Sep 6th, 2012

A new Wii U price and release date rumor coming from a games distributor suggests that Nintendo will launch the Wii U with 3 SKUs — 3 different Wii U models — at different price points. The cheapest is said to be $249, the middle at $299, and the high end model at $349. This comes from Video Product Distributors — one of the largest video game distributors in the US. In addition to price and models, Video Product Distributors claim the Wii U launch will happen on November 11, 2012. You can find a screenshot of the company’s intranet ordering system below, which clearly shows 3 different Wii U models and their prices.

Nintendo is expected to announce the Wii U price, launch date, models, bundles, and what not, on September 13 at a special Nintendo event in New York. To launch with three different models could be a bit confusing to consumers, especially since the original Wii will still be on sale. It also presents the “paradox of choice”: the more choice consumers have of a particular product, the less likely they are to buy it at all. Nintendo kept things simple with the Wii, and no console has been on the market in recent years in 3 different SKUs (not counting limited special editions). Two Wii U models/SKUs seems like the sweet spot. We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo decides — we’ll know in exactly one week.

Wii U leaked


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  • lusunup

    Dang hopefully this is true and ill get 349 model hope it comes with 2 controls and one game :DDDDD

    • elbrody

      I doubt about the 2 controls but I’m getting that sexy $349 one

      • AKA-Link77

        Lol yah.
        I wont be surprized if there are modles but whether they realese different types of bundles or not, at least it will be worth it… knowing Nintendo. Unlike the others just bundling a bunch of useless memory.

      • AKA-Link77

        But i heard that nintendo said that they are going to price it higher than the original wii launch price (250) plus they said they dont want to sell it a loss.
        So im kinda doubting a $250 console. . . tho it would be great.

      • AcesHigh

        I can totally see them offering a SKU with 2 gamepads. The one for $349 would probably be it. And I bet you it will be the most popular a Xmas time. Never underestimate the power of a parent wanting (needing) to buy their kid the biggest and best.

        $299 probably includes a couple wii-motes. And they’ll all probably come with Nintendoland. that’s my prediction. LOL!

        Also, this isn’t unprescedented either. Remember, they did this with the NES. They had the Core system with just the NES, two gamepads and SMB. Then the Action set that included the Core system, NES Blaster and Duck Hunt. And finally, they had the Power set that had the Core set, NES Blaster and the Power Pad with SMB, DH and that track and field game.

    • nintedward

      its all about the most expensive and glamerous bundle.

      • nintedward

        the moment you just spend $500 / £450 on a wiiu with some games .

        you walk away from the store with the ‘victory walk’ . the ‘victory walk’ which you get when scoreing a new console is an unrivalled feeling on earth .

        you are almost too excited to walk properly .

        • Dawnofmorning

          You my friend are sooo right. I remember when I got my Wii at launch. I walked back to the car like I just won the lottery haha.

          • elbrody

            Same here bro

        • Alienfish

          Until you get mugged in the parking lot D:


    • zonda777

      I’d bet they’ll have the $249.99 one come with just the Wii U and the Gamepad, the $299.99 with the Wii U, the Gamepad, and Nintendo Land, and the $349.99 price will come with the Wii U, the Gamepad, Nintendo Land, a Wii U Pro controller, and an HDMI cable(considering that the cable It’ll already come with will probably be component).

      • nintedward

        pretty sure all wiiu’s are bundled with an HDMI cable .

        HDMI and component cables.

        i may be wrong but i am sure i remember reading this somewhere.

        • relaxingbedo

          Yeah if the Wii U doesnt have and HDMI cable in the bundle then I will just take it out of my xbox >:)

          • nintedward

            i think nintendo knows it is now 2012 🙂 . and we all have HD tv’s !!!

            except our grandparent’s .

          • Ben

            I dont have a HD tv for gaming.

          • AXC Vicious

            Im selling my xbox to get a Wii U =D

        • Paul

          sorry to burst your bubble but it wont have a hdmi cable included just like it dosent have one with the xbox 360 and playstation consoles

          • Adam Fox

            but also like Microsoft & Sony, they rely HEAVILY on DLC content…even stuff that’s already on the disc but they want to charge you more money to “unlock” it…..

          • LyingTuna

            Hehe…you were wrong…

    • Man

      YEA but if they don’t the should give us a wii u pro controller and a game

    • luke

      but you dont know what the 349 model comes with yet.
      the $349 model could come with $100 inside

      • luke

        it could be a sports model for all you know
        where alot of the parts are removed to
        increase acceleration.

    • Lusunup

      Not to be confused with everyone’s prediction of whats in the models by 2 controls I meant to say game pads i highly doubt there will be two wiimotes plus in a bundle that everyone’s talking about. I’m getting high hopes on my prediction and really just cant afford to waste much money ,the fact that i only saved $400

  • LyingTuna

    Hmmm…. Yeah, different bundles doesn’t seem very…Nintendo to me. I’d prefer 2, though the prices seem good enough. I don’t see this happening. I hope the Wii U comes with a Pro Controller, since all the old systems came with 2 controllers… If not, I’ll be like, “Expensive new controller or pre owned Classic Controller Pro that’s fully compatible for $12? I wonder…”

    • 007 1/2

      the classic controller doesnt have clickable joysticks so it probably isnt compatible.

      • LyingTuna

        But my bet is that launch games at least will support the classic controller. Think about how many Wii Games supported its controller, the classic, and the GC one. You have a point, but I think it seems likely. I’d only get it for ZombiU multiplayer. Again, that’s only if the console doesn’t come with one.

    • Mike

      Uhmm, Wii Fit bundle, Wii Sports bundle (When Wii Sports wasn’t in the normal package.), Wii Sports Resort bundle. It’s very much Nintendo.

      • LyingTuna

        I mean at launch. Nintendo bundles at launch. Every game company releases bundles at some point.

    • Schizza

      For the nationwide launch, the NES was available in two different packages: the full-featured $249 USD “Deluxe Set” as configured during the New York City launch, and a scaled-down “Control Deck” package which included two gamepads and a copy of Super Mario Bros.

  • nintedward

    one bundle is last gen
    one is previous gen.
    and finaly one is next gen



    • nintedward

      sorry guys . had to write this comment after the ‘generation debacle’ of the missunderstood capcom statement.

      • Macarony64


        • nintedward


          • Melk


      • Lusunup

        Of all the people you need to show respect…

        • u mad bro

          cool… now whats in the $350 Wiiu bundle

          • nintedward

            Lusunup ??? U mad bro ??

          • lusunup

            Nope Happy 😀

          • AKA-Link77

            4 negative comments in a row edward! Not a very good reputation now. : /

    • DR. spankalot

      he was just making a joke, are you guys so offencive now that you’re not able to read joke at the expense on the wii u?

      • DR. spankalot

        and i swear to cow, that if you down vote my coment i’ll steal your food.
        i’m not kidding ^^

      • Nintendokid

        Joke or no joke no one can tell if a joke is really a joke because it is typed. sorry but you just earned a thumbs down :/

      • Nintendokid

        Joke or no joke no one can tell if a joke is really a joke because it is typed. sorry but you just earned a thumbs down :/

  • Grodus

    No. This is FALSE!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

    But seroisly, this ain’t nintnedo.

    • Melk

      I really don’t know who Nintnedo is but…exactly how is that “Nintnedo” revelant to Wii U at all?

      • LyingTuna

        Nintendo makes it, that’s something.

  • eyesac

    ….This news is old lol. Spending too much time getting the clicks for Zelda!

  • The incredible sandwich

    i will get the 299.99 bundle and then hibernate untill the wii u Zelda comes out

    • paperchao

      beep boop son. beep boop…. wut ._.

  • 007 1/2

    wts the difference if it is the number of controllers ill get the biggest one

    • Melk

      Accessories, games…

      Seriously? Controllers? -_-

  • LordiMcKill

    I’m guessing that the $249 model is on its own since the other two have the W (with) next to the other models.

    Although nothing is really concrete until the 13th so I think I’ll wait till then to find the truth of the matter.

  • relo999

    no the only thing I want to know its whats in it.

  • nod786

    “To launch with three different models could be a bit confusing to consumers, especially since the original Wii will still be on sale. It also presents the “paradox of choice”: the more choice consumers have of a particular product, the less likely they are to buy it at all”


    I know the people that write these are Nintendo fans to (well I hope so).. but come on guys that is a rubbish statement… In everyday life you always have choices that you have to make lets take for example coffee look how many types, brands and so on that are out there! does that stop you from drinking coffee? no. Because choice is always good you walk into a car dealership you want choose items and so on to make the car fit you not the other way around.

    When it comes to buying this console the first few that fly out of the shops are gamers like me.. so do you really think I will walk into a games shop or from a online store and get confused between a Wiii & and a Wii U (so give us games some credit we aren’t that dumb).. as for casual gamers they wont adopt until later by then the Wiii will slow down its production so there is nothing to get confused about.

    Lastly I’m really hoping they are different versions of the console such as hard-dive included & size of it. As that would be the smart choice by Nintendo if they really want to push download and play you can’t expect to do that on a SD card .. Yes it might be cheaper but for that very reason its a negative as right now because they are so cheap now days if I lose one I’m not really fussed also you can’t really expect people to keep on changing memory cards when ever they want to play something different if that’s the case you might as well just buy it from the shops.

    The other resown I’m hoping they are hard drive visions is because I have a 360 now and that hard drive is almost full so SD cards aren’t really ideal.. Please Nintendo let it be Hard drive visions of the Wii U.

    • changus

      the wii u does supports hard drive, but it´s not propietary like the one for the 360, you can use a normal hard drive via USB.

      • nod786

        Good point I forgot about that, but there is no harm in including one in the console or with it, Just like the xbox where you can just get a 4gb version and then later on you can add the hard drives or buy a xbox with them already fitted in it, which I think would work well.

        But here’s hoping just a few more days till we know 🙂

      • Metroidvania

        Do you know how inconvenient that is for the average customer?

        “Mom I want a Wii U for Christmas with Tekken Tag 2, and Arkham City”

        Christmas happens. Boy plays two games, and wants another. Gets another. Then after playing for a bit goes to save. Gets “No more Memory space” message. Being a kid from an average household. Whats one to do?

        Do you really think the kids going to say “Oh hey mom you’ve got to order me an external Hard Drive off newegg. So youll actually be able to afford it, and you might want to buy me a couple usb cables because of how unreliable they are.” No that shit isnt going to happen. The poor kid wont know what the hell to do. External storage is for BACK UP. Not being integrated into a high profile gaming experience, or even less convenient go to Walmart and get an SD card everytime you want to save a game?

        I think its very likely Nintendo Land will come with all of them. It just makes sense. The game was created to help people understand the product. If its packed in. Everyone is going to play it, and everyones going to finally get what the Wii U is all about.

        250 could be your basic “casual” package comes with the 8gb flash. Basically for people who play just Wii Sports, Wii fit, ect. Doesnt need much storage.

        300-350 will be your more “hardcore” package. With INTERNAL hard drives. Makes it more convenient for people who are willing to pay the extra money so they’re going to be able to save tons of games with no extra problems.

        See this way the 250 version doesn’t force you to spend money for that extra storage. Appealing more to the “casual”.

        It makes sense to me, but Im probably wrong. Itll probably be some stupid shit like extra Wii Motes.

        Regardless im buying Wii U at launch.

        • nintedward

          all wiiu’s have 8gb built in anyway. that should be enough for squirt’s with physical copies .

          hardcore nintendo fans will need to buy a hard drive.

          why build hard drives into consoles anymore ????
          forceing people to pay a little extra.
          nintendo making it optional with 8gb built in is perfect 🙂 .

          • Metroidvania

            Your either seriously missinformed, your lying to yourself, or your trolling.

            Ever heard of transfer rates? A hardcore anyone isnt going to give a shit about a SERIOUS hardware device released in 2012 without a hard drive.

            How is it forcing you? If the standard 250 “casual” package comes with the 8gb. Then the more serious 300-350 versions come with hard drives. Its giving you an option.

            Its 2012. If your okay with the problems that come with having to integrate an EXTERNAL device used PRIMARILY for BACK UP data into a modern gaming experience. Then your diluted.

        • nintedward

          in response to your comments below. i couldnt dissagree more. i am sure the wiiu will work perfectly with external hard drives. and maybe first and third party hard drives will be release along side or after the wiiu launch.

          an internal hard drive is NOT compulsary for a console. 8gb is perfect for save data and tons of small games and virtual console games (casual gamers) .

          now people who are dedicated to gaming will just have to buy an externall hard drive. they can buy 2-3 or more if they want.

          it’s price reducing logical thinking by nintendo.

          sony’s ps4 will probably have a TB integrated. but the size of the console and the price and everything goes up. and there is about 5 different consoles with different hard drive sizes. its messy and turning into a thing of the past.

          i won’t be suprised if the 720 and ps4 are reliant on external storage .
          i may be wrong though because hard drives are getting smaller in size by the day.

          • Metroidvania

            You really dont understand how hardware works in conjunction do you?

            You sound like a crazed fanboy who’s trying to cover up a flub with any damage control means necessary. Get real.

            Nintendo is my favorite company in the industry, but im not a diluted fanboy. When they screw up. I admit it, and get on them.

    • liberalagenda


      I didn’t buy the Wii, so I am going to buy the most expensive Wii U package because I need the remotes.

      Different strokes for different folks.

  • Metroidvania

    I think this is great, but I really hope its worth it. I think its obvious Nintendo Land will be a pack in with all of them. Im not interested in bundles that come with extra controllers or games. Those can be bought seperately at the same store you purchased the console at quite easily. What I do hope for the 300-350 models is that they have an internal hard drive.

    So maybe 300 has a hard drive, and the 350 has a bigger one. Im more concerned about storage than anything. I dont want to have to buy an external HDD because its going to be in the way, and honestly its going to look silly just setting there. Not to mention the pains of having to order one off the net, and waiting for it to arrive. Just to get a decent one. External HDDs are for back up. Not giving a console life support so it can actually save things. So hopefully those models will offer internal HDDs, because thats where HDDs belong. Its so much more convenient in my opinion, but regardless im getting a Wii U at launch.

    • No One

      I don’t think Nintendo Land is with the first one but that’s just what I think.

      • LyingTuna

        I hope it’s with all of them. I don’t know I’d this is true, but if it is, I will get the $300 one.

      • Metroidvania

        Yeah im not 100% sure, but I think it would be a good business move. Nintendo is betting a lot with the Wii U. So including every bundle with Nintendo Land would make sense.

        Especially with the 250 model as its pricing is attractive to the average casual consumer. Nintendo wants everyone to understand what the Wii U is about, and Nintendo Land is the game made to do just that. Packing it in with every console on the shelf assures that most likely everyone willl play it. Meaning everyone will understand what the Wii U is about.

        I could be totally wrong so dont quote me, but I do think itd be a very smart business move. Plus for the more casual gamers who arent familiar to Nintendos key franchises. Its great advertisement, and an introduction to the characters. Possibly selling them on more Nintendo games in the future.

    • nod786

      I agree with you as my comments above go into detail about it lol. Like you I wouldn’t care about so called ” game or controller bundles” all I care and hope is they have a internal HDD as that’s what most gamers want and have been crying out for. Also if Nintendo really wants this download and play thing to work for the wii u they really do need to do this.

  • Solphins

    I want my console to be the size of my desktop and as customizable. It could balance out the sub woofer on the other side of the entertainment center.

    Here is the deal. If your Computer is not good enough to run a curtain game, then you can upgrade it. Possibly just upgrading the graphics card. Then the PC comes out with a new game and it’s more powerful, so upgrade. This is okay, because these are the hardcore gamers.

    For the rest that want to play Wii Fit and Mario, then we have the bare minimum Wii U.

    One day the consoles will do this and sell additional hardware that will boost production of their console for the hardcore crowd. They tried it before when the technology wasn’t that good, but in today’s world it would be easy for a system to incorporate a removable graphics card and buy a new one.

    BTW- before you guys start saying, just buy PC games. 1. I don’t believe my PC should be for gaming, just work, and web. 2. I don’t have the new Zelda on my PC.

    • Smitty

      Your right, my pc can’t play one single curtain game to date… and its brand new!?

  • Kev

    If I had to guess…

    249$ will be the standard package with 1 gamepad and Nintendoland.
    299$ will iclude an extra title like New Super Mario Bros.U
    349$ will include an extra gamepad

    • PSWii60

      doubt a 2nd gamepad in any of the 3 models since none of the games support a 2nd gamepad yet.

    • ZMW

      an extra gamepad isn’t realistic to launch whit as its confirmed to not have support for 2 tabs before later…

      • LyingTuna

        The Wii U supports 2 gamepads. I think it is too inexpensive to include one though.

  • Hi8us

    since there’s 3, i’d guess one has just the Upad, another with a Upad and wiimote, and the other probably with a Upad and a pro controller.

  • macabre6

    Already got a black Wii U preordered from for 300 Euros, it’s probably the cheapest bundle, the one with the console and the controller, but I am very interested in the $349 bundle, may have to get that, what do you think, it comes with Nintendoland or something? So excited for this thing.

  • Cheezr

    pkg 1 – wiiU + gamepad ?
    pkg 2 – wiiU + gamepad + 2 wiiMotes + game ?
    pkg 3 – wiiU + gamepad + 2 wiiMotes + Pro Controller + game?

    just a guess

    • nintedward


  • Madmagican

    This really makes me wonder how the Wii U will be packaged; right now, to me, it looks like $250 = just Wii U and gamepad, $300 = $250 pack+game bundle (Nintendoland/WiiU Sports), and the $350 pack will probably have more accessories with it; but of course, this all I can really think of at the moment and this is just a rumor

  • Macarony64

    This is my guess
    Bundle 1 a wiiu whit normal pad and nintendo land
    Bundle 2 a wiiu whit normal pad a pro controller and nintendo land
    Bundle 3 a wiiu whit normal pad 2 wii controlle and pro controller and nintendo land

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Shame there’s no word of what’ll be offered with these different models/packages (if they really exist) I just hope they bundle in the Pro controller and/or Nintendoland with Wii U.

  • xdlugia

    It’s probably.

    250$ – Wii U console, Wii U Gamepad

    300$ – Wii U console, Wii U Gamepad, Nintendo Land, SD Card

    350$ – Wii U console, Wii U Gamepad, Nintendo Land, 320 GB Harddrive

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    my big question is wether or not a wii remote plus will be included with every console

  • GameChanger

    If the 3 SKU’s are true then this would be my guess:

    $250 – console, gamepad, Nintendoland
    $300 – console, gamepad, Nintendoland, 2 Wii remotes (multiplayer for Nintendoland)
    $350 – console, gamepad, Nintendoland, 2 Wii remotes, pro controller (hardcore gamers), and maybe some of DLC

    • GameChanger

      *some sort of

    • XDLugia

      Dude, that would destroy the whole Wii concept with the Wii U. People are supposed to use the remotes they already have, so including them in 2 major packs would not make sense at all to Nintendo because none would buy those packs.

      • GameChanger

        Just because somebody is buying a Wii U does not mean they already own a Wii so if these SKU’s are true, they can get the basic model IF they have a Wii already. A lot of people also my have a Wii and the remote that came with it and decide to sell their Wii which means no more Wii remotes so you can’t say that it makes no sense. I know people Who don’t own a Wii but plan on getting this system…where’s their remotes?

  • TopCat

    Having multiple SKU’s for a tier system rather than same price-points suggests, almost certainly, that the console will be offered with a varying number of accessories, rather than alternate accessories. The reason for this is because Nintendo want the Pro Controller and WiiMote to have a similar value; they’re additional accessories whilst the Game Pad is the main show. Also, the $50 increases in each product suggest that the ‘additional’ hardware has significant value, and isn’t merely held at just single accessories. My predictions are

    $249.99 = Nintendo Land + Wii U Game Pad
    $299.99 = Nintendo Land + Wii U Game Pad + Wiimote & Nunchuk
    $349.99 = Nintendo Land + Wii U Game Pad + Wiimote & Nunchuk + Pro Controller

    Why? Including two Game Pads would mean no-one would have to buy an additional product, and since they’re likely expensive to manufacture at this point anyway, including just one in the three packages keeps the cost down and ensures that at least ‘some’ customer may invest a second Game Pad. That’s extra profit for Nintendo with a low risk factor.

    Also, the $50 valuation of a Wiimote & Nunchuk is better than if a customer was to shop for these separately, and Nintendo are already manufacturing these for the original Wii, so no risk is involved and it will cost them very little.

    The Pro Controller package appeals to customer who want maximum playability, and again, the extra $50 is likely just in line with how much the controller will cost on its own.

    Onboard memory will stay the same in each package to streamline production and, essentially, to avoid confusing customers.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      I disagree JUST a thing.the 299,99$ price. I like more Pro Controller + Wii U gamepad & Nintendo Land because I have already 4 wiimotes…and 3 nunchucks I don’t need another Wiimotes

    • LyingTuna

      Why should the pro controller cost that much? It’s a Classic Controller Pro with clicky sticks! The Classic Controller Pro costs $20 new. The Pro Controller, in my eyes, should be…$30. That way, it’s cheap enough it is appealing to a buyer, but Nintendo makes a prophit. Not $50. And that includes in a bundle.

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        sorry…but really it cost 20$?! I didn’t know that

    • Nintendo4ever

      i agree, but i have my on ideas on what they maybe.
      249.99 = game pad
      299.99 = Game pad and Nintendo land
      349.99 = game pad, Nintendo land, and Wii U pro controller

  • DG

    I really doubt these are different official Nintendo SKUs.
    These are most likely bundles set up by the store, especially since the only difference in UPC is the 299 and 349 prices added into the main UPC.

    The only two official SKUs we will see at launch are Black and White.

  • ZMW

    So who said it had to be games or controllers? 3 Different models can mean different stoorage space aswell? Just a guess ;p

  • anonymous

    9/11 is when the games are being sent to retailers and release is on the 18th
    249: wii u, gamepad, and nintendo land
    299: wii u, gamepad, 1 wiimote, and nintendo land
    349: wii u, gamepad, 2 wiimotes, and nintendo land
    i have played nintendoland, but i wont spoil the “booths” or the minigames
    black ops 2 will be on the wii u on the 20th
    both of these will be announced on the 13th
    a 4th sku will be made like the 349 but with smbu instead of nintendoland, but that will be during the holiday season
    i will not reveal my identity for obvious reasons, but i am deeply involved in noa

    • nintedward

      Reggie , just come out of the closet and admit you are a trole.

      this time please dont allow those little companies to put shovelware on our consoles. we dont care if your beloved ‘NOA’ makes a ton of money.

      its about a respectable image.

      you turned the wii’s shelf into charlies chocolate factory .

      • GreyVoice

        Which is a magical place! 😀

  • anonymous

    oh and i forgot to say that black will not be available until after launch, but there will also be red and green even after black, and i have heard that when The Legend of Zelda: Final Sword comes out in the fall of 2014 a zelda wii u will come out with everything zelda even the gamepad, but this is just an idea

    • DR. spankalot

      i’ll wait to get the green one, because green is my favorite color:3

      • GreyVoice

        Take ten minutes and paint it. 😀

  • DVE

    The Wiiu shouldn’t come with hdmi cables for you should already own one by now lol. It would be nice though. The 349 one sounds like the best one of course. I’m so happy for big N I can’t wait to get my hands on WIIU!

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      well..I don’t have a HDMI cables or plug in my house D= but I do have component “in”. at least I can play 720P!

  • ToadTheBarbarian

    Bundle 1 – Gamepad only

    Bundle 2 – Wii U only

    Bundle 3 – 10 Wiimotes

    • DR. spankalot

      makes a lot of sens in a way 😀

    • LyingTuna

      …uh…this made my day. I love you.

    • Your Mom

      No the game pad comes with the system no matter what.



  • homeless man

    not getting the 2 pads wanted im looking forward to what wiiu is about fun between wii remotes and gamepads big bundle will likely be a cross of both controllers

  • logan7699

    1. $249- WiiU, Nintendo land

    2. $299- WiiU, Nintendo land, Pro controller

    3. $349- WiiU, Nintendo land, Pro controller, 250gb external hard Drive

    they said the would be offering all games digitally.. so they need to store them plus they need to store DLC..

    I will get the $349 unit

  • snestendo

    $349.99-Console+Tablet+Wiimote+Nunchuk+Pro Controller
    Nintendo Will Probably Preinstall Nintendo Land on all versions

    • nintedward

      nintendo land pre installed with DLC opportunites , is by far the greatest idea of all time . thats good thinking. better than nintendo’s .

    • nintedward

      nintendo lad pre installed with DLC opportunites , is by far the greatest idea of all time . thats good thinking. better than nintendo’s .

  • Dmonkeyman

    These could still just be placeholders but assuming this is true my guess is
    250= wii u gamepad system and all neccacery cables
    299= 250 plus game
    350=299+ either a wiimote or a pro-controller and posibly

  • PKUltima

    I really don’t need any more Wii motes, I’d rather have the pro controllers bundled with an external HDD. If this rumor is true, then I’m definitely getting the $350 bundle.

  • !!!!!!

    hear my genius
    all bundles will include same wii u n stuff except 2nd one will come with a game n 3rd one with hd supplies yay

  • WaveRacer

    What I think they will do:
    Wii U Bundle 1 (White Model): Wii U + GamePad
    Wii U Bundle 2 (White Model): Wii U + GamePad + Nintendo Land
    Wii U Bundle 3 (Black model): Wii U + GamePad + Nintendo Land + WiiMote

    What I want them to do:
    Wii U Bundle 1 (All colors): Wii U + GamePad + Nintendo Land
    Wii U Bundle 2 (All colors): Wii U + GamePad + Nintendo Land + More Memory
    Wii U Bundle 3 (All colors): Wii U + GamePad + Nintendo Land + WiiMote + More Memory

    • snestendo

      As much as i hate to admit, they probably will do that

  • Joey

    $250 (standard – white)
    – Console
    – Sensor Bar
    – Gamepad
    – Wii Remote Plus
    – Nunchuk
    – Nintendo Land

    $300 (medium – white + black)
    – Console
    – Sensor Bar
    – Gamepad
    – Wii Remore Plus
    – Nunchuk
    – Nintendo Land
    – Pro Controller x2

    $350 (pro – black)
    – Console
    – Sensor Bar
    – Gamepad
    – Wii Remote Plus x2
    – Nunchuk x2
    – Nintendo Land
    – Pro Controller x2

    • nintedward

      $250 (standard – white)
      – Console
      – Sensor Bar
      – Gamepad
      – Wii Remote Plus
      – Nunchuk
      – Nintendo Land

      how is nintendo going to produce and ship all of this for $250 ??

      slightly wishfull thinking on your part i believe.

      i hope your guess is closer than mine.

      but i thik $250 is just for a wiiu and a gamepad . thats it .

      then the $300 and $350 bundles with have added extra’s .

      • GreyVoice

        I’m thinking Wii U will come with at least one game, like the Wii. I’m going with Nintendo Land. Seems pretty basic, while still showing off all the fun features of a Wii U Gamepad.

  • ConCity Soldier

    I just bought the CECHA01 model PS3 on ebay! I got that model for SD Card use & PS2 backwards compatibility. I have get atleast a couple of games. I need to save $$$ though. Wii U is coming & I’m trying to go to North Carolina this Christmas. Sigh, hurry Nintendo with the Wii U haha.

  • ConCity Soldier

    I need to pre-order the Wii U now!!

  • GreyVoice

    I’m pretty sure the Wii U will come with the gamepad. It’s bad business to set that as the most defining thing about Wii U and not include it in the basic set. Granted, that’s likely all it will come with, but hey. Gotta make -some- business.

  • Nintentionally

    I’d be surprised if the difference in price was anything other than 1 game, 2 game.

    Maybe extra classic controller or wiimote.

    I will no doubt spend all my family xmas present budget on the U.

    Not long to wait now for the press conference that should settle all rumours. I’m getting bored of anonymous devs trolling, made up news stories and michael pachter

  • Big N

    I think, this is just a hoax or something, just to check whether what will be the people will say or reaction for its price. Remember from the previous article, Nintendo said that they are taking the price seriously. It means that they don’t want to sell the console too high and definitely not too low or for loss as what Sony did for their PS3.

  • Christian

    I don’t really get why Nintendo would want to launch 3 different versions of the same system. I can understand with the PS3 or XBox 360 80GB, 100GB, or 150GB, etc. but I can’t understand why they’d do that. All I can think of is VC, and if rumors are true, then you’ll be able to play Gamecube games, and download retail games, it’ll be understandable.

  • Dan


  • dkx

    I hope that Nintendo will release Wii U in Europe in November too. But i think it will be later, because of localizations. Excellent price for Wii U would be 300 € or something like that.

  • Bravyoura

    For Nintendo’s sake I hope this is real, this could mean from under £200 in the UK just like wii. A basic 360 could drop to £100 as it could be it’s last christmas and the new model 3 PS3 could cost as little as £150 considering this plus the additional costs of a new console anything over £220 would be launch suicide.

  • Bahb

    Don’t hate on me, but what might be the differences between each model?

  • Paul

    why dont nintendo release 2 versions only

    casual and hardcore

    im going to get the basic model and the pro controller firstly

    and pick it 2 or 3 games for £40 each

  • Nintentionally

    $250 is less than the £179 that the original wii cost in UK on release but our VAT will bring it up to at least an even £200.

    These prices are nothing to do with the retailers being in the know. They are purely speculation which retailers do in some crazy hope that nintendo will read the rumours and dispel them by giving us the facts.

    I just hope that this particularly secretive and vague launch from Nintendo is down to the fact they don’t want their best ideas stolen as early as they were last time!

  • Mark

    If its true then ill be getting the 349 one, since its the high end but it all entails with what lays inside the package :).

    2 Gamepads will be sweet i’d prefer to have one reserved or even a pro controller and zombiU 😛 but we all know if nintendo ships with a game its going to be Nintendo related 🙁

  • rafael

    Makes sense for them to have an option that comes with only the console, the gamepad and Nintendo Land because there are lots of wiimotes out there…but i dont think they will sell it without Nintendo land, because they need some kind of ‘Wii Sports’ thing…

  • elbossmx

    Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps what this distributor is doing is preparing their system for whichever price the WiiU is going to cost?
    I mean, if they already have those three prices on the system, when Nintendo announces the retail price, the only thing they need to do is upload that item on their page to begin taking preorders.
    It could be only that and nothing like bundles or things like that.
    Personally I don’t thing the WiiU will come in different models, that has never been an approach Nintendo has taken. Only MS and Sony have done that in the past, and we all know who has the highest sale record.

    • AcesHigh

      The problem is that ALL retailers already know the price and SKUs. I’ve mentioned this in posts before. Sure, the guy behind the counter doesn’t know the price. But the people at corportate in charge of Supply Chain, purchasing, forecasting, etc. – who are all under NDAs and supplier agreements with Nintendo – ALL KNOW THE PRICE. They HAVE to in order to drive critical forecasting functions to run any business the size of these retailers and distributors. It drives me mad seeing articles stating that no one knows the price. The people running the business do. They are just under supplier agreements and NDAs that they are legally bound to keep these things under strict control.

      And no, I don’t see them coming up with 3 SKUs just to get ready for one to be right. Because, in your scenario where no one knows the price, what if the price is $279? They just guessed wrong 3 times and someone loses a job.

      Folks, these distributors and retailers are BIG BUSINESS with highly edcated people who run forecasting, supply-chain, purchasing and even legal counsel business functions – all with a goal of making their company profitable and with providing accurate revenue and P&L forecasting to the market (if they are public) or just to executive leadership if private. There is no guessing. And there is no “waiting” to see what the retail price will be. These are all things that have been divulged between Nintendo and their distribution and retail partners months ago. The only people who DON’T know price and release dates are the media and general public. And that is so that they leave little time for competitors to adjust strategies before the holiday rush.

    • AcesHigh

      BTW, Nintendo HAS done differen SKU configurations in the past at launch. In fact they started it with the NES with the Core SKU and the Action SKU that included the light gun. Follwed after with the Power sku that included the Power Pad. Then Sega followed suit quickly with the Master System bundles with their core system, one with a light gun and one wil light gun and 3D glasses later.

      • elbossmx

        Thanks for all that info. Didn’t know about the NEW SKUs, I was 6 when I got my NES, my first console ever =D
        By what you say, it looks like three SKUs for the WiiU then.
        I hope one has the Pro Controller and Nintendo Land.

  • AcesHigh

    I also do not think Nov 11th will be the release date. Traditionally, when Nintendo has released a major console near the holidays, it was the Sunday before Black Friday. Wii was released Nov 19th. And when they were releasing major consoles with a significant lag between Japan and North America, they released the Super Famicom on November 20th.

    Also, releasing November 11th, doesn’t link up to consumer holiday purchasing habits. Yes, there are some smart people out there that avoid the rush and make their Xmas purchases weeks before Black Friday. But for the majority of the Xmas rush consumers, major purchasing is reserved for Black Friday or the week of and after. In the US and parts of North America, at least, the week before Thanksgiving week is the calm before the storm. People are busy making preparations for the following week. Also, the ads for Black Friday release that Sunday. So Nintendo will spend all their $$ on promotion to coincide with that Sunday’s holiday circulars. Blowing your wad on a release the previous week would be …premature.

    Besides, we know Nintendo is a company tradition. I think history will dictate the 18th.

  • Stavros

    Time to start saving money. 😉

  • ssb4

    Wii U Pakages

    250: Wii U console, Wii U Gamepad, Sensor Bar, HDMI cable, cables for Wii U, gamepad charger, Nintendoland.

    300: Wii U console, Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller, Sensor Bar, HDMI cable, cables for Wii U, gamepad charger, Nintendo Land

    350: Wii U console, Wii U Gamepad, Pro Controller, Wii Mote+ and Nunchuk, Sensor Bar, HDMI cable, cables for Wii U, gamepad charger, Nintendo Land.

    • Paul

      no sensor bar im afraid as the controller is using infared sensors on the pad

  • Dan

    IF there really are going to b different versions/models/bundles of the Wii U, the only differences are going to be Pro Controllers and/or HD memory. All SKUs are going to come with the basics such as the console, wires (hdmi included), gamepad, and NintendoLand..

    PS. I also think there are only going to be 2 SKUs. One for $300 and the other for $400..

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’ll probably only get the low end version, but I am wondering what the difference could be between them. Memory? Games?

  • ssb4

    same here i wonder what will the differences are

    • Iceblade845

      The cheapest will probably be just the regular wii u, the $299 will probably be increased memory and two wii gamepads. Then the $249 would probably more increased memory, two (maybe 3) gamepads and (maybe) a game of your choice but price is halved. For example like zombiu which is priced 49.99 or 59.99 but halved.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Either way, just wait a few more days, September 13th is right around the corner.

  • BK

    Please let the $350 dollar model have an internal HDD. That’s all I need to know. If not I won’t buy at launch or close.