Jul 4th, 2012

Wii U price
Nintendo will announce the Wii U price this Autumn, the company confirmed in a Q&A session with investors. Iwata pointed out that despite rumors and industry expectations, Nintendo had no plans of announcing a Wii U price at E3. Iwata said that when the Wii and 3DS were unveiled at their E3 shows, the price of those consoles wasn’t revealed either. Nintendo revealed the Wii price a few months before launch, and the company is taking the same route with the Wii U. The pricing will likely be announced at least a month before launch, in order to give retailers time to prepare and promote the console.

While Nintendo will be setting the Wii U price in the US, European retailers are free to set their own price. Over the past few weeks, Nintendo has given several comments on the Wii U price and their plans for the console. Iwata has repeatedly said that the Wii U price will be reasonable, while other Nintendo folks have said that despite a reasonable price, Nintendo will still make a profit on each Wii U console sold.

Recently, a report from UK retailers suggested that the Wii U price will be under £250 in the country, and possibly a lot less. Nintendo understands that the video game market isn’t the same as it was when the Wii launched — the economy isn’t doing as well and console gaming is facing stiff competition from mobile and casual games. This means pricing the console correctly at launch will have a huge impact on sales and gamers’ approval, as Nintendo learned from the 3DS launch.

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  • UPad

    Yeah. We knew this at E3.

  • The7thStep

    Well this is a bummer, I was hoping for a price and date soon but let the torture continue I guess. I assume nintendo has a plan though so lets hope it pays off.

  • Wii Uoops!

    You owe me $300 if it’s $300.

    • Wii Uoops!

      It was a joke!

  • Neonridr

    for North America I am predicting a $249.99 – $299.99 price tag. I would like to see Nintendo keep it below $250 though, it looks much more attractive at that price point.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Aww man. I hope they reveal it before September. I’m going to college but I need to pre order it at home. That probably won’t happen by the looks of it, but dang. Now I have to tell my mom how to pre order it over phone and which model I want, if they release multiple versions. This will be fun

  • DerikGotro64


    • Alienfish

      With tax, right?

  • Garzard

    I hope it’s reasonable

  • Frankensavior

    Did everyone see the breaking news that Microsoft will be developing on the Wii U? Phil Spencer aka the lord of all things logical. Has made a brilliant comment on the Wii U. This comment shows insight to the capabilities of the Wii U, and even though he hasn’t had any hands on time with the hardware, or software. His comments show the utmost perfect form of logic in the human mind. So this is obvious confirmation that Microsoft plans to develop for the Wii U. While on the other hand these silly developers are claiming the Wii U is at its minimum power as powerful as a 360. These people have had actual hands on time with the Wii U. So what do they know!/end sarcasm

    • Hi8us

      Phil Spencer was just talking about how Wii U graphics are on par with 360 and the Pro control being similar to the 360 control meaning the Xbox 360 library of games would translate easily to Wii U.

      • Hi8us

        And we’re only talking Wii U launch titles here being on par with 360 and PS3. In a year or so Wii U games will be much more advanced. Look at 360 and PS3 launch games not being much better than PS2’s final year of games.

        • Frankensavior

          I really hope you noticed I was being sarcastic. I was making fun of how insanely idiotic Phil Spencer and his comments against the Wii-U were. Though that seems to be a trend of anything from Micro$oft. The Wii U is a next generation system. He was trying to be demeaning towards it, and trying to say it was simply a 360 with a tablet.

  • LordFenix

    I just hope they give me a lil longer than 1 month…. i would like to pay it off on a pre-order and pick it up on release…

  • Paul

    whats the hold up at nintendo hq, seems to me that the price may reach £500 / $779 and release date might be xmas 2012

  • Britton

    I used to think the price was going to be $349, but now im leaning towards a $300 price range. This, because of all the articles I’ve read on different websites and the whole “reasonable price” comments. I still think $250 is really low. Another thing that has been bothering me is people saying the Pro Controller is a ripoff of the 360 controller. Does anyone not realize the button layout for the 360 controller is very simular to the GameCube and original X-Box controller? At least the Pro Controller changed the location of the right analog stick, which I think will be better. Plus, there really is only so much you can do with the button layout if you are to have 2 analog sticks. Solution for changing the controller and not “ripping off” another console? The GamePad and Wii Remote. Although I like the ProController… I think they developed it with whiners in mind.

  • william

    here in uk the wii acsesories/points get very rare these days i went to game for a wii wheel none there! then 2 weeks later still not there!!!!!

  • Bob

    It is ok

  • Brazen Fool

    I just hope the price is treasonable.

  • Case

    I bet the price will be somewhere in between $250-350.

    • nintendon’t

      Good estimate. (I hope it does turn out that way 🙂

  • john

    amazon.de release date and price

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  • Pravin

    PSP2 as Top-Secret, many rumors, dantig back to May 2010 claimed that PSP2 will try to compete with Nintendo’s 3DS project, and since then lots and lots of “wanna’-be-famous” persons started to elaborate