    This wouldn’t be the first time nintendo would be selling toys in Burger King. I remember when I was little, I got a Mario and FLUUD figure painted in a gold color.

  • Andrew

    OMG never thought the day would come when I agree with Pachter. He is right about something for once. Not about the Wii U or anything Nintendo related but about Microsoft. Microsoft as a company has never been afraid of spending money on thing that a the time seem like bad ideas. Several of these things have not worked out cough Zune cough. The math made a lot of sense too. O god I think I need to go lay down.

  • Jeovany

    I Has a good point

  • Christian

    I remember when BK had the Wii toys… or was it McDonalds? No, it must’ve been BK.

  • nyeh heh

    I commented on the other news about pre orders about september 13….and i said i wont be getting wii u because im getting xbox 360.WELL GUESS WHAT I GOT THE XBOX 360!!!:)

  • theyoshiking20

    he is just a microsoft fanboy nintendo and sony eat microsoft as an appitizer