Dec 4th, 2012

The Wii U GamePad is the most innovative and advanced video game controller on the market today. But some still prefer an old fashion control scheme, which is why Nintendo has released the Wii U Pro controller.

The Wii U Pro controller has been criticized for looking too much like the Xbox 360 controller, as they feature a similar button layout and are similar in shape and size.

The two controllers also use very similar parts, as a new video shows. The video below shows how to replace the thumbsticks in Wii U Pro controller with those found in the Xbox 360 controller. And while most of us have no intentions of doing that, at least we get to see what the controller looks like inside.

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  • Zelda Fan

    stupid disqus

    • AkaLink77

      yah i kinda tripped out when i first seen the change too.
      i thought that those controller parts would fit when i was opening up my bros xbox controller to fix it. 🙂

    • At least there is no agenda driven moderation!

    • Christopher Coonan

      At least the page doesn’t have to refresh every time you post a new comment.

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    First of all. The wiiu pro controller (IMHO) is far comfier than a 360 controller and the analog sticks and face buttons are all in a better position. I see people who haven’t even held a wiiu pro controller disputing this because they’re xbox fans.

    Second of all , the pro controller isn’t as comfortable at the wiiu gamepad. It’s such a nice controller to hold! For long play sessions , the pro controller doesn’t even come close. I don’t see why it’s even necessary except for in my case , multiplayer.

    • Yeah, but your job is to hate on anything not Nintendo, particularly the top dog in the 360!

      • Christopher Coonan

        Meanwhile, the rest of us will simply pick our favorites (mine being Nintendo controllers) and merely fight those who attack first.

      • Robert

        Donald… take a look at yourself.

  • Ben Wojcik

    They are similar, but a big difference is that the Wii U Pro Controller goes with a much better console.

    • The Wii U just came out and we do not know if it’s better yet.  Some more modern graphic effects might be better from what little I have seen, but that is it so far.   I need to see a lot of action on-screen with high res graphics.  It is nothing to brag about when you are just catching up to almost a decade old system!

      • D2K

        I would ‘cautiously’ agree with your comment.  I know your last sentence was designed to be facetious, but there is some truth in that.  We don’t need to rehash the reasons why, but there really isn’t a game available that shows off what the Wii U is capable of and we probably won’t even see what that looks like until E3 of next year when the 1st-party and 3rd party games that have been built from the ground up on the Wii U are revealed. 

        So technically they are playing ‘catch-up’. 

        To use the term “better”  is pretty suggestive. There is no way to substantiate that because the “best system” is whatever system each individual person or family gets the most value out of the money they spent.  What’s the best system for ME isn’t the best system for you, or the next person.  For me personally, the best system this generation would be the XBOX 360. 

      • MujuraNoKamen

         Of course it’s better, it’s a shame that there are no 1st or 3rd party games built for Wii U to give us a real idea of what it can do but the fact that it can easily run great games from the end of the PS3+360’s life spans at the start of its is a promising sign. Naturally it takes a while for developers to get anything from a new console – I’ve said before I played PS2 games that looked like N64 games but later on we got things like GTA: San Andreas and Shadow of the Colossus. More recently we can compare Halo 4 to Halo 3, the former looks much better than the game came out 5 years ago. Like I said, the best is yet to come.

        • Mark Thom

          OOOO YEA!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Christopher Coonan

      I think what makes the Pro Controller superior (aside from the obvious difference in battery life) is the fact that our thumbs naturally are going to rest where they put the sticks ON the pro controller; it just feels more natural.

  • Nintendofreak

    xbox copied d snes controller

    • Captain Falcon

      Because of the colored action buttons? 

      • Nintendofreak

        a, x ,b, y, buttons n plus dey copied d analog sticks from playstation, like playstaion copied super smash n made playstation all stars battle royale…everyone copies nintendo 

        • Captain Falcon

          Goodness… it’s difficult to understand what you wrote. Can you at least try looking over what you wrote?

      • D2K

         D-pad, colored buttons, X,Y,B,A in diamond slot, bumpers, triggers, rumble, analog, staggered analog sticks all came from the SNES, N64, and GameCube controllers.  The only thing original on the 360 controller is the Home Button, and the shape.  Even the shape has elements of previous controllers. 

        • Captain Falcon

          I’m pretty sure the colored action buttons were colored to pay homage to the colors of the Microsoft logo, but I understand what you mean.

  • Zach Albright

    Looks neat but im not going to take the risk in breaking my wii u pro controller. 🙂

  • ObiBoing

    Since Disqus was introduced to this site all I see is a blank rectangle covering the entire article when I’m on my phone.

    I see everything else but the actual article on every page.

  • Mickey Mouse

    And the point of doing this mod is?

    • Captain Falcon

      Some prefer concave analog sticks

      • SoulSilverZero

         I have an Xbox 360 controller, I would love this mod…

  • Hououin Kyouma

     The parts are HARDLY similar. You have to solder and carve the sticks…

  • does  that mean Wii U Pro Controller can possibly use control Freeks if we change the two thumbsticks?

  • D2K

    It’s really not all that serious.  If I wanted an ‘XBOX 360’ experience I would just ‘play’ my XBOX 360. What a novel ider eh?

    I’m not gonna rip apart my Pro Controller just to have a concave analog stick rather than a convex one. 

  • Jonathan Hickson

    *Wipes dirt off shoulder, stands up.*  -Clears Throat-  Why would I wanna do that?

  • JVAN

    Two things about the Pro Controller: I wish it would work with ALL games that can use the Wiimote (where the sensor is not required), and I also wish the battery was two standard AA batteries like the Xbox so I could use my rechargeable AA’s with it.

    Mario and Nintendo Land would be better if my friends didn’t have to hold a Wiimote sideways to play along.

    Also (don’t bash me), I play Xbox as well as Wii. One nice thing about the Xbox controller is that I never have to monitor battery status or plug in a controller. When the battery gets low, I just swap out the rechargeable AA’s and keep playing. 100% wireless, all the time, no charging cord needed. Nintendo is a lot more forward thinking company than Microsoft, I don’t know why they chose to take a step backwards and go with non-standard batteries in the new controllers. All previous gen Nintendo used standard batteries.

    • paperchao

      the one problem i see with the 360 controller, is that the battery pack seems to break easily, and the controller would power off randomly(might just be me not being carefull) , other than that it is a nice controller

    • bizzy gie

      Bro, only Microsoft uses batteries. PS3 has a rechargeable battery pack as well. Some people don’t want to spend extra money on rechargeable batteries that don’t even last half the length of an included rechargeable battery pack. Not to mention the extra bulk and weight that comes included with batteries. The GamePad weighs as much as an Xbox 360 controller. Rechargeable battery packs are the future, not a step back. Nobody likes the hassle of buying new batteries. Nobody…except you.

      • JVAN63

         What part breaks? I have three wireless Microsoft controllers, two were bought used. I’ve never had anything break. I’ve also never had anything branded Nintendo break either. 🙂

      • JVAN63

         Nobody? I didn’t realize you knew everything. You’re paying for batteries when you buy a rechargeable controller, idiot. You’re then limited to replacing said battery with a proprietary one that costs 3x the price of 2 AA rechargeables. My 360 controllers last 40+ hours on charged batteries, and I don’t have to have it constantly sucking on the teat of a wall supply in fear of when it may die. Batteries have weight whether they’re built in or user replaceable. Period. The tech is the same for weight vs mAh. If you can’t afford  rechargeable maybe your mommy can buy them for you.

        • bizzy gie

          I didn’t pay a single dime for the 80 hour long battery on my pro controller.

          • JVAN63

            The cost of the battery is built into the price of the controller. How old are you?

          • bizzy gie

            This past weekend I saw Xbox controllers with rechargeable batteries included with them at Walmart. They sold for $64.99 as opposed to the original price of $60.00.

            With the Xbox battery pack EVERYONE complains about it breaking or losing the battery back part. It’s not like other battery operated controllers where if you lose the back you can still put the batteries in the controller. You have to have the back. The backs I have for my Xbox 360 aren’t even staying on.

            They’re loose, but the problem is invisible. I don’t know what to fix. And the pro controller is much much lighter than my Xbox 360 controller with a much longer battery life. Double what you said the life on your rechargeable batteries were.

  • kyuubikid213

    I’ll have to pick up one of these in the near future.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to get one in time for Super Smash Bros. U.

  • I personally don’t see much use for this mod either, but IF I would do it I would do it on a black wiiu pro controller, not on a white one, looks weird these dark greenish-grey sticks on your white wiiu pro controller. Handy to know nevertheless but a little bit useless IMHO. If you like the xbox360 analoge sticks more then be my guest 😉