Sep 22nd, 2012

The Wii U will launch in two flavors: one with 8 GB internal flash storage and one with 32 GB. For those who need more, they can attach any USB hard drive to store their game downloads and data. Now Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U will support hard drives of up to 3 TB in capacity.

Wii U hard driveThe news was revealed by Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime in a message to fans. And if you find external hard drives to large and bulky for your Wii U, you can use SD and SDHC memory cards with up to 32 GB of storage. The Wii U has a built-in SD card slot behind the front cover, right next to two USB 2.0 ports.

Nintendo seems to have the right approach when it comes to storage. Including a large hard drive or a lot of flash memory would increase the price of the consoles. Instead, Nintendo offers consumers to add any hard drive or memory card to their Wii U and easily expand storage.

Since memory is so cheap these days (you can get a 16 GB flash drive for under $10 bucks), it’s hard to see any Wii U owner running out of storage any time soon. Still, not everyone is convinced Nintendo’s approach will work. Analyst Michael Pachter expressed some concern over a lack of hard drive in the Wii U.

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  • Micky II

    SAVE ALL THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!

    • Jetty


      • somebody


        • theorangefish

          It was a mistake to make the system without an HDD because it will be a hackers paradise! Everything on the external storage will be copied and will land on the internet. Don’t hate me! You now this is the truth!

          • Madmagican

            You realize how long converting a Wii U game would take? It took over two years to get a solid 3ds emulator. Plus, downloading 25 gig would take something around 15 hours on your average computer…. you really think your average hacker’s gonna take the time to upload, download, rewrite codes, etc.?

          • TheWholeTruth

            Well, it didn’t saved Xbox from being hacked despite them using their own HDD that you need to buy from them.

            I doubt Vita cards will be protected as well. And they also cost a lot.

            Eventually, everything gets hacked. But that doesn’t mean you should go with hacked material instead of actually buying the games.
            I think this is a smart move on Nintendo’s part, that way they we don’t need to pay for overly expensive material we may already have.

          • Atstyle

            TO Madmagician:

            Up to this day there are no 3ds emulator availaible on the net. 3ds hasn’t been hacked(yet). Hell, roms themselves haven’t been decrypted yet…

          • Aconcernedreader


          • Vinke

            You are right.. Hackers will have a big party…

        • TheWholeTruth

          PS3 can only support 500Gb external HDDs, but not higher than that.
          They can, however, support any size Internal HDD may it be 1Tb or higher.

          A bit disappointed for the lack of USB 3.0.
          All USB 2.0 are compatible on USB 3.0, the only difference is that it can support a higher bit rate transfer (up to 35Mbps, I believe).
          The only difference that would have made is that it would have greatly shorted the time it takes to upload and download a game back and forth from an External HDD to the internal memory.

          However, USB 3.0 are more expensive. And I think people would prefer having a bigger Core Processor than the Memory transfer rate of games.

          I was also hoping for a slot to install an Internal HDD…
          Can the Wii U still support internal HDDs?
          Last time I checked it was supposed to be able to support internal hdds, but now I’m not too sure..

      • XENAJA

        THAT’S OK FOR ME

      • Master Awesomeness

        Right now, Nintendo is my god.

      • Lusunup

        Ok sorry guy but i need an answer because cha cha sucks ass I pre order the wii u white put gamestop told me that they are soon getting more deluxe sets and I want that put i preordered a game and I think i dont have a enough money to get the black one I have $375 is it enough for taxes?

    • revolution5268

      well said^

      • garic

        Its kinda disapointing that wii u dosent support usb 3.0. A 5 year old technology… Well thats okay were just intrested in the games.

        • Captain Potato

          Tell me…what supports usb 3.0? Oh…that’s right…NEW PCs with hardware that will support it! Douche! Talk about Beta Max relived…..

          • Smitty

            beta max was a failed format like hdvd, how is that the same as a new itteration of usb technology?

          • Captain Potato

            Beta Max was better technologically, but VHS just went viral…hence Beta Max failing!

        • Kav

          it can be a 40 year old technology, but its more expensive and we dont need it.

    • *.*

      Im a chicken dipper in full flight!

    • dr scoobie

      im assuming that we can use any hard drive so unlike microsoft
      buying a memory card or an external harddrive wont cost
      Β£off the charts

  • xzxAndrosxzx

    better than buying a xbox 360 for 300$ and getting 4 gigs of space with a crappy kenect, that only has like 6 games in the store


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      • mike

        Why are you still here?

        • AKA-Link77

          Lol “[comment downvoted into oblivion]”
          i hope him and his email got banned!
          If so: “Bye Lucifag!” πŸ˜€

          • frank

            Can someone please tell me what he said, so that I may smile at his stupidity?

          • Game Master

            Lol β€œcomment downvoted into oblivion”

            At first I was thinking who is this retarded troll, then I looked up and saw the name.

      • Nintedward.

        Wii + PS3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>xbox 360 .

        • ZombieGuns

          Why do you have to reply to this retarded troll every time he posts something. Get a life.

          • Nintedward.

            I have replied to this guy 3 times before . What’s your problem , meg ?

        • Watch_Dogs

          Nintendo Fanboy: Wii > PS3 + Xbox
          Sony Fanboy: PS3 > Xbox + Wii
          Microsoft Fanboy: Xbox > PS3 + Wii

          True Gamer: Wii = Xbox = PS3 = PC
          We Are Gamers, We Play Everything!

          • NintendoGamer

            Oh, so now I am not a real gamer just because I PREFER the PS3 over the 360? There it goes the right to have an opinion.

          • THAT GAMING GUY


          • MEJM

            Well, if I had the money, I would buy every console there is.
            But I have to choose, so I will focus on the Wii U and get non-Wii U games later on PC.

          • Chris

            Well said good sir.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Here’s a realistic equation.
            PS3 and Wii U = awesome.

            As for Xbox 360, why would I even need to pay for a Gold subscription to get access to free to access apps?

            When you go on the Xbox Live wikipedia page, there’s a chart that compares what the free Xbox Live offers compared to the Gold version in all apps Globally.
            Now, it looks impressive, but, if you were to make a new category that would named “anything else”, you would realise that anything else can do exactly the same things, for free…

            They charge for Facebook and Youtube.
            Why? What for?
            They say that Xbox Live is like driving a ferrari, but the thing is they haven’t seen what being done on other consoles. Sure, PS2 was lame on the online experience, and Wii could have been better, but the Wii U will have all the basic functions and more (than what PS3 had at the beginning).

            Sure, when the Wii U launches, it won’t be as complete as what the PS3 has right now with PS Home and PS Plus and all the other features, or have all the apps and features that Xbox 360 has, but that’s something Nintendo will built upon over the years and make their online service better just like the PS3 did over the years.

            Again, they have a dedicated 1Gb of Ram just for the online experience, and that will give them potential to push their system further. Like the lack of cross-game voice chat on the PS3, it’s there on the Vita, but it needed more Ram to process.

            Xbox Players need to Wake Up and take a look around, it won’t hurt them.

          • dr scoobie

            they all have good and bad points.
            but can you really compare the wii and xbox?

            i have one thing to add
            True Gamer (wii=Xbox=Ps3=PC) > apple( by a ridiculous amount )

          • NintendoGamer

            Because, even tho the 360 it’s the worst console this gen, it still has awesome exclusives like Halo, Forza, Shadow Complex, Mark of the Ninja, etc..

          • Michel

            Thats why i have the PS3,Xbox 360 and Wii.
            and pre ordered the WiiU.
            What i have to say due: WII is a shit.
            And i hope WiiU is better

        • TheWholeTruth


          Both Wii U and PS3 are awesome and they are complementary to each other.

          For example: PS3 can play Blu Ray Movies while the Wii U can record TV.

          Both of them have great games and features.
          They both have their advantages and disadvantages.
          The disadvantages one can have, the other makes up for it and vice versa.

          Looking foward to the Wii U.

          • OpinionsRISE

            Wii U will be the start of the Next Generation. The real question is, What do you think of Wii? Wii U isn’t even out yet.

            Great games, it isn’t fair to say that just yet.

          • TheWholeTruth


            That’s why I’m looking foward to the Wii U.

            And I’m hyped about ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III and Batman AC on Wii U.

            And the Wii had it’s fair share of great games like Soul Calibur Legend, Resident Evil Chronicles, Dragon Quest, FFCCs and more.

            I played the Wii, never really owned it, wanted to buy one, but never could buy one with my studies and all. I’ve bought Wii games in preparation of the Wii U and with my Job, I’ll be getting the 350$ one.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Funny, I told everyone to buy a Wii, but never bought one myself…
            Does that make me an hypocrite? In a good way, I hope…

            In any case, I recommended the Wii to everyone who said it was bad or awful and their response came back positive. That they actually loved and enjoyed playing the Wii.

        • dr scoobie

          no quote marks?
          so your saying it.
          your trolling us!
          how dare you troll us and
          make it seem like you arent trolling us

      • Nintendude

        So you’re saying that everyone here should be biased, while you come here and say XBox is way better?

        Seems Legit.

      • smallNdeadly

        and every one with a kinect regrets getting it

        • smallNdeadly

          Xbox =evil look at their fans names enough said

      • Dawnofmorning

        Kinect is outselling the Wii and Ps3?!?!?! Lmao, that is the best thing I’ve read in the past few weeks.

        • gearchin

          it’s sad, when peripheral is the only thing, microsoft can make money on.


        Get off this web site and play your Xbox 360 in your parents basement.

      • Maverick-Hunter

        Its next gen dude kniect sales wii sales and ps3 sales hardly even matter especially since nintendo wii won between the three πŸ˜›

      • Allon

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        • Nintendofreak

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        • wii u fan 4ever

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          • Collected

            You got hear well before you saw his comment didn’t you. Besides this is the internet and that sometimes means that your going to get burned for saying stupid, trollish and incorrect things.

  • Goose

    I wish they supported larger SD cards…

    • Nintenlord

      Larger sd cards are still a bit pricey but just wait for the next system update it will be suported

      • Goose

        I hope so. I was really hoping for 2 slots with 64 gigs each. Not too expensive, I just like less clutter. :p

  • colin c


  • 16der

    Wow, the Wii U gets better each and every day.

  • Lusunup

    I ordered a white wii u and zombiu and need SDHC card and a screen protector and Im READY!!

    • Nintenlord

      I just need a wii u cause i have so many sd card from my camera that i dont need to buy a new ones in years

  • Jetty

    I’ll give the eShop a break, but the 32GB won’t be nearly enough for my saves. My Wii U library will be massive!

    • LazerK

      Speaking of the eShop,am I the only one who wants to see some games from the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN store for the Nintendo eShop?There are some pretty darn good games for those shops and I’d personally like to see them for the eShop as well.At least Skullgirls or Alien Hominid :(?

      • mooka865

        I want conkers bad fur day… They need to make a sequel to that game… one of the best games with some of the best content ever in a game like that… its like a mario for the mature audience…

        • Jetty

          That’ll never happen because of F$%^ING microsoft. Rare had a sequel set, and xbox scraps it and makes live and reloaded

        • Mr.Chimera573

          English mature humor FTW!

        • LazerK

          I’m still waiting for a Contra remake πŸ˜›

      • Macarony64

        there are so many great games to download on xbla and psn they are better than the retail ones

  • Nintedward.

    I only want to download Wiiu ware (small games like trine 2 and Nano assult neo) and gamecube games which are tiny , and old virtual console games . So a 250GB + 32GB internal flash , will do me for the whole 6 years , I think .

    And just think how cheap a 3TB HDD will be in 3 years πŸ˜› .

    • Adam Fox

      They could release a firmware update in the future that raises that limit for those massive 10TB drives we may see in the future. The original wii was updated to accept SDHC cards to go beyond its initial 2gb SD card limit.

      • Smitty

        I just hope the load times aren’t too drastic if I eventually do download a large title on the eshop. I wonder if the quality of the external HDD would make any difference at all (a noticeable one that is).

        • Kevin White

          USB 2.0 is rated to be able to transmit data at 35 MB/second. That’s not as fast as a good ssd or hdd can do (if connected via a faster interface), but it’s faster than SD (10 MB/s), the XBox 360’s optical drive (16 MB/s), the Wii U’s optical drive (22.5 MB/s). Therefore, we can surmise it’ll load faster than an optical drive, but slower than the hard drives that the PS3 and XBox 360 utilize, or at least the potential is there.

          My question is where are you putting the data? Into RAM, or into the “internal storage” of the Wii U? In other words, can you play a game essentially right off the USB drive (putting it directly into RAM from USB), or do you have to get the entire game onto the Wii U’s internal storage (the 8 GB or 32 GB piece) and then into RAM? It’s a fair question. It’ll be great if you can launch a game (and DLC, user content, patches, save games) from anywhere — optical disc, the internet, SD card, USB flash drives, USB ssd or hdd, or internal flash memory. But we’ll see.

    • The Aquacharger

      Trine 2 isn’t a small game. It just a 2 GB update on PS3,PC, and 360. Add that to an already 1.5 GB game.

      • Nintedward.

        Yeh I hear the file size is huge bro !! for a small none retail game .

        I was just saying I won’t download retail games , just small none retail ones like trine and nano Assault πŸ™‚ .

  • ocarinaoftime

    This helps those with a basic set like me o: thanks Nintendo! And yes this is a smart approach. I’ll let those, who don’t know why I’m saying it is, think a bit on why it’s smart.

  • Wii Uoops!

    Bytes Everywhere

  • frank

    Sweet! In like the next 5-10 years we will be seeing computers and consoles supporting PETABYTES (1024 terabytes, look it up if you don’t believe me)

    On another note, do you think they’ll be selling external hardrives like the one in the picture, with wii u branding and all?

    • Nintedward.

      Petabytes ?? I have been buying these cheep polish crisp’s (potato chips) with the same name .

    • flashdrive

      don’t for exabytes(1024 petabytes) of zettabytes(1024 exabytes) or yottabytes(1024 zettabytes).

      • Nintendonoob

        UGH Y U NO TALK NORMAL!?!? ALL I HEAR IS BYTES BYTES BYTES!! Hell what am I saying?? I am computer geek too!! I hope Wii U will support sdd’s is that possible?

        • Death

          Anything that supports a standard HDD can support SSDs – they use the same I/O connectors (IDE, SCSI, SATA or USB mainly). Heck, SSD technology is basically the same thing you find in flash drives/USB sticks; however SSDs generally perform faster due to utilising faster transfer technologies (SATA/SCSI).

      • frank

        Hey man, I know all those byte terms 1024 yottabytes is a brontobyte (like brontosaurus, real creative) and after that is geopbyte, which nobody alive today will ever see. So far there’s nothing after that.

        We’re nerds πŸ™‚

        • Nintedward.

          Charizardbyte = 1 trillion GB .

          • frank

            Nah that would just be a zettabyte, which sucks cause I really like how that sounds. I can’t really think of any other ninendo “thing” that would work so well as a byte like that. Mewtwobyte, tektitebyte, koopabyte, metroidbyte, none of those flow as well. But charizardbyte, its almost meant to be used for computer storage. Wonder how much a 1CB HDD will cost…

  • link 5

    This was my plan to get the basic wii u and buy a Tb heard drive

  • Hater Of Zer0

    I hope one day there are 1TB SD Cards, since they take up less space. πŸ™‚

    • SteampunkJedi

      While SD cards are quite cheap for their storage amounts up to many gigs, I think there’s a point where jamming in all that storage would be impossible or exorbitantly expensive. That would be awesome, though.

  • Trev

    I will just take my 32 gig ad card out of my will and put it in my wiiu 64 gigs should do me a while since my 32 gig isn’t even a quarter full of wii games!

  • TheImaj

    I’ll likely remain in a constant state of depression for…Oh about 56 more days.

  • Benjaminkno

    I have a good 5 gigs of Virtual Console games as it is. I can’t wait to see the collection accessable on the console. You can actually play music off these sd cards too! I find it a bit amusing that the new PS3 model has a “500gig super slim” model. Who really needs all that?

    • revolution5268

      the ps3 games needs that kind of storage, idk why but xbox 360 is very different with the storage.

  • Nintedward.

    Who else thinks Nintendo should release a special edition 3TB wiiu one day lol .

    Its a wii twice as thick and tall as the normal models , but has 3 TB’s built in , just to shut up what ever comes out of sony’s and microsoft’s belly’s .

    • revolution5268

      not a good idea, imagine how much are you planing to buy it on that price.
      the casual consumers would be scared to even look at that price and wii u.

      • Nintedward.

        I know , I know , lol . I was kinda jokeing πŸ˜› . I just think it would be funny/cool to see a big chunky ass black wiiu with a 3TB HDD embedded into it lol .

        would be epic . Bu t like you say , its not exactly financialy viable …

        • frank

          you forgot to say “yet”

  • SteampunkJedi

    While storage is cheap in smaller amounts, three terabyte HD drives are not. You could store a whole lot of games on one of those, but I don’t think you would need nearly that much for even a ton of games. My internet won’t support large downloads, so I’ll be using discs anyway.

  • Darkmanext

    WiiU deluxe $349.99 + SMBWU $59.99 + 500 GB HDD $59.99

    All I need. Day 1.

  • SteampunkJedi

    The Internet hub at my house has a terabyte of storage, so I’m wondering if that could be connected wirelessly. A bit far-fetched for streaming and playing games stored on it, but that would be convenient.

    • Enygmaomega

      Agreed. I have a Time Machine (can’t remember how many TB) and a 500gig hard drive plugged into it. All the comps in my network can access the hard drive.

      My PS3 can’t do it wirelessly, but it can get into the 500g hard drive via USB. It would be awesome if the Wii U could do online data acquisition. Then I could just store games on the time capsule πŸ˜€

  • ZombieGuns

    This is great news. I’m going to need those 3TB to store HD video and download games.

  • Kevin White

    Will you actually be able to boot games from USB? From SD? Or how about just content such as pics or music?

    Or will you have to move content that you want to access from SD or USB flash / sdd / hdd to the internal memory before it can actually be read?

    What file system will the SD or USB drive use? Will it be proprietary or can you plug it right into Windows 7 after disconnecting it from the Wii U? Do you have to format it first? Is it biased toward low latency or high bandwidth?

    How is Nintendo preventing copying? How is Nintendo preventing game / data mobility?

    Will it be hot-swappable? Or will you have to turn off the Wii U when connecting or disconnecting?

    Can more than one USB drive be connected simultaneously? Can SD and USB be used simultaneously?

    Is there enough chassis clearance to allow some USB thumb / flash drives?

    What about DLC? Where can that live? What about save games? Patches?

    How is the system going to deal with booting a game from optical disc, adding a patch that exists on the internal flash, adding DLC that exists on USB, and adding save game information that exists on SD?

    How about streaming of textures and geometry? Can that be done at all? Only from the optical? Only from internal memory? Either? Neither?

    Will the Wii U play .MPGs and display .JPGs natively? Will it have a built-in interface for doing so? Will it play .MP3s? Will it play .MP3s while a game is running so users can have a personal soundtrack? Can it fetch .MP3s from multiple sources (internal, SD, multiple USB)?

    Does the Wii U drive read anything but Wii and Wii U discs? CD? CD-R? DVD or DVD-R?

    Do mouse and keyboard work on Wii U?

    How much internal memory does the OS use? Does it all just sit on some ROM chips that we haven’t been told about (which load into the RAM), or will a substantial portion of the 8 GB for the basic model be taken up with the OS, or files related to the OS? Will the OS get bigger over time, or with patches?

    Is it 100% mandatory that the OS has to use 1 Gig of RAM? Could a developer tap in to some of that RAM? Is that RAM slower?

    Does the Wii U work with USB 3G / 4G wireless adapters?

    Can the files / file and folder structure of SD cards and USB drives be navigated on the Gamepad touchscreen? Can you create folders with names more than one character in length? Is deleting anything still a PITA?

    • NoPUNintendo

      Just wait dude. Those are good questions, but you will know soon enough.

    • ZombieGuns

      Answers to Kevin’s questions 1-17

      3) not proprietary
      4)No and they will have their own DRM
      5)don’t know
      8)Internal and External HD, but patches are internal
      9)Nintendo will find a way don’t worry.
      10)Optical and Internal
      11)I hope you can play your own MP3s while a game is running. That would be awesome.
      12)Sorry, only Wii U disks. No DVD or Blu-ray.
      13)Not yet.
      14)Don’t know
      15)Don’t know
      16)Good question, but no it doesn’t
      17)Yes and Yes

      • Kevin White

        Ha, thanks for the decent answers.

        It’ll be interesting to get the answers to these. Hopefully some nice ones and not disappointments (such as the disappointment of not being able to play Wii or Virtual Console games on the Gamepad screen).

    • TheImaj


  • XxStoicMonkeyxX

    This was the smartest decision Nintendo made this gen, i can’t imagine all the stuff ill be downloading πŸ˜€

    But on another note does the WiiUDaly staff edit these posts? cause some of the words used make the entire thing more hilarious than bashful.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I’m sorry can somebody explain why it’s such a smart move?

      • Thepaperbag000

        A three terabyte hard drive roughly translates to 3072 Gigabytes of storage.

      • EvanescentHero

        Including a large hard drive would increase the base price of the console, which is a waste of money for anyone who doesn’t plan to buy digital games. By allowing consumers to connect any external hard drive, USB drive, or SD card, Nintendo allows them to choose exactly how much storage they want their console to have. And by not forcing consumers to purchase a proprietary hard drive to extend the console’s storage, they allow the customer to do this for much cheaper, because storage is very cheap nowadays (when not being sold proprietorially, like the PS3’s and 360’s hard drives).

        Having more options for, and more control over, your electronics is always a good thing. Nintendo is taking a very smart path here by including little prepackaged storage, thus keeping the initial price down, and allowing the end user to attach any amount of storage he or she may want, especially since most people have USB drives or SD cards lying around anyway.

        I hope this helped.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Ok. You are correct on all accounts but I’m just looking at it from a price perspective. It will certainly cost us more to but a wii u+external hard drive then to buy a wii u with more memory. But you make a valid point

      • Nintenlord

        A 32 g xbox brand pen drive cost 60 nuff say

  • logan7699

    much better than proprietor hard drives….the 360 overcharges for theirs and Sony for the vita is the reason i did not get one…and i love that the 360 has a 4gig version it so small you can not play halo 4…and everyone is fine with it and it launched with a 20gig max….so I’m fine with my 750gig i got for $70….

  • Mylochek

    Time to get my 2TB external drive formatted and ready for the WiiU.

  • Nintendude

    Good move by Nintendo.

  • ObiBoing

    “The Wii U has a built-in SD card slot behind the front cover, right next to two USB 2.0 ports.”

    Wait so the USB ports will be in front ?
    So I’m gonna have a USB cable of my 500GB HDD connected to my Wii U up front messing with its looks all the time?

    It should have one on the back.

    • Kahhhhyle

      They prolly have some on the front and back

    • Nintenlord

      It have in the front and back

    • disChapo

      It has two in the back and two in the front.

      The two in the front are for charging the Wii U Pro and Gamepad from what I’ve heard and the back can be used for for Hard drives.. or vice-versa

      • Kahhhhyle

        Actually I’ve read a report that we won’t be able to charge through the console. Only through wall outlets

  • lunchbox

    Love the idea of being able to add your own hard drive to the system for storage. You don’t have to be tied down with proprietary hard drives like the other companies.

  • Kahhhhyle

    Isn’t 3 TB a lil over kill? Sigh I know I’ll get down voted for this but seeing that wii u branded hard drive makes me think Nintendo just wants to sell us separate accessories so they can make an extra buck rather than just giving us more internal memory

    • PSWii60

      Nintendo not really making an extra buck on these external hard drives or flash drives considering it will use ANY USB External Hard Drive (save for USB3.0) up to 3tb.

      If they have their own branded flash & external hard drives, you are not forced to buy those.

      Could they have put more flash memory in the Wii U, yes, but then price would go up as well.

      Besides, the only “accessories” that Nintendo themselves are selling for the Wii U are Wiimote & nun-chuck, Pro Controllers, Classic Controller, gamepad stand & charger, screen protector, stylus, console stand.
      Save for the 2nd gamepad, all of the rest have about a 99% chance of being offered by 3rd party. This is no different for XBox or PS3.

      They could have taken the Sony Vita route and force you to only use their overpriced branded flash cards.

      • Kahhhhyle

        Yeah I understand that and your correct. But it really wouldn’t have cost that much for Nintendo to include more memory. It’s cheaper for Nintendo then it is for us

  • Josh

    Damn! 1TB is already a LOT. Now 3TB? That’s enough for a lifetime! Some good news for once, after all this crap coming from analysts.

  • Sickr

    Thats not enough memory my ipad has the same amount of memory and its cheaper smh WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!

    • Sickr

      *I meant to say my tiny iphone 3 has the same memory capacity what does nintendo think that were dumb blind consumer fanboys smh

      • Nintenlord

        Nice try on the name change ……lucifer *dum dum dummmmmm*

      • Sethlaw225

        LOL, you fail at life

      • EvanescentHero

        Really? Your iPhone 3 allows you to connect a three-terabyte external hard drive to it? Sounds awkward to lug around.

        Nevermind the fact that the iPhone and the Wii U are nothing alike. See, one’s a console, and one’s a phone. Hope that cleared this up a little.

      • Nko Sekirei

        stfu u idiot every word u write on make u stupid and ur iq drops every minute

    • WII U 4 LIFE


  • Dan

    Sony and micro both lost 4 billions on their super duper consoles,,, if they’re still idiot they would do the same!!!!

  • Disciplelicious

    Yep, I’m gonna be plugging in my TB in the back of my Wii U, then hiding it away πŸ™‚ Just need to get the TB to do so…

  • Sethlaw225

    Fu** yeah , now i can use the 500 GB storage device my dad .got me 2 years ago

  • Neigh

    Best get a smaller faster SSD rather than a larger much slower HDD.

  • D2K

    Looking at the fact that the PS3 and 360 is miles behind the Wii in console sales, just exactly how did having built in drives ‘help’ those systems. It just seems more and more that the world sees backwards as forwards. Success are failures and failures are success. Everything Nintendo did right with the Wii and is WRONG and everything Sony and Microsoft did wrong is RIGHT.

    Despite the fact that the decisions and approaches to the current gen from Sony and Microsoft cost them BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in loses, for some reason analysts will not rest until Nintendo adopts ‘their’ strategy.

    • Kahhhhyle

      More wii hardware was shipped but more software was shipped on the other consoles

      • On The Fence

        true wii sold alot of hardware but casual gamers don’t invest in titles, instead being happy with playing Wii Sports once in a while, that’s why I’m so surprised to see Nintendo land the same thing could happen to wii u.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Well Nintendo is going for the “hardcore” crowd. That should be clear from the price. But if nobody buys games again, 3rd parties will drop support and we’ll be in the same position as with the wii again. And Nintendo will have a hard time convincing non-super-nintendo-fans to buy another console from them

  • NaX

    Are all games that launch day of going to be avaliable for dl on the same day? or only first party games?

    • Lew3107

      Yeah, I think they said every game will be available as a physical copy or as a download.

      • Bacon

        Physical copy ftw!

    • Nintenlord

      Yes but first party will be first to do it

  • NaX

    If so might be tempted to do 3TB, even thou i prob wont use it all it’s always feels good to have an access amount of something XD. Btw anyone have an idea how many gigs would most games take on avg?

    • Kahhhhyle

      It really varies from game to game. Assuming it stays in line with ps3/360 saves 3-8 gigs for a download. And a few megs at most for the save files if you get a disc… As long as we don’t have to install all our games

  • David

    Sweet jesus… *goes out to buy a 3TB external HDD*

  • GirlGamer


    • *Sigh*

      3TB is low?
      Are you misinformed or just plain stupid?

    • Chris

      3 TB is the equivalent of 3000 GB. You call that low?

      Next time, do a little research on the subject at hand before you decide to judge it like that.

    • Nko Sekirei

      wat an idiot

    • D2K

      The largest HDD available at the moment is 6TB, however 3TB is probably 2TB more than anyone with half-a-brain or any measure of common sense could POSSIBLY need. Even if they were a download junkie, a 1TB drive would still be well more than enough.

  • Dan

    Can u use the gamepad Alone without tv?- i mean on start up?

    • Kahhhhyle

      So far all reports indicate yes

  • GirlGamer

    yep Dan ,

  • Tobias

    That just made my mind. Basic with 120gb ssd leftover

  • Ledreppe

    Thank God it supports 3TB, cause I bought a 3TB USB drive a couple of months ago! I can’t be done with SD cards, I’m going to be getting the download version of retail games, so I’ll need a LOT of storage and also for DLC and save games etc.

  • Tobbe

    Why u delete my comment.. ?

  • Paul

    ill be getting a 3tb or 1tb hard drive for my wii u console

  • patricks wee woo

    3tb thats alot

  • Mark

    Im totally off wii-u now, this is stupid im expecting to receive a HDD with the system and not to run out and spend another 100$ just on storage that i will 100% need.

    i’d just buy a tablet with the money way more productive for my use.

    • Tobbe

      So what does a usb stick with 32gb cost? 20 dollars? What do u think the price whould have been if they had wii u with 320/500gb already in it?
      I think Nintendo did the right thing

    • Kahhhhyle

      Nobody needs 3 TB for console gaming. If you own either of the other consoles you know that 120 gigs is plenty. Which won’t cost you too much

      • NoPUNintendo

        Not for me. I have a 320Gb PS3 with only about 600Mb left. I moved some things to another external HDD, 150Gb. Filled that one up to.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Jeez dude. WTF do you have on there I have 120 gig and don’t even think I’m half way through

  • Trev

    This is great news, it is certainly an advantage over other consoles! I know my friends think its a bad thing and cheap of Nintendo but they don’t really have an arguement when I point out I have two 400 mg external hard drives and several sd cards not doing anything .

  • Nintyfan

    Yeah, considering Wii U eShop games will have tons of longevity, this is great amount of storage actually!

    Nintendo could use CLOUD so people can store games there. Why not have it in the DELUXE SET?

    • D2K

      Nintendo has said they plan to use cloud storage in the future. They always wait until there is a reason to do things. They waited until now to do an HD system because now HDTVs are cheap and just about every household has one. Back in 2005-2006 even a low-end HDTV was ridiculous expensive which is why HD did not help Sony and Microsoft much if at all.

      Likewise, once net speeds are universally fast and affordable for everyone to where cloud storage would be more useful and readily accessible, you’ll see Nintendo adapt the Wii U to use it.

  • A1424andy

    just wondering guys which External Hard Drive are the best ones? i don’t know nothing about External hard drive i need help. i was looking for a External hard drive on Amazon and i found this one Seagate Expansion 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive ST905004EXA101-​RK
    do you guys think this one is good?

    • Kahhhhyle

      Brands doesn’t matter really. The only difference is warranties and stuff like that, Sea Gate is well liked amount the techies

      • A1424andy

        thanks for the reply

        • Kahhhhyle

          You should just Google it though you can learn a little more if you want

  • King Rat

    They should have put the USB ports on the back of the console. Now if people plus in a flah drive they’ll be looking at the ugly bastard thing sticking out the front of the slick Wii U!!!! Makes no sense at all. I’ll be going the SD card route.

    • Kahhhhyle

      There’s 2 on the back

      • King Rat

        Great news!

    • Tobbe

      what speed does the sdslot support? class 10 with 98mb/s transfer? look at transfer rate sdcard/usb stick and external hdd. warning on low transfer
      First thing i will do is to open the console and see what i can do with it.

  • Amtoj

    I’m just worried about hacks.

    • Amtoj

      And also will this be immune to torrents in anyway?

  • eric

    3 Terrabytes full of porn with a gamepad, which makes it possible to pet something softly and satisfying!!!!!

  • ps3 keyboard

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to offer one thing again and aid others like you helped me.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah getting a apple external 3 terabyte 7,200 rpm hard drive with a whopping 300 mb/s read write speeds

  • Ricky

    I’m 24 years old and I’ve been playing games since the age of 3 years old. I think if anyone here is a true gamer it’s me. I’m not saying my opinions are what everyone should go by but here is what I like. I like to play my favorite games on the platform that gives me the best experience possible. I want the best graphics, the best controls, the best online play, the best gameplay… The best everything. Nintendo makes some of my favorite games so I always make sure to get a Nintendo console. And I like exclusives from from both Microsoft and Sony.. The thing is… If a game I like is coming out on PC and it has a smooth framerate and the best graphics then you can bet I’m getting that game for PC. But I won’t buy crappy PC ports either. I just like to get my favorite games on the platform that can give me the best experience. That’s that. I’m not a fanboy. I just know what I like and I try to get the best version of it that is available.