Feb 11th, 2013

January console sales numbers are still not in from sales tracker NPD, but some analysts with inside knowledge have put out their own estimates. According to analysts from EEDAR, the Wii U sold anywhere from 110,000 to 125,000 units in North America in January. The analysts expect Wii U sales in January to have been beaten by the Xbox 360, PS3, and the Nintendo 3DS.

Wii U controllerNPD will release their January sales figures later this week. The sales analysts said that the weak Wii U sales are due to Nintendo not marketing the Wii U enough — which is true: Nintendo has barely promoted the Wii U since its launch back in November. By comparison, they spent a lot more money promoting the original Wii during its launch.

Nintendo is well aware of the weaker Wii U sales: recently, they lowered their annual Wii U sales forecast from 5.5 million units to 4 million units. By the end of 2012, Nintendo shipped 3 million Wii U consoles worldwide.


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  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Ya gotta remember though, these are just ESTIMATES. Not the real thing, I’ll bet the Wii U stepped on all their toes! Or at least kicked them in the shin…. lol

    • Jordan Jones

      doubt it, as much as i love the wii u. People just dont really know what it is and the 2nd screen looks cumbersome, you dont know how nice it is till you play with it. Nintendo does need to advertise more and the 360, ps3 and 3ds did beat the wii u.

      •  Just like the Wii..  People were apprehensive to motion controls and skeptical but many changed their tune once they actually played it.   I have had several tell me that the gamepad looks heavy and cumbersome but it is neither of those.

        I think Nintendo Failed or the retailers did not having Demo stations set up.  Best Buy failed miserably (at least in my area) and had their demo units in the back for over a month and did not set it up until less than a week before the Wii U went on sale.   I don’t know who dropped the ball there but I think it was more Best Buy than Nintendo because the Game Stops in my area had their demo units up. 

  • Mario

    Oh boy. Nintendo needs to keep up! They’re sales are too low!

    • Nintedward

      Their*    Don’t worry. Why are people comparing sales of the 8th gen Wiiu to the 7 year old 7th gen ps3 , 360 and 2 year old 3DS ?

      The sales need to be compared to PS4 and 720. If ps4 or 720 sells more than Wiiu in their first 2 months , I will eat my hat.

      • Better start eating then 😉 hehe just kidding, dunno how ps4 and xbox will do when they come I think it’s pretty much dependant on which games are available at launch.

        Biggest error is the incredible low amounts of advertising for wiiu, others said so before and I have said so before aswel. Now on February the 11th I still have not seen a single add for WiiU since the start of this year, dunno what N is thinking but the incredible low amount of advertising for wiiu will come at a price, I just hope it won’t get much worse then it allready is. Luckily in the upcoming few months some really great games come which can and hopefully will turn the tide.

        • Nintendofreak

          problably not going to sale dat much also since dey will be expensive as hell like remember d 500 bucks ps3

        • NintendoNoob

           Well they’re Microsoft and Sony. When I heard about the rumored Ps4 announcement trailer on the 20th I didn’t care about the look of the console…. I cared more on how much it would cost

      • Metal_Man_v2

        The Wii U’s sales are being compared to the ps3 and xbox360 because that is what it is competing with for sales.  The “generation” of the console doesn’t really matter here.  

        However, when the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony hit shelves, I fully expect them to also have a rocky launch period.  Launch periods for consoles are generally slow, so all of this information is pretty self explanatory.  

  • Nintedward

    Being the most expensive BY FAR out of the PS3 , 360 and 3DS and having BY FAR the least games (attractive games) available might of had something to do with this just saying.

    If Mario Kart Wiiu hits Wiiu by Holiday season , Wiiu will smash PS3 , 360 , and PS4 and 720 if they decide to show up…

    • DragonSilths

      Why do people think the Wii U is competing with the PS3 and Xbox 360? Did the Xbox 360 compete with the Gamecube??? Nope. Wii U may be in a small drought currently, but its the only 8th gen system out currently. It will compete with the 720, and PS4. Its not competing with last gen.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Yes, the Wii U IS competing with the ps3 and xbox360.  Do you see a ps4 or xbox720 laying around? No? 

        The Wii U is competing with what is currently on the market and what is standard for consoles.  WHEN the ps4 and xbox720 come out, the Wii U will be compared to them.  I fully expect the Wii U to do well comparatively then, because launch periods are always rocky, and the Wii U will already be done with that phase.

      • catsby

        Ofc the Wii U is competing with PS3 and Xbox 360, and as previously stated.. Neither the 720 or ps4 is released..Nintendo should have waited with Wii U if they wanted to compete with 720 and ps4..

        Also, To compete.. the hardware will be compared to and if put by eachother the Wii U will probably fail drastically.

        Also, I think alot of devs wont make versions of they’re games for Wii U since most games will probably sell better on 720, Ps4 and PC..

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Mario Kart this year would alone smash whatever the 720 & PS4 launch with. I can’t accurately predict the future and there is a chance they’ll have good launches but it’s unlikely. MS have said Halo won’t come once every year, a new GoW is only just about to launch so we won’t see either of MS’s flagship FPS until 2014 earliest. Sony could release with an Uncharted game but not much else.
      The “lack” of Wii U games is a problem for Nintendo but the main problem is the lack of advertising. With games like Monster Hunter, Pikmin 3 and Lego City coming soon Nintendo needs to get peoples attention now. Waiting till autumn before they go all out on advertising against 720/PS4 is all well and good but if they can persuade gamers to get a Wii U now, then they won’t have to worry about losing customers to MS and Sony.

  • Mario

    Maybe. But still… We need more gamers! Right now, the number of people on communities at Miiverse is low. Take Assassin’s creed 3 for example.

    • NintendoNoob

       I see not many going to the U because they probably have the same game on another platformer and they see offscreen play as a “gimmick” well I say to them it’s no gimmick. It’s a gift sent from heaven!!

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      have you been on the 1st party title Miiverse areas?

  • John Novakovich

    WE WANT GAMES! The people here will obviously be nintendo fans, but lets not be fan boys. Other than NSMBU and NintendLand, there have been no must have games. Very disapointing. Nintendo better have both barrels loaded at e3. That’s a must.

  • Laud

    This is just me but I think they’re holding off on marketing until September so they can go 1 on 1 with the next consoles while having all these games.

    3 different consoles with all sorts of games but Nintendo has much more and it’ll show in the commercials, but who knows what Nintendo is planning, they’re sneaky…

    Anyway, I’d like to direct your attention to this article.


    Nintendo isn’t the only one going through tough times (even though the tough times are just articles spreading lies and all that junk.)

    I’m willing to bet you all right now that come September, when Nintendo starts their marketing campaign a lot of people are going to change their minds about Nintendo. (If they don’t, they’re either in denial or have some sort of knowledge that we don’t have.)

    •  More proof that you are paid.

      • Laud

        Boy do I wish you were right.

        •  He is a hungry troll.  Maybe if people stop feeding him he will starve and go away.

          •  No, I will keep dropping the truth until you see the light or quit your job!

        • MasterPpv

          Boy do I wish he was too. Reason and sound judgement? Check. Proper spelling and grammar? Check. Providing links and not just throwing out random numbers? Check. Recognizing that Nintendo may have faults while also recognizing that they probably have a plan as well? Check. You, my good sir, are awesome.

    • Sidney Majurie

      I actually think Nintendo will get the campaign going in April when the games start to flow and ride into E3 promoting Pikmin and Wonderful 101. E3 is lijely where they’ll drop their next gen bombs. Sorta like what happened with 3DS right after E3 2011.

      Ocarina of Time 3D got the ball rolling and now it’s 30 million strong and rising. And there’s also that 3rd Party Wii U Nintendo Direct presentation. I expect a few greneades to be thrown in there as well.

    • Destiny64

      fatti ricoverare…  

    • Tobias Naustdal

      i think that when the consumers see the other ps4 and xbox they know how silly their expectations were and buy a wii u

    • I totally agree with you.

    • Sordel

       I think we’ve seen from the 3DS that Nintendo doesn’t really invest big in hardware advertising any more; it tends to distribute its advertising spend longer term, on software. So, no, I don’t think that we will see Nintendo try to compete with the heavy advertising that we are likely to see from Microsoft and Sony, although even there I’m not sure that either of those two companies has the appetite for a big media blitz.

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Every system goes through this but we still see the same comments everytime a new console is released. To expensive? The ps3 was 600 bucks  when it released. If anything Nintendo has the cheapest prices for new consoles.

    • NintendoNoob

       When peeps see the price of the Nextbox and NextStation they would be crawling back to Wii U because of price!!!

      • I’d have to disagree with you on that. 

        • DragonSilths

          $800 PS4 or a $450-$500 Xbox 720? You think they will make it an equal price to the Wii U? Sony SHOULD but they never learn from their mistakes. And Greedysoft…well Greedysoft is their name and money is their game.

          •  They are already saying that each system should be around $400 or less.  Trying to scare people off with price won’t work.  We are not casual gamers!  Nintendo is greedy – selling repackaged Gamecubes disguised as a new system (Wii)!

          • Elem187

            Consumers paid for the motion controls… You are aware that a company does use R&D and that money must be recouped some how… IF they would have upgraded the performance people would have given Nintendo crap for selling a system that costs more than $600

            Nintendo has always been about affordable gaming consoles, not raw horsepower…. I know this hard for a Sony fanboi to comprehend, but graphics aren’t everything.

          •  I am no Sony fan boy and your assessment of Nintendo being about affordable systems is wrong. They make CHEAP systems in order to make money.  When they used to be in control of the gaming market their systems were not cheap in function or cost.  Since they have gotten trounced by Sony and MS ever since the PS1, Nintendo had to fall back and be cheap.  Now all of that scamming the public is coming back on them now.

  • I think Nintendo isn’t advertising the U because they know there’s too few games for it. People wouldn’t care much. When there is a lot of games, Nintendo will do it

    • RattleGore

      True, but some advertising is better than none.. These upcoming system, won’t so much suffer from games because i know some companies will port over there 2013/2014 release and market it as superior to last gen version, when its the same game.. 
       Thing is its not only Nindendo thats not advertising, other companies aren’t also but i see this across all systems, as the only commercial i see on TV, posters etc is for the next Tomb Raider..
        Next systems wont so much suffer from games as it will get a rush of ports but it will suffer from shortages of system and NEW games but guess what most won’t mind.

  • skid5jack

    if these poor sales keep up, they’ll drop the price for sure.
    the software sales for the system are really poor.

    •  They already started bundling, so that is like a price drop.  I call total discontinuation of the product line.

      • Are you saying the Wii U will be discontinued? If so then I definitely know you’re just trolling this site. Lol. A discontinuation will never happen, and in 3 months, I honestly doubt that. VirtualBoy was Nintendo’s only flop. To make it fair, Sony had it’s flop in the PSX, but I doubt most remember that console.

        •  If things remain as they are or get worse, that would be a good business decision.  Corporations do it all of the time.  I think Nintendo foresaw this which is why the Wii U had a tablet so when they discontinue it, you can still have some use for it.

          • Someone Cool

            You might be retarded, should have a doctor check on that for you.

          • reeroy

            I don’t think you understand how the Gamepad works. It’s not an independent device like your typical tablet. Think of it like a home console DS with dual analog sticks. Also, Nintendo is a GAMING company, so unlike M$ or $ony, they can’t just abandon their hardware. They don’t have Windows or TVs and stereos to fall back on. Don’t you worry though, once the game start coming, all you doomsayers can go back to your little holes you crawled out from. 😀

          •  I don’t think that you understand that I understand how the game pad works.  What you don’t understand is that Nintendo does not see, to be able to find a realistic, unique use for it.  This time, they have a gimmick controller without a use!

            Even you could not describe a use for it!  We all know it’s a tablet, but who needs it is the question.

            Nintendo will have to abandon this console and they do have the portable market to fall back on as well as software.  Honda makes engines first, cars second.  If people stopped buying their cars, they can always supply engines to others.  Even Honda makes mistakes on some models of cars, Nintendo made a mistake on the Wii U.

          • reeroy

            Reread my comment. I said it is not an INDEPENDENT DEVICE, therefore it is not simply a tablet. Furthermore, not every game REQUIRES the Gamepad as primary control. In fact, I’ve played AC3 with the pro controller while using the Gamepad as the HUD. Plus, I’ve tested using the pro controller with Gamepad for off-tv play, and it works marvelously! There are so many options available to developers for this new console, so to say Nintendo should simply SCRAP the system due to the launch games not being so great? You must be out of your friggin’ gourd.

            Just like the DS, the good game ideas won’t happen overnight. And once Street U and Panorama View come stateside, more people will understand what amazing, FRESH game possibilities the Wii U affords them.

          •  Since when did I write that it was a INDEPENDENT DEVICE?  I wrote that it was a tablet.  I did not add the extra stuff with an iPad in mind.  This is Nintendo, not Apple.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t think they’ll give up on the Wii U that soon if sales were down. Though after 6 months and sales are poor then you may have something there. Come to think of it, Nintendo had to flops actually. Gameboy Micro, though it was just a smaller GBA so it didn’t hurt them much when they discontinued it.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If you meant as a stand-alone, won’t happen since it’s linked to the console and not it’s own independant device.

          •  No, not as a stand-alone, but as something could still be used.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well. I don’t see how really. What do you think they can do with just a tablet?

          • I guess get on the internet, play some games, watch TV and  a whole bunch of other stuff that will make kids leave the iPad alone.

  • tronic307

    Wii U sounds, to the uninitiated masses, like more of the same. Nintendo thought that by continuing the Wii brand, they would do Wii 2006 numbers but they’re actually selling little more than the Wii of today. Most people would regard the console as a more expensive Wii based on the name alone. 
    The Wiimote was lightning in a bottle; people couldn’t wait to try it. The GamePad, while cool, is yawn inducing by comparison. Wii sales peaked in 2009, the Wii brand has grown weaker ever since and if Nintendo doesn’t give the public a good reason to buy the Wii U, the downward trend will continue. Had Nintendo met their sales targets Rayman Legends would likely still be an exclusive. 
    Nintendo retained the NES brand for the Super NES, but the games never stopped coming from day one onward, save for the spring drought that plagues nearly every new console. Still, as spectacular as the SNES was, it sold millions less than the NES. Shouldn’t that have taught Nintendo something?    

    • Laud

      Lol are you seriously making that comparison?

      Games were coded in basic for the NES, they took at a few months at most to make. 

      SNES took up to a year for games to be completed and now it takes upward of 2 to 3 years to make a great game and you’re expecting games to be flying out of Nintendo?

      It’s been 4 months since launch (5 on the 18th) and you’re expecting MORE? 30+ games plus during launch window isn’t good enough for you? 

      Boy, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say when the Next consoles come out. “Call Of Duty MW4, GoW(eventhoughitendedbutsomehowitsbackagain!).” etc etc.

      One thing you can’t disagree with though is that Nintendo is trying to innovate. You’re yawning at the gamepad but what about the competitor controllers? They haven’t changed at all unless Kinect 2 and the new touch pad on the Dualshock 3 is “lightning in a bottle” to you.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        you can make a game in 6 months from start to finish….ive seen it with a team of 20 something people…development cycles are purposely drawn out to sustain funding and maintain financial graphs(im dumbing this down on purpose) so investors can continue to spend.

        • Laud

          Yeah? I bet it was an indie game or something.

          Triple A titles, the titles that ARE system sellers take way longer than 6 months to create with teams of OVER 120. 

          You’re wrong. 

          Development cycles that are purposely drawn out? Yeah, sure. 

          If you’re working under a publisher and you tell them that it’s going to take longer than expected they would destroy you. If what you were saying were true, games wouldn’t come out poor and rushed like the Ultima series which was destroyed because EA rushed the entire team.

          •  I think he is right.  Look at how Hollywood just pumps out animated film after animated film.

          • Movies in this era suck bad. 80’s and 90’s were great. Once the 2000’s hit, s**t hit the fan.

          •  You know, I will say that for music, TV and fashion, but the movies are are good.  Not all, but more than not.  Of course certain agendas are always added to them.  Take away the remakes and they are good – especially special effect wise.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Remakes are crap and very few I’ve seen that are actually half way decent. Video game remakes at least are far more successful in the media.

          • NintendoNoob

             only exception is CoD. Man, activision or treyarch can make the next CoD in a day! Same game, no difference

          • Hahaha. My thoughts exactly. 

          • Metal_Man_v2

            CoD is released annually BECAUSE there are two teams, Infinity Ward and Treyarch, making the games separately. Each game is probably in development atleast 18 months.

      • reeroy

        Umm..I’m no scholar but the console was launched.on Nov 18, meaning it hasn’t even been THREE months – not 5. Where do these kids learn to count?

        Anyway, they were banking on 3rd party to sell systems. Now lo and behold, Ninty will have to show them how it’s done, and we’ll all be happy in a few months.

        It must be tiresome feeling like the only innovators in the biz, but thank Jebus for companies like Nintendo. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have reignited my gaming flame 6 years ago!

        • Laud

          Kids? I made an error. For some reason I thought it launched on Sep 18, that’s my fault.

          Either way, it proves my point even more. 

          •  Get your prepared notes and out get it together or you are fired!

          • reeroy

            it proves nothing. It’s the first quarter of the year, and like I said, they were banking on 3rd party..but APPARENTLY 3rd parties are terrible at innovating, considering all of the lackluster ports. ZombiU was a great survival horror title, but that niche genre doesn’t sell systems.

            Assassin’s Creed 3 on WiiU was the best version, but again, that game alone wasn’t going to sell consoles. It’s up to 1st party and strong relations with indie developers to let this wonderful console shine. I have faith that we are in for some truly exciting gaming experiences from the big N. Not to mention seeing their IPs in glorious HD finally will no doubt amaze.

            Btw, don’t take offense to “kids”. I’m merely an old soul. 🙂

          • Laud

            It proves nothing? It proves everything I said because it’s only been a few months and they’ve moved over 3 million units. They’re doing good and they’re also innovating more than the other consoles. It takes time to make games, they even said so in their recent Ndirect so a month or two without a game, it’s not the end of the world. 

            Look forward to E3, when Nintendo brings out the big guns.

          • reeroy

            Ahh sorry, friend. I thought you were arguing the other side for some reason. Probably due to all these negative nancies around here. Carry on!

      • GermGerm

        It will be 3 months on the 18th. Not 5… but hey I am pro Nintendo! Not hating here!

        • Laud

          My mistake, thought it launched Sept 18 for some reason.

      • Silent

        I just wanted to say that some people think  the Wii U is a new version of the Wii.

    • NintendoNoob

       Just wait until their first party games come out. I may like playing third party games on other consoles but the Wii U has a nice stream of first party, second party (I think it exists), and third party games. Nintendo pwns with first party games, and with third party games it gives it an extra OOMPH

  • Adam Fox

    I really think if Nintendo had named it ANYTHING besides Wii U, it would have sold ALOT better….People see the Wii as “too kiddy” and the Wii U is seen the same way, despite the number of M-rated games available for it already…there are also still people out there that think the Wii U is just a Wii with a screen on the controller.  They don’t even realize its another console….

    • NintendoNoob

       SUPER WII!!!! XD
      But seriously, I really don’t think there could be any other name to replace Wii U… Wii U in my opinion just… Fits

      •  Stick to sports and leave marketing alone!

        • Silent

          Stick to the kitchen and leave us alone!

    • DragonSilths

      More kids then HArdCorEz. You’re logic is flawed. If Wii was kiddie yet it sold so much then why haven’t those kids made the Wii U sell alot? Exactly those kids are on COD on the other systems. M rated games have nothing to do with anything. Gamers are gamers regardless of a games rating. Why change the name? Did PS1 become PS2 then PS3? Yup. Not really a change there. Xbox became Xbox 360…see my point the name is not an issue to people who have functional brain cells.

      • Adam Fox

        Remember Call of Duty BlackOps on the Wii?  Pure shite compared to BlackOps on the other systems…after seeing BlackOps on the original Wii, i would be hesitant to play BlackOps 2 on the Wii U until I saw a demo of it running….and that’s not the only game…….X-Men Origins Wolverine was crap on the Wii when compared to the Xbox360 and PS3……the PS1 and PS2 didn’t need to change anything b/c it was already awesome….just like the Xbox was awesome….didn’t need to change names…..imagine if Tiger made the Game.com 2…think anyone would give it a chance after the original Game.Com?  NOPE!  The Wii originally sold so well b/c it was a Nintendo system…it was the first big-name system to have motion controls…..it was a novelty at first….then it wore off…..just like PlayStation Move…people were excited at first…the Wii got branded as a kiddy console after that and now hesitant to buy it

  • AM I STILL a troll and wrong?  Do I STILL not know what I am talking about now?  Thought so.

    • NintendoNoob

       No matter what you say you cannot change our minds. Your a troll and your obviously a Graphics whore who hates innovation so leave this site and stop being such a di%k

      •  You did not say that I was wrong…  A tablet controller is not innovation, it’s consolation!

        • For a game console, it is. Tablets aren’t really revolved around gaming so it’s not relevant. Apple and Android tablets are in a different market. It’s innovative for the video game industry and I’m sure Sony and Microsoft most likely will copy like they did with the Wiimote. Now I won’t call you a troll, but you do tend to be far more negative than positive which is why people take you as a troll. It’s like I said, if you’re not fond of the Wii U, then why bother to opinionate all the time? Doesn’t make sense.

          •  They already are.  Microsoft Released SmartGlass with some basic features that will be expanded later to try and mimic some of what the Wii U offers with the gamepad and I have read rumors of Sony doing something similar with their branded tablets for the upcoming PS4. 

          •  I am no troll and I do not have to be positive as I don’t work for Nintendo.  I don’t have to sit around trying to make things up so that people don’t leave, I tell it like it is.

            If you want to know something else, I think that the PS3 is useless other than being a Blu-ray player.  Not because it is not good but because the games are nothing special compared to the 360 and all games are designed around it.  Now the PS4 is sound like something, although I have a year left on my Xbox Live!

          • Kirzan

            The gamepad is still better than any console peripheral since the DUALSHOCK controller for PS1. You obviously don’t own a Wii U and/or haven’t played many games with many peripherals. Tell me one good Kinect game. Tell me one good Move game. Don’t try to make competition sound better when the tech they are trying to emulate, the Wii’s motion sensor technology, is even inferior to the Wii.

            Look, I’m no fanboy, really! But there simply doesn’t exist anything to counter the fact that the gamepad, when it’s well used (like in ZombiU), is actually pretty nice. No gimmicks, no re-arranging your living room, no risk of breaking anything whatsoever. Just a controller, with a screen on it, and a game that makes you look at it once in a while to create that sort of anxiety from not looking out for threats.

            It’s just so simple, and it delivers SOMETHING. The Kinect WOULD have been nice… if it came out as advertised. They had to dumb it down too much because cameras that could effectively track fingers would have made it way too expensive. Even then, no, no Kinect game is THAT GOOD.

          •  If the controller was so great, publishers would be lined up to work with it.  The problem is, they cannot seem to find a good use for it other than maps, plans or putting some things off screen.  Other gimmicks like throwing stars will last but so long.  I had asked myself since the thing was first show, what they would do with that controller.  I thought before it launched, Nintendo was going to show us something that I had not thought of, but this time they came up empty.

            You are talking to a guy who could care less about a Move or Kinect.  If the next Xbox forces us to use Kinect, that might make me pass.  I don’t want Kinect as my primary controller.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Most games you mean, not all are. I think it’s more of the fact that 360 is more easier to develop for. Ps3 is a good system to me and it has great first party exclusives. Some games I prefer playing on it like GTA(ps2 versions) and Red Dead Redemtpion. 360 is a good console, but I wouldn’t consider it the best in my eyes. I still like some of it’s exclusives like Gears of War. Halo I could never get behind.

            I plan on getting the Wii U and the next xbox and ps console too. I prefer having the best of everything. Hopefully microsoft or sony’s console isn’t too hefty on price.

  • MetroidZero

    Just wait until Mario Kart U and SSBU are unveiled…

    • Silent

      I bought my wii for those games and im going to get a wii u for those AGAIN

  • NintendoNoob


    • NintendoNoob

       Oh and don’t tie games to the console but the accounts please!!

    • Silent

      Hey if you saw the Hall of game awards in CN, I think i saw a NSMBU/Wii U commercial in every commercial break.

  • DragonSilths

    Starting March when MH3U comes out and onwards with Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and Yoshi Land U. Then Wii U’s will start flooding out. Then come September-December with Windwaker Reborn, 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, Retro Studios game, and maybe even Miyamotos new IP, not to mention Monoliths “X” game the Wii U wont be having any issues lol.

  • Alienfish


    No way! More gloom and doom stories for WiiU!? You know it’s the press’s fault if anything dies nowadays, but that’s only if they forget to write anything about it. You know what they say: any press is good press so keep up the good work.

  • SirDjss

    well its hard to say if its that they arent marketing it enough i mean, i have had my own company for 5 years and marketing costs a shit load of money. And if the marketing wouldent help these days to increase sales ,they would have lost even more money coz of all the money they could have “loaded in to marketing”… and thouse money they would have lost forever and would never get them back. So to all these ppl saying stuff and thinks they know how “it works” would just shut up and stop talking right out of thire A* .. 🙂 . bottom line is (marketing costs a shit load of money)

    •  Any company around spends a great deal of it’s money on marketing and advertising. They spared no expense on the Wii because they knew the return on each system sold would be great since it was a repackaged Gamecube.