Wii U Pro controller
The Wii U Pro controller is a controller for the Nintendo Wii U that is suited more for players who prefer the classic control scheme instead of the Wii U GamePad, with its tablet screen and more. The Wii U Pro controller will be sold separately for the console, and is expected to retail at around $50. Most Wii U games can be played both with the U Pro controller and with the GamePad, although the GamePad will offer many more additional features, especially the large touchscreen, stylus, and more.

Wii U Pro controller features and buttons

The Wii U Pro controller is standard sized and resembles a lot to the Xbox 360 controller in its button layouts. Here is the full button layout for the controller:

  • Dual analog sticks (clickable)
  • AB and XY buttons
  • A D-pad under the left analog stick
  • A power button for the console, and a Home, select and start button in the center.
  • Shoulder bumper buttons, and dual trigger buttons as well.
  • Built-in rumble feature
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that’s charged via a USB cable connected to the console.
  • Up to 4 Wii U Pro controllers can be used at the same time

The Wii U Pro controller is wireless and will have around 30ft (10 M) of range. Players will be able to use the controller in the majority of games instead of using the GamePad, although this would negate the advantages that the tablet screen brings to gaming. While Nintendo hasn’t officially announced anything, the Wii U Pro controller will likely be around $50, depending on the territory. For more, check out the Wii U accessories page.

  • omar

    very nice. so you can do 1080 60fps if you use the controller pro? idk, but i still think 720p on the gamepad is better when you add in the features of the gamepad

    • Sean

      It gets 1080p 60fps with the gamepad.

    • EPICGAMER111

      he omar do u live in saudi arabia?

      • 007 1/2

        do we need to get into another argument? this time about racism? we dont want a repeat of the super mario bros u page/.

  • luis

    The pro controller pro looks epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunstoon

    I love how it doesn’t look AT ALL like an Xbox controller! Oh wait…

    • 007 1/2

      Its more comfortable than the ps3 controller.

      • XDLugia

        You mean the PS1 controller? *trollface*

        • Dant

          Well… No because the PS1 controller without the analog sticks was actually comfortable… Trying to use the PS controller’s awkwardly placed analog sticks just feels wrong.

          • joesatmoes

            actually, i like when analog sticks are rigth next to eachother- thats why i dislike the xbox 360 controller.

          • Chris

            Actually, the Playstation 1 did have a controller with dual analog sticks later on in its life span

    • Ahchoo


    • goginho

      I love how the xbox doesn’t copy Nintendo’s Gamepad idea! Oh wait…

      • Shock

        I love how the 360 controller isn’t based off the Gamecube controller! Oh wait…


    well xbox stole there design from sega so its fair

    • NinTobias

      If you actually look at it, the Xbox 360 controller is laid out in a very similar way to the Gamecube controller. I don’t have a problem with Xbox 360 copying GCN, then Wii U copying 360. Improving on each others ideas is what leads to the best results. If we all had to start over again, without using a little bit from somebody else, we’d still be in various stage ones of controllers. The layout for the GCN worked for the 360 and the shape for the 360 will work for the Wii U Pro Controller. I think the layout is better on Wii U though, because on Xbox, I found it awkward to play with one thumb lower than the other (if anybody else did, just reply), so the Wii U Pro has sorted that out, leading to the best result for me!

      • Haza

        Yeah, it is awkward that the 360 controller has one thumb down the other!

      • Morley94

        Many of my friends have argued “it’s more natural” of a thumb position when compared to my PS3 controllers, and that is just absurd. Good call on Nintendo’s part to even things out.

      • joesatmoes

        as long as the thumbs are next to eachother, life makes sense. but ive played CoD (at my friend’s house) on the 360, and it is surprisingly easy to adapt to, after having played CoD on my cousin’s PS3. But the Wii U Pro is like thumbs next to eachother AND they’re in front. ppl say it doesnt take long to adjust. i hope that is true.

  • Bobloblaw

    @omar the gamepad’s touchscreen is actually 1080p/i as well.
    @Huntsoon as Reggie Fils-Aime (head of Nintendo of America) has said, there are only a few ways you can change a design so people feel comfortable. The style of these controllers is that type of design (2 analog sticks, D-pad, arrows, and back buttons.

    Anyway, I like the look of this controller,but the fact that the analog sticks are in the front of the controller might have spoiled it for me(i hav never used it so idk if i will b able to get used to it or not). If i cannot get used to this design, i will most likely have to stick with the classic controller pro. we’ll just hav to wait and see.

    • seph.t

      the gamepad’s screen is definately not 1080 at all, resolution is 854 x 480, development costs would be way to high if that was the case

      • Little Gamer

        For the screen size, 854 x 480 is a good resolution.

    • 007 1/2

      Check the gamepad under about the wii u it sez the resolution is 854×480 that is a lot better than it sounds.

      • 3333

        who cares what it is as long as long as im having a good time playing. If you dont like the wii u you dont have to buy it.

  • Dan

    So does anybody know the Wii U Pro controller will have a mic jack for a headset?

    • NinTobias

      I don’t think it will have one, as only Nintendo handhelds do (and the Wii U Gamepad Controller) does. No Nintendo controller before the Gamepad had a remote. Also, the only reason the Gamepad has one is because you can play on it without the TV screen (obviously since you have to be near the TV or even in the same room, you could disturb the person watching TV, so a headphone jack is suitable). Why would you ever only be using the Pro controller, as it has no screen?
      However, if you’re talking about online chat, I’m sure there will be wireless headsets for the Wii U, as Nintendo are trying to target hardcore gamers as well this time, who play online a lot. So it would only make sense for there to be a Wii U wireless headset, which could get it’s signal beamed straight from the Wii U.

    • Crapcake

      Yeah there a headPhone jack and built in mic

    • TheTriforceEagle

      The GamePad has a 4 pole connector, but the Pro controller doesn’t…you’ll have to play with your GamePad near you, or use Bluetooth…

  • Chris

    I don’t think it will cost 60 dollars. From the sounds of the specs, it is basically a wireless classic controller pro with clickable analog sticks and of course being wireless. It has no rumble nor motion functionality. I think it will be around 25-35 dollars.


      It does have rumble feature built in.

  • Can’tWaitforWiiU

    It’s got the same shape and a similar layout to the crapbox ahem Xbox controller and the similarities stop there.

  • Jason

    GameCube controller + Xbox 360 controller = controller heaven ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lloleus

      GameCube controller + Xbox 360 controller = Wii U Pro controller ๐Ÿ˜€

      Fixed it for you.

      • joesatmoes

        what’s the difference? i mean i guess the gamepad is the same thing PLUS the touchscreen, but at least for FPS games, I like using smaller type controllers.

  • 007 1/2

    If the pro controller is $50, then how much will the gamepad be?

    • JESUS

      You cant buy the pad seperately.

  • biggo

    im more happy about them adding clik analog sticks. such a pain in the ass to press a to sprint

  • GirlGamer

    can’t the wii u make a crash bandicoot game. I love crash and cortex. I MEAN crash is illuminati aint he

  • LyingTuna

    I will probably use this to show off the graphics if my friends annoy me. Otherwise, I shall show off the magesty of the GamePad. I think that the Pro Controller is a great concept. There are certain games I think a lot of gamers would rather have 1080p for than 720p and a touchscreen. Plus, for multiplayer, I plan to get one of these. Otherwise, I only want Classic controller Pros.

    • LyingTuna

      Well, now everything I said is wrong. I do want this, but just for multiplayer. Ignore my earlier statements.

  • Andy

    any specs like dimension/weight for WiiU pro controller?


    • Pham

      I have both consoles and while i can say that they both feel well the xbox 360 would have to take the prize in ovalrel comfort. Due to the fact that it has more weigh. I know some people may say thats a con but id rather feel like im holding something solid as opposed to a ultralight piece of plastic. But ovalrel comfort has to do with ony one thing. Your personal preference.

      • What?

        What? Wii U isn’t released yet. O.o
        You kind of can’t have both consoles, unless you’re a -high- up in Nintendo. We’re talking probably top ten.
        In conclusion, you’re either lying, a Nintendo Commander, or are thinking about the Wii’s Classic Pro instead of the Wii U’s Pro.

        • What?

          Thank you.

  • multimidgetkingjacob90

    I’m getting this controller

  • Yay

    Will it be compatible with wii?
    I can’t find out anywhere.
    I can’t see reason why it would not have to be.

    • Akihari_Girl_Gamer

      I don’t see any reason for it not to be either, but I doubt it will be.

      It IS called the “Wii U Pro Controller”, but good question! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anon

    I love how Nintendo fans deny the fact that the Xbox 360 controller and the Wii U Pro controller look similar.

    • Ahchoo


    • The Detonator

      they look similar,yes. all controllers do. i love how xbox fanboys say it is a copy….

  • ssb4

    XBOX FANS LISTEN! TEh controller is fine okay! so what it looks like a 360. actually it looks more accurately like a ps3 controller its just the shape thats similar to a 360. plus i own a 360 and its analog sticks are pure crap the dont feel comfortable at all the sticks have a cave in in the middle if you notice carefully which screws me up especially since i have a wii and the sticks middle is raised.

    • What?

      I wasn’t aware that looks and shape of a controller were different. ๐Ÿ˜

  • adam

    can you play two player using one game pad and one controller pro , like on zombi u or something , becuase if you can use four at the same time surely you can use it and a game pad to play two player ?

    • Akihari_Girl_Gamer

      Not sure if ZombiU has splitscreen or anything because I haven’t researched it, but a game that I DO know that will be able to use both the GamePad and the Pro controller is Black Ops II, so I suppose that other games will be able to do so as well :3

    • WiiUWiiUWiiU

      Yes, in ZombiU there will be a two-player mode where one player uses the Pro Controller while the other uses the Gamepad to control and/or spawn zombies. I’m not sure of the details though.

  • Raymond

    Im so getting this controller ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Raymond

      I ment, come to Daddy ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Morley94

    All controllers are slightly different! Xbox has the left stick raised, right stick lowered, ps3 has both sticks lowered, and Wii u has both sticks raised. There. Settled. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Akihari_Girl_Gamer

      THANK YOU!…


      • Neo

        I prefer the xbox 360 cltrnoloer. The left analog is at a comfortable position for my thumb. The right analog is at a good spot because I am able to use the bottom of my thumb to control the analog stick while still having easy access to buttons.

        • Little Gamer

          You haven’t even felt the Wii U Pro Controller.

        • WiiUWiiUWiiU

          What might I ask is a cltrnoloer?

  • Teves153

    Well the ps move copied the wiimote, the kinect copied the eye toy, and now the pro controller copied the 360……. COPY TRIANGLE!

    • The Detonator

      funny. eye toy and kinect was not the first motion gaming. look at the power glove. the xbox and 360 look at the buttons…a,b,x,y where did i see that…OH on the snes. gamecube one stick lowered one stick raised…..oh look the 360 copied that too. wii u pro controller= same as gamecube with a stick raised.

  • srpg2ishere

    I’m just glad it can rumble

  • srpg2ishere

    AND be on its on

  • millz

    what does it matter its a control pad with buttons on it. enough said besides I’m not bothered what’s the point in going back to basics. gamepad and wiimotes all the way.

  • Chef

    Could this possibly be a copyright strike it looks like a xbox 360 controller

  • Little Gamer

    A lot of people have been saying that the Wii U Pro Controller doesn’t have rumble feature. I’m really worried and confused about this, because Wii U Daily says there is a built-in rumble, but other people say there is no rumble feature. Please tell me if there is a rumble feature or not.

    • LyingTuna

      I’ve heard it both ways. I assume there will be, but either way, its not a serious problem. Honestly, the lack of analog buttons shock me more. The GameCube had analog triggers, why doesn’t the Wii U? Whatever, it doesn’t bother me, it just shocks me more than a lack of rumble would.

      • Awesomist

        The WiiU Pro Controller does have analog triggers. I can see them in the picture and they are listed in the bullet point summary as the 5th item.

      • Awesomist

        Also, “analog buttons” would be sorta pointless. When do you need a “button” to receive analog input? The PS1 controller with two joysticks is the only controller I know that has an “Analog” button. It only enables the joysticks. The button itself is digital input and so are all “buttons” on all game controllers, except weird ones that have button-shaped triggers.

        • RJ

          Analog buttons sort of came and went in gaming. ย PS2 was the first console to really make use of them with the DualShock 2 controllers. ย They’re basically the pressed variety of buttons (triangle, square, circle, cross, etc) that make use of an analog signal to allow for tracking of how hard you are pressing the button and not just whether it is pressed or released. ย In theory it could really improve depth of control, such as if you could just hit a button harder or softer to use different attacks or attack at different strengths/speeds, but, in practice, people won’t easily conform to one method of button-tapping, as you can see by looking at the myriad of different techniques used by fighting gamers (you could seriously design a full semester course on that stuff).

    • What?

      Don’t worry about it. If it doesn’t rumble, they’ll just release the Rumble Pak for the N64 again. In classy black. ;D

  • nico07

    I have one of these preordered, but my only concern is that it has been mentioned that this controller is “not compatible with Wii or Wii games”. Will my virtual console titles transfered from my Wii to the Wii U work? Is there any chance this will work with say Mario Kart Wii when played on the Wii U? I’m already lamenting not being able to use my WaveBird on the Wii U, and then this sketchy news comes out. It makes me worry that the only function will be Wii U games that aren’t already using the Gamepad or Wiimotes.

    • Jonathan Hickson

      Just buy the fake one. That rumbles and it’s compatible with wii u and wii games. You can use it as a sword on skyward sword. No i’m not joking.

  • sugartoys

    for some reason my Pro controll dont pair for supermario U i think is a bug. if anyone make it work let me know, i want 2 players ๐Ÿ™

    • Adam

      Hey there. I read that the Pro controller isn’t compatible at all with Mario U.
      Though it will work with a normal Wii controller if you have one.


    WTF would nintendo put the right analog over the buttons on all their stix? is it a copyright issue? it sux. shud uv tested it first guyz!

    YEAH this if u AGREE PLZ!

  • Farhan

    is it possible to connect this to the pc?

    • Jonathan Hickson

      yes. the small cable is to charge and the big cable is big enough to fit in there. Hope i helped

  • xXTrollioXx

    will control freeks work on this controller???

  • Paul Tanner

    is this controller region locked as would love to pick the white version up as there only for sale in the usa

  • Kirbyomega

    Does it work on virtual console games?

  • DemonRoach

    Stupid design. ย Should of stayed with gamecube design.

    • Jae Mike

      the gamecube design was the worst controller design in history

      • Gammalad

        The GameCubd design was praised for being one of the greatest controllers in history.