Wii U salesWii U sales include a breakdown of the consoles sold across the world. Once the Wii U is released, this page will be updated with all the latest Wii U sales data. Nintendo expects to sell about 8 million Wii U consoles from the launch in November 2012, until April 1, 2013, which translates into about 2 million consoles per month. The Wii U is expected to launch in November at a $250 price point. The Wii U sales numbers will depend a lot on how the console is priced and how competitive the market is at the time.

Wii U sales breakdown

Wii U sales will be broken down by date and territory. Nintendo categorizes the world into 3 territories: Asia, North America, and Europe. While Nintendo only reveals console and game sales during their quarterly earnings calls with analysts, plenty of third party sales trackers such as NPD do monthly sales breakdown.

Wii U game sales

The Wii U game sales section will include the best selling Wii U games to date. Both first party Nintendo titles and third party games will be featured.

  • Estela

    Huh?I think the only ones fudging’ nuerbms is Sony. Looking back, their US totals for that week was actually in the 60K range, not 100K as they stated.It looks like the others overstated their nuerbms as well; US totals for Wii and 360 that week are in the 150K range, with PS3 at 60KWorldwide, the Wii did 266K, and the 360 and PS3 were actually tied at 200K, thanks to strong sales in Europe for PS3 and a spike in sales in Japan.So yeah, sony is doing badly, and their fudged’ nuerbms make it diffuclt to report on such things. Once the holidays are over, I’ll look back at how well everyone did, in each region.

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