Sep 24th, 2012

It has been revealed that the Wii U console will be region locked, according to Japanese publication Famitsu. This means that any Wii U games bought must come from the same region in order to be played on a console. The news will likely disappoint some gamers who wished to import games from other territories, e.g. Japan. Some modern consoles are not region locked, like the PlayStation 3, allowing gamers to import and play games from other countries and territories.

Wii U region lockedNintendo has a history of region locking their consoles. Both the original Wii, the GameCube, and the current 3DS are locked. Console makers lock their console to specific regions in order to block game software that might be cheaper if bought abroad. For example, because of various taxes and fees, new games in Europe cost about $75 — some $15 more than they cost in the US. Without region locking, European gamers would be able to purchase and ship games from the US and save a lot of money (and avoid paying a lot of taxes).

While some might view it as unfortunate that the Wii U will region locked, it’s just one of those things that’s necessary in today’s business.


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  • MinowaEli

    It wasn’t a huge problem for me on the Wii.
    I just used Gecko OS ^_^

    • Yodin

      your hacking thats bad

      • DR. spankalot

        NO! hacking is good. trust me on this one.

        • MinowaEli

          Unless you’re hacking by using cheats online in order to win. I’m definitely against that.

          • XENAJA


          • TheWholeTruth

            “Restricting consoles to certain territories are necessary in today’s business.”

            Umm, no.

            We are just limited to the games we can play.

            I don’t import often, but sometimes you want a game that’s not available and you can’t get it because your console is restricted.

            Most recently, I had to get the imported version of Final Fantasy Type-0 because it hasn’t been released here.

            Bad move Nintendo.

      • Zeldazero

        Well hacking is pretty wide spread, but I don’t fully disagree with it. If you hack your system so you can play other region games thats your choice and you take the risk of not being able to play online which is pretty much where most games are geared for these days. I believe in hacking to get the most out of your system, but its the ones that hurt the industry by using it to play pirated games. Back on the subject at hand, I don’t know if it is just me but I really am confused on why they feel it is necessary to region lock a console. What is the benefit? Preventing us from buying japanese or european games that we wouldn’t be getting would just be more money in thier pocket..Only benefit I can think of is it may force a small percentage of us to buy consoles from multiple regions to play different region games. If anyone has a better explanation why I’m curious to know thier reasoning ๐Ÿ™‚

        • MinowaEli

          Online works perfectly fine if you were to mod your Wii; it’s a myth that online won’t work if you have a modded Wii

          • Zeldazero

            You are correct about hacked Wii’s playing online but I am sure they won’t make that mistake twice.

        • Zomegax

          Its so that gamers cannot buy a game from another country that may be cheaper than the same game from their country, effectively causing the game companies to lose profits.

          • dr scoobie

            then isnt the solution to price
            the console at the same price?

            why is it fair that america gets it for $250
            while australia hs to pay something like $400

            so they get it cheaper but they dont want anyone else in the world
            to pay a fair price?

            australian games are the same region as UK
            so i guess you could ship a UK one if its cheaper.

        • eli seth

          if your a real hacker there’s no risk

        • LUCIFER

          Thats the wkrst decision mo e ive ever heard of. What about if you lived in brasil or australlia your basically screwed.Look at sony or microsoft they dont hav such restrictions and thats why they make huge profits on software and have third party support. Nintendo just does this to make sure we dont get all the jap games like mother and sailormoon. Listen i am a nintendo fa bih but im tired of japan getting all the best games its like theyre being spiteful and racist after the two nukes we drop on them. Heck europeans get them jap games sometimes. This is why i lean towarxs microsoft more becuase they dont screw you that bad when it comes to getting games.

          • Adilson

            I follow you man… I love Nintendo 3DS and Wii, but I HATE this kind of mind… Please, what the true reason to lock region on console? All they spoke, its bullshit for me… But I love hackers too… and homebrew… Nintendo… lock all, lock all, I have homebrews… hahaha

          • Ibiexplorer4

            The first comment this guy types that’s actually reasonable(albeit loaded with grammar and spelling errors) and people thumbs it down.

            Do people even read comments or do they just see the username and assume it’s a troll?

          • WII U AWESOME


          • NintendoGamer

            Sailor Moon? Good lord, can’t you find better examples?

          • NintendoGamer

            The last part it’s 100% crap. Explain to me why the Japanese Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Rising got cancelled?

          • dr scoobie

            if you were a nintendo fan you wouldnt troll us all the time
            and also nintendo makes even more profit than sony or microsoft
            does when it comes to gaming.

            so your point is invalid about region locking making them profit.

          • elbossmx

            I think people are thumbing down your comment because your “racist and nuking” phrase. You really should be careful what you comment, this sounded quite offensive.

          • TwilitShaymin

            How is Australia screwed? Seriously? We get the games normally, most of us don’t resort to hacking. I mean, we may have to wait up to a month or something but if someone can’t wait that long, they seem like an impatient little brat who always gets their way. And please use spell check. Your spelling/grammar is absolutely terrible and I can’t stand looking at it. Now.. I have never noticed the Wii has region lock, I brought Twilight Princess overseas and it worked. I couldn’t buy it here because the stores were out of it. So I am ok with region locking, as long as there is some games to play.

      • Lusunup

        Its not actually considered a bad thing if you want to play a game thats not your region game you can hack to play a game U BUY from nintendo or what company you got it from. Unless you get it for free then its considered bad get what i mean? And it will be there problem if they want to mess up there brand new console there fault if it gets bricked =/

        • Lusunup

          I just realized that someone else said the same thing LOL xD sorry

          • Neko

            I wasn’t actually referring to you, as you obviously didn’t say anything stupid or troll-like. I was replying to a really stupid comment that fortunately got deleted. Oh well. How easy it is to make friends around here, jumping to conclusions like that.

        • Neko

          Confirmed for troll or plain idiot. Maybe both.

          • Lusunup

            I dont know who your calling a troll or an idiot.If your saying im trolling your clearly mistaking because I always say good thing , non negative thing about nintendo. calling me an idiot? would back fire back at you but I rather not deal with someone new to this site want me to show you around?

      • CyanideInsanity

        Meh, with all this damn region licking and pissing off fans, why the hell don’t they just make some sort of standard so that games that aren’t localized are playable on any region console.

        I mean that’s the only legit reason I see for importing games to actually play them, because their released only in a specific area.

        • CyanideInsanity

          wow mega fail on my part, that was supposed to me a comment, not reply…

        • dr scoobie

          region licking?
          as thirsty as i am i dont plan on licking
          the sidewalks anytime soon.

          they dont taste nice.
          especially because of all the gum on the pavements.
          and glass. and rubbish.
          know that i think about it this country sure does have alot of litter.

          but region locking is evil.
          nintendo did something evil. thats a first.

      • ninty1

        hey you got 36 likes and dislikes ^

    • AKA-Link77

      Wii is waaay better when hacked! I go mine to play DVDs and tons of other stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • nintenfan

      hackin is stealin. stealin is bad. bad things make you go you know where. therefore, hackin makes you go you know where.

      • ax-el

        I got around 1000 original games from several consoles since NES, i don’t rent games or use illegal copy of any game, i’m only a gamer but guess what? i know about several good games from japan never released in america, like Project Zero for wii (or Fatal Frame in america) and only because the region lock i can’t play the games, sorry but the region lock is absurd, no matter what, i hack my consoles only to play the games i like and several player also do it, original games, the region lock only makes the player want to hack the console.

      • dr scoobie

        how is hacking stealing?
        if i hack an xbox does that mean i stole an xbox?

        i have one piece of advice for you sir!
        take some time to think through what you say
        and “DO A BARREL ROLL!”.

        • dr scoobie

          actually dont.
          you might smash into a wall or a pot.

          its not very safe.

      • Elite

        Just say it kid. You will go to HECK!!!!

    • Corbin74

      Same here! They made the wii so stupid you could hack into it!

    • Xen

      congratulations for hacking the games
      and thank u for not supporting wiiu

    • TheBoldman67

      Hackings alright if you’re doing it alone or on single player, but if you’re doing it in online multiplayer, that’s a different story. Black Ops on Wii was ruined on Wii as well as MW3. I mean, they made code that could DISABLE A WII(make the system shut down forever)!!! Hackings okay but DON’T TAKE IT TO FAR!!!

  • NoPUNintendo

    Not a problem for me really. I don’t mind. We get certain games, others get certain games, and vice-versa. No big deal really if you think about it.

    • Derp

      Just wondering, who else gets a special bundle? I have heard that Britian gets ZombiU in the Wii U bundle.

  • Klesto92

    As long as they keep Mexico, US and Canada the same region, it is no problem for me. I will still be able to purchase games in the US cheaper than in Mexico.

    • MinowaEli

      They definitely will keep Mexico, US, and Canada the same region because the games would be distributed through the NTSC system.

      • Avenger001

        Altough here in Uruguay, and I think also in Argentina, we got PAL-N system, and everything comes in NTSC… That’s strange…

  • The Random Man

    If these comments are going to be anything like over at IGN, a massive flame war is on the horizon.

    • Nintedward.

      Thats just because IGN is loads of idiots who don’t understand economics .

      saying comments like ”Nintendo just doesn’t want us to play japanese games becuase they are butthurt , I don’t want a wiiu anymore blah blah blah There isn’t a chance Nintendo could possibly be doing this to stabalize sales through out different regions of the world”

      • Mac

        cant spell ignorant without IGN

        • PC

          do you know any better sites?
          ign gives reasonable reviews
          compared to gamesradar and metacritic.

          wii u daily seems to only have bad news lately.
          and quotes michael pachter far too often.

  • Nintedward.

    I have to keep explaining this to people . Nintendo isn’t just spoiling our fun for NO reason …….

    Region locking is to keep sales of games within each region . The 3 main regions are Japanese NTSC , American NTSC and European PAL .

    Now ….. prices are different all over the worlds due to different governments , taxes etc etc .
    So what is stopping someone like me from UK importing all of my games from USA because they work out cheaper ?? Region Locking .

    Its to protect Nintendo in each of its different regions and to keep the sales of each region within that certain region .

    If NSMB2 was say $40 in USA but ยฃ35 in UK , surely nobody would buy it in the UK everybody would just buy an american copy to save money .

    Region locking is the only way to keep sales in regions so all shops and companies Nintendo is working with can have ‘their share’ .

    • Ninjafish

      Totally agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nintedward.

        It’s facts !!! Reggie would explain this to you himself . I remember reading an article in edge magazine about more and more people ordering games off the internet everyday to avoid expensive prices in their region .

        Region locking is the ONLY way to dissperse sales evenly through out all of the different regions . Yes I know there is flaws to this logic , but there is also logic to this logic .

        • revolution5268

          i hate how these fools buy cheap games from other country but theses are the same fools who bash games and console for been cheap. (ex. wii & games.)

    • Nintedward.

      This isn’t an intelligent guess either , I read about this about 4 years ago in EDGE magazine UK …

      • Aeolus

        you are clearly stupid if ppl want to import for cheaper prices lets do that playstation and xbox know that thats why they are more succesful every console war idiot

        • Nintedward.

          Good god the prophecy has come true !!! Aelous has arrived on wiiu daily!!

          • Gabe Hoffman

            I was hoping that Drone wouldn’t show his ugly face here.

        • Madmagican

          Like we need another hater on a pure Nintendo site. Leave us in peace

        • Drybones5

          “The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles are region-locked.”

          “Xbox 360 is region-locked.”

        • brian winn jr

          Go troll somewhere else troll boy sony fanboys suck and the ps3 blows

        • Nintendude

          That’s why the Wii sold 100 million units, 40 million more than PS3 and Xbox.

        • Nintenlord

          Quick some 1 bring holy water and onions

        • Robert

          What? the Xbox 360 is region locked….who is this moron?

          • revolution5268

            he is a sony drone he has been on my nintendo new bashing for more than 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! he is the dumbass person to exist.

            quick everybody ban him before aeolus will invite the other trolls followers.

        • revolution5268

          ok who the hell is responsible for telling him that this site exist?

        • NintendoGamer

          Dude, I wanna tell you that your trolling it’s old. Your arguments are bad and your overall trolling sucks. Get out.

      • AnesthesiaGamer

        I am disappointed a little at region locking but what you don’t understand is that just like intellectual property, certain things have to be protected for the makers to get their fair share.

        Nintendo has to pay importing fees to bring the games to Europe that it doesn’t to USA. So it has to make up for those fees with higher prices. Also each country’s government has its own taxes and rules.

        Finally, Region Locking also allows the company to see which games to effectively market for each region and is what allows famous Japanese games to come to America. If for example everyone who played “Fire Emblem” bought a Japanese copy while American copies sat on the shelves then Nintendo would say that it’s not worth making English versions of Fire Emblem (All that translating and typesetting and reprogramming isn’t free). Then Fire Emblem would never find its way to America.

        Think about it. If you were charging $8 for a performance in your house and people wanted to see you in Hawaii. Would you pay for the flight to Hawaii, the hotel, the food and still charge $8 for your performance? No, you wouldn’t because flying yourself to Hawaii would cost you a lot of money. Thus you’d charge more per person.

        Unfortunately videogames are a business, and they need to be profitable to stay afloat. At least Nintendo cares about its gamers unlike EA and Microsoft (really, I pay for your online service and then you put ads on my service…what kind of crap is that?)

        • Aeolus

          yeah when in some countrys games are highly overpriced and not even owrth to buy anymore

          • JC

            Dude stfu go back to your parents basement !

          • Lusunup


          • JasperPaddlin

            fail to spell-check, that’s a paddlin’

        • Smokey cheese

          @ anesthesiaGamer.
          There is a slight flaw in your logic with regards to the fire emblem scenario. The fact that it takes so long for some Japanese games to get translated and appear on foreign shores is why some people import these games. I have not imported a jprpg ever because I cannot read kanji.
          If I’m downloading a game there should be no need for shipping cost or regional tax.
          Does an American gamer have to pay more for a game that was produced in Europe?

      • yan

        can you explain me then why ps3 is not region locked? if you want to buy an imported game it will be more expensive due to postage fees…unless you buy 3 or more games at the same time you can say i saved some money.and if you buy more games companies make more money (simple logic)… and they dont loose money anyway even if you ipmort it or buy it from your region cause you buy the game anyway (again simple logic), only the goverments loose money from taxes!
        this is a mistake by NINTENDO that’s how i see it!
        @wiiudaily i didnt like the last sentence about how today’s buisness work, some criticism at NINTENDO wouldn’t hurt….

        • Cloudkill87

          It’s not region locked but Sony still sued and hassled sites that sold imported games to the point where they had to shut down, it was just sony laziness that stopped them from region locking the system. They would rather take people to court for ridiculous reasons like importing and hacking rather than focusing on making any kind of real positive impact on the gaming industry.

          Sony is now as ignorant as Sega was in the beginning of the dreamcast years, look how quickly sega learned their lesson!

          • yan

            you do have a point on the hacking part but the truth is that very few import games (compared to the vast amount of gamers)…. Also i am not aware of any law that forbits you from importing games. is it illegal?
            ps.i dont understand the dislikes in this site! people, express your opinions and arguments!

          • Cloudkill87

            @yan no it’s not illegal but google linksang vs Sony and you’ll see what I’m talking about with the whole importing thing.

    • Enigma

      When you live in a country where you have to pay 100+ for a new game you feel really discouraged, I’ve hacked my Wii, modchipped by PS2 and own a US Dreamcast for the simple fact that I’m tired of paying WAY too much for games

      • Aeolus

        this guy is right it’s unfair to region lock it thats why psvita wil crush 3ds

        • Aeolus

          or just pirate it like all nintendo consoles

          • revolution5268

            HELP POLICE TROLL PATROL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

        • MinowaEli

          Go back to MyNintendoNews…

        • Man

          Um, may I ask you why are you on a Nintendo-based website even if you hate Nintendo so much?

        • Mac

          oh yeah cause a handheld that is not region lock JUST makes it past 2 million units sold and a handheld that is region locked has more than 20 million units sold, that clearly means the ps vita will crush the 3DS……….

        • Man

          It doesn’t really make much sense. Its also a bit childish don’t you think?

        • brian winn jr

          Really sony fanboy I quess you don’t read again some trolls never learn 3ds is beating vita 10 to 1 …next

        • Maverick-Hunter

          Vita can’t touch 3ds look up the sales you’ll see what I’m talking about lol

        • Nko Sekirei

          ur such an @$$ dude vita sucks and 3ds is whooping its @$$ ur logic tells us ur i.q. is at the same level as patrick star

        • CheckItNow12

          Lol, this is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. When you compare the Vita’s sales to the 3DS’ sales, the 3DS crushes the Vita, not the other way around. And when was the last time there was a GOOD and FUN game on the Vita? Never.

        • Zomegax

          Considering the fact that the 3DS has currently sold many, many more units than the vita, which is one of sony’s most failed consoles to date, id say that this will never happen and thus you are a stupid, nintendo hating moron

        • Man

          Um, also, how will the Vita crush 3DS? It doesn’t seem realistic don’t you think. Even though I like the Vita, and I have one, there is no way that a console with only a few good titles (which mostly only come out in Japan) will ever beat a console with a rather huge library of software, referring to the 3DS, which by the way, I LOVE.

        • Christian

          *Clears throat*
          And how many more sales does the 3DS have than the Vita? And plus, it’d be hard to keep stock of games that are for a non-region-locked system. Wouldn’t you be pissed if you couldn’t get your favorite games when everybody is importing them from different countries to save money?

      • Nintedward.

        Unfortunately , thats the way of the world . This isn’t heaven , this is real life . Some governments are poor and greedy some are rich and greedy some are totaly none functional .

        When Nintendo gives the wiiu to the Brazillian goverment for example , its their choice what they tax on it .

        Just the way of the world . In UK I feel as if my games are fairly priced , even though USA gets everything cheaper …

        • Aeolus

          you mean nintendo is greedy and sony and microsoft show some sympathy to not regionlock physical games like it should be.

          it’s like forcing internet explorer while it’s the baddest internet browser made by mankind.

          • Death

            Also, even though you’re merely trolling, Microsoft’s hardware is region locked.

          • Zomegax

            Nintendo is not greedy, they are making a new, next gen console that is at least a hundred dollars less than the next gens by sony and microsoft. You had best shut up and leave this site, im surprised no one has found a way to yet, your worse than the bots.

          • WII U AWESOME

            @Aeolus Get a life sony fanboy who serve the so called king of gaming …sony sucks thanks

        • Death

          The thing Enigma is going on about isn’t even a tax issue – it’s an ‘unknown’ price increase that’s currently being ‘looked into’ by the Australian Government due to Apple Inc bringing it to their attention with their blatant over-pricing.

          It gets even worse when some local retailers import their titles from the United Kingdom, slap an Australian Classification Board rating sticker on the case and sell it for full Australian RRP – usually AUD$88-$108 ($91-$112 USD).

          I import from the UK and do avoid paying GST (Goods & Service Tax); however I’d be more than happy to pay an additional 10% of the cost as I’d still be saving anywhere from $20-$55 over purchasing locally.

          On the other hand, I don’t mod my consoles as I personally like having factory defaults and I also don’t purchase NTSC games due to having a preference for only have PAL titles in my collection.

    • Kris

      “So what is stopping someone like me from UK importing all of my games from USA because they work out cheaper ??”
      What stops you? The shipping costs and customs duties. Even when I buy my games in the UK and they only have to get over to Germany (so no duties), I mostly end up only slightly cheaper. Inter-region orders will end up _at least_ as expensive as regular purchases in your region in 99% of cases.
      There is no sense in locking. Normal customers wouldn’t ever get the idea of importing a game when they don’t see a commercial or something in stores. So that’s maybe 5-10% of gamers looking for imports.
      If there was a real reason for region locking, they could simply tell us. If it’s money, they don’t understand how importing actually works for customers. If money is to be argued, they would actually make more money by selling Japan only titles to gamers in the West as well instead of blocking all imports.

      • Aeolus

        nice stats put out of your ass

        • Nko Sekirei

          the only thing that be coming out of ur @$$ is a cactus and full of needles

          • RinkiGaiSou

            Ouch. That hurts me just reading it. Looks like Aeolus won’t be walking right for a long time.

          • Kyou

            @Nko Sekirei AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That was a good one!!

        • WII U AWESOME

          Go back to the losers sony who going bankrupt and leave the real gamers to talk games…prick

    • Big N

      Nice! What a good facts as I never think this matter on your point of view.

      Anyway, the only thing dont like with “Region Locking” is the thing you can’t play other’s game. We know that not all of the games will be release on every territory. And most of those games are from Japan only.

      But again, this is not the first time that Nintendo did this. It was already done before from NES. And other console did this before also as well (xbox360, ps2, etc).

    • jon

      dont forget about the countrys economy if everybody in uk bought games from the us are economy would suffer vice versa for us and country with lower currency

    • Zeldazero

      Thanks, I have to admit that reasoning does make sense to me. Seeing the constant change in exchange rates from the 3 main regions and already seeing that the WiiU is selling for more in Japan than the dollar equivilant price here in the U.S. I feel I have a better understanding why they have a region lock now. Thanks for the incite ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ei8bitNinty

      @Nintendward: I agree. Very Good for business but a little disappointing to other gamers. I don’t mind actually.

    • Schizza

      You’re an idiot. You are totally forgetting about shipping and customs/duties when crossing borders. Sure the ticket price on the game may be less but by the time you pay for shipping and pay for it to go through customs in your country it still costs the same if not more. Region locking would be fine if Nintendo allowed other languages on their games but they don’t. Take for example here in Asia. We have the Japan region nintendo games and systems. The only difference from canada… no english at all. Only japanese, regardless of where in asia you buy it. Last year there were over 30,000 canadians living in my city alone here in Asia. 30,000!!! that’s 30,000 people who can’t enjoy a Wii U unless they import it themselves (for insane amounts of money) from north america. Where as here I can buy a ps3 and/or xbox games in English (text and spoken dialog) with options for other languages. Only nintendo out of the three force feed us Japanese text and dialog. So like the wii and ds. I will wait till its hackable so I can enjoy the wii u in all it’s english glory!

    • PC

      and perhaps if region locking didnt exist they would realise
      hey we cant charge absurd amounts for video games

      otherwise they will buy overseas.

  • Johny

    aw cmon ๐Ÿ˜ why….

  • GoldfishBrother

    Noooooooooooooo…. I live in Germany.

  • NintendoGamer

    I feel mercy for the American perverts who will want to play hentai games on the Wii U. lol

  • Tehtriggerman

    SONOFABITCH! But predictable… ๐Ÿ™

  • Mac

    hey they gotta do what they gotta do. im not concerned with it i live in the us

    • Schizza

      And this is why america sucks! Self righteousness like that makes you sound like a complete tool!

  • Bobsingh

    But Why???

  • nintendofreak

    who cares as long as dey multi region or wataver jrpg

  • Johny

    ok im fine with it… its a good thing… it only sucks for those games that DONT come to other regions… which are ALOT … alot GOOD games

    • PC

      what about games with region exclusive content?
      they take the time to give other countries more content!!!!

      and its never the uk
      its always america and japan.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    So thats why they region lock it :O
    Well at least it saves nintendo money ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shulololol

    for me pesonally it doesn’t matter. I have never imported a japanese-only videogame pearl or other games to save money in my life. but i hink it isn’t a big deal to mod the console so that you can play every game. casual gamers don’t care either i guess ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ocarinaoftime

    Meh. Doesn’t matter to me.
    On a side note.. I wonder if Nsmbu will be better then super Mario world.
    On another side note.. I’m getting the avengers on blu-ray!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ocarinaoftime


    • MinowaEli



      It should matter becuse for ever meh you do nintendo increase and takes your human rights even more and their quality reduces even further.They never region locked th gba and i was able to play any jap game that i wanted like earthbound and sailormoon. We need to stand together as gamers and the tell nintendo were not going to take such insulted business decisions. We pay their bills people stop being such loyal fanboys. Its sad how much nintendo gets away with like lying and yet the blind masses are like nintendo can do no wrong. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU FANBOYS! YA BEG A COMPANY FOR GAMES SMH I WOULD HAVE BOYCOTT THEIR REAR BEHINDS I BET THEY RELAESE EARTHBOU!D IF FANS HAD SOME SELF RESPECT! I mean i dont get all the blind fanboyism. I like nintendo too but even i admit microsoft is better than nintendo is manh aspects. Is it the toys of mario ya buy off amazon that makes ya such loyal blind followers. Lets be honest nintendo lost console wars before to sega,sonyand microsoft. They have relesed massive failures like virtual boy ,wii music and the laughable embarrsing disgrace the vitalty sensor kmv was miyamoto on drugs when he tought of that even kinect was laughing. Anhways please dont be fanboys and think for ya self. Lets boycott and make a petition to niintendo for region lock and no mother or other jao games lets show them were not blind idiot fanboys

      • NintendoGamer

        Xbox 360 it’s region-locked. U mad? =)

      • not-lucifer

        a minute ago you said you were a ninty fanboy.
        atleast try and keep your trolling rants consistant.

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Well, there go all the jrpgs…

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    lmao. Too funny.

  • Your Point?

    This helps businesses, and I have no gripe regarding the money issue.
    However, this sucks when companies develop games exclusive to other regions. I’ve never imported a game, but there have been some interesting video games that were Japanese exclusives. Why should I have to get a Japanese system or go through all the trouble that Nintendo puts hackers and modders through just to play fun games that aren’t released here? I have never done any modding or hacking because it seems like too much work, and I’ve been content with the games that are released here, but there’s more than just prices to consider here.

    • Nintedward.

      Well said . It sucks but thats business .

    • Nintedward.

      Well said . It sucks but thats business .

      • Aeolus

        ps2 nuff said

  • Aeolus

    lmao this article did just let millions of pppl cancel there preorder and preorder their ps4 and xbox 720

    • Nintendude

      That is why Gamestop still has “Sold Out” on their website…

    • chris

      Cause ps4 and 720 pre-orders are out right? and anyway, i’ve read some articles about the 720 and ps4 rumors that have said that they will only play bought games, not used games… guess all of those ps4 and 720 “pre orders” will move back to the Wii U.

      • LogicalDude

        Well those articles are more than likely, full of sh!t. The exact same thing was said about the PS3 before it was released and it didn’t happen. It’s true, video games are good business and if this were to happen, EB Games and Gamestop would not be doing much for the PS4 as they actually do a lot of business with sales of used games.

        As for all this region locking thing, that’s why I’m not updating my firmware until between two weeks and a month goes by with no hacks for my version come up. I did so enjoy playing Xenoblade Chronicles in 2011 thanks to unlocking and importing.

      • dr scoobie

        ps4 ps4

        because one direction is not enough
        to express my feelings about certain rumors.

        • dr scoobie

          it changed my comment
          it took away the spaces
          and the > and <

          ps4 ps4
          two directions will have to do

          • dr scoobie

            raaaaaaaaaaaage quit!!!!!!!!

    • Zomegax

      No one said anything about that, and nintendos last gen consles were region locked and the ps4 and xbox720 arent even taking preorders, not to mention the fact that theyve never been shown at e3 or anywhere else either. NOW GET LOST AND OFF OF WII U DAILY!!!

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Please let’s banish that drone back to MyNintendoNews

    • Alex

      Heh another Sony fan troll, gotta get a pepper spray, and HEY WIIU DAILY CAN YOU KICK OUT Aeolus he is another Sony troll that likes to make us angry.

      • revolution5268

        ^^^^^^^^^^yeah what he said^^^^^^^^^^

    • NintendoGamer

      I’d like to know where i can pre-order a PS4… Oh wait. I can’t. lol

    • dr scoobie

      you cant you pre-order something that hasnt been announced.

  • snestendo

    what Nintendo console isn’t region locked. They all have it in some form, even the SNES with those pins.

  • Thegiursea

    Region locking sucks.

    I’m not too happy about this, but I’m not frustrated either.

  • Madmagican

    Huh, region locking… I understand that it’s important for business, but this will probably cause Europe and Australia to back off a bit even though that wasn’t really the case during the past few generations. Not a problem for me cuz I live in the U.S.

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Why the hell is Aeolus here. Not another troll. Sony and Microsoft fanboys these days, can’t they just get a life, Just to piss them off. No 2160p and James Cameron Avatar like graphics on PS4 and Xbox 720….Its a lot of money

  • Paul

    simple solution

    if you want to play games from japan then buy a wii u console and import it

  • Marcus

    Will games from a NTSC region work in a PAL region if the system was not region locked?

  • Golden FOX

    I don’t care if is region locked..As long we will get Dragon Quest X and other MMO/JRPGs soon.

  • Tobbe

    dont worry. will be regionfreeยจand softmodded in less than 6 month with custom files. Sadly it will come some updates on the files pretty fast. I will put my head into filesystems etc etc on day 1. Will put up some videos when i “operate” on a wii u and open the console.

  • Jetty

    Figured much. Since every VG company is conspiring to do away with store bought games. The remainder of these games will be region locked to prevent any resale value. More evidence that download only games are imminent. As a fan it’s sad, but as a collector cha-ching!!
    On the half full side, this saves resources like plastic and paper.
    VG peeps will claim to be going green, but are only trying to save the green.

  • Raymond

    Im okay with this ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Collected

    Does region locking work for online purchases too?

    • dr scoobie


  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Why Aeolus is here?

  • Xblade13

    Are there even any games coming to Wii U in Japan that AREN’T coming to America (or anywhere else)? Even Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming here.
    It doesn’t matter to me if it is region locked. I have all the gaming I’ll ever need right here.
    Microsoft are pulling all their 360’s from Japan. They don’t sell good enough there. That means no Japanese Halo 4 or Gears of War Judgement. If they want to keep some games to themselves, that’s OK to me.

    • Trev

      Well think a head a few years noa seems to hate to release games in America atleast that’s how it has been maybe they learned their lesson I hopeful

  • Dan

    Buy a wii from japan and use it in your country,, nuff said,,, why do nintendo have to suffer for potential loses through piracy or something,,,

  • andyy

    Well… we will buy games in nintendo shop online ๐Ÿ˜€ i wait lot of games to download when i want them or have enough money

  • Nintyfan

    Not a problem! Wii U will just be sitting in my living room and that just about it! LOL I don’t think we’ll be seeing some dude on the street bringing it to play anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The incredible sandwich

    why region lock that is just stupid

  • Ibiexplorer4

    I guess this means I can’t buy Pandora’s Tower from Europe to play on the american Wii U.


    Oh well…

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m used to region locking, so this news is fine with me. I don’t mind only being able to play Americanized games, so if we can’t play games from other countries, then so be it.

  • samuDC

    Region lock is not a big deal.
    At least nintendo doesn’t let us pay to play online, unlike microsoft with their stupid xbox.
    Thats the reason why i have a ps3 to play hardcore games (untill the wii u releases).

  • swic11

    This doesnt surprise me one bit, I feel like Nintendo has always done this since it was possible.

  • TheUNation

    Region locked or not, that doesn’t change my mind one bit in not purchasing the Wii U. Time for me to change the system… and the Wii U is the one system for me to own.

  • Noodles

    Well, I live in Australia, so I’m going to import from the U.K anyway. In Australia, we have to pay $99 AUD for every new game, which is equivalent to about $108 USD.

  • revolution5268

    ban aeolus from wii u daily.

  • Mr doctor

    why cant i put something between a
    without spaces

    just incase that didnt work why cant i place something between >these<
    except with the signs the other way round?

  • Knotan

    Region Lock huh, I will chip it day one….

  • John

    Im from Brasil, can I buy one from cannada?

  • nintendoododo

    Well there’s no games that doesn’t come to europe. Maybe some shitty games but not important ones.

  • TheMan

    Most people commenting here who are against hacking have barely any idea what hacking seems to be. Hacking doesnยดt automatically result in stealing or ruining a gaming company. I hacked my Wii to be able to use a smoother version of Youtube(WiiMC) and get an alarm clock (AlarMii).
    I donยดt think Nintendo lost millions of dollars by my selfish act there.

  • crazyguy187

    its a shame the wii u is “region locked” but there are a few ways to try and get round it but f.y.i the wii was unlocked all u have to do is up or lower the hz tv screen on the wii depending where ur from