Dec 10th, 2012

Wii U JapanNintendo has had a strong launch in Japan, where the Wii U sold 307,000 units over the course of the weekend. By comparison, the original Wii sold 350,000 units. The Wii U would have likely sold more if it wasn’t for limited availability. During the first week on the market in North America, the Wii U sold 400,000 units.

We also got the breakdown of the top selling Wii U games in Japan during the launch:

  • New Super Mario Bros U: 160,140
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: 106,454
  • Nintendo Land: 66,583
  • ZombiU: 10,680
  • Warriors Orichi 3 Hyper: 7,252
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 4,951

We’re still awaiting the first sales numbers for Europe. We know that on launch day, the Wii U sold out in the UK, selling some 40,000 units.


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  • Jonas

    O_O nicely done nintendo.
    Thats why all the japanese people suddenly appeared on miiverse ūüėÄ

  • Those are some good numbers for Japan, US was¬†by far the¬†best it¬†seems.¬†As far as Europe goes, I think Europe sold about 220000 the stock in Europe was severly limited, someone I know who owns a games store ordered like 140 and he only received 40 all where sold on preorders (he has 2 small shops at the time so a rather¬†large ordered number for just 2 stores). 220000 sounds pretty fair I think, we’ll see as soon as the first sales numbers appear for the EU. 1.2 million sales by Xmas 2012 will be reached I think.

    • NkoSekirei

       wait till christmas wii u sales will go up even higher

  • Jon Turner

    Third party sales should be much better, but MH3 being the #2 WiiU selling title is encouraging. ¬†Hopefully this will mean that the 3rd parties will do a much better job financially and content wise on Nintendo’s new system.

    • NkoSekirei

       i heard were getting 2 new characters for ninja gaiden 3 razors edge like momiji and kasumi from dead or alive series for free on dlc

  • andregurov

    Wow.  Those are excellent numbers, but I am a bit surprised by the rather tepid numbers for ZombiU and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  I guess some of that is simple economics Рonly so many games can be played at a time Рbut those sales numbers are rather low.

    • ceramicsaturn

      Don’t worry, those sales will go up with Christmas coming, and after Christmas when people have gift cards/need new games to play.¬†

  • uPadWatcher

    Nintendo is truly dominating the console market.  Overall, the Wii U have sold more units in North America while Japan is very close.  To be honest, I TRULY want the Pro Controller and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!!!!!!

  • john

    So with over 425,000 in the U.S, 40,000 in Europe, and 300,000 in Japan, and that would mean over 750,000 consoles have sold so far. Seems like great numbers to me; I bet there will be over a million sales by the end of the year.

    • The 40k for Europe as you said is incorrect, 40k is for the UK alone. Europe is more then just the UK so the number will be much higher ūüėČ

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