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There has been a heated debate back and forth regarding the Wii U’s performance. Is it more powerful than current gen consoles? How powerful? Nintendo never gets into those kinds of discussions, opting instead to point out the unique features of the Wii U. But in today’s gaming world, pretty graphics and high performance sells. To a point. Which begs the questions: 1) does it matter how powerful the Wii U is, and 2) how powerful is it? The short answers to those questions are, 1) Yes, it does matter how powerful the Wii U is, and 2) It’s powerful enough.

Wii U closeupWhile Nintendo will never tout the performance of its consoles, it’s clear that the company is taking HD graphics seriously this time around. Back in 2006 with the Wii, Nintendo bet that HD wasn’t a big deal. And they were right. But that was six years ago. Today, HD is mainstream. Despite Nintendo’s main focus on the GamePad controller, they know that the Wii U not only has to be able to push 1080p resolution, but deliver decent image quality as well. It simply has to do this if it’s going to appeal to a mainstream audience, because today, mainstream has gone HD. In fact, they did several years ago. And it appears that Nintendo has in fact delivered a powerful console: the current (rumored) Wii U specs include a 3GHz tri-core CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, and a speedy GPU from AMD. This makes the Wii U about 2X more powerful than the Xbox 360, meaning there’s plenty of performance to drive HD graphics to satisfy today’s gamers and casual fans. And that’s important for Nintendo — back in 2006, HDTV’s were just taking off, but now, the vast majority of television sets are HDTVs.

Another major reason for Nintendo to create a console with modern specs is third party support. Because of its specs and HD capabilities, third party publishers are now bringing some of their major franchises to a Nintendo console because for the first time, it’s technically feasible. Games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 are all coming to the Wii U. And some of them come with improved visuals over their Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts. Not to mention full tablet controller support.

For a console not to offer HD resolution today would be the same as if a console in year 2000 couldn’t do 3D visualsWhile us Nintendo fans tend to favor innovation over prettier graphics — and that’s how it should be — it’s important to recognize that graphics and visual advances in video games do matter. If they didn’t matter at all, we’d still be playing black and white 8-bit games on tiny screens. For a console not to offer HD resolution today would be the same as if a console in year 2000 couldn’t do 3D visuals, or a console in 1995 didn’t offer colors and was only in black and white. But it’s easy to get lost in the war of graphics and specs, and Nintendo knows this. They’ve made the Wii U just powerful enough to display decent graphics, but not powerful enough where it competes solely on performance. That’s not where the Wii U’s strengths lie. The strength of the Wii U is in its innovation, mainly, its controller.

Nintendo didn’t compete on graphics last time because they didn’t have to: they had a much more innovative product. And they don’t have to compete on graphics this time either — the Wii U offers a new approach to gaming that other console makers have already tried to copy. But that doesn’t mean the company is stuck in 2006. They have to keep up with the times as everyone else. The Wii U is powerful just enough to support full HD graphics and satisfy third parties. After that, it’s all about the unique features of the console: the Wii U GamePad.

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  • James

    Sorry but how exactly do you know this?

    • Egamingway

      “Back in 2006 with the Wii, Nintendo bet that HD wasn’t a big deal. And they were right.”

      I love Nintendo, they are my favorite. However, I disagree with this statement. Opting to not have HD graphics on the Wii was a mistake, even in 2006.

      • BluChuChu

        In 2006 I did not, and still do not have a television that can fully utilize high definition. 720 and 1080 will look basically the same for me, if any different at all.

        • jdrm03

          suggest you get your vision checked.

          • Garic

            Depends on the size and tv, viewing distance, new technologies introduced etc etc.

      • KKiONI

        Well actually it was a smart decision at that time for Nintendo to bank on SDTV quality. Back in that year, from my experience, I didn’t know anyone who had an HDTV. Electronic outlets also still sold a wide selection of tube TVs while the HDTV selection was definitely more limited (and expensive) in comparison. It wasn’t until around 2009 where tube TVs started to phase out and HDTVs began to drop in price. By 2010, the main market became pretty much HDTV only. That was a good 3 to 4 years after the launch of the Wii, so I think Nintendo had the right idea then. The only thing that I think Nintendo didn’t expect was the lightning quick transition that occurred. One year to pretty much phase out tube TVs completely was extremely fast compared to how long it took to phase out VHS tapes with DVDs.

      • wiiufanatic

        well everyone makes miscalculations sometimes.

    • questionmark

      Does anyone know if the wii u will be able to play 1080 at 60 fps?

      • Wildman

        I don’t know, but I think doing 1080p at 60fps won’t be a problem for the Wii U.
        I mean, it is a next generation console and it’s more powerful than the 360 and PS3.

        • MrFranklin

          It will be a problem. Wii U is more comparable to 360 / PS3 performance wise so expect 720p at 30 FPS especially on Unreal Engine 3 games.

          • m

            The wii u can run 1080p. It has been confirmed by Nintendo.

        • jacobbaba

          yes i think thats full hd what there talking about but not all games will run that

      • Zelse

        It will not all games at first (Arkum Asylum) will b but all will b eventually AC 3 is and so is all first party titles

        • Alex

          actually the first party games will only be 720p

      • Alienfish

        That all depends on the graphical demands of the game. Games ported directly over from PS3 or 360 should be able to do this simply because they were designed for more limited hardware. A game built from the ground up for WiiU, or a high end PC port, might be programmed to stay at 30fps so it can support more on-screen effects. It’s really just a balancing act by the developers, but the simple answer to your question is yes, it can do that.

        • Funky Monkey

          Would upscalling a 720p game to 1080i plow up the image ans show jagged edges or look the same?

          • Garic

            Dolphin emulator look it up…. It upscales wii games into 1080p games without much pixelation, depending on the video card you have.

          • MrFranklin

            That’s not actually upscaling, that’s uprezzing. When you upscale you are just using a scaling chip to scale the image. Sometimes 360 and PS3 can do it faster and with slightly better quality than your TV but if no scaler is available the TV will scale. All images are always upscaled to the native resolution of the TV. With Dolphin you are actually rendering the game at a resolution it wasn’t designed for with mixed results, usually positive.

          • MrFranklin

            To add to that. Funky Monkey is actually correct. Although if it’s truely being upscaled from a 720p render (and not sub-720p which games sometimes render at internally) the difference will only be noticible if you are sitting only a few feet from the screen depending on the amount of antialiasing applied also. If you are sitting 6 or 7 foot it shouldn’t be too obvious. That said Funky Monkey said 1080i instead of 1080p. 1080i is different, it’s basically 720 with scanlines. Scanlines cause combing artifacts on motion. If your TV doesn’t support 1080p for gaming, then always use 720p.

    • Socalm9814

      The article reads “opinion.” I’m pretty sure everyone’s entitled to them whether it’s right or wrong, fact or fiction. Don’t be an ass.

      • Nintendonoob

        Wii U was right when they said there will be debates about the Wii U’s graphics and specs I for one dont care how good the graphics are… just want good games

  • Bill

    I remember when it was rumoured to be 50% more powerful than the Xbox, but 2x as powerful, that’s 200% more powerful than the Xbox, suck on that pony gaystation.

    • ugslick

      Umm its 100% MORE powerful. In comparison its 200% AS powerful.

      according to the 50% MORE powerful rumor then it would have been 150% as powerful in comparison..

      • Bill

        true that, that’s what i meant 😀

        • Bill Sucks


          • DR. spankalot

            no, your a liar :3

          • Grodus

            Says the gut named “Bill Sucks.” Geez…

        • joe

          everything you both said is 1000% rumor.

          • rafael

            Do you mean 1000% MORE rumor or 1000% AS rumor?

          • fedster

            lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was funny

  • regginator

    Dude hold up the wiiu is at least 3-6x more powerful than xbox360 ps3. Nd has a and chip based off the radeon 7000 series trial core isn’t it quad core?! It quad core I heard its quadcore but seriously a console twice as powerful ad xbox360 in 2012 is not a powerful console that’s just bull shit

    • XDLugia

      But Nintendo does not want a “599 US DOLLARS”. Sadly, I also want it to be more powerful than it is. I don’t want Nintendo at the bottom again in the 8th generation.

      • ChubbiestLamb6

        Nintendo wasn’t at the bottom. They actually far outsold both Microsoft and Sony in number of consoles. It’s funny because almost EVERYONE I know mistakenly thinks the same thing you do about the results of the last gen. Probably because, if you look at all the negative talk Nintendo constantly receives, you would naturally think that! But when you look at the numbers, it becomes clear that all of the negative talk comes from jealous, confused, or otherwise angry xbox/ps owners who have to resort to condescending and vacuous arguments about “hardcore” vs “casual” gaming to justify the huge discrepancy in actual popularity of the consoles.

      • joe

        I could honestly care less. After seeing games like God Of War Ascension on PS3 and stuff, just give me graphics like that in 1080p next Gen and I’ll be happy for multiple generations. (which I’m sure the wii U can do.) Visuals have gotten more than good enough, it’s time to improve AI (Cough* left for dead cough GTA 4 cough* so many games with terrible computer AI)

      • tekkentagU

        but would you be willing to pay $599 USD? even if you would fork up the cash, most people wouldn’t be willing.
        look at Sonys Vita, it’s $250 for the wifi version, and people think that’s too high.
        Nintendo would rather offer just enough power to please 3rd parties and have the WiiU be like around $199-250 then have amazingly good graphics and people not buy their product.

        • DR. spankalot

          the fact that you still think that the wii u would be realeased at 199 $ 😀
          have you seen Logitech Harmony 1100 ?

          DR. S.A.L.

    • Zelse

      Your right about quad core but I heard the gpu was Radeon 6770

    • Schizza

      Exactly… Thinking that twice or even triple the power of a technology (ps3/xbox360) that’s from 2003 is a good thing…? Are you serious? Really? so would you buy a cellphone today that was only twice as powerful than a cellphone in 2003?

      You swallowed a repackaged GameCube with motion controls and now you’re soooooo eager to drink the Nintendo koolaide again.

      I am a massive fan of Nintendo and will be buying a wii u to enjoy their original ip’s (finally in hd) but once the other 2 new machines drop in 2013 the wii u will once again be home to shovel ware and shity ports.

      History repeats itself

      • Collected

        You don’t sound like a fan, no offense and unlike the last generation Sony and Microsoft do not want to put up a hyper powerful console that even when it sells, it sells at a loss. Also power is no indication of good sales or even good games.

        Nintendo does well because of it IPs and their take on the gaming market as a whole. To say that it shall only receive shovelware and ports with the launch of the other two is very pessimistic and arguably the wrong idea; given how more developers are interested in the Wii U’s capabilities and offering third party games. Also and I may be repeating myself but how far forward can the playstation4 or xbox720 go in terms of graphics and power given that most of the market plays on HDTVs already and 2k/4k TV are ridiculously expensive.

      • Lord Carlisle

        “History repeats itself”

        Not necessarily. The phrase goes, “Those who do not learn from history will be forced to repeat it”. Nintendo is learning from the problems with the Wii and 3DS, obviously, just based on their efforts to gain third party support, and a great Wii U launch line-up.

  • AKA-Link77

    I Totally Agree! The “Wii will rock U!”

  • nambit

    2X is fine enough for me. That’s a billion times more powerful than the Wii :).
    One thing I’m curious is, are these specs actually verified?

    • Mac

      yes go to and go to the wii u specs they have the specs there

      • SkateRyan

        There are no in depth specs on Nintendo’s website.

      • nambit

        They’re a little vague don’t ya think? I mean, IBM CPU, AMD Radeon video, etc etc. There’s hardly any concrete indicators on the site to verify the claims of this article (other than the video modes supported).

      • Shankovich

        Sorry Mac, they aren’t official. None are lol. We need to wait for either Nintendo to tell us, or for someone to crack open the console, rub off the thermal paste and post the pics :p

      • fedster

        ooo mac got a hidden comment… ouch lol

  • AKA-Link77

    Kaiba thinks the game is all about POWER then he loses to Yu-gi (who thinks its about the HEART). And thats why Nintendo & Yu-gi will always be the KING OF GAMES!

    • Kirbo99

      Screw the rules, Kaiba has money.

    • trainerblk

      so nintendo yami so whats playstain & xbox? hmm il say playstain got to be kiba xbox joey or bandit keith … for america

      • SuperShyGuy

        Yeah Sony has to be Seto Kaiba who thinks throwing money and power at everything makes him the winner.

        I think Xbox is dark Bakura.

        • ck1x

          Lol, I love the Yu-gi-oh comparisons! Haha

        • AKA-Link77

          LOLZ @ Everyone↑↑

  • Maggits

    Sony needs to watch out

  • ninjabake

    This shouldn’t have been a serious article, it should’ve been saved for a blog post. Its strictly opinion based with no facts or sources to back anything up. First its the Wii U is 3x more powerful now its 2x?

    And the continuous “just powerful enough for HD” claim is annoying and simply stupid. Technically the original Xbox AND Wii could output 480p while that’s considered sub-hd its still more powerful than standard def.

    The Wii U will without a shadow of a doubt be a powerful machine but Nintendo isn’t concerned with marketing that as its not that important to their sales in all honesty. Its about the experience! Pretty fades and when the graphics stop impressing you your left with the judgment of how
    entertaining your experience was. Time will tell if games on the Wii U will provide that but I’m confident it will.

    I think “gamers” are focused on the wrong things here. We just need to enjoy the product and support it so it has a good life span.

    • Kyron

      I agree 100% with you. Gamers ARE focused on the wrong things. Back then in the N64 era (and even before that), gamers played games because they were extremely fun. The whole day could slip by just by playing Super Mario 64. And that’s how engaging it was. Games used to be challenging and very thought-provoking. I honestly believe that the main difficulty level in video games has decreased somewhat over the years. And really, sense when did games become all about specs. ITS A TOY FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!!!! Very soon, graphics won’t matter anymore. They will be maxed out and gamers will be forced to focus on some other aspect of a game (hopefully gameplay instead of more specs)

      My suggestion is: Why not focus on gameplay now? Bring back the SNES and N64 era!!!!!!

      • ninjabake

        Dude you took the words outta my mouth LOL I been saying for the longest that the N64/PS1 era had far more difficult games and games that actually made you think outside of the box and beyond that they were very creative and fun games!

        Now peoples arguments isn’t even over which games are more fun or innovative or creative, its what game looks better. Smh just like you, I long for the 5th Gen days where Crash Bandicoot and Spyro was going head to head with Mario and Link while we also had different games that were aimed toward a different audience like goldeneye, killer instinct, tekken, bloody roar and twisted metal.

        That level of fun and diversity in gaming is sorely lacking. Its sad when I hear three 10 yr Olds(no lie this REALLY happened LOL) argue over which shooter was most ‘kiddy and gay’ smh

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        I agree with you, but one thing is, Nintendo was the powerhouse back in the day. That’s what the whole thing about the 64 was. It was a solid 64 bit system, while the PS1 was two 32s, I believe. And Nintendo threw out that they were the power in all the great games of that time, SM64 DK64 SF64. I mean, yes, we were focused on the gameplay, but we also had the most power too. The only thing holding Nintendo back for 5th and 6th gen was the format for their games. The cartridges were inefficient to produce and mini disks for the gamecube couldn’t hold enough data to get the good 3rd parties. That’s why the competition was so tough for Nintendo back then, and then 7th gen being the only non-HD system. Maybe we’ll finally be on equal footing, having the power and the ability to actually bring out it’s potential in large scale games. Not to say the 64 and GC didn’t have large games, but they were limited in size, compared to the competitions ability to use full sized disks. We could use some more challenging games though. I read somewhere that they said that after Miyamoto finishes a game now, they cut back the difficulty 20%. Imagine how challenging some of the games we play would be if they were at 100% difficulty. They should keep that on disk for the Wii U as a harder difficulty setting, or an unlockable one in most games 🙂


    Yeah this sounds all nice buts this person stats are not the same as the the WiiU spec’s page. A tri-core when they say quad-core for one example. Plus we all know several game developers have said their game looks better on the WiiU than the PS360 versions BUT many have said the WiiU’s processor runs slower than the others so it won’t push like the PS4 and Xbox720 will. What I say is this is all BS for the most part. Let’s get the right specs out 1st, then lets play the games to see how they look and play, then who cares because if you are a Nintendo fan-bot like me it doesn’t matter because only the WiiU alone will matter at the end of the day!

    • Schizza

      Well I hope the games look better than the ps3 and Xbox 360 since those machines were conceived and designed in 2003.

      • SkianBoy

        So then how was the PS3 conceived in 2003 using a GPU released in June 2005? See nvidia 7800 GTX.

  • Alienfish

    1080p and 60fps should be the minimum, otherwise what is the point.

    • DR. spankalot

      your comment is rather inspiring 😀

      • DR. spankalot

        NOTE: it’s hard to express sarcasm in writing 😛

        DR. S.A.L.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      You’ll have to settle for 720p 60fps for Nintendo’s first party launch line-up. Most of those games were originally Wii games that they switched up to the U, so they flat lined it there. Guess they wanna work their way up to 1080p, or just save a little in game development cost, for now. But AC3 has been, I think, confirmed to run at that. But we’ll see I guess

  • WoodenSaucer

    It’s funny that he says the Wii U has 1.5 GB of RAM, but the resource he links to to prove that says 768 MB of RAM.

    • Nintendonoob

      Well you have to remember. The Wii U Gamepad takes up quite a bit of the Wii U’s processing power.

  • LazerK

    So this article is just someone giving their opinion,right?I was hoping for actual news…

    • LazerK

      Oops.Didn’t see the red “opinion” under the title before clicking on it.Sorry bout that :/

    • Grodus

      its in the opinoin section… I just relized this probably get a ton of dislikes. imjust trying to say it was, not “its in the opinion section you idiot” kinda thing.

  • regginator

    Wiiu supports unreal engine 4 so that already makes it at least 6x more powerful

    • Reggie is my boyfriend

      I agree handsome

      • Garic

        You Need a very beefy gaming PC to run unreal engine 4 dude.

        • Zelse

          Actually it’s been confirmed that Unreal 4 can run on Wii U, look it up

          • Garic

            Of course Unreal engine 4 can run on the wii u on a DOWNSCALED VERSION of it. which can really impact the game in certain aspects though.

          • Draco Breach

            It has not been confirmed what version of UE4 the Wii U will be running. While Epic has stated that the engine is scalable, they have not, in any shape, form, or fashion, announced what scalability means for the Wii U. While UE4 may need to be downscaled – far from confirmed, Epic may simply mean UE4 needs to be scaled to take advantage of the Wii U GamePad.

            Epic has not stated the Wii U will run UE4 downscaled.

            Epic has not stated the Wii U will run UE4 at full spec.

            Epic has not stated how UE4 will run on anything but PC.

      • LazerK

        lol.That and both your usernames made my day

    • Enigmatic

      People don’t understand that the UE4 can even be run on mobile devices. It can be run on the current PS3/360 also. It is a flexible engine. What truly can judge the power of a system is how much it utilizes it.

      • Gamer

        Uh! no, the PS3 can run up to unreal engine 3.9, while the exbox360 runs upto unreal scale 3.5 engine lol. Shake my head trying to upscale a 360.

        • Draco Breach

          UE4 is scalable. Epic has only stated support for the PC. They said – perhaps unconvincingly, perhaps not – they won’t make the alterations necessary to run on the Wii U. It is up to developers to scale UE4 for their uses.

          It’s up to developers to decide if they want to take the money and effort to scale UE4 to 360 and PS3. I don’t see them spending the money and effort if the next Microsoft and Sony consoles are expected within the next two to three years.

    • DannyMann

      i thought it only supported unreal 3 not 4.

      • Shankovich

        It supports 4, confirmed officially

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        4 was confirmed to be able to be modded to run on it, but the engine designer said they’re not specializing it themselves. Whatever though, doesn’t matter, so long as it works

    • DR. spankalot

      ye, a down scaled version. but ye, it supports unreal engine 4 😀

  • mikec

    Well, with all the spe talk, lets not forget that great specs don’t make a great looking game, developers do! The Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 all have games that look great AND games that look horrible.. So who cares about the specs? If developers are too lazy or too inexperienced, or in too much of a rush to make a buck, then we will see strawberry covered do-do in 1080p. Beautiful crap is still crap. I hope developers step it up and make good games and stop blaming the wii on their bad sales.. Mario is good, so it sells, and you all know what sux and doesn’t sell.

    • Schizza

      Ummmm… Every wii game on my 47″ hd 3d tv looks horrible. Where are the games that look good in high definition on an hd tv… and not on your parents old tube standard definition tv in the basement where you play games?

      • Kyron

        Xenoblade Chronicles & SSBB

      • mikec

        Well aren’t you special! When the Wii came out in 2006, HD TVs weren’t as numerous in house holds like they are today. So What I said was correct that the Wii games that were designed well looked good on the TVs that were in most homes at the time smart a**.. besides, you missed the point.. The DEVs determine how a games looks and plays, or else how can you explain a game that sux on the all powerful PS3 or Xbox 360.. BTW.. “parents basement”? try something new for a change, that’s as old as the TV in YOUR parents basement lol.. lighten up

  • Bravyoura

    Waw yet another pointless article, it’s like the filler reports on your local tv station, if theirs no real news why bother reporting it?

    Wait until the September conference when facts can back up your opinion.

    • Enigmatic


      • Bravyoura


        • Enigmatic

          As in I agree with you, good sir.

        • Collected

          The opinion piece does generate interest and debate for the site however.

  • Shankovich

    Sorry Sasaki, you’re one of my fav writers on this site, but I have to disagree. First, those Wii U specs aren’t official, and even you guys have said that a few weeks ago when you reported it. Also, it would be more than 2X more powerful than the 360 with that CPU because there have been many CPU architecture changes since the 360 came out (for IBM).

  • CyanideInsanity

    With all this talk of HD, there’s only one thing that I will likely hate about the wii u. Not being able to play wii games in HD. Reason being, I hate how blurry 480 looks on HD displays, and all of the displays in my house are 1080p

    Wouldn’t be so bad if I had 480p lcd display, but if the wii u is fully unable to render wii games in hd (even with soft-modding, if its possible) I’ll likely stick to dolphin. I don’t need HD graphics, but I do need HD output resolutions…

    • Shankovich

      Why are people giving [above] thumbs down? You’re right, I also don’t see a reason as to why the Wii U can’t upscale the Wii games. I guess it’s more than just an emulation issue, but it should be addressed with firmware in the future at least.

      • Kyron

        It probably will be released as firmware in the future (maybe early 2013)

        • CyanideInsanity

          Reggie, said it won’t up-res wii games. I only come to the conclusion of believing this, because the only current console that can upscale is the xbox 360, because of a dedicated chip. ps3 and wii play games at what their native resolution is, being 480p for wii, and 720p for most ps3 games i think. Thats why all games, even xbox originals, can be played at 1080p.

          If the wii u can’t do this initially, its either because the GPU/all the hardware can’t manage it properly and efficiently or something, or because its just disabled. If its the latter, I’d gladly purchase a 2nd wii u to softmod it to use as an HD wii, because softmodding it woud likely get the console banned from online services.

          And for those who think I’m being a “graphics *insert derogatory term here*, try playing an N64 on a 1080p tv! You can’t see much at all XD. My argument isn’t about OMG HD GRAPHICS, but I do enjoy playing SM64 in 1080p.

    • Egamingway

      Amen brother. Upscaled Wii games was something I was seriously looking forward to. Oh well.

      • Garic

        Dolphin emulator………………….. search it up……

  • Enigmatic

    The game tablet and motion controller as innovation? Don’t make me laugh. They are for the most part purely gimmicks. Waving your hand around was never innovation, and the tablet controller is something that many games will never be able to work with. A standard controller has always been superior. Ever heard of those rumor where Activision had Nintendo make the pro controller?

    The Wii U is most certainly not 2X more powerful than the 360. The graphics that the Wii U can produce are overall marginally better than the 360.

    Innovation is great. Making a weak console(Wii, and most likely the Wii U when the next box and PS come out) and trying to make up for the weaker hardware by adding gimmicks is not.

    • Frankensavior

      It’s funny how if something doesn’t appeal to you its a “gimmick”, and that your posts rely strictly on hardware. Without the slightest mention of the gameplay, or fun of a game. You don’t actually play games do you? Let me guess if you did pick up a game. Which I highly doubt. I bet its a fps right? I bet that playing games with guns, blood, and foul language make you feel like a real “grown man” doesn’t it?

    • Kyron

      The Wii and Wii U is not weak, you’re brain is weak. Its unable to understand the difference between a gimmick and an innovative product. Innovation occurs when a company makes a product so earth-shattering that it’s features become the new standard in it’s entire category. Please tell me, if motion controls are truly a bunch of gimmicks, then why did Microsoft make the Kinect and Sony make the PS Move? Seems to me like Nintendo created a new standard pal. I promise you that the Next Box and PS4 will have it.

      btw, you said that “a ‘standard controller’ has always been superior” when Nintendo was in fact the first to make them.

      • Enigmatic

        “Without the slightest mention of the gameplay, or fun of a game.”

        Tell me how games on non-Nintendo platforms are unable to be just as fun as games on Nintendo platforms. Tell me how game of the years like Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Portal 2, Mass Effect and much much more are lacking of fun? These were all originally made for and released on the PS3/360/PC.

        “or fun of a game. You don’t actually play games do you?”
        I am a hardcore gamer, have all modern game systems, and play a large array of games throughout all the genres. So, yes, I do play games. The only FPS that I have played as of late would be Battlefield and Rage.

        “The Wii”

        The Wii was barely more powerful then the Gamecube. I have no idea what you are talking about. Look at the average Wii game, and PS3/360 game, and get back to me. There is a huge difference.

        “you’re brain is weak. Its unable to understand the difference between a gimmick and an innovative product.”

        Oh, insults, wonderful. I bet you feel so big and mighty talking down to people like that.

        “Innovation occurs when a company makes a product so earth-shattering that it’s features become the new standard in it’s entire category.”

        Are you saying that motion control has become the new standard? Not even close. Look at the average PS3/360 game made today. Do any of them support the Kinect or Move? Nope. The standard controller still is preferred. BTW, the Kinect was innovative in a way as it started the controllerless motion control fad. Though the PlayStation Eye did that on the PS2 long ago, even before the WII WAS EVEN RELEASED. Look it up.

        “btw, you said that “a ‘standard controller’ has always been superior” when Nintendo was in fact the first to make them.”

        Yes, Nintendo created the controllers that we see today, way back in the day. They are still superior when it comes to home console gaming. What does Nintendo creating them have to with anything? It doesn’t. I am talking about them being superior to motion and tablet controllers.

        • Kyron

          This guy just called the Kinect innovative. -__-
          How could it have started the “controllerless motion control fad” when the Wii Fit was out 2 full years before the Kinect even came out?

          Another thing, since you’re comparing the Eyetoy with the Wii, did the Eyetoy ever let you weigh yourself on a digital scale? Did it ever make you feel like you was really going skiing down a snowy mountain?…

          The majority of Wii games I’ve played (I don’t know about you) looked gorgeous on the right sized screen. It might not look like PS360 but it had me wow’d. Take Xenoblade Chronicles for instance, the visuals in some areas of the game will amaze you.

          The Wii may have not been that much more powerful over the Gamecube but it was definitely more different.

          • Schizza

            “How could it have started the “controllerless motion control fad” when the Wii Fit was out 2 full years before the Kinect even came out?”

            You are an idiot!! Ha ha, the balance board, you know the thing that CONTROLS wii fit??? That thing, that’s called a controller!!

          • fedster

            i cant believe the guy below me is getting thumbed down for BEING CORRECT. holy crap u bias little shytts will thumb down anything. what the hell do u want in a comment? just kiss ass nintndo lover comments that r anything but accurate?

          • fedster

            i mean above me

        • Enigmatic

          I simply do not have the time to reply to all this, but keep in mind people, sales are not everything. Yes, the Wii sold more than the PS3 and 360, because of it’s appeal to casuals. My grandma bought a Wii. My grandma. Do you really count these casuals, who for the most part have no experience with games whatsoever? I don’t count them as intelligent buyers. The Wii started the motion fad(BUT not motion gaming) and had a huge explosion of sales because of it.

          Twilight has made billions, Justin Beiber has made billions. Their products have crazy high sales. Sales, are not everything.

          • Draco Breach

            You don’t count your grandma as an intelligent buyer? You don’t count people who use the Wii for ‘casual’ things like exercise and memory retention as an intelligent buyer?

            Dude. Harsh.

            Not to mention mean, nauseating, short-sighted.

            I will say this again. The Wii Remote is the only controller worth playing a first-person shooter on. The Wii U GamePad looks like it may trump even that.

            The proof is in the pudding. Resident Evil 4 was [more fun/funner] to play on the Wii than the NGC and PS2. Rayman Raving Rabids was [more fun/funner] to play on the Wii than the 360.

            Metroid Prime was by far a better game on the Wii than the NGC.

            If developers had taken advantage of that, we wouldn’t see sloppy copies in Kinect and Move. Sony comes closest because they realized the failure of the Eye Toy, and Microsoft more copied the Eye Toy than true motion gaming.

          • Kyron

            How do you think Modern Warfare 3 got so many sales? A lot of casual gamers bought that as well (due to it’s overrated hype) but hey, do you call those “noobs” a bunch of unintelligent buyers too? Casual gamers exist in even the most “hardcore” titles of them all but guess what, that doesn’t mean I automatically degrade the game (or the system that the game is on for that matter).

          • Enigmatic

            “You don’t count your grandma as an intelligent buyer?”

            Come now, you should know what I meant. As in she is not intelligent when it comes to buying video games.

          • Draco Breach

            She is intelligent enough to purchase something of value to herself. While we see games as a means to entertain, that is not their only value. While a PC will always be by and far more powerful than a console, they are also largely more complicated.

            The Wii is accessible. In general, consoles are more accessible than PCs.

            While a lot of software geared towards education or therapy are at best shovelware, not all are. Endless Ocean is a surprisingly well made software themed at both education and therapy. Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Fit are excellent therapy software titles. Cooking Mama is actually a well thought out education software title.

            I could go on.

            The point I’m trying to make, with my very aggravating comment, is simple. There are uses for everything. The Eye Toy did not innovate motion control because it isn’t motion control. It brought augmented reality to a more accessible medium – from PC to PS2. It was interesting, but it was poorly implemented.

            Kinect does a better job at augmented reality than the Eye Toy. It implements the ideas more cleanly. Again, it is not motion control. You cannot have motion control without a visceral experience. That said; Kinect is excellent for the non-visceral elements of aerobics.

            Move is kind of a strange mix between the two. It doesn’t fully commit either way, and ends up rather poorly coded. It has potential, and it’s certainly better for FPS than augmented reality.

            The main problem with both Kinect and Move is that neither are designed to work with the console they support. They are peripheral add-ons that developers have to choose to risk investment money in. In all likelihood, some form of motion control or augmented reality control will be included in both Microsoft and Sony’s next consoles to entice developers to actually support the technology.

            The Wii’s motion control is far more accessible to every audience. It’s included at no additional cost, and setup is a breeze. It doesn’t just have the right price.

            While I mostly play consoles for entertainment, I see the benefit of both education and therapy software. I don’t see these as less important. They are the key to opening up every available market.

            I’ll point out that Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Trauma Center, and others are geared more towards education and therapy as well. They are popular because the elements they use help with memory retention. If you combine these elements with the ‘keep you active’ benefits of Wii Fit, it’s no wonder that an informed consumer wants the Wii for the entire family.

            I’ll make another point. Those who seek entertainment value only tend to the least informed. If all you are concerned about is, let’s say, Modern Warfare or Call of Duty, do you honestly think they know the plethora of other genres and games out there?

            There are those who care about everything available (me), and there are those only concerned with a tunnel-visioned view of gaming. I’m not saying you, @Enigmatic, are the latter. I’m saying that there’s more to consoles than entertainment.

          • fedster

            holy shyt there r so many bias speds here. the kniect was innovative, the wii started the motion fad not the motion gaming, and ps3 (not xbox so much) have had great games. get over it seeesh, just cuz he’s wrong with like 80% of his argument doesnt mean u can niasly call bullshyt to the rest of it. and rly draco? rlY? ur gonna pull out that insignificant and pointless grandma card on him? smh. SMH alot

          • Collected

            “Sales, are not everything.”

            Yet they are one of the only means for true objective rating for a product on the market. Critics, both for and against a product can display or let bias get out of hand, thus resulting in a level of subjectivity. Sales do not reflect subjectivity but something of the nature of the console/game that appeal to the greatest number of people.

            Yet as something becomes popular the chances increase for others to generate scorn/hate off of a product. Sometimes the hatred or scorn can be well reasoned or good intentioned, other times it is results in a confused expression of negativity with no clear cut features/reasons.

            The hazy, often petulant responses as to why the Wii is a terrible console do not emphasis or give clear demonstrable reasons beyond graphical detail. Good gameplay, sound, story and experiences are all found on the Wii and many of its games.

        • Frankensavior

          Seriously stop. Your a scatter brain. I never said the PS3/360 couldn’t offer fun experiences. In fact I own all three. Sold the 360 because it didn’t appeal to me as far as the first part titles went. I have the Wii for its games, and the PS3 which is my PREFERRED system. You already debunk your entire argument with your petty “hardcore”, “casual”. Terms made up by scatter brain graphics elitists like yourself. These terms mean nothing to an actual gamer. You couldn’t enjoy a large array of games like you’ve said because of this very statement you’ve made. A game is fun because a person has fun with it. Even to your shallow standards a “casual” game like pinball. Can be played in a “hardcore”, and competitive manner. Your ignorant to the shit spewing from your own mouth. Get out of the basement, and realize that everyone has games which appeal to them. Just because a console doesn’t have strong HD capable hardware, and it has motion controls. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t give great gaming experience. Something you call a gimmick. While its fairly obvious it was important enough to get the other two console makers to implement it. Games are meant to be fun, and if the hardware is your primary concern, and your more worried about defining your petty “hardcore”, and “casual” games. Then I feel sorry for you, because your missing out on some great fun.

      • thomas

        Dude, get serious. Kinect, Move, and motion controls in general are not the “new standard.” Have you actually played a Move or Kinect game? If that is the direction that games are going to go, then I personally want nothing to do with video games any longer.

        I don’t agree with what Enigmatic said, but you can’t honestly believe what you are saying. Microsoft and Sony didn’t make their motion controllers because they recognized the value and innovation of Nintendo. They made them because motion controllers were the “in” trend at the time, and they knew that there was a horde of untapped, uniformed consumers waiting to throw their money away for those pieces of garbage. They were being good businessmen, nothing else.

        That being said, I think the Wii U tablet is pretty awesome, and I hope that it will be properly utilized by third parties. However, given most third parties’ history or reluctance to support Nintendo’s innovations and/or contol gimmicks (whatever you want to call them), I really don’t hold out much hope for that.

        • Kyron

          Dude, stay serious. Do you believe that the Next Box’s and PS4’s controller won’t have motion control? Its not confirmed yet but surely they’ll have it put in there for good measure. Cause guess what, Microsoft and Sony wants to see just how much money they can pull outta your wallet.

          So don’t call it “a new standard,” call it whatever you like. Matter of fact, just call it a feature that you’ll be seeing for a while.

          P.S. – You call Microsoft and Sony “good businessmen”? How on earth is releasing a half-@$$ game for $60 and making you pay even more for the other half considered good? That’s what I call “a horde of untapped, uninformed consumers waiting to throw their money away for those pieces of garbage.”

          I enjoyed my LoZ: Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles (highly recommended) to the fullest. As for my copy of Batman: Arkham City, I ran threw story mode in a matter of hours and was left wondering, where the hell is the rest of the game? …paying for a character instead of being able to unlock it the hard way……….tsk.

      • fedster

        dude the wii was weak. u atleast gotta give him that much to his argument

    • Marq

      “The game tablet and motion controller as innovation? Don’t make me laugh. They are for the most part purely gimmicks. Waving your hand around was never innovation, and the tablet controller is something that many games will never be able to work with. ”

      The analog stick was a gimmick when that debuted with the N64, yet it somehow keeps making it’s way to every console since. So was rumble.
      So were dual screens. So was touch control. If we lived in your boring, unimaginative world, we’d still be gaming with two buttons and a D-pad.

      Oh, and try playing Wii Sports, the Trauma series, Skyward Sword, Red Steel 2, Metroid Prime 3 with normal controls and tell me how superior stand control is. Play an FPS on Wii and tell me how much more natural it feels compared to dual analog.

      “Ever heard of those rumor where Activision had Nintendo make the pro controller?”

      Oh yeah, you mean the same one that Michael Pacther ADMITTED he made up with no factual evidence? Yeah, I remember that one. I mean, it’s not like Nintendo made a “Classic Controller” or “Classic Controller Pro” for Wii or anything. But we all know rumors = truth, right?

      “The Wii U is most certainly not 2X more powerful than the 360. The graphics that the Wii U can produce are overall marginally better than the 360.”

      Care to show us some screenies of that Wii U that you acquired months ahead of launch, cracked open and reverse engineered? We’re dying to see. Oh wait? You haven’t done that? You’re going based on your own biased rumors pulled out of your ass? That sounds more likely.

      I take it you’re going off the screenshot comparisons of games like Arkham Asylum, where you’re comparing stills of a finished product to a PORT of that product still in development. Notice that I put “port” in all caps… Get it? Oh, and go look at the games from 360’s launch lineup on YouTube and compare them to games now. See the difference a little time can make?

      “Innovation is great. Making a weak console(Wii, and most likely the Wii U when the next box and PS come out) and trying to make up for the weaker hardware by adding gimmicks is not.”

      See: DS sales vs. PSP sales, Wii sales vs. PS3 sales vs. Xbox 360 sales, 3DS vs. Vita sales.

      And before you try to come back and talk about Wii’s game attach-rate, let me cut you off and say I’ll spot you that one. But you have no legs to stand on with the handhelds, and you know it. Not to mention those 360 sales should come with an asterisk based on the number of people that had to buy a new console after their first (or second) one RROD’ed.

      • Draco Breach

        I’d actually like to add on to your comment, specifically the end attach rate.

        The best selling game of the seventh generation of gaming is a Wii game.

        I’m going to disclude all bundled software – such as Wii Sports.

        Care to take a guess? I’ll give you ten lines.


        Mario Kart (Wii) at 28 million units > Call of Duty: Black Ops (360) at 12 million units > Gran Turismo (PS3) at 7.5 million units

        If I eliminate sales of all “Wii” titles (Sports, Sports Resort, Play, and Fit), we have New Super Mario Bros at 26 million units. We then jump to Super Smash Bros. Brawl at 10.8 million units, Super Mario Galaxy at 10.7 million units, and Mario Party 8 at 7.6 million units.

        I named two Wii games before we got to the best selling 360 game, and three additional titles hit the list before meeting the PS3 top selling game.

        As of June 2012, Nintendo has sold 826.93 million games and over 10 million virtual console games. This means Nintendo is selling an average attach of 9 games per console.

        I will now compare apples to apples!

        As of June 2012, Microsoft has sold 618.24 million games. This means Microsoft is selling an average attach of 9 games per console.

        As of March 2012, Sony has sold 595 million games. This means Sony is selling an average attach of 9 games per console.


        Nintendo has a lot more games selling 5 million units or more than their competitors. I have a rather sizable collection of Wii games myself. I also have a solid collection of 360 and PS3 games. I know the measure of fun, and a well designed game is the game with the best gameplay.

        The only way to compare apples to apples is to take a game that is exactly the same minus controls on multiple consoles. Three games come immediately to mind. Resident Evil 4 (NGC, PS2, Wii), Metroid Prime (NGC, Wii), and Metroid Prime 2 (NGC, Wii).

        I know, from experience, that Resident Evil 4 is a better game on the Wii. The Wii Remote absolutely makes the game, and it showcases exactly how to make a first-person shooter. The only way to play FPS is with a Wii Remote, and Kinect and Move are poor, sloppy imitations.

        Metroid Prime Trilogy improved already great games with the Wii Remote. Metroid Prime 1 and 2 are categorically [more fun/funner] on the Wii than they ever were on the GameCube.

        Before you claim you are comparing features and gameplay, actually compare apples to apples. Now note, I compared games on Nintendo consoles to each other in the non-motion to motion categories. I’ll now compare a non-motion 360 to a motion Wii game.

        Rayman Raving Rabids

        I’ve brought this up before. Game Informer Magazine, may it rot in the burning pits of whatever you believe in, admitted that categorically Rayman Raving Rabids was [more fun/funner] on the Nintendo Wii than on the Microsoft Xbox 360…

        but they gave the 360 version a 1.0 better score because it was prettier. They said the game was fun, but they said, and I paraphrase…

        Playing Rayman Raving Rabids on the Wii was fun. We enjoyed poking Rabids with a stick. It’s still a great game on the 360, but not as fun. It’s more like poking the Rabids with the same stick covered in poo.

        Game Informer Magazine mind is categorically anti-Nintendo. They hate Nintendo, bash the company at every turn. They admitted that the better rated 360 version was a worse game, yet it received a higher score. It was, as they admitted, a worse game for lack of motion control.


        As a note, I like the word ‘categorically’ tonight, and I do not know why.

        • Schizza

          Care to provide references to where you got these numbers? From the info I have Mario cart wii has only sold 15.4million units. It is still the number one selling game on a single platform this generation… When you don’t include wii sports, wii play or wii fit that is.

          • Draco Breach

            I was going to name on source, but I found one more up-to-date on worldwide sales. It also shows that we were both wrong. Also, sadly every link I have posted has been deleted. My latest source is VGChartz.

            Anyway, it appears global sales of Mario Kart Wii has reached 32.29 million units.

            I must also revise Black Ops to 13.45 million and top it with Modern Warfare 3 at 14.37 million.

            Gran Turismo has also been outsold by those same games at 11.45 million (Black Ops) and 12.19 (Modern Warfare 3) not to mention Modern Warfare 2 at 9.99 million and Grand Theft Auto IV at 9.24 million.

            VGChartz notes that NA, EU, and JP are the only “tracked” regions. To reach the global numbers, they include “non-tracked” regions. They basically extrapolate “non-tracked” regions through intelligent guesses. Some “non-tracked” region numbers may be inflated, but the numbers are overall accurate.

            VGChartz also has a much more accurate picture of game tie-in to consoles. The Wii is 8.29 games per console. The 360 is 9.66 games per console. The PS3 is 8.60 games per console. These numbers still blow away the “attach rate” argument.

            Though my sources disagree on total software numbers sold for the Wii, I think VGChartz tracking methods are more accurate to quote.

      • Collected

        Also the PS3 has a less infamous variant of RROD called the YLOD (yellow light of doom), which occurred less but was and still could be considered a problem.

    • Marq

      “The game tablet and motion controller as innovation? Don’t make me laugh. They are for the most part purely gimmicks. Waving your hand around was never innovation, and the tablet controller is something that many games will never be able to work with. ”

      The analog stick was a gimmick when that debuted with the N64, yet it somehow keeps making it’s way to every console since. So was rumble.
      So were dual screens. So was touch control. If we lived in your boring, unimaginative world, we’d still be gaming with two buttons and a D-pad.

      Oh, and try playing Wii Sports, the Trauma series, Skyward Sword, Red Steel 2, Metroid Prime 3 with normal controls and tell me how superior stand control is. Play an FPS on Wii and tell me how much more natural it feels compared to dual analog.

      “Ever heard of those rumor where Activision had Nintendo make the pro controller?”

      Oh yeah, you mean the same one that Michael Pacther ADMITTED he made up with no factual evidence? Yeah, I remember that one. I mean, it’s not like Nintendo made a “Classic Controller” or “Classic Controller Pro” for Wii or anything. But we all know rumors = truth, right?

      “The Wii U is most certainly not 2X more powerful than the 360. The graphics that the Wii U can produce are overall marginally better than the 360.”

      Care to show us some screenies of that Wii U that you acquired months ahead of launch, cracked open and reverse engineered? We’re dying to see. Oh wait? You haven’t done that? You’re going based on your own biased rumors pulled out of your ass? That sounds more likely.

      I take it you’re going off the screenshot comparisons of games like Arkham Asylum, where you’re comparing stills of a finished product to a PORT of that product still in development. Notice that I put “port” in all caps… Get it? Oh, and go look at the games from 360’s launch lineup on YouTube and compare them to games now. See the difference a little time can make?

      “Innovation is great. Making a weak console(Wii, and most likely the Wii U when the next box and PS come out) and trying to make up for the weaker hardware by adding gimmicks is not.”

      See: DS sales vs. PSP sales, Wii sales vs. PS3 sales vs. Xbox 360 sales, 3DS vs. Vita sales.

      • Draco Breach

        Just to drive a point home.

        Nintendo DS sales reach 146 million units as of March 2011.

        Sony PSP sales reach 71.4 million units as of September 2011.

        Nintendo 3DS sales reached 19 million units in eighteen months, and the XL sold 200,000 in first two days of launch.

        Sony PSVita sales reached 2 million units in eight months.

        • Draco Breach

          I’m revising my numbers with a more accurate tracking source. VGChartz for those who ask.

          Nintendo DS: 152.39 million units
          Sony PSP: 74.94 million units
          Nintendo 3DS: 19.14 million units
          Sony PSV: 2.62 million units

  • Frankensavior

    Big fan of Kyo Sasaki’s articles. He’s my favorite. With that said. People breaking out over this article need to chill. The dudes giving his opinion. WiiUdaily has to do something to keep its readers interested. Especially since news has been dry for the last two weeks or so.

    As for the Wii U’s power. Could care less. As long as it gets the bulk of the multiplatform games next generation ill be happy. Even if it doesn’t ill be getting a PS4 as well. I’m not a platform loyalist. I grew up with Nintendo. I prefer them. Yet I’m not loyal to anyone. That is weakness. The Wii U is looking to be a great, fun, system. While like I said ill be getting both the Wii U, and a PS4. I think its important that Wii U does have the bulk of the multiplats because its good for those who can’t afford more than one system.

    I love both Nintendo, and Sonys first party games. Both contain great characters. Yes Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are in competition. Yet we as consumers should let them do their jobs and compete with each other like Sega, and Nintendo did back in the 80’s. Instead of these bull shit console wars. You guys are doing the competitive work for these companies. Yet while they kick back and let the profits roll in. You don’t get a cent for promoting the company. So stop, and let them do their own work.

    I don’t give a damn about the Xbox 360, and chances are I won’t care about the 720. Does that mean I hate them, or want them to stop making consoles? Hell no. While it doesn’t appeal to me. It appeals to others. Plus competition is a good thing between companies. It makes them work harder to bring out a better product. So as far as it goes I’m getting a Wii U launch, and I’m probably going to get a PS4 unless they implement that cloud “gaikai” bull shit heavily, and take away my physical copies. At the end of the day screw power, and hardware specs. Just give me good games!

    • tom

      Crap my sausage fingers give u a thumb down sorry 🙁

  • gPadWatcher

    The Nintendo Wii U will be world’s best video game console. Not only the Big N is going high definition in a very huge way, they’re also bringing better graphics than their original brother and better processors than its competitors. Sasaki-san was right… the most innovative feature on the Wii U is the revolutionary Game Pad.

    When it comes to Nintendo, it’s all about innovation and having fun. That’s what I truly love best about this company. They had learn some mistakes from the past and done something better for a change. Just like their slogan for Nintendo 64, “Change The System”… and I’m glad they’re changing everything and continuing that tradition. The Wii U is living proof– better graphics, 5.1 surround sound (Dolby Digital or Dolby TruHD), unique play control, better online interface, and overall fun and replay value.

    • gPadWatcher

      Whoever gave me thumbs down got issues or they’re not having any fun at all.

      • Kyron

        Its just a bunch of PS360 fanboys passing by…

        • Garic

          Wii u gamepad is not Innovative, its called the dreamcast controller. The technology is revolutionary, not the idea though. My favorite company is Nintendo, so dont bash me on this.

          • gPadWatcher

            Garlic… Do NOT confuse Nintendo with Sega’s controller. The Wii U Game Pad is an innovative controller that can do many things other controllers don’t have. Does the Dreamcast controller has NFC technology? NO! In the words of EA Sports President Peter Moore, “Never underestimate Nintendo…”

    • Garic

      Oh wow can you actually blame sega having 1998 technology back then? that type of nfc technology DIDN’T existed back in that era lol? But you gotta admit 2 screens is not a genuine original idea, existed with in the Ds era also with the ps3/psp era.

      I’m just saying its an old idea, with revolutionizing technology that nintendo will indeed make use of.

      • Garic

        And how immature of you calling me Garlic dude, Seriously I thought were mature here. Guess YOU’RE not.

        • Draco Breach

          Not necessarily immature. @Garic is an unusual name, and the human mind is liable to shift or add letters to make it more common. Garlic is the closest common word to Garic.

          • Garic

            Or he could just call me Garlic, simply because he didnt agree with me….

          • Draco Breach

            Then ask him or correct him rather than make an assumption.

            The first time I read your username, I thought it said @Garlic instead of @Garic.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Nintendo knows what to do. It’s not about the money, they won’t offer a game system costing $600. Or a game system forcing you to pay for online activity(it may be a option but that’s it). Appeal to kids? Appeal to adults? Nintendo does both. That’s what I’ve always loved about Nintendo.

    • /*DM/*

      I agree completely.

  • LolWatTurtles

    So you made a post that was completely opinion based and didn’t provide any proof or evidence of anything you just told us.

    • Marq

      Perhaps that’s why it says “Opinion” in nice, indiscreet red letters under the link to the article on the front page. It also says “Opinion” on the sub-header.

  • Tom Fitz

    I’m amazed so few people have noticed this but compare the graphical quality of Xbox 360 launch titles (e.g. Perfect Dark Zero) to titles being released this year on the Xbox such as Crysis 3, the difference in graphics tech has vastly improved and become more advanced. Now the Wii U has graphics already outperforming current-gen titles (e.g. Batman: Arkham City, Fifa 13 and Aliens: Colonial Marines) and this system hasn’t even launched! You see where I’m going with this, within a couple of years of the Wii U on the market, the graphical capabilities are going to be at heights the 360 and PS3 cannot hope to achieve before launching their next-gen consoles.

  • Gamer

    Its capacity ( Wii U ) to run unreal engine 4, CryEngine3, Ubisoft’s AnvilNext Engine, Square-Enix’s Luminous, and also using frostbite 2 probably on its touch pad controllers should tell everyone this; at its minimal setting, I repeat minimal setting by estimation the Wii U is 6 times more powerful than the PS3, and 7 times more powerful than the xbox360.

    • NoPUNintendo

      Everytime I hear that or read that “Wii U 6 times(at minimal) more powerful than ps3”. I get one step closer to attempt to knock my self in a coma until November so I can get the Wii U, to me what it seems, in minutes.

  • Jetty

    Gamecube had Resident Evil 4. Wii had Galaxy 2 and Other M. Nintendo always pulled graphics and power out of their “inferior” systems. I’m getting a Wii U with this similar train of thought. Actually being born in eighty-six, I’ve heard this with each next-gen console. Dreamcast, Xbox and Sony’s consoles have been technologically superior to each of Nintendo’s previous consoles. Nintendo has always used the same method, neglecting power for ingenious design and superb creativity. I’m just waiting for the day when they start to take online gaming more serious, oops, my bad.

    • Enigmatic

      Compare the best graphical Wii games (Galaxy and Metroid) and then compare the best graphical PS3 games (God of War, Uncharted 3, Skyrim) and you will see a huuuuge difference.

      • ninjabake

        That’s not a fair comparison considering those games are going for a more realistic approach to graphics while Mario, Zelda and Metroid are going for an art style approach all of those games look great regardless but the look of a game is only a piece of the pie. The experience that you have and how accessible the gameplay is play a much larger role.

        CoD isn’t the most technically advanced game on the market(its considered sub-hd technically) but that doesn’t stop it from being a top seller consistently.

        Gameplay is king forever and always. Don’t get me wrong I like great graphics and they do matter but as I’ve always said, pretty fades and eventually I’ll not be impressed by the same graphics I’ve seen after several hours of gameplay and at that point I’m only focused on the game and what I need to do to complete it I’m not thinking “well gee these graphics are”
        awesome” I’m thinking “well I gotta get past this part I’m stuck on”

      • thomas

        I really don’t know why you’re getting downvoted so much. Sure, you’re kind of trolling a bit, but you are honestly speaking the truth. Galaxy and Metroid both were pretty games. But compare them with a Mass Effect 3, MGS4, or Uncharted 3, and they really don’t hold up as well.

        Don’t downvote people just because you don’t agree with what they’re saying. The dude made a good, valid point. Your downvoting of him just goes to show how indoctrinated you’ve become.

        • Kyron

          But here’s a good point for ya as well, do you think Galaxy and Metroid are trying to look realistic?

          • thomas

            No, I don’t think they were trying to look realistic. That was nowhere near my my point. I love Nintendo’s art style. It works great on their systems. You know what else I like, though? Bethesda games. And Bioware games. And 2K games. And Valve games. I could keep going. The only thing that I’m concerned about is that I think Nintendo focuses far too much on themselves and not enough on making a console that is accessible and enticing to 3rd party developers. That has always been Nintendo’s biggest oversight, and I’m getting the point where I really don’t want to have 2-3 consoles for every generation. That crap is expensive, and I’m going to spend my money on which ever system seems to give me the best selection of games.

            Nintendo is too good a developer to be the “second console” or a “supplementary console.” I love the way the Wii U looks and is shaping up to be, but I’m probably not going to get one unless it is capable of playing truly next gen games.

          • Schizza

            It has nothing to do with realism it has to do with image quality! Have you even tried the dolphin emulator??? Wii games look amazing running on that emulator, on a 1080p display regardless of realism they show off the artwork as intended by the artist who made it. Now play that same game on a wii system and it looks horrible on a 1080p display. Nothing to do with the realism of a game world.

          • Kyron

            But my thing is this, if you want top-notch graphics so much, why not buy or build a high-end PC? I personally think that some third-party developers are slaves to their masters, Microsoft and Sony. I like Nintendo because they create their own and encourage other developers to be creative as well. Ubisoft and 2D Boy knows how to be creative and free.

            And I don’t know about you Thomas but I’m not looking for the Wii U to play “truly next gen games,” I’m looking for it to bring back some old franchises and create some new and exciting games of it’s own. When I bought a Wii I knew what I was getting, Nintendo-related content, not Sony or Microsoft-related content. I bought it because its different. The same can’t be said about the other two consoles. Xbox & PS are much too similar, in terms of both games & content. They’re like twins.

            So Schizza, now that you got your 1080p Wii U, what will you complain about now?

            And what people tend to forget is WiiWare on the Wii U. Its gonna be game developers’ heaven. They’ll be no limits!!!

          • Schizza

            What will I complain about now Kyron??

            Nothing… Absolutely nothing! I am looking forward to buying and owning a Nintendo machine that will display it’s moving artwork and franchises I love, in a resolution I can use for the displays in my house.

            Am I a little upset that this is the machine we SHOULD have had this current generation… YES, YES I AM!

            And please don’t get me wrong. I have been enjoying Wii games this generation… just not on wii but on the dolphin emulator.

        • Collected

          We’re all allowed our opinions and we’re also allowed to interject what our views of others opinions are like. To some he/she may have a valid point, but to others not so. Even if the opinion has been down-voted doesn’t mean a particular person can’t still click to see what he/she has written.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Actually, Nintendo used to be the powerhouse. They through around that Super and 64 logo into all their games. PS1 was less than the 64, Dreamcast and PS2 were behind the gamecube. The only problem with those systems was their storage. 64 used cartridges, worse than the PS1 CD drive, and GC used mini DVDs, worse than full sized DVDs. That’s what hurt them with third parties over those generations. Also, PS2 was a DVD player, and everyone needed one of those back then, so it had a double hitter role that made it sell like nobody’s business

  • Gamer

    The Wii U can run two Wii U touch screen game pads, plus four Wii-mote game controllers at the same time, reportedly at 1080P, 60 frames per second at the same “goodness gracious” time without breaking a sweat. Honestly it running the touch screen game pad, a whole game on it should have told you this machine is legendary even before release.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      They did say that the second gamepad does put some stain on it, but I believe they said it should be able to maintain a frame rate of at least 30fps, so that’s great. Especially considering that plenty of current HD systems can’t maintain that in larger games. Not sure of smaller ones though. Oh, and that’s at only 720p for them, so U’s still good, even if it is breaking a sweat or two

  • Gamer

    What we have to ask our selves now since we know its a powerful console, is whether third party developers have enough vision to make marvels of games. Ubisoft, Capcom we know most definitely will give us great games; it’s companies that spam and reharsh games, such as Call of duty by Activison I am worried about. Don’t forget the Metal gear solid dude, a genius but a little stuck up for my liking.

    • Kyron

      Great point

      • Garic

        Capcom rehashes their

  • metroidfusion2

    From all of the research I have done and still am doing the wii u will destroy this gen and next gen

    • Enigmatic

      There has been zero information regarding Sony and Microsoft’s next gen home console. So, you can see the future?

      • Kyron

        So does that also automatically mean that Microsoft’s and Sony’s next consoles will be so much more powerful than the Wii U?

        Ha, I think not…

        • Garic

          NIntendo fanboys< Gamers who respect every gaming company

          • Collected

            Why couldn’t you just say [PC/Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo fanboys<Gamers who respect every gaming community].

            And for that matter who are you to judge a person purely on what they like and don't like. Grow up and prove your objective-better-than-subjective outlook rather than pandering to the safe bet.

  • Gamer

    This eighth generation, now that Nintendo has delievered, will winnow out awful developers from the good ones. It is a developer vs developer zone.

    • Kyron

      Exactly! Developers can’t cry and complain anymore. Either they give us great games, or they lack the creative mind and drive game sales down even more than it already is (unless that is, everybody keeps buying the same COD game every year with minimal updates).

  • AO1JMM

    It is called an OPINION piece for a reason people

  • Christian

    The Wii was actually capable of displaying pretty good graphics. Just look at SSBB, or Twilight Princess. Now they are going to amp the graphics up on the new console. The graphics are going to be friggin’ amazing on the Wii U, and I really wonder if the Wii games will have better resolution when played on the Wii U?

  • tanto

    specs NEVER matter and nintendo learned this the hard way

    • Enigmatic

      Is your comment supposed to make sense?

  • Nintendude789

    So far I’m seeing, Wii U will beat the crap out of PS3, 360, and next gen consoles. PS3 is the worst selling Playstation, and this gen. Vita is also failing now. Remember the article of “Double Facepalm” Sony thinks Vita is better than Wii U? Yea. Wii U will dominate the 8th gen.

  • thomas

    Not to be a jerk, but this is kind of a redundant article. You’re telling us things that we as gamers all already know: graphics are important to both consumers and third parties. However, what you seem to be shying away from saying is that, while 2x as powerful as the Xbox sounds good, that is still significantly weaker than current gen PCs (and before the hate pours in, no, I am not a PC gamer/fanboy), and what I can assume will be the next gen of Xbox/PS.

    Nintendo’s problem has always been that of weak interest from third parties. With the N64 and Gamecube, the graphics were comparable to other current gen systems, but they didn’t reach out to third parties enough to support their systems while they were making the transition to the next gen. Their consoles become basically useless in the last year of their respective lifespans. With the Wii, Nintendo reached out to third parties better, but everybody ended up moving on once the novelty of the Wiimote wore off and people realized that most of the cutting edge games were coming out on the more graphically-capable machine (yes, I know die-hard Nintendo fans will always stick by their machines; I know I did).

    This seems to be a pattern that may be repeated with the Wii U. Yes, the graphics look pretty decent by today’s standards. The Wii’s looked alright back when it was released (although they by no means looked to be on par with the coming PS3 and Xbox 360). I want nothing more than for Nintendo to make a machine that stays relevant throughout the entire next generation of video game consoles. However, as much as the Wii U tablet looks pretty cool, I am not confident that the machine will be able to compete graphically with the competition. Once again, I think Nintendo is going to end up being on its own for the latter half of the Wii U’s lifespan. It’s unfortunate, because I believe that many gamers want nothing more than a console that can play both the great Nintendo games that we all love, as well as the next generation of great third party games. And I’m sorry, but rereleases of year or two old games on the Wii U do not count as awesome, next gen, or cutting edge. And we all know this.

    • Kyron

      “However, as much as the Wii U tablet looks pretty cool, I am not confident that the machine will be able to compete graphically with the competition.”

      Seriously man, this going-on about competing with graphics is getting redundant. 1080p at 60fps is more than enough. Anything beyond that is retarded. And truth be told, very soon, graphics won’t even matter cause the marginal improvements in graphics will get even smaller and smaller.

  • The Beeshnu

    I’m sorry i didn’t read the whole thing because it’s too long

  • Mazor

    Pffh, This is such a right wing nintendo website. I love Nintendo and always will and I would buy anything with the nintendo name on it, even if it’s crap in a box. This is going to suck just like the wii. But the “Nintendo” games will be the shiz! Everything else, well, that’s why there are two other systems. P.S., nintendo just needs to make a computer, laptop or desk top.

  • Mazor

    The only reason that the wii sold so well was good marketing and a type of gameplay that attracted all ages. Go on craigslist and see how many wiis are for sale, alot! The only thing that is going to sell this one is nintendo’s name, pretty graphics, and the ipad controller. Remember when the dreamcast had the screen in their controller, ya me too.

    • Anastas

      Anyone else remember how the Dreamcast was actually a decent system and that the downfall of SEGA had more to do with the failings of its previous console, a problem that Nintendo doesn’t have?
      I should hope you do.

      Does anyone remember the screen on the Dreamcast controller being a 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen?
      I should hope not, ’cause that never happened. Seriously, the controllers both have screens on them, but the comparisons stop there.

    • Kyron

      You also remember when Nintendo made the first 3D graphics console game (LoZ: OoT) that would go on to be the highest rated and one of the best selling games of all time? ya me too…

      • thomas

        What?! OoT was NOT the first “3D graphics console game.” If anything, it would be Mario 64. That is even debatable, as I’m sure that other manufacturers made games with polygons in open worlds before Nintendo. They were just the first ones to do it right.

        • Garic

          So its Sega fault they had 1997 technology? The idea is not revolutionary but the technology is and how is implemeted in the wii u.

  • Mr. W

    Although the bulk of the article is based on rumors, i still found it interesting. I think some people focused in on the (rumored) specs too much instead of the point of the article. Yes those (rumored) specs do put the Wii U at a decent power margin when compared to a 360, but thats not the point. If I really wanted top notch visuals, I would build myself a PC. But Nintendo isnt fighting that fight. They look to be focusing in on innovation and doing something unique, offering an experience you can’t get on other consoles or a powerhouse PC. I don’t think Nintendo is ignoring graphics though, but being the strongest machine is not the goal. As Nintendo said when asked about smartphones against the 3DS, it’s about differentiation by making quality products that can’t be done anywhere else.

  • Vegas_2AM

    The Wii U is about twice as powerful as the Xbox 360? That’s pretty good. I wonder what Microsoft will call their next system.

  • Mazor

    Woah, are you kidding me? The 720 is gonna make the U look like a gameboy advance graphically. They are just two different types of gaming worlds. You buy nintendo stuff for the nintendo product. You dont get a U and go, “Oh man, I can’t wait to play Fifa 2013 on it!” No, you play third party games on the stations’ and boxes, not the U. Nintendo is really the most hardcore because the fanboys are the most loyal, I have a pixelated
    1-up tattoo on my leg, just saying.

    • CyanideInsanity

      Not necessarily. The worlds economy is less than what it was 2005-06. Besides, I don’t see how they could give significantly more power to either sony or M$ next console without having a significantly higher price.

      I believe what Iwata (or at lease I believe it was Iwata who said this) has stated, that the difference of power between consoles will be a lot less. Really, its probably going to be like a gtx 580 to a gtx 670. Sure, looking at the specs of those cards there’s a difference, but both can do 1080p at a good rate. When it comes down to it, really the only HD thing people are going to market, is the resolution the game/console can display.

  • Cubical_M

    No schockers in this article but still nice to read. You guys should do more articles like this!

  • ned

    Just hope its not shit like wii was

  • Wii will rock U

    3 more months

    • Nintendonoob

      I hope Nintendo will shock us all and release the Wii U in September because if I had to wait any longer for the Wii U I will spaz out and will probaby be sent to an asylum.

  • ck1x

    Well I’m not so sure why you would mention Craigslist as proof of something, because there are quite a bit of PS3’s and 360’s being sold on there as well! While the Dreamcast did have the VMU in its controller, it’s in no way shape or form on the same level of experience that Nintendo is giving with the gamepad on WiiU…

  • tom

    I dont think the pad will be used to much for first year till makers of games work out what to do but someone mentioned fall out and pad used as a pip boy that would be awsome

  • Prime

    As alway’s, I will start it off with saying I owned an am a fan of all three, but I see some fanatics in the mist taking it to far. First of all, to the “Drones an fanatic’s”, stop giving your demanded wantings of saying Wii U=Ultimate will only have just the same or a little more powerfuler specs than the last gen’s.

    The last gen’s specs were of basically 10 years tech to work with in it, as it progressed into making the system itself, while Wii U/timate has less than 4 years tech in it, so its on par Pc level graphics of the 3 year period it was graphed from, basically todays level Pc power jjust down graded to fit nintendos budget, so in terms how is the PS3 an 360 who havent even Pc level specs of {its own time}…You know…2006? Suppose to compete with Wii U/timates tech of more recent Pc level standard’s inbeded in it as like 2009 an or above tech in it?

    If you only care for the “Power” then get the hell off the PS3 an 360, who has a fraction of Pc proccessing an graphics power, stick with a Pc then, because even if PS4 an Xbox 720 come out 1-2 years from now, there performance an power wont be on par as the most powerfullest Pc of —>today…you get it? Que…No!…Nyet…Nine? Thats right you heard me, everything is crafted from the Pc an down graded to the brand counsles of the 3 competitors for a more price effeciantcy with in there own teams. So again, PS4 even in a 2 year from now launch, wont have Pc power of today as in=(Right nows best performing computer capabilitys), so in-terms if Wii U’/timate now is out selling {Pc kick ass graphics —>Now} in terms of Games in general…as in={Just video games}, then Nintendo will still out sell the Ps4 of the future…Plain an simple, nay no to the graphico iso the money makero, ino-vationo and fun-o is the moneyo, XD XD XD.

    An stop making remarks like a crack head would, of Nintendo might end up like Sega… The only reason why Sony hasent tanked because they feed off others(3rd Party) an have fall back cash from other products they sell, again they have 3rd party keeping them alive, without them they would have tanked years ago, without there other cash revenue income coming from there other electronics (Non-Game-Related) Then again they would also have tanked just from there poor…poor…poor…sales.

    You Sony drones still not getting it? I’ll explain it nice an S-l-o-w, Nintendo’s income of there game’s alone branches to stuff like Movie’s an Tv series, assesories, clothing lines, trading card’s the works… Which pre-longs its life…You know like Poke-mon, that sold one of the most copys of games of all time, that has over a 10,000 different Tv series that were never taken off the air an still is on of todays cartoon network, as in over 10 Mega movies and a trading card selling game that is basically sold out every week of its life from kid’s tearing there cards up an whine-ing an crying to there parents they want another set to play in school? Yeah that one game… (that did all that)=Billion’s of cash from the game it self), any one game sony has that can amount to 1/10th the amount of cash banked compared to Poke-mon? Nope! XD XD While Sony’s income is the “exact oposite”, they have to have there other (Non-game-related) things to keep there counsles alive, Nintendos sales, is all Nintendos profit in the Game catagorie as in barley any 3rd party’s to take there peice of the, Nintendo eat’s the whole cake, while Sony’s sales with out the aid of the comapny keep reaching in its other pockets to pay there own bills… barley keeps it alive…like every Nintendo fan-boy will always simply smash in a Sony drones face is…

    Micro-soft an Sony —>(Combined) in the
    (Gaming catagorie) still cant reach Nintendos sale’s as a stand off…Hi…Hello…Listen!……XD
    What more is there to say? Nothing but….I’m out…

  • Bing

    lol…True that.

  • Nintenfail

    It’s funny how people keep saying the wiiu is going to be soooo much better than the xbox360 and ps3! Question, why are people (kids?) comparing a “next gen console” to the competitions current gen consoles? Lol because in terms of graphics they look very similar and please don’t use the excuse “it’s all about fun” . I expect a massive performance upgrade, especially given the huge gap between current gen and next (six years plus?) guess I’m the only sane one here, so feel free to rate my comment down. Btw this comming from a Nintendo fan I owned every console.

    • Draco Breach

      If you expect a HUGE performance gap, you can expect a HUGE price tag to price the console out of the market, or take a massive loss at the sale’s counter.

      I’ll take improved gameplay (cake) with enough horsepower (icing) to improve immersion (AI and lots of other minutia >>> graphics).

      While improved graphics are nice, there are other key functions to hardware that a lot of people forget about. The horsepower of the console contributes to a lot of minutia that are too tedious to get into for somebody who assumes Nintendo will Fail with a @Nintenfail name.

      • Nintenfail

        I don’t mind paying more, but I not going to pay (estimated) $250 for something I pretty much already have minus game pad and Nintendo exclusives and as far tec explaination don’t flatter yourself, consider iPad
        Great tec in such a small package. Also do u work at Nintendo because you
        Make excellent excuses for them.

        • Kyron

          If you don’t mind paying more, just get a PC!

        • Draco Breach

          Name one excuse I’ve made.

          I back up my statements, which makes them defensible positions also known as points.

          I also don’t work for Nintendo. I’d love to work for them, or developer making a game for the new Wii U. I have several IPs I’d like to see published.

          That’s not to say I wouldn’t work on a game for another console. I’d love the opportunity. I work on mods on the PC from time to time, but I’m no graphic design artist. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I won’t release anything until I think it’s complete – as in graphical details as well.

  • Nintenfail

    Oh yeah forgot to mention,zombieu is a rip off of dead island looks like DLC for dead island lol.

  • Miguel

    A quick question…if xbox 360 and playstation 3 had powerful graphics cards and suffered from overheating, which is one of the reasons why their bulkiness was essential for cooling, how is Nintendo capable of making a system so tiny yet more powerful than these systems without overheating? Would really love to know!

    • Draco Breach

      Typically, you use little hardware gimmicks and quirks.

      Nintendo drastically underpowered the graphics card for the Wii. I forget who, but one developer tore apart the Wii to discover an 1080p graphics card. However, the PSU only delivered enough power to produce 480p graphics. You also use predictive algorithms to soft-partition your RAM – basically preload the next content.

      If you take this tidbit into account, perhaps Nintendo will do something similar with the Wii U. It may explain the statement that the CPU clock was running a little low. Nintendo may be scaling the CPU up and down to optimize performance to heat production.

      There are other tricks, but a lot of them have to do with proper heat sinks and transfer or insulator silicon gels. The physical size of the mobo does matter, as do cut and placement of heat piping.

      Also, touch the sides of the Wii after playing for a while. You’ll notice it does get hot. It doesn’t reach anywhere near danger levels, but any piece of electronics will still produce heat. It’s all about minimizing and then dissipating that heat rapidly enough that delicate circuits don’t fry.

  • gPadWatcher

    Over 150 have spoken and the trending continues!

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    This article is well done.If decent graphics means twice as powerful as the 360 than that’s awesome.

  • tanto

    “But in today’s gaming world, pretty graphics and high performance sells,”

    NO NO it doesnt

    it doesnt sell

  • matthew vogt

    I willingly admint I am a ps and xbox fanboy in the best manure I can explain why the wii u could or could not fail. In this generation I think it is all going to be about price. Lets say the wii u is 400 what if the others that came out where that much then wouldn’t that be illogical to buy the techinically inferior? I think we can make a educated guess that the ps4 and xbox 720 are going to be able to output alot more and I personally think that the best selling console in a generation isn’t per say the better one. More familys bought the wii and the wii’s had more returns to stores and sold to pawn shops and gamestop. I also think with the ouya coming into the console game that is another reason why the wii u could have some troubles. The fact that it has been said the wii u will not affect current gen sales excluding the wii kinda says something. Now I know I am bashing the wii u but, common now. Price is everything this generation and it is ashame though that the wii u wont have 4k output and 4k tvs come out this year. I am going to admit that I am going to buy like3-5 wii u’s to sell on ebay and one to shoot at or blow up on youtube. With the other 2 even if the ps4 and xbox 720 where 1 grand I would still buy them anyway. I personally think they will trounce nintendo worse in this upcoming generation. I hope nintendo can change my mind but it doesnt look like it. Like I said PRICING IS EVERYTHING FOR THE WII U it will decide if nintendo will just do portable or have enough life to get it right.

    • Nintendude789

      Take Battle Royale, and SSBB. SSBB is more enjoyable than BR, even thou BR has better graphics. Gameplay is the most important element of a game.

      Another example: ET
      ET had good graphics, for it’s time, good sound, but game play…. HORRIBLE!!!!

  • Joyous Killer

    Graphics Dont Sell. How Do Explain Minecraft? Only Fun Sells.

  • Prime

    lol, Just as I suspected, I spoted 4 Sony drones in the fog, an wouldent you know it, I had 4 dis-likes…Hmm? I wonder who…who…who??? It couldent have been the drones, could it? XD XD

    What did I just shatter your world’s? You do know the tech in PS3 was not magically made on the day of its launch right? They had to work within a Pc’s capabilitys before they —>Down graded it to there budget. So the PS3 was at-least {8-10 years} of old Pc level power that was (down graded)….

    Let’s strip away there “Brand Names” an let me explain to you with out name-ing the zippa-di-do-da computer parts an just give it a acro of (Computer tech)=Which what it basically is. Your going to stand there an tell me that a 10 year ago computer with minor tweaks from time to time, is just as advance and has the same power as a com that is constantly getting the latest tech cramed in it that was made from the ground up of 3-years threw today an beyound.. power in it? XD XD XD Okay you need to make me a peanut butter jelly sandwhich, because you cant comprehend what the inovation an merits of the game it self provides.

    Stop comparing minor details of (3rd party games), which although its a trend for Nintendo to get these 3rd party supports, to me its not a smart move to have so much, ergo the {pie must be splitted even more ways}…again back to the comparing 3rd party’s graphics with like Darksiders 2, on all 3 home counsles….Are you Drones on meth? A Final fantasy 3 for the Super-nintendo is not going to have a gigantic leap of anything of proud bragging formailtys if it was in a emulator on a high powered computer, in fact nothing really would change, the definite end-game result will be upoun how they designed the game to look like, sure the emulator of the Pc can maybe process things a bit faster an sharper, its still in the same replica of it on the Super-nintendo…You get it?

    The sad thing is….Sony Drone’s…exactly why are you here? I dont know of any, Nintendo fan that goes looking into Sony’s new’s an start ranting they’ll be a fail, Is it because your dissapointed with sony’s sales? You absolutley must be, unless you delisionally think that Sony is even any where near the sales of Nintendo in the (Video game catagoire), since your doing your best to ingnore whats everywhere on the sale comparison, here’s what the sales looks like… –

    – –
    Sony Vita – Nintendo 3ds –
    You See that maotain^ Here’s the conversation..
    S- Fans: Hey up there, we are wi–*Echo Fades*
    N- Fans: What?! I cant hear you! To Far away!

    XD XD XD

    I’m laughing to hard, at that probably came out all screwed by the posting might have mixed up my placings of the dashes of this—> ( – ) Not showing a straight line. XD

    …Drones… go complain to sony about there god-awful sales… not here, the Vita an PS3 combination is an epic fail, an they only went by “Joe-dirt’s” award winning bull-frog an fire craker speech to the vetrenarian Indian, XD XD You have to buy 2 games if you want to combine play time mixturing within the Vita an PS3, that’s 2 G-A-M-E’S… T-O… P-L-A-Y……… O-N-E!!! XD XD XD While the WiiU/timate, stream’s directly to the controller at the same power as the wii U…so after your done whine-ing about, I dont know what? When your at game stop or what ever, buying your 2 (—>”Same Games”), I’ll be buying 2 {——->Different games} an having a blast saving money.

    Tootle’s ^_^

  • Majin

    Screw all the HD bullshit. Just gimme S-Video on my PAL console!

    • Kyron


  • Baconator

    Just saying here, but wouldn’t a game be more fun when you don’t know about it beforehand. I know the WiiU is going to be amazing but I sense a little overanticipation. Just let nintendo do its job and when the time comes, may you have many wonderful thriving years with the WiiU 🙂

  • nucima

    mpfh. And what does now 200 percent mean?
    I can remember that nvidia 2011 released a diagramm where even the 8800GT was 300% faster than current consoles.
    The card was pretty ok for Crysis in middle details and 1280*1024.
    If I assume now, that resolution is linear to the needed performence, (Full HD), the console needs to be 187,5% more powerful than the 8800GT. I think because of the better optimization, settings can be adjusted to the very high/ultra level of PC.

    Now compared to the nvidia table the Wii U needs to be 560% faster than current consoles for Full HD.

    This number appears similar If I calculate with the “200% more powerful than 360”. It needs to be 230% more powerful for FullHD, but the graphics with no Antialiasing, bad textures, stottering fps and low level of sight were pretty bad on 360/PS3. So you have to add much more.

    Crysis is maybe a hard example, but you have also to think of, that its already 5 years old.

  • Lugo

    BEHOLD! The ONLY comment NOT arguing with anyone about anything!

    • Kyron

      Congrats dude! It was a hell-hole in there. I miraculously came out of there alive.

    • fedster

      lmao than you

      • Nintendude789

        Than you! XD

  • James M

    I think its pretty clear that Nintendo did in fact make a mistake in judgement in 2006 about not going with more capable performance in its console. Not to say that they needed to release a system that stood up and matched the 360 and PS3 in performance but I think even Nintendo themselves know they didn’t give their platform enough performance to be viable to many game developers and gamers.

    Did the Wii need to have a three core CPU running at 3.2 Ghz, a 550 Mhz GPU with 512MB of RAM and either cost $500 or have Nintendo lose $200 a console? No.

    Could Nintendo have done a much better job of splitting the difference so that its console could have at least had 480P versions of multiplatform games without requiring basically a second game to be made for them? Yes.

    A simple 2 Ghz dual core CPU, 350 Mhz GPU with modern shader support and 256 MB of RAM would’ve been enough to make the platform viable for those multiplatform games without breaking the bank.

    It also would’ve been fantastic for Nintendo’s own development teams to have a more capable system for their own games. Look at what Nintendo was able to do with basically an overclocked Gamecube with 64MB of RAM in place of the GCN’s 16 MB of slow secondary RAM.

    I think quite highly of games like Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy’s, Zelda Skyward Sword, DKCR, etc and they look good considering the platform but they didn’t need to be so restricted by that hardware.

    Its possible that Nintendo was right, that going HD in 2006 wasn’t important but going with hardware that was completely out classed by an entire generational leap was obviously a big deal. Despite the giant difference in costs, the giant 360 and PS3 ratio of hardware failures it still stands that the 360/PS3 market for HD consoles was still bigger then the Wii’s SD market overall and even more so it was clear that the industries best developers all sided with needing the performance of the HD consoles and not a previous generation of console.

  • Mshenay

    @ James M

    … Much love man! I my self am waiting for some one to post the hardware Specs of the Wii U soon!

    It’ll be nice to see them.

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  • PKMN Trainer Red

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  • i just bought a game for my console, the princess and the frog however it is not showing on the wii channel. can someone tell me what can i do?