Oct 25th, 2012

Wii UNintendo has confirmed that Wii U supplies on launch day in the UK will be “tight”. The shortage of Wii U consoles will be so severe that UK retailers won’t be able to fill all the pre-orders, according to reports. This is more bad news for Nintendo, which recently revealed that the company will be taking a loss on every Wii U sold.

It’s rumored that only 25,000 Wii U consoles will be available in the UK on launch day. A source from a UK retailer said that the UK would receive around 100,000 Wii U consoles during the “launch period”, which will span a few weeks after the Nov. 30 launch. Nintendo said they will provide retailers with “regular stock deliveries” of the Wii U in the run up to Christmas.

This is in stark contrast to the original Wii, which sold over 100,000 units during the first two days on the market. By comparison, 25,000 Wii U units doesn’t sound like a lot. When the Xbox 360 launched, it sold about 75,000 units in the first few days on the market in the UK.

The Wii U launches on November 30 in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, and will retail at £230 for the Basic set.


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  • Keath

    once again im happy i dont live in the UK

    • Major Beauner

      Hahaha!! Totally agree – England is bad enough just on its own – but with this, it is a true hell on Earth! πŸ˜€

      • Nintedward .

        Hey eff off guys! England is glorious πŸ™‚ , You saw UK dominate the Olympics considering our country population!!

        England/UK Doesn’t get enough credit. Pretty much everything you could want in a country.

        • Major Beauner

          Hahaha! Sorry Nintendward – you know how us Aussie’s like to give our Pommy cousins the stick now and again!! πŸ˜€

          Pretty much everything one could want in a country?? No – that is Australia!! We have everything here! πŸ˜€ Even ridiculously high prices for consumer goods! We have it all!!! LOL! πŸ˜€

          • AKA-Link77

            Gosh more dissapointing news!?
            i guess its a good thing i live in the US but its still a bit dissapointing to hear….

          • TwilitShaymin

            How do us Australians like to give the English trouble? It is people like you that make our country look bad. How is England bad? Seriously? And I feel sorry for whoever gave the comment a thumbs up. It was like their mouse stuffed up.

          • TheRvyStar

            He is not on about what you have it’s that uk gets bashed by the few trolls in us for no reason

          • the guy

            usa will kick both your a$$s

        • Grove Street N****

          edward, everyone will talk good about his own country ^-^
          as long as you are happy the trash talk from others shouldn’t bother you

          • NintendoYOU

            Well my country’s not that great. Everything is over priced, especially the cost of living and our politicians are some of the dumbest people to grace the world with their presence. I would say the 1 good thing about our country is the lack of guns though. Thumbs up on that one
            P.s. i live in Australia

          • TheImaj

            Why’d they bleep out Ninja? Grove Street Ninja, right?

        • Elite

          When it comes to country side, i would agree from all the pictures i have seen of England. Beautiful place. But when it comes to politics, stand clear!

          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            Yeah I must say all of Europe in general is very different politically than the U.S. but then again you guys will always have our back.

          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            The UK I mean

        • Master Awesomeness

          UK? The biggest mistake of the Olympics. It had the worst opening ceremony… EVER! (ever…ever…ever)

          • F

            The opening ceremony was excellent, though if you’re American and watched NBC’s coverage, I hear that was atrocious. Don’t blame the British for Americas crap tv networks!

          • Nintedward .

            The closeing Ceremony was the best ever by far though , no competition.

            I was dissapointed with some of the opening ceremony , although some of it was good !! That closeing ceremony though was incredible πŸ™‚ .

            @everybody , yeh all our countries are great πŸ™‚ they all have their pros and cons

        • Chris

          True, England has far better country sides and less pollution than smelly old America

          • Nintedward .

            That is not true. England is Incredibly more Densely populated than America, America has HUGE country side that accounts to about 10 Englands lol.

            UK is 60M + in a Tiny Island , USA is 300M In a country That is Absoloutly Ginormous. There is More people per square mile in UK than there is in USA , hence there being more poloution just like Japan.

            USA has a lot of poloution though because of it’s industry…

        • CRT_hater777

          And Doctor Who

        • Morley94

          Did you see the United States win the olympics? There you go.

          • Nintedward .

            UK was more impressive than USA in Olympics. Because we are a smaller country and we were close to you guys.

            Medals per person – The UK beats both America and China.

      • Master Awesomeness

        Haha, suck you pommies!

      • Chris


        Lol, coming from an American who’s country is going to hell because your economy sucks ass. At least here the UK we are getting out of the recession, oh and at least we don’t get into wars we can’t win.

        • Major Beauner

          LOL Chris – coming out of a recession?

          Try Australia – still no recession after 20+ years….and our weather and our beaches crap on England! πŸ˜€

          Australia – the greatest most biggest island in the world! πŸ˜€

          • Nintedward .

            Get stuffed dude. Let’s not mess around here , no offence to your lovely England spinn off , But Australia does not even come close to UK or USA LMAO.

            UK = Jamesbond , The beetles , Led zepplin , The barclays premier league , Most major inventions , THE best cars in the world , Amazing Cities a la Manchester and London , Dubstep , DnB , World class Nightclubs,Top gear, etc etc etc .

            Only USA can boast a list better than this .

            Australias list is = crocodile dundee , kangaroos , fosters , Kylie minogue ,Inferior Top gear that gets Anihilate by the UK’s .

          • TwilitShaymin

            @Major Beauner
            Will you shut up already? As Nintedward already pointed out (but you are too dumb to realise) each country has it’s pros and cons. I’ll be willing to point out some of the bad stuff about Australia if it will shut you up. And stop bashing England. They have wonderful stuff as well. Like awesome candy.

        • Major Beauner

          It doesnt matter anyway, guys! If you live in America or Australia, you will have your Wii U.

          Nintendo is simply punishing England because they dont like their weather or crappy food.

          I dont blame Nintendo for that. Live and Learn, England – or continue to suffer Nintendo’s wrath!! πŸ˜€

        • Amfortas

          The person you are replying to is Australian, as you would have seen if you had bothered to read his reply. That you would automatically point to Americans whenever somebody trashes your country is proof that you’re a bigot.

          The US economy is $15 Trillion GDP, the UK is $2.4 Trillion GDP in US dollars. America might be facing a sovereign debt crisis in the future, but the UK has already had to implement austerity with unsatisfactory results. To say one economy is better than the other ignores that both are facing tough times.

          • Dude


            Seriously? You think that’ll sink in? This is a Wii U message board, not a University campus…

          • Major Beauner

            LOL….austerity isn’t going to save England or Europe. Or America (nothing can save that steaming pile of horseshit!).

            Australia is the greatest advanced economy in the world. America and England should take note of how to run a country. Whenever most Aussies think of England or America, you can see the “shudder” in their eyes, as images of a vast black hole comes to mind.

            Australia is THE premier advanced western nation. We have the lowest government debt in the world, an average income of $62,000 USD p.a, a population of 22 million people with a 1.4 trllion USD GDP economy. We have enough resources to run our country and feed ourselves, long after both America and England implode under the crushing weight of their own impotence!

            All hail, Australia!! Praise be to the greatest, most biggest island in the world!!! πŸ˜€

    • Asiancake

      I know right

      • nintenfan

        says the guy who’s asian…

        • nintenfan

          sorry, didn’t mean that, thought you were replying to major beauner… πŸ™

    • EYEROM


    • Major Beauner

      How come my comment got rated low, but Keath’s comment got rated highly???

      • TwilitShaymin

        Because Keath was saying he was lucky that he doesn’t live there. You were being a complete bitch and saying that England is a bad country. If it wasn’t for England (I’m not going to mention the killings) Australia wouldn’t be what it is today. Be thankful (Besides the killings). You wouldn’t have been born if it wasn’t for them (I’m starting to dislike them because they let you be born). Now shut up and stop advertising Australia like it’s some awesome country. We have major natural disasters almost everywhere, temperatures that reach -4 – 45 degrees celsius or more, the prices for stuff are high when compared to other countries. Have you heard what other countries say in some travel magazines? They say that Australia is full of racists. I blame people like you. I hope you feel proud of yourself that people like you make Australia look like trash. I hope you go into a hole an-
        I should stop talking now. Please shut up. And stop liking your own posts.

        • Major Beauner

          LOL….why do I get the feeling that your Mommy helped you write this post….hahaha!!!

          Yes, if it wasn’t for England, Australia wouldn’t exist. And if it wasn’t for England, America wouldn’t exist. And if it wasn’t for Rome, England wouldn’t exist. Please, leave the history BS out of the picture, and focus on what is real, NOW.

          Australia is probably the luckiest country on Earth right now. That is not conjecture, that is the truth. πŸ˜€

          • TwilitShaymin

            Yet again, you are wrong. I am too angry to argue with you and your stupidness.

    • dr scoobie

      america is the one who bombed japan
      yet we are the ones who get screwed?

      • TheImaj

        AFTER Pearl Harbor..

        • TheImaj

          Thumb down?

          Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese in 1941.
          We bombed Japan in 1945.

  • NintendGo

    Nintendo confirms that Wii U supplies in the UK will be “tight” on launch day. Well the wii u already is tight (not the one that means squeeze or low on supplies)

    • Mr.P

      Haha “Damn! This Wii U is so tight!!” XD
      Ahem -.-
      Yeah. I’m glad I got my preorder in early!

  • gamer101


  • Nintendude

    Poor U.K. Hopefully people who are getting them already have pre-orders.

    • NintendoMan :D

      “Won’t be able to fill all the pre orders”

  • Nintedward .

    That is bad news. They need the stock especially in the run up for xmas!!!!!
    I fail to believe only 25K will be available, Then again The whole of Western Europe is pretty much equal to the gaming market of USA or JP.

    Mine is pre ordered anyway!! My Local Gamestore Tell me ”another person tried to pre order wiiu today and we had to refuse” I hope Nintendo sort this out – they will πŸ™‚

    • That Boing guy

      ” The shortage of Wii U consoles will be so severe that UK retailers won’t be able to fill all the pre-orders…”

      Didn’t read that part did you ?

      • Nintedward .

        My Local Independant Gamestore ”GamesDojo” Has been saying for weeks that loads of people keep asking for wiiu pre orders and he keeps telling them , sorry you have to go elsewhere I have exhausted my supply…

        It’s a shame if there is a shortage , this could potentialy damage the wiiu in the UK in the long Run , But probably will turn out fine.

        • NintendGo

          why would he tell you

          • Nintedward .

            Becuase we speak about games and we both like Nintendo and have wiiu’s pre ordered and are interested , maybe ??

          • Elite

            You make it sound like this should be a private matter. ROFL Its gaming…..

        • That Boing guy

          Having been the first person to preorder doesn’t guarantee you getting one.

          If supplies are indeed limited for any retail store then they might be sold on a first come first serve basis and you might not be the first person at that store.

          • Elite

            Nintedward has been up in this forum for sometime. I am pretty sure he was the first to preorder at his local game shop. Just like i am pretty sure i was the first to preorder at my local bestbuy.

          • Nintedward .

            I’ve just checked. And you’re right it’s first come first serve :(……..

            BUT I’M FIRST ON THE LIST AND MINE IS GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            he has been cut down to 10 wiiu units , and a few people off his store list have had their pre order canceled.

        • Kahhhhyle

          It could go either way it can help them in that people want what they can’t have. On the other hand if there are no wii u’s people might buy the competition… So with both of those factors it prolly equally out to no gain no loss

    • Master Awesomeness

      Oi, you forgot us people down under! When was the last piece of news regarding us…

      • TwilitShaymin

        Shut up. The prices for us have already been released. Be grateful for what you have. Some people seem like spoiled brats.

      • Major Beauner

        Australia is OK. Apparently, Nintendo said they would take 75000 of England’s 100000 Wii U’s and give them to Australia.

        It has been said that Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America are sick of England’s weather and crappy food. So this is their way of letting England know how dissappointed they are. πŸ˜€

        Have no fear, Master Awesomeness – Australia is still the lucky country!!! πŸ˜€

        • Cardcaptor Twi

          Will you stop lying? I am so bloody sick of you. I hope you die in a freaking hole.

  • zonda777

    I thought it was bad enough that it’s coming out later. This is disappointing.


    just thought id drop by and say, i tried the wii u, as im sure, most of you have, and it was AMAZING πŸ™‚ , innovative, versatile, and powerful

    • XxTwinRova

      No spoils. I have not got to rather then look at the display unit at the gamestop I work at

      • NintendoMan :D

        None of my stores have it, but the town I live in is BOOMING and it’s close to one of the most environmentaly friendly cities in America. I WANT tO PLAY A WII U SOOOOOO BAAAADDDLLLYYY!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™

  • Trev

    Man I hope the same isn’t true for the USA since they are launching earlier

    • Castamere

      Well, remember several weeks back when it was reported that Europe might be seeing a shortage of launch consoles because of some manufacturing problems? I think this may be related to that incident. Originally they reported launch would be delayed in the EU, but it looks like instead they’ll have fewer consoles to sell on day one.

  • That Boing guy

    Wow that’s surprising. It was weird to know they would be sold at a loss cause since the beginning the said they weren’t worried about the pricing.

    Now shortages, I wonder if the manufacturing problems they said weren’t that big of a deal were indeed bad.

  • Madmagican

    My condolences UK, all we can hope for now is that there isn’t a shortage in other major gaming countries like Japan and the US to hopefully balance out Nintendo’s initial losses previously revealed

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    UK. I feel sorry for U

  • ledreppe

    I just hope my very early pre-order is in that first 25,000 units, cause I’m gonna be very mad on launch day if it’s not delivered.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Why are they having shortages? I understand that it takes time and money to manufacture those, but they should’ve realized, simply by the amount of preorders, that they must manufacture much more consoles than that! Lots of gamers are on the Hype for Wii U, having so much little stocks is like asking not to sell much!

    • Kahhhhyle

      Its only the UK. Most of the supply was probably routed to NA and Japan, larger markets get more consoles

    • Wighead

      Manufacturing and managing inventory is not an easy task when it comes to complex custom new devices. Building a new plant to compensate for the early manufacturing problems, which probably didn’t allowed them to stockpile as much unit as they wanted to for the launch rush, is not feasible on a short period of time (a few months) and in the long run, when all the plants are running at full capacity, you will be overstocking the devices and losing lots of money if you do so. The problem might also come from one of their supplier who could be unable to provide the number of parts planned in the beginning or it could also be a quality issue of these parts.

  • RoboticLink

    I feel bad for U.K. Maybe all the zombies in london preordered them to see their faces on a game. (Sorry, I just had to).

    Hope that doesn’t happen in North America. (fingers crossed!)

  • Wii U wake me up Nov. 30

    This is BS since nearly every retailer still has at least one type of wii u bundle in stock.

    I preordered mine on amazon on Sept 13

    • Wighead

      Well they probably have a piece of paper stating the amount of console they should receive for launch, as it is unlikely that Nintendo would allow console to run around it the wild one whole month prior launch. So in the end, if they are not shipped or half of it is shipped, then yes there will be a shortage.

      • Wii U wake me up Nov. 30

        I’m still guessing this is the gaming media making stuff up again.

        Nintendo have resorted to showing primetime commercials for the Wii U in the UK and every single shop I have been in has had available pre orders. That doesn’t sound like they are going to run out.

        I don’t really care either way. I trust Amazon…..

    • Wiitarded

      Cancel that pre-order please… Mines also pre-ordered from Amazon and I’d like to increase the odds of getting mine πŸ˜‰

  • harley dawber

    i live in the uk (i preordered my wii u zombiU pack day one of its announcement) so im ok, but i hope everyone else who wants one can get one πŸ™‚

  • NintenBro

    This seals it for me, I’m definitely calling out of work the 18th. First People saying they get screwed in the past by Gamestop with pre-orders (which is where I placed mine), people having issues with Best Buy pre-orders, now The UK shortages? I do t care if I live in the U.S. , I’m calling off and getting to the store early to get my pre-order. I don’t play that, I’m gettin’ mines PERIOD!

  • 7Down

    I’m worried that the case is the same in my country, first there was zombi U pack in every online store I visit and use to compare the prices, noe only one of them is selling it at price of 449€ which seems like a total rip off compared to the other stores.

    I think I’ll check out some other places to see if they’ve deleted the zombiu pack from their lists

  • XxTwinRova

    This is bad. If I didnt get my Pre ordered Wii U Deluxe (which is paid off), Batman Akrham City, Mass Effect 3, Black Ops 2, ZombieU, Mario U, Sonic Racing U, WII U pro controller ( all of which is paid off) here in the US, I would be PISSED

    • Morley94

      Cool story, bro.

  • The Plague

    I remember waiting for Wii’s to show up so I could finally get one in my area. I bought the Wii and Pre Ordered Metroid 3. Ah, the memories….

  • Amherst

    Good hunting, UK gamers.

  • KalebTaylorX

    Oh Well.. I guess I’ll just build a gaming rig instead. At least will be more reliable :T Sorry Wii U/Nintendo.

  • Lush05

    They wouldn’t even have time to play it anyways. With all the running away from zombies, know what I mean? Just kidding you guys, hope you all get your Wii U!

  • Magnus

    Yeah 75000 Consoles at Launch from Microsoft! And 50 percent of it was broken…

  • Smokey cheese

    25k units that seems a very small amount of units. Now call me mr cynical this will create a massive shortage of Wii U’s in the U.K .The media will do its usual hype so all the general buying public will see that the brand new Nintendo system is out of stock in all the shops across the country.
    This will fuel a desire for the consumer to own the unattainable .NIntendo will increase numbers coming into shops during the run up to 25th Dec but still it won’t be enough for every one.Nintendo was accused of engineering a shortage with the Wii the first 2 XMases to increase interest and demand.Like I said I’m being a little cynical maybe out of potential disappointment .

    I have pre ordered from HMV but with only 25K units can’t see me getting a WiiU on day one.

  • Bob

    So its pretty much going to be first come first served kind of thing.

    Thank god I preordered mines right after the announcemnet


    “Pretty much everything you could want in a country”

    Outragous taxation? Medieval broken death inducing NHS? Out of control immigration and “youth” culture riots? CCTV watching you masterbate? The weather is horrendous? Your TV’s are even fricken Licensed and TAXED and regulated by Government.

    On a plus side..CORGIS KICK ASS.

    Sign me up!

  • Johny

    wow… that IS bad news :|.. for nintendo atleast..
    i just hope ill get my wii u i preordered

  • Serious Sam Stone

    I’m not to worried when you consider the amount of GAME and Gamestations that closed down 25K should be ok for people like me who pre ordered.

    Wierdly despite the fact that I pre ordered my Zombi u bundle at my local Argos three weeks after the announcment I was the only one who had pre ordered, what does that mean?

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    My gosh i feel so bad for the UK.

  • theorangefish

    glad to be an austrian because somehow we always have too much of the multimedia stuff. I remember the launch of zelda ss where I just walked into the store and bought it ^^

  • WarioForever

    This article and previous (Nintendo at loss) article are frustrating.

  • TheRvyStar

    They are thinking recklessly


    Game are still taking Pre-Orders for the Wii U
    Guy in the shop was suggesting about trading in my 3ds
    Or ps3 to make it cheaper. I am calm over this , I love
    Nintendo and i will get one but going to be patient this
    Time around πŸ™‚

    • Tobbe

      To trade in is just a bad deal. U get more if u sell it private

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  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I hope there aren’t shortages for too long.

  • jeb

    Β£230 for basic wii-u, where is this? I think you mean Β£250.

  • Major Beauner

    England must suffer for its sins! Nintendo is teaching England a lesson — make your weather better and food less crappy, or else we will cut the Wii U supply to NOTHING!!! πŸ˜€

    • Paul

      go back to sleep your numpty, the uk rules and america sucks ass

      • Major Beauner

        Im not American, im Australian and Australia is far superior to both England and the USA! πŸ˜€

    • TwilitShaymin

      It would behoove you to stay silent and to wait out death in that hole.

      How is it possible to alter the weather? How can someone be so idiotic? And about their food. You aren’t used to other cultures and what they eat. No one is asking for you to eat their food. So stop bashing England. And what sins? Do you even know what that word means? I’m guessing no. Face it. Your dumb.

      Again, stop liking your own posts you pathetic loser.

      • Major Beauner

        LOL…..its pretty obvious you are not Australian and lack a sense of humour. This is probably because you are taking what I am saying personally. And that is probably because you are English. LOL.

        Go back to sleep. πŸ˜€

        All hail Australia – leader and ruler of the Western world!!!

      • Major Beauner

        No one, particularly a young person, in Australia, uses the word “behoove”. That is a very English thing to say.

        Try again buddy!! πŸ˜€

        • Cardcaptor Twi

          No one? Particularly a young person? I am a young person (14) and I just used it. So what if it’s an english word? The words you said are english words. Where do you think the language came from? Why in the world do I have to try again?

          And to go back to your previous comment, there is a difference between a joke and being a bitch. And you were/are being a bitch. I am Australian. How can you tell if I am or not? I am not English. So what if I am? What are you going to do about it?

          Australia is not the ruler of the western world. No country is. They all work together (at least most of them, including Australia) and they are doing well. So what if another country is in crisis? Are you just going to sit back and tease them? It can affect us you know. Like trading and stuff.

  • Major Beauner

    LOL….dude, settle down. Take a few chill pills and have a sleep. It is obvious that the subject matter is causing synaptic breakage in your brain.

    Come back when you feel better! πŸ˜€

  • Mike

    That’s why I ordered on Amazon πŸ˜€