Jun 6th, 2013

Last month we told you about a booth Nintendo has set up in Disneyland to help promote the Wii U. We saw a few pictures of some of the artwork surrounding the booth, but the above video is a full tour of what the booth looks like and what games are available to play. It’s interesting to see this sort of marketing going on, especially during the summer when families are most likely to visit Disneyland. What do you think of the booth?

Marketing efforts like this could do well across the country, which is why Nintendo is making select E3 demos available to play at certain Best Buy locations.

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  • Dimitra Giorgiou

    GO NINTENDO!! Let The Advertisment Begin!

  • Billy_Perry

    This is really good marketing, they are again reaching the audience that made the Wii so successful.

    My issue with this is that, they shouldn’t be exclusively targeting this market, they should also be targeting more core gamers. Core gamers are more reliable to sell 3rd party software, casuals are good to sell hardware with a packin game and maybe an extra 1st party game (Mario Kart this fall maybe?). Casuals for a quick win, Core for reliability.

    We also will get much better 3rd party support when the install base picks up, which hopefully will happen this fall.
    (Fans of Wii U, support the third parties this fall as much as you possible afford to. :D)

    • MTGSWE

      I think the strategy is perfect. Target disneyland. Where everyone will be at once 😀

    • 150Db

      Core gamers don’t respond to advertising. They’re hooked in only by good games. But many of them are prone to bias and choose to ignore all the great games on one or another system.


        I’ve missed PS3 completely this gen but once PS4 is out, I’ll get a second hand PS3 and start buying it’s game library on the cheap.

  • incoherent1

    It’s a smart location choice. Most people hanging around a theme park clearly have some extra cash and time, so I bet the demographics are good for potential Nintendo customers.

    • I think it is smart too. Theme parks are prime for things like this. They are there to have fun and have new experiences. Having fun and new experiences is what the Wii U is all about.

      I am just puzzled by how some people can think this is a bad idea. This also helps the Nintendo and Disney partnership.


      and people without extra cash will take a look cos it’s free.

  • Wayne Beck

    Bwah ha ha! They are coming to Boston! Yay! First time this kind of event ever comes here.

  • Aidan Dawes

    What was in the Windwaker booth?

    • Clel

      A stash of rupees, duuuh


    The best location ever chosen. All families will see the wii u and the people watching over it will explain it 😀 😀 😀

    • Clel

      This is just so GENIUS!

    • Jack5221

      Indeed this is! Nintendo is really stepping up with its marketing.

    • LopsidedPasta

      The question is, what rides are near the booth? Is it the Toy Story one or the Space Mountain (both are FANTASTIC rides), or are the rides like It’s a Small World? These things matter.

  • juancamiloarq

    Nice setup.

  • juancamiloarq

    Wow to those rupee cushions!

    • LopsidedPasta

      humina humina BONER! XD

    • incoherent1

      I would’ve grabbed a handful of those pillows and run like hell 🙂

  • Mr. J

    I never realized how much fun Super Mario Sunshine was I’ve been playing it all day.

    • Link

      I love it. Except for one level on the level for the theme park… never give up #foreveralone

  • Wow,Disneyland…two tickets,please!

    • iceazeama

      ok but it will only cost you a life time??????

      • I was kidding.I won’t go there because I will go to Turkey.Plus,I don’t live in America.

        • Lassassino

          why would u go to a revolting country?

  • Johny

    Very nice move nintendo. Nice way to introduce Wii u to kids, teenagers, and families..
    now for some advertising for the older and more serious audience ^^

    • Yoshiwhirlwind

      The “more serious audience” already knows about it and if you don’t you’re not serious. These events are exactly for those people.

      • Johny

        hmmm good point.
        still there should be some better advertisement not only showing material for the NON serious audience.

  • Link

    How long will this be up? Perfect! i dont yet own a wiiu and want one but i am going to disney land in augest so C00l

  • John Andalora

    Interesting concept, but not substantial enough for the cost of it.

    Here’s why.

    Most families who take their kids to Disneyland have already spent quite a lot of money getting there, especially if they don’t live close to it. Already, a family of Four (2 parents, and 2 kids under the age of 10) will pay $356 just to get into the park, without Hotel or travel added. A hotel for a minimum of a weekend would cost between $600-1,000 for standard rooms. For plane passengers, add another $500, and you got a middle-wage vacation right there. That’s also not including food and drink, souvenirs, fast passes, monorail tickets, or visiting other parks. One of our family’s vacations was exploring 3 parks over the span of a weekend. Those costs are going to remain in the minds of every family that passes by, and adding another $350 onto that for the new console when they get home only hurts its potential.

    Also, think of the age group of most of those there. It’s younger kids with young adults or grandparents going. The kids aren’t old enough yet to consciously purchase a Wii U, and parents that booked this costly trip probably aren’t planning to spend more money when they get home, even if their kids whine for it (cause they already took them to freaking Disneyland already. If your kid whines after that, there’s something wrong with the kid.)

    So, while having a booth in Disneyland sounds like a good idea, it really doesn’t work out well. With finances being a big issue in todays economy, convincing parents to buy their kid a $350 console after potentially spending $2,000 to buy their kid a vacation is almost impossible for most.

    • D.M.T

      Dude…they don’t have to buy a Wii U immediately at Disneyland. They just need to know what a Wii U is and what it can do. Some of them or a lot of them will buy the Wii U at Christmas or next year which is still good. The point of having a booth at Disneyland is to let everyone know what a Wii U is because a lot of them didn’t know what a Wii U is. They don’t have to buy one immediately, they just need to buy one when they have the money.

      • John Andalora

        Which parents are going to remember a video game console they heard about over Summer? Most people hardly remember the names of the rides they went on a few months after going. How are they going to remember everything about a video game system months later? Even still, how long do you honestly think the kid is going to remember it months after? Kids don’t have a long attention span, and waiting months for something isn’t something they’ll typically do. They’ll forget about it and move on.

        Marketing 101 is reminding people what is amazing about your console through simple reassurance on multiple occasions through a continual medium. That’s why people advertise on TV, in Newsprint, on Radio, or on internet commercials. They are simple little concepts that can grab more peoples attention, and can not only get the same market Disney can, but could even get more, like all the people who aren’t going to DisneyLand this summer. Just having people look at something once and then forget about it a couple of months later doesn’t work. You need the commercials you make to be like Potato chips: Simple enough to where people will eat one, and will keep eating them over and over again. The reassurance through more advertisements will get people more and more excited to play it, and eventually get the full package.

        It’s more effective and hits a bigger market if they just freaking advertise it through other mediums.

        • D.M.T

          LOL it’s funny how you’re unable to understand simple things of life. Parents don’t have a short memory, they will see the Wii U in stores and be like “hey I saw that at Disneyland!”. The kids will not forget about Wii U because Nintendo will continue to advertise the Wii U dude, this is just the beginning. Nintendo will also release 4 exclusive games this summer and more games by Christmas time. Nintendo WILL CONTINUE TO ADVERTISE THE WII U, they won’t just advertise it at Disneyland. And this is my last reply to you because you want me to waste my time arguing with you but that won’t happen.

          • John Andalora

            If you had a cheaper and more effective way of showing people your product and help them remember it more, wouldn’t you rather use that sooner rather than later.

            You can believe whatever you want. Doesn’t make it true.

          • Shawn Spitler

            Exactly. You can believe what you want John. It doesn’t make it true.

            DMT is right. I’m a parent of two. When those kids see something like that at Disney it’s all I hear about for years, not just months. I’ve been drowning in My Little Ponies for over two years now.

            And the memory of my youngest daughter is insane. She would definitely associate Wii U with Disneyland, and I would hear about it every time I walked into a retailer after that – no doubt about it.

            Good thing she already has one. And thank God My Little Pony can be confined to the Gamepad while I watch what I want on the big screen.

          • John Andalora

            Wanna find a better way for kids to connect the Wii U and DisneyLand?
            Read the PDF of how Disney saw 900,000 viewers last week.
            I posted it above.

          • Shawn Spitler

            That first sentence doesn’t make sense.

          • I tried reasoning with this idiot. It just does not work. He thinks people rather have individual consoles and devices to do one thing and hook and unhook consoles and devices to your TV as you need them instead of having a few devices that can play games from the past consoles as well as current and future.

            Because apparently having that backwards compatibility costs so much extra and he does not think it is fair that he is forced to pay for it because he will just keep his old devices, the controllers, remotes, cables, and everything forever.

            So the simple concept of showing off and running demos at a place where families and people go to be happy and experience new things is beyond him. He thinks they will forget but somehow kids have a thing where they constantly remind their parents of what they want. I mean my parents always seemed to remember what interested me when it came time to getting gifts. Maybe his parents ignore him and never remember what is important to him so he thinks all parents don’t give a shit about their children. Sure some will forget but as you said they will see the Nintendo stuff there and next time in a store see a sign or display and remember.

          • John Andalora

            You gotta talk about someone in a post just because rather than actually trying to discuss the subject.
            You’re a loser.

    • Kenshin0011

      Wow, really? Marketing is marketing….Disney Land, as you described above, is a luxury so there will also be many rich people. Plus the mini expo isn’t meant to get people to go and compulse buy the Wii U, it’s for fun and awareness.

      Now this shouldn’t be Nintendo’s only foray into the start of their major Wii U campaign, but this certainly doesn’t hurt anything, only helps.

      • John Andalora

        You could hit a bigger market and have a cheaper cost with simple advertisements on TV, Internet, Radio and Magazines. There may be some rich people at DisneyLand, but remember that most people aren’t rich.
        If Nintendo just took the time to show people in commercials the difference between Wii and Wii U through a couple of simple pictures of the console and of the new discs, they wouldn’t have to go out to DisneyLand and get the info to a smaller group of individuals.
        This advertisement attempt might “help” since someone’s going to hear about it rather than no one, but hardly enough to justify the cost of maintaining this advertisement space in DisneyLand.
        Advertisements need to just be simple things that everyone will have an opportunity to see. They can raise more awareness through other means that would be both more cost effective and simple.

        • Shawn Spitler

          Do you know what “branding” is? It’s very clear you don’t have a degree in marketing.

          You claim it’s cheaper to create a commercial for TV than to build a booth and place it into Disneyland. I work in TV, it’s retarded expensive for a corporation like Nintendo to purchase airtime – not to mention all the money spent on making the actual commercial.

          That booth and the price to plant it in the park is probably equivalent to the cost of filming one commercial. And now they’re associating themselves with a bigger brand, Disney.

          This is a longterm investment for Nintendo. They plan on making their money back in the games these kids’ parents will buy for the next five-or-so years.

          Having little Joe and Sally associate Mario and their Wii U with Disney is a very smart move. The cost is definitely worth it.

          • John Andalora

            I highly doubt that this is the best way to “brand” themselves with Disney.
            Considering they’re only expected to be there till June 23rd, not that many people are going to be seeing this in comparison to just making the damn commercial.
            Hell, even a commercial announcing some form of partnership would probably be better “branding” than damn booths at a park.
            For example, if Disney ran a commercial for their upcoming contest called the “How U will play next” contest, that would not only get more people’s attention for all the people who watch Disney Networks, but also for even Radio Disney, and they wouldn’t even have to pay the damn network to air it, since it’s freaking Disney.

            Now, we’re both aware that chances are that’s already going to happen. But frankly I think it would hit not only a good chunk of those going into Disney, but also those who aren’t or can’t. And even if no one who goes to Disney watches the Disney channel, I’m still sure more people would see it for longer than they would the booths.

      • John Andalora

        Here’s some numbers for you.
        Disneyland sees about 14 million people per year. Divide that in half for summer (to be generous), and that’s less than 5% of the population in the US.
        Over 3/4 of the population in the US own televisions, and 2/3 have about 2 or more.
        Making and showing off a few commercials on TV would get over 10 times more awareness than a booth at Disneyland if less than half of the people with a television actually saw it.

        • Shawn Spitler

          You’re funny. You’ve cited no sources. Let me help you with that.

          In 2007, Disney had 47 million visitors across all 4 parks, and an estimated 40,379 visitors per day at Disneyland alone:

          2012 saw record breaking attendence for the parks, so we can assume more than 40,000 people attended per day:

          Placing an ad on TV means you’re associating your brand with whatever program is airing. Nintendo would need to decide who their target audience is, what shows they watch, and what time they watch it to maximize their investment.

          Your formula assumes that Nintendo has an advertisement on every station at least once for every other show on television in order to achieve ten times the amount of awareness than a booth at Disney.

          With our numbers above (40,379 a day) we’ll just assume those numbers are evenly spaced all year and multiply for the 90 days of summer (which is obviously conservative of me). That comes out to 3,364,110 over the summer (at one theme park).

          According to Cartoon Network (http://www.nickandmore.com/2011/10/18/cartoon-network-ratings-highlights-for-october-10-16-2011/) 445,000 kids ages 6-11 watched CN on their most watched night of the week.

          It would take 11 days for Nintendo to equal the viewers at Disney as it would on Tuesday night on CN. BUT it wouldn’t have the impact.

          • John Andalora

            Did I say all parks?
            No. I said Disneyland.
            Actually read what I say. The message tends to be clearer.

            But, I will admit I was lower than average. DisneyLand sees about 15.9 million.

            (Sorry it’s written in. My phone and Discus don’t agree).

            Also, the event only appears to be there until June 23rd. And yes, I see that it says downtown Florida.


            What brand? Well, you could easily put the commercial i suggested in the earlier post at practically any point on Disney Channel at most shows involving either live action or family, with maybe a few scattered into the shows more for boys.

            You don’t believe Disney would take the cake? Check out their weekly high this week of 910,000 between 2-11, 600,000 for 6-11, and 522,000 from 9-14 (yes, that takes some from the earlier demographic).
            That’s far more than the parks see per week.

            That’s one week. THAT’S better branding for you.

          • Shawn Spitler

            Putting your product in an ad for TV to access views is not branding.


          • John Andalora

            You’re just sad because I found a way for Nintendo to get more views of Wii U in one week with a partnership with Disney than they could for the couple of weeks that they could run their dog and pony show at the parks.

          • Shawn Spitler

            I’m not sad. Not only do I know what “branding” is, but I make good money in marketing and television. Life is good.

          • John Andalora

            Good for you.
            And while Nintendo spends their time and effort at Disney, they could be making a darn commercial and finding more people to say “Look at how cool this console is! Don’t you want one?”

          • Pikachief

            Just wanted to say that He DID read what you said. He said All parks, then narrowed it down to just disneyland. So maybe you should read what he said.

          • He has no reading comprehension or basic logic. Just another troll that apparently is a spoiled brat that no one ever told him he was wrong before. I am always amazed that the people that get the most down votes on their commentary and are pointed out that they are wrong by many people still continue to think they are right. I am not sure if he has an ego problem or is just that dense not to realize that he is wrong.

          • John Andalora

            Look who’s calling who a troll.
            You honestly have nothing better to do than to just insult me?
            And i’m the one with the problem?

            Just because people downvote you doesn’t mean you’re wrong. So many people here downvote comments just for being non-Nintendo.
            Doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It means others don’t like it.

          • John Andalora

            Problem was he sited all parks, not DisneyLand.
            He should’ve sited disneyLand if he wanted sources so bad.
            His sources were highest day and recor of all parks per year.

          • Pikachief

            He sited both. The link had records for both all parts and for Disneyland.

          • John Andalora

            He had said “all Disney Parks” and that threw me off.
            The site did say the rate for DisneyLand, but since he didn’t actually write it here, I didn’t think he listened.

            I’ll read his site better the next time he sites it.

          • Shawn Spitler

            I also wrote “and an estimated 40,379 visitors per day at DISNEYLAND alone”

          • John Andalora

            910,000 a week on Disney Channel.
            130,000 a day.

        • Kenshin0011

          You know you’re arguing with yourself right? I never said that they shouldn’t invest more in commercials or that the disney advertising is better than tv commercials. All I said was that their disney exhibit can’t do bad, and it seems fun to me.

          You’ll see, come post E3 when they’re big games like new 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Windwaker, etc are revealed and coming out by the end of this year, the marketing with boost heavily. It’s almost like the November 2012 wii u launch was a soft launch

          • John Andalora

            A week of commercials could find over 4 times more hype than this could in one week.
            I said initially that i think Nintendo should do something different to show what they currently got, get more people hyped for E3, and then continue the commercials for htpe of the new games.
            The Disneyland thing might be fun, but they could’ve spemt the money and gotten more peoples attention.

    • Nintendofreak

      yeah but thats why santa was created

      • John Andalora

        “Santa” already got them a DisneyLand vacation: “Santa” needs a little break because of this economy.

        • Nintendofreak

          hanukah , bday, childrens day or just spoiled brats if they want it they will get it no matter the economy the economy has always been shit if i remember is just that people dont want to admit it

    • Can you try NOT to put a negative spin on everything Nintendo is doing? Advertising is advertising. When you go around talking like a pessimist, you’re gonna be regarded as one.

      One question: do you think things would turn out any different for the PS4/Xbox One, although they’re priced higher?

      • John Andalora

        If Nintendo could even have the potential of getting a bigger audience than they are right now at a similar cost to the booths, i think they should take advantage of it.

        As for PS4/Xbox One;
        If either of these console developers decided “Hey! Let’s go to all the Disney parks and show off our console,” I still wouldn’t find it a good thing to do, especially if they didn’t have any commercials on television. I don’t think it would be too different for the other consoles, and i’d probably say the exact same thing.

  • Squid

    It would be awesome if they had a parade there. :3

  • iceazeama

    just watch link change the wind and have a twister show up!!!!!! everybody screaming and running away!!!!!! (link, ” why does this always happen”)

  • Silent

    A Tour of a tour.

  • Erik

    Yay Anaheim represent! Good choice Nintendo!

  • Dez

    How much for a Rupee Cushion? I’d pay for one of those.

    • Zeldatrek

      I would say 26 ruppies for all

  • discuss

    Now think global Nintendo 🙂

  • Mark Thom

    wii street u is Pretty f@cking COOL wow!

  • At 3:43 Edward Cullen works for Nintendo my life is now a lie

  • Pikachief

    You guys are so silly. This event is to raise awareness about the Wii U, not to sell Wii U’s at Disneyland. Many, many people travel to Disneyland from all over the world. Sure more people watch TV, but not everyone watches ads nor pays attention to the ads. This will definitely catch people’s eyes much more than any television ad will.

    I really do hope they get some good ads though, because they really need them. But this is a good start.

    • Billy_Perry

      They would be stupid to not sell units there though. If people are there, they are more likely to buy stuff. Rather than the Nintendo reps turning round and saying that they need to go to a Best Buy or Gamestop to get a Wii U, they can just sell them there and then, much more convenient for the consumer.

    • Zeldatrek

      I saw retail consoles for sale in the video. So yes they are selling them there on the spot. And Why wouldn’t they. It is Downtown Disney. In case its been a few years for you Downtown Disney is Disney’s over the top shopping center to keep people on their property.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Guys look, they are building the Nintendo E3 stand, if you see at the distance you will spot an ATLUS logo…. does that mean we are going to to see a trailer or some footage of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem?

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Yeah, this Wii U special edition of the Last of Us looks great. Who said the peripherals was gimicky?

    • Magnus Eriksson

      WOnder if they show this on Best Buy?


    The booths are quite compact. Don’t see why Nintendo can’t take this on the road.

  • BigRedBro

    If this were one of these in every important place around the world, with some mor 3rd party titles, people will realize its potential, U HAVE TO FEEL TO BELIEVE!!!
    Please support 3rd party titles on WII U & 3DS!!!