Wii U Sports
Wii U Sports is an anticipated video game for the Wii U console. It is the successor to the popular game for the old Wii console, and is expected to work in much the same way. The game is based on a series of mini games where the player actively and physically participates. For instances, mini games such as golf and tennis are expected to be carried over into the new Wii U Sports series. At E3 2011, Nintendo showcased a baseball mini game that utilized the Wii U controller. This mini game is expected to be a part of the new Wii U Sports collection. The game is expected to be one of the launch titles for the console, and could be part of Wii U bundles, either at launch or in the future.

Wii U Sports features

As showcased at E3 and in various trailers, Wii U Sports will utilize the new tablet controller in various ways. As the images below show, the controller can be used as a base for golf, where the player can see what kind of surface the golf ball is on. The player the swings the Wiimote as if the ball was on the tablet controller. Another example is baseball, where the controller is used to aim at the ball, rather than swing with the Wiimote. The game will be compatible with older controllers as part of the Wii U accessories lineup.

Wii U Sports baseball

Wii U Sports golf

Wii U Sports games

Nintendo is expected to bring most of the old spots mini games to the new Wii U Sports, including:

  • Golf, where the controller will be used as a “base” for the ball
  • Baseball, where players will use the controller to aim at the pitch
  • Hunting, the tablet is used as a sight for aiming at ducks
  • Racing mini game, where the controller will double as a steering wheel
  • Throwing stars (Shuriken) mini game, the controller is used to “flick” throwing stars at targets

Nintendo will reveal the full line up of mini games some time in the future. Wii U Sports is expected to launch with the console in 2012, but it’s unknown whether it will be bundled or sold separately.

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