Dec 3rd, 2012

UK Wii U LaunchThere were reports of severely limited Wii U consoles on launch day in the UK, and the first sales numbers seem to confirm those reports.

According to MCV, the Wii U sold 40,000 units in the UK during the first 48 hours on the market, completely selling out at retailers. The Wii U will trickle into stores throughout the rest of the year, but “abundant supplies” are not expected until the New Year.

Additionally, it’s reported that 90% of the consoles sold were the Deluxe model, and that Wii U software attach ratio is about 2:1, meaning that for every console sold, two games were sold. These numbers exclude sales of digital software on the Wii U eShop. We recently posted a complete list of all the eShop titles available in the UK.

The Wii U sold 400,000 units during its first week on the market in North America, and it’s unclear how many units were sold in other European territories. We’ll have to wait for official sales numbers from Nintendo.


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  • It’s going well for Nintendo.

    • Captinn2

       Not in Europe though. 40K doesn’t really sound like much. And the possibility of having to wait until New Year will be a bit saddening for gamers. I mean I waited since 2010 for a Wii successor so I know what they fell 🙁

      • Captinn2

         -feel- 😛

      • Lazara the Last

        40,000 in the UK. I bet it will be around or more than 400,000 consoles sold the first week in Europe. And then Japan comes ^^

        • Captinn2

           Hey! I still have my hopes high for Nintendo ya know. Growing up playing N64 SNES and Gamecube gave me a huge respect for Nintendo. They won the battle a lot of times and they will win again

          • Lazara the Last

            In Nintendo wii trust.

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        Yeh 40K just in the UK lol. Europe isn’t a massive place for games. 

        UK , France , Italy , Germany , Scandanavia other western EU contries  

        All those added up = USA or Japan. 

        Probably about 400K in the whole of Europe!

        • Captinn2

           4 years mean 1,000,000 consoles maybe :D!

      • Andrew Gonzalez

        They said WiiU supplies in the UK was going to be a lot lower than the US.  

  • Why was it so biased to North America? I live in Canada, and there are WiiU Deluxe boxes sitting on a shelf at Best Buy. Give the rest of the world some love!

    • william maxwell

       I bet the wii u’s are crying “NO ONE LIKES MEEE!!”

    • I live in the US and we do not call this place North America.  You corny Canadians only do it to act like you have an attachment to the US.  Your attachment is to your master in the UK.

      • Leeroy

        Canada has been independent for many years. And both us and Canada are in north America.

        •  Mexico is North America too – fool!  The difference is, in the US we not mention North America much is at all, we keep it US.  In places like Canada, they have to mention NA to try and have an attachment to the better country of the US.

  • Jonas

    They should have had more in stock. Im not from UK, but it seems they could have made a fortune by having more products available. Im thinking about ~150k if they already sell 40k first 48h

  • Genesect4ssb4

    Feel bad for European gamers. 🙁

  • i love the Wii U, so don’t think of me as a hater here…..but they claimed “Sold Out” here in the USA….it didn’t sell out, I could walk into Wal-Mart or Best Buy and pick one up……pre-orders where I live?  Um, one person in front of me at WalMart and I went right at midnight….there was no line……

    • Lord Carlisle

      Well, maybe where YOU live. They’re out of stock where I am, and I don’t even live in a big town.

    • You also have to keep in mind that the U.S. is more stocked than the rest of the world. We got the bulk of the supply. 

      This is why you’ll find some areas with the console completely sold out and then others you’ll find units in stock everywhere. 

      So yes this console when it was first released in the U.S. WAS completely sold out for the most part,so that wasnt far fetched to say it was sold out.

      However now that the stocks of these units keep trickling in due to the demand of the console,you’ll see more here and there at local retailers and even online as Nintendo tries to meet the demand

    • ceramicsaturn

      You do realize they’ve shipped out several shipments since the first one, right? The first 2-3 shipments were sold out. 

  • Johny

    would sell alot more.. but nintendo limited the shipment supply to only 40k…

  • Marioravestozelda

    Will I pre -ordered still not got it one of the lads at my work still not got his.Massive demand in uk big waiting list and that’s just pre -ordered.I have people coming in store to buy wii u thinking they can pick one up they have no chance.I get my wii u tomorrow or I better said would be there waiting for me.I hope so sick of reading all your statement how yer all enjoying wii u.

  • william maxwell

    Go Britain WOOOH!!!!

    luckily i per-orderd mine!

  • Nintendo being slick again.  They only shipped 40K to make sure it sold out to make it appear as if there is an insatiable demand for it.

    • Captinn2

       No! Nintendo would NEVER and I mean NEVER do such a crappy thing. Ain’t I right? Besides demand was high for Wii u. I was surprised about the fact the the Wii U is now back in stock :D!

      Back in 2006

      Wii- Out of Stock for a Year.

      Poor people who gave up an bought an XBOX 360 or PS3 :'{

  • Mickey Mouse

    Yeah, I went to the games section in my Sainsbury’s to see if it was sold out, and right enough it was. Then I saw a couple looking at consoles for their kid (presumably for Christmas), they looked at the Wii U and said “it’s sold out”, then discussed an xbox 360. Nintendo shouldn’t limit supply like this, its costing them sales as that couple demonstrated to me today.

  • Linskarmo

    That’s great! (Except for the people that haven’t gotten one due to the sold-out-ness.)

  • Tom

    i think nintendo just tries to create hype. or they did a horrible job at distributing the units to where the demand is. at the deluxe set is sold out till dec 12 but i went to a local store yesterday and they had at least 30 units in stock.

  • Completely sold out, isn’t the correct term, it’s never been out of stock with Amazon, I should know I work there and I see pallets of them everyday. I ordered my Wii u yesterday, and it’s due tomorrow. (yay)