Jul 28th, 2012

It’s not just game industry analysts who can predict and guesstimate the Wii U price. GameTrailer’s Shane Satterfield said in a recent episode of Invisible Walls that his sources tell him that Nintendo will set the Wii U price at $299. While he didn’t cite where he got the news from, a $299 price point sounds pretty reasonable. We previously heard the exact same message from our sources back in February.

Wii U priceNintendo won’t be announcing a Wii U price until September, and will likely wait as long as possible in order to prevent Microsoft and Sony from dropping the price of their current gen consoles ahead of the Wii U launch. The competing players on the market will certainly respond with lower prices on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is why Nintendo are keeping their cards close to their chest.

Back in April, reports emerged suggesting that it costs Nintendo $180 to manufacture a Wii U console. Count in packaging, software, and licensing costs, that price easily creeps up to $200. Should Nintendo chose to sell the console at $299, it’ll be a healthy profit for the company, but even a $299 Wii U price point might be too high under today’s market conditions. We’ve previously heard from analysts and business insiders that the ideal price for the Wii U is around $250, something that we at Wii U Daily agree with.

Via GameTrailers

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  • Mid-core Gamer

    $300 is surely a reasonable price and lets remember that Nintendo once said that the Wii U will be its most expensive console (above $250).

    • Alienfish

      Very good point. Another thing to consider is that if it costs Nintendo $180 to make a WiiU and shipping and licensing etc. brings it up to $200, the retailers themselves are going to expect a decent markup. If Nintendo truly wants to profit on these things, they will definitely cross the $250 threshold. $300 is probably the most reasonable price for everyone, making it possible for Nintendo to profit (thereby staying in business) and allowing the consumer to get a hold of a relatively cheap, yet high quality, product. Anything more or less than that is just plain greedy in my opinion.

      • Wii Uoops!

        I read somewhere it costs $800 to make a Wii U… guess I should check my sources, LOLOLOL

        • gearchin

          that 180 $ for manufacturing doesnt take into account all the taxes that need to be payed for said system. If 180$ is true, which is highly unlikely, i would say making profit on a product isnt a bad thing. Sad so many fanboys proclaim doom and gloom for something that isnt out yet.

          I’m a sad panda, people should take into account all the taxes and shipping costs, seriously though ill pay a good price for a Nintendo product. Nintendo has always had quality.

      • 007 1/2

        I still think 250-275 dollars is best. There is still a decent profit.

    • AKA-Link77

      LOL…Nintendo will probably just put it at 290$ just to Troll every1! X}

      • gearchin

        yes please!

  • Dytonics

    Sounds responsible to me. 🙂

    • Lixdy

      Is the price us dollars cause I’m in Australia

  • logan7699

    I still feel that there will be two bundles.. causal set $299 with an 8gb flash and Nintendo land… and a pro set.. $379 with 8gb flash a pro-controller Nintendo land and a 500gb external usb 3.0 hard drive..

    • Alienfish

      I like the pro package idea. 500GB might be overkill though. I never bought an Xbox 360, but those Elite packages enticed me for awhile.

    • Ledreppe

      The Wii U doesn’t support usb 3.0, and Nintendo will let people buy hdd’s seperately (they wont bundle them).

  • Le Noob


    • Wii Uoops!

      On this Site you CAN’T say first because the comments are always getting approved and published at random times.

      • Wii U Daily

        You also can’t because we usually delete those comments.

        • Dat Guy

          Yeah I noticed, that was my first comment here.
          I will also change my name to something random, ok thanks bye!

  • FennexFox

    $299 for the Wii U, I’ll still be happy to buy one, but it is another rumor. So we won’t know for sure until Nintendo announce it.

  • Gene

    It is a good price for a console with outdated tech.

    • SuperShyGuy

      Sure Mr. Troll I am sure Nintendo is using tech from 2005 to be weaker than the PS3 and 360. Derp

      Anyway even if they used tech released early 2012 it would still be “out dated” by the time the console was released/

      The PS4 and new XBOX most likely will be using tech from right now. And guess what! By the time the consoles are released it will already be “out dated”

    • Marmor

      The Wii U is state of the art, just done reasonable.

      Like using a single touch touchscreen because it has “close to zero” latency.

      • common sense

        hoooorrrrrraarrhhhh someone gets it multi touch LOL FOR GAMING

        • icanseeu

          explain please

        • trainerblk

          For someone whos names is common sense that didn’t make sense

    • Skyward009

      Oh, really?? Tell me all about how the PS360 have the most advanced tech the market can offer

      • icanseeu

        I can watch 3d Blu-Ray movies on my PS3, will you be able to do this on your WiiU?

        • person

          Not like anyone needs to. I already HAVE a DVD player as do most people, so really, you suck and you need to get lost because nobody likes you

          • icanseeu

            That doesn’t answer my question, think you’ll have a hard time watching 3D Blu-Rays on your DVD player……

          • Norm the Conqueror

            @icanseeu no one here except you really CARES about that, or we would have bought a 3D Blu-Ray Player. Besides, in a decade that thing will be more obsolete than the 3 1/2 inch floppy.

        • logan7699

          no but i have a ps3 that can and i use my blue-ray surround sound to watch movies..don’t want to where out my original day one PS3..and i will enjoy my WiiU for games…it a console not a cable box..

        • Draco Breach

          A gaming console does not need BRD/DVD playback functionality if ti will raise the price – mostly through stupid tariffs – by $20~35 US.

          I have a computer, and I have a BRD-R drive. If I want a 3D television – which I don’t, my nVidia graphics card supports 3D. Otherwise, I can buy a BRD player.

          I don’t use my PS3 and Xbox to play movies. I use them to play games. If they removed playback functionality I would not care. It would also raise profitability with lowered prices.

        • dojo

          wiiU may have 3D in the future through mostlikly a sperat accessories to make it possible and there saying games may be 3D

    • joe

      Another “number cruncher”…too bad people look at that crap. The wii box had it right when they didn’t include the hardware specs, it’s like buying a toyota camry and seeing a label on the side saying,
      2.5 VVT-i Engine
      16 Valve 178hp at 4100RPM

      All I know is my Camry has 358,000 miles on it and was reliable…..I don’t care about those #’s

      I guess my point is…IF NINTENDO wanted to make a system that was so cutting edge, they could have, and they could charge $649.00 for it too.

      So just enjoy what Nintendo, THE ONLY true video game console maker do what they need to do….

    • dojo

      ok dude dude to the rumor specs iv read the wiiU is very powerful more poweful then ur brain

  • Bob Singh

    i go with $300

    • Purple3DSXL

      Exactly what I was thinking. $300 is perfect.

  • Acid

    they can take my money now…

  • ACSL8R

    I would like it to be at $300 because then Nintendo could get a good amount of money, with no loss, and its a reasonable price! Unlike $250?! They could become into SEGA which then we would have to deal with Sony & Microsoft, and then the 360 fanboys & the Drones would be attacking Nintendo, and that is annoying, I like Sony & Microsoft but I prefer Nintendo sometimes. I really hope its $300 or $350 so Nintendo could get some money and sells, then we could get special stuff for the Wii U

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Gene it’s not about power it’s about fun you’ll see when the rest of the next gen consoles come out and all you still have to play is FPS

  • nambit

    $299 is reasonable, especially if they consider throwing in a game. I was thinking $279 would be about right, though. Something tells me Nintendo will gun for that price. 🙂

    • UGotWongGuy

      $279.99 sounds plausible. That would still seem profitable and keeps it between $249 and $299, which seems to be the estimates and wishes.

      Frankly, as long as it stays under $300, I am all for it. More than that, and it will seriously hamper sales.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I think 350 would push the amount of sales it’s capable of… and by “push”, I mean, on the verge of going too far.

  • Jun

    I think 284.99 sounds pretty reasonable I mean with the technology and hardware its pretty impressive.

  • Dmonkeyman

    That price doesnt include the controler which is probally 50 to 70 dollars so its not as big of a profit

  • Dmonkeyman

    50 to 70 to make the controller by the way

  • Imagine – Mario – Zelda – Star Fox – Donkey Kong and all other Ninty classics in HD!!!

    My fellow gamers, be you PS fan Xbox fan or any other “system” out there that you have and play. Listen to reason if you are true gamer (not hardcore or casual ot whatever label they use these days) you will agree that ANY and ALL NIntendo First Party games will get milions to buy a system. Now….imagine those Nintendo First Party games in freaking HD. It has to give you goose bumps.

    Regardless of what system you own, Nintendo is going HD peeps. This is HISTORY in the making. No other company…NONE…can compete with NIntendo in making beautiful, awe inspiring, superbly crafted titles. Now these titles will be in HD. For the TRUE GAMER, those who have played every system made, but grew up with Mario on the Nes, then the Snes, then the 64, then the Cube, then the Wii, Mario in HD is worth ANY amount demanded.

    • Your mom

      Now u see I can’t really agree with u there because Mario games r way too easy and if u beat a game with in a week it’s obviously short or your just that good Zelda on the other hand is worth buying a home theater and a months supply of food just so u can beat that game.

  • Nintengoth

    i doubt Ninty will sell it for £190ish it seems way too low to me, i would of thought it would be about the £249 mark nearly $400 for you yanks! but i really dont know how the prices work globaly. *saaad panda*

    • Angel

      gt5 just wouldnt bee as fun wiohtut its graphics thats the game capture the graphics look nice to suprise you so you can marvel still playing games that look like ps1 today isnt really that fun anymore i mean ds is fun but there graphics need to get better you are wrong definently as game deesigners keep improvi

  • Ricardo

    For Tv’s I love Sony, for computer software I love Microsoft, but for gaming and fun I love Nintendo!!!!

  • Imagine – Mario – Zelda – Star Fox – Donkey Kong and all other Ninty classics in HD!!!

    What other company can compete with Nintendo in making quality software? I dare someone give me a response with facts to back it up? Nintendo may not be the best developer of hardware, ie home consoles, but now they have made a system with HD capabilities,one that far surpasses what is being offered NOW. Those who want to speculate on what the FUTURE of gaming will bring can do so. However, they must consider ALL things not simply what they want in the Orbis, Durango, PS4, XBOX 720, whatever the future names be.

    Nintendo First Party titles on the HD capable Wii U will be forces to reckon with. I need not speak of third party titles as they are a diffrent story all together. NintendoHD titles ALONE will be MILLION system sellers. Anyone who disagrees do so at their own peril. Patcher included.



  • derty

    I’m sorry. But 300 seems perfect.
    It’s sets the bar for nintendo fanboys and it makes he new generation system look like a status symbol for techy people that like to get new electronics and/or game systems.
    Even if it was 400 I would buy 😉

  • GalaxyWaffles

    I still say $270-260 That’s a pretty good and affordable price. It’s not too low or too high

  • Sony and MS do not care about games

    $200 for just the console + gamepad

    $300 for the above + 1 or 2 Wii Remotes or Pro controllers and a game.

    That’s my recommendation, Nintendo.

    • raph

      and then you DIEEEEEEE !

    • Tui

      I’ll gear this review to 2 types of poplee: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and poplee trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

  • Come at me bro

    I still hope it 250

  • Shadriczo

    Dammit Nintendo!!!!! If i don’t get a descent release date and a price by the end of September, my head is going to blow sky high!!

    AHHHHH!!!!! DX

  • The Beeshnu

    Didn’t the PS3 cost like $1000 dollars when it came out?
    that cheap!

  • Hi8us

    At $300, that’s a pretty sweet price. Of course that might just be the console itself with no pro controller or nintendoland. If it in fact does come with nintendoland then that’s perfect.


    I would pay up to $500.00 for it just because I am a true Nintendo Fan-boy, and would buy all the classic games anyway, but I think $350.00 might be to high for the converts trying this HD Nintendo console from the PS360 sides of things. I think the best price for everything and what I have read is $299.00.

    Also maybe having that Nintendo Land game as part of the bundle would be a smart idea, since it isn’t a full game really, more like what Wii Sports was for the Wii, a fun game, but a starter game.

  • LLink

    After all the price will go down after couple of mounths.

  • maeyi the goth freak

    Cant wait to get my hands on nintendos sexy new console 😉

  • EvanescentHero

    Three hundred sounds both reasonable and realistic. I think the absolute highest they’d go is three fifty, but I think that’d be pushing their luck. Somewhere between two fifty and three hundred sounds absolutely perfect to me.

  • the orange fish

    I don’t care about the price. Just don’t go above 350€ and affect the hardware/quality!

  • Ocarina Of Time

    300 is wonderful!
    i mean, i would’nt care if the price was higher. i’m already planning on spending nearly or a bit over 1000 bucks on launch day for the wiiu.

  • Crapcake

    250 – 300 USD is perfect

  • Ben

    I’m still hoping for 250. or 270 or so.

  • Matt

    I frankly almost want the console to cost $350 just because it would likely point to better, more capable hardware

  • tim

    i would prefer if it was $250 – $300 bundled with NintendoLand!

  • Casual Analizer

    I really get a kick reading comments like “oh $300 is great so Nintendo can make a profit” do you say that when you go to a car dealership? NO… you want to get the best value that you can. Their buisness model dictates that they profit on hardware because their software (which has been regurgitated for 20+ years) is the same games recycled over and over. They themselves understand that Wii U will eventually wind up in your closet like mine did and so many others. They bring innovation to the industry and are notorius for not supporting their own products. Look at the games on the way from 3rd party publishers- ports of PS360 games from years past. Who’s excited about that? Only current Wii owners who have been starved for 6years for decent games. I’ts not going to win over PS360 owners who already have access to huge libraries of quality games. This thing needs to be LESS THAN $250. for anyone other than fanboys to even consider it. Yes Nintendo makes quality games but their track record sucks for everthing else. Sorry the truth hurts.

    • Unicornia_Ocarina

      I don’t want to be rude or anything, but do you even like anything from Nintendo?

    • dojo

      ok mr. negitive i have a gamecube i still use it now that i have a wii and i will still use my wii time to time when i get a wiiU so im not one of those people i think 300 dollars is perfect for the U

  • me

    Wait a sec. Nintendo makes the same games over and over? Just how many Call of Dutys/ general first-person shooters are out now?

  • Vehdrehl

    I could only wish the Wii U would come out in Australia anywhere near that price. :/

  • DJatomica94

    Seems like a fair price.

    • Unicornia_Ocarina

      I agree

  • Unicornia_Ocarina

    I think the price would be good at $250. People could just wait until the price goes down or until the consoles come in really cool bundles and have different colors and/or designs. My opinion though.

  • Austin

    $300 seems perfect.

    Also there could be another bundle at launch that comes with some more stuff, including, but not limited to, games, an extra controller, HDMI cable, and an eshop card for maybe $400.

  • Alexander Philip

    what would that be in New Zealand dollars?

  • Yamakawa

    Wrong! A Real Gamer plays for FUN, not just for graphics! A eamxple of that, Crysis is the best looking game out there, yet its not that fun to play Casual gamers in the other hand are the ones who play once or twice a week, and most of the time play family games, That’s how it is Having the best graphics around does not mean, WTF BEST GAME EVER