Aug 30th, 2012

An anonymous developer is said to have revealed the Wii U specs to Eurogamer. Besides the technical specifications, the developer said that the Wii U’s power is “comparable” to current generation systems, and “a bit more powerful than that”. They also mentioned that Nintendo originally thought of supporting 4 Wii U GamePads at once. This was later cut down to 2.

Regarding memory, the console is now rumored to have 1 GB of RAM available for games. One of the developers said for their E3 demo, they simply “dumped the whole game into memory and never used the disc”. It was previously rumored that the Wii U would have 1.5 GB of memory. We’ll have to wait and see which is true. The Wii U CPU is still said to have 3 cores running at unknown clock speed. Here is the full specs rundown, according to Eurogamer’s sources:

Reported Wii U specs breakdown:

  • 3 core CPU, based on IBM Power PC, clock speed unknown
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • GPU is based on AMD Radeon 7 series, supports DirectX 10 and shader type 4, has 32 MB embedded eDRAM.

Wii U specsThe Wii U GPU is said to be a powerful graphics chip with “more oomph” than the current gen consoles, with a more modern architecture and shader support. Because of the powerful GPU, they expect the Wii U version of current gen games to look better. However, it only supports DirectX 10, which could be the reason we won’t see Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U, since it requires DirectX 11.

While these Wii U specs sound reasonable and close to what’s expected, we’ve had some bad experiences with news coming from Eurogamer before: they intentionally mislead people with a headline last week, so we’re taking this news with an extra grain of salt. We’ll simply have to wait until the console is released before we know the final hardware specs.


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  • Obvious78

    Shitty specs from 2006

    • TheUNation

      Troll harder, loser.

      • Slacker

        did thay man 7xx seires chip or did thay mean a 7xxx seires chip witch would mean Njntendo is holding a lot of power back . witch makes a lot of sense it is normal to do or the system would get old i am reading this and it makes no sense to me . i mean it is normal to hold power back but the way this is writen thay bon‘t make any sense at all

    • Grodus

      Aparently, you cant see the Obvious78.

    • CyanideInsanity

      Yes, because clearly these specs are given to us by Nintendo directly…

      • deSSy2724

        Nintendo didnt tell anything…. only:

        “IBM PowerⓇ-based multi-core processor.” (there is no PowerPC, only Power but who knows, maybe “typo”) and “AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU” (source Nintendo E3 site).

        Atleast we can be sure that the GPU will me much more powerful, AMD was earlier ATI, AMD stared with HD Radeon 6000-7000 series. And other developers (not rumors, not anonymous) said that the Wii U has much RAM (probably something between 1GB and 2GB). The real problem is the CPU, the CPU just must be more powerful than Xenon (Xbox360). We cant compare just cores, that means nothing….. my i5 2500K (4cores) eats Q6600 (4cores) for breakfast. IBM Power CPUs are better than IBM PowerPC CPUs.

        • oh man

          CyanideInsanity was being sarcastic…

          • deSSy2724

            i know that, what about blind fanboys?

        • Bill

          There is a PowerPC chip. Check out the info o the chip here –

      • nintedward

        these specs are quite good aswell.
        they will DEFINITELY be able to provide us with better graphics than ps3 and 360. isnt that all that matters along with the awesome gamepad controller and nintendo exclusives ????

        no one is saying DONT BUY A PS4 or 720. i am interested to see which one of them i should buy.

        BUT , the wiiu looks awesome and DEFINITELY worth owning.

        • NintendoGamer

          Buy a PS4. At least it will offer a decent amount of exclusives, unlike Xbox 720 which will be Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza over and over again.

          • nintedward

            oh i agree with you there. except for the amazing forza and halo series. virtualy everything is available on the pc and ps3.

            the xbox was useless and had the cheek to charge you for online play.

            the wii and ps3 together had lots of awesome exclusive not found anywhere else .

            so next gen i will go with the force of nature which we know as japanese video games consoles.

            america’s fail box , i will leave to the 14-16 year old ‘cod,minecraft’ culture to enjoy.

            wiiu+ps4+3ds+laptop = future.

          • XDLugia

            People here have obviously not played Forza of Halo.
            It is sad to watch gamers judging Halo for being as mediocre as CoD just because it is an FPS.

            Also Forza 4 has set the bar for racers to the skies, and their community is great! You should know how effective Turn10 are in comparison to… Polyphony Digital for example.

          • AO1JMM

            Do you ASSume often? You know next to ZERO about the 720 or the PS4. A real gamer doesn’t limit his/her gaming to a single console developer.

          • Adam Fox

            is PlayStation not God of War, Ratchet and Clank, PS1/PS2 games re-rendered into HD all over again? (answer: yes)

          • NintendoGamer

            I see people disliked my comment. Are you trying to argue that the 720 will only have those 4 series. The PS4 will have Uncharted, Twisted Metal, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter ( hopefully), etc.. Last gen, the original Xbox had amazing exclusive series like Ninja Gaiden and Star Wars KOTOR. Now that it lost the exclusivity to the series that made me own a Xbox besides Halo and Crimson Skies, I see no reason to own MS consoles anymore.

          • NintendoGamer

            Don’t get me wrong. I like Halo and Forza, but 4 series it’s NOT ENOUGH for a gamer like me!

          • Bow2Yoda

            y so they can continue to remove features from the machine many people spent 600 bucks for?

        • nintedward

          also people saying ‘these ARE 2008 specs” or whatever. my simple advice to you is ‘kill yourself’ imediately.
          the gamepad is the LATEST piece of tech in the whole gaming industry.

          nothing like it has ever been concieved until now.

          the wiiu’s specs acompanied by the awesome Asymetric capabilitites of the gamepad = TECH FRESH FROM LATE 2012 MOFO!!!!

          • Cpt_Cheesepuffs

            *cough* Dreamcast *cough*

    • nintedward


    • Nintendo Power

      Obvious78 Get out of here…also these are 2011\2012 Specs I think Plus PS4 and Xbox 720 will have no better graphics then wii U always the same.Like PS3 and Xbox 360

      • theorangefish

        It would be better those specs are wrong! Unbelievable how many trolls and fanboys appear on this site.

        • AO1JMM

          It’s a site dedicated to 1 single unreleased console. It is your failure if you thought there would be this many dedicated Nintendo fans here.

          • theorangefish

            I am not saying fans I mean FANBOYS thosse people who are writing stuff like:
            “sony and ms have to die nintendo4life biatchezzz!” or “FUCKTENDO is for kids!”
            By the way I do NOT mean anybody up there!

    • James

      You’re mom is shitty in bed

    • Ahchoo

      Did your PS3 have 1080p graphics? No.

    • Havoc87

      Shut up Meg!!

  • portus

    Only microsoft operating systems support direct x as thats microsofts own graphics software. No console supports direct x, It should say the graphics processors pc equivilent can support direct x ( please correct me if im wrong as im not to sure)

    • John V.

      The Xbox360 doesn’t use Windows either but it supports DX10.

      • CS

        Wrong. XBOX 360 supports DirectX9 not 10.

    • xdlugia

      Xbox supports DirectX, that’s why it is was called the Xbox. It was just called “Microsoft’s DirectX-Box”, and then they cut the first part and found the name awesome.

    • alienfish

      DX is Microsoft only. I’d even go as far as to say that the mere mention of DX debunks this rumor as false. Anyway, I know what I’ve seen in the videos and the games look good, so I think everyone should stop peeing their pants over the specs and just look at the visual evidence we already have. Is it better than PS3 and Xbox 360? Who gives a F***.

      • Hue Mon

        It’s not false.
        OpenGL on Wii U will function at the equivalent of DX10.
        Just because they are using a different API to measure the chip’s effectiveness doesn’t mean that it’s fake and the chip will be using a different shader architecture.
        People just comprehend the differences of the DX API better in the last 10 years because Microsoft forced it as the industry standard.
        There was a time when people would groan at the mention of DX.

      • The White Falcon

        The Dreamcast runs Windows CE and DirectX…so I’d say you should do a little more research. That being said, it’s used as a statement to help provide comparison data.

        • Alienfish

          This is 2012, not 2002. Give me an example of a current console that uses DirectX besides Xbox 360 and I’ll make sure I devote the next fart I make to you. We’re talking about WiiU, not Dreamcast.

          • Yko

            It’s not about whether or not it uses it.
            The Wii U will use OpenGL, the card supports DX 10.
            Is this hard to comprehend?
            They don’t make different cards for different API’s.

  • John V.

    GPU specs are probably wrong as AMD chipsets support DX11 since series 5.

    • Matthewmc685

      That’s what I was thinking because it’s confirmed that it uses DX11 (only old rumours said DX10.1) and we know it will run Unreal Engine 4 because they said it’s very saleable so they may even be able to put UE4 on current software (of cause not using its full power if they were to) If I remember right 85% of UE4 fits on the Wii U. This was not said too long ago but I think they got newer DEV kits since then so we may see the full thing.

    • deSSy2724

      True, and from HD 7000 series Direct3D 11.1

      So, why dislikes? ah….

      • Garic

        Please do not get the AMD radeon series, and the chipsets (custom Made) confused.

        • Garic

          Lol nevermind I misread my apologies.

      • Alienfish

        Hey, good point. Nintendo did say that the GPU would be capable of 3D. Taking care of both of those screens is going to require a high end GPU though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the one they are using is pretty beefy.

  • TheBoldman67

    Wait, you guys mean it’s based on Radeon 7000 series or something I haven’t heard of? O_O
    Damn, I didn’t think the Wii U would be THAT powerful. Let’s just hope EuroGamer isn’t bluffing this time.

    • Macarony64

      Is not 7 series those cards are very old the wii u gpu is a ati hd 4770
      wich is more powerfull than the 7 series

      • Macarony64

        I think 🙂

      • John V.

        Nope, you’re wrong.
        The HD4 series was released back in 2008.
        The HD7 series was released this year.

        • Garic

          Do not get the RADEON 7000 series confused with Amd chipsets. Why are people making this mistake.

          • Garic

            Lol nevermind I misread my apologies. Sorry everyone

          • deSSy2724

            Radeon 7000 series (veeery old GPUs) and Radeon HD series (new GPUs, notice the “HD”).

            Full: ATI Radeon 7000 series and AMD Radeon HD 7000 series (notice the “ATI vs AMD”). Official E3 Nintendo site says: “AMD HD Series” (unknown numbers).


          • jat

            you misread twice?!?!?! stop skipping english class 😛

        • tronic307

          I think they mean ATI R700, or HD4000 when they say 7 series. It’s like 3x more powerful than PS360.

          • deSSy2724

            But there is no reason for newer GPUs, they can still use from low end to high end hd 7000/6000/5000 (whatever).

          • deSSy2724

            lol i meant for “no newer gpu”.

  • M.R nintendo

    ohhh nintendo…………….full of surpises

  • PridgMSS

    Not gonna lie, the CPU is a bit down there…

    • Anthon91

      Agreed; the CPU is quite low

      • Smitty

        Can you show me where the clocks of the wiius cpu are stated please, and if not how on earth can you “agree” the cpu is slow and “down there”!?

        • Anthon91

          I thought he meant “down there” as in “weak” or “low”

        • Smitty

          thought not :-p

          • PridgMSS

            I originally meant down there as in “low”. Besides, this is fake so no need to get so radical.

          • swic11

            Simply because more than one developer has said that the CPU isnt clocked very high

          • Smitty

            You don’t know the speeds, they could have meant they are low for a “next gen” system or compared to the devs expectations. You have no solid figures confirmed by nintendo and as a result can not comment on how slow the cpu is.

            Most the negative comments on here are from young “keyboard warriors” with as much info as the next trolling chump.

            Aslong as the non disclosure order stands any “dev” can be pretty vague and say anything they want, with fools such as yourself taking it all as gospel truth!?

      • CyanideInsanity

        You say that, but you can’t know. Yes 3 cores is less than the now normal 4, but then again consoles need less resources to run than PCs. The 360 has a tri-core, and the ps3 has 8 cores, but I believe those 8 aren’t the norm you see in most CPUs today.

        And as for clock speeds, I doubt we’ll be seeing anything higher than 3.6 GHz in this gen of consoles. Just try getting a cpu to run at 4GHz on air cooling, that thing will overheat unless you have a great cooling setup.

        These specs are unconfirmed as of yet, and we won’t likely see confirmation on specs until the wii u’s release when people can actually see the hardware for themselves.

        • deSSy2724

          Im using a i5 2500K and i can tell u, more clock speeds doesnt mean better performance in some games…. its the same for me on 3.6 GHz and up to 4.5GHz on SOME games (maybe 1-2 FPS or the same). If the CPU is enough for feeding the GPU than there should be no problem…. and we cant compare tri-cores to tri-cores (what about architecture etc?). My quad i5 beats quad q6600… (but q6600 is till today good if clocked more than 3.0-3.5+ for new GPUs.

          PS3 is not using real cores…. Cell is much more powerful than Xenon but look at the games, u cant say that PS3 owns a Xbox 360 in every game… most games looks better on Xbox 360, only the PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted 3, Heavy Rain or similar are looks very good on PS3. Xbox 360 is easier for programming… thats why the Cells power doesnt means that much in most games. Again, its stated IBM Power (NOT IBM PowerPC), if thats true…. than the CPU would deffinitively be MUCH more powerful than Xenon on Xbox 360.

          Last, dont rush to early….. only time can tell.

        • NintendoGamer

          I expect a CPU clocked at 3GHZ to be honest.

          • deSSy2724

            That would be ok…. there is no need for more than 3.5+ (example).

            2.8 – 3 GHz would be ok… and i expect a quad IBM Power based CPU to be honest.

          • tronic307

            The CPU clock, based on previous Dolphin-type architecture designs from Nintendo, would very likely be a harmonic of the audio DSP clock, and in turn, the GPU clock. The audio DSP, to maintain Wii compatibility, would be the same 121.5MHz, though certainly much more capable. DSPx2=GPUx3=CPU has been the clock speed formula since the Gamecube, which had an 81MHz clock and a 6x multiplier for the CPU resulted in a clockspeed of 486Mhz. Hypothetically, 121.5MHz DSP x4= 486MHz GPU x6= 2916MHz CPU, a 24x multiplier. I don’t know if 2916MHz jibes with the “kinda low” statement from the Tekken developer. 2430MHz or
            a 20x multiplier seems like a “kinda low” clockspeed to me, and better fits the small form factor and rumored 75 watt power supply of the console.

        • jeenaud

          ps3 doesn’t have 8 cores its got 7 SPE’s not the same thing

        • Deuce

          The PS3 does not have 8 cores. They are not “cores” in the strictest sense. Each one only does a certain function, not like a fully functioning core.

    • Amfortas

      Anybody with an inkling of technical knowledge knows this “report” doesn’t make any sense. If you read carefully, it says the CPU supports out of order execution. That right there makes the CPU light-years ahead of what the PS3 of 360 CPU could ever dream of doing. But for some reason they’re saying it isn’t as powerful?

      Not only that, but clock speeds mean far less today than they ever have. A 2Ghz Core i5 is far more powerful and can execute far more instructions per second than a 4Ghz Pentium 4.

      This makes me think that when Eurogamer and their “anonymous sources” are telling us the CPU isn’t as powerful as 6 years ago, than that means either:
      a) Eurogamer has no technical knowledge of the workings of the CPU and are going by the meaningless clock speed or
      b) Eurogamer is full of shit.

      • Kyron

        …or it can mean both.

      • Marq

        Well Eurogamer proved in the past seven days that it has no problem being the latter.

  • koopa killer

    Hmmmm….. Eurogamer… I don’t know.
    Either way, we won’t know the actually specs until they are announced by Nintendo or at launch by opening it. I know the Wii U will still be a kick-ass system.

  • TheUNation

    I only trust Nintendo to deliver the real specs of the Wii U. If not, I still respect the Big N.

  • Smitty

    just wait till release or 13th of sept people!

  • Major Beauner

    This article doesn’t reveal ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  • swic11

    Now, I’m not a graphics whore, but IF these specs are true, I wish Nintendo would have beefed them up a bit. Iwata has said himself that they will not be so far behind tech wise when the PS4/720 come out, but they should have tried to future proofed it a bit more by adding another Gig of ram even.

    EITHER way hate my comment if you must, but I am still buying the U day one. I can wait for Sexy Nintendo games to be played.

    • swic11

      CANT wait CANT wait**************

    • LordFenixNC

      I dont hate your comment… but dont forget… the old rumor that Nintendo was leaving some ram for its OS without touching the main Memory… so could be 1.5 lol but i think the only way i would be SUPER happy about a console saying its future proof would be if it had like a AMD 7 series or Nvidia 600 series 2.5-3.5 gb ram quad core CPU. but if i understand correctly… the CPU they are using isnt a 64bit there for if i was told this correctly… wont support past 1.5 or 2.5 max i know Windows 32bit handles 3.5 or 3.75gb but i was told consoles handle it dif… I KNOW I CAN BE WRONG…. but still the specs are not future proof… but im still SUPER excited for the Wii-U… im ready to pre-order and pick up Midnight release… and i agree with everyone that these specs could be total BS… so wait and see…. OH and for everyone worried about Sony and Microsoft… the only way they are going to compete with Nintendo is by POWER and PRICE… they cant do just one or the other… and both cant afford to sell at a loss so Nintendo is right they are only going to be a stone throw away in specs… The only thing that is hurting Nintendo IMO is people are rushing their games to make launch and fucking it up… oh IDK if it was a automated response… but i messaged USA team ninja about DOA5 they are considering DOA5 for Wii-U but want to wait till after release to see how fans react and request for Wii-U (i think they just want to wait and see if Wii-U sells enough units and maybe see how many units they sell without it to see if porting is worth the money) told them if they do plan to make DOA5 for Wii-U would love a collectors edition with DOA1-5 with all DLC (due to DOA never hit a Nintendo Console) and i think if they port them all they will make a Killing in the Digital market on the Wii-U… they thanked me and said they are greatly considering the port and would consider porting all 5 DOAs…. idk if they was just being nice or what… but if its TRUE and they do port it… going to be AWESOME

      • someone

        doa actually came to the 3ds in 2011 in doa dimensions

        • nintedward

          my favorite ever DOA due to its awesome handheld 3d graphics. that game is a winner for 3ds.

      • Big N

        That will be going awesome! DOA have its unique fighting game as it is for Tekken. So, yeah, hope they do this collection with an upgrade graphics and of course, a unique control using the gamepad and not but the least just using the pro controller (for those who are used to it classic)

      • deSSy2724

        You are wrong on some parts…. Nintendo will use AMD, NOT nVidia GPU (source: offical nintendo E3 site). All CPUs are 64bit nowadays…. 64bit OS and 64bit CPU is NOT the same thing. I agree with this: “these specs could be total BS”… but, who knows really? Nintendo said IBM Power@ CPU, NOT IBM PowerPC@ CPU (source Nintendo E3 site and PowerPC was GC and Wii). If thats true about Power CPU instead of PowerPC CPU then i dont need to worry to much about Wii U power, Wii U renders two screens, what if we can use ONLY TV or ONLY Wii U gamepad (that would mean even more power if using just one screen), last, WIi U supports more controllers. Lets say that the new Wii U touch controller would fail, Nintendo still has the Pro controller and Wii motes… Wii U has “choces”, three much different controllers, render both screens or render just one etc.

        So, im not worried about Nintendo (yet)… atleast, we can be 100% sure that the GPU and RAM is much more than current gen consoles offers. The problem could be CPU…. but rendering two screens and the same graphics before Wii U launch? you can call me a crazy bi*** hmm but i think this is a good sign.

  • DarthCoder

    This sounds fake. DirectX is a Microsoft API. If they were going to be using DirectX that would mean the Wii U is based on Windows. I think the previous spec rumors sound more likely… We’ll just have to wait and find out when it launches before we’ll know for sure…

    • nintedward

      it does. these specs will bring graphics a lot better than ps3 and 360 . thats all i care about.

  • JayPea

    the article said 1gb ram for games, meaning it probably has 1.5gb so it can use the 500mb to stream to the gamepad

    • nintedward

      agreed. thats huge . and can easily be defined as ‘next gen’ even if the ps4 has 3-4 gb’s RAM.

      i really dont care about 720 or ps4. i dont fully believe these specs , but aparently the gpu and RAM is way better than previous gen .

      so i am happy

  • Nintenderp

    An anonymous developer like the ones that said the Wii U will be weaker than the ps3 and Eurogamer, the one that twisted information from SEGA in order to have a story, which resulted in a ton of Sony fanboys not shutting up. Yeah, I am totally going to believe what this guy has to say!

  • Macarony64

    The cpu specs are either wrong or they tiped the wrong cpu case powerpc
    all are quad cores

    • John V.

      The Xbox360 also uses and IBM powerPC cpu and has three cores too.

  • Jc

    People listen, DirectX is a Microsoft API!!!! I don’t believe this

  • xdlugia

    “…which could be the reason we won’t see Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U, since it requires DirectX 11”
    Actually, Epic have said that games running on UE4 can be ported to the console, which means that the engine must run in real-time = Wii U supports Unreal Engine 4.
    But of course we won’t see it used to the fullest, so the Wii U games might lack some particle effects and lower res textures.

    • TheUNation

      In conclusion– Never believe what you read on the internet… unless if it’s officially confirmed by Nintendo themselves.

    • D2K

      NONE of the next-gen console will run Unreal Engine 4 to the fullest and no one will seen even half of what these new engines can do for another 5 years at least. VP of Epic Games Mark Rein stated that the Zelda HD demo from last year (which was too powerful to run on the 360 and PS3) could look even better still usuing Unreal Engine 3, let alone 4. So obviously the PS3 and 360 haven’t even maxed out Unreal Engine 3.

      You don’t see developers maxing out any gaming engine until at least two generations later. Even with that, it all depends on the talent of the programmers.

      I’m calling BS on this. Every time news comes out about the supposed specs about the Wii U it gets lower and lower. 1GB of RAM is still twice the memory of the PS3, but I say the Wii U is more powerful than that.

      “Anonymous developer.”

      Gee, where have I heard THAT before? Some people’s lives are so pitiful that they spend every waking moment trying to steal the joy from others. Too much postive Nintendo news was coming out. Uh, oh! Time to come out with another BS rumor of the Wii U being under-powered.

      *epic facepalm*

      • XDLugia

        Actually 1GB RAM is 4x the PS3’s(256 MB), while it is 2x the Xbox’s (512 MB).

        • D2K

          Hmm. I thought it had 512Mb. I guess not.

          • The White Falcon

            The PS3 has 512MB. People are still misstating this six years after launch. It has 256MB for the Cell, and 256 for the RSX. One of them can raid the other’s RAM (I don’t remember which direction), but people still spew this idea that it only has 256MB of RAM.

          • Macarony64

            It does but the ram is split in half 256 for video and 256 for sound .and who in there rigth mind would ad 256 to sound?

          • XDLugia

            The PS3 is developed in such a way, so it cannot use them freely, so only 256 MB can be used at the time.
            You can watch similar games like Forza 4 and GT5 where Forza has more polygons on the cars and a higher amount of detail on the tracks and still has 16 cars on the track.
            GT5 still looks more realistic though…

  • richman

    I’ll take this article with a grain of salt because they don’t really say much about the specs just that it is three cores with a 7 series gpu “could be a 7000 series gpu who knows” and also the wii u could handle opn GL 4.1 I think which is equivalent to directx 11 I don’t why they directx 10 like I’am taking this article with a grain of salt better yet I’ll wait until september 13.

    • LordFenixNC

      richman i wish it was that easy to wait to Sept 13th… but i dont think they are going to say anything about specs… im sure they will post Price… at least i hope so…cause if its November release…. I need time to pay for the damn thing LMAO

      • swic11

        they wont say anything about the Specs… Nintendo never does. We will have to wait until close to launch (if not launch itself) to see what is really under the hood of the U.

        • Marq

          Nintendo actually revealed the GBA’s official specs before launch in Nintendo Power (compared them side by side to the GBC). I still have that issue somewhere lying around in drawer at my mom’s house.

          I can’t remember if officially released GameCube specs, or if it was just reverse engineered by game sites, but we found those out relatively early too.

  • PSWii60

    I’ll wait until official specs are revealed.
    Sorry but these “anonymous developer” rumors don’t hold much weight.
    Combine anonymous developer rumor with Eurogamer who has recently had a bogus bit for Wii U… and yeah… not believing these so called “specs leak”.

  • Golden Fox

    Fake..who would believe this crap?

    • D2K

      I sure don’t…

    • LazerK

      Every biased Sony/Microsoft fanboy

    • NintendoGamer

      Aeolus clones from MyNintendoNews.

  • Aenifer

    “An anonymous developer is said to have revealed the Wii U specs to Eurogamer.”


  • sketdansuu

    it’s Eurogamer trying to stir up Nintendo Fanboys and Haters alike for hits

  • richman

    LordFenixNC I know it’s not easy but just have patience and also don’t believe whatever Eurogamer put on their website because they unknown developers are probably the same one that had said the wii u is weak so again have patience until Nintendo release the specs themselves.

  • Eric

    Improbable that they would use direct anything, Open gl is more probable, another false report from the ever reliable euro gamer.

  • me

    They should just stop posting “news” from this already-been-proven unreliable source. Sure lack of news sucks but why post this garbage. I will take no news over what that site dishes out.

  • Kev

    Anonymous sources should be taken with a grain of salt. Eurogamer should be taken with a bottle of whiskey.

    • nintedward

      and a complete disregard for anything they say. but the whiskey is definitely the more important take.

  • rafael

    Oh my god! This is the 9/11 of specs! :p hehe

    • NintendoGamer

      9/11 jokes are not funny nor cool, bro.

      • rafael

        Ok, but to other people it could be, and u would certainly agree that people have the right to make these jokes independently of your opinion about them, since u are also not obligated to enjoy them, right?

        Just in case, i was making a reference to some Jason Steele cartoons wich i hoped more people knew.

        cheers, bro 😉

  • ????????????

    well i just say we take these with a grain of salt well know the specs when the Wii u comes out cause some one will just take it apart and tell us and aren’t the developers not allowed to talk about the specs or they could get in trouble

  • mrllive08

    You can’t trust eurogamer they will interview me sitting in the back of gamestop back door! The Wii U will come out Nov 18, 2012 and will cost 300-400 and Nintendo will come out with two models 8g and 200g hard drive with a pro controller added in! Print that Eurogamer!

  • link 5

    do not trust this until they can tell us which developer said this i wont trust this .When you read an article make sure your source is not anonymous sources

  • Dmonkeyman

    there is no way the Wii u wont be able to support the equivalent of directX-11

  • RonaldCoLtd

    As soon as I saw “Anonymous deveolpers”, I instantly knew this is fake. And really? DirectX? That’s a Microsoft API. .

  • Nintendude

    I was expecting a little bit more RAM. Hopefully this is only another rumor.

  • ~(O.O~)

    I wanna buy a parot leave it in a room listning to internet corn till it learns the noises then gift it to a old folks home

  • Nothing

    This eurogamer article is false, they are only using all the rumors launched until now to create a base of specs to gain clicks and views. The same thing of the graphics of wii u and Sega all star racing. FAKE.

    • rafael

      Thank god i just get my false rumors from Wiiu Dailly 🙂 hehe (Oh no, he didnt!)

      • rafael

        correction: ”only get” 😉

        • Nothing

          English inst my primary language, and the other coments afirm my afirmative…LoL

  • ~(O.O~)

    I wanna buy a parot leave it in a room listning to internet corn till it learns the noises then gift it to a old folks home!

  • Megaman

    That’s strange…my nipples didn’t become erect from this news.

  • alex

    Ok this are not 2006 specs like people say but can be beater and cant run direct x becuae that is MS thats the reason Sony and nintendo use open gl wich is as good but more complicated to program I want a Wii u let see what hapend with the competition cuse is true MS and Sony,cant go high in price this time I will buy the Wii u and the ps4 I hate MS juxst like now I owm the Wii and the ps3 for God of war long live Nintendo

  • issac ?

    I wish Wii u daily would actually produce news and not be about pachter and eurogamer. There anti Wii u and these guys are just feeding the beast. They want attention so Wii u daily gives it to them. Disappointed former fan.

  • NintendoGamer

    When will unknown devs stop making the Wii U look bad? I will be waiting until Nintendo confirms the specs.

  • Lew3107

    Anonymous developer + Microsoft Programming Interface + Eurogamer means I have no intention of believing this. I’ll wait until Nintendo says something or someone rips the console open before I believe anything these people say.

  • Jake Barnett

    These specs are probably pretty close to accurate, but all the talk of DirectX is nonsense. Nintendo is not going to license DirectX from Microsoft for use on the WiiU. It will use a customized verson of OpenGL, or engines built from scratch. Unreal Engine 4 is scalable and could be used on Wii U if developers want to license it from Epic to do so. The same goes for CryEngine 3. People who want high end PC specs for console prices are living up their own ass. It’s never going to happen, even with the new Sony and Microsoft Consoles, unless some real idiots at those companies are willing to take huge losses in a down economy when the gaming industry is not experiencing the growth it once was. The Wii U will produce great graphics and great game experiences for a reasonable price. If you want MSAA and 16x AF in games at 1080p+ resolutions, go spend a grand or better on a PC and crank that shit all the way up. Most consumers can’t afford that level of technology, and the costs go way up for minimal additional performance the further you want to push the envelope.

  • LolWatTurtles

    Dafuq? It’s already been confirmed that the Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4. Why is Wii U daily saying that it can’t?

    • deSSy2724

      Because UE4 will probably be DX 11 only (not confirmed), and the source is saying that AMD HD 7000 series GPU wont support DX 11…. not sure about that, AMD HD 7000 series supports DX 11.1.

      Anyway, only Xbox 720/8 will use DX, PS4 and Wii U will probably use a OpenGL (custom).

      • LolWatTurtles

        Even if UE4 does only used DX 11, that should be no problem for the Wii U. If Nintendo is using a more modern GPU and hardware, they would at least make sure it’s capable of getting DX11. Plus, i’m pretty sure the AMD HD 7000’s do support DX11. But at the same time, this IS an anonymous source. So we’ll have to wait and see.

        • deSSy2724

          ofc it supports DX 11, DX 11 is supported since ATI HD 5000 series (Evergreen)

          • LolWatTurtles

            You’re not getting what i’m saying. If they do support DX 11, which was obvious, why is WiiUDaily telling everyone it can’t when the Wii U obviously can run DX 11.

          • deSSy2724

            Well, thats what Eurogamer said (go to source)…

  • metroidfusion2

    Wii u will shit on this gen and next gen nuff said lol

    • theorangefish

      If those specs are real then………. nooooooo.

  • a voice from above

    POWERPC 400 32BIT AT 45NM BROADWFIED INSTRUCTION SET 3MB EDRAM CATCH like iv told you people over and over and over THERE IS NO POWER 7 IN WiiU

    the wiiu cpu is 32bit powerpc out of order 3mb catch graphics burst pipes per core 3c core single thread 5 instructions per clock next gen broadway iv told you guys this over and over and over but your making yourselves and us other informed nintendo fans lok fanboyish and cheap with this IMMATURE POWER7 NONSENSE

    3x powerpc 32bit custom with custom 3mb catch and a ati gpu with 32mb edram embedded into it like hollywood in wii and not like x360 that had its edram on a bus this wiiu edram is big news and will have insane bandwidth

  • Jc

    IS THIS GOOD NEWS OR BAD NEWS??? (sorry if the cap letters annoy you I just want an answer)

    • deSSy2724

      Good about RAM and GPU, developers already said that Wii U has a good GPU and RAM. We really dont know nothing about the CPU….

      • Collected

        So nothing really new was added, what a shocker Eurogamer

  • Lugo

    You guys shouldn’t get so ahead of yourselves. Just another “anonymous developer”, it’s probably just bob from down the street or something.

  • King rat

    We will have to wait until the specs are officially released but I hope that it comes with 2gb ram and directx 11 support. Ram is cheap these days and a lack of ram has proven to be the ps3’s and 360’s hindrance. Not to support directx 11 when it is already out there just seems mad now, let alone in a few years time.

    Regardless, I’m getting one when they are released.

  • mr. noodle

    let’s narrow down specs. the processor should be related to the watson supercomputer, probably power7(probably is not is) or similar. then it supports a full cryengine 3, which uses directx11. so, go figure

    • D2K

      According to NINTENDO it does use the Power7 chip. That is what they said last year and they haven’t said anything different. I still expect the system more powerful than people think. Not that it matters, but it will be nice just to say so.

  • Hi8us

    three things make no sense here. one, out of order execution makes the cpu great no matter the clockspeed. two, wii u runs a full unreal engine 3, not the gimped version that xbox and ps3 run. And finally three, the most high tech console never wins their generation. I think wii u is just fine. Sony and Microsoft have a lot to worry about in the future.

    • Hi8us

      If you doubt unreal engine 3, just check out the samaritan tech demo. If Wii U can run even a gimped version of unreal engine 4 it will still be amazing.

  • fill me up

    Shovelware anyone………

  • Braulio500

    Here is my opinion about these technical specs (an I’m sure many think as I do):

    I don’t understand a thing…

  • Wildman

    That’s funny…. the AMD 7 series GPU family supports DX11 (11.1 methinks)
    DX11 has been supported since the AMD (ATi) 5 series GPU family.

    This rumor is bogus in my book.

    • NintendoGamer

      Yep. Proof that unknown devs A.K.A nameless attention seekers are never tired of getting attention.

    •  agreed

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m not nearly an expert on specs, so I don’t understand what these mean. I’ll wait for the official specs and then try to research and interpret those.

  • Ei8bit

    We have to wait till September 13. Nintendo Power!

  • a mature gamer not a power7 fanboy

    the industry and us gaming doesnt revolve around epic games and there overrated engines LOL

    crytech was above un 4 2 years ago head in hands

  • 7Down

    I have a huge problem with this…

    “An anonymous developer is said to have revealed the Wii U specs to Eurogamer.”

    I don’t understand much about the specs, I’m not familiar with the things inside computers and consoles.

    But once again “unknown developer” and “Eurogamer”, haven’t these two been named in most of the news that have been confirmed to be pure BS?

  • knux03

    WIIU so powerfull (>-<)

  • Nintyfan

    No one knows till Nintendo says it, so shut up if you don’t know a thing.

  • zam2.0

    Can someone convert this into PC standards? I don’t understand console specs 😛

  • Dan

    Could somebody please answer a question for me?

    Are you required to have wiimotes in order to play multiplayer on the wiiu??? If so, does that mean that you would have to have a wii u pro controller connected to a wiimote that is connected to the wii u??

    • Dereq

      I’m pretty sure the Pro Controller just connects wirelessly to WiiU.

  • BlackFenx

    Guys the wii u is the best, cuz :

    ps4 and 720= very good grapichs= more hard work for developpers= very expensive games.

  • tom

    Don’t buy a PS4 or a 720. PC substitutes perfectly.

  • wellsberg

    I’ve seen a lot of people pointing towards the E6760 as the WiiU’s GPU…. Go take a look at that and tell me thats not too shabby for Nintendo

  • Mohi

    Guys this just in, anonymous developer is said to have revealed the true specs of the wii u, he said that the CPU is a pentium type zero with half a core running at 2.0 MHz and that the gpu is an amazing 10 mb Voodoo gfx with – 5 type shader capable of displaying an 8 bit (9 bit with overclocking) picture and the ram is around 1mb but since it was a little weak for the first dev kit they upped it to an astonishing 1.2 mb, and he also said that the ps4 is god like with an amd 64 core CPU running at 10000 ghz and has 128 Unabytes of ram and an amd gpu with 50000 gb and 1 million cuda cores capable of creating 10 billion gigatraflops and also said that the gpu comes with a new feature called the vortex generator which basically opens a worm hole once you fire up the ps4 and asks you where would you like to travel too he said presets were the dinosaur age, planet nibiru , and china town 1000000000 years in the future but more to come from the ps store he also said that the price would be around 400 dollars….take that Nintendo cock suckers ps rocks oh yea he also said that the 720 is powered by a twin turbo charged v10 with around 750 wheel horsepower and an 8 speed quad clutch gear box capable of shifting in 0.1 nano sec yea fuck Nintendo I’m goin with the 720 and ps4, that analyst guy was right Nintendo fucked themselves bummer……..

    • Major Beauner

      How’s the Sony Vita doing dickwad?


      • Mohi

        Are you talking to me?

        • Major Beauner

          Why, was a speaking in Cunt?

          • Mohi

            first of all learn how to type a sentence, u should know that i was being sarcastic u fucking douche moron bozo fuck…..a 4 year old could tell i was being sarcastic, i was bashing ps and xbox fanboys u fucking piece of snot……fuck your life learn how to read sentences……. idiot

  • leo

    So the specs are good win