Sep 7th, 2012

According to French game retailer FNAC, the Wii U will indeed be delayed in Europe. The retail chain has started advertising the Wii U with a launch date set for December 7, 2012. And quite surprisingly, the launch price is set at €350, which would translate into almost $450. That’s an unreasonably high price and highly unlikely to be the final retail price of the console.

The reason FNAC lists the Wii U at €350 is most likely because retailers will always price the hardware as high as possible when there is no official price from Nintendo. That way, if the Wii U costs less than €350, they can offer cash or gift cards to those who paid more. If it was the other way around, the retailer would lose money on the deal. This is the same route Amazon chose in Germany, offering the Wii U for pre-order with a price tag of up to €400.

Regarding the launch date, it’s been rumored several times before that Nintendo will delay the Wii U in Europe due to manufacturing shortages. Yesterday we reported that the Wii U could launch in 3 different SKUs with prices ranging from $250 to $350.

Wii U France


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  • Nintendude

    Sucks for Europe… Not sure how big Nintendo is in Europe, but if it’s big enough they may be out of stock there.

    • consolero

      You know europeans have to pay much more like Americans. If you have to pay 350$ we have to pay 350€. They do not calculate a new REAL price. For example we have to pay 200€ for a 3DS xl WITHOUT ac cable. That are about 240 to 250 Dollars.

      • In Norway, it’s more expensive if you buy a playstation vita in Norway, so it costs around 2000 kr in retail, it’s about 271.37, when it actually cost 230.66 in Europe. Living in Norway is more expensive, but yeah, we get quality products aswell, not fake products.

        I think it’s gonna cost even more for us norwegian people, but im gonna buy it anyway ^^,

      • HyperSonicN1

        I hope Nintendo will do something like the Ambassador Program, in which if you buy the console on launch week (meaning you wanted the console as soon as possible), they give you some kind of reward for having to wait more than in the USA.

      • yorgen

        we seem to have to pay 4 000 kr here in Norway :L

        4 000 kr = 698,39 $ us
        (link to a norwgian site below)

      • None

        If you are complaining because you are european, you dont know how to be a brazilian. For example a 3ds in EUA is 170$, and on brazil is 400$. And the games is 40$ on EUA and 70$ on Brazil. And it might cust more because i am only making a estimative from the price.

        • Killsownz

          A new game in Norway cost $104
          A new PS3 cost $261 right now
          A new Wii cost $174
          A new Xbox 360 slim 250GB costs $313

          If any tops this, I’ll be surprised.

          Thank god for Steam summer sale, for the multiplatform games.

          • Michel

            A New PS3 cost 420 dollars in Brazil

        • Michel

          A game in USA is 50 Dollars
          A game in EU is 63 Dollars
          A game in Brazil is 100 Dollars.
          A PS3 in USA is 250 dollars
          A PS3 in EU is 320 dollars
          A PS3 in Brazil is 420 dollars

    • dr scoobie

      so america gets it for $250
      which is about £157
      while we have to pay £280

      i would be perfectly fine with that if
      region lock didnt exist
      since i could just import it

    • Coldore

      Nintendo is big in Europe but the delay isnt a problem for me(1 dec is my birthday!) but 350 isnt the total price i think there are much rumors in europe
      that there will be different packages, with 2 controllers instead of one
      or with a game more, or just with one or just the console so,
      but im going to buy it im sure!!

  • nintedward

    not fair >:( . i hope this is untrue. i have no problems with the price . thats only about £320 . as long as there is a pro controller and nintendo land in there. or one or the other . i am fine with that.

    but , but i want it when america gets it *cries*!!!.

    at least i will be able to check reviews and recieve some feedback from guys and websites in the states.
    just reading the reviews will keep me happy .

    but i want it in November maaaaaan!!!!

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      you live in Europe? :/ yeah it’s suck when a Console launch 1 month late. I live in Canada so I don’t have a problem like that. And Really? the price is so high?!

      • dr scoobie

        its always like that in europe.
        american games sometimes
        even have exclusive content like japan.

      • nintedward

        i live in England XD .

        UK is not like Europe . western Europe is totaly different to Eastern Europe.

        • XDLugia

          you call France for east Europe? Eastern Europe is more like Romania.

        • Madmagican

          You live in England? I got relatives there on my dad’s side; know any Petersons?

    • nintedward

      in other words . this is terrible news for me.

      • Thepokemonmaster

        Don’t worry, you get some games earlier too… for all we know you can be getting SSB Wii U first! 🙂

    • Wils81

      Anything to get the Pro controller!
      On MyNintendoNews you said you smoked pot back then? :S

      • nintedward

        what ??? well i do , but why bring that up ? XD

      • revolution5268

        ok that’s was pure random.

    • someone

      same i live in the uk and i want at the same time america gets it to

    • opticine

      If the Wii U isn’t region locked, import!

  • Shankovich

    Merry Christmas lol

  • Laud

    The first time in years I’m glad I live in the States.

    • Nintendomination

      Then move away….. a$$

  • Wils81

    Pearl Harbor Day :O

  • alienlifeufo7

    Welp, it’s likely the same will happen down under here in Australia, if it’s happening in Europe. It’s fine for me though, as the earliest I would ever possibly get it is Christmas this year, but that isn’t very likely, either.

    • dr scoobie

      australia is the most expensive place in the world to buy games
      if people in england have to pay £280 then you might have to pay over £320

      • dr scoobie

        sometimes you can even save money by importing games from the uk

    • Bailey

      How do you think we in New Zealand feel? The 3DS was $450 at launch here! And the PS3 was around $1199!!

  • 3dsguy

    December too late i was hoping for november. Get them workers doing overtime.The whole world should experience at the same time,its just good news bad news good news bad news dont no wot the to believe anymore come on the 13th

  • Metroidvania

    You guys are late to the party.

    This poster has already been confirmed to have a place holder date, and price. It even says that. With added that both are subject to change.

    So id take this poster VERY lightly.

  • ssb4

    I feel bad for europeans

    • mkdhdh

      i feel bad for myself… 😀 but fnac is never right about dates thes said cod mw3 was launching on november 31st… even though it was already in stores when it was supposed to launch. WORST. RETAILER. EVER.

  • Nintendo Power

    delayed in Europe? well at least you have one more month to play Wii.all yeaaaaa

  • Nintendofreak

    Usa…usa….usa damn feels good to live in texas (except for d damn heat) yeah yall i will problaly wouldnt be able to buy it at launch yall but who nows

  • Ninteresting

    Nintendo said ‘pleasantly surprised’ with the price. A price that high would not be a pleasant surprise.

    Just read that the new nintendoland games are metroid blast and balloon breeze.


  • ax-el

    I live in mexico and only because i really want the console in day 1 gonna pay the probably absurd price in my country, it’s sad how only the japanese and american market got a good price, exist more countrys in the world you know nintendo?, and after them complain about the games counterfeit.

  • John

    I hate to say it for Europe but printed ads fit with the past news about Europe getting promos printed etc. Someone paid money to print ads with that date on there so I think its legit.

  • Paul

    sucks to be nintendo at the minute

    they will lose millions in profit and if the console is over £300 then ill wait till either it reduces by 25% or pick it up 6 months after launch when there are more games

    plus the game ports they have can be picked up for under £20 each

    the only games that excite me are zombieu and lego undercover but for £50 each not worth it

    plus theres no call of duty game for the wii u anyways

    unless theres a unique first person shooter for the wii u at launch then not worth picking it up

    • nintedward

      paul the presumptionater

  • fabio

    O play3 chegou a $600 e ninguém falou muito, o xbox360 a uns 500 e só teve gente falando que era um sonho ter o 360. A Nintendo talvez saia por 450 e vocês ficam chorando… Compra um gameboy que é barato e divertido! um console para agradar o hardcore, tem que se ter investimento!

  • mkdhdh

    listen to me. thats FNAC thats the worst gaming retailer ever. they just sell games because its what most kids buy these days… they OVERPRICE everything and are wrong about all their dates. just sayin…. i live in belgium where they have fnac to i have been to the fnac in france and belgium both they arent good at selling games…

  • Bravyoura

    €350 = £280 launch suicide. This report better be fake anything over £220 won’t sell.

  • Shortwood

    Doesn’t matter. Gives me one more month to save some money!
    There are bigger world-problems than a console launch imho.

  • Lew3107

    I doubt this will turn out to be true. They said they’d try hard to make launch prices surprise people, but that is not the type of surprise they’re gonna want at launch.
    If it launches a whole month after America, we’d have missed out on a lot. I hope this isn’t true.

  • papa pachter

    At that price it will not sell well

  • macabre6

    Eh, it’s the way it’s always been, games and systems are usually more expensive in Europe. I pre-ordered the Wii U for 350 Euros from, but the final price came out to 297,72 Euros, I guess that’s for people outside of Germany who don’t have to pay the VAT, I think.

  • Portus

    I hope the price isnt that because thats abit to much for me but nintendo never released details yet so this is just an estimation hopefully

  • Joaquim

    I live in portugal and they do not put the price according to the real US dollars they do:

  • NintendoWizard87

    Let’s just wait and see what happens at the Wii U press conference this week, whatever Nintendo decides is fine by me.

  • nintendoododo

    First time I hate to live in Finland.

  • nionnnnnnnnnnnnnjjjjjjjjjjnjnkjkuhjukjuiujk

    im from the ukand im fucked £350

  • Nintentionally

    I remember when Europe had to wait a couple of years for stuff as standard. A delay shorter than a month is nothing and it will give us all time to figure what is good and what is not. Blessing in disguise if it stops me buying a sub par game.

    If it is out in time for xmas they will be fine but I think this rumour is BS started by Bill Gates.

  • opticine

    For you guys in Europe and other countries, if the Wii U isn’t region locked, you guys should import. Then show off to your friends and say you’re friends with a Nintendo worker so he hooked you up. You will be the envy of your friends!

  • Stavros

    I wonder why anyone is surprised. I don’t remember a single Nintendo home console not being delayed for Europe. 0_o
    It’s like a tradition.

    • nintedward

      shut up betch 😛

  • Jochem

    o if this is true i want a sale for my wii u because its my birthday than i whant 50% off 😉

    the date is no problem but the price is higher than the ps 3 that now only 250€ cost and 350€ for wii u is not a suprice price they have said but we have to wait thill 13 sept than we will know the truht ,

  • SteampunkJedi

    If I lived in Europe, I wouldn’t mind a delay like that. But I would mind the price, if it turns out to be that high.

  • Carlous Rex

    The pricing is the most unfair, at least in Sweden.

    Cause even though 1$ only costs 6,50 SEK they always just direct translate the dollar to 10 SEK.

    So say the console is 350$ that would mean they’ll put it for 3500 SEK
    Even though 350$ currently only is 2357 SEK.

    This means that a 350$ console in the US actually cost 520$ in Sweden.
    Wrap your head around that.

    Though even with the x10 multiplier on dollar I do think 250-300 is a more then fair price, it’s just that the dollar exchange is so crappy now that we technically should earn 100s of dollars, which we don’t.. -_-

  • Happy Mask Man

    Just to clarify the European issue, not all countries in Europe use the Euro as currency. As Nintendo traditionally sell their consoles at a profit I would go with the £250 price tag in the UK.

  • mario is epic

    i live in scotland and we got the wii on the same day as the usa or am i wrong