Sep 21st, 2012

GamesIndustry recently ran an article claiming that the Wii U is struggling to build a buzz with gamers, and that week’s Wii U news was overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling. A few weeks ago, the same publication ran a piece featuring public relations representatives, who believed that Nintendo hasn’t created enough anticipation for the Wii U.

This time, they analyze trends on Twitter and mainstream media coverage and conclude that the iPhone 5 has greatly overshadowed the Wii U — Apple and Nintendo held events that were less than 24 hours apart. As expected, media coverage for the new iPhone was much greater. Freelance games writer Chris Morris chips in with his thoughts on the Wii U, saying that Nintendo faces some challenges marketing the new console, and that reception so far has been “a collective shoulder shrug. Many people see it simply as a Wii HD”.

Wii U vs iPhone

Two things that GameIndustry didn’t take into consideration: Apple’s iPhone fan base is much, much larger than Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U fan base. Not only that, the iPhone is a mainstream device, so it’s natural that it will garner much more buzz than a new console from Nintendo.

Secondly, Nintendo hasn’t started the Wii U marketing machine yet, and likely won’t until a month or so before launch. The majority of the mainstream crown still doesn’t know about the Wii U simply because Nintendo hasn’t begun promoting it. Yet.

The Wii U did get some coverage in the mainstream online and print media, and lots of coverage from gaming and tech sites. But it hasn’t all been good. The Wii U has also been met with some negative press, with a tabloid newspaper listing 5 reasons not to buy the Wii U, and a Slash Gear piece explaining why you shouldn’t pre-order the Wii U. Both articles are sensationalist in nature and don’t hold up to any scrutiny.


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  • GirlGamer

    No,No,No. This cannot be happening πŸ™ Curse you Apple!!!

    • Zeldazero

      Lets not get excited, for one, obviously losers who live on handheld devices like iphones tweet all day long because they have no lives hence why there is more buzz about it. I am a gamer and have NEVER tweeted or used twitter because I’m not a teenage girl who feels cool because she is tweeting to 1,000’s of strangers on the internet. Honestly I know no gamers that are on twitter. So this analysis is completely useless and misleading just like every other article posted to try and hinder the Wii U’s success. The fact is it is selling out everywhere so the people that are important, not the tweeters, know it exists and are pre-purchasing it, us the gamers.

      • Alienfish

        ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^ ^like^

        I just stole all of your equipment.

        • Nintenlord

          Darn you like like now i have to buy another shield πŸ™‚

      • frank

        You should take a bit of your own advice. You shouldn’t be on this site if you don’t call yourself a fanboy OF ANY KIND

      • DarkNite

        wow, first you say not to stereotype, but yet, you straight up do it? aha, go to your crappy iphone that last two years max and have to buy another one, and another one, and another one. apple, sony, microsoft.. do you know how much bricks theyre shitting right now? although nintendo has advertised its wii u little to nothing, it did way better in selling out preorders.

      • Mike

        Do you really think these people that tweeted the iPhone 5 are morally correct, mature people? No, they are mostly little teenage brats that want the newest shiny thing, they won’t think before they purchase it. Never EVER compare Nintendo fans or fanboys (Even though they are pretty bad, they aren’t as bad as iFanboys, and the rest of the smartphone battalion.) and such to those immature, non-thinking, teenagers. Unless it’s a immature, non-thinking, teenager you are comparing to them.

      • theorangefish

        I hate Apple! iPhone stands for crappy games and sound quality. was games. SONY showed them how a REAL gaming phone should be like. I hope they go bankrupt! ishit IS GOING TO get totally destroyed by Android !

      • F

        I have an iPhone but I’m not on twitter…

        It was obvious that it would be overshadowed by the iPhone 5, but in a months time Nintendo will properly advertise the console, and the iPhone buzz will have died down. Apple has had it’s fair share of bad press over the last couple of days too (iOS 6 Maps for example).

      • darkfox

        well said Wii U is Sold out gamestop is now taking names of prople who want a WII U ( no money taken cause they cant be sure if they will get and more stock) to try to replenish stock quicker than in the past. SG has also said it is the best preorder for a console to date, but then again I do not trust GS salespeople that much most of the time they have no clue.

      • Zeldazero

        I own 8 computers, 2 tablets, 2 360’s, a PS3, 2 PS2’s, Wii, Dreamcast, Xbox, 2 laptops, and soon to be me I’m wired to the internet and love technology, and have posted to a blog maybe 20 times ever, only when I feel something is completely out of line like this blatant attack against the WiiU’s credibility. Disrespectful is little socially ignorant people who would rather text on your iphone than actually socialize in person thier so-called friends which are apparently not important enough to see them face-to-face or thier only real friends are screen names of people you have never really met. The only thing you are right about is I am a Nintendo fanboy and proud of it πŸ™‚

      • Colton

        More likely than that ridiculous explanation is simply that there are more phone users than gamers probably. It’s like if there were more Tweets about a revolutionary TV. Everyone owns a TV – not everyone owns a gaming console. Everyone owns a phone, not everyone owns a gaming console.


      Theyre nit so bad they ispired nintendo to copy the ipad and appstore and flipphine and touchscreen and that flio photo software so nintendo admires apple sweet πŸ™‚

      • LUCIFER

        *Flip phone

        • TheBaconator

          Can I like, punch you in the face…
          REALLY HARD?!?

      • Christian

        ??? Tell me, what resemblance does the Wii U game pad have to the iPad except for the touch screen? Apple did NOT create the flip phone, and the DS was actually inspired by the two-screened Game & Watch! Apple cannot copyright a touchscreen, so it isn’t copying. If it was copying, then Apple would be copying CERN! And plus, Flipnote was for the player’s enjoyment, not to 1-Up or copy Apple. I think it’s vice verse. So don’t throw out that BS because you’re biased to Apple.

        • Christian

          * (Sentence 3) Apple did not create the touch screen, so it wasn’t copying.

      • revolution5268

        why are you here again?

      • Wildman

        Shouldn’t you be in Hell, Lucifer? I mean, that is your home now.

    • Jetty

      Not Apple’s fault. Gamers are a minority compared to cell phone owners. Apple makes the best cell phone. Nintendo makes the best consoles. This is like Coke losing to water.

      • theorangefish

        Apple does not make the best phones. Apple is not allowed to exist. Now that iGod finally died the rest of apple should die too!

    • dr scoobie

      gamers dont tweet
      they comment.
      on comment boards.

  • Albinopig

    Sucks considering Iphones are always the bloody same!!!!!

    • Macarony64

      true but ppl should also take into account that that day ppl renew there phone contracts and almost no new money was input on the device,i mean the iphone

    • td,y,i,.

      And people complain that the WiiU is overpriced.

      • darkfox

        You see Jimmey Kimmel he went to the people standing out side waiting on NEW iphone? He gave them an the current version and told them it was the NEW one.. They said it was faster lighter and more clear than their current one WHICH WAS THE SAME ONE THAT WAS PROB IN THEIR POCKET they had no clue!!! FANBOYISM AT ITS BEST

        • Jetty

          Sigh. That’s about right.

    • revolution5268

      yup people buy iphones not for games but to talk.

      • NintendoGamer

        Again, why it’s a next-gen console compared to a phone?

  • Enygmaomega

    I hate these online news writers that have 0 gaming knowledge, or are biased. Their th1st for attention is laughable.

  • Benjamin

    So they use Twitter to gauge enthusiasm? It’s absurd to think that there’s no buzz for Nintendo. The Nintendo fans alone will keep the buzz going for months. This is irrelevant.

  • GirlGamer

    No matter what happens please let me confirm one thing, I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT NINTENDO AND THE WII U BECAUSE NO ONE CAN BEAT THE WII U.

    • XENAJA


  • Christopher

    I think Apple made this diagram, its actually the other way round

    • Nintenlord

      Actualy is correct but they dont show the messages like iphone is the same thing has the other thing

      • Christopher

        I was joking.

    • David

      I don’t see why you are getting so many dislikes over a joke.

      I knew what you mean’t mate

  • Josh

    The iPhone is a joke and people will continue to buy this crap, which is a slightly more powerful iPhone 4. To put it shortly, it is unfortunate. But the iPhone 5 is actually getting a lot of negative reactions from people, so who gives.

    • dojo

      apple died when its owner died apples just not big anymore they cant keep success going like they did when the original owner was around the iphone5 is just a iphone 4 maybe worse nintendo no mater wht tho always is successful

      • Mchelski

        not all nintendo products were successful, let’s not forget visual boy and gamecube

        • darkfox

          VB ill give you but the GC was the best system out there it just came out too late I have more GC games than PS and PS2 games total maybe not the best in sales true but it was BA and I still pop in eternal darkness when I dont want to sleep for days!

          • NintendoGamer

            Too bad I liked the PS2 more for games like Devil May Cry, MGS2, Red Faction, Tekken 5, etc.. The GameCube still had tons of awesome games.

        • revolution5268

          gamecube did succeed but no first place, kind of like ps3.

        • Radziccles

          How dare you use the name of GameCube in vain!!! :OOOOOO

  • GirlGamer

    Why don’t some β€œApple fanboys” understand that the Iphone 5 is 100 percent different than the Wii U! Iphone 5 is an smart phone and Wii U is an gaming device that is just excellent, pure excellent. Apple, Sony and Microsoft fanboys AND fangirls understand it all? Luckily Nintendo fans understand it perfectly πŸ™‚

  • ssb4

    The Iphone and the Wii U home console are in TWO DIFFERENT LEAGUES! and the iphone is coming in september. and people who use their iphones as game devices are usually younger people. The wii u has 2 months before we even GET the console. and plus only true nintendo fans and haters know about the wii u, soccer moms dont know crap about this system. just wait until commercials for Wii U come, their 8 years old will be screaming for NSMBU.

    • Hangman

      Lol my 3 almost 4 year old keeps telling me he wants to play new

      • darkfox

        Congratz you trained them well my 3yr old knew who Mario and Sonic were before Mickey Mouse she sleeps with a Yoshi and Donkey Kong stuffed animal

        • Hangman

          Yeah three boys, three gamers; it’s awesome

      • Nintenlord

        My nephew too, he is 5 but he also wants to play zombie u

  • Anhell

    Of course Apple gonna have more sales, they are selling cell phones!! Not game console!! If a whole family want an iPhone 5 they have to have one for each family member. And the wii u is gonna be always one per household!!!!!.
    GameIndustry are so ignorant!!

    • me

      I’m not sharing my Wii U. If my brothers or sister want one they better go out and get one. lol

  • shroomforce

    I hope Nintendo knows that they aren’t building
    enough hype with the WiiU. Doing more events would defenitely
    help I guess.

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Read the other comments, please. Nintendo is building enough hype to make the Wii U sell out in almost every American store I’ve heard of. Retailers have no more Wii U’s to sell, be it the Basic model or Deluxe. I’ve never seen a game console gather this much hype.
      The problem is that iPhones and Gaming consoles don’t compete in the same market. It’s pure idiocy to compare them!

      • shroomforce

        I ment that they are not building enough hype
        with people that don’t follow Nintendo and still think
        the WiiU is just Wii in HD

        • revolution5268

          same with the other brands that are out there like the ps, xbox wii and even iphones, whats your point?

    • darkfox

      its sold out I think they did well maybe no adds on TV but isnt the INTERNET the BIGGEST news source now? I mean I knew about it Nintendo markets to its FANS first bro eveyone else will follow.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man iphone 5 is the exact same thing as its prevois couterparts, just tweeked with a little with HD, bigger screen, and a tad bit longer.

    Stupid apple.

    • revolution5268

      bey ya next year the iphone6 will be released, i have to buy a hardware only to get back stabbed next year with the successor. if it was cheap i won’t complain but….

      • Ninty1

        do you mean the iphone 5s?

  • Nintedward 3ds wiiu

    Not a fair comparison . Apple and their phones is a different beast to Nintendo , I respect your writing and article Kyo !! but atm , Nintendo should only be compared to Microsoft and sony until apple have a home console.

    Phones are more of a necessity than home consoles are so they are always gunna trounce them.
    I would hate to learn what the overall amount of smartphones on earth is at the moment , it’s probably about 1 billions as apposed to home consoles not even 1 5th of that .

  • Nintedward 3ds wiiu

    Not a fair comparison . Apple and their phones is a different beast to Nintendo , I respect your writing and article Kyo !! but atm , Nintendo should only be compared to Microsoft and sony until apple have a home console.

    Phones are more of a necessity than home consoles are so they are always gunna trounce them.
    I would hate to learn what the overall amount of smartphones on earth is at the moment , it’s probably about 1 billion as apposed to home consoles not even 1 5th of that .

  • Nintenjoe64

    I bet most of the tweets were galaxy owners trolling the new iphone and sickipedia iphone5/Steve Jobs jokes.

    I doubt this will be as much of a big deal to the mainstream as the wii but as long as nintendo don’t hold off too long on mario kart everyone will want one!

    How do I get an avatar? I signed up to the forums but that is obviously not the way πŸ™

    • EvanescentHero

      Go to and link your email address there.

  • Mateus Palamecia

    The iPhone 5 completely overshadowed the Wii U?


    Remind me again. Which console got completely booked for pre-orders virtually everywhere within four days of becoming available to reserve?

    Oh that’s right, the Wii U!

  • nintendofreak

    i dont wanna sound like an idiot but they should take into consideration that most gamers dont tweet or atleast the ones i knw

  • Tobbe

    Wonder if apple will go to court coz of the “wii u tablet” I hate apple but i bought alot of Apple stock in the early 2000 so i shouldnt be mad. BUT I HATE APPLE AND ALL IT STANDS FOR.. Sry appleboys

    • Neo

      Then they should sue sony for the PSP and vita also.

  • Andrew Sheehan

    Don’t worry, Nintendo will unleash their TV ads very soon. People who don’t come to websites (like this) will begin talking to each other about this new “Wii U thing” and the seed will be planted, growing that puny little graph exponentially.

    P.S. I a dream lastnight that I was playing a FPS on Wii U, was using panorama mode to aim around, it was amazing! …then i woke up πŸ™

  • Trev

    I will say that it will hard to build buzz if they don’t offer more pre orders or don’t ship more wiiu s to retailers before black Friday. Nintendo will want to how off it’s new machine but if you can’t buy it people will become frustrated and get something else atleast people other than Nintendo fans

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Its okay people. Nintendo will save the game industry. Just look at all that Pre order (:

  • ninjabake

    This is old news.

  • SteampunkJedi

    People that are hyped up for phones have phones. And text. I agree with nintendofreak: gamers, at least the ones I know, don’t tweet about gaming. So I don’t believe that graph is a fair comparison. Also, nearly everyone has a smartphone and many practically live on them. I think gamers are just a smaller niche, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      I don’t have a smartphone, and I don’t even plan on buying one. My friends also don’t have one either. And they’re gamers who don’t have either facebook, twitter or anything like that. And their thoughts on the iPhone5 was the same as mine: a larger screen…
      Comparing cell phones to game consoles is pure stupidity!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Nintendo should make a phone and put apple out of business lol

    • Kybalion

      I agree, in fact I was expecting that since original 3DS. A Nintendo real gaming-smart-phone would be the most awesome thing ever!!!! Just think about it!! O.O

  • Neonridr

    Apple is one of the largest companies in the world who’s shares are trading for what like $700 each? In the grand scheme of things Nintendo is a small child compared to Apple. Not a fair comparison at all. Besides, there are so many Apple-slaves out there that have to talk talk talk about a stupid phone. Great. And next year when the iphone 5s or 6 comes out, the 5 becomes irrelevant.

    I don’t use twitter as well, so that’s partly the reason why the tweets were so low for Nintendo πŸ˜‰

  • Kav

    Thats why Wii U is sold out.

    I preordered my Wii U and posted about it once on my fb without tagging anything or anyone(thats for annoying girls and i dont use twitter)

    While there are people who post a lot about iPhone 5, making jokes about it or telling they want it, either way no one buys it.

  • Ninty1

    Why is everyone whoring the s*it out about the iPhone 5, instead of the Wii U?

    • zhenya

      Because Nintendo is innovative and apple makes a new product with barely no new features a bit of updates and call it “innovative”

  • Mylochek

    For a system that isn’t getting much buzz as the article said it’s sure selling out quick enough, at least in North America. Comparing iPhone to a game system is like comparing a car to a TV, two different things. Wait until a month to just under a month and see how much buzz there will be.

  • drybones

    Alot of gamers dont even have twitter so i wouldnt count this as a reliable source

    • revolution5268


  • Kahhhhyle

    WTF how can you compare them. They’re to completely different beasts but he’s right Nintendo hasn’t done much to create buzz… Granted we all love it and will buy it day one but as a whole the public doesn’t even know it exists, Nintendo needs to get their add campaign going

  • Sethlaw225

    DROID FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Neonridr

    Not to mention that a month after release, you’ll be able to find an iphone at any retailer around. If you didn’t pre-order a Wii U, good luck finding one before Christmas!



  • TheHydra707

    Comparing a mobile phone to a home entertainment console?


    I think im going to go compare my DVD player to my washer/dryer. Hey after all they do appeal to the same market!

  • Paul

    dont forget you can pick up a iphone 5 now and a wii u in november

    wouldnt worry folks as im more excited about the wii u than anything else unless its a certain ps3 game haha

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Why do people still think Apple competes with Nintendo, $ony and Micro$oft? Apple makes cell phones, the other 3 make Video Games.
    The first one is an essential product, in which they put lots of features and some games. The second one is a product solely made for entertainment. Between a Video Game console and a cell phone, which do you think has more public? Everyone in the world has a cell phone, but only those who are going to play games have a video game!
    It’s not the same market, stop comparing them!

    • revolution5268

      people want apple to be the next sony.

  • vakua789

    well, I’m still going to make my next web game compatible the wii u’s web format.

  • Ledreppe

    I bought an iPhone 5 and a Wii U, so I don’t care for any trash talk of either system. I use twitter to talk about games, but I didn’t ‘feel the need’ to tweet about either the iPhone or the Wii U during the conferences last week!

  • PSWii60

    It could have been the PS4 or 720 in the Wii U’s place and the result would have been the same… iphone 5 would still have the most coverage, buzz, etc… There are more people with cell phones than game consoles.

  • Metroidmatt

    What’s laughable is they can talk trash about the Wii U all day as as system and about its press. But the sad reality for them is it doesn’t mean anything. Sales are what matters. And already its been selling out preorders rather quickly. And this is without promoting it yet in the main stream. Its hard to predict how a console will do you can try to make an educated guess if you want. But you can’t protect the future. The only thing I’ve learned in all my years as a Nintendo fan is its unwise to bet again them. You will usually end up on the losing end.

  • ZombieGuns

    who cares

  • smallNdeadly

    It’s sold out in most stores 2 months b4 release so who cares…even if they want it then they won’t b able to get it. Marketing to much more now would almost b a waste of nintendo money. They should wait till end of October to do it

  • lick1nob

    Because twiiter is always a viable source of news. I hate media.

  • retlaw

    IPhone is just another phone with outdated technology. Who cares! Most of iPhone users don’t even know about technology…

  • 3dsguy

    Tv ads not been on yet then we will c

  • NaX

    I fear that the Wii U wont sell. I asked my younger cousin about it and he said what was it(Wii U), I mean he loves the Wii and it’s the only system he has ,but yet he doesnt even know about the Wii U. So as a long time nintendo fan (sure i was in xbox only cuz wii had laggy online), however who are they trying to get for the Wii U. I mean i read articles and i see them trying to apeal to everyone, but in my personal opinion i don’t think Wii U can grab that “bro market”, i hope i’m wrong i rather have one system in which i can play Smash bros. and COD, so it’s why i’m a one day buyer ,but it’s true it’s too soon to say since Nintendo hasnt said much about the Wii U or comercials for that matter. Only time will tell.

  • KingsizeMK

    I think you can’t compare apple and nintendo, nintendo is games only, so apple, it’s none of your business. -.-”

  • Allon

    No matter what you all keep saying about it’s publicity!WII U SELLING OUT!BOOM!!!#NINTENDOPOWER

  • Dytonics

    All I got to say to this… Apple is a hardware company to build phones, computers, and tablets etc. Nintendo has nothing to loose because the I phone is popular around the phone market and doesn’t effect Nintendo’s sales. Nintendo themselves right now along with Sony and Microsoft effects console prices and manufacturing. πŸ˜› To be honest I would say go get a Samsung Galaxy s III That to me is a way better phone then the I phone 5.

    Nintendo sales don’t really peak up till the console is released anyways, Nintendo still has a month to go. I Phone is already out to buy, you can only sale so much pre-ordering when it comes to the full consoles that are new. Nintendo is working hard to get the console out there. πŸ˜› Apple is a bigger company then Nintendo so of course it will have the popularity. πŸ˜› In the gaming world do you really ever hear people say “Oh angry birds is awesome on the I phone”. I never hear that I always hear about PS3 that Wii this and X box that. Nintendo is much bigger in gaming then any company in the world but not technology like others are, could they get there? Possibly if they really wanted to expand outside of gaming but I highly doubt it…

    Don’t make this lil chart a big deal because Apple isn’t even part of the slice of pie in gaming.

  • snestendo

    1.) iPhones are overarted
    2.) They aren’t even competing
    3.) This page is pointless

  • The Baconater

    Might as well say
    Hey, the sun is shining and it is more known than the Wii u. So therefore the wii u isn’t building enough hype because the sun is shining.

  • Castamere

    There’s another iPhone coming out? I swear they come out every year.

  • Dan

    Gamecube sold 21 million , and yet they made money on it!!! Its the games they make money on,, they dont really need 3rd parties, they will survive on games alone

  • Dan

    Nintendo doesnt need to create a buzz,, they have plenty of fans!!! Time and time again their consoles sell games,, i was looking at wiki and found out n64 31million top game 11 million(mario 64) gamecube 21 million top game (7million,smashbros) and wii 92(32 million mario kart), they will survive!!!

  • Anubis

    My friend had an iphone 5 5years ago

  • Master Awesomeness

    Who cares about this graph. Only a few articles ago Wii U daily was saying how pre-orders are sold out for wii u almost everywhere. Though not where I live…
    I pre-ordered already so I am happy.

  • Dustin

    A console’s buzz begins at E3; where Nintendo performed a faceplant this year. The buzz doesn’t come from advertising the month before launch.

  • somebody

    u know what happens??? nintendo gamers dont use twitter

    • revolution5268


    • revolution5268

      plus the people who where following these guys are non gamers.

  • NesToWiiU

    Am I the only one,who doesn’t care about the iphone 5 and just wants a WiiU and Guild Wars 2?

  • Mchelski

    just as wiiudaily said, nowadays almost everyone over 10 years old have a mobile phone, so, of course iPhone would receive more coverage. Wii u is a videogame and people who actually buy this kind of machine aren’t that much compare to handhelds. Besides, the fact that wii u is almost completly sold out in the pre-orders show that the main gamers public is well aware of the news from nintendo.

  • leonardo

    O.o….so what…those are different products… far as I know WiiU pre orders are sold out…then I guess things are getting as nintendo expected…at least for the beginning of the console

  • Game Master

    @Zeldazero: You just got a like from me.

  • Guhtere

    So, more people care about the same exact thing they showed last year except with a bigger screen than a completley new console made by the same people who mad the Wii? wat?

  • Michel

    I asked over 100 People.
    and all people thought it whas something of the wii.
    Some People said the Wii Has shit graphics(when i whas asking about the wiiu)
    Some people say that the WiiU is a add on for the wiiu and that it is shit.
    Some people think the WiiU is not better then the wiiu.

    So bassically advertisement in combination with the name , doesn’t go that well

  • logan7699

    The WiiU sold out on presales and this was done with no buzz??? the WiiU is a major upgrade and i dare i say a game changer…the i phone 5 is little change so much that the tonight show took the i phone 4s out in New York and asked people what they thought and no one realized it was the old one….

  • xarret

    i admit that a cover an blogged about both apple and nintendo’s conferences. i’m a technology freak granted, but obviously i am more excited about the wii u.

  • Herterdert

    Wasn’t this expected?
    The iPhone 5 definitely will reach more people, as Apple has created multiple quality precursors that tens of millions of people own, but they’re phones. Nintendo is creating a new video game system. The phone market is vastly larger than the video game.
    A better comparison will be this vs. the PS4/720..

  • maybe

    Just keep in mind twitter is home of pop stars and nba players and comedian and perez hilton. These are ppl of popular “status” ..icons if you will… The iphone itself is an icon of status. If Wade or lady gaga or daniel tosh or perez hilton mention the wii u in good faith…you could trust that that sample would look alot different.

  • crawdadcabana

    I think that your average nintendo fan does not spend a lot of time tweeting, your average iphone fan does. If nintendo is selling all their preorders clearly enough buzz is there. Nintendo has made some mistakes in not advertising their system very well, but it seems people are willing to come to them regardless of ads or tweets.

  • James Bowserman

    Seriously? People are comparing the two?

    They’re both in completly different worlds. And I don’t want to hear:

    tH3 aPpL3 haZ an L0t oF G4m3S oN t3H iP0n3! I’m sorry Angry Birds and Metroid Prime are two totally different experiences…

  • Jetty

    Not really we are speaking about the Wii U. Twitter can show any graph in the universe about iPhones. If you waste your time on twitter and facebook, well I don’t have to say anything else.

  • sharks345

    Nintendo is doing marketing wrong, WiiU is great but they are making the same mistake they did with the 3ds adding the name of the past generation console.

  • Game Master

    Will siad, people on facebook and twitter that have over 1,000 friend, I bet thay dont even know helf of them.

    • Game Master

      This was a reply to Zeldazero, the last that was made on September 21st, 2012

  • Pretzels

    WTF!? Who the hell compares the iPhone 5 to the WiiU over tweets? What a dumbass.