Jun 26th, 2012

Wii U priceNintendo is taking the Wii U price very seriously, and has hinted throughout the year that the price will be cheap, while the company will still make a profit on every Wii U sold. Now Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata tells Japanese newspaper Yomiuri that the Wii U price will be “reasonable”, and that the company targets to make a profit on every Wii U console it sells. Iwata also said that Nintendo, despite its poor financials over the past year, will make a profit by the end of the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2013. He also pointed out that Nintendo has learned from mistakes made during the 3DS launch, mistakes they won’t be making twice with the Wii U. This is something that Nintendo UD’s David Yarnton said last week as well.

Over the past few weeks, Nintendo has indicated that the Wii U price is something they take very seriously. Nintendo knows that the Wii U will face stiff competition from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when it launches, because everyone expects those console to drop in price as a response to the Wii U. Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi said earlier this month that the company will be making a profit on every Wii U console sold, which is something that has to be balanced when it comes to the retail price vs profitability. On one hand, the company needs to sell the Wii U at a low price enough to attract buyers, but on the other hand, the console has to be profitable enough in order for the company to make money and please investors.

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  • thtdude

    on one hand i dont want to play the ‘waiting game’ but on the other hand i think they should just fuck a price range just drop a release date already!

    • Death

      Isn’t it November 18, 2012?

      I’m 99% sure its around that date lol

      • markw1982

        i looked on hmv which is a uk retailer and it says on there the wii u wont be out til 01.01.2013 i dont know if its true or not its just what i saw on their web site

        • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

          When places don’t know, they just throw down the first of the next year. Nintendo has stated Thalia pokemon b/w2 will be out this fall for the us, and gamestop has it as a 1/1/13 release too. Not to mention, they said it’d be out before this holiday season, the biggest sales season of the year. They need it

      • Andrew

        The last 2 consoles (Gamecube and Wii) where released on the 3rd Sunday of November. Which this year is November 18 so that would make sense.

  • Swic11

    Well I’m more than happy to pay up to $400 for the console itself. If its priced under that, I just get that many more games! Also, like others have said on this site, it would be nice if Nintendo offered a console choice, not only color, but with/without a hard drive. I personally have an external, but If there’s a choice, I’m getting one with a hard drive.

    • darkfox

      100% agree

    • Andrew

      Yes I agree if I had know they were going to release a blue wii I would have waited. I cant stand white it gets dirty so easily and does not go with anything I own. I’m hoping they will release a 3rd color at launch.

  • Thrasher 1x

    I rather pay $400 for it and let it get all the next gen games than pay $250 and end up like the wii

  • Lexi565

    £200-£300 is a reasonable price for the system i say if it comes with HDD (not a huge one enough say 8 to 12 GB) the gamepad charging cable/dock and all he cables for HD or the other out ups and i hope there is a copy of nintendoland in there too, as that will help to get the gampads new “ideas” across verywell plus being a good party game for launch to give people a change to say the one game most will buy (i my self will be getting most launch titles even if i have to sell my blood to get the funds too !)

    • Andrew

      I’m hoping they give you a HDD size choice. Since they plan to have downloadable content and retail games I want the biggest on possible. The Wii U is a first day buy for me at any price. 8GB is way bigger then the one in the wii.

      • pach

        Looking at current flash chip prices, they should ship it with at least 16gb, 8gb is too little.16gb would not change the price that much and would be more appealing to the average consumer. Hard drive should be included only in a optional bundle.

  • A1424andy

    i don’t care paying 500$ dollars. Nintendo please sell the wii u already come on. p.s i don’t like the box.

    • KingrafaSE

      I think the box looks awesome (Even though i doubt it’ll be the final box cover)

      • swic11

        I’m assuming its fan made…

  • Frankensavior

    I’m really hoping they shoot for the $250 to $300 mark. That’s reasonable to me. I would consider paying $350 but that’s my limit. This goes for any console. I’m sorry, but I never have and I never will pay something ridiculous like $600 for a console.*Looking at you Sony*

  • Sojiro

    @thtdude How does one fuck a price range?

    Personally I am betting it will still be $300-$350 when it launches, hopefully with Nintendoland included. I don’t think ANY of the next gen consoles can launch at a price above $400, and have systems fly off the shelves. But I don’t think that will be a problem for Nintendo, considering what they have stated..

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      I bet a Wii U that the Xbox will launch with a kinect bundle for $500+ or, it’ll be $250, with a ridiculously priced Xbox live subscription, like over $100 a year for 2 or 3 years. $400 ps4. Maybe $350, but betting on 400 for them. Wii U, $350. I know they usually do $50 price ups between generations release prices, but that gamepad has a bit of an extra cost. So worth it. Now dad can’t kick me off my game to watch golf (and I mean turn on then fall asleep with it on, while I’m forced to set aside the game I was in the middle of for my handheld. Good thing Nintendo rocks at handhelds)

  • AwayToHit

    At $300 or less, its an insta-buy for me 😀

  • Parker

    No matter the price im buying it.

  • uPadWatcher

    Screw the price range, I’m buying the U this Holiday season!!!!!!


    i love Nintendo and buying the wiiu when it comes out to show my friends and get them to buy one p.s im in 5th grade and cod sucks p.s.s im aloud to play them

    • Paul

      cod would be wicked on wii u as the xbox 360 and ps3 are getting old now

  • Hi8us

    If i can score a Wii U on launch day, with ZombiU and Arkham City (hopefully will have the current dlc free of charge on disc) i’ll be happy this year.

  • Dustin

    I think it will be $250 at launch. With as little RAM as they allegedly have in the system; it wouldn’t be ethical for them to sell it for more than that. Even at $250, Nintendo will make $80+ on each console. Of course they don’t want that being the message out in the community– that this is about $150-170 worth of hardware.

    People complain that RAM is so expensive, but investing another $100 in RAM and a second GPU would actually make the system’s games look like they’re worth $350.

  • Paul

    if your going to wait last minute for the wii u price nintendo then at least give us a release date so i can pre order with a few games

  • Daemonrunner

    $299.99 (US) is my bet. It will still be a great value if it’s $349.99 (US) because it will still support all the Wii accessories and games (minus Gamecube hardware) and all my Virtual Console and WiiWare software.

    The Wii U is the ultimate package as it will be 11 systems in one:
    Wii U, Wii, NES, SNES, N64, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Arcade, Neo-Geo, TG-16, Commodore 64.

    Also, if Nintendo pulls through on adding Gamecube titles, it could prompt Sega to allow Nintendo work on getting Saturn and Dreamcast on the Virtual Console as well! ARE YOU LISTENING SEGA AND NINTENDO?!

    The Wii U has the potential of becoming a whopping 14 systems in one!

    • GUEST

      My PSP is a whopping 49 consoles and portables in one device with 60 fps and haves more character than a WIIU, Also been rated as the most Underrated System of all time. List of systems that can play with 60 fps and no frameskips: Any Atari system, NES, SNES, any Amiga computer, Any Magnavox Odyssey, Intellisvision, N64, GB, GBC, GBA, DS, Genesis, Saturn, Sega CD, Vertual Boy, Any Arcade unit that exist, TurboX16, Game Gear, Sega Master System, Game Com, PS1, Old PC games, Also I am sure there are more to say, but forgot the rest. Also Microsoft already got dreamcast games on xbox360 like sonic adventure on it already. So I do not think they can get dreamcast games on WIIU.

      • stfu

        i sold my psp 3000 for 30 euro,
        i had internet,
        i had everything,
        then it got hacked, my email adress was shut down, my facebook page was deleted and literally my whole virtual life was deleted
        then they promised me games, free game
        i was ok with them
        upon the shop going back up i needed to confirm it using my email address
        the one that was destroyed because of them
        after a year of trying i got sick of it and sold it to the first buyer
        i dont trust sony anymore they knew email+bank details were hacked yet they still needed confirmation via email

        i never got my apolagy from sony
        i will never ever buy anything sony ever again
        thats a promise

    • GUEST(Continued)

      Also sorry to break it to you, but if you want to play wiiware and virtual console games on the WIIU. You WILL HAVE TO PAY for them again as the items you bought on the wii can not be used on an other device. Sorry, but you got rick rolled by Nintendo.

  • Money

    I am planning on buying a wii u a few monthes after its release
    And I hope it doesn’t go higher than 350$ my parents sent willing to pay that much and even if they pay I will have to pay the other half
    I hope it’s a reasonable price that teens like me can achieve

    • stfu

      i sold my wii to my uncle for 130 euros and my mammys paying for the rest of the wii u and my daddy is buying games


  • James

    I really hope that the Wii U will be 250 US dollars.


    me to but id pay 400 but im trying to affored a new tv also so thats great

  • nintendon’t

    I think they should have a deal where if you turn in your Wii, you’ll get a certain amount off of your Wii U.