Sep 14th, 2012

Over the past few months, Nintendo fans in the US have had a chance to check out the new console in various Wii U Experience events held around major cities in the country. Hundreds, if not thousands, of gamers in the US have already had a chance to play the Wii U, and now their fellow Nintendo fans in the United Kingdom will get a chance too. Nintendo just announced the “Wii U showcase tour”, which will take the Wii U across the UK.

Wii U tourThe tour will start at the Eurogamer Expo on September 27th, and continue throughout the UK for the next few months — it’ll continue even after launch, ending with a showcase in Manchester on January 3, 2013. Gamers will get a chance to play some Wii U games and check out the system. Nintendo will also use the opportunity to showcase some new 3DS titles as well. Here’s the full list of cities and dates:

  • Eurogamer Expo, London, Sep. 27 – 30
  • Braehead shopping centre, Glasgow, Oct. 11 – 14
  • Play Expo, Manchester, Oct. 13 – 14
  • Westfield, Derby: Oct. 18 – 21
  • MCM Expo, London: Oct. 26 – 28
  • Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester, Nov. 1 – 4
  • The Bullring, Birmingham, Nov. 8 – 11
  • Westfield Stratford City, London, Nov. 15 – 18
  • Metro Centre, Newcastle, Nov 22 – 25
  • Gadget Show Christmas, London, Nov 30 – Dec. 2
  • Westfield, London, Dec. 6 – 9
  • Centre: MK, Milton Keynes, Dec. 13 – 16
  • Arndale centre, Manchester, Jan 3. – 6

Wii U Daily recently got a chance to check out the Wii U in Seattle, be sure to read our full Wii U preview.

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  • Nintedward

    YES !!I am getting tickets for play expo right now !!!! wooooohoooooo!

    • Macarony64

      Dont lie you will get tickets 4 all 😉

      • Nintedward

        Yeh , about that . The wiiu launch is round the corner . Money must be used for subway and subway only until then …

        • JumpMan

          MEATBALL SUBS FTW! oh. and of course, GO NINTENDO OR GO HOME!!!

  • Nintedward

    YES !!I am getting tickets for play expo right now !!!! wooooohoooooo!


    damn no peterborough 🙁 hopefully theyll update the page as we go along and put a peterborough queens gate shopping centre in tehre

  • Rami

    Aww, what about Brighton? Back in 2006, we got a little showcase in the shopping mall, good times. The demo then was Twilight princess, I remember a crowd of 10-15 gathered round me as I expertly Fyrus with ease (after hogging it for an hour and playing through the demo 10 times) :3

  • That british guy

    feel sorry for the people of Northen ireland and wales that no event is taking place there.

  • SteampunkJedi

    Wonderful news I’m sure for UK residents.



  • xdlugia


  • Christopher

    No Belfast showcase? 🙁

    Nintendo, you do know you have fans in Northern Ireland too you know and its also apart of the UK.

    • Gavin

      I was literally about to post that haha! I wasn’t really expecting a show but it would’ve been nice :/

  • MisterMitchell

    COme to the Netherlands!!!

  • Derlan

    This have to come to Brazil T_T

  • Bob Singh

    Why do they always have to skip Canada!

  • JumpMan

    Yay! now my fellow Brits can have the same excitement as i did at the Wii U experience events! good luck, guys! have fun!

  • TheBaconator

    Woo!!! Sept. 27th is my Birthday…too bad I dont live in europe :3

  • MajestyXXII

    Does anyone know whether you need tickets or what to enter.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I was going to ask the same thing. Well it looks I’ll be heading into Birmingham sometime Nov 8-11th 🙂 Can’t wait for Pikmin 3!!!


    MCM Expo for methinks 🙂

  • mario is epic

    breahead shopping centre 4 me

  • P4temperance