Sep 15th, 2012

Wii U pre-orders started as soon as Nintendo revealed the price of the console. Major retailers across the US, including GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Toys ‘R Us started taking pre-orders on the new console. Nintendo allocated a certain amount of each SKU to each retailer. According to sources, some have already sold out of the Deluxe set, which retails at $349.

Yesterday, Nintendo reported that Wii U pre-orders were “extremely strong”, and now we know that they weren’t kidding — the console has sold out at most retailers and online.

GameStop has reportedly run out of the Deluxe model and now only offers the Basic set, which costs $299. It’s unknown how many units Nintendo gave to each retailer, but it would appear that GameStop has sold out of the Deluxe kit both online and across all of its retail stores.

GameStop Wii U

Other retailers have sold out of the Wii U as well: Best Buy has sold out of both the Wii U Deluxe and the Basic set. Target appears to have sold out as well online, while Toys ‘R Us appears to have some Wii U units online.

Best Buy Wii U

So if you’re looking to pre-order online or in stores any time soon, Toys ‘R Us is currently your best bet. And you better hurry.

The Wii U is available in the Basic edition, which costs $299 and includes the basic stuff needed to play, while the Deluxe edition adds some accessories, more storage (32 GB), and a copy of Nintendo Land.

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  • NintendoGamer


    • Nintedward


      • MEJM


        • Stugorna


          • AKA-Link77


          • AKA-Link77

            Lol my super human powers are predicting that cuz of this , the Wii U™ will sell Zillions!

          • Kyron


          • DR. spankalot

            kr kr kr kr kr kr kr kr kr kr = awesomeness

          • Macarony64

            Guys we still have 2 months to go maybe the 1 that where in nintendo stock got sold out the factories are still producing hope so

          • Lazyboy88

            DR. Spankalot, er du dansk?

      • Just nintendo

        Wii U+gamers+casual+exclusive+best selling game console in8 gen=best console game

      • Adix22


      • HyperSonicN1


    • Britton

      I went to GameStop today to preorder the Deluxe and they were out. I had to preorder the WiiU at Toys’r’us. At least I got the deluxe set! I cannot believe it sold out in 1 day! That’s awesome!

      • Fearsome

        I got my at Toys R U too. I called back 2 hours later to get another and they were sold out. Feel sorry for people who are going to try to put one around the Christmas tree this year. I also saw it selling on Ebay for $1500.

    • ei8bitNinty


    • Jessie Guadarrama

      How much do u pay for pre ordering? I dont have that much money and it sux! I didnt get to pre order mine :'( they all sold out!! Everywhere!!!!

      • Axe

        When pre-ordering you normally only have to pay a deposit. So you pay half when you pre-order, and the remainder when you pick it up. Just don’t suffer the embarrassment of not having the money when it comes out.

  • Aaron

    Good Thing I Preordered The Wii U Deluxe Kit From Gamestop Already!

    • Nintedward

      I calnt understand how many people i keep seeing , saying things like
      ”I will w8 till november to pre order” or ”the price will of dropped by november so I will pre order then” . WTF ??? They will be gone and the price will not drop for 2-3 years….. nuff said.


      • AwayToHit

        the price will drop after 1 year for sure especially with the next PS and xbox.

        • Castamere

          I’m not so sure the price will drop so soon. It all depends on the sales of the Wii U. How many does Nintendo sell? Do they meet or exceed their expectations? If they do, then they won’t reduce the price for another couple of years, just like with the Wii. If they don’t, then you may be right, just like when the GameCube dropped in price a little over a year after launch. However, if expectations for the Wii U are as high as we think, then I don’t believe we’ll be seeing a price reduction for at least three years.

        • rafael

          Nintendo has been saying that they hope to keep this price for a long time, like the original Wii that kept its original price for 3 years…anyway, they will change it if needed.

        • AcesHigh

          Wrong. It took 1 year for Nintendo to get the Wii’s in stock to the point that people could walk in and pick one up without hunting. their first price-drop didn’t happen until 2 years i believe.

          any discussion about price drop is pointless until we see how it performs. Manufacturers only drop price to be competitive. If the WiiU goes gang-busters for the first year, Nintendo has absolutely no reason to drop prices. People think price drops are based on time in the market. they are priced on performance and cheaper cost of manufacturing. But if they are performing well after a year, they’d be fools to drop the price. i think it will be 2 years before any price drop.

        • AcesHigh

          Castamere, you got it right

      • NintendoGator

        @Nintedward——Hey!! is England running into the same problems with the wii u pre-orders (Selling out)??

        • Nintedward

          I am totaly not sure yet !! i will have to look into it , all I know is my local games dojo informed me that there store is taking TONS of pre orders through their website and phone line , and that they have nearly exhausted their supply 🙂 . I got the first one pre ordered there !!!! and they have agreed to let me get first in line at midnight on the 29th of november!!!!!

          HYPED!!!! , America and japan are the world’s gaming hot spot’s , Europe is mainly just western europe like UK , Germany , France , Spain , Scandanavia , Holland . Italy . If you add all these country’s up I am sure the pre orders will be crazy like USA !!!

          • NintendoGator

            Thanks for the info Edward…….:)

      • Grodus

        It makes sense! they would change the price before release because…
        I got nothin’.

      • Paul

        if they sell out before november then ill put my money down on the new xbox or playstation console

        and i can see familys buying a ps3 or xbox 360 @ xmas so nintendo will lose again

        • Nko Sekirei

          no they wont dude gtfo troll really i hardly doubt nintendo will lose if microsoft and sony dont screw up on ther systems price tag cause if they go all out on spec ur expecting to pay over $800 to $1000 dollars for those systen in which their not gonna make the same mistake like sony did on ps3 which it was $600 on its release

        • Sikora

          I only 1 up’d it for this part:

          “if they sell out before november then ill put my money down on the new xbox or playstation console”

        • Collected

          Not really, they both only have about 1-2 years left where they will get decent games, once their next gen systems come in however, they will be outdated and parents may be more choose-y with the next system. Also you have to look at what games (exclusives or not) that seem more family oriented, plus there’s is still going to be the Wii in stores which will be more affordable than any of the other consoles.

      • DR. spankalot

        we don’t want another wii incident, do we?! 😛

    • Jeffery02

      I pre-ordered yesterday from Gamestop and the guy told me that I was lucky. Apparently they received an e-mail to stop accepting pre-orders at 1:00pm and it was 3:40pm at the time. He told me that they had JUST extended the deadline before I got there. Goddesses bless the Wii U Deluxe and my luck to pre-order one!

      • Game Master

        That was lucky

    • AKA-Link77

      Everyone (stores) better stock up soon cuz they might lose that one customer. If not: Dang! i gotta go see if i still can Pre-Order then.

    • Alienfish

      My gamer sense was tingling yesterday so I went and pre-ordered it at Gamestop as well. Funny thing is that I had no idea it was selling so fast until they told me they were probably going to cut off pre-orders by the end of the day. Saved my brother’s butt too. I hope the shortage doesn’t last as long as the Wii’s did and everyone can get their shiny new Nintendo box in a timely fashion.

  • ax-el

    Wii U FTW

    • Nintedward

      720 WTF

      • Nintedward

        *the 720 is shit*

        • Grodus

          at least you had the right idea…

        • DR. spankalot

          people really take it to hart whatever you say, don’t they. 😛

      • AKA-Link77

        Bad joke. . .

        • JumpMan

          yeahh… we don’t talk about *them*. lol. 20th century America joke!

        • Nintedward

          Coming from the guy who says ”OWSM” I refuse to accept XD !!!!!

          No it was a terrible joke .

      • Sikora

        OMG, i just realised… reverse FTW to get WTF… 0_0

        • Nintedward

          hehe , It seems a lot of people aren’t as clever as you there sir !

  • ViceGrip

    I would like to apologize for helping to contribute to the shortages of Wii U… 🙁 I want one badly !

    • DR. spankalot

      awwwww, don’t feel bad ^^

      i know that all of us would have done the same thing 😀

    • Sikora

      It’s too expensive for me. Especially here in Australia :/

  • JC

    Some people like me need to wait till launch day 🙁 to bad I need to earn the money first.

    • JC

      That happens when you are a teen and need to get a job 🙂

      • Filings

        Or when your 11 and you have 700 saved up. Let’s hope your birthday is near November kind sir. I know you’ll get at least 420 by then. Depending on the hours, the wage and your dedication.

    • VX

      I have the money saved, but I can’t decide which bundle to get. $350 for deluxe, or $360 for basic + NSMBU? I guess it depends on which game will keep me occupied until pikmin 3 is released. 🙁 Either way, ill only have about 50 bucks when this is all over.

  • zuxs

    Ordered mine already from best buy. Ill probably wait in line for a second one as well on launch day.

    • zuxs

      Just pre-ordered $300 in games too.
      Call of Duty.

      • Nintedward

        I take it you are a casual gamer then…

        • DR. spankalot

          haha ha… your being sarcastic, because those games are not considered casual games 😀

          • Game Master


          • Goobypls

            They are quite casual. He’s not trolling.

        • Macarony64

          I hate the internet ppl dont get the jokes went they are jokes

          • Nintedward

            Indeed , i was implying sarcasm to the fact that he is buying ALL hardcore games 🙂

  • Adam

    Christmas is cancelled this year. I wont have money to spend on ANYONE after nintendo takes all my money on november 30th. :s

    • MEJM

      Maybe you could ask everyone to contribute a little on a Wii U for your Christmass present, so you use the money to get nice presents for them? 😉

      • rafael

        hehe This is almost like asking people to give you money so you can buy a present for them.

        • Gavin

          that’s exactly what it is..

          • rafael

            🙂 I meant, ‘directly’, not in an indirect way

    • Alienfish

      All you need to do is convince your family and friends that they should buy their own gifts… like you did! 😀

  • kidnintend

    orded the deluxe from gamestop near me but the only other person to pre order it was this older guy in his forties sayin his son really like zelda and mario. but from the excitement on his face i knew it was realy for him.

    • Jacob

      OF course, everyone loves nintendo. (fanboys excluded, their not people anymore D:)

      • JumpMan

        bahaha i love peoples excuses for them buying video games! i also love the perfect examples of Ultra-Nerds that i see every time i go to GameStop! hahaha… priceless!

        • Alienfish

          Ha! I saw an Ultra-Nerd when I pre ordered yesterday!!! I don’t think he had any non digital friends either!!!!! AND HE WAS FAT WITH POORLY KEPT HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • shadriczo

    D: !!!!!!

  • shadriczo

    I just started to get a job and starting to save up for the deluxe..

    and now i have to wait more?

  • Raul

    Pre ordered my Wii U today from Toys R Us, got the Deluxe but I’m on the wait list 🙁

    • Here’s Why


      I JUST ordered mine, and mine, and my order said NOTHING about a “wait-list”.

      Did you preorder for instore pickup? I did mine for shipping!

  • Volcano

    Probably get mine by Christmas. I just hope for the Deluxe Set. Luuuuuvly.

  • Chris

    Thank goodness I looked up “wii u sold out” just now. We tried everywhere but Toys r Us, but they were all sold out. Tried there after reading this and got ourselves a fancy black Wii U. 😀

  • darkmanext

    i’m the WiiU and i’m awesome! I was able to pre-order 2. One is paid for, now just got to get the rest of the money for the 2nd one. And no they are not for ebay. One is for me and the other is for my son.

    • Kyron

      You sir………… are an awesome father.

    • DR. spankalot

      greatest dad EVER 😀

  • Despicable Me

    Guess I was wrong regarding the system being easy to get.
    Is Nintendo making the Wii mistake again? That system was near impossible to find at stores for several months. I don’t want to wait again. This sellout can kill some hype and excitement when potential customers can’t get the system when they want. I’m disappointed; this news is both good and bad.

    • Draco Breach

      Here’s the problem the Wii ran across.

      Nintendo converted their GameCube factories to Wii factories. Thus, they produced as many Wii systems as they were producing GameCube systems at the end of its lifecycle. They had less than a million at launch – worldwide. I think they had 800,000 units because they ‘stocked up’ over a few months for the launch then were forced to distribute only around 250,000~350,000 units per month.

      Over the next year, Nintendo built more and more factories to meet demand. Eventually, they reached 1.4 million units per month. They intelligently scaled as time went on, so they eventually reduced production of the Wii to it’s current distribution of 800,000 units per month.

      If Nintendo takes advantage of the factories they have available, they can scale very quickly to over a million units per month in a matter of months rather than over a year.

      Nintendo set the standard for a million unit launch with the 3DS and 3DS XL. They are ready to launch the first home console million unit launch.

      • DR. spankalot

        that sounds lovely :Y

    • Weslley

      Are they saving units for black friday, maybe?

  • SteampunkJedi

    Awesome for Nintendo. Not so awesome for those of us who haven’t preordered yet. Myself included. Hopefully they’ll get more Wii U’s in stock.

    • SteampunkJedi

      I’m not sure what I’ll do if they don’t.

  • Lamsaturn

    Crap, now my only option is Wal-Mart. I’ll have to get up really early to make sure I get one.

    • Ravyu

      Camp PARTY!


    Already sold-out. wow!

  • joesatmoes

    I wont be able to get or play the Wii U on launch day- I’ll be on a cruise with my family (such good timing,eh?). The only thin I dislike about the Wii U is that I’ll never be able to get it- it’ll be sold out everytime I try to get it (lol)
    But in all seriousness this is a very good thing- the Wii U community will be incredibly large by the time I get it, and the online service will be fully functional- if it isn’t fully functional at launch itself. I can’t wait to play Black Ops II online on this new console! That is not to say I will not get any other games. I will get (not all at once, but over time)

    First Party:
    -NintendoLand (I’ll get the Deluxe package)
    -Zelda (It’ll probably be announced at E3 next year- to steal some of the PS4 and/or Xbox 720’s thunder)
    – New Super Mario Bros. U (only sidescroller I’m getting for now)
    -Super Smash Bros. U

    Third Party:
    -Black Ops II
    -Assassin’s Creed III
    -Ghost Recon: Online (guys don’t give up hope- it’ll probably come)
    -Grand Theft Auto V (if it is coming to the Wii U, which at this point seems unlikely)
    -Battlefield 4

    • Nko Sekirei

      grand theft auto 5 has indeed been confirmed by rockstar

      • Ravyu


      • Macarony64

        It has ben confirmed to apear in the next year nothing more

  • Macarony64

    i stormed the house looking 4 money but just found 1 dollar 80 cents all in cents 🙁

    • Purple3DSXL

      I’ve got a quarter!:)

      …no, still not enough :(. Dangit!

    • Macarony64

      News updated i have now 5 dollars no white change found

  • LP

    Just double checking, I see the deluxe set @ toys r us… And the basic ser @ best buy… And both sets @ Target. That was 5 minutes ago.

    • LP

      Yeah both Target options are gone…


    I preordered 15 deluxe sets and I’m selling them for $600 each

    • darkmanext

      I hope tou get stuck with them.

    • Kyron

      Dude. I think you just got thumbed-down for your part in this shortage. I know you’re trying to make crazy cash off of this but seriously, that’s harsh.

    • Nko Sekirei

      u greedy bastard really now we all know whos the grinch for this years christmas

    • DR. spankalot

      there is a big chance of there not being a shortage with the wii u. the comment from draco seems to make sense.


      “Here’s the problem the Wii ran across.

      Nintendo converted their GameCube factories to Wii factories. Thus, they produced as many Wii systems as they were producing GameCube systems at the end of its lifecycle. They had less than a million at launch – worldwide. I think they had 800,000 units because they ‘stocked up’ over a few months for the launch then were forced to distribute only around 250,000~350,000 units per month.

      Over the next year, Nintendo built more and more factories to meet demand. Eventually, they reached 1.4 million units per month. They intelligently scaled as time went on, so they eventually reduced production of the Wii to it’s current distribution of 800,000 units per month.

      If Nintendo takes advantage of the factories they have available, they can scale very quickly to over a million units per month in a matter of months rather than over a year.

      Nintendo set the standard for a million unit launch with the 3DS and 3DS XL. They are ready to launch the first home console million unit launch.”

    • Game Master

      Now why did u do that?, thats why no one can get them anymore 🙁

      • Game Master

        I wish this site had an edit button, that post was for the one that said I preordered 15 deluxe sets and I’m selling them for $600 each

    • Macarony64

      You are kind of dump wen the store you go in just give you 5 unles you reservet in new york and drive your way across the country to get the others

  • Chris

    I don’t really care for the deluxe set, so it’s a good thing I pre-ordered the basic set at GameStop today (along with New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, Lego City: Undercover and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition), because that’s what people will probably go after next.

  • Ljink


    • Nko Sekirei


      • DR. spankalot

        what does L.M.F.A.O. stand for?

        • DR. spankalot

          Local Media Furry Area Of?

          • danjay

            Look Me Forgot An Order

    • Game Master

      I feel your pain, the same thing happend to me in 2006. Thats why I pre-ordered this time

  • NintendGO

    althought this might seem like bad news there is a positive side and that is that there will be alot of people on miiverse to chat with i just hope i can get a wii u deluxe. i should have preordered mine yesterday i guess ill just have to wait until they get more

  • NoPUNintendo

    Already paid off my deluxe preorder. My gamestop was full of people trying to preorder the Wii U. For all you guys who preordered the Deluxe edition congrats! Everyone else who preorders the basic congrats! You still get the Wii U, and it’s awesome!

  • Christopher

    I pre-ordered mines ages ago and just upgraded it to the Premium Wii U for nothing =3

    My £20 from my older Wii U pre-order but I didn’t need to add on any more money. HURAY FOR GAME!!

  • LyingTuna

    Well, thank god I preordered!

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I vaguely remember someone saying the Wii U would be a failure… the console ahsn’t even been released yet and already sold out!

  • PKUltima

    My brother and I preordered 2 deluxe consoles from Best Buy today… should I be worried at all if it was some type of mistake and we won’t get our consoles?

  • Colton S.

    I got the 299 one with new super Mario bros u

  • kingtendo

    i already pre-orderd my wiiu and 2 game’s…………o lawdy i can’t wait to play my black 32g wiiu.

    • meliza

      Lucky :'(. I can’t even pre-order it even if it was for free.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    This seriously stinks. I’m currently planning on showing up at my local walmart at like 9:30 and hoping for the best :). Deluxe all the way for me.

  • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

    Already preorder the Deluxe in my city… I will wait 30 minutes before the EbGames (GameStop) open up!

  • LyingTuna

    Well, I just realized that the recite I am using to redeem my order says that I have reserve ordered zombiu and sku 1. Does that refer to my console? Should I be worried?

  • Nintendo Power

    With all this pre-order,this will save the game company.Also I’am waiting till launch and I’am buying the WHITE one (So what if it has 8GB)

    • Noteak

      I don’t really care about the 32 or 8 gigs of memory. It is the ten dollars of Nintendoland.

  • nambit

    No issues preordering here in Canada so far. I already got mine, but Best Buy and Futureshop as well as EB Games still has the deluxe in stock.

  • Albinopig

    Thankfully a friend of mine at Gamestop told me they were selling out, so I went to pre-order while I could. 😛

    Also, LBP Vita is a VERY good game (but the online doesn’t work at the moment) 🙁

  • Neonridr

    I got my deluxe from Future Shop the day the preorders were available. The only thing that sucks is they don’t do in store pickup, so if it’s being delivered I most likely won’t get it until the 19th..

    Oh well, guess I will have to deal with it..

  • Dxissodum

    My GameStop told me they were only receiving 5-6 of the delux models.

  • wiiupoo

    pre ordered it!

    • wiiupoo

      good thing, too cuz i had to wait a year for wii

  • Ledreppe

    Pre-ordered mine from Amazon, they’re not the cheapest but they do have the pre-order price gaurantee and they are usually prompt with delivery. The cheapest I have found in the UK is, but going from previous experiences they are horribly slow at dispatching pre-orders, and I need my Wii U no later than launch day!

  • Mylochek

    Thanks goodness I got mine pre-ordered yesterday from my local Bestbuy. Wasn’t going to pass up on this greatness of a machine.

  • Grodus

    There is no Toys ‘R Us around where I live. Good thing I preordered it from GameStop. Deu to certian issues with the preorder, I know that they ran out like a Half hour after I pre-ordered it. Sorry everyone who was gonna get it from GameStop! WHAT CAN I SEZ!!?? 🙂 🙁 🙂 ahahahaha! But seriously, this is gonna be the Wii all over again, and rightfully so. It’s awesome!

    • Grodus

      *due By the way, it was issues with trading in my games for the Wii. (I’m aware it’s backward compatible, I just needed money!)

  • DarthCoder

    I didn’t have much money so I pre ordered just a basic and AC3… But I’m glad I did that the moment it came up on Gamestop 😀

  • Here’s Why


    I thought every single store was out of Wii U, but then you mention Toys R Us, and I DID IT! I pre-ordered the Deluxe version!


  • Maverick-Hunter

    Can anyone say happy new year -.-

  • eli seth

    really i new that but just checked again they had them i refreshed 6 times on every site they have them might just be in canada

  • iLikeWeYOU

    if you live in the uk, you can pre-order it from amazon…dont know how many there are though so hurry up… i still havent pre-ordered anything yet … no money…no job…my only option is to get moneey of the i-net :'(

  • Bob Singh

    Lucky me! I live in Canada.

    • Bob Singh

      Wii U is still available at all retailers .

      (Bestbuy, FutureShop, EB Games)

  • meliza

    Wii U+Sold Out+Me= :'(

    • Kyron

      I feel ya’. I had to pre-order from Toys R Us and get it delivered to me a week later. A WEEK LATER!

      I wanna pick it up on launch day! Darn it!………………..oh well. At least I’ll finally get my hands on that sexy beast.

      • SweetCosmicPope

        I feel ya, as well. I had to pre-order from gs, and I have to wait 8-10 days for shipment. Lame!

        It’s a Hanukkah gift from the wife, anyway, so I wasn’t going to get to play with it until a few weeks later, anyway.

  • FishFan03

    Pre-ordered my Wii U the day it was announced! Can’t wait!!! Getting the deluxe set with New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU! 63 days and a few hours booooooooy!!!

  • Lusunup

    I was really hoping to get the wii u deluxe set but white seems more original to me(Just saying that because i don’t wanna feel bad i did pre order the black one)

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    I talked to a store manager at one of the GameStop’s in my city and the whole retail has 170,000 units that has been reserved so far, 100k for the deluxe, and 70k for the basic. Only one shipment of the deluxe unfortunately until atleast January 2013.

    • Ravyu

      HOLY Crap 100k sold out in 2 days!

    • paulie

      where do u live

  • Acid

    Got my Black Wii U deluxe pre-oredred >:)

  • paulie

    toys r us is out of both wii u. but don’t worry the website say check back for pre orders….

  • Behind you

    America is so lucky. Australia’s wiiu pricings are $100 at least higher than the American pricing

  • TheBoldman67


  • Neonridr

    For the people who preordered them online and are having them shipped to you, how are those retailers handling the fact that it’s a Sunday launch? Mail/post doesn’t deliver on Sundays so I am guessing we will all be getting ours on Monday?

  • Doug

    i pre-ordered it on the exact day they announced launch day and price. rushed down to gamestop and pre-ordered the deluxe model. the gamestop cashier said: “good idea to pre-order, they’re going to be hard to find.” i couldnt agree more. i cant wait to laugh at all the people who will try to get one for christmas. it will be impossible

  • Madmagican

    The quest goes on… TO TOYS ‘R US!!!

  • leo

    does anyone know if the black wiiu can come in the basic set?

  • New 52

    Thank god that it comes out a month after my birthday,now I can actually afford it!

  • Nintendo.sega

    I just got my WiiU Deluxe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDmine i was so lucky they told me they were out at so many places then i was so surprised i got mine at best buy i was so sure they were going to be out but they werent i am so lucky ^u^

  • Jhacker111

    Damn it! Wii u is sold out COMPLETELY of the deluxe version:( Does anyone know if it will even be available on launch day?

    • Noteak

      I was wondering that exact thing after reading this? It is making me worried.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Man out of pre orders already!? I hope they restock soon I have a feeling Wii U is going to rock the house down.

  • Lazara the Last

    Good that I pre-ordred it in august!

  • Shane

    In my area, they were sold out the day after announcements at Gamestop. Best Buy says they will have enough for ALL pre-orders, and will order more if the pre-orders stack up, but WILL end it a couple weeks before launch and stop taking pre orders. I was the first one to pre order it at the Best Buy by me. hahahahahah. GameStop never has enough launch day items, but Best Buy will order 150 easily if there’s enough pre orders so don’t even worry. I heard this straight from the manager…

  • jaydog

    this will sell then in the long run it will boom something better will come out then will be no good because what coming will be just like real life ps4(orbit) xbox 720 so people want the best ii wont never buy ps4(orbit) intill they improve it it will be like the ps3 suck break down after 3-4 ywears make a version that will last i have to wait intill that happens