Wii U Stylus
The Wii U stylus is used for user input on the Wii U touchscreen controller. While the stylus isn’t required to operate the controller, it’s useful when when very delicate input is needed. For instance, this can be when using a Wii U drawing app or tracing app. The stylus is included with the Wii U console and controller, and will be included in all future Wii U models. The Wii U stylus can be slotted into a spot in the back of the controller. Since the stylus is a simple design and made of plastic, it’s likely that there will be many third party stylus offerings by other companies. However, Nintendo has patented the official Wii U stylus design that’s included with the console.

Wii U stylus drawing app

wii u stylus draw
Nintendo demonstrated a Wii U stylus based drawing app at E3, where players could draw and paint a Nintendo character. In the image above, you can see Link from the Wii U Zelda game being drawn on the tablet. The drawing is also streamed to the television set. However, users can also opt to use only the tablet controller. This drawing app will likely be included as part of the Wii U software package and the operating system. Third party developers will probably release apps and mini games on the Nintendo Network eShop channel, apps that focus on drawing and coloring.

Besides drawing, the Wii U stylus can be used for simple touchscreen inputs, like pressing buttons. Players can also use the stylus to write their name or try and solve puzzles in games that require writing. A Wii U Zelda level has been showcased where the player needed to use the stylus to navigate a maze in order to solve a puzzle in the game. This is one of the many ways games could utilize the stylus and the touchscreen controller.

While Nintendo hasn’t shown any plans of selling the Wii U stylus separately, it’s possible that they’ll offer replacement stylus for those who lose the original one. Third party accessory makers are likely to release their versions of the Wii U Stylus with additional features, colors, and designs. Check out the Wii U accessories page for all the accessories for the console.

Wii U stylus images and photos

The following shows some images and photos show the stylus in use. As the photos demonstrate, it can be used to draw almost anything on the controller and to control games and gameplay aspects.
wii u stylus photo


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