Aug 10th, 2012

We’ve previously heard hints at a November Wii U launch date, but according to sources, Europeans will have to wait an extra month. While North America and Japan are likely to get the Wii U this November, there are rumors of a delay for Europeans. Specifically, the delay is said to be caused by a manufacturing difficulty relating to the Wii U GamePad controller. According to the source, the manufacturing issue is the reason Nintendo has yet to announce a Wii U release date.

Silver Wii U mockupManufacturing delays and issues are quite common with new video game consoles and consumer electronics in general. The Wii U tablet controller is the most advanced and most expensive video game controller ever made, with a touchscreen, NFC chip, motion sensors, wireless technology, etc. Therefore, it’s no surprise that problems could arise during any stage of development and manufacturing. Despite the delay in Europe, the source says that Nintendo is “determined” to launch the Wii U in North America in time for the Holiday shopping season before Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t be the first time a Nintendo console was delayed in Europe: the GameCube launched a full 6 months after it was available in Japan and North America.

Nintendo previously confirmed that the Wii U launch date and price, and even console colors, will be announced in September.


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  • Colton

    Hehehe, first comment! Still yay for USA!

    • Smurfman256

      NO! HOW DARE YOU FIRST COMMENT BRAG!! That YouTube plague shall NOT infect these virtual walls!

      • Colton

        Sorry I didn’t mean to comment brag I’m usually never on YouTube.

      • claudio


      • Colton

        Sorry my autocorrect struck once again I meant first country but my autocorrect decided to fail me. Sorry I didn’t mean for you to think I comment bragged.

    • Mida

      Staff you should remove these comments. It’s degrading to the human nature…

    • Your Mom

      Dude seriously besides comments like yours are really dumb

      • Danintendo12

        everyone here is wasting there time. can we comment about the Wii U please!? : / Anyway, I was hoping i could get one for my birthday so that’s why i was checking this out… if anyone ever find a definate answer please tell me before october 2012 😀 Oh, and i know the controller thing (not console) is portable so you can use it on the go, but two questions- is it just like the Wii in the way that you can see it on the TV screen? and is it that you need the portable thing to control the Wii U? (my bro and i were planning to be able to play with it at the same time if we didn’t want to play the same game.

    • DR. spankalot

      i shall have my gray wii u at launch 😀

      and besides, what kind of name is colton? 😛

      • Colton S.

        I’m guessing it’s a better name than yours, dr. Trollalot. You make people sick. Oh, I’ve got at least 5 coltons at my school, and it’s unique and uncommon. Im not a troll, like you so I don’t flame or I would. I’d really like to hear your name. Spit it out!

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        • Melk

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        • fedster

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  • Neonridr

    I’m liking that silver color of the Wii U console. I really do hope they offer choices other than black and white at launch, and not 6 months later when I’ve already got one and only had black or white to choose from.

    • rafael

      I think u are gonna have to stick with black or white :/

  • SuperShyGuy

    As long as they get it out before Black Friday in the US, they do fine in North America.

    Don’t know if Europe has such an important sales event.

    • icanseeu

      Can I ask what is Black Friday and why is it so important to Americans?

      • SuperShyGuy

        Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It was named Black Friday because it is the day where shoppers come out in droves to take advantage of deals offered by stores, usually ending in major profits for retailers.

        Profits = “in the black”
        Loss = “in the red”

      • Chupa Chup

        It is the day where I can get insane deals on stuff. Like 50% off of clothing like Ralph Lauren Polo at Macy’s.

        It is also a day where stores will discount old/low quality electronics at insane blowout prices. But I don’t like to buy garbage like that because they usually doesn’t last long. I guess I’d rather buy quality garbage. 😛

      • Darktoonlink88

        I really don’t get why so many people still ask questions in the comments. You can easily google this and have your answer within a minute…

        • Owen

          because the want to interact with this online community. I can easily find my Wii U info elsewheres but I come HERE. get it?

          • Anonymous

            And the Americans think the Europeans aren’t desperate…

            Half of our population is immigrates, *facepalm*

          • Darktoonlink88

            That doesn’t make any sense. You have to go to a website to get daily Wii U news, but you don’t have to ask questions in the comments. In fact, that’s one of the things Google is for. That’s like saying you don’t want to go to the closest gamestore to buy a videogame, because you want to interact with the people of the store 50 miles further away.

    • LordiMcKill

      Not really no, but it’s not the first time we’ve got a console delayed after its original launch. As I recall, we got the Gamecube, Xbox and PS3 6 months later, there’s probably some more but I can’t remember.

      But least if it is delayed we get a bigger choice in launch titles.

      • Lazyboy88

        We are long behind everyone else x(

  • Paul

    i call fake but if true this dosent matter as once i get a price and release date officaly then i will pay the console of in full over the next few months

  • Ed

    I hope this is not true, I want NA EU and JPN, to get it about same time, so the WiiU launch looks even more grand then it already seems to be! release them all one the same day! It would also be WiiU’s first and biggest stress test for their servers!

    • dojo

      good thinking but u cant hold back that way it may not sell as good if its launched after chirstmas and they will get a longer testing for server improments

  • Mac

    well this doesnt really affect me since i live in the states but man that must suck if its true

  • Ledreppe

    As long as it’s available over the Christmas period I don’t mind this delay. If Nintendo were to miss the Christmas shopping period it wouldn’t be good for Wii U sales in Europe.

    • afro ninja

      I cant afford it anyway im getting one for chistmas

      • Melk

        You don’t even know the price for it…

  • Ocarina Of Time

    i’m getting my hands on it either way. regardless of price, color, or release date. THOUGH, i am keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out on or before november. anything and everything the wii u launches with, is mine. c:
    nintendo hasnt let me down, i hope they don’t start now with delaying the release in NA.

  • Christopher

    I was bothered by this at first but then I realised that I could be getting it for my birthday if it comes out on the 18th of December.
    Still, if the Americans and Japanese get their hands on it first I’m sure they’ll tell us in the UK and Europe what the console is like and I hope they’ll give it a thumbs up all round.

    But I do hope it gets released this year, thats all I ask for.

  • gPadWatcher

    Wii U to launch in December in Europe? In the words of Flavor Flav, “Don’t believe the hype!”

  • Shankovich

    Wouldn’t be surprised, Europe almost always gets anything game related last XD

    • Bucky

      Us gamers down here in Australia are the ones who always get things last and have to pay the most so spare a thought for us

      • Crapcake

        People forget about Australia all the time it’s mostly Europe na and Japan no offense but the Australian Market isn’t that important for nintendos buisness or basically any other major video game company

  • AKA-Link77

    Well….ONLY having 1 color wud suck! More colors just might boost some sales! Im lovn’ the Black Wii U btw…. 😀

    • dojo

      ok no hating or anything but does the look of wht ur using mater wht id be most worried about is it good or crappy

  • Kyron

    Oh how I wish that Nintendo release that semi-post-apocalyptic robotic-looking silver Wii U model! It looks beast!

  • Lew3107

    Yay, I needed this!/sarcasm
    Why do we always get things last in Europe?! I hope this isn’t true, but if it is, then that’s not right. And if they can’t ship it before Christmas, then Nintendo is in trouble.

    • Paul

      wouldnt worry buddy as the japanese and americans will be testing it firstly incase theres unknow bugs or glitches which can be sorted before us euro peeps get it

      • Nintendude

        You’re welcome.

      • Ben

        Yeah, in 2 months they wont already have a new firmwareupdate for glitches thet could be in the software. And you really want to see 2 months of comments saying the WiiU is awesome when you are still waiting for the freaking thing to release?

      • Ben

        Yeah, in 2 months they wont already have a new firmwareupdate for glitches thet could be in the software. And you really want to see 2 months of comments saying the WiiU is awesome when you are still waiting for the freaking thing to release? But then again, when it releases we have more choice in games ^,^

    • Domo

      I agree with you that it’s unfair and I’m in the US, I believe that everyone should get the Wii U in stores at the same time…. Although Paul does have a point and about the unknown bugs and glitches the console may have but then again, the first is the easiest to hack lol 😉

      • Paul

        im take my chances buddy but then you americans can let us eu players know if theres a hard drive version or if we have to pick up a portable version

  • kevinthebadass

    So far is looking great. I hope they have more colors other than white or black. I will be getting one for Christmas. Wii U is looking great so far but I want to know the price which that would be announced in September also I hope it cost 300$ dollars on the United States.

  • Jonas

    why should a manufacturing mistake cause wii U to be delayed only in europe. seems a bit strange to me. Even if the got different versions of the OS but that should not inflict the hardware.

  • Ben

    O hell no, i don’t want that you know. *black woman style*
    I want to be one of the first ones to play, not one of the people that can play it 2 months or so later. This sucks!!

  • trainerblk

    Damn that sucks

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Lets all calm down people. I don’t see much problem since release dates tend to vary by region. Mainly US and Japan tend to be the biggest targets and most important for new console launches. No offense to the Europeans.

    • Jonas

      makes no sence to me. Europe got more habitants than us

  • Potato Salad

    Nintendo be trolling Europe.

  • Vulture

    Christmas present for myself then.

  • Harley

    i understand why they want to release it in america before thanksgiving, but fellow EU nintendo fans, do not worry, you have to remember, Nintendo since the wii has realized that the eu game market is massive so that’s why we get games regularly either at the same time, and now earlier than the us and japan now, (especially later wii games, and 3ds games) also for the EU they know the big selling period is before Christmas, not like in the US with thanks giving, so dont expect it out any later then the 10th of december 🙂

  • tekkentagU

    good thing I live in the states :p

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    That silver is pretty slick! If it comes at Thanksgiving in NA that would be fine with me 🙂

  • nintendoododo

    i am from europe!! NOOO this can’t be true!

    • Your Mom

      Sorry man I sort of feel your pain since you guys get the silver 3ds xl and us Americans only get blue and red but maybe you’ll get lucky and get an extra color for the game pad and/or the system all together.

  • Your Mom

    As long as this doesn’t effect any other countries I’m ok but if this is true so sorry for anyone who lives in europe.

  • elbossmx

    Did you see how he said that it was “confirmed” that launch colors are going to be announced on September?
    Just yesterday they told us that it was only a possibility.

  • Grodus

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO— …hey, wait a second. I dont live in europe! Um, sorryy europeans…

  • Crater

    How can they announce a delay on a release date if the release date has not even been announce yet?

  • dominic

    NO this this cant be true its a NIGHTMARE!!! WAKE UP DAM IT WAKE UP

    • Paul

      its from sources close to nintendo

      im guessing if the console development is delayed then wont that push the american and japanese back to december aswell

  • D2K

    How can a release date be ‘delayed’ before a release date has been ‘released’ yet?

  • ajfel

    Europe was allways worse than America and Japan, same as NTSC is better than PAL. NTSC games on GC could run in 480p with component cable on GC, but PAL version was able only to run maximum in 480i. I just got used to it already, but it’s not fair for us European.
    Nintendo 4ever!

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      he’s right…look about the difference about the Hz with the NES. NTSC run with 60 Hz but Pal in 50Hz (slow)

  • The Beeshnu

    When is it coming out in Aus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    WOOOT yeah thank god im in America will i always did want to go to UK and Japan but hey getting it a month earlier but this just says the Wii sold more in Japan and USA

    • P4temperancewhosplappeduback

      Damn u Americans,DAMN U!
      oh well more saving to do then.

  • Bravyoura

    I can handle the UK delay but their was the same shortag when the wii released it took 6 months before you could buy one off the shelf. I might as well forget buying one until next summer:(

  • Kirby

    Does this mean for Australia as well? Because some places count us as Europe alot.

  • Frankensavior

    I don’t live in Europe, but as much as I would like to. I have a reason to be glad I live in America for once. As for this rumor I call bull shit. At least until it is confirmed. This month can’t be over soon enough. Can’t wait for the Tokyo Game Show!

  • mario is epic

    i got a wii on november 7th in the uk and the gamecube was released i got it imported

  • Person from Australia

    Does Australia count as Europe or North America when it comes to console releases or do we have our own delayed date?