Jul 16th, 2013


For those of you who might be looking to pick up a Wii U pro controller on the cheap, today the white Wii U Pro controller is Best Buy’s deal of the day. The controller is on sale for half off, meaning you can snag it for just $24.99. You can get it at any Best Buy retail location, or you can buy it at their website here. Shipping is also free.

This is a great deal for anyone looking to grab a Wii U pro controller for the recently released Super Luigi U, or just to add another to the collection. Sadly the black Wii U Pro controller is not included in this deal.

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  • I’d like a black one, but it’s still tempting…

    • YayGs

      The white actually looks really nice in person. Just opened mine up, I was a little surprised.

      • prolly hides fingerprints better too

        • XiC

          That it does. I’m going to wait until a White Wii U Deluxe is released in North America before buying into the Wii U.

          The Black just looks so dirty after a few hours of gaming.

          • I have no idea how, but mine is covered in little scratches and fingerprints, and I take REALLY good care of my consoles.

          • XiC

            I think it’s just more apparent with the Black peripherals. Likely not your fault.

            Or you have gremlins or something in your house abusing your Wii U while you sleep :].

          • Bloody gremlins… I swear I sprayed that repellent…

  • If you’re in the market for another Wii U Pro Controller, you’re crazy if you pass this deal up. It’s cheaper than 3rd party controllers with this deal.

    • Elem187

      Yeah I know I want one eventually, I was thinking about getting one when SM3DW was released, but man, half off? can’t pass that up.

    • I hope they make a purple pro controller

      • blindtiger

        seriously! dont wait till the end of the lifecycle for colored consoles and controllers. even if only in limited release.

  • Ducked


    Go to Best-Buy first thing tomorrow morning to buy a Wii U Pro Controller. Eh, even if it’s white, that’s half off!

    • Scott Duperree

      It’s the deal of the day, will it be available tomorrow?

      • Ducked

        Why didn’t I read this more carefully? Thanks.

    • Tim Chaten

      Yea choose in store pickup and pick it up – this deal is today only

      • Ducked

        Well if it’s free shipping then I’ll buy it online, thanks.

        • Adrian

          It’s funny how offline and online are used interchangeably, isn’t it? Haha.

          • Ducked

            Lol looks like I took to long to edit it :p

          • Adrian

            I see it everywhere though!

  • Paul Brown

    I already have a black one. Still a great deal

  • Scott Duperree

    Thanks for the notification, I will jump on this deal, and finally be able to play 2 player SNES VC games

  • FoxMulder900

    I grabbed 2, this is definitely going to be the best way to play Mario Kart 8 😀

  • Tim Chaten

    Already own a black one – for $25 I’m getting the white one – I like having lots of controllers so I don’t wear down any of em and well it might be fun to have something not black for once 🙂

  • Adrian

    Nice, last time Best Buy did this I went and the store messed up and sold me a black one instead for the discounted price :).

    Getting another one is tempting…but I already have Gamepad, Wii U Pro, 4 wii remote /nunchucks, and a wii classic controller pro. I think any more would be over kill considering how rare I have people over to play Wii.

    • Edward

      Yeah I already got the Gamepad, Wii U pro, 4 original white remote/nunchucks with 2 adapters for motionplus, and 1 motionplus ready controller with a classic controller. I think I’ll be fine as well.

      • Adrian

        Hah exactly!

  • Jon

    !!!!!! WHY OH WHY must best buy be over an hour away from where I live 🙁 I need to start collecting these for Mario Kart and Smash

    • Edward

      Free Shipping!!!

  • Dan Jacobson

    I wish they did the white one in europe 🙁

  • flair11

    I heard this doesn’t work with older Wii VC games, right?

    • YayGs

      You are correct sir.

    • Fred

      That’s correct, but it works like a champ on Wii U VC games!!!

  • Andrew Gonzalez


  • YayGs

    Awesome! Now I can have one more dedicated to PC gaming. And I can use the white one as a test subject for expanding on WiinUPro’s features without being concerned of somehow messing up my only Pro Controller.

  • Kenshin0011

    Wow, great deal! Definitely buying this right now because I don’t have a pro controller yet

  • Michael Jurado

    Sayth what!!! i’m all over this

  • cement

    poverty sucks!!! i dont have enough 2 buy this 🙁

  • Agent721

    Ordered! Great deal, thanks for letting us know!

  • Jon

    Sadly, I cannot order this in Canada.


    That is the Canadian best buy site and it is not $25, it is still $49.99. I’m so sad now 🙁

    • Tim Chaten

      At least you can get a Wii Mini! 🙂 – perhaps sell one on eBay for an upcharge to make the 25 bucks or more

      • Jon

        why would I want a Wii mini when I already have a Wii?

        • Tim Chaten

          Partly kidding – I’d wager it will be a collectible in years to come if its new in box – but – I put it out there saying that resell to USA customers is high because we don’t have it!

  • Fred

    Thanks for letting everyone know! I just got back from my lunch break where I bought 2!!!

  • thedeciderU

    bah, i’d buy in a second if it was black to match the console…

    • Fred

      I’m not willing to let color kill this deal for me. I bought a few a few months back when walmart had the white ones for $32 and now I’m up to 4 after spending my lunch break at Best Buy today

      • thedeciderU

        haha nice. i have spent enough on video games this past year. own all current gen consoles, wiiu, multiple games, controllers, extras, etc. i can wait on this, especially since i’m pretty much the only person that uses it.

  • Toadlord

    I don’t own the Wii U yet, but that’s not stopping me from picking this up today.

    • Fred

      That’s the spirit. Nothing like a down payment on the console you will be buying in the future!

      • Michael DeVore

        I’m pretty sure the Pro Controller works on PC if you have bluetooth.

        • Fred

          Wow that would be cool. I don’t have any kind of bluetooth for my PC I guess I’ll have to look into how expensive it is.

          • Michael DeVore

            I picked up a USB bluetooth adapter a while back for 15 bucks. The only problem I’ve noticed is when the wii or wiiu gets turned on the paired controller tends to favor them over the PC.

          • Fred

            I may just do it for that price. Is it hard to pair it with the PC even though it wasn’t designed to be used on the PC?

          • Michael DeVore

            Depends if you know where the Bluetooth devices menu is. You won’t see it until you plug one in, but normally it’s just press the button on the device menu then press the red button on the controller and they sync.

            Here’s a youtube video of someone setting one up on Windows 7.

          • Fred

            Awesome hey thanks man!

      • when i get married 4 years a go, i buy the home theater first, and 2 month later the TV.

    • incoherent1

      Way to go! You’ll love it once you get it — definitely worth the wait 🙂

    • Ugslick

      I was considering the same thing 😛 But I dont think the sale is running in Canada. I think you can connect the controller to the PC as well somehow.. I’d like to try that.

      • Derian D’Intino

        It’s $49,99 on the Canadian website. What a letdown. So I guess there’s no way around the absurd prices for us.

        • Ugslick

          Not yet anyways… I think that deal is more of a clearance type deal than anything else, which would explain the ‘only white sale’. They were probably overstocked.

          • Derian D’Intino

            Yeah, nothing cool like that ever happens in Canada in terms of sales. Canada is like the Wii U. Bigger, and kinder than it’s competitors but is ignored.

    • Adrian Brown

      that’s what I call a smart customer

  • Bob Charlie

    Picking up this deal to use on SSMB in 2014!

    • everyone

      Haven’t seen you around in a while. Hope that training pays off to pound Lil Mac.

      • Bob Charlie

        School starts soon…lesson plans 🙁
        …I mean, *cough* been hittin’ the weights alright. Getting ready for Punch-Out!! U!

  • Beau

    Just ordered it. I’d been waiting to buy one. Black would have been nice, but at the price, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Picking it up on my way home from work today.

  • 和夫

    Not for Canada 🙁

  • Steve

    This is tempting. But I have a black Wii U. Not really sure how well the White pro controller would fit in.

  • beerkin

    It doesn’t have a blue light on the front or a share button. it sucks…..

  • Desend

    Not available for shipping in Canada. Unfortunate.

  • incoherent1

    Does anyone know if these have motion controls built in? e.g. Could I turn it to “steer” in MK8?

    • Andreas Sunde

      I don’t think it has any motion features, just rumble.

  • incoherent1

    Hmmmmmmm not sure if I should get this…. Are there any multiplayer games (now or in the future) that aren’t compatible with WiiMotes? I don’t have any yet but if there are some, I’ll go ahead and grab one (but if not I don’t really need another controller because I have 3 WiiMotes + the GamePad)

    • Andreas Sunde

      There are games that require both analog sticks. And it’s the most comfortable controller I’ve ever tried, great to use when charging the Gamepad, or when you don’t want to look down a lot, like in Monster Hunter.

  • Someone1516

    I found 2 white controllers at my local walmart on sale for $15 each… I bought both in a heartbeat

  • Yoshi5081

    Do they have the black one in offer too?

  • Ugslick

    It’s apparently an American only deal 🙁
    No love to Canadians.

  • Jordan Fata

    If you want a black controller, you can just buy the white one at best buy and then exchange it for a black one at another store 🙂

    • Jon

      um… they tend to actually look at the receipt and the price when you exchange.. at least they do at the stores around here, if not, then you are lucky.

      • Jordan Fata

        I said take it to a different store… Take it to Walmart, Target, or Toys R Us without the receipt obviously because you didn’t buy it there. Most stores would let you do an even exchange without a receipt, especially for an unopened electronics product. Walmart will definitely let you exchange a white controller for a black one. Other stores I believe are likely to do the same.

  • Joie Liba

    I’m just buying this for my friends who come over to play Black Ops 2 on the Wii U since none of them know how to use the wiimote controls except me and they spin around like crazy unless they are using the gamepad.

  • AlThor

    Sorry this is off topic, but is this a necessary controller if you just play alone with your tablet controller? Maybe for Mario Kart when released if folks come over?

    • Tim Chaten

      It is nice to have when you don’t want to have a screen on below you – the controller itself is very nice and I like to change it up every now and then 🙂

      It is also great to use when you need to charge up your GamePad – not a huge issue as mine seems to last a good 6 hours or so.

  • DragonSilths

    Its only at the USA Bestbuys…Canada’s Bestbuys dont get the deal. Its bullshit. But what else is new Canada never gets anything these days.

  • HotInEER

    About to go snatch up 2 of these. Thanks.

  • RARE

    They’re kinda sold out. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys.

  • FungalSpawn

    Still costs too much.

  • Geek_Daddy

    in store pick up only, BLAH. last time i did that with best buy it was a nightmare.

  • blindtiger

    thank you wii u daily!

  • Thomas Vienna

    Thanks for these sales notifications, Ashley! I only wish I got my first one this cheap.

  • Rick Valenta

    I definitely took advantage of this and now have 4x controllers for multiplayer fun. 3 first party and 1 Afterglow, which is actually pretty good. Thanks for the tip!

    • Rick Valenta

      The white controller was on sale at Walmart a while back for $35. I think these sales are because the 8 gb has sold much less, and so the White pro controllers are also. I like them though, they look like an apple product hahah.

  • palomino blue

    All signs point to phasing out the white Wii U entirely.

  • Pikboss

    maybe now is the time to pick up my second pro controller.

  • mbouthe

    Am I late or what, I just saw the price its $49.99