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Wii U specsIt’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new on the Wii U specs front. The latest report suggests some rather accurate specs that Nintendo was targeting for developers last year, and apparently Nintendo has kept the hardware consistent since then. However, take these hardware specs with a grain of salt, as the details have likely changes since. Nevertheless, here are the rumored specs, as per the Wii U dev kit of last year:

New Wii U Specs (dev kits)

  • Wii U CPU runs at 3.4 GHz and has 3 cores
  • 2 MB L2 cache on one core, 512 KB on the two other cores
  • 3 GB memory for dev kits, 1.5 GB of memory for retail consoles
  • Custom AMD Wii U GPU with 32 MB embedded eDRAM and unified shader architecture
  • More GPU features: custom shader support, compute shader support, 128 bit floating point HDR texture filtering, multi-sample anti-aliasing, 720p + 4X MSAA, or 1080p no MSAA rendering.
  • Dedicated 120 MHz audio processor, 6 channel audio for console, 2 channel for controller
  • 512 MB of on-board flash storage for the Wii U operating system
  • 8 GB of flash storage for apps and games.

In addition, Nintendo has given developers access to powerful graphics APIs that are reportedly very easy to use and very familiar to those who developed on the Wii and GameCube. On paper, it looks like the Wii U specs include many of the modern features, especially on the GPU front. Of course, these specs are rumored and coming from a developer who supposedly has access to the system. The final system specs may be different.

Last time we heard regarding Wii U specs, the CPU was said to be 20X faster than the one found in the Wii. Given Nintendo’s history of never officially announcing the specs of their consoles, we’ll have to wait until someone gets a retail version of the Wii U and peeks inside.

Thanks for the tip, Ricky!

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  • LizardLee


    • nintendon’t


  • Wii Uoops!

    I have absolutely no idea what all that techy stuff means, but, um…

    Cool! …?

    • Anhell

      Hahaha we are on the same page and I don’t think is only the two of us XD

      • nintendon’t

        There’s a lot of us, but I at least know the more memory space the system has the better 🙂

        • Ali

          Basically, this is 3x the power of a 360.

          • jorge

            dunno were do u see 3x times the xbox power… wii U cpu 3.4 triple core 6mb cache l2/ xbox 360 : 3.2 triple core 3mb cache l2. memory 1.5gb vs 512 mb ( only part that is actually 3x) 8 gb storage on wiiU vs the 120/250/320gb on xbox lol not even worth comparing this one. WiiU doesnt replay 1080i with MSAA were xbox360 does. overall isn´t that impressive comparing with a console with almost a decade old…

          • Duo16

            dude Your simplifying it the we use processors way more powerful than the xbox360 you totally neglected the l 3 cache and six threads per core I find it laughable that people even bring up the hard drive nintendo isallowing you to slap whatever harddrive you want or flash drive or any storage device you want on the wii u and the best part non proprietary

          • jorge

            L3cache? honestly o dunno were ur seeing that, ” 2mb L2 cache on ONE CORE, 512kb on the OTHER TWO”… 3mb cache total L2 since its a AMD based processor we all know that AMD has some proc. that don´t possess L3 cache 2nd core/thread 3/6 doesnt meand 2x core/thread 3/3 all u just need to look is the Hyper-Threading technology. and finally about the HDD was a reference about how much storage it actually comes to the market without users change anything cause we all know that any console, xbox/ps3/wii etc, we can add more storage space is the same concept as MS launching their basic xbox´s with a 256mb card without HDD. as fot the proc. ppl saying its stunning and will surpass other 2 consoles with 7years of age all i was pointing was the litle diferences that shows the contrary but if the tri-core cpu from xbox isn´t enough u can always call apon the 8-core in ps3… or its also weaker than this 3-core 6 threads?

          • Dan

            IBM is making the processor u idiot, not AMD.

  • darkfox

    i have no clue what any of this means but I but systems based on games and Nintendo always make outstanding games and the launch line ups 1st and 3rd party is the best for a system yet, and I have been around since Atari!

    • Alienfish

      Better specs mean more for developers to work with. That goes beyond just what the game looks like. More tools mean the possibility for better games.

  • john

    Sounds like the U has been packed for the Win!

  • Buzzeh

    Custom AMD Wii U GPU? I hope its as good as the rumored AMD Radeon HD 6770

    • Matthewmc685

      It’s still looking like the Radeon 6770, they just made it have 3 cores (and not 4) mostly because it was over kill but it still acts like an 8 gen platform so it is very powerful!

      • pach

        I read this somewhere. Even if it is only 3 cores, it is a new cpu, way more faster and it will have up to 6 threads then. Like those I7 intel cpus and newer.

    • loko

      sarà una versione della 5xxx.

  • Thrasher 1x

    its not complete but it looks good, has alot of storage

  • 009soulmaster

    Ricky? umm but i didnt do anything. unless i am psychic. woah. o.o?

  • ray

    6770 is shit wi u is probably a 6770 in crossfire with unified shaders and draw distance increases

    • Alienfish

      It does a lot more when you can optimize games for the specific video card and shove it in a console that doesn’t run anything but games and a light OS.

      • Truth

        The OS that has dedicated 512 MB of flash memory….

    • deSSy2724

      Rumors says, PS4/Xbox720 have hd 6670- 7670…..

      Besides that:
      Xbox 360 = modifed nvidia 7800 GTX > dx 9.
      PS3 = modifed ati x1900 > opengl.
      In reality, they are pretty much the same/similar…

      So, 3 core CPU (if its true, maybe more…)…. anyway, u cant compare 2005 year core 2 or 3 CPUs 3GHz+ vs 2012 core 2 or 3 CPUs 3GHz+ because there is MUCH MUCH MUCH more difference, in terms of performanse, efficiency/power consumption, architecture, technology etc……

      Last but not least, u cant compare PC hardwer and console hardware…… 2005 year old console hardware, and just look at multiplatform games, exclusives for Xbox 360/PS3 (speccialy for PS3). Exactly, not tooo far away from PC graphics, but on paper… 2012 PC is much much much more stronger than any current console (from 2005/06 year). Think about it……. i own a PC (i5 2500K, GTX460, 4GB ram), PS3 and Wii so i know what im talking about…

      • SynGamer

        Um, isnt it the PS3 uses Nvidia and XBox uses ATI?

        That is why the PS4 is rumored NOT to be able to play PS3 games due to the use of PhysX and CUDA on PS3 games ans the rumor that PS4 as well as NeXtBox(lol) and WiiU are all ATI.

        Anyway, WiiU core is a (slightly) current IBM based core, looks like 3 different non-unified cores (probably on the same die thow) Most likely will use each core for different process.

        Graphics processor WILL be able to use newer advanced rendering tech so even if raw power isn’t there it will still be able to outperform PS3/XBox.

        Main point is that it is…
        1. Going to be cheap
        2. Will perform better then current gen
        3. Will be first to be released.

        That, along with the other advances and being “easy to develop and port to” makes it seem like it will be the first choice for devs for next gen.

        That is why Microsoft is on the offensive, MS spent all of last last gen saying that Medium graphics were the best way to go being positioned between Wii and more expensive PS3. Its about 3rd party.
        Now that Nen has caught up and is gathering lots of 3rd party support MS has switched to the “power is everything.”

        Sony is just in a bad position, I really feel sorry for them and hope they can pull something out of their hat. They really can’t afford to sell at a loss and they can’t afford to make another $600 a unit mistake.

        • deSSy2724

          uhm.. yes, my mistake/”tipfeler” about the part: “PS3/xbox360 GPU”

          Personally, i must to agree with you…..i think the next Xbox will do have the most advanced hardver compared to other consoles (not sure about next xbox vs PC, i dont want to rush too early), MS does have the money and 1st xbox was ok and Xbox360 was pretty succesful, PS3 was the most powerfull little thing in history of gaming and technology back in 2005, not only for Games. PS3 was stronger than any PC at the beginning…. yes, it was priced relatively high. It was “sold at a lost”, very impresive console/hardware but not so impresive in sold units…. i remember the analyses pointing that PS3 will sell over 150 million units, and Wii only 30 (really…. look it today!?!?!?!). Nintendos 1st much weaker console than competitors was the Wii (acctually not much stronger than GC)…. N64 was stronger than PS1, GC was stronger than PS2. The only “newly generations” consoles that i didnt owned was the GC, 1st Xbox and Xbox360, i owned both N64 and PS1, and ofc PS2 because it has the most good exclusives/games than any other console. I think Sony will not rush this time, PS3 even if it was so powerful + free PSN + bluray + really good looking and good gameplay exclusives…. tha fact is, it wasnt so succesful at all.

          Well, what am i really going to say is….. power alone means nothing, developers are much more important and it pretty much depends on Nintendos, Sonys and MSs “head leaders”. I can only laugh at all other stupid fanboys (including Nintendo, MS, but specially Sony fanboys), back in past…. Sony fanboys were talking the same thing against N64, GC…. but Nintendo was stronger in terms of power. Today, the same fanboys are saying that Wii U is weaker than PS3, ANONYMOUS DEVELOPER said this…. cmon…. cmoooooon seriously, why in hell would/should i believe this??????

          Well, sorry for my.. not so good English :S

  • Captain snugglebottom

    I think the console will get a quad-core instead of a tri-core But that’s my opinion. Will see what Nintendo has up it’s sleaves in the future.

    • Matthewmc685

      I was told it was a quad-core too but I guess we will wait and see! All I know is Nintendo will make it awesome!

    • Alienfish

      Yeah, these specs are supposedly from a year ago. I also think quad-core.

  • Paul

    better specs than my pc lol

    hoping there is another version with more flash space like 25gb etc

    • Mike

      Dude, you can hook up a 1TB external hard drive, they don’t need to release a new version. If it was up to me, I’d leave the 8GB out, and instead pack in a coupon for Newegg, to buy a external hard drive.

      • Sojiro

        They need to at least include 4-8GB of flash storage for the people that either don’t care or know about getting an external drive. One of the smarter moves by Nintendo imo, is not including a Hard Drive, and allowing standard USB external drives that aren’t proprietary to be used which helps keep the cost of the console down, and we can use whatever we want. Its a real win win.

        • Paul

          but wont the external hard drive leave the console to run emulaters, homebrews etc which could be a hackers playground

          • SynGamer

            LOL, As long as it is used to play previous gen games that is a +
            Wii is full of shovel-ware and Nen knows it, so I doubt they are under any illusion that desperately protecting the small amount of good games for the wii or the very old games that can you can now purchase in the wii shop is going to make them very much money.

            Of course the OFFICIAL position on emulation is IT’S BAD, but if it is easy for me to emulate an xbox and ps2, that is a major + in my book, considering XBox360 has trouble running some xbox games and the affordable ps3 cant play ps2 games.

            They just have to MAKE it look like they are trying stop emulators lol

  • Mike

    That’s pretty good, but it’s not a beast. The 1.5GB is kind of disappointing, but I guess if they chose 3GB for the devs, we might see 2GB in the latest version. It’ll be a great system, but the memory REALLY makes me wonder how they are going to hold up to the other consoles, even mid-range PC’s have about 8GB of RAM (memory). But then again, they have to keep the costs down, we’ll see how they handle the next gen when next gen games start coming out.

    • Dereq

      Actually PC RAM compared to a console is and apples to oranges kinda argument. A PC obviously has many programs as well as the OS eating up RAM constantly, but a console needs far less due to the lack of blatent multitasking.

    • ed

      Actually, 1.5 for a game console is great, i sure that is more than double what the current have. Home pc have lots of other stuff that eats Ram, like background programs, and the OS. Game console dont have alot of that junk, so dont worry about the ram.

      • Kamran

        Main System RAM:

        Xbox 360 = 512 MB GDDR3 RAM (700 MHz), shared with GPU

        PS3 = 256 MB XDR RAM (3.2GHz)

        • ViceGrip

          The 256 MB of xdr ram is for the playstation os, only 244 MB of it is available for games. The main gpu has 256 of gddr3 ram.

  • Nintengoth

    Should be awesomes! cant wait now! 🙂

  • Britton

    8 GB for the flash storage is pretty good. I am satisfied with that.

  • brandon

    I really don’t care about the specs as it run unreal 4. If it can do that great it’ll last for a while. Assuming 3rd party dev keep their promises with support

    • Sojiro

      Pretty sure all of the next gen consoles will be able to run Unreal4, the only caveat is that it will be scaled down for all the consoles. So its not really a matter of “if” the Wii U can run it, but how well.

  • Answer

    the wii u is rules!

  • Static

    Hmmm… not bad, but it’s not as far out in front of the PS3 and the 360 as I might like. Hopefully this means they can sell it at a super attractive pricepoint. I don’t see this machine keeping up with the next gen MS and Sony consoles any better than the Wii does with the current gen.

    Fingers crossed I get proven wrong though.

    • Adam Fox

      There is more to a game console than raw power. It’s got to have a strong game library and the Wii U looks promising from what I have seen. The Wii may not have been as powerful as ps3 or 360, but with exclusives featuring Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Star Fox, you can’t really go wrong. Sure Xbox has Halo and PS3 has God of War and Uncharted, those franchises have not been around near as long as Mario, and probably won’t be. Halo has gotten stale (personally, I never liked the series). God of War has a new game coming out next year and I don’t see or hear anyone excited over it……I love God of War, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather have a Mario game. God of War has excellent graphics, sound and storyline….Mario has high replay value and often times, multiplayer. Think about it this way, if you grew up in the 80s/90s how much did you play and replay Super Mario games on NES/SNES? SMB has been on NES, SNES, GBC, Wii VC and 3DS….

      • Static

        You’re missing the point. Obviously Nintendo has great first party content, and their exclusives in no way hinge upon whether or not they keep up with the Jones’s. Their access to third party multiplatform titles, however, does depend on their ability to field a console that compares very well to the competition.

        Look at the Wii U launch line up. Look at all the awesome multiplat titles that round it out. Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Aliens Colonial Marines, Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders 2. The exclusives are great, but those are the titles that suggest that Nintendo might be getting what they have so sorely lacked this generation: major third party support. You and I, the Nintendo faithful, will buy a Wii U with or without them. But for many people, Mario doesn’t do it. He’s not enough. Unless the Wii U can deliver a platform that can sustain the demands put on it by next generation games, then this major third party support will last only as long as it takes for the next Sony and Microsoft consoles to reach market. And then it will return to the standard we saw this generation.

        To reiterate, no one here is arguing that there isn’t more to a game console than raw power. Of course there is. But raw power is not utterly irrelevant. It is an important part of the equation, and any console designer ignores this at their own peril.

      • Steventelation

        I really think that Mario is getting staler than Halo. I mean, the New Super Mario Bros. U looks very similar to the Wii original verson of the game, even if the wii u version has some extra stuff like two screens and balloon yoshis etc. What happened to the old Mario games that always had some new art design? But I still think that the Wii U will pull in the big bucks, not because of the new Mario game, but because of all the “Nintendo Faithful” will really want HD, and the non-hardcore video gamers will like the new gamepad.

  • trainerblk


  • Mike

    Can someone please explain to me what the hell those numbers mean?

    • gabe

      Most retail computers have 4 cores and but less then 3.4Ghz which is basically how powerful the CPU, or the brain is. The Graphics card is pretty medium level and it can handle great graphics on high setting without breaking a sweat. its has 1.5gb of ram which basically meant 6X that of a PS3 or 3X that of an Xbox360 and ram basically measure how much stuff the system can do at a time and remember what its doing, kind of like short term memory, its mainly frame rate.

      • JC


  • joe

    I think specs shouls be kept on the downlow…it’s the number crunching fools that help make or break a system. “Wait I can’t buy that system, it only has a triple LE contoller with 4 lion tails worth of Z power!” Some of the best games I play today are on the Sega Master System….

    • Ricky Bobbby

      LOL! Dude, “Z power” is so 2011…

      • joe

        Yes I know but it’s a “Z.098” so it has the extra injectors from Yamaha…

  • OmgitsmeHerman

    I compared these specs with the xbox 360 specs.

    Each core on the wii u runs 200Mhz faster than the xbox. Combined for a 600Mhz CPU difference. The ram is also 3 times as much as in the xbox 360. 512Mb ram for the xbox and 1,5Gb for the Wii u. The xbox 360 has 10Mb of eDRAM while the Wii u has 32Mb.

    These are all the things i could digg up at the moment. If this rumor is true than the Wii u is quite a bit stronger than the xbox 360.

    • Sojiro

      Not to mention this is going off the rumored dev kits last year. Not expecting them to have even better components, but I have a feeling it will. Unless Sony and MS can put out absolute powerhouse wallet breaking machines (that will have a rough time in this economy), I am guessing this will be like the 6th generation of consoles, where the weakest of the consoles (most likely the Wii U) will still be in the ballpark of the other two.

      • Steventelation

        Even though the Wii was less powerful then the other consoles of this gen, that doesnt mean that Nintendo will from now on always make weaker consoles than Microsoft and Sony.

    • Alienfish

      Don’t forget some pretty sick multithreading in the Power7 CPU. Four threads per core mean double what the 360 can crank out. Better infrastructure and the ability for the CPU to offload some tasks to the GPU make it even more efficient. There are going to be some pretty games on this console.

      • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

        Yeah, but I heard they cut the multithreading in half. Usually it also has 4 cores, and they obviously scaled it down a bit, but I feel like 4 cores would be more likely that quad threading each core. I mean, what gaming machine would even need 12-16 threads of code? I would like 8 though. Also, it should have L3 cache, 4 Mb is the entry level per core, but just having that at all is a good lead. Where’d that go? This still sounds plenty powerful, but I would like to see some of this stuff. It does need some power considering it has to multistream separate interactable screens. That’s gonna eat up a lot of the power. So, I expect it to be more powerful than this, I hope it is, but these are okay, just a slight bit low from what I was expecting, even expecting it to be cut back. They may have changed their minds on a few of these things though, so I guess we’ll find out when we get it

    • Icanseeu

      And so it should be considering it will be released seven years later then the Xbox 360!

  • pach

    I remember something in a news about the console locking 512mb only for the OS. Then games may end up with only 1gb of usable memory.

    • UGotRickRossed

      No, that’s 512 of flash memory, as stated in the article. That flash memory is separate from both the flash memory for storing games and apps (8G) and the 1.5 Gigs of RAM used for running games.

      • nintendon’t

        Basically, people will have enough memory to download quite a bit of apps and games. I think older games won’t take up very much memory anyway.

  • Nate

    Hey! As long as it’s more powerful than the PS3,I don’t care what the specs are.

  • Jc


  • Shankovich

    So…there’s 0% chance this could run UE4, even a fully towned down version (no MSAA on 1080P really???). These specs are around the bottom of a R700 family card, so I really don’t buy this (I’m pretty sure the actual card is more powerful :D). Loving the CPU power though, that’s reasonable and actually a pretty high clock even for a tri core. The cache is a little concerning though, hope it’s higher for all cores (and I think that’s wrong as well, because the Power7 line is supposed to have WAY more). Loving the amount of memory, but I hope the final is 2GB DDR3 1600, or over clocked for 1.5GB because remember the GPU is sharing it!

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Wow, someone who knows about specs and doesn’t just bandwagon on these knowing nothing about specs. I’m amazed. And I fully agree, it should be a good bit better than this. Don’t forget, even though they had to cut costs, they also had to make it able to use two gamepads at once, and that takes a bunch of power to do, so I expect somewhat better specs than this. If it’s a $250 launch, then this would make sense, but I think pushing for a $300 system to up it to that level would be well worth it. Nintendo needs to not hold back just like $50 from each console just to make it affordable, cause if it can’t play the next gen engines, it’ll have a Wii type of situation and they don’t want that. So I think they probably did step it up, just a bit at least.

      • Truth

        This. I think the 2 Game Pads announcement at E3 is at least going to make Nintendo to go back and tweak the RAM a bit. We’ll see though….

  • DerikGotro64

    In other words: Top-Of-The-Line!

  • Ricky Bobbby

    Does anyone else remember the days when “16 Bit processor and 256 colors simultaneously” told you everything you needed to know about your shiny new console? That was absolutely drool-inducing in 1990!

  • Wildman

    “Custom AMD Wii U GPU with 32 MB embedded eDRAM and unified shader architecture”

    32MB of eDRAM on a custom AMD GPU. That thing will be super fast!
    1.5GB of RAM isn’t a bad amount.
    The CPU architecture is based on IBM’s Power7 as confirmed by IBM themselves.
    Wii U will be no weakling. I mean, it is a next generation console and all.

    Still taking the rumor with a grain of salt though.

  • Draco Breach

    I think I can safely stick to my estimates.

    A) 100~175% more powerful than PS3 or 360.
    B) $300~400 price tag.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here with my next estimate, not knowing the processing power required per GamePad.

    The Wii U can handle 1080/60p native with no problem with a single GamePad controller. You’ll likely drop to 1080/30p or 720/60p native, maybe minor artifacts, with two GamePad controllers.

    I still don’t see the next Sony or Microsoft offerings being more than 50~100% more powerful than the Wii U unless they wait until at least two years.

    Speaking to Unreal Engine 4… It’s hard to say. I don’t think consoles will be running the full UE4. The Wii U might be able to handle it, but I don’t think Epic’s announced minimum technical specifications yet.

    We’ll have to wait and see. Honestly, I’d be more excited to hear some news on the next installment of the following IPs. I present, in no particular order, what I want to hear from Nintendo and their second parties! As an aside, some of these are typically handheld titles that I would like to see on console.

    Fire Emblem
    Star Fox
    Mario (3D, Paper, RPG)
    Golden Sun

    Really, technical specifications are nice to know about. However, a gaming console should use the hardware for the real meat of the deal – GAMES. I wanna hear about games, and I’m getting very little news to sate my hunger.

    Sadly, I know how tight-lipped Nintendo can be. We likely won’t hear about any more games until after the launch date and pricing details are release towards the end of summer/beginning of fall.

  • Canawar

    dx11 ?

    • Marmor

      There is no such thing as DirectX on a Nintendo or Sony console.
      But the Wii U GPU can – if the specs are correct – do all the stuff that is possible with dx11.

      Most awesome thing will be the compute shader support. Free use of the GPU power for stuff that is usually CPU terrain. An example is Tesselation. PS3/Xbox360 can do it (making 3D objects smoother) but they have to sacrifice CPU power. A GPU supporting compute shader (aka “dx11” gfx cards) can do it itself much more efficient.

      Compute shader alone make the Wii U way more powerful in the eyes of gfx fanatics.

      The downside? You won’t see much graphical improvement on PS3/Xbox360 ports because they have not been built up with those shaders in mind. 95% of all those ports for the PC still just use DX9 functionality.

      • Ricochet

        Don’t forget shadowing, no more edgy shadows when you use compute shaders. Hair and soft body (cloth) simulations, particle effects. Everything can be made to look more realistic, maybe not all at the same time.

  • I wonder how much Video RAM It is in the GPU.

    • wampdog29

      I’m sure it’s 1.5 GB shared between GPU and CPU. That’s the smart way to do it. Having separate pools like the PS3 would create limitations and restrictions for devs.

  • CaressingFarts

    if these specs are true at launch(or marginally better ie quad core instead of tri and 2gb ram not 1.5gb) it means wii u will be 3x as powerful as 360 with $275-$350 price point. 2014 when 720 comes it will be 2x as powerfulas wii u with $400-$500 price point. once again nintendo will lag behind performance wise but that’s never been nintendo’s thing. they make innovative systems with super fun games. can’t wait for zombie u!!!

  • CaressingFarts

    ue4 full-scale is pc only…70%-80% scale for 720 and ps4…40%-50% scale on wii u

  • Sham

    Y’all do realize u can just go to Nintendo.com to get the actual specs instead of reading all these rumors *-*

    • Link_Belmont

      Are you stupid?

    • Link_Belmont

      Or are you just joking?

    • Steventelation

      yes, the nintendo website does have “specs” but really vague and pretty much no real numbers………

  • ck1x

    People must understand that you simply can’t compare the performance of one console to the other, specifically when it’s been as many years between the systems such is the case with WiiU compared to PS3/360. The graphical features of GPU’s have advanced so much that PS3&360 simply can’t perform some of the tasks that WiiU can on the hardware without taking a hit performance wise. Maybe those systems can mimick somethings in software but the performance will go down drastically in comparison. So the tale of the tape will come down to the finished launch games and more specific. The games that are designed from the ground up with WiiU in mind, will always look much better.

  • Paul

    im pretty sure when they say 1.5gb memory for consoles thats just limited so later on down the line when you will see top games that will use the 3gb

  • Death

    come again?

  • Chechen

    hmm a gext-gen console with 3 cores only??.. ps3 CPU seems to be better..
    wii u? no thanks.. i will buy next xbox or ps-X

    • deSSy2724

      Actually not…… IBM Power7 processor is way more powerful than Cell processor.

    • being human and not a fanzombie

      lol at the foolishness cell is a crippled hard to code unsuited to gaming cpu and has to use most of its power helping a weak ass out of date gpu FACT

  • Joyous Killer

    I didnt get one bit of that, but im sure its gona be awsome!

  • being human and not a fanzombie

    the amount of cores is 10000000% totally meaningless it would depend on the core WOULDN’T IT

    the x360 cpu cores are a load of out dated crap 1 execution unit per core totally inline processing

    broadway of wii has 5 execution units so if it was tri core broadway it would be 15 execution units vs x360s pathetic 3

    just one example of what a cpu is and theres been no mention anywere of a 3.6ghz cpu that is made up nonsense and a power 7 derived chip would kill a x360 cpu at only 1.6ghz with ease

    until its confirmed otherwise i clearly see the rumors pointing to a tri core broadway with custom edram catch of 3mb and gpu is likely around the E6760 amd chip

    • Truth

      LOL….doesn’t this sound like the 64-bit vs. 128-bit argument from years ago? Now it’s the number of cores….. SMH…..

  • uPad

    Note that Devs are using underclocked devkits right now.

  • Shankovich

    @WiiUPlayWithMe:P, because you know a lot about hardware I can see :D. I agree with you that more threads would be needed…if it’s a tri-core, I’m suspecting that it’ll have 4 threads, two threads running on that core that has the extra cache (from an engineering standpoint this is a pretty good trick). Of course the next gens from M and S will have more, since AMD cpu’s tend to be cheap and have many cores for the price (if they stick with AMD).

    I think….a quad core with 5-7 threads would be needed, around that clock rate, and a GPU with at least 800 cores running VLIW 4 (thermal management). The shaders being programmable would be nice too :P. I think that’s asking too much though (the shaders), but it’ll for sure need a lot of cores to run 3 screens at HD res (the vid on IGN of the booth girl, she said the screens were HD so I’m running off that).

    Given Nintendo’s long partnership with ATi (AMD) and IBM, I wouldn’t be surprised if the hardware was quite powerful for the price of the console. I’m hoping the console will go for 400$ (US).

  • victor

    Independent of the hardware, just remember that someone at crytek told that cryengine 3 runs smooth on wiiu, wich means that it will be able to run next gen games and keep up with xbox8 and ps4 when they release, so yea, wiiU will be my system of choice this time 😉

  • q

    these are just rumors and Nintendo is not going to release the specs some one is just going to take it apart when the Wii U releases

  • eugkra

    Seems legit. Everyone is expecting them to announce what GPU (4830/4850/4870) is on the inside but that is not how it works. They don’t just take a desktop GPU and downscale it to cram it inside. It is a similar custom GPU based on the same technology/architecture and that is all.

  • cheyenne

    I don’t understand why some people are complaining that the Wii u will not be as powerful as the nextbox or ps4…anytime any company comes out with something their competition always tries to out do them.. if you buy a 2012 car ..you could definitely expect that a 2013 or 2014 car will be way better.. or the hdtv you purchased in 2010 more than likely isnt better than the 2012 version..my main point is that no company could ever predict what their competition is going to create down the line.

  • queenfan

    I’m still a bit skeptical about the CPU. IBM would be able to make it cheaper using the stock base level Power 7. That’s a Quad Core 3.2ghz and it’s 4 threads per Core. Given the system will typically run heavier loads than database, they could lock that to just 2 threads per core to trend it towards heavier workloads, but that can be adjusted at the OS level anyway, much like turning hyperthreadding on or off results in faster single threaded performance on older P4’s. Im guessing AMD upgraded them from the older rumored 4800 chip to a 6700 chip so they don’t load down their lines with a legacy diecast, or have to redesign and reconfirm 4800’s on newer processes. 1.5GB Ram is all that disappoints. I was hoping for next gen systems to have 4GB ram to relieve the bottlenecks at the network and texture load levels.

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    Actually this isnt my site

  • kevin

    So how do we look at this information now that the Tekken Producer has gone on record saying the CPU is a lower clock speed than then 3.2Ghz?