Jun 13th, 2012

The Wii U console will support microtransactions, according to Nintendo top dog Satoru Iwata. However, he pointed out that Nintendo has no plans of offering first party titles as free-to-play games, nor do they have any plans of offering their games on phones and tablets. Iwata did confirm that they are looking into bringing DLC to their games, though. Speaking at an investor briefing right after E3, Iwata said,

“We have designed the system from a technical standpoint to allow developers to freely take advantage of things like free-to-play and microtransactions”

Free-to-play games have gained in popularity over the past years, which are generally supported by microtrasactions and/or advertising. These types of games are becoming such a huge deal that major developers like Crytek have said that all of their future titles will be free-to-play, with the exception of the upcoming Crysis 3.

It’s a big deal for Nintendo to support DLC as well as microtransactions, since DLC has become a big business for publishers. It hasn’t come without criticism, as some publishers restrict access to content that’s already shipped on the disc, and sell it later as a “DLC”. It’s also good to hear that Nintendo has plans of offering DLC to their own Wii U games. One can imagine adding extra mini games to titles such as Nintendo Land, or new content for Pikmin 3 and others.

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  • Madara

    Does this mean that Nintendo will have a structure in place to mandate fixes to in game glitches, imbalanced features etc.? It’d be nice next-gen if Nintendo fixed major problems like the Grumble Volcano glitch, Coconut Mall glitch, etc. in Mario Kart Wii and could fix some of the items.

    There needs to be a way to address easy-to-fix major gaming concerns without having to release a new version of the game.

    • AZHood

      Shooters such as Call of Duty and Conduit 2 got patches and fixes, but they weren’t Nintendo 1st party titles, so I understand what you mean. I would imagine that such a system would be in place. It would make fixes to game breaking bugs in games like Skyward Sword and Metroid: Other M much easier to handle, as well as game tuning and balancing in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

  • Joaquim

    I don´t like DLCs because if you buy the game you want it complete.
    I think that is pretty much fun to unlock some modes in secret areas of the games than paying to have that content.

    • Pepe Timbale

      I agree with you. I am an old school gamer, and I like to unlock features in the game (even if I have to grind for a bit) rather than paying for them.

    • Marq

      Exactly. I will only support DLC if the game on the disc is filled to the brim with content and the developers packed in everything they could fit to make the best game possible from the get-go. I will never, ever buy disc-locked content and I will never support games that are gimped because they miss an integral part of the experience (gameplay elements, main story elements) so the publisher can force us to pay for it later.

    • fgsdfs

      The only way I find DLC’s useful is actually expanding the game, with alternate storylines and such. Like “Undead Nightmare”.

      Yet people like Capcom, they force you to pay for stuff THAT’S ALREADY ON THE DISK.

  • emilio arriaga

    Thtz good but wht about the release date!!

  • Richnj

    *cough* Capcom *cough*

    I like DLC, when done right. Like extra maps for an online game, but make it a big map pack with a fairly low cost. I also like expansions, not some extra clothes, weapons, power unlocks, but actual contained stories within a game (with extra clothes, weapons and unlocks as bonus).

  • MarioPartyJunkie1356.

    man it would be so cool to add DLC minigames to Mario Party 10 when it eventually comes out for wii u.

    • swic11

      this is a great idea, but when it comes to DLC, i am OK with it partly. I HATE the fact that they have DLC day one. It should be included.

    • I think it would be cool to play online for the next mario party.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    All I can say is Nintendo is making the right move the DLC. Just think… Expansion pack for Super Smash Bros Universe(working title) could include five new stages, extra stage editor pieces, and 3 new characters. That would be pretty sweet. And don’t even get me started on a WiiU animal crossing(I guess they need to finish the 3ds one first)

  • Hafid

    Free DLC !!!

    Like in Mario tennis …

  • darkfox

    anyone notice the game on the pic? the world ends with you

    • fgsdfs

      It’s a pretty bad Photoshop.

  • Paul

    loving it nintendo as then we can get games like batman thats through the online service for under £10

  • Majin

    Free games? I want to know if I have to soft-mod it to make my own free games.


  • Paul

    i think he means like ghost recon online which is free to play but you need extras to upgrade your solider

  • DLC IS shit

    The only DLC ever worth buying is/was DLC of Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption and GTA4 etc.. Because its basically old school expansion packs.

    Because of this stupid DLC stuff me and my friends totally stopped buying new games. We were sort of forced to buy used games (so its their own fault) or we simply wait for GOTY editions to appear.

    The last new game i bought was GuildWars2 for 28 dollars online (key only) and the games before that were Last Story, Skyward Sword and Xenoblade (im european)

    Me and my friends only buy Nintendo games NEW because they are complete games. The last NOT nintendo game i bought full price was that wasnt GW2 was….. lol i cant even remember

    DLC = DEVELOPERS LOSING CUSTOMERS (at least the smart ones)

  • Rob

    If i read this right the Wii u will only have DLC for nintendo brand games only? if they are not going to have DLC for franchise games like WWE,COD they are still missing the target.I have both the Wii and XBOX 360 but will not buy
    the Wii U unless you can get DLC for ALL games and have a program to protect your Wii U system form hackers getting into your Wii and messing up your system and report/punish cheaters/hackers like the xbox has.

    • Tristan Porter

      They didn’t say its only for nintendo games.

  • WOWOWOW Why’s my photoshopped pic here?