Sep 20th, 2012

Last week, and quite unlike Nintendo, they revealed some Wii U tech specs during the Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. Satoru Iwata proudly said that the Wii U will feature 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB for the OS and 1 GB for games. This is about twice as much as current gen consoles have.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime recently did an interview with Kotaku, where he touched up on the Wii U specs issue, and whether the Wii U is powerful enough to last for years to come. And Reggie certainly believes it is, despite the next round of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which are rumored to be very powerful.

Reggie Wii UReggie said that the Wii U has two things that the Wii doesn’t: powerful HD graphics, and a robust online system. This, according to him, is enough to attract the best from third party developers, and he gave an example with the upcoming Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. But when he was asked whether the Wii U will be powerful enough to run the newest Call of Duty title in four or five years, Reggie was certain, saying:

“We’ve got a system that, based on our review of the world and our architecture, it absolutely’s gonna hold up and bring the best content from third-party for a long, long time”

Reggie also assured gamers that the Wii U will be fully supported with both third party and first party games, unlike the Wii, which didn’t see much action on the games front in the last year or two of its lifetime (besides Zelda: Skyward Sword, of course).

Finally, Reggie said what we’re all thinking: a console’s performance has “absolutely nothing to do with longevity and support”. He gave the example of the GameCube, which was more powerful than the PlayStation 2, yet it lost the battle.

While the Wii U isn’t the all-powerful next-gen system, it certainly is more powerful than today’s consoles, has a much more modern architecture, more RAM, and supports 25 GB discs. The Wii U is also very power efficient, using only 75W during load, according to Nintendo.


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  • Cpt_Cheesepuffs

    If Reggie is confident then I am.

    • Macarony64

      in reggie we trust

      • Lord Carlisle

        Notice how BOTH of the above comments have four dislikes… I conclude there are four PS3/Xbox360 fanboys among us.

        • Joeyperez

          you get dislikes because you are reggie lovers and actually his quite annoying and never gives any definitive answers. and is pretty uncool. I am a huge nintendo fan probably been playing longer than most and reggie makes me think lame.. so i too will give you reggie fan boys a thumbs down..

          nintendo as a company gets 10 thumbs up!

          • Nintenlord

            I thoug fear could not be show in writhen on the internet

          • Grodus

            Reggie haters among us…

          • Christian

            I disagree. Even if we don’t have definite answers from him, we’ve got translators, we’ve got news people that will bring that info to us from Iwata! So don’t go disliking other people just because their Reggie fans. He’s the closest person to Iwata in America we’ve got!

          • Joeyperez

            a do pledge that i am a reggie hater tis true… as he really never has anything worth saying and presentation skills never get me hyped up.. if the nintendo product and character set was not amazing and in fact had to be build up by reggie .. it would epically fail to have any excitement as a company in the USA… i truly believe any one on this site would be a better employee for the big N rather than reggie fils…

            i want to have an E3 that is invigorating exciting and … not consistently mono tone due to the presenter.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            The reason he gives non-definitive answers is because N tells him to keep things under-wraps, when they’re ready to announce something officially they will. I live in the UK so I’m not as familiar with Reggie as I’m sure many of you in North America are but he seems OK to me, I’ve heard people say he’s boring and stuff but am I not correct to say that he is a businessman and not a developer in any way? Oh well, either way, let’s just hope he’s right about this.

          • Arsonist Monkey

            The power of Reggie compels you!
            The power of Reggie compels you!

      • loko34

        sei un folle

      • AKA-Link77

        Lol yah!
        If the Wiiโ„ข can hold up this long then ofcourse the Wii Uโ„ข can! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Jeremy

          The Wii held up for about an hour for me.

    • loko34

      hahahahahahhahahahaha -_- hahahahahhahahaha
      long life….. hahahahahahahahaha -_-

    • MujuraNoKamen

      He better be right about this.
      I’m hearing conflicting reports on how Wii U stands up against current gen hardware. Many arguments against Wii U are so stupid I picked them apart instantly and I know for a fact it’s more powerful than 360 & PS3, the question is, by how much? and how will it far against next gen consoles?

  • NintendGo

    Get better everyday

  • JumpMan

    honestly, i don’t care about the specs. at all. i just care about the amazing games that people are gonna bring to the Wii U! especially the next Zelda and 3D Mario titles! *pees pants of excitement*

    • Shock

      Are you sure that was pee?

  • GirlGamer

    Mindโ€“blowing news Wii U Daily! Awesome company you are Nintendo.

  • LordiMcKill

    Nintendo always builds its consoles to last and that’s a fact.

    • Master Awesomeness

      Wii didn’t last very well.

      • flashdrive

        what are you talking about it is the best console ever and is lasting longer than the gamecube .

      • mr. noodle

        My friend threw his wii at the wall hella hard. It still works perfectly. If you do that to an? Xbox or ps3, well…. they break.

        • Grodus

          Those thing break if you accidently lightly kick them while walking… (exaggeration, relative). While the Wii can be dropped of a cliff and still turn on (exaggeration, relative). All Nintendo products are like that, my 3ds was dropped of a refrigator twice (little kids stealing it taking pics and whatnot) and it still works perfectly fine.

          • Christian

            And a Gameboy survived a tank explosion. Nintendo makes durable consoles.

        • Arsonist Monkey

          I dropped my Gamecube on my head and it knocked me out!

          • blastface

            I used my Wii to bludgeon a burglar. I then plugged it in and played Rune Factory Frontier over his bloody, lifeless body.

  • Lush05

    I’ve noticed that Reggie really loves to use the word ‘robust’

    • WiiUser

      Robust sounds similiar to Rob Us as in charging lots of $$$

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Well he is robust, you have to admit that

  • Mike

    This just has to mean 3 things:
    1) Nintendo has secretly reached a point at which they control 3rd party titles, the same way the 360 did this generation.
    2) Nintendo lied when they said they wouldn’t take losses, they actually made a powerful system that would cost more than 350$, but they are taking losses to get the 350$ price tag.
    3) Nintendo has gotten genius engineers that made custom parts that surpass the parts on which the custom’s are based on, 10 times.

    Otherwise I cannot explain why Reggie would say this, the PS4 and 720 are just (sadly) getting too much hype for what they deserve. Wait, I had to add 1 more point:

    4) Nintendo found out everything about the competitors machines, and it turns out that they are the same console with just better specs, and according to Nintendo’s analysts (Which would be a million times more accurate than these wannabe gamers like Pachter.) those consoles would fail.

    • James

      The next XBox will be living room entertainment aimed.. that is something we can see with the current XBox, and this is something that Microsoft always wanted to conquer. I won’t be surprised if the next XBox will be a PVR. Money will be spent on these feature.

      The next Sony console, won’t be another 500+$ price tag. Sony can’t afford another low purchase like that for several years. So the coming up console won’t have Nvidia graphic (cause those are expensive) or a custom CPU. Also, the gap in increase performance won’t be as big as the PS3 was over the PS2.

      BOTH console will display better graphics than the WiiU, for a simple reason. Even if they had identical specs. The WiiU needs to render to 2 or even 3 screens. That is extremely costly.

      • Tracy

        I don’t understand why the masses are super excited for the ps4 and the 720. What can the possibly do to make it better? It’ll be just like the iphone 5; it’ll be faster, lighter and new. Nothing else. There comes a point where innovation’s more important than graphics are and Nintendo understands this and gives us the Wii U.

        • Armani


        • Sethlaw225

          thats why nintendo has been around for years cuz they know consumers better then most. IDK what Sony gonna do cuz the PS3 was 600 on release day years ago, if they decrease price for PS4 people will question is it that much powerful/better then PS3, also they releasing another PS3 slim Model which makes you wonder are they thinking Nex-Gen.

        • James

          Well of course, I completely agree with you!.
          That is why I’ll b getting the WiiU. I got a PC gaming machine. I am looking, from a console, an experience that I can’t have from the PC. Nintendo consoles always provide this.

          Personally, I don’t care about Media Center stuff.. so the XBox is not a right choice for me, and the PS4 is just a basic gaming console (in terms of innovation). My PC does that, plus I have the XBox 360 controller for PC, so that covers the controls too where some games might be better with it, and has, obviously, better graphics.

          Graphics don’t make a game fun. It helps making a game more enjoyable yes, but once you are at HD stages, the difference isn’t noticeable at some point. The only reason why it is noticeable for PC games, is that you are right in front of the screen, so you see and enjoy the finer details. Also, some people have higher resolution screen than 1920×1080. Anyway,

          I am surprised that people down ranked my post. I just stated the fact, on what to expect from the next consoles. In sum, I just said don’t expect a nigh and day difference, and that innovation in game play experience always triumphs, as this is what is more fun, and sets new standard in gaming entertainment. Obvious example: rumble in controller is now the norm. The N64 made it possible and popularized the idea.

          • yan

            i agree about the rumble feature. on the other hand sega was the first to introduce a screen on the controller and online gaming with dreamcast!

          • CubeClubKiddy

            not being a hater or talking down at anyone, BUT, the best controller i have had the most fun with was a super nintendo controller called SN Programpad… at least i saw it on amazon at

            it had an lcd screen on it but only for button press mapping. you could program your moves or (my favorite) fatalities to one button… the dreamcast came later and had a little more innovation on that note. i still LOVED my programpad! let’s hope that the Wii-U has an “app for that”…

          • yan

            oh cool i didnt know that! i remember DC had mini games, maps, life etc… it was so good!
            nindendo will take it to the next level with wiiU

    • Marq


      5) Reggie works for Nintendo and it’s his job to hype the console and offer rest assurance to consumers and investors.

      This is not saying the Wii U won’t be able to compete with the other next-gen consoles at all. I really hope it does. But we should all know by now to take everything that comes from an employee of Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo with a grain of salt. What, was Reggie supposed to say he has no idea what the PS4 will be capable of and it really could potentially blow Wii U out of the water on a technical level?

    • Jetty

      2) is very logical and more than likely true. This is straight-up education.
      1) and 4) I personally doubt(besides the Pachter part), but in a mass market with rising demand, it’s not ruled out.
      You really got thumbed down?

    • Aaron Barton

      I disagree on all four points lol. I hardly know where to begin. Why assume Nintendo “controls” third parties secretly? How is the 360 doing that, even now? Is this software publishing or Illuminati theories?? lol…I sincerely doubt Nintendo is taking a loss on selling the Wii U. Why must they be taking a loss? The Wii U is “powerful” relatively speaking, but it’s only a modest increase in power over the PS3. Compare pricing!

      Nintendo’s engineers ARE good, but don’t go crazy. This is a box of computer components, and they’re all there to see on paper. Nintendo isn’t paying the same price as a competitor to get TEN TIMES the performance.

      And no way Nintendo knows what new systems will come out. Chances are, MS and Sony haven’t even finalized things themselves yet.

      All this means, at best, is that Nintendo feels that the Wii U has the balls to stay in the game moving forward, unlike the Wii. Most of the times Nintendo has been dominating, they had the most conservative hardware. NES? SNES? Game Boy? It’s all proof that specs truly don’t matter as long as you have “enough”. Wii U has it.

    • rafael

      Wii-u is a quantum computer ๐Ÿ˜›

      (We’re gonna need quantum computation to figure it out the amount of ‘dislikes’ im about to get ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • jeenaud

      they are not gonna be losing money with wii u. console with controller costs
      maximum 250$
      and it still is more powerfull than ps3 and 360 by a huge margin.
      a lot of people overestimate the cost of that controller

    • Ibiexplorer4

      What hype? The PS4 and 720 haven’t even been confirmed yet.


    He only saying that because he hasn’t seen what PS4 can do,Reggie gona poo poo and Wii Wii on his Mario pants when he sees PS4 graphics

    I’M OUT.

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Perhaps your troll would have actually been effective if you hadn’t announced that your a troll. As it is, your opinion is of no consequence. Obviously you are new at this. Don’t quit your day job. You have no future in the business of troll.

    • eddoes

      Funny……i know you cant be serious you actually announced you’re signing out.

    • NintendoGamer

      Does Sony have the money to make a console that powerful? Nope. Plus nobody would buy a $600 console. That’s the truth, bro. Not that I hate Sony, but they simply can’t take the risk.

    • Guhtere

      Good, cause we don’t want you here.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      If the PS4 is going to be so powerful then Sony will price themselves out of the market like at PS3’s launch and with the Vita. I doubt we’ll see PS4 for a while yet as Sony say they’re in no rush to bring out a new console and that developers have only recently tapped into the maximum capabilities of the PS3. And when PS4 does come out (the same could be said for XBox 720 too) there’s a good chance they’ll try and make it a cheaper, more casual console to try and replicate Nintendo’s success with the Wii – let’s see what all the Sony and Microsoft fanboys say to defend that, considering how they always mock Nintendo for being “Kiddy” and “Casual”.


      if u are a sony fanboy, why are u here and i even dont know wat the PS4 will look like

      GET WII U OR GET OUT,oh ur out….F**K OFF

    • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA


      Do you think that PS4 is going to bring more better graphics? Bull Crap. Sony is losing money like crazy. I highly doubt that they will include 2160p into their consoles plus it will cost a lot of money. Predict PS4 will cost. $849.99. You going to pay that?

      • nintendofreak

        this is a nintendo fan webpage what the fuck is a sony fan doing here….is like being anime hater n going to comic con

        • Numerical

          I would actually go to comic con just to piss off anime fans.

    • brian winn jr

      A another sony fag lover ..dude sony sucks monkey balls and always copys nintendo every time sorry truth hurts..get over it troll sony suck and nitendo rocks and that’s a fact

    • Alex

      What the F@$& is wrong with you Sony fan boy, you sound soo stupid.

    • Master Awesomeness

      Tell me, have you seen what a ps4 can do? Nope.

      Just as I thought…

      • Master Awesomeness

        Sorry, that was supposed to go after Sony Lover Boy’s comment.

        • Grodus

          It did. If you replied while the comment was being moderated, sometimes it does that.

    • Jetty

      Lol trolls always lighten up the conversation. The most downed thumbs and responses in one sentence. It would suck if the web had only agreements, but please find better insults.

    • Robert

      And you have seen what the PS4 can do?………….

    • Nko Sekirei

      gtfo u dam troll who lives in his parents basement that plays with his ken dolls and michael bay dolls the only thing here thats stupid is u dude and u make other sony gamers look bad

    • Kahhhhyle

      Ok so guys he disappears for a while and prolly went to troll some other site then he comes back and we all welcome him back with open arms by giving him exactly what he wants

      • SteampunkJedi

        Exactly: ignoring him will bore him and make him leave.

        • Kahhhhyle

          SO WHY DONT WE DO THAT! Lol

    • Ibiexplorer4

      For crying out loud, you’re making playstation fans look bad.

    • Grodus

      Can I borrow your time machine? Because you seem to know the future. Or, maybe you can only *see* the future? When will I die? Wait, you don’t have one and you can’t? GET LOST!

  • Britton

    If I hear one more person after this ask if the WiiU is more powerful than current gen… so help me. This console is going to be amazing.

  • NintendoGamer

    In Nintendo we trust.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Heh. Nice profile pic

  • Allon

    Nintendo is being Nintendo!And I am pretty sure when the 720 and ps4 come out it will be just lil bit weaker!But!The U is going to be able to compete with no problem!Just that controller alone is a game changer!Look at the 1st launch titles!These are they 1st games???Which I call prototypes!And that’s why I have my deluxe reserved and ready!And this is coming from a 5 year Xbox Live gamer!GT ab wii kenobi

  • Swic11

    I really hope this is true, I hope that Nintendo has garnered all of the third party support there is. I will still buy the new Xbox because of halo, but all of the games I love the most will be on the U.

    • xdlugia

      Me and you brother ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jnc

    Lol Hmm. more “powerful” then the consoles that already came out.. and not as “powerful” then the ones that are not out yet..if there was only a word for that.
    But if this is true then i wont have to buy the next xbox or whatever to get good games like i did this time ๐Ÿ™‚ I like this news.


    True, cant wait


    • TheUNation

      Now you’re playing with power!


        U POWER

        • Grodus

          U da man!

          • THAT GAMING GUY

            i know:)

  • Benjamin

    Thats right nintendo4EVER!!!!!


    reggie is a wise man and i believe in his words because he is the president of nintendo america (du’h)
    ps4 cannot be expensive cause it would just kick their own asses big time
    people care about their wallets more thats how the world works.
    and these ps4 720 hypes are just rumors not real facts only ridiculous speculation.
    im not a anti sony guy ( and im going to buy a ps4 also :D) or a xbox hater i love the systems but nintendo owns a special place in my heart and if wii u can run cryengine 3 flawlessly omgomg. i personally dont care about the unreal engine 4 cause cryengine can offer much more but getting side tracked here. to wrap this comment up IM SO F”KING EXCITED!!! :DDDD

    • Collected

      I agree that the hype for the new Sony and Microsoft console is over-the-top. Especially with how quiet those two are in terms of a next generation console (all that is really know is the development names: Durango [xbox] and Orbis [PS4]). That nothing has appeared at E3, Gamescom and very likely nothing at TGS is worrying; especially if they are supposed to arrive some time in 2013.

      But the media rumor mill churns out whatever it half-hears and builds up an expectation that can’t be verified. This is why I’m negative towards the Xbox720/PS4 rumor-mongers because nothing verifiable has been seen from MS and Sony. I haven’t seen a console, a controller, the launch games, a graphical demonstration, new features or anything that can be compared to the rumors. Which is why I don’t take them into much consideration.

      Yet when people come onto this site to troll Nintendo and praise MS/Sony; then call others people fanboys/fangirls they should be aware of the hypocrisy in their statements.

      • Collected


  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man im a Big Gamecube Gamer/Wii Gamer and im really hoping that Nintendo Puts Gamecube Gamez on VC,

    Also, early on in Wii U Daily’s Run i heard that Nintendo Would keep the NES, SNES, N64 Going, and since we have controllers now that don’t hurt ur hands,

    I hope nintendo puts Mario Parties 1 & 3 but, i found it weird that they didn’t put Mario Party 3 on Wii’s VC, MP3 didn’t have any hurt joystic minigames, i should know, i played it on my N64 like a gazillion times, and i have every minigame,
    so wat gives only MP1 had the blister problem and the Wii Classic Controller/Controller Pro had Soft joystics so wats wrong with putting both Games on Wii/Wii U now!

    anyways these are my titles I can’t wait to see on Wii U!
    1) Mario Party 10.
    2) Mario Kart U.
    3) Mario Tennis U.
    4) Mario Baseball U.
    5) Super Mario Galaxy 3.
    6) and lastly Legend of Zelda U.
    So i hope Nintendo puts Gamecube on Wii U’ Been a GCN

    gamer since (2001) 9 yrs old.

    • wii u fan forever

      dude (or girl) me and you? same damn page, MP3 should be there, im just disappointed on how they messed up with MP9 smh, MP on the N64 was the best thing to happen to them , i hope they wont mess up , also conker (or the whole N64roster would be there, ) but your totally right ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Grodus

      I couldn’t stop myself from saying this:
      “gamer since (2001) 9 yrs old.
      That was 11 years ago. Huh? and sorry, dislikers. I HAD too. I HAD TOO!

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I seriously don’t understand why people are so focused on the next $ony and Micro$soft’s consoles. Not even the Wii U has been release yet, let alone the other two. Seriously, what’ll make the Wii U a success are us gamers that’ll buy it and it’s games, and the third-party titles, that are currently overflowing altogether with first-party titles! This awesome start is going to make the Wii U an incredible console regarding the library of titles, and as time passes, the developers will start to discover the Wii U’s true potential. When Ps4 and Xbox 720 launch, the developers will be more used to Nintendo’s console, and won’t stop making game to it. And Nintendo isn’t dumb, if the two new consoles represent a threat, they’ll do something to counter it, something smart that only Nintendo would think of.
    I say, let the PS720 come, Wii U will be an awesome console, no matter how much powerful the other two will be!

    • ei8bitNinty

      Sony right now faced serious financial trouble in their products especially the PLAYSTATION. In fact, it’s a ten year decline for Sony.

      If Sony build a system so powerful, I think this will be the last system of PLAYSTATION and that I am worried. Even Sony bring great games to their system and they’re developers are really good at that. The problem with Sony is bound with their culture. That culture is to give engineers full control to the product. They build New tech to the world, like Blu-Ray and Walkman but that’s not always the case coz most of their new tech have failed to the market. Because of this culture, the Executives and Engineers don’t likely coordinating each other. Sony are in seriously in deep trouble. If Sony didn’t find ways to profit their product. The Company will likely to be fall or buy out.

      I’m not speculating anything. I’m basing my fact to this article: [ ] If you read this, you will know what I mean.

      As for Microsoft XBOX, even they loss a profit to their systems, they always have Microsoft to back it up, coz Microsoft is a billion dollar company. I don’t really like XBOX games, with the exception of Gears of War series and Halo series. Most of their games are PC ports.

      As for Nintendo, they still using the Blue Ocean Strategy, and Wii U mostly likely will succeed.

      • ei8bitNinty

        *Even Sony bring great games to their system and theyโ€™re developers are really good at that, still that won’t save Sony.

  • JC

    We have something that neither Microsoft or Sony has… The REGGIENATOR !!!!

    • Grodus

      REGGIE!! Get REGGIE or get out!

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Sorry, *would keep NES, SNES, & N64 running on Wii U’s VC.*

  • NintenBrony

    well ill be looking forward to the new xbox so i can play core games with friends but wii u will be my main once more deloverops like 2k/rockstar look more into the wii u we will have games like gta 5 imagine it guys the first gta on a nintendo “console” ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nintenjoe64

    Sony will create a $400 console and weld a screen below the analogue sticks on the dual shock and call it a dual shock 4.

    • NoPUNintendo

      Actually, that sounds kinda cool. You know, have a screen below your analogue sticks. Though I figure your thumbs would get in the way. But yeah, the may create a console worth that much. But I’m betting on $300 as the most, they can’t afford another lose.

  • Nano

    Reggie is the man

  • Kahhhhyle

    Can’t say anything for certain until ps4 or Xbox 3 are released

  • Darkmanext

    Just remember this is Nintendo we are talking about 1 of the few companies that has made a console with upgradeable graphics.They always have a trick up there sleeve.I don’t know how many of you remember the N64 between the middle and end of it’s life they came out with with the N64 expansion pack which boosted graphics(google it ). Also there is nothing comfirmed on the other 2 next-gen consoles, just rumors. I love how people are like the WiiU is going to be absolete in a year, when did sony and microsoft say they were releasing at the end of 2013?

    • ZeldaFan5991

      Don’t forget the SNES. Some of the actual games themselves were CPU upgrades.

  • PKUltima

    Nintendo is the only company that can afford to make a super powerful console… so I doubt we will see another PS2-PS3 transition, well besides the Wii and the Wii-U!

    • totesawks

      You’ve heard of Microsoft right ?

      • NoPUNintendo

        PKUltimate and totesawks is right.

        Microsoft COULD make a super powerful console, they are a big company. But remember, they are going for the casual media type of games and gamer now. So, it’s unlikely.

        • NintendoGamer

          Again. Nobody would buy a $600 console.

  • logan7699

    Only First party games push a systems hardware limits.. look at the 360 vrs the PS3.. uncharted and the last of us cant be done on the 360…but skyrim looks the same and less bugs on the 360 version….so if the WiiU matches up with the lowest end then the games will play fine…and if history shows the others are working on there own version of gamepad…so i will buy the WiiU at launch and enjoy the most exclusives games than any system









    I’M OUT


    • darkfox

      UMM no Sony if broke and has always sold at a loss i am very surprised the are even thinking of a PS4, Nintendo is the ONLY company that makes a profit on hardware do your homework did you know that sony is releasing a New TV that goes beyond 1080p and selling it for $30,000 ummm yeah they will be even more broke VERY soon and the ps4 will prob use some of this tech so prices will be insane and X-box does not sell well outside the US there is NO WAY they can afforf to buy a Company that has been around for 100 years (this is true by the way the did not start out a video game company) that has been ALWAYS making profit. Yes the 3ds had a price drop but guess what they still make a profit on every unit sold.

      I’M OUT

      • Kahhhhyle

        You only feed him, just ignore him



      • darkfox

        not a fanboy i read as well as play games that is all


          sorry lad im talking about SONY LOVER BOY

    • Grodus

      He just said the ps1 was 4th generation, bro. he’s wrong, bro.

    • Paul

      i can say now that you will be the first person inline for a wii u noob

    • ei8bitNinty

      Did you know? Sony right now faced serious financial trouble in their products especially the PLAYSTATION. In fact, itโ€™s a ten year decline for Sony.

      If Sony build a system so powerful, I think this will be the last system of PLAYSTATION and that I am worried. Even PLAYSTATION delivered great games and the developers are really good at that, still that wonโ€™t save Sony. The problem with Sony is bound with their culture. That culture is to give engineers full control to the product. They build New tech to the world, like Blu-Ray and Walkman but thatโ€™s not always the case coz most of their new tech have failed to the market. Because of this culture, the Executives and Engineers donโ€™t likely coordinating each other. Sony are in seriously in deep trouble. If Sony didnโ€™t find ways to profit their product. The Company will likely to be fall or buy out.

      Iโ€™m not speculating anything. Iโ€™m basing my fact to this article: [ ] If you read this, you will know what I mean.

      As for Microsoft XBOX, even they loss a profit to their systems, they always have Microsoft to back it up, coz Microsoft is a billion dollar company. I donโ€™t really like XBOX games, with the exception of Gears of War series and Halo series. Most of their games are PC ports.

      As for Nintendo, they still using the Blue Ocean Strategy, and Wii U mostly likely will succeed.




    I’M OUT


    • Kahhhhyle


      • Grodus

        You just did.

        • Kahhhhyle

          I wasn’t talking to him. I was talking to our community. I saw nobody answered him yet and tried to stop it

    • Opheodrys

      I miss PiiOnU! At least he was funny.



    • bearmon2010

      I will answer you.. You sony lover boy.. Sony make a lot of money and what did you get ? Sony console or Sony portable and you are poor and you dont have money for your profit.. See ? Sony dont care about you. GROW UP!

  • darkfox

    I believe that the next ps and xb WILL be more powerful but not by much. Did you know that the ps3 is WAY more powerful than the xb 360 but does that matter NO why you ask the games are almost identical why you ask its because developers are LAYZY they are not going to build the same game from ground up on a diff system that would not be profitable AT ALL! Sooo the U will be out for a two years before the other systems launch xb and ps will get PORTS of 3rd party remember this xb and ps fans. if grafics were everything 3rd parties would ONLY develope for PS3 its about the $$. So Nintendo fans do your part and buy a U at launch (if you can) Lets get that install base high in America, japan wont be an issue since MH3 U and Dragon quest X are launch games and system sellers over there (it like their crack)

  • SteampunkJedi

    I sure hope he’s right, and believe that to be a definite possibility. The Wii was underpowered after a short time, and while first party games could get around that, many third party games were of a rather poor quality. I cannot imagine the gap between the Wii U and the other consoles to be nearly as large as between the Wii and PS360. And graphics wise, being HD is good enough for me. I simply want well-crafted games from developers of all types.

  • Melk

    “Twice as much as current gen consoles have”? Try four times more powerful…

  • Dan

    Yup next gen ps4 n 720 wont be 3x powerful as wii u,,, unless they are dumb and want to lose money again

  • Dan

    Sony and microsoft are the reason studios closing,,, nintendo is the one saving the industry since the beginning

  • Regginator

    All i had to hear was that it can do Unreal Engine 4 and that was confirmed to me not a long while ago by MARK REIN Himself so i dont give a fuck anymore about the other nextgen consoles !!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • NoPUNintendo

      A downgraded scale version of Unreal Engine 4. Which of course, current consoles can’t do anyways. I think graphics such as Unreal Engine 4, should be the last stop for realstic. Games are should stop looking to real, and focus on creating a world that you could only see, on that one disc or downloadable game.

  • Regginator


  • Nintendo new fan

    I have been a fan for both Sony and Microsoft for the last gens and the only gen I realy realy enjoyed was the PS2 gen other than that I only have two or three exclusives is that fair for me as a gamer buying a high price console and not getting good games (except the PS2 wich has alot of great games) I have been tired screw graphics I don’t care nintendo cares about the gamer more than Micro$oft and $ony they only care about graphics and losing money lol

  • Kevin White

    Here’s how I justify my Wii U pre-order:

    โ— comes out November 2012
    โ— plays old Wii games that I never played (I pretty much skipped this generation) โ€“ the Mario Galaxy games, the Zelda games, Metroid Trilogy, Kirby Canvas Curse, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc. (although it pisses me off that you canโ€™t play on the Gamepad or that it doesnโ€™t scale the pixels to a framed 1280 x 960 equivalent on 1080p)
    โ— may have decent โ€œHDโ€ versions of older GC or Wii games released, plus Wii Ware, Wii U Ware, and Virtual Console possibilities (maybe Gamecube VC?)
    โ— will have a year of pretty good third-party games and older third-party ports (Darksiders II, etc.) — (solid system for multi-plat games for a year)
    โ— will have Nintendo exclusive Wii U titles in 2013 and beyond that can only be played on Wii U that I wouldnโ€™t want to miss (particularly first party) so even after XBox 720 comes out the Wii U will be absolutely essential
    โ— have all of 2013 before XBox 720 hits, to play all the above (old Wii, HD versions, Wii/Wii U Ware, VC, Wii U best version third party, and Wii U Nintendo)
    โ— actually have the girlfriend interested in playing Mario (2D but maybe the 3D), the Wii fitness games, and NHL 13 (if they bring it out)

    I don’t care about the PS4. Sony lost me a long time ago. They can release a $200 casual system or a $900 monster and I won’t care.

    I am enjoying my 3DS XL and I play a PC game once in a while.

    But I’ll definitely be pre-ordering the XBOX Surface / Durango / 720 one year from now. The 720 will show the Wii U to be not like the Wii, but more like the Dreamcast of the previous generation power-wise — early and underpowered (except it’ll have a massive installed base and will ultimately be deemed successful). Here’s how the 720 may compare to the Wii U:

    โ— four times the CPU (12 vs 3 pipelines — 2 chips x 6 active cores each)
    โ— four times the in-game / usable RAM (4 vs 1 GB — another eight times jump in memory just like the 360 was)
    โ— four times the GPU (2000 vs 500 GFLOPS — will do DX11 / Unreal 4 instead of DX10 / Unreal 3)
    โ— massive fast attached hard drive + USB 3.0 support
    โ— 24 bit audio w/64 bit processing (vs. 16 bit audio w/32 bit processing)
    โ— reliability issues solved
    โ— XBox 360 backward compatability for great back catalog / HD / possible improvement or upscaling of 360 software

    โ— XBox Surface tablet thing (can play on tablet / watch on tablet?)?
    โ— XBox room projector thing?
    โ— strong stereoscopic 3D TV support out of the box?
    โ— motion control 2.0 (Kinect)?
    โ— possible Oculus Rift Kickstarter support?
    โ— possible higher-than-1080P support (1440p mentioned, maybe 2k)?

    The Wii U may hang in there longer than the Wii (or the Dreamcast) did but there will come a time when multi-platform games will be seriously scaled down or not appear at all. The Wii U is still a great buy (especially for me since I basically played bowling and golf and NOTHING else on the Wii) and I love Nintendo and can’t wait and hope to hell this thing scores big sales and great games but all this piece about the specs is a bit of wishful thinking. Microsoft will be bringing the heavy artillery to the spec sheet wars this June, and it will look like a huge leap in numbers over both the 360 and the Wii U. Happy gaming!

    • Can’t wait for the wii u!!!!!!

      Whereare you getting all of this info about the next Xbox? Cause without any evidence, this is all rubbish.

      • Can’t wait for the wii u!!!!!!

        ^xbox info, not all info

      • Kevin White

        I said “may.” Google “Xbox surface specs.”

        Rumors, market and developer expectations, history, leaked specs, these all point toward something about at this level. Microsoft brings the specs and will bring the specs again.

        For notes about the deficiencies of the Wii U (in particular the CPU), Google “a chat about the power of the wii u koei.”

        The Xbox 360 debuted November 2005 — a full seven years prior to the Wii U… and more than one developer (Koei being the latest) has gone on record as stating that the CPU is in fact *slower* than the 360’s CPU. This isn’t to say it doesn’t have double the RAM, more advanced visual / shader capabilities, or the unique controller, but it is to say that the slow CPU is a challenge and is disappointing.

        I can promise you that the 720 won’t be launching (Nov. 2013?) with a CPU that is slower than the one from eight years prior.

    • Collected

      I really doubt your information (especially with some of no-backwards compatibility rumors floating around), but I do have a question. What is going to be the main game to preorder first for the Xbox 720; because it won’t be Halo and Gears of War. They are releasing around the November and January respectively. Without those two iconic titles as launch games it will rely almost completely on 3rd party exclusives (which they have had a bad track with: bayonetta, bomberman: act zero, etc) and maybe perhaps Forza or a Rare title (really surprised if Rare has anything left in the tank).

      Also if everything is included in this machine (which is unlikely, given Microsoft’s current trends) then the machine will have a price tag not seen since the early days of the PS3. On top of that, the vaunted Xbox live online system will face real challenge next generation as Nintendo and Sony both improve their online systems. Anyway that was all I wanted to say on the matter.

      • Kevin White

        Well, I said nothing about games for the 720, launch or otherwise. Only its specs and power. I don’t know how what’s happening this year with Halo and Gears of War is really relevant to the 720 launch window either.

        The Wii U will be a nice system and I believe it will sell very well and host some memorable and essential games, but my contention is that Reggie’s statements are more fan service and marketing than an honest appraisal of the system’s power. See my other reply above about the Wii U’s CPU woes.

        I also said nothing about the 720’s price or how successful it will ultimately be. It may start at $450 while the Wii U enjoys a price cut to $250 for the deluxe, who knows? It may flop and mark Microsoft’s biggest mis-step and subsequent exit from the console market, who knows? It is my contention though that Microsoft will ENSURE that it truly demolishes the Wii U in the spec sheet battle at E3 2013 — and that games that take advantage of its power will be demonstrably more visually impressive than the Wii U’s games.

        Sony is a wildcard, can’t read them (yes they’ve had some financial troubles but some of those have been overstated and the company still has no trouble developing and releasing $25,000 consumer TVs, they could do anything from no PS4 at all to an unprecedented work of genius PS4).

        If, in 2015 or 2016, the Wii U’s installed base outnumbers the PS4’s and 720’s combined by 5:1, then third-party games may be aimed mostly at the power level of the Wii U. If the other systems dominate, then third-party games may have to be scaled back for the Wii U or may not make the journey at all. Or, some certain control scheme may emerge dominant (room projector? tablet a la Wii U Gamepad / XBOX Surface? Oculus Rift Kickstarter VR? controller-free motion control 2.0?) that could throw things off. Or, another global economic meltdown may render a lot of this meaningless.

        Enjoy the Wii U, I know I will! But be realistic about its power and learn to recognize pandering by guys in suits. It is already slower than the 360 in some respects. I think it would be helpful to think of the Wii U as a Nintendo-branded 360 power-wise, with an intriguing and innovative controller, and with the design genius and intellectual property gold of Nintendo behind it.

      • Collected

        @Kevin White
        whoa, wait this is just speculation on your part. Okay, well your entitled to your opinion on what the Xbox 720 will bring next gen. I must of accidentally interpreted your wishes/console theory as a way for you to somehow brag (which I don’t think you meant to do) about it. So sorry on my part for the potentially rude/sharp rebuttal before (yet I still feel some of what I said has a possibility of truth). Anyway hopefully I seem like less of a fanboy/jackass and yeah Happy gaming.

        • Kevin White

          Not a problem! :o)

    • Paul

      sorry you failed on the xbox version as its fake

      the new xbox will feature a inbuilt anti used game system

      even microsoft have stated that the new console wont be much more powerful than the current 360 model

      also it wont be backwards compatible to the 360 games

      • Kevin White

        Fake like many of the Wii U leaks that turned out to be spot on?

        We shall see. Could you please state your source for the anti-used-game system, and for Microsoft stating that it won’t be much more powerful than the eight (or nine if 2014) year old machine?

      • bearmon2010

        Then what are you doing here ? (sarcasm)

  • Can’t wait for the wii u!!!!!!

    I Hope this is true. I am so tired of looking at a wii u video on YouTube and seeing annoying Xbox and ps3 fans bashing it!! They say it looks like crap when half of the developers have said it looks best on the wii u!!!! I just hope Nintendo proves everyone wrong … Just like with the wii:D

    • ei8bitNinty

      I’m having faith with Nintendo here sir.

  • Dan

    Even if 720 and ps4 ate soooo much powerful, only hardcore gamers will buy it,,, last time i checked,, casual>hardcore in numbers, while WiiU is mainstream!!

  • Paul

    lets hope nintendo gets the top games even when the next xbox and playstation come out

    wii u is all the way as ill pay my ยฃ250 of for console in 2 weeks time then i can buy a few games online

  • Xblade13

    The next Xbox seems to be focused more on other media than games. Playstation will be purely game-oriented. Wii U will be sort of in-between. That means that this next generation each console will be more unique than before. My family will probably get all 3 anyway. I’m a Nintendo junky, my brother likes Playstation, and stepbrother is diehard Xbox. We respect the other’s gaming preferences and sometimes reverse roles. We realize that the console is worthless without the games. The original Xbox without Halo wouldn’t have survived. Same thing with Mario and Nintendo. These faces are who we pay attention to, whether its a mustachioed plumber who jumps on Koopas, a Spartan protecting the galaxy from the Covenant, or even Nathan Drake searching for treasure. It is these faces which we idolize, not the parts in the otherwise pointless box. The message: power doesn’t always matter. It’s okay if a game is powerful graphic-wise, but it should NEVER be the focal point of the game or system. Its how it USES that power that matters.
    (ie: even my PS-favoring brother doesn’t like the Vita.)

    Nintendo- New Super Mario Bros. U for Wii U (It’s like Super Mario World!)
    Playstation- Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix for PS3: includes KH 1 Final Mix, KH REchain of Memories, and the cutscenes from 358/2 Days. (just announced at TGS! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Xbox- Halo 4 for Xbox 360 (More Master Chief!)
    3rd party- Assassin’s Creed 3 for everything ๐Ÿ˜› (Revolutionary War with Assassins!).

  • Havoc87

    all ps3 and 360 fanboys are fags and thats it ๐Ÿ™‚ wii u is here and its bringing the power and pain mouhahaha

    • Lazara The Last

      Now you’re playing with power!

  • Chris

    “But when he was asked whether the Wii U will be powerful enough to run the newest Call of Duty title in four or five years”

    What a stupid question, who knows if anything out today will be able to play a game that comes out 5 years from now.

  • Dustin

    The only way that this system is going to be able to run Call of Duty and other third party franchises in two years (after Microsoft launches) is if Nintendo is able to establish WiiU as the defacto console; which would mean that Call of Duty won’t be taking advantage of the more powerful hardware on the market because the game is built for the least powerful system.

    It is, however, unlikely that Nintendo will be able to establish itself as such a dominant force when their console is priced nearly the same as Microsoft’s next console while Microsoft is able to squeeze over $100 more into the guts of the box because they aren’t selling a tablet.

  • FemmeFatale

    I just hope it can run most games at 1080p and with good anti-aliasing.

  • bearmon2010

    No, I dont trust any companies and anybody at all. I trust myself and in the name of God only. Anyway, I will wait for more 3rd party next year to see if they are telling the truth during PS4 and 720 competitive before I buy Wii U. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Iris

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