Wii U system specsWii U system specs include an IBM CPU and AMD graphics chip. The Wii U specs also feature 1.5 GB of memory, according to the latest reports. While the Wii U system specs are only rumored at this point, several sources have pointed towards the Wii U being about 50% more powerful than current generation consoles. Wii U hardware will be based on modern technologies from IBM and AMD. For developers, the Wii U dev kit includes many of these features, but is also packaged with software tools and libraries.

Full Wii U system specs (unconfirmed)

  • Tri Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip. The CPU features 2 MB cache, 1 MB for Core 0, and 512 KB for cores 1 and 2
  • 2 GB RAM: 1 GB is allocated for games and is shared between the CPU and the GPU, while 1 GB is allocated to the operating system.
  • Custom 40nm AMD GPU with 32 MB embedded eDRAM and unified shader architecture
  • 25 GB Blu-ray based disc
  • 8 / 32 GB internal flash memory
  • Custom, Nintendo-made Wii U operating system that runs on a separate, ARM-based processor.
  • Dedicated 120 MHz audio processor, 6 channel audio for console, 2 channel for controller
  • 512 MB separate on-board flash storage for the OS only


The Wii U CPU is made by IBM, based on its PowerPC CPU architecture, with all new instructions and features tailored for the Wii U system. The IBM Wii U CPU is made at 45nm and is based on the POWER7 architecture, which supports from 4 to 8 cores and 2-4 MB of L3 cache, although there are versions of the CPU with as much as 32 MB of cache. Nintendo has been rumored to use a scaled down CPU with just 3 cores @ 3 GHz, in order to keep power consumption low.

Wii U graphics

Wii U graphics are powered by a newer generation of AMD’s ATI graphics processor (GPU). Little is known about the Wii U graphics chip, but it will be based on AMD’s recent Radeon HD design, and it will be made at 40nm. The graphics and CPU are expected to share the same memory (RAM), but will also include its own frame buffer of 32 MB. The Wii U graphics technology means that this will be the third time Nintendo works with ATI for the console GPU. The Wii U graphics processor has been in development since 2010, according to reports, and it’s based on the Radeon HD 5000 series technology. For more, check out the Wii U GPU page.


Wii U 2 GB of RAM, most likely GDDR4. 1 GB will be available to games, and will be shared by the CPU and graphics chip. In addition, Nintendo has set aside 1 GB of RAM for the operating system alone. The Wii U dev kits reportedly include 3 GB for developers. RAM is a crucial hardware requirement by games, and more RAM generally means the game can load more visual features such as higher resolution textures, larger game worlds, support HD, and so on. Additionally, more Wii U RAM usually means faster loading times in games.

Wii U disc drive

The disc drive in the Wii U will be a custom, high capacity disc design based on the Blu-ray platform. The regular sized 12cm optical discs will store 25 GB per layer, although it’s uncertain if multiple layers will be supported. However, despite the design being based on Blu-Ray and similar technologies, the Wii U will not support Blu-ray nor DVD movie playback. This is because Nintendo believes that most already have hardware to play movies, and that the Wii U is a gaming machine first and foremost. It will be able to stream movies via Netflix and other online services, though.

Flash storage

The Wii U will include 8 GB of internal flash storage, according to initial reports from suppliers. The flash storage will be used for the operating system, save games, apps, and player profiles. Downloadable games, via the Nintendo Network, will be stored using the 8GB of flash memory, however, the Wii U supports external USB hard drives, USB flash drives, and SD cards as well.

  • someSHET

    i like this ūüėÄ … first!

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      • trevian

        I hate rumors

        • TheWholeTruth

          Similar to Xbox 360?
          That can’t be good…. “””RROD!!!!”””

          • james braselton

            no way wii u not xbox 360 xbox 360 4 gb flash has 160 mb/s read speed wii u has 360 mb/s read speed or fast as veloci-raptor 10,000 rpm hard drives

          • Jay

            It’s funny how you have to compare a system that is nearly a decade old with one that is about to come out and the two are not far apart on specs.

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          i dont think u know much about videogames right?? now i know wii u havea bunch of haters….look up information about the wii u is way more powerful than the xbox360 or ps3

          • FKFK FDSF

            Still doesnt mean its going to have any good games.
            enjoy your mario kart.

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      what is wrong about his comment he just likes it. It definitely makes the wii look like a piece of junk.

    • PACMAN

      this is tons of progress for a nintendo home console. Anyone who disagrees is on crack.

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      oh my, i forgotten bout my comment D: i feel stupid D:

  • Smurfman256

    sorry. but the info that you guys got is flat out wrong. The CPU is confimend to be POWER7 based which has FOUR threads per core. also unless you want the console to be the size of a house, there is no way in HELL that there is going to be 1GB of DRAM “embedde in the CPU”. 1GB of 1T-SRAM mabey, but DEFINATELY not IBM eDRAM. Also, since nintendo likes to show off half-powered prototypes the prior year, I would take the RAM count X2.

    • CaptainBuck

      WiiU is a 3.2ghz 16 thread Power 7.
      Huge amount of Embedded DRAM in cpu, i’m guessing 128mb.
      Hearing Radeon 6770 for graphics, would be nice.
      2gb ddr 3, would also be nice.
      HDD option , also would be nice, if USB only then 3.0 would be best!

      • CaptainBuck

        128mb of Embedded is based on some parts that turned up in recent IBM reports detailing their outsourced design efforts for unnamed clients. Wish i hadn’t lost the link upgrading computers. Gotta enable Sync on firefox i guess.

      • 007 1/2

        128 mb is TINY!!!!!!

        • Smurfman256

          128MB of eDRAM is MASSIVE! eDRAM has ludicrously high bandwidth and low latency.

          • james braselton

            yes game companies are realy focusing mass band with lots of games are no longer suporting sony ps3 30 mb/s 5,400 rpm hard drive

        • TexMex134

          LOL noob… 128mb DRAM tiny… hahaha

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            Your a noob for being a noob! Noob!

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    • Smurfman256

      UPDATE: IBM did confirm last year through it’s Watson Twitter feed that it IS POWER7 based.

    • Niko Popov

      Anyone here talking shit about the wii u needs to stfu. Seriously, you people that do are a bunch of bitches.

    • haakon l√łtveot

      With Power7+, ridiculous amounts of cache can be had. (10 mb per cache!)
      But a gigabyte is a bit much.
      Of course this is for the big-iron machines, the type of servers where you can just plug in extra cpus if you need more horsepower. Or just take one out and replace it if something goes wrong with it.

  • akif

    Indeed Smurfman, power7 has 4 threads per core and its AMAZING powerfull.

    • ernestmac13

      How do you think the 720 will stand up against the 720 & the PS4. I have heard software developers are finally impressed enough with Nintendo’s sales with the Wii, & the specs of the Wii U that, they will be releasing games that appeal to hard core gamers. I just hope the Wii U isn’t under powered compared to the PS4 & the 720 so that, it ends up showing some limitations before the other systems. I mean, I am vary surprised at how far they have pushed the graphics thus far, I thought we wouldn’t be seeing this level of graphics until these upcoming systems come out. I think these new systems may be capable of producing graphics indistinguishable from a live HD broadcast. I mean, some of the sports & FPS games are looking more & more life like every day. I hope the Wii U will be capable of 3DHD output, as it would give me a good excuse to buy a glasses free TV, when they start coming out in a few years, lol.

      Thanks for whatever incites you send my way.

      • Madmagican

        First off, we really shouldn’t have to worry about the 720 and ps4 for at least a year-and-a-half so I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Second, I’m thinking the WiiU won’t have 3d hd output simply because the public want for 3D has gone down dramatically since it was recently redone and I feel like it’d be repetitive as well since Nintendo made the 3ds

      • Chris

        You have to remember that the cost of making games is very high, to take full advantage of the systems that are out even now takes money. I doubt most games will look a whole lot different from each other when it comes to the nintendo and the others who will not even be here for over a year.

  • Ser√∂ga

    When Nintendo show the final hardware specs, MS and Sony will make there ships much more powerfull (2x CPU¬īs with 6or8 cores). But will you Pay 1000$/‚ā¨ for a “Gameconsole”?? How about the Games ??what is Sony and MS without Battlefield and CoD ?? Nothing !!

    • PilotPistachio

      Umm I’m pretty sure Sony has a ton of exclusives to keep then afloat…

      • LyingTuna

        Microsoft has halo and…uh…well, there’s…the…other halo games without master chief…

        • TheWholeTruth

          They also have Gears of War.
          But that’s basically it for Xbox Gamers.
          PC based games aren’t selling on Xbox, which is a shame.

          The only PC games that are selling are thoses who are on PS3.

      • james braselton

        hi there sony exclusive becuase sony has vertualy zero fan based when they found out it uses a 30 mb/s hard drive max read speed is unacpable porformance soo sony hard drive too slow even for angry birds

    • SensibleCircle

      I can’t even imagine a gaming console needing that many cores. My computer can barely utilize my quad core i5 to it’s full potential.

  • james braseton

    hi there yes its a power house quad core with 4 threads per core thats 16 threads

  • Pokemon

    Why can’t they add DVD compatablity, it would only add a couple of dollars to the price.

    • Smurfman256

      piracy issues.

      • TheWholeTruth

        ??? Wasn’t Nintendo Wii games the first to get hacked?

        What does anti-piracy issues have anything to do with DVD Movies???

        It doesn’t. Sony had their PS3 with Blu Ray movies and took them like 4 years to know how to hack their games.

        Nintendo will need DVD movies AT THE VERY LEAST.

        Otherwise, nobody will be interested it. It’d be really cheap for Nintendo not to include DVD movies.

        I believe that the Wii U will Include DVD movies and that’s just a false rumour.
        It’d better be.

        • SensibleCircle

          If you don’t have something hooked up to your TV to play DVDs you must have problem. Also, who uses DVDs anymore?

    • robert

      $100.00 Dollers more to the price tag

      • TheWholeTruth

        100$ more on the price tag?
        Um, no, it already has a DVD player to play Wii games.

        • sinni800

          It would mean that they would have to include a DVD and a BluRay license. A DVD license, according to Wikipedia, costs $15-20. This would mean that either nintendos profit goes $15-20 lower or your price goes higher. That’s a lot on a $350 price tag. A BluRay license costs about $10 (less than dvd, huh.) since they remade the costs.

          $25 higher for playing bluray and DVD… Would be okay in my book, but having the Wii U at $375 would probably ward some people off.

          My idea: They could put BluRay support in, technically, but without the license sold with the Wii U. A Nintendo-sold USB dongle could be used to activate those features. This USB dongle would be sold with the license and would cost $30. Isn’t this how Microsoft did it with the first XBox? The remote control activated the DVD support.

    • Ryushi

      Because it’s unnecessary, Nintendo is a company that strongly believes any gaming console should solely intended for just that (with a few minor add-ons, like the Video Chat feature) : Gaming. Honestly so many devices nowadays play DVDs it just isn’t necessary or worth the hassle.

      • Facelord

        Ha, right, their TVii initiative disagrees with you. They’re just being cheap.

        • TheWholeTruth

          Since when it’s not a DVD player?

          It plays Wii games, right? Doesn’t that means it has a DVD player?

        • james braselton

          sony cheap 30 mb/s 5,400 rpm hard drive

    • NintendoGamer

      Because cutting DVD and HDD may mean that they can put a lot of power in the Wii U. Amount of power that they couldn’t have put into the Wii U if it had DVD and HDD. Why? Because ironically, it would have been too expensive.

      • tbpb2010

        Just buy a dvd player for like $10 now? Tape it to the side of your Wii U and BAM!!! Now your Wii U can play DVDs! ūüėÄ

        But seriously I think gaming consoles shouldn’t be bundled with the ability to play DVDs and BDs and stuff, that’s what computers and laptops are for.

        Sure it’s nice to have a flexible piece of gaming hardware but if they took the “extras” out, that would make the console much cheaper (as Nintendo has demonstrated) and give the consumer the OPTION to not have an expensive media reader with their console for people who just want to play games rather than forcing you to have to pay an extra $100-$200 for a feature you might hardly use.

        BUT it would be nice for gaming consoles to have the ability to have add-on services *coughusbplugandplaycough* that allows for external third-party disc drives to be used and work seamlessly with the system’s software/hardware. (without the need for technical modding of course)

        • TheWholeTruth

          By your logic, we should forget about DVD and BR movies and go back to our VSH cassette player for our living room.

          You’re living in a fairytale.

        • sinni800

          For a fact both the Wii and Wii U can read DVDs. They just have no DVD Video player and no license to play videos associated with them.

      • TheWholeTruth

        But when PS3 was released, it was a Blu-Ray Disc ROM Player, meaning that it can play Movies as well.

        Not having DVD movie option simply means that Nintendo locked away that function.

        I’m guessing they’ll be a lot of people that will hack the Wii U just to get DVD movies just like on the Wii.

        Last time, their excuse was that they had GC retro compatibility and it was in the way of the DVD, that the Eye would be forcing too much and be used quickly.
        That forced people to hack their Wiis in order to get DVD movies.
        People will again hack away the new Wii U to make this Function available.
        And by having their Wii U hacked, they’ll unfortunately be prompt to hack games as well….

        Just about anything can play DVD Movies, if the Wii U can’t at least play DVD movies, then I’m not even buying one. Wii need Movies. Netflix won’t cut it.

        We need at least a Quad Core.

        • TheWholeTruth

          Oh, and Nintendo Wii games were hacked the first year of it’s released even if it wasn’t a DVD player, so I doubt that can count has an excuse.

        • 9tails

          So what you’re saying is that you will only buy the Wii U for watching movies on it. That’s what you are saying. You’re saying that you’d only buy the most advanced game console for watching movies… when you can just as easily watch DVDs on the computer you used to post your comments. Do you have any idea how stupid that is? The Wii U doesn’t NEED to be able to play DVD or Blu-ray, because anyone who would want to watch those likely already has something to watch them on! So why force the consumers who don’t want to watch DVDs on their game system to pay more for the system for a feature they don’t want? Your arguement is comparable to one about a person complaining because his wallet doesn’t come with a cup holder. THAT is how rediculous your logic is.

  • sophie

    i dont get it, i thought the wii u is a hands free divice that lets you take your wii everywhare sorr 4 the spelling in class and not suposed to be on laptop

    • Miks

      It’s not a iPad, dumbass. It’s a home console, something you play at home. Sure you can play the console without a TV, but you can’t go out of the house with the tablet. Please, research more, before making incredibly wrong assumptions.

    • Koizito

      The WiiU is a console by itself, it is NOT a new gadget to add to the Wii, it’s an entirely new console!
      The thing is that both the fact they gave so much attention to the gamepad instead of the console itself, and naming it something so similar to the previous generation console makes people think it’s only a new controller when it is not.
      In your place I would try and search a little more about this topic.

    • Ahchoo

      Lololololololol! It’s a home console.

      • ashworth

        haha ur cool

    • 007 1/2

      if ur in class how could u have gone on to this site, probably read the comments up to here, and wrote that comment and that ur in class?

  • Mautaz Nesheiwat

    Disappointed really. I’m happy about a more up to date Zelda, but shame this can’t be a more powerful system. Proprietary discs I can respect, but 8 gigs of internal flash? Atleast External HDDs are usable. One thing I believe they cannot hold back on is memory, they have to atleast push in that little system more memory, the processor is fine, and memory is being shared between the CPU and GPU??? Oh well, whatever it takes to cut costs I guess.
    Technically we’re buying very specific purpose PC’s. If the Wii U is $250, I’ll definitely save up for it.

    • Hammerstabs

      I am disappointed with the 8 gigs of memory. I hope that nintendo will come out with some kind of external hard drive to add on to it. then I will be satisfied.

      • Jyaan

        External USB drive support was confirmed long ago.

    • 007 1/2

      gw the 350$ one is 32 gigs and 2 gigs flash.

      • SteampunkJedi

        Do you mean 2 gigs RAM? The 32 gigs is flash memory, but the 2 gigs is an altogether different type of memory. It’s constantly shifting processing and/or rendering memory, I think. I don’t quite understand RAM, actually.

        • cloud Windfoot Omega

          RAM is random access memory. it can put information in a random allocation where it can look at it for later use. the CPU will use part of the memory and the GPU will use its own part. the two should not cross. the ram is the work desk of the console, the CPU us the brain working on the problems, and the GPU is another brain working on its own part of the desk.

    • haakon

      If external hdds are allowed, that means that you can just go and buy some cheap USB-flash storage thingie, and just use that.

      Or just get a 5$ enclosure and throw in a proper hdd in that. Much better than the PS3’s insistence on using 2.5‚ÄĚ hdds.

      But your point about ram is spot on. It’s dirt cheap, and let us have bigger, better levels, lower loading times, bigger textures, and so much more.
      Merely 4 times what the current generation has is just not enough.

  • james braseton

    i ment game disc

  • james braselton

    hi there matutaz they have not confirmed that wii u will have 8 gb flash storage there a second report a whopping 16 gb flash storage that can be better but xbox 720 will have 8 gb 16 gb 32 gb or 128 gb ssd solid state flash storage yes you can now buy a 128 gb ssd from best buy for only $99 soo large flash storage getting very cheap 256 gb ssd for $199 soo a 32 gb ssd should be optional

    • ernestmac13

      A SSD is a drive made from flash memory, but to the computer or in this case game system, its treated no different than a hard drive. So, if the Wii U has 16GB of internal flash storage, you can add external storage, either as a SSD or a standard hard drive. You can get 3 Terabyte drive for about the same as your 128Gigabyte SSD drive. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t want people using external drives, banned people from Xbox live for modding their systems so they could play media files, only to rip off the idea & update Xbox live to provide this feature. Nintendo was sort of against the idea of people modding their systems, but they realized not everyone who mods their system is ripping off games. So, they didn’t stop companies from selling flash memory card readers, for the NDS. These readers enabled you to play movies, read ebooks, & of course for those so inclined to play back up or pirated games. By enabling the Wii U to use an external Hard Drive, they give us theoretically unlimited storage capacity. Since the Wii can already play media files, it makes since users will be able to download movies, or even copy them to the drive from their computer, & play them on the Wii U. It might even be possible to access more than one USB device at a time, so that one can use a USB memory stick to transfer files from their PC to the hard drive connected to their Wii U. I have to agree with Nintendo’s view on DVD/Blue Ray drives. You can buy a Blue Ray player for $99 or less, & you can even buy a wireless player that streams the video to your TVs. Less & less people are watching content via broadcast, & are watching it via the web. Even cable viewership is down, with sites like Netfilcks & Hulu, people can catch virtually all the programing available on broadcast & cable TV. I may make the leap myself some day soon.

    • 007 1/2

      Can u say “period”?
      i can…

  • Miks

    Why doesn’t Wii U Daily write ”Rumor” in the motherfucking title, Nintendo basically hasn’t confirmed anything, yet Wii U Daily refuses to put ”Rumor/Speculation” anywhere on their rumor articles, that’s unprofessional, and it just damages Nintendo if the article is negative, and a news website exclusively for the Wii U should be concerned about that. I can guarantee that a lot of morons, that don’t really know much about gaming in general, just didn’t get that almost everything on this site is a rumor.

    • 007 1/2

      it says the category after the publish date in most articles.

  • Nerd girl

    I farted in a box of doughnuts and it was more powerful than the Wii U….. Specs to follow.

    • Mike

      You do know that Nintendos has confirmed hardly anything. And countless developers have praised it of being a very, very powerful console. Even Epic would be shocked if it didn’t do well, and after that they applied pressure to MS/Sony to up the anti on their console.
      BTW, WTF are you doing here, if you have nothing good to say about it? Why would you be on a site, dedicated to the Wii U?

      • Nerd girl

        Why would I say anything good when it’s all speculation. I’ll post something conclusive when the system arrives, until then chill out bro.

        • Phil

          Well, Mike is right you know, there has been a lot of praise by developers. And… why are you here?

          • nintendon’t

            Why are you here?!?

      • James

        The Wii U, I believe, will be 2x more powerful than current gen consoles (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3) but then again, when Sony and Microsoft release THEIR next gen consoles it may just beat Nintendo’s. Who knows, though.

    • Fartfic

      You musta killed your PS3, then?

      • 007 1/2

        i get it thats good.

    • Ahchoo


    • ashworth

      u suck

  • Nerd girl

    You shouldn’t start a sentence with and…….

    • name

      and you shouldn’t correct people on grammer

    • sknoff

      Actually, you can start a sentence with and. You criticized his grammar, but the sentence was correct.

      • Daniel Golightly

        Thank you for that. Somebody needs to go back to school, or to stop sending text messages during school.

    • 007 1/2

      it isnt illegal

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  • Josh

    will it support the first wii games or not

    • sikafalen

      yeah it can play regular wii games, not gamecube though

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        it’s sad indeed D= I’ll keep my Wii just for that or retry to find my GC

        • Herox95

          Actually, it will support GameCube titles, but you will need to buy them online.

  • teufel

    Wow, either the author is completely out of the loop, or someone pranked them pretty bad with these specs.

    These are the exact numbers that were debunked months ago. Every number here was in that earlier leak, and some even speculated that the MB was supposed to be Mb which still puts it at an insane number for eDRAM even in bits instead of bytes.

    This article should be pulled or some sort of retraction piece should be written.

  • z3aeem

    5 months that’s really sad -_- . I cant wait .

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      now like 3 months! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE WIN! (I would like to try before…)

  • SeriousGamer

    They should at least add 4gb of ram and maybe a radeon 6850 graphics that would be awesome and enough power to play any game out their with very high detail I hope the employees see this

    • Jeffery02

      I would love 4gb of ram too, but that’s a little overkill. Even computers rarely have need of 4gb of ram and when they do it’s usually because it’s running the OS as well as several programs. For a game system with a minimum OS and only 1 or 2 programs running at a time, then even 1gb is enough. You also have to remember that “leaked” Wii U specs have NEVER shown a ram count below the PS3 and XBox 360 COMBINED. So as far as ram it may be pitiful on a Computer, but for a designated gaming device it’s just about top-of-the-line.

      • Dustii

        My PC has 8GB of system RAM (Plus 2GB across 2 GPUs). I mostly use it to browse the web, a bit of graphics productivity, and sometimes some gaming. It’s just barely enough. If I only had 4 I’d be unable to do anything. Of course. my PC is a multi-tasker, so to say the Wii U or any gaming console needs 8GB of RAM is overkill (in our current state and time that is). 4GB of RAM isn’t pushing it though, as texture sizes are climbing constantly (PC versions of multiplatform games like COD, BF, GTA can use up to 4GB graphics RAM mostly for textures). My guess is that in total the Wii U will have 3 or 4GB of RAM total of differing types. At least 2 for just textures/graphics, and about 1 for the CPU/basic system (it’s not going to need to run Windows or anything, so 1GB is plenty for system, maybe overkill).

        Furthermore, when the other big names (Sony, MS) do release new consoles they will probably have at least 4GB total RAM. Paying attention to patterns of announcement and release, for either company to release a new console by holiday 2013 is farfetched. Microsoft may, but Sony will most likely let hype build for at least a year after their first annoucement of a new console (which may be next E3, so expect a 2014-15 release for ‘PS4’.)

        I could say much more, probably in easier to understand terms, but this is long-winded already, so, this is it for now.

  • Jerm1234

    I hope that we can import music into the console like with Playstation and Xbox

  • nintendon’t

    Yes, and maybe be able to access iTunes… with usb slots, you should be able to connect your iPod.

    • gamerscul9870


  • Sean

    If Nintendo is going to survive as a console making company and not just a software and handheld company, they are gonna have to improve their online infrastructure and not just their hardware. Right now they need to take the good from Xbox Live and PSN then throw some of their own exclusive network goodies like a discount of the month for old Nintendo nostalgia titles. Indie titles are a must as small third party disc based publishing is disappearing due to production costs. One of the best things about console gaming is the ease of use for online play. If Joe Blow or Peggy Sue can’t stick a game in the console and get online in less than 3 minutes then they are probably not gonna be that interested in messing with your device. If your network lags or is down for months then your device is gonna lose market share. DLC is another major component. If a publisher wants to hit a profit margin and increase shelf life they are gonna release DLC. If your network doesn’t easily support this then your losing 3rd party software developers. I’m sure hardware wise it will be fine. Even if it’s weaker than a future Sony or Microsoft console on paper it won’t matter probably until a few years into the other consoles’ shelf life as programmers won’t be familiar enough with the consoles yet to really push them and programmers will have a year or two already under their belts with the Nintendo hardware.

    • Adam Fox

      DLC is a problem, not a solution. All it does is allow publishers to lock content on the actual disc and force folks to pay 99c or do to use it. Why should I have to pay for extra costumes that are on the disk? Or extra characters? Nintendo has been great with REWARDING players with making progress in the games. Look at Super Mario 3D Land for example. You complete the game and get extra levels….not just extra levels but basically a whole new game! You also get to play as Luigi….didn’t charge extra money for that! If it was on PS3 or 360, they would charge a premium. Mario Kart 7 has tons of unlockable things….again, no additional charge. Nintendo sells their hardware cheaper as well as their games. PS3 and Wii were released on the same day in the USA….what sold more?? The high powered Blu-Ray and Linux capable PS3? Or the cheaper, no DVD playback dedicated game console Wii??

      • gamerscul9870


    • Herox95

      Well, the truth is, YES! You can buy retailer or boxed games anywhere! Oh, and there’s a third way: Gift Codes!

  • suomynona

    “8 GB internal flash memory”
    Either the Wii U going to cost 700 dollars, or some silly man is calling storage “memory” again…

  • cheyenne

    I don’t understand why so many people bash Nintendo on rumored specs on a console that hasn’t released yet. And compare it to their competitions consoles that are supposed to come out a year or two from now.. there is no way for Nintendo to predict what Sony or Microsoft is going to use in their future systems. When you buy a new car from 2012 it will be the hottest thing out but by next year a better car will come out. There is no way any company could prevent it..

    • ernestmac13

      I disagree, while its true Nintendo may not be able to prevent MS & Sony from coming out with better systems, they do know that both companies will be locked into the design of their systems by now, or by the time the Wii U is release or shortly there after. So what Nintendo should do is push their system as far as they can, yet keep the price reasonable. So, maybe they don’t go with the fastest greatest GPU, but don’t go with a older slower one, if they can help it. I know a few dollars here & there quickly adds up to an extra $100 or more in the end, so they have to budget carefully. I’ve heard roomers that, MS may actually go with an older GPU & or CPU, & the whole no used games without paying some fee, may vary well doom the 720. Game system manufactures have made mistakes in the past, & have gone belly up, Atari, Colecovision, etc. Many 360 users are still angry over the Red Ring of Death, & may vary well hold off on buying a 720 at first, to see if MS makes the same mistake twice. The fact the 720 may not be backwards compatible may also be a mistake, as many users sell their old systems, to help pay for the new one. Many people didn’t buy the Wii because, they considered it a family/kid’s game system, but now that hard core games will be coming out for it, & the fact on release date, it will have the huge Wii game library, in addition to the Wii U games that come out on the day its released. If Sony’s PS4 is also not backwards compatible, & the fact Nintendo will have close to, if not a year’s head start on Sony & MS, it could make a difference. Needless to say, it will be fun to watch how the different companies perform, who stumbles, & who exceeds expectations.

      • 007 1/2

        sony said the ps4 wont b much more powerful than the ps3.

  • The price

    The price is quite high even though the controller is a mixture of the iPad and the xbox a good price would be 150-200 Pounds (320 Dollars).
    But overall the console and controller are very good I would recommend after a lot of research to get a wii u.
    If the wii u is all its cracked up to be I think it could overtake the Xbox and go further.

    • ernestmac13

      I agree, especially if you consider that, Sony & Microsoft only have a hundred or Sony Go/Kenect games, while Nintendo has over one thousand games, all of which use the wireless Wii controllers which will serve them well with this new wireless controller/pad. Sony & Microsoft are still learning, & just looking at the Nintendo videos for the Wii U, they are the one’s innovating. Nintendo has a history of innovation.

  • CrazyMax134

    I like that wii u has ps3&xbox360 graphics and has better gameplay experience and does not focus on bieng “the powerhouse” of the gen like ps4 and xbox 720! Count me in!

  • Nintenerd

    Honestly it would be cool to have a DVD or Blu-ray playback as using the gamepad touchscreen to control menu items and playback would just be freakin awesome

    • ernestmac13

      You could download a video, have it on an external drive, a memory stick, etc, & use the gamepad in the exact way you describe.

    • Nintendo is da best

      AHEM!!!…..nintendo tvii!

  • LogicalDude

    The Wii U tablet controller should most definitely be a stand-alone device capable of playing smaller downloaded Wii/-U ware on the go. I essence, you would have cool apps like the ipod touch has as well classic cart based games that require little power to use.

    Some people have even said this will be going for 600. Now before you say “THAT’S ABSURD!”, think about a few things. IF (key word) it can do these things, it will be like having an iPod Touch (of unknown capacity) with a 6.2″ screen that you can take with you and play some of those old games, sketch, listen to music, watch movies or take pictures/movies. NOW you get home. “Oh darn, mom/dad/sister/brother/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/roommate/ThatPersonWhoPassedOutOnTheCouchAfterTheShowLastNightWhoStillHasntLeftYet is using the TV. Well, I’m just going to put a game into the Wii-U and head off to my room, cya/GetOutSoon!”.

    Maybe at that point you wont want to play a Wii-U game. Instead you just turn it on, browse your WiiWare and decide you want to play that N64 or GC game that you downloaded from the shop channel (GC games are about 1.6GB from what I remember and you will most likely be able to save that game to your external drive (some digital signature embedded that ties it to that console/user account).

    No more battery searching either! It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery with an as of yet unknown lifespan so YAY! Just leave it plugged in or on that handy dock and you’re made in the shade. This console has the ability to be a beautiful compromise between portable and home gaming. Hey, lets get an official app (or failing that, homebrew) where we can use the accelerometer as a speedometer and put it on the front end of our bikes. Not only do we have the handy speed function, we have video!

    I can’t wait until Halloween when we should know absolutely everything we need to know regarding hardware. I just hope Nintendo releases small developer apps so the Wii-U can have a user based community that can develop and sell apps to Wii-U users like on other devices.

    • 007 1/2


      • Night¬ļ∆íCore

        Dude, chill, the details weren’t out when he commented, aka August

  • GirlGamer

    Stop Going Against Wii U Daily peeps.

    • gamerscul9870

      convince this to user “thewiiusucks”.

  • Mason

    This is definitely a leap in the right direction. Bravo, Nintendo.

  • Herox95

    Woo hoo! Now I can finally convience my brother to stop playing his PS3 and try the Wii U!

    • james braselton

      hi there yes next gen games will not be on ps3 becuase the hard drive dose reach the minium 150 mb/s read write speeds ps3 hard drive is only a 30 mb/s too 50 mb/ read write speeds soo lot of next gen games wont work on a 30 mb/s 5,400 rpm hdd

  • just NINTENDO

    i love wii U i cant wait

  • Wii U rocks

    I want one now…Right now!!!

  • Ass



    How come there is no Ethernet port to connect to the Internet? I have a gaming room in my basement surrounded by cement and my wireless connection is not very good down there. I run 50ft cat5’s for a wired connection to my man cave. How am I going to get a good connection to play Black Ops2 using wireless?

    • Night¬ļ∆íCore


      1. Run a cable down into your basement.
      2. Plug it into a router IN the basement.
      3. Done.

    • james braselton

      dont care as long you have good internet speed i belive cat 5 cable has a 1.5 gb/s conetion bandwith oh by the way new games reqier 150 mb/s read write data drive storage reqiered mandate starting in 2015

  • joao peedro

    Nintendo should change this WiiU name..Some years ago they said that every generation they will make something different and change names to show this difference..But that didnt happened, everybody will think that WiiU is just a controller…And guys tell me something please,is the WiiU graphics better than PS3 or Xbox360? Because if itsnt,i wont buy it….

    • 007 1/2

      it definitely is

    • Lazara the Last

      It’s next-gen, so yes. It will be on line with 720 ps4

    • gamerscul9870

      come on it’s near real and hd!

  • james braselton

    hi there get the primium for $349 and you get a whopping 32 gb of internal flash storage

    • gamerscul9870


  • Lazara The Last

    Wii U Daily, you should update this site now that we know the specs ;D

  • Dan

    Yup, 2G of RAM!!! 1 for games, 1 for OS,,,,,

  • Benjamin

    I think game playing had it. not the specs….

  • poop

    wii u makes me poop for joy

    • Night¬ļ∆íCore

      No comment

    • joesatmoes

      …if that, in your mind, is a good thing, then… im glad u like it… im walk [scroll] away now……

  • t4rds

    lol @ all the retards here ;>

    • Night¬ļ∆íCore

      Please call us “Nintendards”, we are different to you average retards ūüėõ

      • joesatmoes

        Yeah- cuz unlike t4rds, we care for a GOOD console… not the fucking Gaystation or Xsux

  • D2K

    This says that it has 512MB dedicated RAM to the OS, and another 1GB of RAM for the OS. Does that mean the Wii U OS requires 1.5GB of RAM?

  • LyingTuna

    The wait is killing me… I just reached the amount of money I need for everything I preordered… School is boring me with its repetitiveness… My Wii and Xbox 360 upset me, as neither is a Wii U… Hell, every time I get on my Wii, Nintendo Channel is there, showing off the Wii U! I want to play ZombiU and Nintendo Land!!! But all I can do is watch YouTube videos of them! I am so frustrated with the wait! I will be there, midnight, and I will ditch all of my obligations that day (I don’t like church, so whatever…), and I will love it!!! However, one thing is all good about it: when I am up at my local GameStop, a few friends by my side, the sheer anticipation I will be feeling will be wonderful!

    • LyingTuna

      Well, a month has passed since I posted that comment, and I only just found out that my GameStop isn’t doing a midnight launch… Well, that’s disappointing. My wait is 10 hours longer!

      • B√∂genStolt

        well be glad that your not living in eu :/ i need to wait 8 days ….and the site says it is the 21 but noo it is 22th in sweden ūüėÄ ..but any way i relly want the wii u now !!

    • gamerscul9870

      wait, if you’re on your wii, how come you have zombi u or nintendo land when the wii u wasn’t launched yet?

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    guyz its not about the graphics and specs, its about the AMAZING things nintendo is hiding from us, like awesome games and awesome updates. the wii u will be learned to be used at its full power sometime in the future, so dont worry about that! also, there could be crossplay with wii u and 3ds. think about it. theres no WAY the wii u will fail in graphics. c:

  • VectorAKA

    Does need an update…but exact specs aren’t actually out…will have to wait for release when someone can take it apart and REALLY examine the chips.

    CAN”T WAIT!!!

  • james braselton

    yeah 8 gb 2 hd movies 32 gb holds 5 movies 300 songs 300 apps

    • Connect a 2tb hard drive and, HOLY CRAP LOTS A MOVIES AND GAMES!!!!

  • what?

    if this is accurate (i am certain that it is not, no way) that is weaksauce. my computer is barely midgrade and it demolishes that, and i understand that my computer has a much larger amount of overhead, but as i have seen said elsewhere, that thing looks like a 3 or 4 year old midgrade that is missing allot of memory. and when i say memory i mean ram, not storage. stop calling storage memory, you know who you are.

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  • Matt

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  • xbox360blue

    Blu-ray based disk? Will Nintendo surprise the whe world by down loading an app or update free of charged to give it the drivers to just pop a Bly-Ray movie and watch from the Wii-U?

    • ¬†Oh god, why do people speak without knowing anything. Firstly, in your hopinion how could nintendo manage to get bluray disk rights if they belong to Sony, on of their prime competitors, and second, the Blu-Ray disk is an hardware and it requires a specific hardware to work, not to say one that can ready BluRay, so you can’t turn your reader into a bluray reader with a fucking update.

      • Jared Rodriguez

        Well, the original Wii was able to play DVDs with hacking because it had a modified version of the same tech with the same codes needed, just Nintendo didn’t use it for anything. It’s probably the same with Wii U if it has the codes for Blu-Ray.

      • jasonxoc

        why do you think sony “owns” blue-ray?¬†

        • Because they CREATED the Blu-Ray disc. They made it in competition with HD-DVD

  • A


  • A


    • A


  • Mr know it all

    You piss3 & shitbox360 fanboys are going to be so DISAPPOINTED when you find out the specs of the NEW gaming systems that come out in the next 2 years, ;-(( LOL XD


    These are all rumors actually the wii is gonna be based on a 3ghz cpu not 3.2 like many are saying and there is no way in hell its gonna have 3 gigs of ram Limaniski said during our run in Japan that the wii u will only have 1.5 gigs of ram combined which will br sheard and and its gonna be based on the older ddr2 memory. You guys are gonna be so disapointed come next week. Oh yeah its not gonna have a blue ray drive like many are saying just a regular dvd rom drive, and there is not gonna be any movie playback except for netflix. I myself feel very disapointed cause i’m a big nintendo fan and really wanted to see the wii u compete with the PS4 and 720, its gonna be like deja vu all over again i personally will buy one just not anytime soon, But you know what i think this may nintendo’s last console nintendo may just be like sega and be a sofware company i personally believe that nintendo is gonna fail with the wii u. Just like how the 3Ds is really low on sales right now so much nintendo is keeping it secret. Trust me the PS4 and 720 will be light years ahead of the wii u. Its gonna be like the dreamcast and die early RIP nintendo.

    • Dan

      Proper name u have

    • gaminggrandinformed

      dude what are u smoking nintendo sood more wii than ps3 and xbox 360 combined do any of u even look at a gamers magazine wii u sold 4 million in the first fricking week nintendo is the most succesful gamming company in the fricking world fools

  • roflplatypus

    notice how much the wii u fails ompared to gaming pc’s. also, in 5 years when nintendo makes a new one, wait until we see how puny its specs are.

  • William R. Cousert

    Looks nice, but why so little RAM? Memory is cheap.

  • pepe

    who care llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..snk neo geo

  • xxx

    No blue ray, no dvd kinda sucks as i use my consoles to watch PORN. So i guess i just hold onto my old xbox.

  • iSmellLikeShit

    Wii U is going to be powerful.

  • here

    We are a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with useful information to work on. You have done a formidable task and our entire neighborhood might be thankful to you.

  • B√∂genStolt

    HI all, I just want to say I can not wait until the wii u be released in the EU on 30 november .. I really do not care about if you can play the music on your console or watch the movie, I mean I have a DVD and a TV if I want to watch movies, and if I have to play music, I have an mp3 or my phone to listen to … I want wii u only because I have all my friends there since I was in the first grade and I’m 18 years old now and we are like twenty … so wii u is perfektt for me anyway it could be several pieces players and it’s a TV console that is designed to only play on and the new control will certainly xbox or ps mimic in any case they ‘ve done with everything else I have a 360 and I can usualy say I’m so bored of it now that it feels like I’m buying wii u only because it’s the new console released seven years ago to go back … and it best of wii consoles is that they really do not like xbox and plywood .. is that they do no less small consoles that damn others do every 3 months … I think that wii wii u if it will be only one of them and I like that! : D

    • gamerscul9870

      6 years ago actually!

  • Nintendo is done. Now looks at the TRUE power of the Wii U! http://www.ign.com/articles/20

    I knew something was up with it’s low power wand desolate motherboard! You can’t fool me!

  • Put a verson of windows on it XD

  • Luke Light Speed Todd

    What the heck have all of you come to? Nowadays the only thing that you guys think that makes a good console is graphics and processors. What about the game librairy. Power is imporatnt but if there is anything that Nintendo has taught us it is that you dont need the best and most powerful console to make a great game. What about gameplay and the games actually being fun to play? Thats why alongside my FPS’s I also play other types of games. The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Ratchet and Clank, and yes even Kingdom Hearts alongside Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and Halo. If people could more open minded about games then maybe you all would be abe to appreciate a good game when it is fucking sitting right in fromt of you.

    • You worry about what YOU like while real gamers who like modern technology worry about the real deal.

      • bod11

        Well I don’t see anything wrong with his comment as I am sure a lot of people reading this forum would agree. And what real gamers are you¬†referring¬†to, because I would love for you to enlighten me on exactly what your background history on gaming is, only because this comment seems to be coming from an ignorant prick who may indulge in a “fast pace modern day shooter” that is most likely extremely repetitive and I also may add only one game style. So just tell me what you¬†consider¬†to be a real gamer, because I am a real gamer. And I, being an extremely experienced gamer, know that it is not only modern technology that is flooding the market, it is small company¬†independent¬†gaming that brings a new twist to the market. Like cave story, dwarf fortress and minecraft. But it is the overwhelming NEW population of common stupid asshole “gamers” who are like “ooh I like cool graphics me dumb dumb and need super tutorials to teach me how to push a/x to jump” who flood the market with poorly made and uninteresting games that only try to push the limits of graphics. This allows gaming companies to get lazy and just release the same games over and over with slightly better graphics. If I wanted that I would go watch Avatar. It’s not use of modern technology that makes a good game, but innovation. A game can look as pretty as it wants, but I am looking for something that¬†intrigues¬†me.

        -Regards, Your avid “Real Gamer”
        PS: If you didn’t get it you are an asshole please get off this forum

        • I can comment on anything that i’d like, I am not paid to spread propaganda, I tell it like it is.

          First, I don’t like firs person shoots, I like 3rd person shooters. ¬†Second, my gaming back ground goes way back! ¬†While I did not have it, people I knew had Atari or Odyssey. ¬†I played in the arcade in the early 80’s as a young child which is when I noticed that the company called Nintendo had the nicest cabinets and made the games that most attracted me. ¬†In fact, the arcade machines is where I noticed the different game makers and their styles.

          Our first system was one called Vectrex. ¬†Our mother got that only because it had it’s own screen and she did not want us playing games on the TV for an odd fear of burn-in. ¬†After a while, I was able to get my own TV and then friends told me about the NES. ¬†I got it about a year after it came out as it was too expensive for me. ¬†I loved Nintendo like the rest of the nation and the world ¬†They were the ONLY place you wanted to game, besides the superior arcades!

          I bought or played practically all of the major Nintendo titles and I used to complete them all in record time.  I like the covers of the games too and now I know why they made them so nice Рto cover up the graphics!

          From there I bought a Genesis after I figured out what 16-bit was!  I was always pursuing any system that could give me the exact graphics of the arcade machines.  Sega bragged that the Genesis was 16-bit like the arcade.  It was, but it did not have everything else the arcades had!   Genesis was good, but I knew something was lacking, like colors.  That is where the SNES came into the picture.

          Once that came out, I thought that Nintendo was doing the right thing with games and Sega was not going all out.  I know, it is hard for you to believe that I once loved Nintendo and did not want to hear about others.  The SNES was a machine with games that goes in the hall of fame!

          From there, it was the Sega CD, but I returned that as it sucked. ¬†Then the Sega 32X, but I never got that because I did not see a real difference, not did I see 32-bit graphics. ¬†I then bought the Sega Saturn. ¬†That was a mistake and since I made the wrong move, I did not buy a PS or an N64. ¬†I played other people’s systems. ¬†I thought that the PS was too pixally and the N64 was not strong enough.

          I then went for the Dreamcast and I thought that system was PERFECT! Too bad that went out.  I fear the same thing will happen to the Wii U.  I also sat out the PS2 generation and went to PC gaming and I loved that.  I played Madden online, GTA and everything!  

          When the 360 came out, I was not going to get it because the first batch of games did not shock my mind.  The Madden for it got me thinking about it, but after the Dreamcast and the PC, I still wanted more out of sports games graphically.  I still do.  I think it was Fight Night Round 3 that got me into the 360 and my search for more HD.  That game and Dead Rising made me get the 360.

          I also know a lot about computers so I do not come talking as a young child or a console only person, I have a history!  I was in the thick of it from the start of the NES times.  

          • Donald, though you are entitled to your opinion, I think the choice to try to speak for all “real gamers” was completely off base. I’m only 22, but I played on the NES and SNES when I was growing up. I don’t really think experience is such a big deal, as much as understanding and appreciating a real gaming experience, verses placing value solely on¬†aesthetic advances.¬†¬†

            What makes the old games so great was that they were able to submerge a gamer into a world of adventure with primitive technology; nowadays it seems we have it ass-backwards. Have you ever played the original Dungeon Crawl? I play the shit out of that game and prefer it to the gaming experience of say, Skyrim (even though I do like Skyrim!). Wanna see the kick-ass graphics it uses to represent the main character? —-> “@”¬† ¬† There. That’s it. The “at sign”. I could play that game for hours.¬†

            Now don’t get me wrong, I love some of the new games, Team Fortress is one of my favorites, Limbo is very creative in it’s simplicity, and Boarderlands (1&2) is pretty sick! My point is, (I guess) is that deeming a video game good or bad based on the technology makes for a pretty weak criteria.¬†

            I will add on a personal note, referencing Madden to back up you claim as being a “real gamer” does not help your case. Could be because I’m a girl and, will never understand how Madden (which I understand that the NFL owns all rights to football games) can keep regurgetating the same shit with different pixeled players can still hold a following, but eh. xD

            We all have one thing in common though, we love games!

          • Aesthetics go hand and hand with technology. As we adv into the future of our current age (The Tech age) the technology with the best aesthetics will win. When i built my PC the looks of the design may not have been my concern but the quality of my games were. It can be the AA, video quality (8k/4k/2k ect.) or it could be the FPS (Frames per second) they are all still aesthetics. People may say the Aesthetics don’t matter to them like in the case of minecraft but i can promise you few to no ppl will enjoy a game running 0-10fps.¬†

            Point is that when a gamer says looks don’t matter they are either lying or they have yet to exp what low fps feels like. I enjoy my games but they can only be enjoyed if they are running smooth and when the details in the characters faces or actions are more real it is easier for us as humans to be drawn into the story.

          • ¬†First, you grew up playing the NES and the SNES when they were long played out, so that does not count.¬† Stop trying to be down in times that were not yours.¬† Second, you are a female, so I must dismiss any game knowledge that you have from that alone.

          • Kolton Coats

            Why’re you trying to troll on this? You’re just coming off as an ignorant asshole.

          • ¬†Definition of IGNORANT
            a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified Now learn the words that you use before you use them.

          • Brian O’Neill

            What a douche.

          • jasonxoc

            sweet jesus man there’s not enough space on the ps3, xbox or the wii-u to hold the size of that novel you keyed out

        • thewiiusucks

          i get it you want to have a 3 way with Mario and Luigi. your a dirty little homo that dosent realize that its hardware is 6 years old and outdated. keep on swallowing Nintendos load.  they know idiots like you will keep on paying for it but wipe your face its dripping down your chin.

          • jasonxoc

            the way you write you know a thing or three about taking loads

      • Brian O’Neill

        Lol real gamers like you, huh? Technology is what makes a great game?? You sound pretty clueless.

        • ¬†Do you propose making SNES games on new systems?¬† That’s what Nintendo does with those Mario games.¬† That is why the Wii U did not sell well.

    • thewiiusucks

      you like wii you like number 1 and number 2. they should call the wii u poo ew. its outdated trash a kids toy so go cry on your teddy bear bitch.

      • Jared Rodriguez

        What would you¬†prefer¬†to game on? The Wii U is freaking next-gen. It can do much better graphics than Xbox and PS3. Here’s a shocking fact: your version of Call of Doo-doo on your Crapbox-360 is inferior. It runs at 30 frames per second, whereas the Wii U runs at 60 frames, and it’s FULL HD at 1080p, when other versions are just 480p stretched to 720p. Get your facts straight, kid.

        • LOL well said

        • Niz Love


          • Jared Rodriguez

            YOU DON’T HAVE TO TYPE LIKE THIS YOU KNOW. Calm down. I can’t believe you have to resort to a more-than decade old ¬†Sega slogan.

          • jasonxoc

            there’s soooooooooo much more that goes into assessing possibility and power than the name of the brand of cpu… I’d be willing to bet both testicles that you couldn’t tell me one single distinction between them when there are in fact so many, it’s insane.¬†

            To say that, you’d be saying that IBM has made zero improvements to their chips in 7 years and that’s asinine.¬†

            I’ll look to the devs to start either complaining or praising the hardware… not internet tards who graduated from the double-wide institute of idiocy for my knowledge.¬†

          • ¬†They already started complaining.¬† GTA V won’t come to Wii U.

  • REG_2010

    the hardware is already outdated lol…

    • jasonxoc

      what makes you say that? 

  • thewiiusucks

    the wii u is trash the only ppl who will like this are fanboys ¬†. you can say what ever you like about a game library but the tech is out dated so devs are not ¬†gonna make shit fot the wii u the ppl ¬†liked the wii were kids and the elderly this system¬†isn’t¬†for gamers.

    • jasonxoc

      I havn’t seen one dev complain about the wii-u hardware… just internet idiots…¬†

      • ¬†A system that is more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360 is out dated trash?¬† That is news to me.

  • Was thinking about getting a Wii U but it seems crazy overpriced. It has a bluray drive that doesn’t play blurays or dvds movies? wtf

  • gamerscul9870

    It’s this user- thewiiusucks

  • gamerscul9870

    user “thewiiusucks” needs to livein the apocalypse!

  • Just wondering if I have a movie on a flash drive will I be able to play it on my WiiU?

  • Why has this not been updated? The CPU has been confirmed by someone actually getting into the system to be a triple core 1.24GHZ chip.

  • gaminggrandinformed

    i own a wii u and its games look much better than either system owed to its better gpu and more ram making more details possibble and loading pixels faster cpu is not as great but it isnt much less powerful than current but it has faster transfer rates due to its design its right next to gpu in one same board so faster comunication means less lag diff between the two chips easly making cpu equivelent to current systems along with better shader and gpu id put wii u at about 38% more powerful than current systems and in my opinion it is noticeable mostley in visuals were the alas is far better do to gpu and shader cpu is slightly slower but with its positioning it acuttaly has faster commnication between chips but other than just design wii u is a blast of fun and games look amasing even simple ports especially on ninja giaden razors edge if you dont belive pick up a copy of it and see for your self